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Gundam Wing: Timeline (v1.1)

This is the timeline for Gundam Wing, worked out from various sources. If a citation has no specific notation next to it, it came from one of the many officially published timelines from any number of sourcebooks. The timeline for specific episodes of Gundam Wing, as well as issues of G-Unit/Last Outpost, come from a timeline published by Gundam Ace Magazine.

As for the series represented...I'm well aware that Gundam Wing's canon is not strictly defined, and is (or was, until recently) constantly expanded upon by Bandai-licensed sidestories. Though I have tried to list as many as possible, not all of them may be considered canon. If I may, I would like to take a minute to state my stance on the various Gundam Wing works and their place in the official timeline.

For starters, I would like to borrow a page from Star Wars, and classify the various levels of canon associated with Gundam. Primary is direct, official sources, namely the anime themselves, as well as possibly the manga adaptations or novelizations (as long as they aren't completely different, such as Beltorchika's Children). Secondary is licensed spinoffs, including sequel/sidestory manga, video games, and related media. Tertiary is things that are a bit looser; as with Star Wars, this level denotes things where the plot may not be canon, but noncontradictory elements of the world are. A good example of this level is the novelization of the orignal Gundam series; though its depiction of events cannot be considered canon, it provides a wealth of information about the Universal Century world that eventually became the basis of most official data books. Finally is non-canon, which refers to works such as fanfiction, doujinshi, fanart, and everything of this sort. Bearing all this in mind, here is my opinion of the levels of canon within the After Colony universe.

Gundam Wing (TV) and Endless Waltz (OVA/movie): Primary. The position these two works hold in canon is unquestionable.

Gundam Wing (novelization), Gundam Wing (manga), Endless Waltz (novelization), Endless Waltz (manga): Secondary/tertiary. As with the original Gundam novel, there are many contradictory elements within these adaptations, though the novelizations are closer to the anime. Ignoring contradictions (such as the manga depicting Heero using Wing in the Antarctica duel), these provide some useful world information, as well as other interesting tidbits, such Lady Une's Preventer codename being "Gold" and the mythical story of Duo's childhood friend Solo.

Episode Zero (manga): Secondary. Episode Zero has been stated to be the official backstory for the show, and would have been animated were it not for production and scheduling problems. Basically every scenario in Episode Zero is referenced in the Endless Waltz novel, and a couple even make it into the OVA/movie (such as a scene of 10-year-old Trowa wearing Midii's crucifix). Of course, it helps that it was penned by the head writer of the show and the screenwriter of Endless Waltz.

Blind Target: Secondary. Was written by one of the writing staff for Gundam Wing, and began life as a radio play featuring the voice actors for the five pilots and Relena. The Endless Waltz novel even references Blind Target, having Trowa borrow Ralph Kurt's name when he registers for the Mariemaia Army.
Battlefield of Pacifists: Secondary. Like Blind Target, it was written by a staff writer for Gundam Wing, and was developed specifically as a bridge between the show and Endless Waltz. Is further referenced in works such as G Generation and even SD Gundam Force, which features an enemy modelled after the Scorpio. It can also be seen as a further exploration of Wu Fei and Dorothy, justifying both their actions in Endless Waltz.

G-Unit/Last Outpost: Secondary. This is probably where I'm going to get a lot of contention. First off, G-Unit has the stated intent of expanding upon the highly popular After Colony universe, originally released just after Endless Waltz seemed to end it forever. Second, the main author (Koichi Tokita) has been a part of the Gundam franchise since 1980, so he's certainly no newcomer. Thirdly, the series merited both Bandai-made model kits, and a place in the AC timeline printed by Gundam Ace, as well as being in multiple G Generation games. In my mind, this pretty well cements its place.

Ground Zero: Tertiary. This will probably catch me some heat as well, but I have logic behind this. Ground Zero has several points that contradict other Gundam Wing works, such as having Heero turn Wing Zero (TV) into Wing Zero Custom, which Bandai has said is wrong (officially, the Custom versions retroactively replace the TV ones). Secondly, GZ features the first instance of the boys' plan to dispose of the Gundams, but Blind Target and Battlefield of Pacifists both have the idea coming up. Further, there are several instances where the boys act somewhat out of character. Couple this with the fact that it doesn't even have a staff writer to its name, and I believe the deal is sealed.

Tiel's Impulse: Tertiary. Like G-Unit, it basically happens in its own little pocket, completely separate from the events surrounding the Gundam boys. However, Tiel's Impulse doesn't have the benefit of any Bandai staffers working on it; as it primarily exists as a vehicle by which to sell more model kits, its grasp on canon is a bit more tenuous.

