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Episode 46:
Milliardo's Decision

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Upon his return to the Foundation Treize Khushrenada becomes the World Nation Sovereign and again accumulates all military armaments on land.

In space, the White Fang declares the colonies' independence and completes its gigantic space battleship Libra.

Wanting to eliminate Earth, Commander Peacecraft proceeds with his plans to enter a full-fledged war with the entire World Nation, led by Treize.

The year is After Colony 195.

The Gundam pilots continue to fight, allies to none.

And before them the largest battle in man's history is about to begin.

We can't let the data she brought us be put to waste.



Relena Peacecraft's on Libra.

She is?


Hilde said she met her there.



Milliardo's Decision.

Having been attacked by the enormous battleship Libra the Earth stockpiles an overwhelming amount of resources to stage a counterattack.

Earth uses the closest natural resource satellite, the MO-2 to gather thousands of armored mobile suit troops consisting primarily of Space Leos.

Treize declares that he would lead the attack and the soldiers confidently follow him with high spirits.

However, some of his soldiers are skeptical about their odds against the enormous battleship.

Your Excellency.

It's too dangerous for you to give orders from the front.

Milliardo Peacecraft, the White Fang commander is fighting at the frontline.

Just think of this as an act of civility toward him.

But sir!

Remember this for the future.

A war with no civility only gives rise to massacres.

That's why past wars on Earth were so tragic.

Hey Chief.

Isn't this the suit that was abandoned in Luxembourg?

Yeah, and what an impressive suit it is.

If His Excellency has already left for space then there's no need for boosters on this thing.

We can't leave it half done.

Yeah, but still.

There's no one left on Earth who can pilot it.

Man, where in the world has Heero gone?

Out on the Virgo carrier we recovered.

You know where he's headed.

But how come he left Wing Zero behind?!

Is he gonna have a fist fight with Zechs?!

Knowing him he'll fight any way he can.

I'm pretty sure that's not the only reason he went.

Wait a minute.

You mean he went there to save that gal?


In that case I was giving him too much credit.

I had him figured as the sanest guy among us.

Not quite.

It just goes to show how powerful that girl is to be able to influence a guy like Heero.

Wu Fei.

If Heero does bring Relena back at least welcome her here.

It's easy to hurt a woman's feelings.

Hey, Quatre!

If we're going after him shouldn't we hurry?

This isn't the time to decrease Peacemillion's defense.

Besides let's leave the two of them alone.

You guys really trust Heero?

He makes mistakes too, you know.

This is Peacemillion asset Unit No: 2O2.

Entering emergency deck due to drive power unit and port side rudder damage.

Libra bridge here, confirming survivors.

Please provide IFF...

There aren't any survivors.

Hey, wait! Stop! Hey!!


The pilot might be deliberately trying to cause damage!

Fire fighting unit, what's wrong?!

We're on it!

But we've got our hands full over here!

You! Close off this block!

Don't let anyone out!

Yes sir.

You let the carrier fly in?!

You fool!

This is the second time now!

I specifically told you to look out for intruders!

Calm down.

I already predicted this would happen.

But it did happen a lot sooner than I thought.

Makes sense, considering he's a Gundam pilot.

Milliardo what shall we do?

Now that he's here I'll have to confront him personally.

But we still can't confirm who the intruder is.

I know who it is.

It's Heero Yuy.

I have nothing to say except to my brother.

So I wish you'd just leave me alone.

I can't do that.

Noin and the others are uneasy with you still here.

I never would've expected you to come for me, Heero.

Come on.

Wait; I still need to talk to...

You mean Zechs?

Do whatever you want.

I've got to see him too.

Coordinate adjustments complete!

Target Libra!

What are you doing?

Her name was Hilde.

She brought this data on the Libra.

It's coming in handy.

He's not on the bridge now.

You're looking for my brother?

There are only a few places he could be.

Heero, you really are amazing.

Look who's talking.


You've given me the hope and strength to live.

I'm sure you make others feel the same.

Don't make me repeat myself.

I'm nothing compared to you.

I just...

Come on!

I found Zechs.

I see you made it.



I thought you and I were done talking.

No, we're far from finished.

I have no intention of changing my mind.

You can see how far Treize has gone.

