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Episode 48:
Takeoff Into Confusion

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
This is no time to be fighting!

It's too dangerous to stay on this battleship!

Quatre Raberba Winner.

I knew it was you.

You're by far the most misguided one of all the Gundam pilots!

Takeoff Into Confusion

Move it!

That's him!

Poor aim!

I'm over here!


There was a time when battles could be lost and won with the push of a button.

These mobile dolls are the root of that detestable spirit.

And their extension is that Libra.

When wars are dehumanized victory and defeat become miserable and God no longer lends a helping hand.

Enough with the fancy speeches!

Too many people have died for nothing because of the battles you've fought!

If you're going to fight anyone then fight only me!

You're absolutely right.

Are you prepared for the worst?!

Of course.

This time I won't go easy on you.

Enough talk!

So far I've defied death a number of times.

This time will be no different.

So, what have you got up your sleeves?

First of all, we want you to take us to Peacemillion.

To Peacemillion?!

Zechs will have his way unless we do something to stop him.

We want to change Libra's course but to do so we must board Peacemillion.

When you say ''Zechs' will,'' you don't mean...!

That's right, he's targeting the Earth to the very end!

We'll be able to atone for our sins the moment we can put a stop to his evil plans.

All right then, follow me!

Have you calculated the wave course yet?


We can enter Earth's atmosphere if we continue on the present course.

There's a 69% chance that we'll crash land in the Northern Hemisphere.

The energy released is estimated at about 6 thousand megatons.

Did you hear that, Commander Milliardo?

That'd be plenty, Quinze.

If the Peacemillion and Libra crashed on the green planet seasons would cease to exist and they'd be plagued with an everlasting winter.

However this calculation is based on the assumption that Peacemillion's drive system remains turned off.

Peacemillion used to be my ship.

It will understand my intentions.

Yes, sir.

Can you say that about the Gundam pilots?

Of course!

They'll do everything to try and stop me.

So you're waiting for them.

Those pilots don't act in a way that's perceived as inevitable or predestined.

That's what makes them professionals in combat.

Like me, Zechs Marquise!


Wait, Heero!

Why is it necessary for you to go?

Libra's going down!

There isn't any reason left to keep on fighting!

My brother, Milliardo Peacecraft and the White Fang have been defeated!

I'll bet that Zechs doesn't think he's lost.

Besides, I doubt Zechs or Treize will ever stop this battle.


That's why I've got to go and fight them.

You think if you go, the war will come to an end?!

I'll defeat Zechs, then I'll get Treize.

Then the war will be over.

Afterward, if you survive, there will finally be peace.

This is the only thing I can do for you.


I promised to protect you.

But to protect you and the Earth Sphere I have no choice but to fight.


Let me fight.

I won't! No!

Heero, you're planning to die aren't you?!

Trust me.


I do trust you, Heero.

Goodbye, Relena.


What is this?!

The mobile doll control room.

No, I'm positive this is the Zero System.

You got it.

We connected the mobile doll controls to the Zero System.

So now you know.

My desire to fight activates all mobile dolls!

What's the idea?

Quatre Winner, I challenge you to a duel.

I lost the battle when each of us used the Zero System.

But I wonder what would happen this time.

You've decided you can fight without the Zero System.

I wouldn't fight if I could help it.

But unless I keep fighting, you people won't surrender and the war will never end.

That's absolutely right!

Now, let's determine which is more advanced the Zero System or the human conscience!

And if I refuse?

Why are you so fond of war?!

Why must we do this?!

You're so gentle, Quatre.

What reasons do you have to fight?

I fight for my family!

I have to fight to ward off my family's sorrow!

My father did that.

He fought so I wouldn't feel any sorrow; and he died!

That's why I'm going to die fighting a beautiful battle!

Then you actually hate war too!


War isn't to blame for destruction and massacre!

The enemies we must defeat are in our hearts!

I believe in peace because it surpasses war.

I believe in the heart that hopes for peace!

Then I'll ask you this!

You say that you've fought for everyone.

But what has anyone done for you in return?

I'm not fighting to receive any kind of compensation.

That's why you'll always be an amateur!

Please stop this, Dorothy.

The colonies betrayed the Gundams.

The colony citizens killed your father.

And the armed colonies declared independence from Earth before truly understanding what was going on.

Your battles so far have all been a complete waste of time!

Your sympathy toward others, too much sympathy for others has resulted in this worse-case scenario!

Everyone on board?

