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Episode 42:
Battleship Libra

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Space Fortress Barge, a symbol of OZ's domination surrenders in the hands of the White Fang.

As a result, the map of power in space is drastically rewritten.

Milliardo Peacecraft is now the leader of outer space in both name and reality.

Meanwhile on Earth, with Queen Relena at the helm Romefeller begins forming an unarmed World Nation which has realized total pacifism.

But with Treize Khushrenada's return Relena is relieved of her duties.

The year is After Colony 195.

The delicate situation between Earth and Space causes tensions to increase.

Battleship Libra

Lieutenant Nichol!

I'm glad you're okay!

Hardly ''okay''.

There were only 18 survivors.

That was all I was able to bring back from Barge.

What's that, Lieutenant?

We survived in dishonor just to bring her back to Earth.

Please, you must take her to His Excellency Treize.

Her bullet wounds have completely healed.

But she's still in a coma.

My dear Lady.

I'm glad you made it home.

I can't tell you how good it is to be able to see you again.

You never left my heart for a moment.

But Lady.

I want you to see how I handle things now.

A fantastic battle will commence between Space and Earth and will end the pathetic history mankind has created.

A star role in this final scene would be too big a burden for Relena Peacecraft.

I must take on the role as leader.

I must.

That's right.

She can establish the new history we'll lay out for her.

Relena Peacecraft shall be the new hope for Earth.

Attention, leaders of the world.

What is the purpose of the World Nation's existence?

The previous sovereign, Queen Relena said it was true peace.

But were the people able to live in peace?

The answer is no!

People live in uncertainty and feel threatened.

And why?

Because an armed organization calling itself White Fang is challenging us to a war.

We mustn't allow this tyrannical behavior they've exhibited towards us.

I say to the world leaders.

No-I say this to the citizens of the World Nation!

Now is the time to unite as one force and fight this threat from space.

Then, our victory over them shall earn unity and peace for the Earth!

Is that not our lifetime mission?!

Don't laugh at this, Lady.

I must put on a performance if I'm going to help the people.

This is the third time I've seen the Earth from space.


You always hoped for peace between the colonies and Earth.

I don't know if I can follow in your footsteps.

How are you feeling, Miss Relena?

Very well, thanks.

It'll be a while before we reach the Libra battleship.

Try to get some rest.

I will.

Sorry to trouble you.

Not at all.


You must have courage.

You'll need it in order to protect that beautiful Earth.

Those damn White Fang troops!

It doesn't look like they'll let us get away!

They have no Lunar Base, and Barge is gone.

They've got no place to go, but still they betray us.

They used to be part of the Treize Faction.

Once Treize becomes the World Nation's ruler it'd be too awkward to stay with us.

Soldiers shouldn't worry about principles and opinions.

It's a pity they don't realize that.

If we take out one of them we'll be reducing their force!

This'll be a sign of my loyalty to His Excellency!

This is it!

That's Gundam O5!

It's coming!


Dispatch all Virgos!

Set target to Gundam O5!

I'll confirm whether your actions are justified!

If you are justified, you should be able to defeat me!

Don't expect that to defeat me!

And you won't even come close to Treize!

So that's it.

That's how the Gundams fight their battles.

That's the ''ideal'' His Excellency spoke of!

Come on!

Now's your chance to get me!

Don't underestimate your battles!

Lunar Base!

Pursuit unit here!

We're fighting a Gundam at Point O9!

Send reinforcements!


I've learned a lot watching you.

I saw the truth in your fighting!

Thank you!

What's he doing?!


You're correct.

White Fang and OZ are mistaken.

My only regret is not being able to tell that to the others.

irregularities in the drive system.

Left arm immobile.

Operational abilities down in every segment.


We can't afford to go down yet.

There are still too many fools in space.

The nearly-complete battleship Libra is a major threat to the people on Earth.

While anxiety increases among the people the new leader, Treize Khushrenada uses his leadership abilities to either eliminate or take over all retaliatory forces.

To dispel their fears against space the people unite under Treize.

But their strong fears hasten preparations for battle against White Fang.

Commander Milliardo.

The Libra is finally complete.


Assemble the entire crew in the main hangar.

I want them to hear my final announcement to Earth.

Very well.

Our actions don't reflect our personalities, do they, Treize.

It's been a while.

You've been fighting all this time?

My exact words to you.

I saw the suit Zechs Marquise piloted.

Are you using it now?


How about the other one?

That's Trowa's.

But it won't be much use until it's upgraded for space battle.

I see.

Where are you headed to?

Libra's in the opposite direction.