A Scythe in My Right Hand, You in My Left Hand?: Tertiary (temporary). Until I can get a better look at the details of this novel, it's going to remain tertiary. Though it apparently offers some nice new information regarding colonial organization, government, and technology, it also seems to deal with that rough patch between the show and Endless Waltz. Alternately, it might actually happen DURING the show (since the illustrations depict the TV version of Wing Zero), which makes things even worse, as there are no open blocks of space in which the five boys are active and not involved in the war. Once more, until more information is uncovered, it is temporarily dubbed tertiary.

Gundam Evolve 7: Tertiary. Though it offers no real contradiction, Evolve 7 is somewhat hard to place within the timeline of Gundam Wing. The use of Virgo IIs and Dr. J being alive place it within the show's span, but there exists no real period of time in which Heero has Wing Zero and is in space alone, meaning that he had to specifically leave the Peacemillion without telling the others to deal with the colony cannon. I doubt this happened while he was "on the way" to rescue Relena. However, I suspect that this event takes place during the 12-day gap between Episodes 45 and 46. Firstly, in 45, Relena notices Dr. J in Libra's hangar while Dorothy is showing off the new Mercurius and Vayeate, but makes no effort to talk to him; perhaps she was waiting for a time when she could have a more private conversation. Secondly, as seen in the later chapters of G-Unit, White Fang wasn't putting all its eggs in the one basket that is Libra, so having a back-up WMD seems reasonable. Thirdly, at the end of 45, Duo tells Heero that Relena is on Libra, but he still takes almost two weeks to decide to rescue her; given his loner nature, it's easy to imagine Heero not talking with the guys, but taking on the colony cannon mission solo as a way to clear his head, so to speak. In any event, Evolve 7 doesn't offer much expansion to the universe, just a five-minute, computer-generated jaunt, and therefore can fit in pretty well.

Other: Most of the other Bandai-recognized Gundam Wing sources can be considered Tertiary. This includes the G Generation series, which adds the Gundam Aquarius, as well as Satanas, a very short-lived manga set in the AC 90s, and the various mooks and magazines that add odd Mobile Suit Variations to the universe. Pretty much everything else is Non-Canon.

...Honestly, that rant carried on a lot longer than I intended it to. ^_^;; But without further ado, here's the timeline.

001: Several nations establish space colonies in Earth's orbit. This marks the beginning of the After Colony (AC) era.

020: Colony L5-A0206 is completed. This colony would eventually become the home of the Long clan after they are exiled from China by the government. (Episode Zero - Wu Fei)

022: Construction of colonies begins at Lagrange Point 1. However because of conflicts and difficulties the construction proceeds very slowly.

050: The colony project is nearly stopped until the oil-rich countries from the Middle East start to invest in the project. Construction of new colonies begins at the other Lagrange Points.

070: Conflicts on Earth breaks out due to a reduction of materials needed to build the colonies. The Middle Eastern countries negotiate and the conflicts end. Colony building restarts using asteroids as raw material.

087: Colony L2-V08744 is completed. (Episode Zero - Duo)

102: An Island 2 colony is completed at L1. Soon afterwards the colony clusters are established and become population centers. Also due to conflicts on Earth many people flee to the colonies and soon a large part of the human population lives in space.

130: The conflicts on Earth die down after territorial lines are redrawn.

133: The United Earth Sphere Alliance is formed after Earth's nations finally negotiate a peace treaty. However the peace is kept through military power. For this reason the Alliance Forces are established. A military-industry combine called the Romefeller Foundation is one of the Alliance's major supporters.

140: Many countries join the Alliance, their colonies forced to do the same whether or not they like it. When the colonies start to oppose this integration the Alliance decides to respond with force to silence the critics.

147: All colonies are forced into the control of the Alliance in order to keep "peace and justice" - as the Alliance says.

149: The Alliance transfers control of the colonies to their mother countries, removing their autonomy. The nations begin a new wave of emigration to space.

150: Colonists who favor autonomy begin growing ever more dissatisfied with the Alliance.

165: Heero Yuy is chosen as the leader of the colonies by their citizens to peacefully oppose the Alliance. Because of his charisma the solidarity between the colonies is strengthened.

170: Many Earth nations are receptive to Heero Yuy's course of nonviolence and demilitarization. One of these countries is the Sanc Kingdom.

