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Gundam Wing: Manga, Sidestory and Support Mechanical Section
Most of the listing information for this glossary was taken directly from the support materials. If you find an entry that you believe to have an error in it, please write to us (EPYON@ABOUTGUNDAMWING.COM) with the correction and your sources, and we will correct the information.

See the Series and EW Mobile Suits Section of the Glossary for mobile suits used in the television series and Endless Waltz.
See the Manga and Sidestory Mobile Suits Section of the Glossary for mobile suits used in the printed materials.
See the Series and EW Mechanical Section of the Glossary for other non-MS mechanical listings.

Grand Shario
Last Outpost (G-Unit)
Battleship introduced in the Last Outpost manga.

Last Outpost (G-Unit)
Residing on the far side of the asteroid belt, MO-V is farther from Earth than any other colony. It has a population of 100,000, mostly miners, engineers and their families.

Battlefield of Pacifists Manga
An unmanned MD production plant created from an old UESA colony by Tubarov. It has a 'watchdog' mobile suit, the Scorpio, that only Tuberov and Duke Dermail can control.

Weapon YO-448
Episode Zero Manga
A biological weapon intended for use on colony A0206 (home colony of the Long clan). After the Alliance condemned the colony in AC194, General Septem ordered the colony be "disinfected" with this weapon, and Treize, preferring conventional warfare, sent OZ Specials mobile suits to destroy the colony before the biological weapon could be put to use.
Sweeper Ship
Episode Zero Manga
The ship that Professor J and Howard take to the moon, and that Duo stows aboard when Professor J finds him in AC182.

Unit System
Last Outpost (G-Unit)
One of the unique technologies behind the G-Unit Gundams produced at MO-V. Its intent is to do away with the old system of mobile suit manufacture, in which machines were designed for only one specific terrain or mission role. All the mobile suits using the Unit System are completely modular, with a system of locking bolts holding them together. Thus, every part of a G-Unit except its cockpit can be quickly and easily changed, allowing one machine to fulfill multiple mission roles all by itself.
PX System
Last Outpost (G-Unit)
The centerpiece of the G-Unit Gundams, the PX System is a powerful but highly unstable combat system, usable only by the best pilots. When activated, the PX System temporarily pushes a mobile suit beyond its normal operational limits, while stimulating an adrenaline surge in the pilot to allow him to cope with both the increased speed and the physical exertion of this brief "super mode". The PX System is typically programmed with an automatic cut-off for safety; if used beyond this time limit, it can cause damage to both the mobile suit and the pilot's brain. While using the PX System, the mobile suit appears to glow, and can move so fast that the human eye can't follow it. During the events of G-Unit/The Last Outpost, the Barnett brothers use "PX Overdrive" in which the system is pushed even further than normal, but with even greater risk of death from its operation.

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