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Gundam Wing: Last Impression
(Endless Waltz)

As long as we can look each other in the eye and understand
People will go on freely and without hesitation
When we’ve overcome our mistakes, we can be truly kind
You and I have discovered
A great strength that we know as love

I believe your love, shivering
With a kiss I make a silent wish
Promise me this,
Please never forget
You exist in me, and I in you

I believe your dreams, my growing feelings for you
I change this longing to prayers for you
If only you could hear this heartbeat of mine.
Beating so strong and hard
So far away

Nothing is gained, and no one stays
Let me offer to the baby’s small hand
This genuine throbbing of my heart

We all want to be held in the priceless warmth forever
Like the warmth of the sunlight
as it shines through the forest
I believe your love, the will to never give up

(song fades)

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