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Episode 41:
Crossfire At Barge

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
By having Relena Peacecraft join the Foundation as their representative and a symbol of peace Romefeller gains the people's support and is justified in making the World Nation a reality.

In space, an armed organization called White Fang directs all forces to fight for the colonies' independence.

The White Fang organization welcomes its new leader.

Earth and Space...

The two exist together in a pattern of confrontation.

My name is Milliardo Peacecraft.

We will eliminate Earth, the force that conflicts with Space.


You've chosen one of the futures Epyon showed you.

Of the futures that Wing Zero showed me I've chosen...

This one!

Crossfire at Barge

Enemy dolls have crossed the space mine field!

E.T.A. to defense line: 120 seconds!

Our Taurus mobile doll troops will take defense formation!

Fully deployed in T minus 30!

Isn't the Barge cannon ready?!

Connections are complete!

We'll bring in the workers!

Increase energy level on the double!

Yes, sir!

All units, phase 3 combat alert!

Send out every Taurus suit and don't let the enemy near Barge!

This is our last stronghold; we can't afford to lose it!

The laser beams won't work against the Virgos!

Arm the Tauruses with laser cannons!

They can't take the added output!

They'd overheat!

Doesn't matter!

As long as they wipe out some of the dolls!

The enemy mobile dolls will reach our first defense line in 10, 9, 8, 7 6, 5, 4, 3 2, 1 !

The battle has begun!

White Fang initiates a battle with the Space Fortress Barge.

It was obvious to all that the winner will claim supremacy of outer space.

For this reason, both the OZ Space Forces and White Fang fight a fierce battle employing their full forces.

Mobile Doll Unit 5 repositioning to the left wing!

35% have crossed the enemy defense line!

That's it; keep on top of them!

Something's approaching us from the aft sir!



The Epyon!

It's Commander Milliardo!

Wait, Commander Milliardo!

What're you doing in your mobile suit?!

You're the chief commander of White Fang!

Just give out the orders and let the dolls fight!

I'll leave that to you.

Commander Milliardo still thinks of himself as the Lightning Count.

Hang on a second, Miss Noin!

I know you don't want me to go.

But I have to meet with Zechs and talk to him.

I'm positive he has a good reason.

He must be rebelling for Relena and the Sanc Kingdom.

All the same, it's too dangerous to approach Barge alone.

Sandrock's been completely repaired.

I'll go with you.


There are many civilian colonies around Barge!

Shouldn't be hard to approach the fortress unnoticed.


You're coming with us?

I wanna let OZ and White Fang know the God of Death has returned with a bang!

Thanks a lot, Duo.

Catch all that?

I could at least cover for you.


You guys came back!

Well, now that it's settled let's get going!


Enemy forces destroyed.

Base under control.

My enemy's in space.

Sally Po...?

I'm glad I caught you in time.

Don't go firing on me.

I've got something important to give you.

It was a pain finding it so I wanna make sure you get it.


You were planning to return to space weren't you?

Would you mind taking this along with you?

You found out where Trowa is?!

I think the Gundams are essential right now.

I know you Gundam pilots can all be trusted.

That's why I want to do what I can to help you.

Heero, the battles you fight by yourselves are so solitary.

You wouldn't like getting sympathy.

But let me help you a bit.

The enemy!

Prepare shuttle for take off!

I'll take care of these guys.

I don't see any enemies...

He seems kind of different this time.

He used to be so abrasive.

He was hard to approach.

Hurry and load up that Gundam!

How could this happen?

The direct descendants of the Peacecrafts are battling against each other.

Marquis Weridge.

Are you sure he's actually Milliardo Peacecraft?

I didn't want to believe it.

But it is him all right.

What does Queen Relena plan to do about it?

Now that Duke Dermail's been killed Relena's the only person who could possibly control the new Romefeller!

Oh, King Peacecraft in heaven.

I offer my apologies.

In an effort to attain our ideal world, we've guided your children to a very cruel destiny.

If you feel that way, then I ask that you abide by my orders.

The Earth is finally heading toward peace.

What could you be thinking, Milliardo...?

Well, regardless of what you have up your sleeve fighting isn't the solution.

It's my duty to make you stop.

Is anybody here?

It's been a long time, Relena.

Treize Khushrenada.

Why are you here?

I thought I'd inform you of a decision made by Romefeller's top executives.

A decision...?

As of this day, you're dismissed from your duties as representative of the Romefeller Foundation.

I must ask you to resign from your position as Queen.

I understand.

I'll give up my rights as the representative.

But there's one last thing I have to do before that.

I must convince my brother to stop fighting against the Earth.

You're not capable of that.

Meaning what?

It's a crime to confine you within this antiquated cage-like Foundation.

I will be Romefeller's chief representative.

I'll lead the battle to its conclusion.

You're free to go where you please.

You're free.

So Relena's going into space.

In that case I'll have to get a space shuttle ready myself.

They're nothing but lifeless dolls.

They're no enemy of mine!

