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Gundam Wing: Series
A 49-episode animated television drama in the expanded universe of MS Gundam, directed by Masashi Ikeda, scripted by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, character designs by Shuko Murase, mecha designs by Kunio Okawara and Hajime Katoki. Featuring five young pilots and a politically complex story line, the series was enormously popular in Japan during its original broadcast of April of 1995 to March of 1996, and released to North America in 2000 (most notably in broadcast to the U.S. audience via Cartoon Network). The series is also known as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, Gundam W, New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, or Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W.

Please note that the link listed below the individual episode titles is a three-way comparison script for the English voice-actor transcriptions, the Bandai subtitle script, and the Hong Kong DVD subtitle script derived from fansubbed versions of the series. There is also a link provided for an Adobe Postscript (.pdf) file of each episode that is more stable for both printing and downloading, and a link to the screen capture gallery page for that episode. For episodes that have not been completed yet, there is a link to the raw (unedited/unproofed) subtitles.

Opening Song: Just Communication (Episodes 1-41)
Opening Song: Rhythm Emotion (Episodes 42-49)
Ending Song: It's Just Love

Episode 01: The Shooting Star She Saw
Comparison Script | Episode01.pdf | Screen Captures
Resistance groups within the colonies send five Gundams to Earth to fight against World Federation forces. The pilot from L1, Heero Yuy, encounters Zechs Merquise on his way to Earth, and is seen by Relena, and therefore determines to kill her.
Episode 02: The Gundam Deathscythe
Comparison Script | Episode02.pdf | Screen Captures
The Alliance's Marina sends out troops to find the sunken Gundam, but OZ's Zechs is the first to find it using the Cancer mobile suit. Heero must destroy the Gundam before anyone else seizes it, but in the dark ocean depths, another Gundam appears.
Episode 03: Five Gundams Confirmed
Comparison Script | Episode03.pdf | Screen Captures
Heero is restrained in the medical treatment room of the Alliance Military. Duo, in the meantime, plans Heero's escape. Zechs predicts that a Gundam will be attacking the Aries at the Alliance Military Base of the Mediterranean Sea; it's there that Zechs is introduced to a new weapon.
Episode 04: The Victoria Nightmare
Comparison Script | Episode04.pdf | Screen Captures
Duo and Heero depart for another battleground. Meanwhile, Wufei heads for the Lake Victoria Base in Africa. At the base are OZ's advanced Taurus space mobile suits as well as Ms. Noin, an instructor of top pilots. There, Noin experiences a nightmarish incident.
Episode 05: Relena's Secret
Comparison Script | Episode05.pdf | Screen Captures
With the Gundams' arrival, the true battle has begun; but is it what the colonies desire? Vice Foreign Minister Darlian leaves for the colonies again, taking Relena with him, but OZ's Lady Une plans the Minister's assassination. With Minister Darlian's dying breath, Relena learns the secrets surrounding her birth.
Episode 06: Party Night
Comparison Script | Episode06.pdf | Screen Captures
Thrown into a new, uncertain destiny, Relena returns to the Earth. What awaits her is a school party and notice of Heero's transfer. Knowing Heero's secret, Relena figures out that the transfer is related to his next mission. OZ assassins come for Relena, and Heero ends up saving her.
Episode 07: Scenario to Bloodshed
Comparison Script | Episode07.pdf | Screen Captures
Leaders of the Alliance Military gather at the New Edwards Base to discuss armament reduction, and Treize Khushrenada, OZ's leader, skillfully lays a trap to attract the Gundam pilots. The Alliance Military is destroyed by the Gundams. Treize's trap opens the gates to a new era of bloodshed.
Episode 08: The Treize Assassination
Comparison Script | Episode08.pdf | Screen Captures
Treize has taken the future by the reins. After being controlled like puppets, the Gundams follow General Septem as Lady Une's target. Heero, Duo, and Quatre move in to prevent the explosion of the New Edwards Base; Wufei and Trowa head straight for Treize. Treize is cornered by Wufei's sword.
Episode 09: Portrait of a Ruined Country
Comparison Script | Episode09.pdf | Screen Captures
The United Earth Sphere Alliance collapses and the world heads down a path to chaos. Heero and Duo continue to battle OZ; the reason behind the chaos. Zechs heads for the Sanc Kingdom with his Tallgeese to reclaim the homeland of the Peacecrafts, but Tallgeese is an extremely dangerous mobile suit.
Episode 10: Heero, Distracted By Defeat
Comparison Script | Episode10.pdf | Screen Captures
Battles that risk lives only produce mistakes, then what meaning does Otto's death have? Lady Une announces a plan to transport Tauruses, the space mobile suits, to the Siberian Base, however, it's just a pretense to wipe out the Gundams. In his battle with Zechs, Heero makes a final decision.
