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Episode 45:
Signs of the Final Battle

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Upon his return to the Foundation Treize Khushrenada becomes the World Nation Sovereign and again accumulates all military armaments on land.

In space, White Fang declares the colonies' independence and completes its gigantic space battleship Libra.

Wanting to eliminate Earth, Commander Peacecraft proceeds with his plans to enter a full-fledged war with the entire World Nation, led by Treize.

The year is After Colony 195.

The Gundam pilots continue to fight, allies to none.

And before them the largest battle in man's history is about to begin.

Everyone get outta here!

Libra's firing their main weapon?!


Main cannon, system down.

Structural damage to ship.

This can't be happening...

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

I must go, Heero!

This was too much responsibility for Dorothy.

Zechs, according to Zero you have no future.

Is Epyon telling you differently?

Signs of the Final Battle

Okay, it's all done.

You never know when we'll have to fight next, right?

I'm counting on you, bud.

Quatre, what are you doing?

Disengaging the Zero System.

I don't need it anymore.

Don't worry, I can still fight without it.

Heero, you've got to be careful yourself.

You can control it now but that doesn't change the fact that it's a dangerous system.

You're right.

I can't believe he agreed!

Hey, you guys!

I thought I told you to leave the repairs to the mechanics!

Don't forget it's your duty as pilots to rest when you can!

We know!

I'm famished. Let's grab something to eat.

Sounds good.

Natural resources satellite MO-2.

They're done mining it, so it's been left circling Earth.

It's perfect for a frontline base.

Look at all those mobile suits.

The World Nation's bringing all the weapons from Earth to this one location.

Sure looks that way.

It's astonishing they could assemble this many suits.

Does Treize Khushrenada honestly expect that he'll be able to settle this war in space?

I don't know.

But they've never done anything like this before.

What in the world could those guys be thinking?


The sixth launch was successful.

Now most of our military force has been transferred.

How are things coming along in MO-2?

Shuttles from around the world are starting to arrive there.

Our defense line should be ready for Libra's approach.

The time's come to put an end to this prolonged battle.

White Fang is the chief instigator using military force to disrupt our peace.

Eliminating them will bring calm to Earth and Space.

My fellow soldiers.

Fight your best for peace and order!

Yes sir!

This is Transport Carrier 78 I.

Awaiting boarding instructions.


I know you'll be mad at me.

But I'm gonna fight my own way.

Repairs to Libra are almost complete.

There's still time before the World Nation's military forces at MO-2 start making moves.

Switch to our emergency shift and have everybody not on duty get rested up.

This is the final battle?

It will have to be.

I'll rest too.

Take over things here.

Commander Milliardo.

What'll we do about the Gundams?

Leave them alone.


Peacemillion was hit quite hard.

They'll be quiet for now.

But we can't just leave them out there.

Epyon alone is our Gundam symbol.

Anything else that might obstruct our ideal must be destroyed at once.

Can we do that?

I've already sent mobile dolls over there.

I will defeat them.

You're in charge for now, so do as you like.

More to the right!

What do you think, Relena?

Don't you find it invigorating?

There's a tension in the air as people prepare for war.

Are you worried about Milliardo?

You must be.

After all, his next opponent is Treize.

Why would my brother start a war with a former friend rather than talking things over?

Because that's what they both want to do.


You can't understand how the two of them feel.

That doesn't matter though.


Look at those, Relena.

What are they?

Mercurius and Vayeate.

They're mobile suits built by the same engineers who made the Gundams.

Their test pilots were Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton.


They've been reconstructed into mobile dolls with the combat data of the Gundam pilots installed in the systems.

Even Heero's?

A Gundam versus a programmed doll.

I wonder which of them will end up winning?

Heero won't lose.

You're right.

He's strong.

If you'll Excuse me, I have work to take care of.

Feel free to look around, Relena.


Do you know one of the Gundam pilots?


We've located them.

The Peacemillion strike force is almost there.

We'll get them this time!

Are you attacking Peacemillion?


It's no use.

You can't defeat the Gundams with mobile dolls.

We won't know until we try.

I'm sure we'll defeat them!

It's important that we do so for our future.

Okay, then go ahead.

If it doesn't waste our battle power before the big one.

Continue as planned!

I see.

So you know one of the Gundam pilots too.

I'm not nearly as strong as they are.

And I can't fight with them.

But I can do something.

You seem strong enough to me.

I doubt if I can do anything to help them out.

Anyway it's too dangerous to stay here.

You'd better make your escape.

I will.

I have to deliver this data I got on Libra.

Why not come with me?

You wanna see that Gundam pilot you know, right?

I can't.

I have to stay.

I still have things to do here.

Then I'd better go.

What was your name?

Relena Peacecraft.

Take care.

You too.

What was that?!

The No. 5 hangar hatch has been destroyed!

A Taurus Cruiser's emerging!

Someone's escaping?!

The Taurus Carrier's making a beeline for Peacemillion.

Send out the Virgos and go after it at once!!

Virgos won't do it.


Send out the Mercurius and the Vayeate.

That'll attract the Gundams.

I'll give the orders here.

