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Episode 47:
Collision In Space

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Fellow comrades, this world belongs to warriors.

That purity is what makes the battlefield so beautiful.

Let us finish the final battle of mankind and keep the horrors of war from our home!

This battle is a crucial moment in our history.

It must be something people discuss for generations to come.

For that reason many warriors here must sacrifice their lives.

All mobile doll troops have entered battle with the enemy's main force and commando unit.

This battle is only the beginning.

We must make the residents of Earth know how strong our determination in space is!

Collision in Space

System checked?

Yes, sir.


I'm staying here until this battle's over.


It'd be hard for Treize to destroy Libra right now.

So when the time comes I'll do it myself.

I think we have to stop this battle.

Dictators are the only ones who think lives must be sacrificed to achieve peace!

But Zechs and Treize are ready to sacrifice their own lives.

That's why I have no intention of stopping them.


You stay here with me!


You're going to protect me, Heero?

I don't want to feel I owe Zechs something when we end up fighting.

If this battleship really does go down there wouldn't be a reason left for you to fight him.

So far the two sides seem to be pretty even.

Now, who shall we side with?

It looks even only because Libra hasn't fired its main weapon.

Every time they fire it, it needs to be fixed.

That's helping out the Earth's side but once it's fixed the White Fang will have the advantage.

The White Fang only represents the opinions of part of the colonies.

It doesn't stand for the colonies as a whole.

I'm sure many people in the colonies are hoping for peace.

Maybe, but would helping Treize be in Space's best interest?

Treize is only fighting against Libra and the mobile dolls.

Not the colonies.

Good point.

The main threat right now is Libra.

You sold me.

Libra has too much power.

But what about Heero and Relena?

They'll be fine, knowing him.

Okay, then it's settled?

You bet.

Keep Peacemillion headed straight for Libra.

We've confirmed Peacemillion's location!

They're circumventing the battle zone and heading for us!

Those idiots!

The Gundams still regard us as enemies, even now?!

That's no surprise.

From their perspective every force is an enemy.

This is no laughing matter!

We can't afford to let our front line mobile dolls face them!

We have no means to stop them!

I'll face them.


You will?!

I'm taking three Virgos with me.

Only three?!

That's crazy!

It's enough to keep me alive.

Commander Milliardo!


Is the main cannon fixed yet?!

Noin, you stay and guard Peacemillion.

The Taurus can't compare with other suits and I think I know our opponent.

Roger that.

It looks like they've come!

It's him!

But he's only got three Virgos!

This'll be easy!

I'll teach you.

This is how mobile dolls should be used!

See ya round!

Hang on Duo!



Fighting mobile dolls is certainly dull.

Your Excellency.

The Gundams have entered battle with Epyon.

Zechs is truly hated by those Gundams.

I'd thank them for their help.

But they're not necessarily fighting for my sake.

Be careful.

Thank you, Lady.

But our objectives are the same.

Libra must go down.


Those guys!

Why do they keep going after Quatre?!

They want to decrease our numbers!

Maybe they think I'm the easiest to knock off!

I'm trying to crush the brain first!

In that case, if I keep them close to me...

Duo! Wu Fei!


I won't let you get into any formation!

Nice, Milliardo.

The mobile suits are right where you want them.

Even our commando unit can't get any closer to Libra.

Has MO-2 still not moved during the battle?


They're only taking in damaged mobile suits.

I thought they might have a new weapon.

Perhaps they're merely a supply base.

Right, we'll move Libra.


Are you going to destroy this beautiful view of the clash between the two forces?

Commander Milliardo declined Treize's offer to a duel.

Plot a course that will take us around MO-2 to Earth!

And don't forget to inform the commander!

That was the correct decision.

But can you tell the people in space that this decision is also a very sad one, Milliardo?

No problem.

We must now show Earth how sad it is here in Space.

Libra's leaving the line of battle!

It's heading for Mo-2!

MO-2 has very little military force and can't move on its own.

I'm guessing Libra will circumvent MO-2 and head straight for Earth.

Let's go after them!

What's the point?!

We don't have the weapons to destroy Libra!

Sure we do.

