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Episode 40:
A New Leader

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
By having Relena Peacecraft join the Foundation as their representative and a symbol of peace Romefeller gains the people's support and is justified in making the World Nation a reality.

In Space, armed citizens opposing OZ's colonial rule rise in every colony and start an independence movement called ''White Fang''.

The year is After Colony 195.

Wars intensify, and hurl the era toward drastic changes.

If she dies we can eliminate the World Nation and this false peace.


I'm gonna kill you.


A New Leader


Let's summarize the present situation.

On Earth, Romefeller is using Relena Peacecraft and trying to consolidate all its powers.

Relena might be taking advantage of Romefeller, in actual fact.

But either way, the Earth is heading toward peace.

The problem lies with the recent chaos here in space.

You could say there are five powers involved.

Think there are that many?


First there's the White Fang.

They pose the biggest problem.

The question is what they plan to do with that gigantic battleship they seized from OZ.

They're still building it.

I expect they'll use it against the OZ Space Force.


Since the OZ Space Force is one of the other powers.

The White Fang has the upper hand.

But OZ's Space Fortress Barge is still operating.

The battle between these two is the most significant.

Don't forget about the Gundams and their guerrilla attacks against the two.

But who're the other two powers?

I suppose neither is strong enough to be a true power.

One is the colony citizens not associated with the White Fang.

They far out-number the other forces but they lack the organization or power to act.

And the other power?

Ourselves, of course.


We'll join forces with the Gundams, as Zechs planned.

Speaking of which why hasn't he come back since he left for Earth?

The Earth is about to welcome a new era of peace!

Abide by Queen Relena's orders and discard your weapons!

You call this peace?!

You just want our weapons and to strengthen OZ's own position to govern!

Destroy everyone who slanders peace!

Don't give up, men!

Wh-What's that?!

A Gundam?!

The Gundam!

The Gundam's gonna fight OZ, like before!

Why's a Gundam siding with the guerrillas?!


You're a figurehead within Romefeller.

And what you've created is merely a false peace.

Romefeller might take away my freedom.

No, they might end up killing me...


As it stands, Romefeller will use me to continue this war.

Queen Relena.

Queen Relena.

It's come to my attention that you have your own policy with regard to the World Nation.

People still feel that the Romefeller Foundation is using its power to exercise control over them.

Romefeller needs to set an example on how to correctly bring peace to this world.

Exactly how would we do that, Queen Relena?

By withdrawing all the OZ troops posted around the world under the pretence of maintaining peace.

I object!

Then we announce to the people that the period of military rule has come to an end.

I must object!

Those are grossly simplistic ideas.

You forget the guerrillas stationed around the world or the military force of the independent nations that still remain a threat.

The real threat is Romefeller.

When a ruler calls on others to discard their weapons the ruler must be the first to do so.

Listen, Queen Relena.

That is not how Romefeller intends to govern the world!

Considering the Foundation is bringing peace to the world the time has come for it to make some changes.

There's no need to change any of our traditions.

Are those your personal opinions, Duke Dermail?

Or are they the opinions shared by Romefeller?

I believe I'm speaking for the Foundation as a whole.

And is he, gentlemen?

We haven't really come to a consensus on these issues.

I do believe Queen Relena has a good point.

Don't be ridiculous!

A few words from this girl should change Romefeller?!

I let my emotions get the better of me.

I wanted to call your attention to the risk in basing our plans for the future on the sole opinions of Queen Relena, gentlemen.

It's a difficult subject so we'll bring it up at the Foundation's general meeting tomorrow.

This executive meeting is now adjourned.

We'll probably have to give up on Wu Fei.

He's gonna do what he wants on his own.

Then should we head back to the Earth?

But there are White Fang troops patrolling the vicinity.

It'd be hard to get past them.

You mean we should try to stop the White Fang?

Relena would work out a peace plan with the colonies.

Negotiations with the White Fang can take place afterward.

Right, but the White Fang is increasing its armaments.

Even though the people of the colonies mustn't use them.

What's that?!

An encoded transmission.

It's being broadcast in this area.

It's a message to the ''Deathscythe''.

To the Deathscythe?!

Duo, can you hear me?

