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Episode 44:
Go Forth, Gundam Team

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Upon his return to the Foundation Treize Khushrenada becomes the World Nation Sovereign and again accumulates all military armaments on land.

In space, the White Fang declares the colonies' independence and completes its gigantic space battleship Libra.

Wanting to eliminate Earth, Commander Peacecraft proceeds with his plans to enter a full-fledged war with the entire forces of the World Nation, led by Treize.

The year is After Colony 195.

The Gundam pilots continue to fight, allies to none.

And before them the largest battle in man's history is about to begin.

Make it fast.

We're expecting our enemy.

Our enemy...?

Who do you mean?

The most annoying and fearful enemy in the universe.

The Gundams.

Go Forth, Gundam Team

Go ahead, Relena.

The Earth only seems beautiful because we can see it like this from space.

Those on Earth can't possibly appreciate its true beauty.

Are you suggesting all mankind should come to space?

Those who don't want to come certainly don't have to.

I won't ignore powers on Earth that threaten peace in space.

That's no reason to become the largest threat to peace.

The time has come for both Space and Earth to discard their weapons.


This isn't the time for your world of total pacifism.

Therefore Space must first direct all its force against the people on Earth.

Using the Libra.

No, you're mistaken.

How would you know?

Because I'm Relena Peacecraft.


You've grown up strong, Relena.

But your strength is no longer needed.

I want you at least to remain kind.

I don't know whether I'm being held in the arms of Milliardo, the kind brother I once knew or in the bloodstained hands of Zechs Marquise.

If you want to return to Earth I won't stop you.

If you want to stay in space I'll set you up in a colony.

I'm staying where I am.

Until you change your mind.

Show Relena to the officers' room, Dorothy.

Right away!

Let's be on our way, Relena.

It'd be wiser to continue this discussion after you've rested.

Perhaps you're right.

Show me the way.

Of course.

Do you consider me a weak man?

If you hadn't been looking out for someone I wouldn't have welcomed you as the White Fang leader.

Thank you.

Now then, how shall we proceed?

Destroy Libra!

It's that simple.

Will that end the war?

No, it won't.

On Earth, Treize is preparing to send a military force to space.

The colonies will retaliate against that.

But we can't just leave Libra.

I'm all for destroying it!

Sure, but is that an option?

Are you saying we take on Zechs as our enemy?

You think that guy's our ally?


Heero, what's your opinion?

Zechs is our enemy.

He feels the same way about us.

Howard, mobile suit carriers approaching!

A huge White Fang fleet!

There you have it; they beat us to the punch.

Is Heavyarms ready?

All ready to go.

Altron too.

Okay, let's go!

Let's go, Heero!

Sorry, but Wing Zero won't be joining this battle.


What's going on Heero?

Gotta take care of something.

Check out how many there are.

It proves they're afraid of us.

Wait, Wu Fei!

There's a separate unit!

Above us!

Leave the other unit to me!

There's another unit here too.

I'll leave the front ones to you.

Hang on!

We're at a disadvantage fighting this many, separately!

It's pointless telling them; they always fight alone!

Strategic programs have been loaded onto these mobile dolls!

They're unlike anything we've fought before.

The Gundams are struggling with the enemy's tactics.

So the mobile dolls regard the Gundams as their main targets.

But we can't attack and protect the Gundams!

I know that!


What have you got up your sleeve?

It's natural Zechs would use his mobile dolls strategically.

Miss Noin.

Can they control the mobile doll movements this precisely?

Not usually.

I assume Zechs must've developed some new system.

I won't be pushed around by dolls!

Trowa, are you okay?!

Yeah, Duo.

Almost there.

One more go!


Have you come up with a way to persuade Milliardo?

I'm not persuading.

I want to convince him.

It's impossible to convince him.

Because Milliardo is serious about destroying the Earth.

I can't believe my brother's considering initiating a war.

There will be another war.

Just as Treize predicted.

I won't let that happen!

How will you stop it?

I don't know...

Use this!

It's the only way you'll be able to stop Milliardo.

You can do it, Relena.

If it means preventing a war.

I couldn't, Dorothy.

Because you can't shoot your own brother?

Or because it's against your ideal of pacifism?

It must be because you're Relena Peacecraft and your ideal world stops you from taking action.

That isn't true, Dorothy.

True peace can't be obtained through assassination.


That leaves me no choice.



Open the door! Dorothy!

Stay in there until everything is over.

We've received information that all mobile dolls sent to Peacemillion were destroyed.

Makes no difference.

I never expected to defeat them simply with the program.

Then why did you send out the units?

I've started a war of attrition against them.