Yes, sir.

All right.

We'll proceed straight for MO-2.

Come in, Heero.


We'd only be disturbing them if we contacted them now.

But Heero's on a suicide mission.

Heero! Come in!

I'm begging you!

Forget about me, Relena.

Life is cheap.

Especially mine!

I'm coming, Quatre.

You made it, Trowa.

Sorry but I've gotta run.

I'm afraid you're on your own here.

I can manage fine.


Don't get yourself killed.

You either, Duo.

There's no turning back.

As long as one of us makes it to Peacemillion then we can carry out our mission.

So don't mind if someone gets thrown off.

No worries here.

I've got enough to think about.

Here we go!

No one in their right mind would fly through this!

Now I regret that I ever found them.

Watch out!

The God of Death and Plague is coming!

What's this?!

Just leave these guys to us!

Thanks, I'll do just that!

We weren't nearly strong enough to have any luck unifying outer space but Earth is becoming unified.

Is that gal behind it?


Fellow comrades!

No one die until we see Master Quatre!


Why are you holding back?

Or can't you go for it?

Well you can bet that I will!

That purity!

That weak heart!

That kindness!

No wonder you Gundam pilots get defeated!

Maybe you're right.

This is the only way I know how to fight!

But it's because we take on losing battles that we've kept the colonies from the horrors of war!

You'll never change anything that way!

Then what should I have done?!

You should've become the colonies' leader and staged a magnificent war yourself!

Like Milliardo!

Dorothy, you're mistaken...

And you should've staged this war before all mankind.

A miserable war that they'll never want to see again!

Are you saying that's the significance of this war?

That's right.

You can't do away with wars simply by taking weapons away from the people!

You first have to change the hearts of mankind.

If you don't do that humanity will perish just like my father!

You're a very kind person.

Kinder than me.

Is that supposed to make me happy?!

Kindness gets in your way when you're trying to survive!

It's more appropriate for man to concentrate on surviving.


You're just the same way I used to be.

You despise your own kindness, and your own hatred of war.

You should never try to fight your kindness.

Trowa taught me that.

You have to try and accept everything around you.

Because humanity needs that kindness.

Without kindness, mankind has no reason to exist.

You agree don't you?

Humans that only think of their survival are lower life forms than animals.

They can't even feel for others.

What's wrong?

Why not use your dragon?

Because I want to fight you fair and square!

That's why!

That's not like you.

Why the hesitation?

Look who's talking.

Why didn't you kill me earlier?

I couldn't kill one of the few people that understands me.

Give me a break!

I despise you!

Then come and get me!

You're only capable of looking down on people like this!

You're only fighting to satisfy your ego!

How many people do you think have died for you?!

Shall I tell you?

As of yesterday 99,822 people.


Lady, how many fatalities today?

We have confirmation of 82 White Fang soldiers and 105 of our own.

I see.

Give me their names later today.

Yes, sir, I will.

Damn you!

I remember everyone who's sacrificed their lives in battle.

Noventa, Septem, Ventei, Darlian, Walker, Otto, Bunt.

How could I forget them?

How could you be so...

I can only grieve over the lives lost by those who fought.

But at least try and understand this.

Not one of those people died in vain.


That was beautiful, Wu Fei!

Treize! How could you...!

Wu Fei, my eternal friend.

I'm honored I could fight with you pilots.

No, this can't be true.

I won't let this happen!

Milliardo, I'll be waiting on the other side.

Damn it!

I wasn't expecting to win...

Colonel Une.

Your orders.

Get in touch with the White Fang!

The World Nation is declaring immediate surrender!


This is humiliating! Don't make me repeat myself!

Send them the message!

Yes, ma'am!

Treize, you were splendid.

This is the right way; this is good.

So there you are, Dorothy.

The Earth has just contacted us to declare their surrender.

The Earth has surrendered?

And the combat observation unit has just informed us that Treize Khushrenada has died in battle.

No! That can't be!

Victory is ours.

But our plans to ram this ship into Earth are unchanged.

Those are Commander Milliardo's orders.

We'll start the final boost!

Evacuate at your own discretion.

I pray for your safety.

Things didn't go as planned.

In a way, what you were attempting was probably correct.

But it still won't bring true peace.

I was only...

That's sad.

A woman who can't cry.

Earth has surrendered?

I don't believe it!

Things aren't over yet, people.

The White Fang plans to direct Libra and Peacemillion to ram Earth.

Let's turn around!