Enough to destroy Libra's main cannon.

Wait! You're not...!

Evacuate all civilians!

MO-2 will take them in!

I see.

I suppose you're right.


We'll move to the sub-bridge!

I suppose that's the obvious decision.

But I won't let you take Libra down!

They're after Peacemillion!

We'll stop them!

How can they evade Nataku's assault?!

It's no use!

The three mobile dolls are forming a single shield.

We've got to move in and destroy them separately!

Noin! Get out of my way!


I have no desire to fight you.


Noin! Get out of there!

I'm not moving!

Even if it means having to kill you!



Miss Noin!

What're you waiting for?!

What are you doing? Shoot!

Miss Noin!!

I don't understand!

Why am I still so spineless?!


Peacemillion's about to plow into us!



No! There isn't enough time!

Fire all cannons!

Shoot that ship out of the sky!

You sure about ramming them?!

Yeah, so we'll wipe out their main weapon!

Use the BGY Booster as well!

Wreck the engine if necessary!



Have they lost their minds?!

No chance.

It's the only option left!

I applaud your courage!

They're gonna hit us!

Cut the engines!

All hands, prepare for collision!

What is it, Heero?

Get down and cover your head.


Peacemillion's plowing into us!

Engines one and three damaged!

Now we don't have to turn them off!

How about some excitement?!

Give me the damage report later!

Hurry and extinguish fires around the fuel tank!

The main cannon has been completely destroyed.

It didn't explode because it wasn't charged up.

I don't believe it...

How could this be?

It's the end for Libra...

We haven't lost this battle yet!

That's right!

This battle will continue until every mobile doll's destroyed!

All units continue attack!

Thank you, Heero.

You protected me.

Heero! You're hurt!

It's not serious.

No, wait...

Now Zechs won't have his victory.

What do you mean by that?

Forget it...

I'm gonna need Zero.

Report damages.

The main cannon is completely useless.

And the engines?

Damaged, but they can still get up to about 7 O percent.

Then we still have a chance!

Oh man.

That was one big collision!

As it stands now it'd be hard to destroy just Libra.

This is Peacemillion.

We're not at any risk of exploding.

But we're basically stuck.

I understand.

We'll board Libra and take over the ship from within.

We'll destroy the mobile doll control system then demand the White Fang's surrender.

Also, we've got to find Heero and Relena.

So we're going in?

This reminds me of the old days!

What's wrong, Wu Fei?

You're in charge!

Hang on!

Wu Fei!

Let him go.

He's keeping an old promise.

We should hurry to Libra.

Miss Noin...?

I'm sorry, but...

I just...

Feel free to go, Miss Noin.

Gundams are entering through Gate 17!

There's no way to stop them!

We can't stop the Gundams.

But make sure none of the Gundam pilots get near our principal sectors.

Damn those mobile dolls!

A Gundam?!

Is that Gundam backing us?

An upgraded Gundam O5!

The pilot must be that kid!


When I'm done here I'll test your integrity!

Once we're on Peacemillion follow Howard's instructions and get away from here.

I want to talk with my brother once more.

It won't help.

Zechs' decision is final.

This area's obviously used for confinement.

All right...

Step away from the door if you don't wanna get hurt!

Hey Heero, is that you...


That definitely wasn't what I was expecting to find!

Hey, got him! There!

So it's you, Dorothy Catalonia.

That's right, Quatre Raberba Winner.

So Zechs wanted to send a tremendous blow to the Earth.

And by using such a significant impact he wanted to awaken the fear of wars and an earnest desire for hope in the hearts of the people.

That's the reason we ended up helping build Libra and we even redeveloped the Vayeate and Mercurius.

So I've got you to thank for my troubles.

We did add a little something to Libra's main cannon.

We built an error into it so it can't fire consecutively.

No kidding...

And you think that atones for your sins?!

No, of course we don't.

Right, it's not pay back time yet.

I knew it.

Wish I hadn't found these guys.


MO-2 acknowledged us!

All units, prepare to escape!

Howard, Heero says he's leaving with Wing Zero.


When did he get back?!



It's me.

I won't try and stop you.

