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Gundam Wing: Glossary of Locations, Events, and Terminology
The information for this glossary was taken directly from official sources and observation of the series. If you find an entry that you believe has an error in it, please write to us (EPYON@ABOUTGUNDAMWING.COM) with the correction and your sources, and we will edit the information.
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AMBAC System
Term shown briefly on the computer screen during Quatre's exploration of the program used to construct Sandrock. This refers to a technology from the Universal Century instead of Gundam Wing's After Colony Era. AMBAC is an acronym for Active Mass Balance Auto-Control. This is a system which allows mobile suits to maneuver more efficiently in zero gravity. Conventional spacecraft employ vernier thrusters to change their direction, but using verniers to turn and perform evasive maneuvers in combat consumes a lot of propellant. When the first mobile suits were developed, the engineers of the Zeonic company devised an alternative maneuvering method based on active mass movement. When one part of a mobile suit is moved, it produces a counter-movement in the opposite direction, as per Newton's Third Law of Motion. For example, when a mobile suit swings its arm to the right, its body turns to the left in response. The AMBAC system uses this effect to adjust the mobile suit's direction without expending propellant. Thus, in zero gravity the mobile suit's arms and legs are not dead weight, but a vital component of its maneuvering system. After the One Year War, some mobile suits are also equipped with movable binders which function as part of the AMBAC system. (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 21

After Colony The timeline of the Gundam Wing universe. The series starts on April 7th, AC195, and ends on April 7, AC196. Endless Waltz begins on Christmas Eve AC196, and ends in AC197 with a statement from the narrator of the beginning of an era of lasting peace from that point onward. Also abbreviated as AC or A.C. Detailed key events of are located on the Timeline section of this website.

Appears in: All materials

Alice System
Term shown briefly on the computer screen during Quatre's exploration of the program used to construct Sandrock. This is an AI-based learning system, and is most likely a nod to the ZZ Gundam side-story, Gundam Sentinel. ALICE, a fully sentient AI, is an acronym for Advanced Logistics Inconsequence Cognizing Equipment. This also explains Gundam Sandrock's ability to self-destruct without a pilot in episode 17.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 21

A double-headed dragon sculpture, a treasure of his clan given to Wufei by Master Long in order for Wufei to sell and finance his terrorist attack on the Earth.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

April 7th A key date in the events of the Gundam Wing timeline. In AC175, Heero Yuy was assassinated. The events of the series begin on the anniversary of that date in AC195, and end one year later. April 7th is also Relena's Birthday, and April 7th, 1995, was the day the first episode of the television series aired on Japanese television.
Artemis Revolution A successful battle strategy devised by the White Fang in order to seize the Battleship Libra, the Lunar Base, and other OZ resources in space.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 37

Barclay Base
A military base located in Antarctica where Zechs arranges a private mobile suit duel between Heero and himself. Coordinates lie "five minutes from the Filchner Ice Shelf of the Weddell Sea."

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 15 16

Location were an assembly of the Romefeller Foundation and invited guests was held on the outskirts of Bremen.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 14

Trowa uses a circus troupe as his cover during the events of the series, and later adopts the members as his extended family. The production sketch for the logo reads: "Since 1667," which would indicate a performance history long before the installation of the After Colony calendar.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Metallic objects in various shapes and forms capable of containing life in space. In the After Colony era, colonies are giant rotating wheels, whose inhabitants live inside the inner rim. Colonies average approximately 18km in diameter and 4km wide. Approximately 1.5 million people can reside inside. All colonies are clustered in the five static Lagrange points in space. See Gundam Wing Timeline for additional information on the history and development of the space colonies and colony clusters.

Appears in: All materials

Colony 06E3 The colony that Quatre destroyed with Gundam Wing Zero. Though the civilians had been evacuated, a military presence remained in place to defend it.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 24

Colony 0200/
Colony A0206
Colony in the L5 Lagrange Point that the Long Clan is forced to emigrate to in AC133. In the television series it is referred to as Colony 0200. In Episode Zero, the colony is referred to as A0206. (Also listed as A-0206 in some sources.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 35 | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Colony Area D
Site of one of Lady Une's conferences advocating peace in the colonies. Professor G is discovered on this colony while "trying to destroy an underground military equipment factory for manufacturing suits." He is arrested, detained, and questioned by Lady Une. It is on this colony that a press conference is held, and the colonies disavow any support of the Gundam activities currently taking place on Earth.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 17

Colony C1013 Colony in L1 where Doctor J was hiding during spring of AC195. It is from this colony that he makes his broadcast to Lady Une, informing her that he will not surrender the Gundams, and by doing so, giving Heero the order to self-destruct Wing Gundam. (Also listed as C-1013 in some sources.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 10

Colony C102
Colony where Duo and the Gundam Deathscythe were detained upon capture by the OZ military forces. This is presumably the colony where Lady Une was stationed in the colonies at the time. (Also listed as C-1102 in some sources and stated as such once in the English dub.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 19

Colony C421
Colony the OZ Space Force takes possession of and holds hostage while they demand the return of the Space Battleship Libra from the White Fang forces. (Also listed as C-421 in some sources.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 43

Colony D120
Colony managed by Gwinter, son of General Septum, where the United Earth Sphere Alliance command station was located. When OZ wasn't controlling the colonies by force, but recommending they join a nation colonies, D-120 continued in its function as Earth's voice in outer space not forgoing its position as a military institute from Earth and Gwinter acted as the colony's representative. (Also listed as D-120 in some sources.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 22

Colony V08744 Completed in AC87, this was the first colony successfully completed at Lagrange Point L2. This colony was the site of the viral outbreak in AC187 that killed Duo's childhood friend Solo. It was also the location of the Maxwell Church Tragedy of AC188. (Also listed as V-08744 in some sources.)