We're headed for Peacemillion, where Noin's waiting for us.

With the three other Gundam pilots.

Don't tell me you want out.

We've running out of fuel.

Not afraid I might take over this shuttle and fly to Libra?

Good point.

I never thought of that.

But on Peacemillion there are supplies and engineers who can repair your Gundam.

You can go and attack Libra anytime after that.

That's why you want me to come?

You can use Peacemillion any way you wish to be true to your sense of integrity.

I thought this was an offer you couldn't possibly refuse.

Wu Fei?

Thanks for your kindness.

But I'm not making any deals.

Wu Fei...

Just drop it.

He does things his own way.

So I gathered.

White Fang's mobile doll carriers.

Looks like their reinforcements have arrived.

Yeah, and they've already surrounded us.

I see.

How many?

Judging from those carriers they've probably got 10 Virgos on each.

So 40 mobile dolls.

Shouldn't be a problem.

It's me they're looking for.

You're not using your head.

You'd be committing suicide with your Gundam.

I don't care.

Take Zero.



Take Wing Zero?


But don't get disillusioned by the cockpit system.

Who am I after?

While you pilot the Zero it'll tell you who your true enemies are.

It's worth a try.

Are you sure about lending him the Zero?

All the Gundams were built based on the Zero suit.

He knows how to pilot it.

Come on, Zero!

Show me!

Let's see what you can do!

The road I'm taking is correct!

If you're telling me I'm wrong then use all the power you've got and try to stop me!


I can fight on my own!

I'll keep on fighting alone until the day I die.



Earth's World Nation is claiming that unity will achieve peace.

I never dreamed that I'd hear such rubbish from Treize.

I'm sure you haven't forgotten about an organization on Earth called the Allied Forces of the United Earth Sphere Alliance!

Did that ridiculous organization eliminate wars and make world peace a reality?

Of course it didn't!

Under the guise of "Peace and Justice" the Alliance came to the colonies with its overwhelming military force.

The eradication of wars cannot be achieved simply by uniting nations.

It's a problem that requires an end to earthlings.

Earthlings have fought since ancient times when our ancestors first walked upright.

Battles between human races eventually became battles between countries.

Over the thousands of years since the dawn of history we have written our bloodstained history!

The only reason is the fact that fighting is human nature!


You're not mistaken.

Is our only choice to give up?

No, that's hardly the truth.

The reason being that some humans possess the power to overcome their own base instincts.


No way!

I wanna keep fighting!

I'm sure you've noticed by now.

The citizens of the colonies are a new breed of humans with the ability to gain true peace by controlling their instincts to battle.

The colony citizens have lived their lives in space where earthlings aren't welcome.

The colony citizens know through experience just how meaningless these tragic battles are.

Is that my future...?

With them?

So my path will become the same as theirs.

Understand that the colony citizens are preoccupied with living in space.

They don't have the ability to fight.

Then why did we stand up on their behalf?,.

Because the old breed of mankind that loves to battle remains on their comfortable Earth and tries to conquer those of us who are defenseless.

It has been 200 years since our people began living in space.

Isn't it time that we end this history filled with disputes?

To do that we must eliminate the hotbed of all battles the place that we call Earth!

My enemies are Milliardo Peacecraft and Treize Khushrenada.

I'll defeat them.

That's what I must do!

Of course, we don't intend to kill needlessly.

We must fight him.

At least we rate humanity a little higher than he does.

Taking this into consideration I once again announce to Treize Khushrenada Sovereign of the World Nation.

We demand that the Earth be eliminated from the universe!

If you cannot abide by this demand then we'll have no choice but to start a war to end all wars!

You're back early.

Zero showed me something amusing.


I've decided to join you.

It'd be the best way for me to defeat both Zechs and Treize.

Wu Fei...

Now, fire up Libra.


Unidentified shuttle.

How should we handle it?

Dorothy Catalonia here.

It's a pleasure, Milliardo Peacecraft.

Remember playing with Treize when we were kids?


That shuttle belongs to the Romefeller Foundation.

Shoot it down.


Once upon a time, there was a person with two names.

That person was the direct heir of a pacifist nation.

But he wore a mask and changed his name to take revenge against those responsible for the nation's collapse.

He soon became the legendary hero of an army.

Today, that person says he will punish foolish earthlings.

What has pushed him this far?

And can one call this an act of pacifism?

Or are these the instincts of a hero?

We're locked onto target!

It's possible that this person actually dislikes peace.

Or maybe he dislikes his younger sister who still follows their father's pacifist ways.

Well, nobody really knows his true intentions.

I want to be with you, Milliardo.