If we go now, we should be able to stop them!

That'd be impossible.

We can't know till we try!

There's one person who can make the impossible possible!



But there's no way we can tell him that right now.

Quickly, let's go to Heero!

We can't.

We used up the propulsion energy for the initial boost.


In that case I'll go alone!


Let me go!

Heero! Heero!!

He's finally here.

To be continued

Next Episode

Battles are started by people and people realize peace through battle.

But how many lives must be lost as a result?

And what's the point of ramming Peacemillion and Libra into Earth?

In the final stages of battle the two Gundams predict the dawn of a new age.

Next, on the final episode of Gundam Wing

The Final Victor

Now's not the time to be fighting!

It's too dangerous to remain on this ship for any longer!

Quatre Raberba Winner...

Just as I thought...

Out of all the Gundam pilots...

You're the one who's the most mistaken.

Sally into Confusion

Out of my way!

He's here...

What are you shooting at?

I'm here.

Shut up!

There was once an era where fights were ended with the touch of a button.

The embodiment of that abomination are the Mobile Dolls... and their directors... the Libra.

If human life is taken out of the equation, victory and defeat will become something miserable...

God will not extend his hand to either side.

How dare you use your pretty speechs on me!

Because of you the battles spread and many died!

I alone should be a sufficient opponent!

You're right...

Are you ready?

Of course.

But I won't make any allowances this time.

Skip that!

Up until now, I've defied death countless times.

Let me do so again.

So what now?

First of all... escort us to the Peacemillion.


At things are going it's as Zechs has planned.

We must reach the Peacemillion and alter the Peacemillion's course.

As Zechs has planned-?

He can't..

That's right...

He's dead set on targeting the earth.

The repayment of our sins will be complete if we can prevent this...


Follow me.

Are the wave course calculations ready?


On our present course, we will hit the earth.

There's a 69% chance that we will hit the northern hemisphere continents.

The energy released is estimated at around 6,000 megatons.

There you have it Commander Milliard.

That's more than enough.


If the Peacemillion and Libra are dropped on that blue planet... the seasons will cease and a long winter will descend...

But this calculation is based that the Peacemillion's engines are completely inoperative, however.

The Peacemillion was once my ship, she'll understand what I want.


Can the Gundam's be expected to as well?


Of course, they'll stand in my way.

You're waiting for them?

They follow a path other than putting on an appearance and justice...

They are war professionals... and... I ...

Zechs Merquis.


Wait Heero!

Why must you go?

The Libra's going to sink.

There's no more reason to fight!

Milliard Peacecraft, my brother, and the White Fangs have lost!

Zechs thinks otherwise...

And it seems that Zechs and Treize have no intention of stopping this war...

I must go.

Are you saying that if you go out, the war will end?

I'll eliminate Zechs... then Treize... the war will end... and if you survive... peace will come...

This is the one single thing I can do for you.


I promised I'd protect you.

To protect you and the earth sphere... the only way I can is to fight.


Let me go...



You're planning on dying aren't you?

Trust me...



I'll trust you....




This room....

Is the Mobile Doll ControL room.

No... this place feels of the Zero System.

That's right.

The Mobile Doll controls are directly connected to the Zero system.

You should know then that the Mobile Dolls are now under the ControL of my fighting will.

What are you getting at?

Quatre Winner....

Duel with me.

In a straight Zero-System fight, I lost... but I wonder about this time...

You decided to fight of your own free will didn't you?

If at all possible I'd rather not... but if I didn't you wouldn't surrender and this war wouldn't end.

That's right!

An unaugmented human reflexes or Zero System enhanced...

Let's see which is superior.

And if I said no?

Why do you embrace war?

Why go so far as to do this?

Gentle Quatre... why do you fight?

My family!

I must fight to keep them from feeling sad!

My father, to keep me from feeling sad also fought and died!

So I too will die beautifully fighting!

Then you should hate war!


Destruction and murder can't be blamed on war!

We must defeat the enemy that is within our hearts!

I believe that peace is stronger war!

I believe in those who desire peace!

I ask you...

You say you fight for the people... what have they done for you in return?

I'm not in it for the gain.

That's why you're so ignorant!

Stop it please, Dorothy.

The colonies betrayed the gundams...

The colonists killed your father... and not understanding a thing, they declared independence...

Everything you've fought for has been for nothing!

The Result of warring for others- the result of too much consideration of others - that's what has lead to this most awful state of affairs!

Is everyone onboard?