Libra will have to face this enormous military force.

Stop this at once; it's totally meaningless!

This is not meaningless!

Even if it does disgrace future generations the battle itself has plenty of meaning to it!



I don't know what's between you and Treize.

But stop getting others involved.

This battle must involve a great deal of people.

Because it's a problem for all humanity.

Is that how an earthling like yourself became chief representative of the colonies?

The colonies gave in to their will to fight armed themselves and selected me to lead them.

If you're having problems with that...

You're from the colonies. You lead the White Fang!

Otherwise you could always team up with me.

The time has come, Treize.


The Virgo troops are ready to go and the main cannon is completely charged and ready.

Let's wait for Milliardo.

If we don't make a move...

We're to follow Milliardo's orders.

Am I wrong?

No, of course not...

Us team up?

Figures you'd say something like that.

Is that your answer?

How about explaining what you meant when you said this battle has meaning?

Unless we fight no one will learn how foolish fighting is!

We must make all of mankind realize that!

Why'd you take on the job?

Heero Yuy, the former leader of the colonies and King Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom together tried to promote total pacifism.

One in space, and the other on Earth.

Our father did?!

I'm just carrying out my father's ideals.

Our father's ideals?!

Are you trying to say that this pathetic war will lead us to Sanc Kingdom's total pacifism?!

That's right.

You're mistaken!

Peace isn't something that one achieves through a war!

That's perfect.

That's just how you should be.


I understand.

That should be enough.

Your role in this is over.



I hope you survive this.

Good-bye my little sister.


It was a hologram...?!


The enemy frontline has entered our firing range!

How's the main cannon?

It's all charged up.

But the enemy's in mobile suits.

I'll fire warning shots.

But if Treize doesn't take heed I might fire.

I've been trying to shed this gentle nature of mine!

I understand.

Your Excellency.

White Fang's Milliardo has issued a warning!

He says that if we continue to advance they'll fire Libra 's main cannon!

Very well.

This is Treize Khushrenada.

All forces, stop where you are!

Stand by until further orders!

Your Excellency, where are you going?!

Please stop!

Your Excellency!

The captain of the enemy is headed straight for us!

Dispatch Virgos!

Retract those orders at once!

Commander Milliardo?!

It's the Tallgeese coming.

I can guess who's piloting it.

This is Treize Khushrenada the World Nation Sovereign.

I wish to challenge Commander Milliardo Peacecraft leader of the White Fang, to a duel!

A duel?

How outdated!

Is he serious?

No, it must be a trick!


Commander Milliardo, I'm waiting for your reply.

Let me remind you that the decision you make will also be interpreted as your solution to this war.

My answer is no!!


But why, Milliardo?!

I'm not an OZ soldier.

Chivalry is meaningless to me.

I'm supporting the people's wish for a revolution!

We cannot decide the destiny of the colony citizens by a simple duel!

I see.

You've made the correct choice.


We will eliminate everyone who stands in our way!


As you're aware the Earth is backing us.

We will not retreat!

Because I love the Earth.

That's the Treize I know.

Wait a minute Milliardo!

Prepare to fire cannon!

Set target to the captain and the satellite Mo-2!

Hit the Tallgeese with the cannon?!

Just do it!

Treize is asking for it!


Think this over!

I'm begging you not to fire at Treize!

Quinze, come and restrain Dorothy.

She's a traitor!



I'm going!

The captain's headed this way!

I commend your resolution, Treize!

Ready to fire main cannon!

If you defeat me now you'll have earned your victory!

Go ahead and fire!

For the peace of the Earth and Space!

My enemy's the Earth and you're its representative Treize!!

Commencing countdown!

Let me take over.

I want to put an end to Treize myself.

Yes, sir!



You mustn't! No!!

Out of my way!

This is the only road to peace!

O1 !!

Wasn't that Wing Gundam?!


It's Lady Une!


Drop it.

Be quiet.

How long till the main cannon can be fired?!

We'll need I 4O minutes to fully charge it.

Several mobile suit carriers are approaching from behind!

They belong to the Earth Military!

We could be attacked from both sides!


Dispatch the Virgos!

You don't mind do you Commander?!


Why did you do that?


One must fight the battle to understand its beauty.