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Colony X18999
An Island-Type space colony constructed in the L3 colony cluster under the leadership of the Barton Foundation. In AC188, Quinze and his colonial revolutionary army led an uprising against the Alliance. They stole eight Tragos mobile suits and attacked Alliance military installations on the colony. Brigadier General Septum, the ranking Alliance officer, permitted Specials officer Treize Khushrenada and three of his cadets, including 12-year-old Lucrezia Noin, to join the battle. Treize and his cadets suppressed the uprising, but Treize was injured in battle. While hospitalized for his injuries, he met a nurse by the name of Leia Barton (daughter of Dekim Barton). In AC189, Odin Lowe arrived at X18999 to assassinate Septum. The attempt failed, Odin was killed, and his ward (the boy later code-named Heero Yuy) was adopted by Doctor J. In AC196, this was the colony where Relena was abducted by Barton Foundation and the forces of the Mariemaia Army. (Also listed as X-18999 in some sources.)

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Corsica Base
An Alliance mobile suit production facility located on a Mediterranean island situated between France and Italy. This is where the Tallgeese, the prototype version of the Leo, was stored, and is also the OZ base where Trowa and Quatre first met while on a mission to destroy the base and disrupt the manufacturing plant located there. The primary function is the manufacture of Leo mobile suits.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 3

Darlian Estate
The primary residence of the Darlian family near the J.A.P. point. This is also the where Relena was living during the events of April 8 AC191 when terrorists stole a prototype Aries mobile suit from the Alliance's J.A.P. Point base near the estate. General Catalonia, commander of the Specials, dispatched Treize and Zechs to respond to the threat. Relena Darlian was held hostage until rescued by Zechs.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 6 | Episode Zero Manga

Declaration of Colony Demilitarization Declaration announced at L1 in AC173 by Heero Yuy and the Colonies' Independence Movement in reaction to the military control of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. With this, the colonies declared themselves demilitarized and autonomous with a decision to formally adopt it two years later.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Dover Space Port
The Space Port Trowa destroyed during his first mission on Earth.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 1

Earth Sphere Unified Nation (ESUN)

Nearly 200 years after space colonization began, conflicts between Earth and the colonies culminated in the largest battle the world has ever known. When the pieces of the Libra plummeted to Earth, all eyes were drawn to the final battle between Heero and Milliardo in their Mobile Suits. No one will ever know just what people saw in the battle, but the two combatants' strong desire for peace must have been branded in the minds of both the people of Earth and the colonists.

A new governing body, the Earth Sphere Unified Nations (ESUN), was formed in the wake of the events following AC195, in which the Earth's nations and the space colonies were fairly represented. In the name of pacifism, a nearly complete disarmament policy is put into place. (Also referred to as the Earth Sphere United Nation in some translations.) (source: Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Episode Zero Manga

Endless Waltz (EW) The collective title of the three OAVs that were later compiled into a full length movie with the same name. Endless Waltz was scripted by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, the man responsible for the television series, but Yasunao Aoki took over as the new director. The OVAs were released in Japan in 1997, and the movie version was released in 1998. Both versions were released in the United States in 2000. There is also a manga version of the movie and a tie-in novel. (See Endless Waltz & OVAs Index Page for transcripts, summary and more details.)

Eve Wars The events in the television ended on New Years AC196; Endless Waltz ended after Christmas AC196, hence, some sources (including the Endless Waltz Novelization) refer to these events collectively as the "Eve Wars."
Federation Naval Hospital
Hospital at the J.A.P. Point where Heero is taken for medical evaluation and military observation after his attempt to destroy Wing Gundam and Gundam Deathscythe. Sally Po was his attending physician before Duo "liberated" Heero from the facility.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 3

Burial location of Treize Khushrenada (on left with roses) and empty grave of Milliardo Peacecraft.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 49 | Endless Waltz OVA

Gundam An advanced mobile suit made entirely from Gundanium alloy, from which it derives it name. Thanks to its Gundanium construction, a Gundam is not only virtually indestructible, but is also invisible to radar and thus can only be detected at close range. Five Gundams were initially created by rebel space colonists for use in Operation Meteor, with firepower and performance far surpassing that of the Alliance's existing mass-produced mobile suits. Three other custom mobile suits were eventually constructed: the Mercurius, the Vayeate, and the Gundam Epyon. After those suits, mass production of Gundanium-clad mobile dolls began with the Virgo and the Virgo II line of Mobile Dolls. (source: GundamOfficial.com and Series)