Keep your ideas to yourself.

This isn't a game for children, you know!

How true.

It's a war.

They're after me.

But I can't afford to get caught!

The repairs to the engine are almost done.

Oh yeah?

Howard is quick about getting his work done.

I'll make my move quickly too.

I wonder if it'll make up for our delays.

Now what move should I make?

Excellent move.

Offense is the best defense.

If you're only defensive, you limit your prospects.

Thanks for the good tip.

Heero, wanna play?

What's the matter, Heero?

Something bothering you?

They've beaten us to the punch.

Let's go!


Enemy mobile dolls, Virgo troops confirmed.

Proceeding with mission.

The engine's just been fixed.

Don't go and wreck it.

Roger that.

They're coming from the right!

I'll get them!

I'll back you up!


The Peacemillion strike force has entered combat with the Gundams.

Where are the Mercurius and Vayeate?!

They almost have the target within firing range.

All right!

We must shoot down the Taurus Cruiser before it reaches the Gundams!

Only got a bit further to go!

There's no way I'll let you defeat me now!

Those suits!

There's just no end to them!


Peacemillion! Do you read?!

That sounds like...

Please come in! Duo!


Duo! Go find her!

And leave you?!


We'll handle things here!

All right! Thanks!

I'll make it!

It's not over yet...

I'll get this data to Duo and the others!

I will.

I'm not going down!

Hilde! You alright?!

Yeah, I think so.

Stay back!

I'll take care of these guys!

Duo, be careful!

What's going on?!

They're way too strong for mere mobile dolls!


Those mobile dolls...

They're programmed with data on you Gundam pilots.

Are you sure?!

H-Heero and Trowa?!

You've gotta be kidding!

So this is like fighting the two of them at once!

Even so...!

They're pretty good copies!

But they're still just dolls!

A Gundam pilot won't lose to a buncha dolls!

You've met your match!

Next time try programming in my data!

Hilde! Hey, Hilde!

Come in! Hey!



I'm glad you're safe.

Yeah, but you're in terrible shape!

What did you come all the way here for?!

I brought you this data on Libra.

I want you to use it.


Why'd you risk your life?

Because...I just...I wanted to.

You stupid fool!

I figured you'd say something like that.

The Peacemillion strike force has been wiped out.

That's such a shame.

Although it's what I figured would happen.

Well maybe there's some consolation.

At least we got to see the Gundams fighting hard.

We can't let the data she brought us go to waste.



Relena Peacecraft's on Libra.

She is?


Hilde said she met her there.



To be continued

Next Episode

Heero sneaks onto Libra and goes with Relena to see Zechs.

Treize leads a force of thousands of armored mobile suits.

Treize desires one chivalrous duel to settle the battle.

But as Milliardo, commander of White Fang Zechs refuses Treize's challenge.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 46

Milliardo's Decision

Treize Khushrenada returned to Longfeller Foundation and appointed himself as the representative of the World Nation and unified armed forces on Earth.

In Space, the revolutionary group, White Fang, had completed space warship Libra.

The leader, Milliard Peacecraft, demanded the elimination of Earth and started a full on war against Treize's World Nation Army.


Gundam pilots were fighting on their own without joining any forces.

The greatest war was about to start in front of their very eyes.

Everyone, break away!

Libra's gonna fire its cannon!


It's coming!

Cannon system down.

Various parts damaged.

This isn't how...

This isn't how it was supposed to be...

That's it for now Heero!


Was it too much of a burden for Dorothy?

Zechs, Zero predicts that you have no future.

Is Epyon's prediction different?


OK, all done.

Don't know when we'll be called out again.

I'm counting on you mate!

Quatre, what are you doing?

I'm dismantling the Zero system.

I don't need this system anymore.

It's OK, I can fight without it.

Heero, you'd better be careFul too.

I know you've got the hang of it, but the Zero system is still dangerous.


He's honest for a change.

Oi, you lot!

I said repairs were the mechanic's job!

It's also a pilot's job to get some rest while you can.

I know.

Come to think of it I'm starved.

Let's get a bite.

Good idea.

Resource satellite MO-2.

They have finished mining there and at present is just left in orbit.

It's a perfect position as a front line base.

From the number of Mobile Suits, the World Nation are probably gathering all their forces from Earth here.

Seems like it.

I'm amazed that they could collect such a huge number.

I wonder if Treize Khushrenada is really planning to settle things?

I don't know.

I only know it's nothing like before.

What are they thinking...?


Launch No.

6 is complete.

We've almost finished moving all our forces now.

How is MO-2?

Most of the shuttles from various sites have gathered there.

The defense line will be complete by the time Libra approaches.

The time has come to put an end to this long war.

Only by eliminating the White Fang, who disrupt peace with their arms will there be true tranquillity on Earth.

My fellow soldiers, fight your best in the name of peace and order.

Yes sir!

This is transporter 7 81 , please assist in docking.

Duo, I know you'll be angry.

But I'll fight my own way too.

The repairs on Libra are almost done.

It will be awhile before the World Nation forces gathering at MO-2 will take action.

Tell the staff to take shifts and let some of the men get some rest.