173: The Romefeller Foundation subsidiary OZ starts development of humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits.

174: Heero Yuy makes a goodwill tour of the colonies to promote independence.

175: The first combat-capable mobile suit, the OZ-00MS Tallgeese, is completed. OZ goes underground, becoming a secret society.

April 8 175: Heero Yuy is assassinated by an unknown gunman, which throws the colonies into chaos. This causes the Alliance to plan a second military intervention. The engineers who designed the Tallgeese quit in protest after this.

176: The Romefeller Foundation begins production of mobile suits for military use, starting with the scaled-down Leo. (Encyclopedia of Gundam Wing) Many of their employees become members of the Specials, an Alliance mobile suit corps. Afterwards the Alliance deploys their new mobile suit troops to the colonies to stop the chaos, and communication between the colonies is forbidden.

180: Five of the Tallgeese's creators work in secret, designing the ultimate mobile suit, the Wing Zero. However, their work is interrupted as OZ tracks them down, and they go their separate ways, each bearing a copy of Zero's plans. OZ begins production of the Zodiac series of mobile suits, including the Tragos, Aries, Cancer, and Pisces. (Encyclopedia of Gundam Wing) The five young men who would become the Gundam Pilots are born this year. Among them is Quatre Raberba Winner, future heir to the Winner Corporation. His mother Katherine dies in childbirth, having insisted on bearing her husband's heir naturally and still possessing the birth problems that arose shortly after colonization began. Quatre is never told of this, instead made to believe that he is a test-tube baby. (Episode Zero - Quatre)

April 7, 180: Princess Relena is born in the Sanc Kingdom.

182: The Sanc Kingdom is attacked by Alliance forces because their king is a follower of Heero Yuy's total pacifism. King Peacecraft is killed but his children Milliardo and Relena are saved. During a crossfire in Europe, the traveling circus performers the Blooms are killed, orphaning their four-year-old daughter Catherine; her two-year-old brother Triton is thrown from the carriage and presumed dead. (Episode Zero - Trowa)

187: A virus breaks out on L2-V08744. The vaccine is reserved for the upper classes, putting the lives of the poor and "undesirables" at risk. When Solo, the leader of a gang of street urchins, falls ill, his best friend steals the vaccine, but returns too late to save him. The boy, who names himself Duo in honor of his late friend, is eventually adopted by the Maxwell Church after a string of disastrous adoptions. It is there, raised by the kindly Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, that the foundation of the future Shinigami's personality is laid. (Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero - Duo)

188: A series of revolts breaks out across the colonies, all violently put down by the Alliance. At L3-X18999 Odin Lowe and the boy who would later become the Gundam pilot Heero Yuy try to assassinate the Alliance's General Septum. However they fail and Odin is killed. (Episode Zero - Heero) On L2-V08744, rebels take the Maxwell Church and its residents hostage. Young Duo offers to steal them a Leo in return for the priest and nun's safety, and though he succeeds, he returns too late; the Alliance demolished the church to defeat the rebels, destroying his surrogate family. (Episode Zero - Duo) During these rebellions, the five designers of the Wing Zero are contacted by Dekim Barton and commissioned to develop five new Gundams for the purposes of his ultimate plan, Operation Meteor. (Endless Waltz novelization)

189: L3-X18999 is completed; Mariemaia Barton is born there. Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin graduate from the Specials' Lake Victoria Academy with the highest and second-highest grades in the institute's history, respectively.

190: A nameless ten-year-old fights alongside a group of anti-Alliance rebels on Earth, and is the only survivor when a spy planted in the group betrays them. (Episode Zero - Trowa)

191: Leia Barton dies of an unspecified illness on L3-X18999. (Endless Waltz)

April 8, 191: Terrorists steal a prototype Aries mobile suit and hold Relena Darlian, daughter of the Alliance's Vice-Foreign Minister, hostage; both the machine and the girl are rescued by Zechs Merquise, whose skill as a pilot is recognized at this time. (Episode Zero - Relena)

192: The Sweeper Group completes construction of the giant space ship Peacemillion and hides it on the Moon. As the members go their separate ways, Wing Zero co-creator Professor G discovers a young Duo Maxwell stowed away on his ship. Impressed that the boy was able to crack his security, G allows him to stay. (Episode Zero - Duo)