Gundam Evolve
Gundam Evolve is a series of short films produced by Sunrise and set in different timelines of the Gundam universe. The clips show alternative scenes and side-stories for fans, and clips feature a mix of traditional and computer-animated animation. Gundam Evolve./ 7 is the Gundam Wing installment that was produced in 2004, written and directed by Shukou Murase (character designer for the Gundam Wing series) and features Doctor J and Heero Yuy (with the return of their original Japanese voice actors) and a cameo appearance by Relena. The featured mecha is Wing Gundam Zero Custom in its incarnation from Endless Waltz (more specifically, the Master Grade Wing Gundam Zero model). (See Endless Waltz & OVAs Index Page for transcripts, summaries, and more details.)


Gundam Wing
A 49-episode animated television drama in the expanded universe of Mobile Suit Gundam, directed by Masashi Ikeda, scripted by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, with character designs by Shuko Murase, and mecha designs by Kunio Okawara and Hajime Katoki. Featuring five young pilots and a politically complex story line, the series was enormously popular in Japan during its original broadcast starting in 1995, and in broadcast to the U.S. audience via Cartoon Network in 1999. The series had its own sequel, a three episode OVA titled Endless Waltz. (Series is also known as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, Gundam W, New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing, or Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W.) Detailed episode listings and transcripts can be found in the Series and Endless Waltz & OVA sections of this site.


Gundanium Alloy A unique compound which can only be produced in the zero-gravity conditions of space. In addition to its incredible strength--several times the strength and heat-resistance of titanium, Gundanium alloy is electrically nonconductive and cannot be detected by radar. However, this material is expensive and difficult to manufacture, making it unfeasible for mass production.

Gundanium is created through the most advanced refining, fusing, and deoxidizing techniques, which are only possible in space. The complex formula was first called GND, short for Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy. Later the suffix "-nium" was added to distinguish that alloy from other similar alloys that were being developed on Earth. Gundanium was still superior to the competition because of its zero-G creative process.

While it’s called an "alloy," Gundanium contains many non-ferrous metals and non-analyzed matter, meaning it is not a true metal. It is created in high-temperature plasma that can only form in zero-gravity. The compound is adjusted in nano-units, a process so precise that it can only be done in gravitationally stable Lagrange Points. The annealing process, which strengthens the alloy, is performed by electromagnetic waves from the sun. It is even rumored that the nuclei of the atoms themselves are modified within the Gundanium alloy.

While many similar alloys were developed, no other compound is as immutable as Gundanium. The refinement process causes the alloy to become electrically neutral, making it ideal for use with Beam-type weapons, and as armor, the material is almost entirely resistant to charge. However, the extremely high cost of production makes it impractical for military use.

Some intelligence indicates that OZ scientists experimented with using Gundanium alloy in mobile suit creation. The very existence of Gundanium was kept secret, perhaps because it was a possible secret weapon for OZ. The five scientists who left the Tallgeese project took with them the knowledge of Gundanium, allowing them to create the Gundams that would later be the bane of OZ.

According to the novelization of Gundam Wing, a physical impact roughly equal to the force of a train traveling at 120 kilometers per hour while towing ten-plus transport cars would be enough to easily destroy Gundanium. This is also covered in the series where Heero attempts to destroy the Wing Gundam with several naval torpedoes detonated simultaneously, although no exact figures are quoted. (source: Gundam Wing Technical Manual and Novelization)

Appears in: All materials

Gundarium (Theta)
As shown on the computer screen during Quatre's exploration of the program used to construct Sandrock. This would make it a descendant of the material used in the Universal Century Gundam Universe. According to  GundamOfficial.com, Gundarium is a super high-tensile alloy originally known as Luna Titanium. Originally intended for use inside thermonuclear reactors, this alloy's superb strength, durability, heat resistance and radiation-absorbing properties make it an ideal material for mobile suit armor. The alloy is first used in the RX-78 Gundam, and later renamed Gundarium Alpha in honor of this famous mobile suit. After the One Year War, the material is further refined by renegade Principality of Zeon soldiers at the asteroid base Axis. The Axis researchers develop an improved lightweight version called Gundarium Gamma, which is introduced in the RMS-099 Rick Dias and widely used throughout the Gryps Conflict. However, the difficulty of processing the titanium, and the expense of the rare metals used, render Gundarium alloy unsuitable for mass-produced mobile suits.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 21

Indus Supply Base
An Alliance supply base in located in Asia that was destroyed by Gundam Shenlong in April of AC195.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 3

J.A.P. Area Space Port
The civil and and military spaceport in the J.A.P. (Japan) region. Relena first meets Heero there when he washes up on the beach after Wing Gundam crashes into the ocean after Heero's first contact with OZ pilot, Zechs Merquise.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 1