Old man!

Is that you Howard?!

How would you like a mission, like in the old days?

Of course I'll give you full supplies and repairs.

What are you doing out here in space?

What's happening here?

Even the leading executives of the Foundation won't listen to my opinions.

Do they all intend to follow Relena's proposals?

It just goes to show you how strong Relena really is.

I brought her here to unify OZ.

But now she's in my way.

I'll just have to...

Don't even think about it, Grandpa.

Because if anything were to happen to Relena now you'd be the first one accused.

And you don't have enough influence in the Foundation to persuade them of your innocence.

You're blunt, Dorothy but you're absolutely right.

The Foundation is becoming a little unstable.

We need a powerful leader to pull everyone together!

But Relena's not the one.

She was only supposed to be a symbol to unite OZ with the general public.

I can't imagine that Relena's strategy for peace will advance very smoothly.

I'm sure military intervention will be necessary.

Someone who's supported military power would quickly be recognized as an effective leader.

But Relena's trying to dismantle Romefeller's military power.

You can still deploy the OZ Space Force can't you?

Are you suggesting that I go into space?

You won't be able to get your point across at the general meeting tomorrow.

They'll all want to hear what Relena has to say.

Rather than fight a losing battle you should gather your military power and prepare for the next combat.

And what will you do, Dorothy?

I'll stay by Miss Relena's side!

I'm sure many more conflicts will crop up around that girl.

Who'd have thought she'd be a top leader at her age?

Duke Dermail heads for space under the pretext that he will lead the OZ Space Force in restraining the uprising White Fang rebels.

We're altering course to avoid the colony's rebel army.

This will delay our ETA at Fortress Barge.

Just watch me, you fools!

I'll prove to you that I was correct!

Good news, Relena.

My grandfather's left for outer space.

So suddenly?!

Now your greatest opposition won't be at the general meeting.

And the rest will be up to you.

Duke Dermail has left...?

It's almost time, Relena.

To the Parliament Buildings.


It's time...

A Gundam?!


It's true!

A mobile suit, perhaps Gundam O5 has crossed our defense line and is approaching the Libra!

I thought the Gundams fought for the colonies up until now!

Why are they challenging us when we're fighting for independence in outer space?!

That force is unnecessary in space!

Send out all the troops we have!

Our troops are deployed for the Barge take-over so we don't have many nearby to guard the Libra!

Then start the Libra up!

But it isn't ready yet...

Everything's done except for the main weapon and drive systems.

Use the Libra's beam cannons!

Each of you is a world leader.

But to continue as a leading organization the Foundation must undergo some changes.

In the same way that our times are currently changing.

Why is there always confrontation?

It's natural that when more than one person is involved the second person can be a source of confrontation.

To rectify this we must become unified as one body.

You're dreaming, Relena.

I once again make a declaration.

To eliminate boundaries and create one peaceful consolidated nation OZ, which holds the most power must be the first to discard all its weapons!


We did it!

There's no trace of the Gundam!


But Colonel Sedici.

The presence of several Gundams in space have been confirmed.

There's a possibility they'll return to attack us again.

I don't understand.

Why are the Gundams acting so hostile toward us?

Because the Gundams are now fighting for Earth.

And Earth itself is the enemy of the colonies.

Colonel, you must declare war.

But our strategy was to first conquer the OZ Space Force.

That's why our troops are on the way to Barge.

The White Fang's actions still don't reflect the colonies.

This would be a great chance.

To consolidate the desires of the colonies.

They may only be dolls but they were still ruthlessly sacrificed.

You guys are doing exactly what OZ would do.

That's why you're not needed in space.

When we talk of bringing the world together we must not limit it to the Earth alone.

It only takes two to start a confrontation.

We must therefore become as one with outer space.

The Earth must look to coexist with Space and Space must do the same.

Earth and Space coexist?!

We must disarm OZ and appeal to the people in space.

I ask you as world leaders to accept these changes.



Go ahead, Heero.

Kill me.

I congratulate you, Queen Relena.

Romefeller will abide by your guidance and start anew.

Thank you.


Congratulations, Miss Relena.

Okay, Relena.

Let's see what you can do.

I'll defeat my own enemy.