193: Treize Khushrenada becomes the head of OZ and the Specials following the death of General Catalonia, its previous commander. Winner Corporation heir Quatre Raberba Winner is abducted on his way to Earth by the mercenary Maganac Corps, whose leaders were negotiating with Quatre's father for the release of workers unfairly detained on MO-III. The normally introverted young man forms a bond with the close-knit mercenaries and helps them twice, once by ferreting out a traitor and then by helping them fight off the Alliance in a borrowed mobile suit. For his actions, Quatre forever earns the gratitude and respect of the Maganacs. (Episode Zero - Quatre)

194: Zechs Merquise receives a two-rank promotion and the nickname Lightning Count/Baron (NOTE: Sunrise never seemed to decide which term was official). On an L1 colony, a young member of the Operation Meteor project carries out a late-night attack on an Alliance base, but a miscalculation causes the destruction of an apartment building. When the boy shows compassion for the victims, Dekim orders him retrained, feeling that such emotions are useless in a "weapon." (Endless Waltz) The Alliance officially condemns colony L5-A0206, one of the first colonies constructed. general Septum, the man in charge of the operation, orders the use of poison gas to "sanitize" the colony; Treize, opposing this, sends mobile suits to get the job done first. The colony is defended by the newly-married Zhang Wu Fei and Long Mei Lan, piloting an incomplete Shenlong Gundam and a Proto-Leo respectively. They manage to thwart both attacks, though Mei Lan is killed in action. Alliance officer Sally Po erroneously reports that the operation was a success, further protecting the colony. (Episode Zero - Wu Fei)

195: Operation Meteor is set into the beginning stages. However, completely independent of one another, all five groups behind the main force have misgivings. This results in the death of Dekim Barton's son Trowa and the "theft" of the five Gundams, entrusted by their creators to kind-hearted pilots who are given the mission of defeating the Alliance to ensure colonial freedom. (Episode Zero - Operation Meteor)

April 6 195: Operation Meteor's launch date. (Gundam Ace)

April 7 195: The five Gundams land on Earth; Deathscythe lands in the American Midwest, Heavyarms in England, Sandrock in the Sahara, and Shenlong along the Yangtse River. Wing Gundam is thrown off course by an OZ attack and crash-lands off the coast of Japan. (Gundam Wing Episode 1)

April 8 195: Heero Yuy attempts to destroy the Wing Gundam using stolen torpedoes. (Gundam Wing Episode 2)

April 9 195: Zechs Merquise acquires the Tallgeese. Heavyarms and Sandrock attack the Corsica base at the same time by coincidence. (Gundam Wing Episode 3)

April 11 195: Shenlong attacks the Specials' Lake Victoria base. (Gundam Wing Episode 4)

April 12 195: Heero destroys an OZ shuttle carrying a load of Gundanium Alloy. (Gundam Wing Episode 4)

April 20 195: Vice Foreign Minster Darlian is assassinated by OZ; rescued by colony rebels, his daughter Relena meets Doctor J, the creator of Wing Gundam. (Episode 5)

April 23 195: Relena Darlian returns to Earth and is attacked while at her school's spring festival. The attack is thwarted by Wing Gundam, and eventually called off by Treize. (Episode 6)

May 19 195: The Alliance leadership meets at the New Edwards Base to discuss peaceful accommodation with the colonies. However, the Gundams are tricked into killing the leaders, causing all-out war between the Alliance and space. This is all a part of OZ's Operation Daybreak. (Episode 7)

May 20 195: OZ's Lady Une attempts to destroy the New Edwards Base - and the Gundams - by detonating the ICBMs stored therein; the attempt is thwarted by Heero Yuy. Trowa and Wu Fei attack the OZ fleet in a failed attempt to assassinate Treize Khushrenada. Zechs attacks and captures the Luxembourg base. (Episode 8)

May 21 195: Zechs launches an attack on the Alliance's Sanc Kingdom base, piloting the Tallgeese for the first time, but its extreme thrust forces him to break off the attack. (Episode 9)

May 22 195: Lieutenant Otto takes the Tallgeese and destroys the Sanc Kingdom base, but is killed in the process. (Episode 9)

June 9 195: OZ launches a trap to destroy the Gundams by luring them to attack a Taurus transport route. The plan is thrown into chaos when Lady Une attempts to force the Gundams' surrender by threatening the colonies with Alliance missile satellites, leading to the self-destruction of Wing Gundam. (Gundam Wing Episode 10)

June 10 195: Duo and Quatre hide out at the Maganacs' home village. Relena attends a Romefeller party and attempts to kill Lady Une. (Gundam Wing Episode 11)