Lagrange Points
Points of relative stability within a gravitational field. More specifically, Lagrange points mark positions where the combined gravitational pull of two large masses precisely equals the centripetal force required to rotate with them. (These points are also called Trojans.) Additional information on Lagrange points can be found on the following websites: http://freemars.org/l5/aboutl5.html | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrange_point

Appears in: All materials

Lake Victoria Base & Military Academy
This is the Specials' military academy, of which both Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin are graduates. Noin became an instructor at the Lake Victoria academy upon her graduation, training cadets in the art of space combat at the facility's deep Earth zero-gravity simulation facilities. The facility is also used for the rebuilding and reconditioning of the Tallgeese mobile suit.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 4 16

Long Clan The Long family, one of the most powerful clans in Eurasia, was driven out of their home in China and forced to to leave Earth and emigrate to the aging colony 0200 (referred to as Colony A0206 in Episode Zero manga) in AC133.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 35 | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Maganac Corps
A group of forty men who fled the colonies for Earth, and now offer armed resistance to OZ. They met Quatre in AC193, and after Quatre exposed and captured a traitor in their ranks, have been loyal to him ever since. The term is commonly used to refer to the group of people who fight with Quatre. (Also translated as Magnac or Maguanac.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Mariemaia Army A private army based in the L3 colony cluster. Ostensibly dedicated to bringing Mariemaia Khushrenada  to power, it's really controlled by Dekim Barton, leader of the Barton Foundation. Many former OZ soldiers loyal to the memory of Treize Khushrenada joined the army in support of his daughter.

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA

City where there is and active Alliance presence, and current home of Sylvia Noventa. Heero and Trowa travel here during Heero's quest for to beg the members of Noventa's family for their forgiveness in the wake of killing the pacifist leaders at New Edwards.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 14

Mass Balance Control
This software in Gundam Epyon (and mentioned in Gundam Deathscythe) is related to the Active Mass Balance Auto Control (AMBAC) shown in Gundam Sandrock's operating system, a technology that allows a mobile suit to maneuver more precisely in zero-gravity.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Maxwell Church Tragedy In AC188 on Colony V08744, rebels occupy the Maxwell Church. The Alliance attacks, and two hundred forty-five people are killed during the "Maxwell Church Tragedy," leaving Duo as the only survivor.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Mecha Abbreviated collective term for mechanical device, often used to refer to the machines designed for a particular series. See Mecha Index for more information and additional glossary listings.
Mobile Doll (MD)

In the creation of the Tallgeese, the MS developers believed they had created a machine too sophisticated to be controlled by a single person. The machine, they said, was perfect it was the human pilots that were the problem. In order to make it a viable weapon, something had to change.

There were two paths that could make Mobile Suit combat a reality:
 1. The human pilot would be eliminated entirely, making the MS an unmanned vehicle.
 2. The pilots themselves would be altered to make them perform better.

The former concept evolved into the MOBILE DOLL (MD) program, short for MOBILE Direct Operational Lead Labor. Mobile Dolls required an operating system to be installed on the MS, and some sort of command software outside the MS that would feed it orders. They could be controlled directly, or left to their onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI). Operators need not be fully trained pilots as the AI handles the nuances of control.

Some people saw the creation of unmanned combat MS as a solution to the warfare that long plagued the Earth Sphere. Without the casualties that resulted from traditional combat, the most horrifying aspect of war, death, was all but removed. But the MD was fundamentally a weapon of mass destruction, and when you remove the human element from that destruction, warfare becomes all the more meaningless.

The MD project was funded by the Romefeller Foundation who used MD to take over the UESA. Through the mass-production of MD, they could maintain and expand their command of the Earth sphere without needing to train new pilots. OZ, the group who most relied on manned MS, did not like the move towards unmanned suits, and its leader, Treize, fought against their use by the Foundation. While he proved, at the time, that a human pilot was still superior to an AI, development of MD continued.

The first mass-produced MD were based on existing Leos and Tauruses. The first MS type created as an MD was the Virgo. These were the foundation on which the more advanced Mercurius and Vayeate were created, and later the Virgo II incorporated the best of all worlds, becoming the ultimate MD.

MD reached their pinnacle, becoming a totally efficient weapon of mass destruction which could be built, operated, and destroyed without any human involvement. (source: GundamOfficial.com and Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Mobile Suit (MS) A humanoid vehicle operated by a human pilot. Military mobile suits stand about 16 meters tall, and carry hand weapons like machine guns, beam rifles, and beam sabers. Most are designed for a specific environment – land, space, air or water – though the Alliance's standard Leo model is flexible enough to be adapted for both land and space use.