I want to imprint this war on my memory.

After all, this is going to be the final war.

All right.

Escort Dorothy in.


Thank you very much, Milliardo.

I promise to never leave your side.

I'm the only one capable of stopping my brother, Milliardo.

To be continued

Next Episode

Zechs joins the White Fang to put an end to the warring history of mankind.

But few know his real intentions.

Noin, Relena, Heero and the other Gundam pilots watch in horror the one last act of faith which can only be regarded as an irrational act.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 43

Target: Earth

The fall of space fortress Balji, the symbol of OZ rule, was brought about by White Fang.

This dramatically changed the structure of power in Space.

Milliard Peacecraft had truly become a prominent figure.

Meanwhile, the World Nation based on the complete peace ideal that Queen Relena proposed was being constructed...

But with the return of Treize Khushrenada, Relena was made to resign her position.


The tension between Earth and Space had risen to a hair-trigger crisis.


Commander Nicole, we're glad you're safe.

You call this safe?

Only 8 survived.

That was all I could save from Balji!

Commander, who is that?

The only reason we didn't die up there with honor, was to bring her safely here.


Take her to His Excellency's side.

Her exterior wounds have healed but she still has not regained consciousness.

My Lady, I'm glad you have returned.

I am pleased to be able to see you again.

Though your heart was always by my side.

But Lady, you must watch me closely from now.

The curtain is about to rise on a glorious battle to end mankind's foolish history between Earth and Space.

This final act is too much for Relena Peacecraft to handle.

It must be me.

Yes, me.

Exactly, she will lead forward the future we provide for her.

Relena Peacecraft must become the hope of the people on Earth.

I ask the representatives of various nations.

Why must our World Nation exist?

Queen Relena said it was for peace.

But has tranquillity returned to the heart of our people?

The answer is NO!

Even now the people fear unrest and shudder to threats.

Why is this?

It is because White Fang are preparing to attack us.

We must not tolerate this tyrannical behavior.

I speak to all leaders, no, to all the people of the world.

We must join together and fight this menace from Space.

This will truly make us one nation and win peace!

That is the reason for our existence!

Please don't laugh, Lady Une.

We must give the people some sort of performance.

This is the third time I've seen Earth from Space.


You wished for peace between Earth and the Colonies until the end.

I wonder if I can be like you.

How is the trip Miss Relena?

It's fine, thank you.

It will be a while until we reach Libra.

Please rest if you can.

Yes, sorry for the trouble.

You're welcome.

Come on Relena you must have courage.

You have to protect our beautiful Earth.

That damn White Fang!

Seems like they're not gonna let us go.

We don't have a base or Balji any more.

We haven't got anywhere to hide and they've turned their backs on us.

They were originally on Treize's side.

If Treize becomes the World Nation Leader they won't be able to stay with us.

There's no need for principle or opinion for a front line soldier.

They're wretched if they don't understand that.

Even if we get one ship down, it'll mean that their force is weaker.

That is my loyalty to Commander Treize.

Is this it?!

G..Gundam 05?

It's coming this way.


Send out all Virgos!

The target is Gundam 05!

I'll be the judge if you're right or wrong!

If you are right, you should be able to crush me.

Is this your best?

There's no way you can beat me, and Absolutely no chance to beat Treize!


This is how Gundam fights.

This is the ideal His Excellency spoke of...


If you want to beat me now is the chance.

Don't underestimate a fight!

Moon base, this is the pursuit troop.

We are in combat with Gundam 05.

Request for backup.

Gundam, I've learnt from you.

I saw truth in the way you fight.

I thank you.


Gundam, you are right.

We, and they are the ones who are wrong.

My only regret is that I have no means to tell this to others.

Propulsion system Failure.

Left arm maneuver failed.

All sections level down.


We can't die just yet.

There are still too many idiots in Space.

To the people on Earth, the almost complete battleship Libra was none other than a threat.

With the growing unrest of the people, Treize Khushrenada joined or even absorbed opposing forces on Earth with his strong leadership qualities.

The desire to eliminate this menace made the people follow Treize and their fear lead them to prepare for war with the White Fang.

Leader Milliard, our Libra is finally complete.


Order all personnel to assemble in the main hangar.

I want them to hear the final warning to Earth.

Understood sir.

Seems like we've both exposed a side very unlike ourselves, Treize.

Long time no see.

So you're still fighting?

You can talk.

There was a machine that Zechs Merquise was using.

Are you riding it now?


The other one was...

It's Trowa's.

But it can't be used yet.

It has to be modified for outer space use.

I see.

Where are we heading?

