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Episode 43:
Target: Earth

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
I want to be with you, Milliardo.

I want to imprint this war on my memory.

After all, this is going to be the final war.

Zero showed me something amusing.


I've decided to join you.

It'd be the best way for me to defeat both Zechs and Treize.

Wu Fei...

All right.

Escort Dorothy in.


I'm the only one capable of stopping my brother, Milliardo.

Target: Earth

Object approaching from the aft.


It's a shuttle.

An enemy?


An enemy would've started attacking us long ago.

This is Peacemillion here.

Approaching shuttle: identify yourself!

I figured you'd be there, Noin.

Sally Po!

I brought a couple strong allies.

How about letting us board?

Heero! Wu Fei!

So you made it without getting shot to pieces.

Mind if we stay for a while?

No, stay as long as you like.

I'm just glad to have you visit.

This'll be one tough battle, Noin.

All battles are tough by nature.

You already know that.


I feel so powerless now.

I may need your support this time around.

It won't be me you're depending on.

Those kids have left their doubts behind.

They've found their missions.

If you stay on their side, you won't go astray.

You're right.

You brought that troublesome suit with you.

You'd have to be insane to pilot a thing like that.

I never asked you to pilot it.

You piloted it, though!

If you can...

I can handle that suit.

I've piloted the Epyon, and it has the same system on it.


You mean the one Zechs was in?!

Why were you piloting that?!

I almost forgot what you're like.

You're just about as loony as they come.

Hey, we're dividing our technicians into two groups.

I'll give out the orders for the Altron repairs.

That's my Gundam...

Trowa, we'll modify your suit for space compatibility.

Appreciate it.

Even once it gets modified you're nothing but a sitting duck to the enemy.

You're better off not returning to battle.

You're probably right.

Good girl.

You guys must miss Trowa, since he's gone now.



For our next performance...

What's going on, Boss?!

Stay where you are!

The OZ Space Force has taken over this colony!

They what?!

The surrender of the Space Fortress Barge and Lunar Base is a fatal blow to the OZ Space Force.

OZ has reigned as the leader, but now has no place to hide from White Fang and the antipathy of the colony citizens.

It stands isolated from all other forces.

This is a declaration to White Fang.

The OZ Space Force has taken over Colony C42 I!

We demand you return the space battleship Libra that you seized!

Should you ignore our demand we cannot guarantee the safety of this colony or its citizens!

The OZ guys in space have really lost it now.

That's because White Fang has pushed them to the edge.

White Fang didn't leave OZ a place to run.

And this is how it resulted.

Those weaklings depend too much on their mobile dolls.

What do you expect?

I wonder how White Fang will react?

White Fang's a bunch of weaklings too.

But Zechs will never go for OZ's demands.

The colony citizens will be sacrificed.

Sacrificed so Zechs can win.

Can this really be considered a war?


Damn OZ!

Will they stop at nothing?!

We can't just let the colony citizens die!

But we can't give this battleship to them either!

This brings us one step closer to our ultimate victory, doesn't it.

Right, Milliardo?

What's that supposed to mean, Dorothy?

I mean that OZ has made the foolish choice to take the colony citizens as hostages.

Now the people's anger will be directed at OZ.

But we can't just let them die.

Direct Libra toward Colony C4 2 I .

We'll fire the main cannon as we change direction.

Notify all relevant units.


Commander Milliardo!

If we used the main cannon we'd destroy OZ but we'd wipe out the whole colony!

This is a war we're fighting here, Quinze.

If we're going to win we must be prepared to make any necessary sacrifices.

Yes but...

The death of the people will be recorded in the history of the colonies as an honorable sacrifice, necessary to achieve our ideals.

Oh, it'll be beautiful!

Libra's changed direction.

They're heading for the colony taken over by OZ.

They only changed direction?

So they're gonna fire the main cannon.

And destroy the whole colony?

That guy's unreal!


Zechs would never do such thing!

I can understand how you'd wanna believe that.

But he's the White Fang leader.