Mobile Suits are nearly as old as the colonies themselves. When man took his first steps into space and started building new structures in the heavens, it was clear that new tools would be needed to perform the construction. Mobile Suits evolved from the early motorized spacesuits with spacecraft manipulator arms and open cockpits. The closest to these early suit designs still in use are the mobile suits used on the resource satellites for mining and other labor-intensive work. The term MOBILE in Mobile Suit is actually an acronym for "Manipulative Order Build and Industrial Labor Extended." Whether humanoid or pod-shaped, early mobile suits were any mechanized craft or suit that had the ability to perform complex manipulations. While Mobile Suits were originally intended for use in space, It was soon discovered that their versatility was easily adapted for terrestrial use as well. The new Earth-bound MS became more humanoid in shape, as "legs" allowed the large machines to become truly "all terrain." (source: GundamOfficial.com and Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

The closest natural resource satellite to Earth. MO-II was used and exhausted of its resources before being abandoned in orbit and later put to use as a military staging platform by the Earth forces to gather thousands of armored mobile suit troops (consisting primarily of Space Leos led by Treize Khushrenada), during the final battle of Earth versus the colonial forces of White Fang. The crew of Peacemillion, including Une, Relena, Sally, Noin, Howard, and others were evacuated to MOII following the collision of Peacemillion into Libra, and observed the final stages of the war from there.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 45 46

A resource satellite used as a military platform by Dekim Barton and Marimaia's Army during the December AC196 attack on the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. According to Quatre's Episode Zero story, it was also briefly occupied by the Maganac Corps in AC193.

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Mogadishu Base
A coastal fortress held by soldiers of the former Alliance and attacked by Alex, Mueller, and Zechs. Its main form of defense is a Noventa cannon.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 13

Nataku The Japanese name for Nezha, a Chinese Taoist deity. Nataku/Nezha was a trickster god, whose unusual circumstances of birth lead to his maintaining a child-like temperament even when grown. He is usually depicted with a wheel of fire underneath each foot, allowing him to fly, and occasionally has multiple limbs. Nataku/Nezha plays a role in the classic novel Sayuki (Journey to the West), in which he battles Sun Wukong/Son Goku after the latter rebels against the ruler of Heaven.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Neo Titanium Twice as strong and half the weight of regular titanium, this material is used to fabricate mobile suits.

New Edwards Base A major Alliance base in California and host to a meeting of all the top military leaders on May 19, AC195. It was here, on that date, where Treize duped the Gundam pilots into killing the pacifist leaders.

Appears in:
Gundam Wing Series: 7

Newtype A Newtype is a term used in the other Gundam universes to refer to a human that has some form of empathic ability or other special powers generally considered super-human in nature. While there are officially no Newtypes in Gundam Wing, many characters display some Newtype characteristics: Quatre has his empathic Space Heart; Heero glows yellow and has visions; Une sparkles and glows (sometimes referred to as her "saint" period). Wufei is listed as a Newtype in the biographical information on his character pencil board, and Zechs is referred to as a Newtype in both the Japanese and English translation of the series manga.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Odds and Evens Alternate name for the two-volume Operation Meteor OVA release. See main listing below.
Operation Daybreak
The code name for OZ's coup against the Earth Alliance, which involved simultaneous surprise attacks by officers loyal to OZ who were strategically stationed on Alliance bases around the world, giving OZ control of most of Earth's armed forces.. The operation commenced on May 19, AC195, with the Gundam attack at the New Edwards base.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Operation Meteor
The space colonists' plan for revenge against the Alliance and the secret society which controls it (OZ). The operation is launched on April 7, AC195 – twenty years to the day after assassins killed colony leader Heero Yuy. As part of Operation Meteor, five advanced Gundam mobile suits are sent to Earth, disguised as shooting stars, to wage guerilla war against the Alliance military. Operation Meteor also refers to the original plan proposed by Dekim Barton and Quinze to drop a colony to earth, and then send the Gundams to Earth to seize control during the resulting state of chaos. Instead, the Gundam engineers and pilots acted as their own agents on Earth. (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Operation Meteor OVA
OVA releases that included spliced together video footage from the series as well as a few newly animated scenes that take place shortly after the events in the television series. These releases were character-centric and also known as "Odds," concentrating on Heero, Trowa, and Wufei, and "Evens," concentrating on Duo and Quatre. Released in Japan in 1996. (See Endless Waltz & OVAs Index Page for summary and more details.)

Operation Nova The Romefeller Foundation's campaign to eliminate the pro-Treize OZ faction and conquer Earth. The operation begins in September, AC195, with mass numbers of Virgo mobile dolls dropping to the Earth, and ends after the successful defeat of the Treize Faction in Luxembourg.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 26

Orbital Village Pre-cluster expansion of the colonies at Lagrange points L1 and L2.

Formed in AC175, OZ was created as the elite military guard of the Romefeller, Foundation. They were instrumental in testing the first combat MS, the Tallgeese, and when the mass-produced Leos were first introduced, OZ pilots were at the controls. The name OZ is short for Organization of the Zodiac, which is why the Mobile Suits built by the Romefeller Foundation are named after constellations (see Zodiac Series entry as well). When the UESA released its MS troops to take control of the Earth and colonies, they were OZ designed MS and OZ trained pilots were at the helm.

In AC193, Treize Khushrenada was installed as OZ commander. His uncle, Duke Dermail, thought Treize would faith­fully carry out Romefeller's s will, but Treize had other plans.