Episode 11: The Whereabouts of Happiness
Comparison Script | Episode11.pdf | Screen Captures
The Gundams have been defeated. With the colonies used as hostages, the warriors don't have a chance. They face a time of humiliation when they are unable to fight. Also, no one can confirm whether Heero's dead or alive. About that time, Relena heads to Moscow alone, having been informed that Lady Une is there. She aims her gun straight at her father's killer, Lady Une.
Episode 12: Bewildered Warriors
Comparison Script | Episode12.pdf | Screen Captures
One must use weapons to win back peace. In a battlefield filled with inconsistencies, Wufei meets Sally Po. Wufei states that the weaker should not be fighting, but with those words, Sally senses the complexity of a cornered warrior. Lost in his emotions, Wufei returns to his Shenlong Gundam.
Episode 13: Catherine's Tears
Comparison Script | Episode13.pdf | Screen Captures
Many of OZ's leading officers are young and relentless. Is there no one there who can calmly interpret the war? Their excessive military power flies wildly out of control, resulting in one unnecessary massacre after another. OZ begins its advancement toward outer space. In order to save the colonies, Trowa heads to his final battle, but Catherine stands before the young man who hastens his death.
Episode 14: The Order To Destroy 01
Comparison Script | Episode14.pdf | Screen Captures
Heero tries to make up for his mistake of killing Noventa, pacifist of the former Alliance. Within the war zones created by OZ, Heero confronts Sylvia, Noventa's granddaughter. How can he compensate for his wrong-doing? Zechs is handed an order from the Romefeller Foundation.
Episode 15: To The Battleground, Antarctica
Comparison Script | Episode15.pdf | Screen Captures
A war is supposed to be heartless. But Heero places his own destiny in the hands of Mrs. Noventa. Zechs longs for a decisive battle as a warrior; Noin invites Heero to Antarctica where Zechs awaits. Inspector Acht pursues them with his own forces. The Gundam revival is about to ignite its own new blaze.
Episode 16: The Sorrowful Battle
Comparison Script | Episode16.pdf | Screen Captures
Zechs waits at the South Pole with the completed Wing Gundam. Heero challenges Zechs to a duel with Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms. Heero and Zechs commence their battle amidst the snowy winds. Zechs tries to find something beyond the desperate battle, as does Noin, but then Relena arrives.
Episode 17: Betrayed By Home Country, Far Away
Comparison Script | Episode17.pdf | Screen Captures
The war zone expands into outer space. OZ moves to finally finish off the Alliance Military, it also plans to reconcile the colonies. Quatre and Duo head for outer space to warn the colonies of OZ's conspiracy, but the colonies that had been their home, declare the Gundams to be their enemies.
Episode 18: Tallgeese Destroyed
Comparison Script | Episode18.pdf | Screen Captures
The battle between the Tallgeese and Gundam concluded one chapter of the war, however, a cruel destiny still awaited the pilots. Mortally wounded, Quatre calls on the other pilots. Zechs refuses to fight as a knight of Romefeller, but Treize then demands that Zechs die a hero.
Episode 19: Assault On Barge
Comparison Script | Episode19.pdf | Screen Captures
There's no glory or praise for the Gundam pilots returning to the colonies, only orders to destroy OZ. Gundam Deathscythe battles the Tauruses in outer space, but Duo is defeated and taken prisoner by OZ. To keep confidentiality, Heero searches for Duo to kill him.
Episode 20: The Lunar Base Infiltration
Comparison Script | Episode20.pdf | Screen Captures
The five scientists start developing OZ's new suits: Mercurius and Vayeate. In an attempt to stop them, Heero sneaks on the Lunar Base to assassinate them, but he's stopped in his tracks by none other than Trowa.
Episode 21: Grief-Stricken Quatre
Comparison Script | Episode21.pdf | Screen Captures
A white mobile suit approaches a colony. Once it's determined to be Zechs' Tallgeese, Lady Une orders Trowa and Heero to attack it. The injured Quatre returns to the Winner residence, but, to his great sadness, there he finds his father being solely blamed and criticized by the people.
Episode 22: The Fight For Independence
Comparison Script | Episode22.pdf | Screen Captures
The era plummets into the depths of confusion: The colonies head down a path leading toward armament; Zechs has left Earth and confirms the existence of a Lady Une who promotes peace. In her goal to achieve Treize's ideal, Lady Une acts on her own against the orders of the Romefeller Foundation.
Episode 23: Duo, The God of Death Once Again
Comparison Script | Episode23.pdf | Screen Captures
People in outer space acquire weapons to defend the colonies. They do so under the pretext of fearing an attack from Earth, but it's OZ that manipulates their fears. To prevent mass-production of mobile dolls, Duo heads to the moon to destroy the Lunar Base. During the battle with Hilde, the colony volunteer soldier, Duo sees the chaotic future of the colonies.