Damn that Gundam!

We can't let the enemy get any closer than this!

Prepare to fire the Barge cannon!

But the energy level is only at 80% capacity!

I don't care!

That's enough to fire!


Move units 8 to 24 to the left.

The remaining units will continue to advance!

We'll leave the central area to Commander Milliardo and the Epyon!

That's right.

The Gundam is our organization's symbol.

And its combat abilities are much greater than the mobile dolls.

Whoah! Look at them go!

What do you think?

I have no idea where Zechs is.

I wanna get good and close.

He should be in there.

We'll be right behind you so let's go.


I'll protect the civilian colonies.

Hey, hang on!

Man, talk about making fast decisions!


Quatre! Enemies!

I'll give you my self- introduction for starters!

Here goes!!


Isn't that...!

It's the Gundam Epyon!


That's Gundam O2 and O4!

What are they doing out here?

Colonel Sedici!

Strong energy detected from Barge!


Firing angle calibration complete!

HKS pressure balance stable!

TRD bypass unit connected!

Final safety lock disengaged!

Ready to fire!

Fire the Barge cannon!

What is that?!

How could they?!

Are they insane?!

A direct hit could've wiped out the colony!

Hey hold it!

Is this guy an enemy?!

That Gundam pilot isn't Heero!

You finally made it.

Zechs, is that you?!


Zechs is piloting that?!

Take this!

Talk about speed and power!

It's as powerful as Wing Zero!

It's incredible!

What strength!


What's going on?

Why are the Gundams fighting each other?

In any case this is our big chance!

Prepare to fire the cannon again!

We'll wipe them out with our next attack!

We're in trouble...

Not again!

Duo! Check out Barge!

They're gonna fire again?!

I haven't got time to play games with you!

Miss Noin, outta the way!

It's dangerous!

I'll take care of him.

You go stop the Barge cannon!


Get a move on!

Quatre! We haven't got time!

Zechs! Zechs!

Don't you recognize my voice?

I read you.


You've got some explaining to do.

Under Relena 's rule, the Earth is moving toward pacifism.

So why would you choose to become Miss Relena 's enemy?!

It's just as I've declared.

From space's perspective, Earth is the origin of all disputes.


And that's why I'll set everything right!

You're serious...!



Watch out for yourself!

There's no sense dying here!


Get outta my way!!

We've gotta hurry!!

Pressure within the DFV chamber is stable.

Connection with the BBS system confirmed.

Pressure rising inside the cylinder.

Ten seconds to reach the critical level.

All right!

This is the end for you Gundams!

Have a taste of our Barge cannon at full power!

We're not gonna make it!



You're not needed here.

We have no need for you in outer space!

Barge is finished...

Barge is destroyed...


To be continued

Next Episode

Wu Fei continues his solitary battle and Wing Zero shows him the future he's meant to take.

On Earth, Treize's subordinates who fled from Barge return.

Among them is the still- unconscious Lady Une.

Zechs orders the huge, completed battleship Libra toward Earth.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 42

Battleship Libra

Episode 41 New Mobile War ChronicleGUNDAM WING

By making Relena Peacecraft the Foundation's representative the Longfeller Foundation tried to gain public support to justify the World Nation.

Meanwhile, a group of armed Colony citizens called White Fang were taking over in Space in this quest for independence.

And now a new leader came forth in the White Fang.

Earth and Space.

These two existences create conflict.

My name is Milliard Peacecraft.

I hereby declare the elimination of this opposing body, Earth.

Zechs, so that's what you've chosen from the future Epyon showed you.

From the future that Wing Zero has shown me, I have chosen this.


Enemy Mobile Dolls passed the space mines.

120 till the defense line!

Mobile Doll Taurus troop, defense formation.

30 until completion.

What about the Balji cannon!?

Connection complete We're evacuating the men.

Hurry up and recharge it!

Yes sir.

All personnel prepare for level 3 combat.

Send out all Taurus units!

Don't let the enemy get close to Balji!

This is our last fortress in Space.

We can't lose!

Beams aren't efficient on Virgos.

Get them out with as many laser guns.

We haven't checked the outlet yet, it'll overheat.

I don't care.

We must kill as many of the enemy as possible.

Enemy Mobile Doll, approaching first defense line.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 Engage combat.

The White Fang invasion of space fortress Balji had begun.

It was clear to anyone that whoever won this battle was to have control over Space.

That is why both OZ and White Fang put all of their forces into this battle.

The battle was extremely ferocious.


5 Mobile Doll troop attack 9 o'clock.

Enemy invasion 35%.

Keep on going!

There's something approaching from behind.


This is...


Is it Commander Milliard?

Please wait Commander, why are you in a Mobile Suit?

You are a Commander of the White Fang.

Leave the fighting to the Mobile Dolls and give out the orders.

I'll leave that to you.

You still think you're the Lightning Count.

Wait, Miss Noin.

I know I've been told to stay but I have to see Zechs.

Zechs must have a plan.

It must be for the good of Relena and Cinq Kingdom.

