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Episode 49:
The Final Victor

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Certain conditions must be met for total peace.

First, all weapons must be eliminated.

And second the desire to fight must be erased from people's minds!

Libra will fall to Earth!

It's the only way we'll achieve total pacifism!

The people who've lost Earth will despise you and the colonies will rely on you.

The same mistakes will be repeated endlessly as long as you live!

Zechs considers this place his grave.

And it's not because he wishes to die a brave man in a battle.

He intends to single-handedly pay for the sin of purging humanity.

I'm sure Heero's figured that out by now.

He should have, anyway.

The Final Victor

How's the troop evacuation coming?

80 percent of our soldiers have returned safely.

But there's substantial damage to our mobile suit force.

It appears that 67 percent have been destroyed.

Then demolish our remaining mobile suits as soon as they're retrieved.

It's important that we destroy all weapons on the Earth.

Those are His Excellency's orders.

I understand now.

So Treize Khushrenada's objective was total pacifism as well.

Who are you?!

I welcome you, Your Majesty.

Queen Relena?

I wish you wouldn't refer to me that way.

All right, we made it!

Thanks for your help, Duo!

Now it's up to you!

I'll do my thing with the guys outside.

Hey, don't get too rowdy around here.

We need to concentrate!

Tell that to the enemy!

I'm like a body that has lost its soul.

But this is your chance to take revenge for your father's death.

Let's put an end to all of this.

The revenge and the battles.


Now, what can we do about Libra and Peacemillion?

We've already calculated the impact location and issued an evacuation warning.

Evacuation warning?!

You're not serious!

If those battleships crash the entire world will be affected!

If the battleship power sources enter the Earth's atmosphere and explode on ground the initial explosion might be a radius of a few hundred kilometers.

But the enormous amount of dust spreading across the skies would block solar rays resulting in a dramatic drop in world temperatures.

That's terrible!

People won't be able to live on Earth any longer.

The only way to avoid this is to either change their course or blow them up in space.

Both are next to impossible.

No, there's still hope.

There's a Gundam near Peacemillion's power supply.

Is it Heero?

No, I think it's O2.


Then the engineers are with him.

In that case we've got hope.

Where are the other Gundams?

Too many mobile dolls moving about to know for sure.

I've fought all this time.

And with each battle, I've been killing my own heart.

My heart's been completely void of feelings for a long time.

Maybe my life doesn't have value any more.

But I have to keep on living.


I have a home to return to.

Unlike you, I don't have any place left to go back to.

Can you stand up, Quatre?


You've got to do me a favor.

Look after her and forget about me.

Don't worry, Quatre.

She's strong enough to take care of herself.

Yeah, I guess.

You'd better hurry.

Don't get yourself killed.

They've stopped moving!


I've completed my mission.

I'll come join you.

Roger that!

Where's Quatre?!

I'm right here!


When we're done here let's break out the expensive champagne!

That sounds great.

As long as it's non-alcoholic.

Lieutenant Noin. Lieutenant Noin.

This is Mo-2.

Come in.

Lieutenant Noin.

Why are you trying to reach her?

You'll know soon enough.

The real question is whether times have changed more than I expected.

Colonel, we've got her!

I'm glad to see you're well, Colonel.


Are you monitoring the battle between Zechs and Heero?


Relay those images to us.

I'm not with OZ any longer.

I won't take your orders.

This isn't an order.

It's a favor.

As a fellow believer of peace.

Very well.


Send this image at once to Earth and Space.

Yes, ma'am!

What's that?

Two Gundams are fighting each other!

I thought the war was over!

The battle you're witnessing has no significance to Earth or the colonies.

But it's necessary all the same.

Because in reality it's a fight to save the colonies!

This year, in After Colony 195 the history of battle is finally about to end.

Unless these two fight, peace will never be achieved!

Can you feel the misery of this combat?

And can you see the peace that awaits us?

This battle is making us look for a solution to secure peace!

Representative Une...!

She's alive...!

The regular booster alone won't be enough to change its course.

We've got to take out the pressure limit controller in the power cylinder.

We're stopping this disturbance by causing another.

Seems to be our speciality.

Freeze! Don't move a muscle!

Quinze! Long time no see.

I told you not to move!