Even the Gundams and their pilots have their limits.

But not the mobile dolls.

Valid point.

We'll start Libra as soon as we're ready to go.

We're heading for Earth!

Yes, sir!


That was one hard day!

Howard, I'll need this fuelled up and repaired.


Yes, I know that Zero.

As it stands we can't possibly beat Zechs.

They kept coming after us no matter how hard we fought.

Fighting like that won't get us anywhere.

What we really need now is a plan.

Easier said than done.

We've already made it pretty close to Libra.

Too late for a plan.

More mobile dolls will come to guard Libra.

They'll probably separate us then attack.

You're right.

And the enemy will attack when you're most worn out.

That means we'll have to crush Libra before they get to us.


We don't stand a chance.

But what options do we have?

There's no need to worry yet.

We have the people and resources.

And the Gundams are almost repaired.



That's right.

We're not machines.

If they keep challenging us like this we'll eventually fold.

Both the pilots and the mechanics.

Could you install this?

This is...You can't mean...

Quatre can handle it.

I see.

Okay, I'll do it.

What do you think?

It's not bad.

I'd like to try it in combat.

Do that.

I'll have my hands full fighting Wing Zero with Epyon.

Commander Milliardo.

Peacemillion is headed straight for us.

They can face me!


I've asked Howard to install the Zero System in this suit.

But why?!

It's a good system for leading troops into battle.

Try it out.

I can't, Heero!

I can't do it.

Not the Zero System!

I can't handle the Zero System!

I can't handle it!

I don't have what it takes!


You lead us with Wing Zero!

Wing Zero will be fighting Epyon.

But someone has to lay out a plan if we're gonna survive.

I know that.

You take command.

This is the way you can pay back the people in space.


The code's ZERO.

You have to input the letters to activate the Zero System.

Mobile dolls from Libra approaching!

Everyone head out!

But l...

How will l...?


Epyon's on the way.

The rest is up to you.

We'll take care of them!

Hang on!

From a strategic point of view Heero has to fight Epyon.

We need our own strategy!

They're here!

Wu Fei! Trowa!

The mobile doll troops have encountered the enemy.

So this is how the mobile doll command system taken from Epyon operates.

Milliardo's a true genius.

This way even the soulless mobile dolls are able to fight with the mind of a human.

Now, my precious dolls.

Let's see a spectacular dance.


Let's begin!


I wanna know what you're up to!

Why are you starting these battles?!

To end all battles!

Wu Fei! Move back for now!

Why should he?!

I'll back him up!


We're not getting anywhere!

We've gotta get in formation.

Now, let's change our plan!

We'll isolate each Gundam, and destroy them separately!

You've mastered the system!

So have you!

Miss Noin!

Miss Noin!

It's the same.

It's like the attack on the Sanc Kingdom!

This isn't working.

We're gonna get totaled!

Wu Fei!

Fly right through the enemy troops!

The rest of us will direct fire to where Wu Fei was!


What's this?!

They've got a strategy!

The enemy's divided into a number of units.

Now's our chance to defeat those units one at a time!

Trowa, attack the troops on the upper right!

Then destroy the front unit, Duo and Wu Fei!



There's a good plan!

I can't let the system control me.

There's no choice now but to master it!

I don't understand!

The Gundams are predicting each of my moves!

But how?!

What's happening?!

The movements of these mobile dolls aren't just programmed!

Someone's changing their tactics based on the actual battle.

I must predict them!

Who's doing this?!

Who is it?!

Someone's controlling these mobile dolls!

It must be...

Quatre Raberba Winner!!

Dorothy Catalonia!

Use Libra's main cannon and strike!

What's going on?!

You've gotta be kidding!

It's the only way to stop the Gundams!

What are they doing?!


They're gonna try shooting down Peacemillion!

They're what?!

Dodge it!

This ship's massive; it can't move that fast!

Do it!

We can't avoid its line of fire!

Increase engines I to 8 to full output!

But we'd overload the engines and they'd explode!

Better than being shot down!

We've got no choice!

We're flying at a tremendous speed and we don't know how firing the cannon will effect Libra!

Just fire!

That's all we can do!



Everyone get outta here!

Libra's firing their main weapon?!

Engine 2 on the portside's exploded!


Did we dodge it?!

Main cannon, system down.

Structural damage to ship.

This can't be happening...

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Work on balance control!

Each section report damages!

I must go, Heero!

This was too much responsibility for Dorothy.

Zechs, according to Zero you have no future.

Is Epyon telling you differently?

I must put an end to this meaningless battle.

To be continued

Next Episode

Hilde sneaks onto Libra and obtains valuable ship data.