Up until AC195, OZ remained shrouded in secrecy, but all that changed with Operation Daybreak. Treize used the Gundam attacks as an excuse to bring OZ out of the shadows. Now that the Gundams looked like enemies of peace, having killed Field Marshall Noventa in a misunderstanding, OZ looked like heroes. The Gundams' main target shifted from the UESA to OZ, and OZ training sites and factories became regular targets.

Lady Une was entrusted with stopping the Gundams. To do this she took hostage several colonies, threatening to blow them up unless the Gundam pilots would surrender their crafts. Treize did not approve of such dishonorable tactics, but the Gundams had become such a threat to his plans that he conceded. The plan was a partial success, and with the Gundams out of the way, Treize fought the Alliance occupation forces on the colonies in the name of independence. Lady Une traveled between the colonies, changing her image from military officer to agent of peace, and soon the colonies saw OZ as their savior.

When White Fang emerged to fight for total independence of the colonies, they at first allied with OZ, but later betrayed OZ and took over the space fortress Barge. Treize returned to Earth to claim control of OZ, removing Relena from her throne and declaring himself sovereign of the Earth nations.

Treize predicted the upcoming battle with White Fang to be the last great war, and so he assembled all remaining OZ troops at the resource satellite MO-II in preparation for battle. He gave White Fang leader Zechs Merquise one last chance to stop the bloodshed by challenging him to a duel, but Zechs refused Treize's terms. The OZ and White Fang forces clashed around the space battleship Libra in what was the largest space battle ever waged. Treize met his end in a duel with Chang Wufei, and when he died, OZ died. (source: GundamOfficial.com and Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Episode Zero Manga

The ruling Royal family of the Sanc Kingdom, destroyed and eliminated by Diagonell under orders of the Alliance, only Relena and Millardo remain. (See also Glossary of Characters listings for Katrina Peacecraft, King Peacecraft, Millardo Peacecraft, Relena Peacecraft, and Zechs Merquise.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Episode Zero Manga

Peace Nations Assembly The group of nation representatives Relena met with at at the beginning of her reign as Queen of the World.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 29

The Earth Sphere Unified Nation's elite intelligence agency. Headed by Lady Une, Preventer investigates potential disruptions of the peace and attempts to deal with them before they become full-scale crises. Many former resistance fighters are employed as Preventer agents, notably Sally Po, codename "Water"; Lucrezia Noin, codename "Fire"; and Zechs Merquise, codename "Wind." (Also referred to as Preventers.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Romefeller Foundation
An enormously wealthy industrial combine formed and controlled by European aristocrats and royalty, which develops and produces the Alliance's mobile suits. The Romefeller Foundation is also a major financial backer of the Alliance, and through the secret society OZ – disguised as the elite "Specials" force it secretly manipulates the Alliance for its own purposes. (Also Longfeller.) (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Romefeller Foundation Headquarters
Where Treize was exiled and placed under house arrest after he requested a reduction in his powers of authority after the Romefeller Foundation began mass production of mobile dolls.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 28

Romefeller Military Complex and Proving Grounds Where Treize has his office and where Lady Une holds her briefing of the OZ troops following Operation Daybreak.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 10

Romefeller Parliament Building
Where Relena addresses the World Nation, and where Heero goes to assassinate her.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 40

Lunar Base
This manufacturing facility was originally built by the Romefeller foundation into a crater on the Moon to take advantage of the reduced gravity manufacturing properties on the lunar surface. There is also a recreational portion of the facility that is used for tourism from Earth and the colonies. Heero, Duo, and Wufei were incarcerated on this base. This is also the facility were the captured Gundam scientists designed and built the Mercurius and Vayate mobile suits for OZ, and where Gundam Deathscythe Hell and Gundam Altron were secretly modified and upgraded. (The plant was eventually turned into an assembly line for the manufacture of mobile dolls.) Une was shot here by Tubarov.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 20 | Episode Zero Manga

Maganac Headquarters
Headquarters of the Maganac Corps which includes a multiple building pavilion with a domed music room in the center of gardened walls (see thumbnails), Quatre's office, and an underground mobile suit base with repair facilities.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 4 5 6

Maganac Village Village in the Middle East that belongs to the homeland of the Maganac Corps and serves as cover for their secret underground base. Commander Sadaul is in charge of the ground forces there.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 11

Sanc Kingdom
A small country in Northern Europe with natural borders of mountains and water with a forest to the south. Its sovereign, King Peacecraft, was an admirer of colony leader Heero Yuy and subscribed to Yuy's philosophy of total pacifism. In AC182, the Sanc Kingdom was invaded by Alliance forces, and King Peacecraft was killed, leaving the fates of his two children in question. Relena was restored to the throne in AC195, but the kingdom was again decimated by OZ later that year. At the time of the series, the capital is New Port City. (Also translated as Sank, Cinq, Sinc, or Cinque.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 9 27 29 30 31 33 35 36 | Episode Zero Manga

Sanc Kingdom Palace
Seat of the Sanc royal family, the palace was heavily damaged in the Alliance attack of AC182.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 9

Sanc Kingdom Institute
Relena's school, established in AC195, to educate others in the tenets of pacifism.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 29 30 31 33