But to go to Balji on your own is too dangerous.

The repair on Sandrock is done.

I'll go with you.


There's plenty of civilian Colonies around Balji.

It'll be easy to get close to them.


Are you coming too?

I want to give OZ and White Fang a big display to show that ''Death'' has made a comeback.

Thank you, Duo.

there you go.

Perhaps I could cover your backs.


You guys...

Right then, better get a move on.


Enemy troops destroyed, invasion complete.

My enemy is in space.

Sally Po.

Seems like I've made it.

Hold on.

I've got something important in here.

I found it at last, it'll be a waste to destroy it.


You're intending to go back to space, aren't you?

In which case, couldn't you take this?

Did you find out where Trowa is?

I believe that Gundam is necessary in these times.

And I know that I can trust the pilots.

That's why I want to help in anyway I can.

Heero, it's a lonely war that you all are fighting.

I know you don't like sympathy but at least let me help a little.

Enemy sighted.

Prepare the shuttle for take off.

I'll take care of it here.

Enemy, where?

Seems like he's changed a bit.

He used to be like a sharp knife and you couldn't get close to him but...

Hurry and load the Gundam.

Why do the two who share the blood of Peacecraft have to fight each other?

Count Vellicci, is he really Milliard Peacecraft?

I didn't want to believe it, but I'm positive.

What is Queen Relena going to do?

After Lord Delmare, only Queen Relena will be able to lead the changing Longfeller Foundation.

Forgive us King Peacecraft, we have led your children to a tragic fate because of our ideals.

If you truly think that, you will obey me from now on.

Earth is just starting to head towards peace, what is brother thinking?

No, whatever brother is thinking, it's not right to fight.

It is my duty to stop him.

Is there anyone here?

Pleasure to see you again Relena.

Treize Khushrenada.

Why are you here?

I thought I'd give you the Longfeller council's decision.

The council's decision?

As of now I will release you from the position of the Foundation's representative.

You must resign from being Queen.

Very well.

I will return the authority of the Foundation.

But before that I have something I must do.

I must persuade my brother, Milliard, to stop this war against Earth.

You cannot do that.

What do you mean?

It is a sin to keep you trapped in this old cage called the Longfeller.

Therefore I will become the representative.

I will settle this.

To wherever you wish.

You are free.

Miss Relena will go into Space.

I must get my shuttle ready too.

They are mere dolls with no soul, they are not my enemy.


We can't let them get through any more.

Prepare the Balji cannon!

But we've only got 80% power.

I don't care!

It's enough to fire.

Order numbers 8 to 24 to fly left course.

Leave the rest to march forward.

Leave the center area to Commander Milliard's Epyon.


Gundam is our symbol.

And it's ability is far more advanced than the Mobile Dolls.

Wow, they've really gone for it.

Now what?

We don't know where he is.

I want to get as close as possible.

Zechs must be in there.

We'll cover you as much as possible.

Let's go.


I'll protect the civilian Colony.

You do make your mind up quickly.




OK, here goes the grand presentation!

Let's go!



Gundam Epyon?!


Is that Gundam 02 and 04?

Why are they here?

Commander Sevitch, there's a strong energy reading coming from Balji.


Firing angle correction complete.

HKS balancer pressure normal.

TRD bypass, unit connection.

Final safety lock released.

Ready to fire, sir.

Fire Balji cannon!

W..what is that?!

How could they...

Are they mad?

If it hits, it could sink a Colony.


Is he an enemy?

The pilot isn't Heero.

You've finally arrived.

That voice is...



Zechs is in that.


His speed and power!

Good match with Wing Zero.

This..this power is...


Why are the Gundams fighting each other?

Whatever this means, it's a chance.

Prepare to fire the Balji cannon again.

We'll terminate them with the next blast.

This is going to...



Duo, look at Balji.

They're gonna fire again.

I haven't got time to play around with you!

Watch out Miss Noin, get out!

I'll hold him back.

Please stop the cannon.



Quatre, there's no time!



Don't you recognize me?

I hear you.


Zechs, please explain to me your thoughts.

Under Miss Relena's rule, Earth is starting to walk towards peace.

Why are you opposing Miss Relena?

My thoughts are as I declared.

For Space, Earth is the origin of conflict.


And I will correct it!




Don't overdo it.

There's no point in you getting killed just yet.


Out of the way, move!

Hurry, I must hurry.

Pressure of DF chamber normal.

Connection to BBS system complete.

Cylinder pressure rising.

10 seconds until critical level.

OK, this is the end Gundam.

Enjoy the extreme power of the Balji cannon!

I can't make it!

That guy!


You are not necessary...

In Space!

Ba... Balji is... Balji's going down...


To be continued

Wing Zero shows a future to Wufei who continues a lonely battle.

On Earth, soldiers who fled the Balji were returning to Treize.

And in them was an unconscious Lady Une.

Meanwhile, Zechs launches the completed battleship Libra towards Earth.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 42.

Libra Launched

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