But mobile doll versions of the Mercurius and Vayeate follow Hilde as she escapes.

What's more, the data on Heero and Trowa is programmed into these dolls.

White Fang prepares to battle against Earth while sending a strike force to terminate the Gundams.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 45

Signs of the Final Battle

Treize Khushrenada returned to Longfeller Foundation and appointed himself as the representative of the World Nation and unified armed forces on Earth.

In Space, the revolutionary group, White Fang, had completed the space warship Libra.

The leader, Milliard Peacecraft, demanded the elimination of Earth and started a full on war against Treize's World Nation Army.


Gundam Pilots were fighting on their own without joining any forces.

The greatest war was about to start in front of their very eyes.

Hurry up then, the enemy will be here soon.

E.. Enemy?

Who do you mean?

The most troublesome and feared enemy in Space.



This way Miss Relena.

The Earth looks so beautiful when you look at it from Space.

The people on land do not understand it's true beauty.

Are you saying all humans should move into Space?

If they don't want to they don't have to.

But I can't leave those who jeopardize the peace in Space, on Earth.

That's why you're using force to complete your goals?

It's time Earth and Space put their arms down.

We have not reached that ideal time yet.

For that ideal, Space must lecture Earth.

With this Libra.


You are wrong.

How can you be so sure?

Because I am Relena Peacecraft.


You've grown strong, Relena.

But that strength is no longer necessary.

I want you to stay kind and gentle.

Do these kind arms that hold me belong to my brother Milliard?

Or are they the blood stained hands of Zechs Merquise?

If you want to return to Earth I won't stop you.

If you stay in Space I'll have a residence arranged for you.

No, I will stay here, until you change your mind.


Take Relena to the officer's quarters.


Let us go Miss Relena.

Perhaps you'll be able to talk more after you rest a little.

Very well.

If you please.

This way.

Do you think that I am too soft?

If you had nothing left to protect we would not have asked you to become the leader of Space.

Thank you...

So what now?

We hit Libra.

That's all.

Will that end it?

No it won't.

Earth is preparing to send Treize's army into space.

The Colonies will definitely counter attack.

We can't leave Libra as it is.

I agree to hit it.

Can we... defeat it?

Are you going to make an enemy of Zechs?

Are you suggesting he's an ally?


Heero, what's your opinion?

Zechs is the enemy.

He thinks that of us too.


Mobile Suit transport ship approaching!

It's the White Fang troops.

Dear me, they've taken the first move.

What about Heavy Arms?

It's done.

So is Altron.

Let's go.

C'mon Heero.

Sorry, but I'm not getting Wing Zero into this battle.

Why's that Heero?

I've got other business to do.

They've got so many of them.

It's proof that they fear us.

Wait Wufei!

There's another troop.


Leave the other troop to me!

There's a third troop.

I'll leave the main one to you.


It's a disadvantage to fight separately against those numbers.

no use telling those who are used to fighting on their own.

Damn, The Mobile Dolls have some sort of strategy programmed.

So they're not going to be like before, eh.

The Gundams are having a hard time with the enemy.

The Mobile Dolls have Gundam as their prime target.

But we can't even fire to back them up like this.

I know that!

Heero, what on earth are you thinking...?

It was a matter of time before Zechs would employ strategy to the Mobile Dolls.

Miss Noin, is it possible to control Mobile Dolls this precisely?

Not normally.

Zechs must have devised a new system.

I'm not having some puppet take the better of me!

Trowa, are you OK?

Thanks, Duo.

We're almost there.

Let's get them.


Have you found a way to coax Milliard?

What do you mean coax?

I will reason with him.

He won't be persuaded.

Milliard really intends to eliminate Earth.

There is no way that brother is truly thinking of starting a war.

There will be a war.

Just as Treize said.

I won't let it start.

But how?

That is... This is it!

This is the only way to stop Milliard.

You can do it, Miss Relena... if it's to stop a war.

No Dorothy, I can't do that.

Because you can't shoot your own brother?

Because it's against your complete peace ideal?

Whichever it is, you're unable to do anything and it's because you're Relena Peacecraft, you're all tied up in your ideals.

That's not right Dorothy.

I don't think assassination can bring peace to people.

Well, that's just too bad.



Open the door!


Please stay here until every thing is over Miss Relena.

We have a report that the Mobile Doll troops sent to Peacemillion have been annihilated.

That's fine.

I didn't think they would fall just because I put a strategy program in the Dolls.

Then why did you send them?

I have waged a dissipation battle against them.

Even Gundam pilots have a limit.

But Mobile Dolls are different.