June 11 195: Duo and Quatre are forced to escape the village when OZ uses bombs in an attempt to flush them out. Relena is nearly captured by OZ, but saved thanks to Noin. (Gundam Wing Episode 11)

July 7 195: Heero Yuy regains consciousness for the first time following his self-destruction. Wu Fei helps a group of rebels battling Colonel Bundt. (Gundam Wing Episode 12)

July 9 195: Zechs aids Alex and Meuller's capture of the Alliance's Mogadishu base, but kills them after they murder surrendered soldiers in Treize's name. (Gundam Wing Episode 13)

July 10 195: Trowa uses Heavyarms to attack OZ during a circus performance. He plans on self-destructing, but is stopped by his adoptive sister Catherine. (Gundam Wing Episode 14)

July 11 195: Relena and Noin attend the Romefeller Conference in Bremen. Relena jumps up on stage and denounces the Foundation in front of Duke Dermail and Treize. (Gundam Wing Episode 14)

July 14 195: Seeking redemption for his actions, Heero goes to Sylvia Noventa, the granddaughter of Alliance peacemaker he killed. (Gundam Wing Episode 14)

July 21 195: Under orders from Romefeller, Zechs destroys Wing Gundam. (Gundam Wing Episode 14)

July 26 195: After being contacted by Noin, Heero and Trowa head to OZ's Barclay base in Antarctica. They are pursued by Romefeller's Inspector Acht, who is killed by Trowa. (Gundam Wing Episode 15)

July 27 195: The arranged duel between Heero and Zechs takes place. Partway through, the duel is interrupted, first by Relena, then by Romefeller's pursuit squad. Zechs attacks the squad, allowing the others to escape, but is himself captured. (Gundam Wing Episode 16)

July 28 195: Testing of the Gundam Geminass commences at the Asteroid Belt. The tests are witnessed by an OZ reconnaissance unit which, though destroyed, sends its information back to OZ Prize's flagship, Grandshario. (G-Unit Chapter 1)

July 29 195: OZ begins making peaceful overtures to the colonies, claiming the desire to make up for the Alliance's harsh treatment. Even as their homes denounce them, the Gundam Pilots break into OZ spaceports and steal shuttles to return to the colonies. At Singapore, Gundam Sandrock self-destructs to cover the escape of its pilot and his allies. (Gundam Wing Episode 17) Romefeller gives OZ Prize command of the mission to capture the Geminass. Prize has their first engagement with MO-V's defense force. (G-Unit Chapter 2)

July 30 195: Zechs is tried for treason and found guilty. Treize proposes an alternate sentence to prevent morale loss from the execution of an OZ hero. As per this sentence, Zechs single-handedly battles a massive mobile suit force consisting of former Alliance pilots seeking to gain Romefeller's favor. Zechs defeats all enemies and subsequently vanishes. (Gundam Wing Episode 18) Prize attacks MO-V again, this time resulting in the destruction of Geminass 02 and the apparent death of its pilot. (G-Unit Chapter 3)

July 31 195: Testing of the mobile doll system begins at Romefeller headquarters, but is interrupted by Treize, who opposes the system. An injured Quatre is recovered by a group of Alliance remnants who soon come under attack from OZ. Though they are killed, the leader manages to get Quatre away safely. The five Gundam engineers, captured by OZ, agree to build new mobile suits for them. (Gundam Wing Episode 18)

August 11 195: Gundam Deathscythe and its pilot are captured in battle against mobile doll Tauruses. (Gundam Wing Episode 19)

August 12 195: Heero breaks into OZ's base and rescues Duo. (Gundam Wing Episode 19)

August 14 195: Trowa Barton enters OZ posing as a civilian and engages in pilot training with the Taurus. In order to ensure his loyalty, he is ordered to attack the nearly destroyed Deathscythe, which he does. Heero attempts to kill the Gundam engineers as they construct their new MS at the Lunar Base, but is captured. On Earth, both Sally Po and the Maganacs attempt to steal Sandrock's remains from an OZ base; initially they come to blows, but end up cooperating. (Gundam Wing Episode 20)

August 24 195: Zechs, going by his real name Milliardo Peacecraft, is captured by OZ, but identifies himself as a goodwill ambassador from the newly-revived Sanc Kingdom. (Gundam Wing Episode 21)

August 25 195: Quatre recovers on the Winner family satellite. After a tempestuous meeting with his father, the residents of the colony decide to join with OZ, resulting in Master Winner's death right before his son's eyes. (Gundam Wing Episode 21)