I know but...

Leave the vernier adjustments for later!

Let's get a move on and overhaul the power pack!

It's not ready.

Hey, Trowa.

What's the matter?

Hey Trowa.

What do you think you're doing?!

Wait, Trowa!!

He's really gone overboard!

Let's follow him!

Wing Zero is too dangerous in his state!


You look calm.

Aren't you at least worried about your comrade?

There's no point in interfering this time.

Besides I'm powerless until Nataku's repaired.

Zero will wipe out the last of OZ and its mobile dolls.

That'll be easy.

But what about Libra's main cannon?

We aren't the ones who can stop that cannon.


You mean...?


I have good news, Your Excellency.

I'm certain we'll be able to retrieve the Libra.

We'll have supremacy in space...

You don't want to hear him out, Your Excellency?

OZ has changed considerably in the short time I was absent.


From now on, I refuse to allow them to bear the name of OZ.

Tell them that.


But why?!

We're doing this for His Excellency!

So why?

Why doesn't His Excellency approve of our operations?

We can't allow White Fang to claim supremacy in space.

We have a problem!

A Gundam!

A Gundam's here!

I hope you're all right, Catherine.

Everyone shut up and form a line!

What's going on outside?!

I hear a Gundam got past our defense-line!

A Gundam?!

What's gotten into them?

I don't know.

But I wish they'd leave us alone.

All we wanna do is live in peace!


What are you talking about?

You were told to keep quiet!

We were saying that your threats don't scare us!



What'd you do that for?!

Stop it, Catherine.

Just be quiet and do what they say.

But Boss...!

There's something so wrong about this.

They're trying to control everyone with force.

I know.

It's wrong.

Everybody's aware of that, but no one will do a thing.

Because no one wants to risk their life.

But Trowa's different.

He risks his life as he searches for the correct path.

Otherwise he couldn't take on the dangerous task of being a Gundam pilot.

Why has a Gundam come here?

Have they joined forces with White Fang?!

Then they've given up on this colony!

You'll regret this!

This is payback for what you Gundams have done!


l-I've gotta save Catherine...


Don't do it! Trowa!

Open your eyes, Trowa!

The person you have to protect lives there!

You were the one that corrected the mistake I made!

I can't let you make that same mistake now!

Don't let the Zero control you!

You're too strong to let that happen!

Th-The person...I wanna protect...

Trowa! Trowa! Are you all right?!


You're right, Quatre.

We both have people to protect.

T-Trowa! Your memory's back!

Let's go, Catherine's waiting for us.

What's that?!

Our Taurus unit's been completely destroyed?

Then we'll just have to take the hostages with us!

Have the Taurus in the colony increase security on the exits!

What was that?!

It's a Gundam!

How on earth...?!

Surprise you?

Sneaking in unnoticed is one of my specialties!

That's enough!

I won't let you harm the colony any more!

Main cannon energy fully charged!

Ready to fire!

Hold your fire.

Civilian shuttle approaching from I o'clock.


Milliardo, it's Relena.

I knew you'd be coming, Relena.

But you've arrived too late, I'm afraid.


You're making a huge mistake.

Stay away, Relena.

I'll do no such thing.

When Libra's main cannon is fired your shuttle will be destroyed.

Your life will be wasted.

I don't care if it is.

At least let me say this.

We both bear the Peacecraft name.

As such, aren't you embarrassed brandishing huge military power and controlling people?

Is that all you have to say?


Fire the cannon!

Start the countdown!

Yes, sir!

We've saved the colony!

Tell White Fang to cancel their attack!

There won't be any need.

What you guys just did was in vain.


The target of Libra's main cannon was never that colony.

What?! Then what was?

You don't mean...?

1 O seconds to fire main cannon!


Is there no way to stop you from attacking the colony?!

God will never forgive you for this!

Milliardo, please come to your senses!

I have come to my senses.

3, 2, I , O.


Fire the main cannon!

He missed?!

Was he just bluffing?

No, he's on target.