Attention all units.

Destroy Libra!

To be continued

Next Episode

The five young men head out to battle.

Is the scene awaiting them a beautiful yet sorrowful battlefield?

Or a bloody massacre?

Libra refuses to change its course for Earth.

And Peacemillion attempts to stop it in its path.

Their collision is about to give rise to even more tragedy.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 47

Collision in Space

Milliard's Decisive Battle

Treize Khushrenada who reverted back to OZ ascended to the position of world sovereign, accomplishing the reunification of the conglomerate and the former federation's earthbound forces.

While the White Fangs, declaring independence, completed the giant spaceship Libra.

Their commander Milliard Peacecraft, seeking to remove the Earth, begins an all out war with Trieze's earth forces.

AC 195.

The Gundam pilots affiliated with no side, continue their fight.

While on the horizon, the greatest battle of humankind unravels.

We won't let the data she brought us go to waste.

Heero, it looks like Relena Peacecraft is on the Libra.



Seems that Hilde met her there.

Heero ...

Milliard's Decisive Battle

The earth having been targeted by the giant ship, Libra, forced the military to use their superior resources to formulate a counteroffensive.

The resource satellite MO-II being the closest to the earth, became the staging point for several thousand space-type Leos.

Treize in an attempt to bolster morale of his troops, took his place with those on the front-lines.

But there were still voices of doubt about to how well they could stand up against the Libra.

Milord Treize, it's too dangerous to use our entire line in the attack.

The commander of the White Fang, Milliard, is fighting with all his forces.

Think of this as a courtesy to him.


Mark my words, A war without such courtesies creates nothing but slaughter...

That's why all the wars that have happened on earth have been so sad.

Chief... isn't that the suit that was abandoned at Luxembourg?

Yeah... but it's still a marvelous unit.

Treize's already gone up into space.

What's the point in mounting boosters?

I don't leave things half finished.

Still... there's no one left on this earth capable of piloting this suit...

Where he go off to, that Heero?

He took off in a Virgo carrier recovered from the White Fangs.

It's obvious where he's headed.

But, he left behind the Zero!

Does he plan on facing Zechs with his bare hands?

I don't know how, but he'll manage it somehow...

No, I don't think that's his only purpose.

Hey, you can't mean that he went off to rescue that missy?

Yes Then I've been giving him too much credit...

Out of all of us, I thought he was the most serious guy.

That's not true...

It just means that she's able to spur someone like Heero to action.


When Heero brings Relena back, at the very least give her some sort of greeting females are more easily hurt than you.

Hey Quatre...

If we're going to go after him, shouldn't we head out now?

We can't afford to deplete the defenses of the Peacemillion right now...

Besides, we shouldn't get in the way of those two.

You guys really think he's going to pull it off?

He has failed before!

This is the Peacemillion attack unit 02...

Propulsion power defense system hit on the port side, coming in for an emergency landing.

This is the Libra bridge.

Please confirm the number of survivors.

Identification numbers There are no survivors...



Open up communications!



It's very possible that there's a saboteur in there.

Status on the fire?

We're working on it!

Our hands are full!

Hey you!

Seal off this block!

No one gets out.


You let an infiltrator slip through!?


You let it happen again?

I told you to be ready for this!!

Calm down.

I was prepared for this eventuality...

But it came sooner than I'd anticipated.

I suppose I should say that the Gundam pilots live up to their name.

What do you have in mind Milliard-sama?

As long as they've made their presence known, there's nothing but for me to make mine known.

But there's been no confirmation of the infiltrator yet.

It has to be him...

Heero Yuy.

I have nothing to say to anyone but my elder brother...

Please, there's no need to worry about me...

I can't allow that.

With you here, Noin and the others are shaken in their resolve.

I'd have never thought that you would come for me, Heero.

Let's go...


I still...


Do whatever you need...

I have matters to settle with him as well.

Coordinates adjusted.



What are you doing?

That girl, Hilde...

The data she brought us on this ship is of some use...

He's apparently not on the bridge at the moment...

Where is my brother?

He can only be in one of several places.

You truly are a wonder, Heero...

I'm nothing compared to you...

No, you give me the strength and hope to live... you must do the same for others...