Go ahead and kill us.

Our work here's done.

You people have caused me nothing but headaches.

How many times must you interfere with operation Meteor?!

The Gundams were more than enough to take revenge for Heero Yuy.

That last time, and this time too.

If it weren't for you changing orders to the Gundam pilots mankind would've come to its senses a lot sooner.


But we rate Earth and mankind a lot higher than you.


We're going to interfere just once more!

You're the same as Treize claiming to fight for justice to protect the weak!

But in fact, you're not helping the weak at all!

It's the strong that create the weak!

It was the strong Earth that created the weak colonies and almost drove them to destruction!

Now, victory will be mine.

I can't stand the weak.

They're always nervous about being attacked next.

They can't trust anybody and never have their own opinion.

I can't tolerate such people!

Strong people make them that way!

Oh no!

Zechs, nobody is strong.

All of humanity is weak!

And that includes you and me!

Peacemillion and Libra are moving away from Earth!


A section of Libra is falling toward Earth!


The colony delegation's making an official statement.

In accordance with the World Nation's declaration of surrender the colony delegation has an announcement from all colonies.

We wish to renounce the White Fang's demands and announce our desire to coexist with the World Nation.

We further declare our rejection of any combat regardless of the reason and hope that the World Nation will follow suit.

We would also like to apologize for the suffering endured by many people during this war as a result of our unclear stance.

Damn, we're not fast enough!

We'll have to ruin as much of it as possible to reduce damages to Earth.

Wu Fei.

You're finished, Zechs.

Not yet!

I still don't see myself as one of the weak!

That's a problem!

Does it have a power system?

Yes, naturally.

That block alone would cause a never-ending winter on Earth.

Gundams O2, O3, O4, and O5 have caught up with Block A!

Isn't that where my brother and Heero are?!

They're not going to quit until it's all over.

No stop, you two!


The colonies have started heading toward total pacifism all on their own.

Your actions are meaningless!

My destiny is smeared with blood.

I won't be talked out of this transgression!

I'll settle this, Heero!

I know you can see the future!

Why don't you kill me?

Relena would be sad.



Glad you're okay.

The block is still descending toward the Earth.


I'll destroy this ship's power system.

We'll smash it to smithereens before it falls on Earth!

Never give up till the end.

That's what this suit taught me.

Chance of success is almost nil.

But this is better than taking no action.

Are you okay, Master Quatre?!

Why are you all here?

It's too dangerous!

What are you saying?

Let us help you out!

We've come this far and we're going all the way!

Let us join you, Master Quatre!

Thanks you guys.

Here it is.

My only choice is the self-destruct device.

2OO seconds before Libra's Block A enters the atmosphere!

We're out of time!

Farewell, Relena.

There's one more thing required to attain total peace.

A strong heart that can empathize with people!

Like yours.

You're too pure and kind.

But I guess that's what gives you the right to live.

I'm going to live right to the bitter end!


I'll live the hard life of a warrior!


Till we meet again, Heero!

Detonation of power system confirmed!

One part of the block is still falling!

It's not disintegrating!

It'll hit Earth for sure.

Tell the Gundams to retreat!


Zero, please guide me through this.

You forgot this,- take it!

Mission accepted.

Master Quatre, we've done all we could!

We must escape!

You guys go first!

I'll fight a bit longer.

But we've done enough already!

Dying now would be meaningless!

I've given Heero his buster rifle.

Master Quatre, did you hear that?!

Sure did.

We'd better get out of here so we don't get in Heero's way!


Roger that; retreating now.

It's entered the atmosphere!

Something's flying ahead of it!

Look, it's Wing Zero!


He's not gonna make it!

No, I think he'll be okay!

But he's gotta get through the atmosphere's high temperatures!

From what I've seen the Gundams have overcome all difficulties!

That's true.

We can believe in him!

Because Heero can give everyone hope!

I will...

I will...

I will survive!

We did it!

The remains have burnt up!


He made it!

You've done it, Heero!


He's quite the guy.

Now I get it.

Heero himself is the heart of outer space.

Mission complete.

The year is After Colony 195.

On this day the formation of the new Earth Sphere United Nation is passed at a conference between Earth and the colonies.

You're here again.

That's right.