Libra's in the other direction.

We're heading for Peacemillion which Noin has joined up with.

There are 3 Gundam pilots there.

Don't say you're getting off... cause we've just got enough fuel to get there.

Didn't you think I would take over this ship and head for Libra?

That's right, it didn't even occur to me.

But Peacemillion has the spare parts and the technicians to repair your Gundam.

It won't be too late to hit Libra after that.

So you're telling me to join you?

You can just use Peacemillion for the justice you're fighting for.

I do think I'm proposing a good deal.


I'll accept your kindness but not your deal.


Leave him.

He's got his own way of doing things.

Seems like it.

A White Fang Mobile Doll transport ship.

Seems like the reinforcement troop has arrived.

Yes, and they've already surrounded us.

Is that so?

What's their number?

For that transporter they probably have 10 Virgos, 40 Mobile Dolls.

They've come for me.

You don't understand enough.

You'd only die a dog's death in your Gundam.

No matter.

Go in Zero.



In Wing Zero?


But... don't let Zero's cockpit system deceive you.

What are you getting at?

If you go in Zero, it'll tell you who your real enemy is.

I suppose it's worth a try.

Was it right to let him on Zero?

Zero is the basis of all the Gundams.

He has the right to try it out.

Come on.

Show me.

Show me all your power!

The path I have chosen is right.

If you say it isn't, try and change me with all your might!

This is wrong.

I can fight on my own.

I'll fight to death on my own.



The Earth World Nation says that unity will bring peace.

I didn't think I would hear such sophistry from Treize.

I suppose you have not forgotten.

There was once an organization called the United Federation Army on Earth.

Did that idiotic organization stop war and bring peace?


Definitely no!

Under the banner of justice and peace the United Federation conquered our Colonies with their armies.

The indications of war are no longer about unifying the nations.

It is a problem that results in the very being of humanity.

From the moment mankind has stood on this Earth, he has been fighting.

The fight between the people became the fight between the nations.

and we have come through thousands of years of history stained with blood.

This is because it is in our instincts to fight.

Milliard, you are not wrong.

Then, must we give up?

That is not so.

Because there are people who can overcome such instincts.



My desire is a duel!

I believe you already know.

Yes, the people of the Colony are the new humans who have controlled their instincts and made peace possible.

The Colony citizens have lived in this harsh environment called Space.

They know how meaningless it is to kill each other.

Is.. is this my future...?

My path.. is my path to be the same as theirs...?

I hope you understand.

The Colonies do not fight because they can just barely live in Space.

Then why have we stood up?

It is because the old humans on their stable Earth want war.

They want to conquer us!

It has been over 200 years since humans ventured out into Space.

Is it not time to put an end to the history of war?

For that, we must eradicate the origin of all wars, Earth.

My enemy is Milliard Peacecraft and Treize Khushrenada.

I'll defeat them.

That is my justice!

Of course we do not intend to kill unnecessarily.

Seems like we'll have to fight him.

At least we have a higher opinion of the human race.

Taking this into account, we notify the World Nation Leader Treize Khushrenada once again.

Our demand is to eliminate Earth from Space.

If you do not accept, we will have to start the final war for mankind.

You were quick.

Zero showed me something interesting.

Is that so?

I've decided to fight with you.

Seems like this is the quickest way to defeat Zechs and Treize.


Prepare Libra for take off.

Yes sir.

Unidentified shuttle, sir.

What should we do?

This is Dorothy Catalonia.

It has been a long time Milliard Peacecraft.

You and Treize often visited me when I was little.

Shoot it.

That is a Longfeller shuttle.

Shoot it down.

Y.. yes sir.

Once there was a man with 2 names.

He was the heir to a peaceful nation but for revenge of having his country destroyed, he put on a mask, changed his name, and became a legendary hero of a certain army.

Now he says he will purge mankind.

I wonder why he came to do such a thing?

Is his actions based on the complete peace principle?

Or is it the instinct of a hero?

Locked onto target.

Perhaps he doesn't really like peace.

Perhaps he hates his sister who has taken after their father's ideal.

But nobody knows the truth.

I want to be by your side.

I want to engrave this war in my memory.

After all, this is going to be the last war.

Very well.

Show Dorothy in.

Thank you very much Milliard.

I will never leave your side.

I am the only one who can stop brother.

To be continued Zechs joined White Fang in order to put an end to mankind's history of war, but no one knew his true intentions behind this.

Noin, Relena, Heero and the other Gundam Pilots were to be shocked at the single strike of determination that they could only see as foolishness.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 43

"Striking Aurora"

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