I see.

As soon as Libra is ready we'll take off.

Our destination is Earth.

Yes sir.


That was quite a job there.

Howard, could you do the repairs and supplies?

Leave it to me.

I know, Zero.

If we go on like this we can't defeat Zechs.

Damn it, there's no end to them.

Fighting like this is no good.

We need a plan.

Sure, a plan, but...

We're close to Libra now, right?

It's a bit late to start now.

But the number of Mobile Dolls will keep increasing.

Possibility is, we'll be isolated and attacked.

You're right.

They'll attack when you're most exhausted.

All we need is to crush Libra before that happens.

It's no good.

It's no use like this...

But what can we do...?

We don't need to worry yet.

We have plenty of resources and man power.

Repairs on Gundam will be done soon.

Yes, for now.

That's right, we're not machines.

If we fight like this we WILL become impoverished...

both pilot and mechanic...

Take care of this.

Is.. is this...?

Quatre should be able to cope.

I see.

Then, I'll take it.

How is it?

Not bad.

We'll test it in battle.

I'll leave it to you.

I must fight Wing Zero with Epyon.

Commander Milliard, Peacemillion is heading straight towards us.


I will go!

Oh, Heero?

I asked Howard to fit the Zero system in your machine too.

You what?!

It's an effective system to lead a troop in battle.

Please, do it.

No Heero.

I can't do it.

I can't use the Zero system...!

I can't do it!

I don't have the right to.

Heero, please, you do it with Wing Zero.

Wing Zero has to fight Epyon.

But if we don't have a plan, we can't win.

I know that.

That's why you have to do it.

The actions you take will atone for your sins against Space.


Code Zero.

It won't activate unless you put that in.

Mobile Doll troop is approaching from Libra.

I need you all out.

I... I'm...


Epyon's coming.

It's up to you.

No sweat!


It's part of the plan for Heero to take on Epyon.

That's why we have to move as a troop.

Here they come!



Mobile Doll troop contact with the enemy A Mobile Doll command system based on Epyon's system...

It's wonderful Milliard.

Now there is the human will working behind the Mobile Doll.

My sweet dolls, dance a beautiful dance for me.


He's here.


I have to hear what your true motives are.

Why do you start war?!

In order to end it!

Wufei, we have to retreat at once.

Why retreat?

I'll watch your back!


It's no use like this.

We have to fight in a formation too.

It's time to change plans now.

Isolate each Gundam and attack them separately.

So you've got the hang of the system!

You too!

Miss Noin!

Miss Noin!

It's the same.

This is Cinq Kingdom all over again.


It's no good like this.

Wufei, go right through the enemy troop to the other side.

All follow after Wufei.



The flow's changed?

The enemy is divided into groups.

This time it's our turn to attack them separately.

Trowa, you take the above right.

Then Duo and Wufei attack the advancing troops.



If that's the case...

I can't let the system beat me.

I have to take control of the system.


Gundam is moving as if it is predicting my moves.


Why is this so?!

These Mobile Dolls aren't moving just by a program.

Someone is changing the strategy according to the situation.

I have to read beyond it.

Who on earth is...?


There's someone behind the Mobile Dolls.

Th.. this is...

Quatre Raberba Winner!

Dorothy Catalonia!

Shoot that ship with Libra's main cannon.


That's ridiculous!

That's the only way to stop Gundam.

What are they thinking of?!

Be careful.

They plan to fire Libra's cannon at Peacemillion.


Steer clear!

But with this ship's mass we can't move that promptly...

Just do it!

No use!

We can't beat it's aim.

Fire up engines 1 to 8 at full blast.

If we do that the engines will overload and blow up!

It's better than being shot down!

All right then.

If we fire from Libra at this acceleration we don't know what sort of effect it will have.

Fire it!

You have to fire.



Everyone, break away!

Libra's gonna fire its cannon!

No. 2 port engine exploded!

It's coming!

We're clear...

Cannon system down.

Various parts damaged.

This isn't how... this isn't how it was supposed to be...

Hurry up with the controls.

Report the damage in each section.

That's it for now Heero!


Was it too much of a burden for Dorothy?

Zechs, Zero predicts that you have no future.

Is Epyon's prediction different?

I must end this meaningless war.

To be continued

Infiltrating into Libra, Hirde gathered data of the ship.

But Mericruise and Bi-eight pursue the escaping Hirde.

The two Mobile Dolls had Heero and Trowa's pilot data inputted into them.

In preparation of their final battle with Earth...

White Fang dispatched an attack fleet to annihilate the Gundams.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 45

Premonition of the Decisive Battle

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