Libra's target is the Earth.

There's no turning back now.

Maybe we're powerless against him...


I believe in you guys.

And I'm sure you people understand.

Please don't allow these miserable wars to exist.

Build a peaceful world for all of us.

That was splendid!

After that attack the people will shudder at the mere thought of our tremendous power.

The test of the main cannon was a great success.

That was no test.

It was an official challenge to Treize.

Yes, of course it was!

Overload in the main cannon control circuits!

It's being inspected!

Make it fast.

We're expecting our enemy.

Our enemy...?

Who do you mean?

The most annoying and fearful enemy in the universe.

The Gundams.

To be continued

Next Episode

A battle program is developed based on the Epyon's system.

The mobile dolls loaded with this system are more than the attacking Gundam pilots can handle.

Heero tells an anxious Quatre to repay people in the colonies by conquering the Zero System.

Thus allowing Quatre to successfully execute their plans.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 44

Go Forth, Gundam Team

The Aurora that Fires Upon the Ground

Something is approaching from behind.


It appears to be a shuttle of some sort.

The enemy?

No, they would have opened fire by now?

To the approaching shuttle this is the Peacemillion.

Please identify yourselves.

I thought you might be there, Noin.

Sally Po?!

I brought some powerful allies with me.

May I have permission to dock?



It's amazing that you made it here without being shot down.

I'll be under your care for a short while.


That's no problem.

I'm happy that you came.

It appears that this war is going to be painful.

War is always painful.


I'm so weak now, I may come to rely heavily on you.

Surely not on me...

Those children have cut through their own indecision and found their paths.

If we work with them, surely we will create a proper future.

You're right.

You just had to bring that nuisance?

A normal person has no business piloting that thing.

I'm not telling you to pilot it.

If you've piloted it... then- I can use it.

The experience with I've had with the Epyon, which uses the same system, is of some use.


The suit Zechs pilots?!

What the hell were you doing?


I forgot.

You're not a normal human being.

We'll split the job into two teams.

I'll supervise the work on Altron.




We'll have your suit converted for space in no time.

Please do!

Even if you can relearn to pilot, you'll only be a target for the enemy.

You have no business returning to the battlefield.

You may be right.

There there...

With Trowa gone, you must be lonely.


About this next event.



Behave yourselves!

We, the space arms of OZ are now occupying this colony.

How dare they...

The fall of the moon base and the space fortress, Barge, were deadly blows to OZ.

They who had reigned over everything, with White Fang attack and the growing hostility of the colonists found themselves falling into complete isolation with n o way to protect themselves.

To the White Fang.

We, the OZ space forces, now occupy L-3's C4 2 1 Colony.

We demand that you return that what you took from us by force - the Libra.

If you refuse, we cannot guarantee the safety of these colonists.

They've gotten indiscriminate.

This is the Result of their Failure to prepare a place to run to, the White Fangs have them cornered.

After all...

That's the only thing weaklings who rely on mobile dolls can manage.

What will the White Fangs do, I wonder?

The White Fangs are an assortment of weaklings as well.

But Zechs won't bend to their demands.

The colonists will be abandoned.

A sacrifice in the name of victory?

Still, can this even be called a battle?


Damn you OZ!

How cowardly can you get?

We can't abandon them!

But we can't just hand over this ship!

It means we're one step closer to victory.



What do you mean, Lady Dorothy?

They chose to act foolishly and take hostages.

The colonists will surely direct their anger towards OZ.

But to abandon them...

Direct the Libra towards C4 2 1 .

We'll be firing in addition to the course change.

Notify all those involved.


Commander Milliard!

If we use the array on OZ, we'll annihilate the colony as well!

This is war.

You must be prepared to sacrifice anything for victory.

But- For their precious sacrifice, the deaths of these people will be remembered for a long time.


How beautiful!

The Libra's changed course and is now heading towards the colony that OZ is occupying.

Only changed its course?

They must be planning to used their main array.

Are they going to eradicate the colony as well?

They would!