August 27 195: Milliardo Peacecraft meets with Lady Une, OZ's public face in its move to make peace with the colonies. (Gundam Wing Episode 22)

September 1 195: OZ Lieutenant Nichol leads an attack against Alliance colony D120, which is thwarted by Milliardo. Nichol then attempts to destroy the colony with the Barge Cannon, but Trowa Barton intercedes and saves the colony. When Lady Une returns to Barge, she has Nichol thrown in the brig. (Gundam Wing Episode 22)

September 8 195: Duo meets Hilde Scheibaker and attempts to infiltrate the Lunar Base. After encountering the Gundam engineers and witnessing their rebuilding of Deathscythe and Shenlong, he allows himself to be captured. (Gundam Wing Episode 23)

September 22 195: Quatre destroys a colony with Wing Zero. (Gundam Wing Episode 24)

September 23 195: OZ dispatches Mercurius and Vayeate to battle Wing Zero at the L2 0X Point. The Vayeate is destroyed in battle. Duo and Wu Fei escape the Lunar Base, piloting the incomplete Deathscythe Hell and Altron. Disagreeing with the direction OZ is taking, Treize Khushrenada resigns and is confined to his mansion in Luxembourg. This causes a schism between Treize's supporters and the Romefeller loyalists within OZ. (Gundam Wing Episodes 24, 25)

October 1 195: The Romefeller Foundation launches Operation Nova, deploying mass quantities of mobile dolls to forcibly capture the nations of Earth. Heero and Quatre escape the Lunar Base and return to Earth. (Gundam Wing Episode 26)

October 7 195: Relena formally declares herself ruler of the Sanc Kingdom. (Gundam Wing Episode 27)

October 8 195: Treize completes the Gundam Epyon at his Luxembourg mansion. (Gundam Wing Episode 28)

October 14 195: Relena declares the Sanc Kingdom neutral and opens its borders to anyone wishing to escape the growing conflict. Heero and Quatre arrive on Earth and are briefly confined by Count Townsend, but make their escape. (Gundam Wing Episode 29)

October 20 195: Heero and Quatre split up; Heero joins the Treize Faction as a mercenary. (Gundam Wing Episode 30)

November 3 195: Heero battles OZ in a city, where he runs into Quatre again. They are rescued by Noin, who takes them the the Sanc Kingdom. (Gundam Wing Episode 30)

November 8 195: Romefeller takes advantage of a group of Treize Faction soldiers seeking asylum in the Sanc Kingdom to stage an attack, but are repulsed. (Gundam Wing Episode 31)

November 9 195: Duo destroys a small OZ force and shuttle. (Gundam Wing Episode 32)

November 10 195: OZ's Trant Clark tracks Duo to an L2 colony and forces him to test the ZERO System. Soon after, an OZ pursuit squad attacks; Trant attempts to use Wing Zero, but is driven insane by the System and killed. (Gundam Wing Episode 33)

November 11 195: Zechs attacks mobile doll carriers heading to the Earth for participation in Operation Nova. (Gundam Wing Episode 34)

November 12 195: Relena is invited to OZ to speak about her nation. While there, Duke Dermail questions her about Zechs, who invokes the Sanc Kingdom's name while attacking OZ, forcing Relena to declare him unconnected to her nation. (Gundam Wing Episode 34)

November 13 195: Romefeller launches an attack on the Treize Faction's final base in Luxembourg. Heero intervenes with Wing, but the Gundam is damaged and he abandons it. Treize meets with Heero and gives him the Epyon to use. In space, Zechs discovers the abandoned Wing Zero and captures it, though he self-destructs the Tallgeese to cover his actions. (Gundam Wing Episode 34)

November 15 195: OZ locates Wu Fei at colony L5-A0205 and attacks. Rather than allow themselves to be captured, the colonists self-destruct the colony. (Gundam Wing Episode 35)

November 16 195: OZ begins its attack on the Sanc Kingdom. Zechs rushes to Earth with Wing Zero, hoping to save his homeland. At this time, Libra is completed in space. (Gundam Wing Episode 36)

November 17 195: OZ captures New Port City, the Sanc Kingdom's capital. Rather than see her people harmed any further, Relena surrenders the nation and gives herself to Romefeller as a hostage. (Gundam Wing Episode 36)

November 18 195: Heero and Zechs, spurred on by the systems in their Gundams, engage in a lengthy duel that ends only when the systems shut down. After a brief consultation, they switch MS, giving Heero the Wing Zero and Zechs the Epyon. (Gundam Wing Episode 37)