Just let me stay here by your side.

Do as you wish.

Planet Earth.

You're about to learn a lesson.

The real crushing blow is yet to come!

To be continued

Next Episode

Wu Fei takes on a duel.

Quatre responds to his sorrow, and Trowa defies his destiny.

Duo helps pay back past debts.

And Heero proceeds to the final battle, where Zechs awaits.

The warriors' thoughts roam about the chaotic outer space moving between affirmation and denial.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 48

Takeoff Into Confusion

Colliding Universes


This is the realm for soldiers only...

It is beautiful because it is so unadulterated.

We must not let the ravages of war touch our homeworld...

This place will be the final battleground for all of humanity.

This must not be restricted to history...

This battle must become one that is passed down from one generation to the next for ages to come.

For that reason, the precious blood of so many soldiers must be shed.

All Mobile Doll units are now engaging with the raiding units.

The battle has started...

We must show the people of the earth the firm resolve of the colonies.

Colliding Universes

Did you do a systems check?



I'm staying here until that fight is settled.

Treize will find it hard to sink the Libra.

When he does try, I'll destroy this ship from within.

I still think this war can be stopped...

The idea that bloodshed is needed to achieve peace is the logic of a despot.

Those two are fighting with the purpose of shedding blood ...

Which is why I have no intention of stopping this fight.


Remain here with me.


You'll protect me...


I don't want to feel indebted to Zechs when we have to face off.

If this ship goes down then you and my brother will no longer have a reason to fight.

They seem rather well matched...


Which side do we deal with?

They appear well-matched only because the Libra's main array is down.

It would seem that everytime they shoot, it breaks down.


Thanks to that we're safe...

But when it's fixed the battle should soon swing in the favor of the White Fangs.

The White Fangs are representing only a small portion of the opinions of the colonists.

They can never represent the whole.

A large portion of the colonists must want peace.

Does that mean that lending a hand to Treize would be acting in accordance with their wishes?

Treize is opposing the Libra and it's Mobile Dolls.

Not the colonies.

I suppose so...

The current menace is the Libra Good enough.

It's true that thing is too powerful.

But what about Heero and Relena?

He'll manage something.


It's settled?


Please set a path towards the Libra.

Picking up the Peacemillion!

It's risking the battle zone and headed for us!

Damn, do they still consider us the enemy?


They consider anything with power a threat This is no laughing matter!

We can't use all our Mobile Dolls all at once.

We can't deal with all of them.

I'm going out.



Lend me three Virgos.

Just three?

That's- More than enough to stay alive.

Commander Milliard?!


Isn't the main array repaired yet?!


Please serve as backup for the Peacemillion...

Your Taurus does not perform as well and our opponents are most likely...


There he is....

Him and just three Virgos.

This'll be a cinch.

I'll show you... the full potential of a Mobile Doll.

Here goes!

Wait Duo!



It's so dull fighting these marionettes.

Your excellency...

It seems that the Gundams have engaged the Epyon.

Zechs has managed to aleniate the Gundam pilots as well...

I would thank them but it's not as if they're fighting for my sake.

Please take care.

Thank you, Lady...

But for now, our goals are the same.

We must sink the Libra at all costs.



Why's he targeting Quatre so much?

I know you'd like to cut down our numbers, but do you consider me the easiest target?

First, I want to eliminate the head.

Then, I'll take you on!




Don't let them get into formation.

You live up to your reputation, Zechs... you have built some fine Mobile Dolls.

My raiding forces can't get anywhere near the Libra either...

No reports of movement from MO-ll?


They're just resupplying their mobile suits as quickly as possible.

I thought they were preparing some new weapon there... but it seems it's nothing more than a resupply depot.

We can move the Libra then...


Do you intend to destroy this beautiful setup?

Because Commander Milliard chose not to abide by Treize's code of knighthood.

Set a course for the earth, detour past MO-I I .

Don't forget to inform the commander.

Your judgment is correct... but for the sake of the colonies, can you teach them despair?


That's fine for now...

I must show the earth the despair of those in space.

The Libra is leaving the area and heading for MO-I I .