That can't be, Zechs isn't like that.

I can understand your desire to believe in him, but he IS the leader of the White Fangs.


We can put off the vernier adjustments.

We need to overhaul the powerpacks first.

That won't work.


What's up?



What are you up to?

Wait, Trowa!

What the hell is he doing?

Let's go after him.

The Wing Zero is too dangerous for Trowa in his current state.


You're awfully calm.

Shouldn't you show at least a little concern for your comrade.

There's no point in intervening in this battle.

And so long as Nataku is unable to move, I'm powerless.

Zero should be able to wipe out the remaining OZ Mobile Dolls.

There's no problem.

But if the Libra should chose to fire?

We aren't going to be the ones to stop it.




Rejoice, your excellency, we will recover the Libra.

And then we'll dispatch- Is it all right to leave it like that?

I'm away for just a short while and OZ changes like this?

I do not give them permission to use the name of OZ, this time.

Tell them thusly.


What do you mean?

We're doing this for his excellency!


Why won't he accept what we're doing?

Does he mean to let the White Fangs gain control of space?

This is terrible!

A Gundam!

A Gundam has appeared!

Please be all right sister...

Get in line!

Make the line straight!

That's going on outside?

They're being done in by Gundams, I hear.


What about them?

I don't know.

But I'm tired of this.

We just want to live in peace.


What are you talking about?

We told you no talking!

Your bluff's not working!



What are you doing?!

That's enough Katherine.

Just do as they say.


This is wrong!

Trying to achieve everything through force!

That's right, it IS wrong.

But no one will set things to rights.

Because they want to live...

But he's different...

Trowa is risking his life to pursue what he thinks is right.

If he wasn't he wouldn't be taking on the danger of piloting a Gundam.


Why has a Gundam appeared?

Have they joined hands with the White Fangs?

Then they're abandoning the colony.

I hope you regret this!

This is your fault This is your answer!


My sister...

I must save her...


Don't, Trowa!

Snap out of it Trowa!

There are people you want to protect there!

You're the one who corrected the errors of my ways!

Are you going to repeat those same mistakes?!

Don't let the Zero System control you!

You're not that weak!


I... want to... protect?



Are you all right?!


That's right, Quatre...

There are people we want to protect.

Trowa... your memories...?

Let's go.

Katherine's waiting.


The Taurus units have been completely destroyed?

Then we'll use the colonists as hostages until we get out.

Use extreme caution while moving the Tauruses to the outer hatch.

What A Gundam!?



But sneaking in without notice happens to be my specialty.

This is it.

We won't let you hurt the colonies any more.

Main array charge is complete.

We can fire at any time.


There's a civilian shuttle at 1 o'clock!


Brother... this is Relena.

Just as I'd suspected.

Here you are... but you're too late.

What you're doing is wrong.

Pull back, Relena.

No, I won't

Your shuttle is no obstacle for the main array.

You'll die for naught.

I don't care.

But let me say this.

Using all this force to conquer people...

Aren't you ashamed to use the Peacecraft name?

Is that all you have to say?


Fire the array.

Begin the countdown.

We've liberated the colony!

Tell the White Fangs to stop their attack!

No need to...

What you did was for nothing.


The Libra was never targeting the colony.

Then... where...?

You can't be serious!

Ten seconds...


Why are you attacking the colonies?!

God won't forgive this act!

Open your eyes!

My eyes are open.

3... 2... 1 ... 0



They missed?

Was that a warning shot?


Nothing like that.

The Libra targeted the earth.

Now they've done it.

Are we truly powerless?


I believe in you.

Don't let this miserable war continue any longer.

And somehow... create a world of peace.


People must now tremble at the sight of this power we possess.

The test of the main array was a great success!

This was not a test.

It's a challenge issued to Treize.

Yes, of course.

The main array's regulator circuit appears to have overloaded.

We're currently compensating.


The enemy will come soon.

The enemy?

And that would be?

The greatest and most fearsome nuisance in this universe.

The Gundams.

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