November 20 195: With the dissolution of national borders, the World Nation is founded, with Relena Peacecraft as its Queen. The Artemis Revolution begins. (Gundam Wing Episode 38)

November 22 195: OZ Prize attacks MO-V with Aesculapius, a Gundam rebuilt from the Geminass 02. Dr. Berg, creator of the G-Units, is revealed as a spy and joins Prize. (G-Unit Chapter 4)

November 23, 195: Aesculapius, reassigned to the pilot Silver Crown, attacks MO-V. (G-Unit Chapter 5)

November 25 195: MO-V makes arrangements with Prize to allow civilian refugees to safely leave the colony. However, the shuttles are destroyed by Valder Farkill, who has been summoned to take command of the thus-far fruitless mission. Prize's Broom Brooks is killed, and Rosshe Natono is injured, but rescued by MO-V's Adin Barnett. Silver Crown begins planning Operation Pandora. (G-Unit Chapter 6)

November 26 195: Operation Pandora, an attempt to destroy MO-V by throwing a spent resource satellite at the colony, is launched. However, the satellite slows automatically, and Adin Barnett enters to discover a new G-Unit, Griepe. Silver Crown, now revealed as Odell Barnett, escapes to MO-V. (G-Unit Chapter 7, 8)

November 30 195: Queen Relena urges Romefeller to disarm, saying that weapons are no longer needed. This results in the hawkish Dermail losing most of his support. At the urging of his granddaughter, Dermail goes to space to oversee the battle with the rebels capturing OZ resources, and is killed. (Gundam Wing Episode 40)

December 1 195: The rebels in space, now identifying themselves as White Fang, name Milliardo Peacecraft their leader and formally declare war on the World Nation. (Gundam Wing Episode 40)

December 4 195: White Fang sends their Virgo mobile dolls to attack the space fortress Barge. Milliardo battles the Gundam Pilots who attempt to intervene, and Barge is destroyed. Treize returns to assume leadership of the World Nation, ending Queen Relena's reign. (Gundam Wing Episode 41)

December 5 195: Several former Treize Faction members attempt to leave White Fang. Zhang Wu Fei decides to join forces with the other Gundam pilots and goes with Heero to Peacemillion. White Fang finishes construction on Libra. (Gundam Wing Episode 42)

December 8 195: OZ remnants capture Colony C421 and attempt to ransom it in return for Libra. Trowa uses Wing Zero to stop them and regains his memories in the process. Libra fires on the Earth with its main weapon. (Gundam Wing Episode 43)

December 9 195: Relena goes to Libra in an attempt to convince her brother to stop his war, but ends up a prisoner of White Fang instead. Dorothy Catalonia attempts to destroy the Gundam Team using a ZERO System-enhanced Mobile Doll program, but is thwarted by Quatre Winner's use of ZERO in Sandrock Kai. (Gundam Wing Episode 44)

December 10 195: The World Nation begins assembling its forces at MO-II. Former OZ volunteer Hilde Scheibaker sneaks into Libra to steal data for the Gundam Pilots and is nearly killed by mobile doll versions of the Mercurius and Vayeate, but is saved by Duo. (Gundam Wing Episode 45)

December 15 195: A young woman named Luna Armonia arrives at MO-V, but is revealed to be a spy. Using explosives planted throughout the colony, she forces Adin to leave the colony with the Griepe. (G-Unit Chapter 9)

December 16 195: Adin is captured by Prize and confined on its flagship, Grandshario, but is released by Dr. Berg. He and Rosshe, who had come to stage a rescue, battle Luna and her sister Soris, Farkill's right-hand women. After the sisters are defeated, Farkill orders Grandshario's Grand Nova cannon fired on their MS, killing them. (G-Unit Chapter 10)

December 22 195: Treize challenges Milliardo to a duel to determine the outcome of the conflict. Milliardo declines by way of firing Libra's main cannon at Treize, who is barely saved when Lady Une uses Wing to push him out of the way. The battle between the World Nation and White Fang begins. (Gundam Wing Episode 46)

December 23 195: MO-V's engineering staff completes the D-Unit defense mobile doll. White Fang sends a force of mobile dolls to capture the G-Units, but they are defeated by Prize's Kratz Shelby in his newly-built Burnlapius. The final battle between MO-V and Prize is joined. (G-Unit Chapter 11)