After repairs Sandrock will be able to fight well in outer space.

That's a big help, Howard.

I'll need a mobile suit to fight too.

Is anything available?

Nothing that I'd wanna give to a Gundam pilot.

If only we knew where the Heavyarms was...

I'm sorry I can't remember.

I'm not blaming you.


I'm having a hard time figuring out why you're supporting us.

And what do you plan to do with this spaceship?

I'm not quite sure about the ship.

You're kidding!

But as for the reason I'm supporting you...

I feel it's my responsibility.

As someone who helped build the Gundams.

You helped make the Gundams?!

More precisely, the Tallgeese.

Are you sure you can't help us find Zechs?

He's not your average person, so I'm sure he's still alive.


The White Fang is making an announcement to Earth!

It's a declaration of war!

Just as I expected...

The Space Colonies had hoped to establish its rights to self-govern in peace.

But Earth has ruled over us with its military power.

This was true in the times of the Alliance and OZ.

And it's true now that Earth has declared itself World Nation!

The Earth has been using the Gundams as their pawns!

We had hoped to unify the people of outer space and the Earth decided to attack us with the Gundams!

In support of the OZ Space Force!

Not true!

That's an outright lie!

They've been using you, Wu Fei.

The OZ Space Force will soon be eliminated.

A large-scale fleet is being dispatched to attack the OZ Space Force.

Space belongs to us colony citizens!

What's going on?

It's a large fleet from the White Fang!

But why is it in this area?!

Deploy the mobile dolls!

Accelerate to full speed!

We'll escape into Barge!

We can't!

They're catching up!

Why must I die in a place like this...?!

D-Duke Dermail!


You were magnificent, Grandfather.

I won't cry.

Because you departed this world as a brave soldier in battle!

When the colonies become one the our enemy will be Earth!

We have a righteous cause!

And we have welcomed a new leader who will help us fight for our cause!

A new leader?!

Earth and Space...

The two exist together in a pattern of confrontation.

My name is Milliardo Peacecraft.

We will eliminate Earth, the force that conflicts with Space.

No way...!

What're you saying, Zechs?!

My own brother!

But why now?!

Romefeller is making changes to improve itself!


You've chosen one of the futures Epyon showed you.

Of the futures that Wing Zero showed me I've chosen...

This one!

To be continued

Next Episode

Treize strips Queen Relena of her position as Romefeller's chief representative.

A battle for the Space Fortress Barge commences in space to determine the supreme power.

Using its overpowering number of mobile dolls the White Fang repeatedly crushes OZ's mobile doll troops.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 41

Crossfire at Barge

By making Relena Peacecraft the Foundation's representative the Longfeller Foundation tried to gain public support to justify the World Nation.

At the same time, armed Colony citizens rebelling against OZ's colonial rule calling themselves White Fang, appeared in the Colonies and started revolutionary activities.

A.C.195. The war-torn world was gaining momentum towards an immense moment of change.

If she dies, the World Nation and this false peace will disappear.

Relena, I'll kill you...


New Leader


Let us clarify the situation.

Earth is trying to collect its forces into one using Relena Peacecraft.

I don't have any idea if Relena is using the Longfeller...

But Earth is on a path towards peace for the moment.

The problem is Space which has started this chaos.

So, that leaves us with 5 factions.

I didn't know there were that many.


The first is White Fang.

This is the largest problem.

It depends on what they're going to do with that battleship they took.

It's construction is in full swing now.

I think they're preparing for a battle with OZ.

Well, the other faction is the OZ army.

Though they are being pushed by White Fang...

They still have space fortress Balji.

The battle between these two is the main one.

And there's Gundam having guerrilla warfare with both of them.

I don't get the last two factions...

Both of them are a bit weak to be called factions.

One is the Colony citizens not in White Fang.

They are probably the largest in number...

But don't have the power or means to express themselves.

And the other?

It's us, you Fool.

We are going to join forces with Gundam as planned by Zechs.

But Zechs, why haven't you come back from Earth?

Earth is entering a new age of peace.

Obey Queen Relena and discard your weapons!

What do you mean peace?

You're gonna take our weapons and establish a rule over us!

Destroy the forces that disrupt peace!