There's hardly any forces left at MO-ll.

There's no way they can make a move.

The Libra must be planning to skirk MO-I I and head on towards earth.

Let's pursue them

But... even if we do, we don't have any weapons capable of taking on the Libra.

This ship has a means to silence the Libra's main array.

Hey... you can't mean...

Remove all non-combatants, MO-I I should receive them.


It can't be helped...


Transfer to the sub-bridge.

Of course... this is a natural reaction ...

But I can't let you destroy the Libra.


The Peacemillion...

We can't let him.

Why do Nataku's attacks being deflected?

It's futile.

The three of them are working in unison and have formed a powerful shield.

We'll have to get in close for an attack.

Noin, get out of the way.


I don't want to fight you... but...


Pull back.

I won't.

Even if you kill me.




What's she doing?!

What're you doing?!




Why was I so weak?


The Peacemillion is headed straight for us!


Can we change course?


There's not enough time!

Use the beam guns.

Stop them at all costs!

You're sure you want us to ram?

As long as we can silence that main array.

Add the boosters and go to full power.

It doesn't matter if we destroy the engines!



That's just plain insane- But there's no other way.

I salute you for your courage.

Oh no... we're going to be rammed.

Cut the engines!

Everyone brace for impact!

What's wrong Heero?

Get down and cover you head.

The Peacemillion's going to ram us.

Engines One and Three are badly damaged!

They're saving us alot of trouble!

Look out!

Be lively now!

Do the damage report later!

Hurry up and extinguish the fires outside the fuel tanks!

The main array has been destroyed.

There's no risk of explosion from the energy charge.


This can't be happening...

The Libra's finished...


The battle's not over yet!

That's right...

It's not over until all the Mobile Dolls have been destroyed.

All troops, don't relax yet!

Thank you Heero...

You shielded me didn't you...

Heero... you're hurt.

It's nothing serious.



This means that Zechs won't get the victory he'd hoped for.

The victory... my brother hoped for?


The Zero is now needed.

Damage Report.

The main array has been completely destroyed.

And the engines?

Some have sustained damage but we can move at seventy percent output.

Then we can still strike.

Wowee... it's pretty well embedded.

It will be difficult to destroy just the Libra...

This is the Peacemillon.

While there's no threat of explosion... our engines are dead.


We'll try to seize control of the Libra from within.

We'll destroy their Mobile Doll operating system and call for the White Fang's surrender.

And... there's still the matter with Relena and Heero...

Demolitions eh?

Just like old times.


What's wrong Wufei?

I'm leaving it up to you.



Let him go.

It seems he has an old appointment to keep.

Let's hurry to the Libra.


I'm sorry... but...


Please, go then, Noin...

Gundams entering through Gate 1 7.

There's no forces there to put up resistance.

There's nothing we can do about the gundams.

Make sure the invading pilots don't reach the central core!

Damn you... mobile dolls!

A Gundam?!

A Gundam is aiding us?!

The new 05?

The pilot must be that boy...


When this fight is over...

I'll test your justice!

When we get to the Peacemillion...

Follow Howard's instructions and pull out of this area.

I want to speak with my brother one more time.


Zechs's firm in his resolve.


Looks like the detention area...

All right...


It's dangerous so get as far from the door as possible!

You in there Heero…


What have I found?!


Found one!

Over there...


You're Dorothy Catalonia?

That's right.

Quatre Raberba Winner.

Basically Zechs wanted to give the Earth a shock...

Using the greatest power available to scare people into avoiding a fight and them earnestly desire peace.

That's why we helped build the Libra and restarted work on the Vayeate and Mercurius.

Yeah... thanks to you all... we had an awful time of it.

I would have liked to redesign the main array...

It's inability to fire continuously was a deliberate flaw.


Is that so?...

So this is your attempt to make amends?!

No no!

It's from this point.

Looks like I never should have found you.


We've established contact with MO-II.

Everyone prepare to evacuate.


Heero says he's going out in the Wing Zero.


When did he get back?




I won't get in your way any longer...

Just permit me to remain by your side.

Do as you wish.

Earth... feel my wrath... the true blow is yet to come...

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