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Please note that many of the listings contain spoilers for the
Gundam Wing series, Endless Waltz, and other support materials.

Gundam Wing: Glossaries
There are four subsets of this reference page: one for characters included in the television series and Endless Waltz, one for terminology and events, a third page for expansions on other glossary listings and for entries that don't fit the other category breakdowns, and a master cross-reference list of all of the characters included on the main page and the manga pages. The breakdown is a basic one in order to try and reduce the page loading time. Please note that all of these pages are very image intensive, and because we wanted to preserve the
Edit>Find function for these pages, all entries will load as a single, very large HTML page. Each thumbnail image listed under the general information for the listing links to a larger image (e.g., the four images for Doctor J shown below).

For information, pictures, and specifications of Mobile Suits and mechanical devices (such as planes and cars) used in the series, Endless Waltz, and the manga, please visit the Mecha Page.

Glossary of Characters

Doctor J
A prior member of the Alliance’s mobile suit development team, all of whom disbanded and fled the project after completing the Tallgeese and designing Wing Gundam Zero, and eventually set up development on separate colony clusters and Earth. Doctor J. (Colony Cluster L1) designed and developed the Wing Gundam and trained Heero Yuy to be its pilot. He also gave Heero his name. Dr.J wears tight-fitting eye lenses, has a prosthetic left hand, wears leg braces, and walks with the aid of a cane. GundamOfficial lists him as a cyborg.

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 5 10 17 18 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 47 48 49 | Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga | Gundam Evolve 7

Glossary of Locations, Events, and Terminology

Barclay Base
A military base located in Antarctica where Zechs arranges a private mobile suit duel between Heero and himself. Coordinates lie "five minutes from the Filchner Ice Shelf of the Weddell Sea."

Appears in: Gundam Wing Series: 15 16

Glossary of Miscellany

Glossary of Miscellany (and Responses to Email Questions)
This is a catch-all page for responses to email questions and expansions on other glossary listings. Most of the information for this glossary page was taken directly from official sources and observation of the series, but some comes from other resources as well. Since some of our email comes from gamers and writers with specific questions about canon-based references, We've included some unusual listings on this page.

Heero's Laptop
While Heero does use computers a great deal in both the series, and is seen in front of a monitor on a number of occasions, laptop use is not common in the series material. Most of the computers used in the series are desktop units. Heero uses these at the schools he attends while undercover on Earth. The "laptop" is actually a link unit hardwired to the mobile suit. Heero uses this in a few episodes while he is checking data on his Gundam. In Endless Waltz, computer use is frequent, and Heero and Wufei (movie version) are both shown using laptop-like units.

Master Character List

Alphabetical Listing of All Characters In All Materials
This is the complete list of all characters that we have reference listings for in this website, in all the series material, OVAs, manga, novelizations, and support material. Please note that this page will be very slow to load.

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