Ah, damn!

Don't back up!



It's Gundam.

Gundam is fighting OZ.

Why is Gundam siding with guerrillas?


You have only created a false peace by being in the Longfeller Foundation.

The Foundation may take my freedom away.

Even more, they could have me killed.

But if I don't do something they will just use me and continue fighting.

Queen Relena.

Queen Relena, I believe you wanted to share your opinion of the World Nation's future policy.

At the moment we can't blame people for thinking that the Foundation is ruling with force.

The Longfeller Foundation must first show the people an example of how true peace must be.

Please give us an example Queen Relena.

We must retract all the OZ forces around the world that were sent to maintain public order.


We must declare that the age of ruling with an iron fist is over.


I must say, that is a thoughtless suggestion.

I suppose it did not occur to you the threat the guerrillas and independent state forces would be to us.

Longfeller IS the threat.

If we want others to disarm... we must disarm ourselves too.

Let me make it clear Queen Relena.

That is not the way Longfeller want to rule the world!

In view of the peace we are trying to build... perhaps it is time for the Foundation to change.

It is not necessary for us to change our traditional ways.

Is that your opinion Lord Delmare?

Or is that the opinion of all Longfeller?

I believe I am speaking on behalf of the Longfeller.

Is that so?

The assembly has not come to a decision yet.

Queen Relena does have a point.

Don't be foolish!

The Longfeller is not going to change because of this girl's utterance!

No, I may have said too much.

I only wanted to point out that we should not change our policy based only on Queen Relena's opinion.

Being the topic it is, we will discuss this matter at tomorrow's meeting.

The executive council meeting is now closed.

I think we'll have to give up on Wufei.

He's gonna try it on his own.

Perhaps we should go back to Earth.

But White Fang troops are deployed in this area.

It would be difficult to pass through them.

Do you mean to leave the White Fang as they are?

No doubt Miss Relena will try to make peace with Space.

We can negotiate with White Fang later.

But White Fang are continuing to arm themselves.

The people of the Colonies shouldn't take up arms...

What the...?

It's a coded transmission.

It's being sent out to this area.

Says... ''Deathscythe''.



Can you hear me, Duo?

Old man, it's old man Howard!

You fancy coming onboard once more, for old times sake?

I'll take care of all your ammo and repairs.

Why is Howard in Space?

What are they thinking?

Not even the Foundation executives are listening to me.

Are they planning to follow that Relena?

Well, that is Miss Relena's strength.

I brought her in to unify OZ but now she's a nuisance.

If that's the case...

That's no good Grandfather.

If something happens to Miss Relena now...

You will be the first they suspect.

And at the moment you don't have the power to persuade them otherwise.

You are straightforward Dorothy.

But you're right.

The Foundation is swaying.

A strong leader must guide us all.

That is not Relena.

She is only needed to be a symbol of unification between the people and OZ I don't think Miss Relena's peace policy will be achieved so easily.

I'm sure there'll be need for arms.

Someone who has maintained power in Longfeller's forces will be approved as a leader.

Relena is trying to disperse the Longfeller forces.

But Grandfather, you have the OZ space forces.

Are you telling me to go into space?

At tomorrow's Foundation meeting, your opinion will not be supported.

All of them will listen to what Miss Relena has to say.

Rather than fight a battle you know you're going to lose you should prepare for the next battle.

What are you going to do Dorothy?

I'll stay by Miss Relena.

I'm sure there'll be more bloodshed around her.

I didn't think I'd be in the front line at this age.

Lord Delmare headed for space.

The pretext was to restrain the White Fang with his own OZ space fleet.

We'll take precautions of the revolutionaries and change our course therefore our arrival time at Balji will be slightly delayed.

Watch this you fools.

I'll prove that I was right.

Good news Miss Relena!

Grandfather has gone into space.

What did you say?

Your strongest opposition is not attending the meeting.

The rest is all up to you.

I see, Lord Delmare has gone...

It's almost time Miss Relena.

Let us go to the assembly hall.


It's time.

A Gundam!

It can't be!

Yes, it's thought to be Gundam 05 and it's passed our defense lines and heading towards us at Libra.

Isn't Gundam fighting for the Colonies?

