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Please note that many of the listings contain spoilers for the
Gundam Wing series, Endless Waltz, and other support materials.

Gundam Wing: Mecha
There are four subsets of this reference page, one for Mobile Suits used in during the events in the television series and Endless Waltz, one for the Mobile Suits used in the support material and manga, and additional pages for all of the other mechanical tools, ships, cars and machines. Please note that all of these pages are very image intensive, and because we wanted to preserve the
Edit>Find function for these pages, all entries will load as a single, very large HTML page. Each image listed under the general information for the listing links to a larger image. Most of the images used in this glossary and throughout the website are screen captures from the anime and retouched scans from art books and other reference books.

The information for this glossary was taken directly from official sources and observation of the series. If you find an entry that you believe has an error in it, please write to us (EPYON@ABOUTGUNDAMWING.COM) with the correction and your sources, and we will edit the information.

Please note that we are still compiling the episode references for these sections, so updates to these pages will be frequent until they are completed. A pilot roster and cross reference for the series MS with episode references is also under development.

For information on characters, places, and events in the series, Endless Waltz, and the manga, please see the main Glossary Page.

Series and Endless Waltz  Mobile Suits

Wing Gundam

Colonies (L1)

Heero Yuy
Trowa Barton
Lady Une

This advanced mobile suit was designed by Doctor J and created by a resistance group at the L1 colony cluster for the sole purpose of battling OZ. The Wing Gundam is considered the highest in general utility of the five Gundams, and can transform into a winged "bird mode" superior to any conventional fighter plane. In this form, it can survive re-entry and fly in Earth's atmosphere. It also remains highly maneuverable, even in water. Its primary weapon is the buster rifle, an immensely powerful beam weapon which can be fired only three times before its energy supply must be recharged. For close-range combat, the Wing Gundam relies on its shoulder-mounted machine cannons and the beam sabers stored in its shield. (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Classification: Transformable Mobile Suit
Material: Gundanium Alloy
Dimensions: Overall height: 16.3 meters | Dry weight: 7.1 tons
Armament: Buster Rifle (x1), Beam Saber (x2), Machine Cannon (x2), Vulcan (x2)

Ability Levels:
(OZ's mass-produced mobile suit Leo is rated at 100 in each category)
Fighting Ability Level: 130
Weapons Ability Level: 140
Speed Ability Level: 150
Power Ability Level: 120
Armored Ability Level: 130

Manga and Sidestory Mobile Suits

Battlefield of Pacifists Manga

Perfect Peace People

The Scorpio is an unusually large MS with strong armor designed by OZ for guarding the Vulkanus manufacturing facility. It is equipped with a propulsion unit with high offensive skills in Mobile Armor (MA) mode, but this mode does not work well of close combat situations. It is also unique in that it can turn into a mobile suit or be used as a mobile doll. The strongest MS made by OZ, its size made production difficult and only one unit was made.

Classification: Transformable Mobile Suit
Material: Gundanium Alloy
Dimensions: Overall height: 23.5 meters, Dry weight: 17.8 tons
Armament: Beam Bayonet (x1), A.S. Planet Defensor (x1), Micro Missiles (x30), Heat Rod (x1) [only in MA mode]

Series and Endless Waltz Mechanical Glossary

Space Fortress Barge
A battle space station, developed and used by OZ, with frightening capabilities. OZ's base of operation in space, the chief armament is a beam cannon, powerful enough to destroy a colony. Acquired by the White Fang during the Artemis Revolution, the station was eventually destroyed by Zechs in Epyon. (Also referred to in some sources as Barge, Balji, or Space Fortress BG-M.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 24 41

Manga and Sidestory Mechanical Glossary

Battlefield of Pacifists Manga
An unmanned MD production plant created from an old UESA colony by Tubarov. It has a 'watchdog' mobile suit, the Scorpio, that only Tuberov and Duke Dermail can control.

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