But this is the last time.

I'm tired of living in the past.

I see.

Why do you never pay your respects to Milliardo's grave, Miss Noin?

I don't need to.

I know he's still alive out there.

Vice Foreign Minister Darlian!

Are you off to the Earth again?


It's important to get the Earth Sphere delegates to review this Terra Formation Project ASAP.

That's too bad.

We were planning your birthday party here at our colony today.

I'm terribly sorry.

Excuse me.

That's okay.


Next time hand it to me in person!

The end

Episode 49

How goes the withdrawal of our troops?

80% have returned safely.

But the Mobile Suits are almost useless.

Out of those, 69% percent are probably completely unusable.


Destroy our remaining Suits with the ones we retrieve.

We must not leave a single weapon in the entire Earth sphere.

This is what his Excellency Treize would want.


I see...

Treize Khushrenada was attempting to establish world peace as well...

Who are you?



Queen Relena...

Can't be.


Don't call me that.

There... we're here.

Thanks Duo...

I'm leaving it up to you...

I'm taking on the guys out here.

Hey, don't make too much of a ruckus...

It'll just cause us problems.

Tell that to the enemy... the enemy...

As you can see, I'm merely a shadow of my true self.

Please... feel free to take our revenge for your father...

Let's end this... the revenge and the fighting...


Now... back to the problem of the Libra and Peacemillion.

In the hopes of confining the damage, an evacuation advisory's been issued at the impact point.

Evacuation advisory?

Don't be an idiot!

The damage cause by those two isn't limited to the surface!

If the power generators of both ship explode on impact, the actual destruction may only be a few hundred kilometers... but the debris that's kicked up will shroud the entire Earth and drop the temperature.


The Earth will become uninhabitable!

To prevent this, it'll have to be diverted or blown up during re-entry.

Either way will be difficult.


There's still hope.

A Gundam has been located in the vicinity of the Peacemillion's propulsion area.


No... it's probably Gundam 02.


The others are with him?

Then there certainly is still a chance.

What about the other Gundams?

With all the Mobile Dolls moving about, I can't confirm anything.

As I fought, I slowly killed my heart.

That's why my heart has been empty for a long time.

Perhaps as a human I have no worth, but I must stay alive.


Because I have a place to go back to.

I ... no longer have anywhere to go...

Can you stand, Quatre?

T-Trowa... please... rather than me... take her...

Don't worry.

She's not so weak as to lose herself.

You're right...

You should hurry.

Don't die...

They've stopped moving.


Mission accomplished.

Rejoining you now.


What about Quatre?

I'm all right...


If this job goes well, let's have some first-class champagne.

That sounds good...

But make it non-alcoholic.

Lt. Commander Noin!

Lt. Commander Noin!

This is MO-II.

Please respond!

Lt. Commander Noin!

Lt. Commander Noin!

Why are you trying to contact her?

You'll see soon enough.

The question is if I've timed things correctly.


Communications established!

It's been a while, Captain...

Noin, do you have Heero and Zechs's battle on your monitor?


Route that transmission to us.

I'm no longer a member of OZ.

I can't be ordered.

It's not an order... this is a request...

From someone who also desires peace.



Transmit this to the entire Earth sphere.



What's that?

Gundams are fighting each other!

Isn't the war over?!

This battle holds no meaning to those on the colonies and the Earth.

But this is a battle that must be fought.

Because this is a battle by both to protect the colonies.

After Colony 195...

The curtain attempts to close on the history of wars.

But these two must fight or the peace will not come.

Can you feel it...

The sorrow of this fight?

This is the question of peace that must be addressed by everyone!

Representative Lady Une...

She's alive...

Can't alter it using the usual methods.

Then we'll have to remove the boiler limiter on the propulsion cylinder.

To stop an uncontrolled reaction, you create one?

That's one of my frequently used tactics.

Nobody move please...


Long time no see...

I told you not to move.

Kill us, that's fine with us.

Our work is complete.

You guys have caused me a lot of trouble...

How many times must you interfere with our Operation Meteor before you're satisfied?

The Gundams were enough to avenge Heero Yuy...

Back then and this time...

If you hadn't altered the mission directives for the pilots, humanity would have realized it sooner!

True... but we think more highly of the Earth and humanity!