Why challenge us who are fighting for our independence?

That kind of power is not necessary in Space!

Send out all the troops.

We've sent our troops to capture Balji and hardly have any troops left in the Libra vicinity.

Activate Libra.

But Libra is still...

Everything except the main guns and propulsion system should be operational Use Libra's beam gun!

You are all leaders of the world.

But to continue being leaders, the Longfeller Foundation must change.

Just as the times are changing.

Why are there conflicts?

Because there is always an existence of another body other than yourself that makes the conflict.

To eliminate conflict we all must become one.

Relena, that is only an ideal.

I declare once more.

In order to eradicate the formula of conflict, OZ, who is in possession of the Foundation's power must give up their arms first.


We've done it!

We have no reading of Gundam.


But Commander Sevitch, there are known to be several other Gundams in Space.

There is a possibility that they will attack us again.

Why is it?

Why does Gundam attack us?

It's because Gundam is fighting for Earth.

The Colony's true enemy is Earth itself.

Make the declaration Commander.

But our plans were to hit the OZ space forces first.

That's why we're sending our troops to Balji.

It is hard to say that White Fang is the will of the Colony citizens.

This is a good chance, to bring together the people of the Colony.

I know they're dolls but to shoot without thinking of your ally's damage...

You're just the same No different from OZ, an existence unnecessary in this universe.

To make the world become one does not apply only to Earth.

The existence of two bodies makes the conflict.

We must become one with Space.

The Earth with Space the Space with Earth.

We must coexist.

The coexistence of Earth and Space?

We should disarm OZ and call out to Space to coexist with us.

I ask all of you as leaders to accept this change.



I'm ready Heero.

Kill me.

Congratulations Queen Relena.

The Foundation accepts you and your ideals.



OK Relena, do what you will.

I will defeat my enemy.

Once this is done, Sandrock will be able to fight all it wants in space.

I'm very grateful Mr. Howard.

I need a Mobile Suit to fight as well.

Have you got one here I could use?

Not one I could give to a Gundam pilot and we don't even know where Heavyarms is.

Sorry, I don't remember...

Oh, I didn't mean it like that.

Hey Howard, what I don't understand is you.

Why do you help us?

And what are y'gonna do with this ship?

To tell you the truth I don't know either.

What do y' mean?

But the reason I help out is to fulfil my responsibility.

As one who was involved in the making of Gundams.

You made Gundams?!

Yes, the Tallgeese.

Do you really know nothing of the whereabouts of Zechs?


I'm sure he's alive though...


White Fang is making a statement toward Earth.

Seems like it's a declaration of war.

As I thought.

We, as space colonies have only wished for our rights as peaceful to that the Earth has acted with force...

As in the time of the Federation as in the time of OZ it is also the same in the time of the World Nation.

And their choice was Gundam.

They have used Gundam to fight against us who are trying to unify the people in Space.

Gundam fought in aid of OZ!


Ridiculous, that's a lie!

You've been used Wufei.

But the OZ space force will soon be destroyed We have sent our troops to the OZ space forces.

Space belongs to the people of the Colony!

What has happened?

It's a large fleet of White Fang ships.

Why are they in this area?

Send the Mobile Dolls out.

Lose them at full speed Head for Balji.

It's no good, they're catching up.

I... I can't be dying... here...!

Lord Delmare!


You were magnificent Grandfather.

I won't cry.

You died in battle as a courageous soldier.

When the Space is one, the only enemy left is Earth.

We have a noble cause.

And we have a new leader who will carry out that noble cause.

New leader?

Earth and Space.

These two existences create conflict.

My name is Milliard Peacecraft.

I hereby declare the elimination of this opposing body, Earth.

It can't be!

No Zechs!


Why now?

When Longfeller is trying to change.

Zechs, so that's what you've chosen from the future Epyon showed you.

From the future that Wing Zero has shown me, I have chosen... this.

To be continued

Queen Relena has been forced out of the representative's position by Treize.

In Space, the battle for supremacy had just begun.

It's the battle at Space Fortress Balji.

The OZ Mobile Doll troops are being outnumbered and defeated by the White Fang army.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 41.

Battle at Balji

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