Collectively, Doctor J, Professor G, Doktor S, Instructor H, and Master O: The designers and creators of the Prototype Leo (a.k.a. the Tallgeese), the Gundams, and Mercurius/Vayeate.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Singapore Space Port Base
Point of departure for Duo and Wufei and Quatre to leave Earth for the colonies. Quatre self-destructed Gundam Sandrock in order to provide cover to their escape into space.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 17

Space Colony Orbital Community Clusters A group of colonies in relatively stable orbit at one of the five Lagrange Points. (Also called "colony clusters.")
Space Heart
Term used to describe Quatre's empathic ability. Also translated in some sources as Quatre's "Soul of the Universe" or "uchuu no kokoro." See additional listing information under Newtype for related information.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 9

Special Mobile Suit Corps ("Specials") An elite branch of the Alliance military, made up of Romefeller Foundation employees. The Specials were established in AC176 as the Alliance's first mobile suit force. Though other military branches have adopted mobile suits over the last twenty years, the Specials still have the most advanced equipment, training, and tactics. (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

St. Gabriel Institute
The school Relena attends in Japan, and where Heero also enrolls from approximately April to May of AC195 in order to track her down at the beginning of the series.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 1 5

Sweeper Group (Sweepers) An organization of scavengers and salvage merchants, with branches both in space and on Earth. The Sweeper Group makes a comfortable living collecting the debris that drifts in Earth orbit and the scrap produced by Earth's recurring wars. Its members include Gundam pilot Duo Maxwell, as well as the seagoing scavenger Howard. (source: GundamOfficial.com)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Episode Zero Manga

Teddy Bear
A recurring theme in the series, and important enough to be worthy of an explanatory note in Heero's section of the Episode Zero manga. The teddy bear in the opening sequence was allegedly the toy of the little girl accidentally killed during Heero's training accident, and is supposedly a symbol of peace. Heero gives Relena a teddy bear for her birthday at the close of the television series, one burns to a cinder during the invasion of the Sanc Kingdom, and the theme is revisited again in Endless Waltz and in the Blind Target manga.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 36 49 | Endless Waltz OVA | Blind Target Manga

Treize Faction
The portion of the OZ forces that remained loyal to Treize Khushrenada after he stepped down from his leadership position.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

United Earth Sphere Alliance (UESA)

The United Earth Sphere Alliance (UESA) was formed in AC133 as a governing body for the Earth and the colonies. It was originally conceived as a collective security organization, lead by elected representatives. Not all nations agreed with Alliance policy and the conflict lived on. 

In order to empower Alliance authority, the UESA army was formed. Any nation who defied Alliance policy was met with swift force from the new militia. Peace came to the Earth Sphere, but only under the watchful eye of the Alliance. Not wanting to live under UESA jurisdiction, the colonies formed the Colony Autonomy Organization in order to gain independence. Before the movement could gain much speed, the Alliance forces occupied the colonies and coerced the leaders into giving up their autonomy. Some independence activists fought against the occupation, but this only gave the Alliance an excuse to leave their troops in the colonies indefinitely. 

Hope came again in the form of pacifism advocate Heero Yuy. His message of disarmament and democratic rule resonated with colonists and Terrans alike. Sensing the threat that this charismatic leader posed, the Romefeller Foundation had him assassinated (although there is no evidence directly linking them). In the chaos that followed Yuy's death, the Alliance moved in with their new Mobile Suits and turned the colonies into a police state. All travel between colonies was cut off and supplies were severely rationed. On Earth, Alliance forces crushed any nation that continued promoting Heero Yuy's message, including the Sanc Kingdom. 

While the UESA forces were the ones attacking the dissidents, the Romefeller Foundation was orchestrating their actions. The Foundation, made up of wealthy aristocrats and royalty, had secretly manipulated world affairs for centuries. They embraced the birth of the UESA as they managed to get Romefeller members into the upper echelons of Alliance leadership, thereby becoming the de facto rulers of the Earth Sphere. The Foundation encouraged fighting between nations, as they owned the munitions factories and supply routes that were necessary in war. 

When Field Marshal Noventa became leader of the Alliance and encouraged disarmament in the colonies, the Romefeller Foundation's interests were jeopardized. The Foundation sent their elite OZ troops to eliminate Noventa and his supporters, which they did by deceiving the Gundam pilots into attacking Noventa's plane. After that, the Romefeller Foundation emerged from behind the curtain to become the visible rulers of the Alliance. 