Episode 24: The Gundam They Called Zero
Comparison Script | Episode24.pdf | Screen Captures
Is destruction the only path for an outer space gone mad? A mobile suit resembling a Gundam attacks the colonies that are arming themselves. Trowa and Heero head out to face this powerful new suit. They find that the pilot of this mobile suit is Quatre, cold with anger and full of deep sorrow.
Episode 25: Quatre vs. Heero
Comparison Script | Episode25.pdf | Screen Captures
The mobile doll project is another step toward the Romefeller Foundation's conquest. Treize opposes this, and steps down from his position as OZ leader. The Gundam pilots cause a blood bath in space as they continue their mortal battle. During the battle, Trowa is thrown out of his suit and drifts into the silent depths of space.
Episode 26: The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star
Comparison Script | Episode26.pdf | Screen Captures
Hearing of Treize's confinement, OZ soldiers called the ''Treize Faction'' enter a battle with Romefeller. The Virgo mobile dolls sent to Earth have tremendous assault capabilities. The Foundation wants to destroy the Gundams and their allies, seeing them as a symbol of opposition. They order the Gundam pilots' execution.
Episode 27: The Locus of Victory and Defeat
Comparison Script | Episode27.pdf | Screen Captures
The rise and fall of the victorious repeats itself; people get tossed around by a history of disputes. Caught within the flames of war, the Gundam pilots wander without a destination. What did they lose, and what did they gain? And what words does Relena have after observing them?
Episode 28: Passing Destinies
Comparison Script | Episode28.pdf | Screen Captures
As long as mankind exists in this world, there will always be battles. And denouncing battles will never lead to peace. Treize Khushrenada has disappeared from the center stage of history, but while destinies slip past one another, Treize begins to proceed with new plans.
Episode 29: The Heroine of the Battlefield
Comparison Script | Episode29.pdf | Screen Captures
Outer space rushes aimlessly into a period of battles. Heero and Quatre arrive on Earth and are targeted by Romefeller's plan to execute the Gundam pilots. Without any time to rest, Heero heads to gather data for his next battle when he hears of Sanc Kingdom, Relena's home country.
Episode 30: The Reunion With Relena
Comparison Script | Episode30.pdf | Screen Captures
Romefeller's military power grows as they violently attack areas of dispute. Heero recklessly participates in the battle as a mercenary of the Treize Faction's retaliating troops. Quatre begins doubting the heroism of finding answers within battles. He learns of a resisting nation promoting Total Pacifism.
Episode 31: The Glass Kingdom
Comparison Script | Episode31.pdf | Screen Captures
Heero and Quatre decide to stay in the Sanc Kingdom where Relena promotes Total Pacifism, but the kingdom is anything but a place for rest. The Romefeller Foundation, angered by many nations declaring pacifism, skillfully attacks the Sanc Kingdom. Heero, Quatre, and Noin head to battle to protect Relena.
Episode 32: The God of Death Meets Zero
Comparison Script | Episode32.pdf | Screen Captures
Aside from Heero and Quatre, who had descended to Earth, the other Gundam pilots remain in space. OZ closes in on Duo, who retaliates from the shadows. The Wing Zero challenges Duo's incomplete Deathscythe to a battle. During the battle, Duo starts having certain doubts about the Wing Zero's abilities.
Episode 33: The Lonely Battlefield
Comparison Script | Episode33.pdf | Screen Captures
Zechs Marquise once again dons his mask and proceeds to crush Romefeller's mobile dolls. Dermail is resentful and summons Relena to ask whether or not Zechs is in fact Milliardo Peacecraft. Realizing the Foundation will wipe out the Treize Faction, Heero goes to the battlefield with the highest risk of death.
Episode 34: And Its Name Is Epyon
Comparison Script | Episode34.pdf | Screen Captures
Zechs gets his hands on the Wing Gundam Zero and demolishes the Space Taurus squadron. About that time, Heero enters a castle in Luxembourg where Treize gives him a new Gundam. But the new mobile suit is evil, much like Zero.
Episode 35: The Return of Wufei
Comparison Script | Episode35.pdf | Screen Captures
To retaliate against the growing pressure from Romefeller, Quatre sets out to get his Sandrock back. Wishing to join forces with the Gundam pilots, Zechs goes to meet Wufei, who's returned to his colony. But Wufei, again selected to pilot the completed Altron Gundam, takes Zechs for an enemy and starts attacking.