We're fine.

All right... heading for MO-II Heero...

Please respond.


You'll interfere with his fight if you keep that up


Heero's planning on dying.

Heero, please respond.

Don't worry about me, Relena...

Life comes cheaply... especially mine.

Wait for me Quatre.

Yo, Trowa.

Sorry I was so rough...

I can't stay and lend you a hand.

No... that was more than enough.

Is that so?

Well then... don't die.

You too...


You psyched up yet?

Only one of us has to reach the Peacemillion... if one of us is thrown off don't worry about it.


I won't... cause I don't have that kind of time.

Here we go!

No idiot would want to break through this!

I should never have found them...

Hey hey!

Death and Pestilence are passing through!

W-What the?!

Leave this to us!


I'll just have to let you.

We never managed to unify everyone...

All of earth seems to have joined in ... is it because of that missy?


All right you guys!

No one dies until we're reunited with master You can't or won't?

But I won't hold back!

That gentleness!

That sweetness!

That kindness!

They're the cause of your defeat!

You might be right but this is the only way I know how to fight... even in a losing battle I'm satisfied that the colonies weren't drawn into it!

Nothing will change!

What should I have done then?

Become the leader of the colonies and fought on even terms, like Milliard-sama!


That's not- And show humanity a war so tragic that they have no wish to see another.

Is that... what this battle is about?

That's right...

You can't stop wars just by taking away all the weapons... you have to change people's hearts... otherwise... like my father... they'll be destroyed...

You're kinder... than me...

Your saying that doesn't make me any happier!

This gentleness is just a hindrance to living!

People should only need to worry about staying alive.


You're like me... detesting war... but never able to forgive yourself for your gentleness... but... you can't deny your gentle nature...

Trowa taught me that... you have to accept everything... humanity needs that quality... or else... there is no reason to exist... isn't that so?

The remaining humans... would be nothing better than animals...

What's wrong?

Why don't you use that dragon?

I just want to fight you fair and square!

That's not like you at all...

Are you holding back?

And you?

Why didn't you kill me back then?

I can't kill one of the few who understand me.

Don't mock me!

I hate you!

Then don't hold back!

You're the type of person who just looks down on others.

You just fight for your ego!

How many people do you think have died for your sake?

Would you like to know?

As of yesterday... 99,822 people.


Lady... what is the current death toll?

Confirmed at present, 82 on the White Fang side and 105 on ours.

Is that so... you must tell me their names later...




The people sacrificed... are all imprinted in my mind...

Novende... Septem... Bente... Dorian... Walker... Otto... Bunto...

All of them I can't forget...

People like you...

I can do nothing by eulogise the dead.

But I want you to know this much...

They did not die in vain.

And then!

That was magnificent, Wufei...


You- Wufei... my eternal friend...

I'm honored to have fought you all...



I won't accept this!


I'm going on ahead of you...


He quit while he was still ahead!

Captain Lady Une...


Your orders?

Tell the White Fang that the earth's nations surrender.


Don't make me say those humiliating words again.

Hurry up and compose the message!

You were magnificent...


This is fine... this...

There you are Dorothy...

This just came in...

The earth has surrendered.


And a message that Treize has died in battle at the hands of a crafty enemy.

T-that's impossible!

Victory is ours.

But we won't halt the drop.

Those are Commander Milliard's orders.

Initialising final thrust.

Evacuate at your own discretion.

I pray for your safety.

Looks like your hopes were defeated...

I.. That's so sad...

A woman who can't cry.

The earth's accepted their defeat?!


But that's not enough...

The White Fangs plan to drop the Peacemillion and the Libra on the earth.

Let's go back...

We should be able to stop it.


We can't be sure unless we try.

There's only one person who can accomplish the impossible...



But there's no way to inform him of this...

Let's go to him.

No can do.

We've used up all the power in the propulsion system.


I'll go alone!


L-let got of me!



He's here at last...

A dot of light approaches.

The Wing Zero.

New Mobile War Chronicle


There are conditions for the creation of complete peace.

First, the elimination of all weapons.


To take from people the desire to fight!

The Libra will be dropped, that is the only path left towards peace.

The people who have lost the Earth will hate you...

The colonists will be depending on you!

As long as you live, the same mistakes will just be repeated!

Zechs is planning on dying here.

He's not seeking a heroic end.

It's because he intends to take up all the sins of humanity and purge them.

Heero should know this...

He should...

Episode 49 ''The Final Victor''

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