Don't make me repeat myself...

I'm nothing compared to you...



I've found Zechs.

So you finally show yourself.



I thought our conversation was over.


Not yet.

I will not change my mind This is what Treize is doing.

The Libra must take on this huge armada.

Stop this immediately It's meaningless!

No it's not.

Even if this was only a cowardly offensive, there's more than enough meaning in it.


I don't know what's going on between Treize and you, but don't involve others.

This war must involve many others.

This is problem is related to the hope of all mankind.

Is this why you became a representative to the colonies?

The colonies toyed with the will to fight, and continued the path to arms...

Chose me as their leader...

If you have problems with that, then you as a native of the colonies should take command of the White Fang.

In other words... become my comrade.

At long last... Treize-sama?

Lady Dorothy...

The Libra's units are ready and the main array has finished charging...

Let's wait for Milliard-sama.

But at this rate...

We should be following Milliard-sama's wishes.

Isn't that so?

True... but...


I see...

You would say that.

Is that your answer?

Does the person who finds so much meaning in this war have something to say?

Unless one fights, one cannot realize the stupidity of war...

I must make all of humankind realize this.

Why have you chosen to fill that role?

The former leader of the colonies, Heero Yuy, with the Cinque Kingdom attempted to establish complete peace.

One in space... one on the earth.


I am merely following my father's will.

Father's will?!

You're saying that this battle… this miserable war will bring about the complete peace that the Cinque Kingdom advocates?

That is correct.

No, you're wrong.

Peace cannot be born out of fighting!

And that's fine...

Keep thinking that...


That's enough isn't it?

Your role is over.



No matter what happens... survive through this...

Farewell, sister of mine.


A holographic projection?


Enemy units are in range.

The charge on the main array?


But... they're comprised of mobile suits...

Of course...

I'll send out an advisory.

But depending on Treize's response, we may have to fire.

I want to eliminate all sentimentality when dealing with him.


Milord, an advisory has come in, it's from Commander Milliard of the White Fang.

He says that if we continue the advance, he'll fire the Libra array.


This is Treize Khushrenada.

All troops halt.

Stand by, until I order otherwise.

Your lordship!?

Where are you going!?



Special enemy unit approaching.

Launch Libra's units!

Belay that order!

Commander Milliard...?

That's the Tallgeese... and the pilot is most likely...

This is the world sovereign, Treize Khushenada.

I challenge the White Fang's leader, commander Milliard to a duel.

A duel?!

How very OZ.

Is he serious?


That's his usual method.


Will you give me your answer...

Commander Milliard?

Try not to forget that your answer will include your response regarding this battle.

The duel ...

Is declined!



I'm not an ''OZ'' soldier...

I am in a position where the code of knights does not matter...

I bear the will of the space revolution!!

I can't allow such a frivolous thing as a duel to decide the fate of the colonists.

I see...

That is the correct choice.

Treize... those who stand in the way will be removed!!


Behind us is the earth ...

We will not retreat.

I love the earth...

That's what makes you Treize.

Please wait, Milliard-sama!

Prepare the main array for firing...

Target, enemy mobile suits spread to include the resource satellite MO-ll.

Use the main array on the Tallgeese?!

It doesn't matter... it's what Treize wants!!

Milliard-sama, please reconsider!!

Please, anything but don't fire upon Trieze!

Quinze... restrain Dorothy.

She's a traitor.




Enemy unit approaching!

It ends here, Trieze!

Main array, charging complete!

If I die here, your victory is assured.

Fire at me!

For the sake of peace on the colonies and earth!

My enemy is the earth... and you its representative...


Countdown Initiated.

Move over.

I'll finish him myself.



Under no circumstances!

Don't get in my way!

This is the path to peace!


Wing Gundam?!

It can't be...

Lady... Une...


That's enough...

Don't say a thing.

How long until the array can be fired a second time?

One-hundred and forty minutes are necessary for the charge.

Mobile Suits approaching from behind!

They're... earth forces!

We're being targeted from both directions!


Launch the Libra's units.

You don't mind do you... Commander Milliard?


Why such recklessness?


A battle is most beautiful when it's being fought.

To all units...

Shoot down the Libra!

Episode 47 - Colliding Universes

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