Shut up!

Looks like you'll have to let us interfere once more.

You and Treize are the same... to protect the weak you destroy justice.

But in the end you can't save them that way!

It's the Powerful ones that create the underdogs!

Because the Earth was Powerful, it made the colonies their underdogs and cornered them!


The game is mine.

I've always hated weaklings.

Always wondering when the next attack would come.

Never able to trust anyone ... never saying what they had to say ...

I could never forgive them...

It's because those with the power do that to them!

Oh no!


There's no such thing anywhere... all humankind is the underdog.

You and I are the underdogs!

The Peacemillion and Libra are heading away from the Earth.


A portion of the Libra is still falling!


A declaration has come in from the colony representatives.

We the colony representatives have come to a consensus regarding the surrender of the Earth...

We of the colonies desire that the White Fang change their demands.

We, for many reasons, strongly desire to co-exist with the nations of the Earth.

We declare a cessation of hostilies and hope that the nations of the Earth can follow suit.

Because our indecisive behavior we have greatly inconvenienced many people with this war... and for this we apologize deeply.


Not yet?!

We have to destroy some of that... to lessen the destruction on Earth...


It's over Zechs.

No, not yet.

I don't accept that I'm the underdog!

This is not good...

The propulsion system?

Naturally, it's still attached Even with just that block, the world will descend into an endless winter!

Gundams 02... 03... 04... 05... have entered Libra's A block.

Isn't that where Heero and my brother are?

Do those two plan to hold their cards until the very end?


Both of you!


The colonies have of their own free will opened the path towards peace.

Your actions have no more meaning!

I was destined to live a life stained with blood.

It's too late to escape from those sins.

We finish this now!


You should be seeing your future!

Why didn't you kill me?

Relena would be sad.



Thank god...

This block is still descending on the Earth.


I'll destroy the propulsion system.

Before this piece hits the Earth, we'll turn it into so many pieces!

Never lose hope until the end....

That's what I learned in piloting this Suit.

Our chances of success are next to nothing... but it's better than doing nothing.

Are you all right, master Quatre?!


You shouldn't be here.

No need to be so formal!

We'll help too!

We made it this far!

We're going to do this anyways.

Let us do it, Master Quatre!

I'm sorry to have to trouble you.


Is this it?

My remaining means is... the self destruct mechanism.

200 seconds until the Libra begins re-entry!

It's at its limit!



There was one more thing necessary for complete peace.

A heart that is thoughtful and understands others... one like yours.

You're too noble... too kind... but otherwise one wouldn't be qualified to live.

Then let's see how long I can stay alive!


More strictly as a soldier than anyone else!


May we meet again, Heero!

Explosion of the propulsion system confirmed...

But... one portion is still falling!

It won't burn up!

There's no way to prevent the disaster!

Tell the Gundams to get out of there!


Zero... show me the way.


You forgot this.

Mission acknowledged.

Master Quatre!

We're at our limit... let's leave now!

Everyone go on ahead I can still fight.

Haven't we done enough already?!

If you die like this, it'll have been for no reason!

I've delivered the buster rifle to Heero.

Did you hear that, Master Quatre?


We'll just be in his way.

Everyone leave.

All right!


Leaving the area.

The Libra has entered the atmosphere...

There's a unit moving ahead of it!

It's... the Wing Zero!


He's trying the impossible!

No, he can do it!

But he's in re-entry!

No... the Gundam I know has always triumphed over everything.

That's right..

I believe in him...

Because Heero gives everyone hope.


I... I... won't die!

He did it!

It's burning up!


He's here!

You really did it, Heero!


Of course he did.

He's certainly something...

I understand now... the space heart is him...

Mission accomplished.

After Colony 195...

On this day, the Earth and the colonies established communications.

You're here again?

Yes... but never again.

I'm tired of looking back all the time.

I see...


Why is it that you don't do anything for Milliard's grave?

Because there's no need.

He's still out there somewhere... without a doubt.

Vice Foreign Minister Dorian?

Going back to Earth?


I want to show this Mars terraforming project to the Earth representative as soon as possible.

But... we've already prepared a party for you...

I'm so sorry...

Excuse me.

It's all right.


Next time, give it to me in person.

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