Romefeller leader Duke Dermail set plans in motion to develop AI con­trolled Mobile Dolls that would replace human pilots on the battlefield and ensure his dominance with a mass-produced legion of fighting machines. OZ leader Treize Khushrenada was outraged with this dis­honorable new policy and split from the Foundation. Knowing Treize's charisma could earn him many followers and threaten the Foundation, Dermail set up a charismatic puppet leader of his own: Relena Peacecraft. Relena's message of peace won over people's hearts, but the true agenda of the Alliance remained the same.  (source: GundamOfficial.com and Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

United Earth Sphere Allied Forces Created in order to keep the peace, and deal with nations that oppose the new world government, the Alliance Forces bring uncooperative nations under control with overwhelming military power, and take an active role in stamping out conflict. One of the Alliance's key supporters is the military-industrial combine called the Romefeller Foundation.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Episode Zero Manga

Unified Nations Government-General Compound Located in Luxembourg, the Earth Sphere Unified Nation's headquarters is fortified with the ability to completely lower itself underground into a self-contained, missile-shielded bunker. Dekin Barton and Marimaia's Army seizes control of the structure after taking Relana Darlian hostage in AC196. The building's defense structures are destroyed by Wing Zero. (Also referred to in the script as the "Capital Building of the Unified Nations.")

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA

White Fang

White Fang sentiments go back as far as AC140 when the colonies first submitted to Alliance control. One might consider them a militant offshoot of the Colony Autonomy Organization. As early as AC145, violent terrorist acts were being committed in the name of independence. The violence slowed down when pacifist leader Heero Yuy rose to prominence. After his assassination, however, the new Alliance occupation created more hatred than ever, but the stepped-up security forced the rebels to go underground. 

A former follower of Heero Yuy, Quinze became a pivotal leader in the colonial independence movement. Originally he advocated pacifism, but perhaps the death of Heero Yuy twisted his spirit. He orchestrated Operation Meteor, which was originally going to involve dropping an actual asteroid on Earth, wiping out humanity there altogether. The five scientists changed the plan, the five Gundams on Earth in order to dismantle the UESA and bring peace to the Earth Sphere through less extreme measures. While Operation Meteor could be considered a success, to Quinze and White Fang, it didn't do enough.

 In the chaos following the conflict between OZ and the UESA, Quinze saw a golden opportunity to get the revenge he had long desired. White Fang needed a leader as charismatic as Romefeller's Treize, so Quinze offered the position to Milliaro Peacecraft, a.k.a. OZ pilot Zechs Merquise. Together, they took over the former OZ MD plant on the lunar surface and built a huge army. They also seized the space battleship Libra and made it their flagship. Its forces assembled, White Fang declared war on the UESA, OZ and the Gundams. 

In a last ditch attempt at revenge, Quinze set the Libra on a collision course with Earth, knowing that the resulting crash would destroy all life on the planet. Peacemillion collided with the Libra, saving Earth and eliminating White Fang. In the end, the White Fang party may have been wiped out, but they still achieved their goal of peace in the colonies thanks to the modified Operation Meteor.  (source: GundamOfficial.com and Gundam Wing Technical Manual)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series | Battlefield of Pacifists Manga

Winner Corporation
The Winner Corporation is the business entity responsible for the operation and mining of the resource satellite attached to the colony. After the end of the wars, Quatre takes an active role in the Winner Corporation, with one of his primary projects being the completion of colony X18999.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Winner Resource Colony
Operates as a neutral zone outside of the control of OZ or the Alliance. The Resource Satellite is attached to the colony while it is mined of its resources. (See diagram below.)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 21

World Federation The oppressive Earth-based organization the Gundam pilots are sent to Earth to disrupt.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

World Nation The predecessor to the Earth Sphere Unified Alliance that existed for a brief period of time after the Romefeller Foundation took control of the Earth and eliminated all of that preexisting national borders. Relena Peacecraft was maneuvered into accepting the figurehead position of Queen.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Zero System
The Zero System was developed to be an interactive interface between a human pilot and a Mobile Suit. The system computes the results of possible courses of action, and the pilot considers these and mentally feeds directions back to the system. What this means is that the pilot knows the result of his actions before he performs them.

The system is programmed to think tactically, so that the options that it feeds the pilot might include civilian death or unnecessary destruction. It is up to the pilot to guide the system and lend it a conscience, so the relationship becomes a balance of emotion and logic.

Another advantage of Zero System is its ability to offer physical stimulus back to the pilot, allowing him to feel the strain that the MS is undergoing. This causes great physical and emotional stress on the pilot, but allows the MS to become an extension of the pilot's thoughts and movements.

Due to the extreme mental strain on its users, Zero System could never be used on a wide scale. It can literally tear a users mind apart if they are not strong willed.

Only the cockpits of Gundams Wing Zero and Epyon were fitted with a built in version of the the Zero System, but a modified version of Epyon's Zero System was adapted by Zechs for use as the centralized system of Libra’s MD fleet, and Gundam Sandrock Custom was fitted with a form of Wing Zero's software during episode 44.

A number of references list ZERO as an acronym for "Zoning and Emotional Range Omitted (System)." (source: GundamOfficial.com, Gundam Wing Technical Manual, Series)

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

Zero-X  Point of the L2-L3 Area Area in space where Trowa disappeared in the aftermath of the mobile suit battle between Mercurius, Vayate, and Wing Gundam. (Also listed in some reference sources as the "L2 Area 0 X Point")

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 35

Zodiac Series Romefeller Foundation's production line of military mobile suits that are based on astrological signs: Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, and Tragos (a substitute for Capricorn). Other Zodiac MS were added in the manga and side stories.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series

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