Episode 36: Sanc Kingdom's Collapse
Comparison Script | Episode36.pdf | Screen Captures
In space, Duo finds Trowa. On Earth, the Romefeller Foundation moves in to invade the Sanc Kingdom. Reunited with the Maguanac Corps, Quatre hurries back to the front with his Sandrock. In the name of peace, Relena surrenders to the Foundation to put an end to what she considers a foolish battle.
Episode 37: Zero vs. Epyon
Comparison Script | Episode37.pdf | Screen Captures
The ideal of world peace was easily overrun by the overwhelming force. The Romefeller Foundation hands a heartbroken Relena yet another cruel option. Meanwhile, two Gundam pilots, Heero and Zechs, start a battle at the now demolished Sanc Kingdom, but the battle is now unnecessary.
Episode 38: The Birth of Queen Relena
Comparison Script | Episode38.pdf | Screen Captures
Armed colony citizens calling themselves White Fang take over one strategic OZ base after another. Quatre and Noin search space for the other Gundam pilots. The Romefeller Foundation, with the world in its clutches, puts forth Relena as its representative for her unifying appeals.
Episode 39: Trowa's Return to the Battlefield
Comparison Script | Episode39.pdf | Screen Captures
To retaliate against Romefeller and gain independence, Quinze, the leader of the colonies movement, asks Zechs to bring his Gundam, a symbol of rebellion, to outer space. Meanwhile, Quatre's shuttle is attacked in space. Still suffering from amnesia, Trowa heads out with a Taurus.
Episode 40: A New Leader
Comparison Script | Episode40.pdf | Screen Captures
Heero plans to assassinate the Romefeller Foundation leader. Relena, who continues to gain supporters is about to take her first step toward true peace. But as the new leader of the White Fang, Milliardo Peacecraft doesn't understand Earth's intentions, and passes down orders for its destruction.
Episode 41: Crossfire At Barge
Comparison Script | Episode41.pdf | Screen Captures
Treize strips Queen Relena of her position as Romefeller's chief representative. A battle for the Space Fortress Barge commences in space to determine the supreme power. Using its overpowering number of mobile dolls, the White Fang repeatedly crushes OZ's mobile doll troops.
Episode 42: Battleship Libra
Comparison Script | Episode42.pdf | Screen Captures
Wufei continues his solitary battle, and Wing Zero shows him the future he's meant to take. On Earth, Treize's subordinates who fled from Barge return. Among them is the still- unconscious Lady Une. Zechs orders the huge, completed battleship Libra toward Earth.
Episode 43: Target: Earth
Comparison Script | Episode43.pdf | Screen Captures
Zechs joins the White Fang to put an end to the warring history of mankind, but few know his real intentions. Noin, Relena, Heero and the other Gundam pilots watch in horror the one last act of faith which can only be regarded as an irrational act.
Episode 44: Go Forth, Gundam Team
Comparison Script | Episode44.pdf | Screen Captures
A battle program is developed based on the Epyon's system. The mobile dolls loaded with this system are more than the attacking Gundam pilots can handle. Heero tells an anxious Quatre to repay people in the colonies by conquering the Zero System, thus allowing Quatre to successfully execute their plans.
Episode 45: Signs of the Final Battle
Comparison Script | Episode45.pdf | Screen Captures
Hilde sneaks onto Libra and obtains valuable ship data, but mobile doll versions of the Mercurius and Vayeate follow Hilde as she escapes. What's more, the data on Heero and Trowa is programmed into these dolls. White Fang prepares to battle against Earth while sending a strike force to terminate the Gundams.
Episode 46: Milliardo's Decision
Comparison Script | Episode46.pdf | Screen Captures
Heero sneaks onto Libra and goes with Relena to see Zechs. Treize leads a force of thousands of armored mobile suits. Treize desires one chivalrous duel to settle the battle, but as Milliardo, commander of White Fang, Zechs refuses Treize's challenge.
Episode 47: Collision In Space
Comparison Script | Episode47.pdf | Screen Captures
The five young men head out to battle. Is the scene awaiting them a beautiful yet sorrowful battlefield? Or a bloody massacre? Libra refuses to change its course for Earth, and Peacemillion attempts to stop it in its path. Their collision is about to give rise to even more tragedy.
Episode 48: Takeoff Into Confusion
Comparison Script | Episode48.pdf | Screen Captures
Wufei takes on a duel, Quatre responds to his sorrow, and Trowa defies his destiny. Duo helps pay back past debts, and Heero proceeds to the final battle where Zechs awaits. The warriors' thoughts roam about the chaotic outer space, moving between affirmation and denial.
Episode 49: The Final Victor
Comparison Script | Episode49.pdf | Screen Captures
Battles are started by people, and people realize peace through battle. But how many lives must be lost as a result? And what's the point of ramming Peacemillion and Libra into Earth? In the final stages of battle, the two Gundams predict the dawn of a new age.

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