Will this be the end?

I must end it.

I will rest too.

You take the helm.

Leader Milliard, what about the Gundams?

Leave them be.


Peacemillion's damage was great.

They won't be able to move that quickly.

But we can't just leave it.

The only Gundam we need as a symbol is Epyon.

We should eliminate any other that may interfere with our ideal.

Can you do it?

I have already sent a Mobile Doll troop.

We will defeat them.

I have left you the helm Do as you please.

Hey, further to the right!

See Miss Relena, this place is so lively.

The tension of war is all around.

Are you concerned for Milliard?

Of course you are.

This time his opponent is Treize.

Why has brother chosen to fight rather than negotiate, with someone who was his friend?

It's because they both wished it.

You won't understand their feelings.

But that's how it should be.


Look at this Relena.


Mericruise and Bi-eight.

It's the Mobile Suits made by the scientists who created Gundam.

The test pilots are Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton.

Those two have been transformed into Mobile Dolls with the complete Gundam pilot data implanted in them.

Heero's data?

I wonder which will win, the Gundam or the Mobile Doll with the same pilot data?

Heero will not lose.

Yes, he is strong.

I must be going, I have work to do.

Please do take your time to look around.


Do you know a Gundam pilot?

How is it?

We have the enemy on radar.

Peacemillion attack troop coming into contact.

This time, destroy them.

Are you going to attack Peacemillion?

Lady Dorothy.

It's useless.

You can't defeat Gundam with Mobile Dolls.

You never know until you try.

No, I will definitely defeat them.

We must do it for the sake of our future.

Then do as you please.

I just hope you don't waste our precious resources before the big battle.

Continue with the plan.

You know a Gundam pilot too.

I'm not strong like them.

I can't fight with them but there must be something I can do too.

No, you are strong.

I may be the one who has no power.

Anyway, it's dangerous here.

You had better get out.

Yes, I'll do that.

I have to give them the data I gathered of Libra.

Why don't you come?

You want to meet that pilot, don't you?

No, I can't do that.

I have something I need to do.


Well, I'm off.

What is your name?

Relena Peacecraft.

Take care.

You too.

What is this?

The No. 5 warehouse hatch has been destroyed.

Taurus cruiser, flying out.


A deserter?

That Taurus cruiser is headed straight for Peacemillion.

Pursue it immediately send the Virgos!

Virgos won't do.

Send Mericruise and Bi-eight.

Gundam will definitely show up.

I have been left in command.

I wish you would stay out of this.

This is not child's play.

Of course, this is war.

Seems like they've come, but I'm not going to get caught here.

Howard said the engine repair's almost done.

I see.

I must say Howard does a real good job.

I'd better decide my next move too...

Hope this will let us catch up.

This strategy would be...

It's a good move.

Offence is the greatest defense.

If you think only of protecting you'll get tied down.

Thanks for your great advice.

Heero, how about you?

What's wrong Heero?

Something bothering you?

Damn, we're outmaneuvered again.

Let's go.

Enemy Mobile Doll Virgo troop captured.

Will execute mission.

I've just fixed that engine so don't damage it.


The right side's being attacked.

I'll go.

I'll cover from behind.


Peacemillion attack team in combat with Gundam.

Where is Mericruise and Bi-eight?

Just about to get target into range.

Destroy the Taurus cruiser before it makes contact with Gundam!

It's... It's just a bit further...

I'm not going to be had just yet!

Oh, those two are...!

Damn, the numbers aren't going down at all.

Peacemil... lion... Peacemillion...

Can you read me?

This voice is...


Answer me!



Duo, please go.



We'll take care of the rest.


And thanks!

I won't lose...

I won't be defeated until I give this data to them.

I'm not going to be done for!

Hirde, you alive?

J.. just about...

Stand back.

I'll take care of them.

Duo... be... careful...


What the...?

Why are mere Mobile Dolls so strong?


Those Mobile Dolls... have Gundam pilot data integrated into them!


H..Heero and Trowa?

Oi oi, no kidding!

This is like taking them both on at the same time.


No matter how well you imitate them.

You're nothing but dolls.

You can't be a Gundam pilot if mere dolls get the better of you!

This is the end!

You'd better take my data if you're gonna make them next time.

Hirde, hey Hirde.

Answer me, you.


Duo, oh good, you're safe.

And you're in such a state.

What the hell did you come here for?I...

I brought Libra's data...

Use it...

W..why'd you do such a thing...?

Well I ... wanted to...

You...You damn idiot!

I thought you'd say that.

Peacemillion attack team are completely destroyed...

What a shame.

Though I suspected as much from the start...

Well, we had a chance to see Gundam fighting for it's life.

We won't waste the data that she brought for us.


Relena Peacecraft is on Libra.


Yeah, Hirde said she met her in there.



To be continued

Heero infiltrates Libra and searches for Zechs with Relena.

Meanwhile, Treize commences attacks with thousands of his organized Mobile Doll troops.

Treize was hoping for a settlement by a duel... but Zechs, as White Fang's Milliard, chose a path which defied chivalry.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 46.

''Milliard's Resolution''

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