December 24 195: The Gundam Pilots join the battle on the side of the World Nation, attempting to stop Libra. Peacemillion crashes into Libra's main cannon, disabling it. With the main weapon gone, Milliardo orders Libra dropped on Earth. Treize duels Wu Fei and allows himself to be killed; the World Nation surrenders afterwards. Heero and Milliardo duel pointlessly, which inspires the colonists to extend an olive branch to the Earth. With the war over, everyone - even Milliardo - fights to stop Libra from dropping on Earth, with Heero dealing the final blow. (Gundam Wing Episodes 47-49) At MO-V, Odell kills Dr. Berg by slamming the Aesculapius into Grandshario, but Berg is able to activate a doomsday program he implanted into the ship. Adin duels Farkill and, thanks to the PX System and the shocking news of Treize's death, is able to kill the Dark General. However, as Grandshario prepares to destroy MO-V, Griepe is out of power. Adin, with the help of his friends, combines the G-Units into one final form, and uses its power to destroy Grandshario, ending the siege once and for all. (G-Unit Chapter 12)

196: The Earth Sphere United Nation is formed. Relena Darlian is elected to the position of Vice Foreign Minister, the same position her adoptive father held. Under her guidance, the United Nation begin dismantling the arsenals left over from the last war.

January 26 196: On colony X18722, a group of civilians breaks into a hidden Romefeller mobile suit plant and steals mass production versions of the Gundams, an unused weapon from the last war. The incident goes unreported and unknown by the world at large. (Tiel's Impulse)

February 196: Odell Barnett and Tricia Farrel are wed on MO-V. The ceremony includes a final duel between the Barnett brothers, a last hurrah before MO-V's mobile suit facilities are closed down and converted into a spaceship construction yard. (G-Unit Chapter 12)

Spring 196: Former members of White Fang begin agitating for another war, seeking the aid of the Gundam Pilots and the assassination of key figures in the peace process. Eventually, it is revealed that the White Fang leader has a deal with a mobile suit manufacturer, who wants the Gundams in order to produce the ultimate weapon. When his treachery is revealed, the rebellion falls apart. (Blind Target)

Summer 196: The organization known as the Perfect Peace People calls for greater disarmament, even beyond what Relena advocates; they especially want the Gundams destroyed. However, it is discovered that this is part of a greater plan that involves locating a lost mobile doll manufacturing plant. The plot is uncovered by the Gundam pilots and dealt with swiftly. (Battlefield of Pacifists)

December 24 196: The ESUN holds a Christmas party to celebrate how far it has come since the Eve War. Feeling that they are no longer needed, the Gundam pilots (sans Wufei) launch their Gundams towards the Sun. Meanwhile, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian is abducted while at a conference on the colony L3-X18999. (Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Episode 1)

December 25 196: Mariemaia Barton, claiming to be Treize Khushrenada's daughter, declares war on the ESUN. (Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Episode 1)

December 26 196: The Mariemaia Army lands on Earth, capturing the Presidential mansion in Brussels. Quatre Raberba Winner retrieves the Gundams and starts back towards Earth with them. (Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Episode 2)

December 27 196: The recovered Gundams, along with Preventers Fire (Lucrezia Noin) and Wind (Zechs Merquise, who was thought to have died in the Eve Wars), lead an attack on the Mariemaia Army in Brussels. The rebellion collapses when it is revealed that its creator, Dekim Barton, was carrying it out only for his own revenge for Heero Yuy's assassination and not for Treize's ideals. Dekim is killed and the Mariemaia Army soldiers, all Treize loyalists, surrender. Mariemaia is shot by Dekim, but survives the attack and is taken in by Treize's former associate, Lady Une. (Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Episode 3)

197: The world's mobile suits, including the Gundams, are destroyed. The Gundam pilots return to normal lives, while Relena advocates the terraformation of Mars. Fire and Wind disappear; they end up taking a head start toward Mars. Gundams and Mobile suits are never seen on Earth nor space ever again. (Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Episode 3)

April 197: Relena Darlian holds her 17th birthday at the Peacecraft castle, with several prestigious guests. However, the party is captured by a terror group dubbed "Epyon de Telos," whose exorbitant demands are underscored by the threat of detonating a nuclear device within the Sanc Kingdom. Given little time to respond, Preventer recruits the Gundam pilots, who launch a successful operation, aided by Preventer Wind, who had infiltrated the group as an inside man. (Episode Zero - Preventer 5)

Special Thanks/Sources:

  • Mark Simmons, who published the first real English Gundam Wing timeline on his wonderful (and very sorely missed) website Gundam Project.

  • Mark064 (no relation to the above), for transcribing the Gundam Ace timeline.

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