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Episode 39:
Trowa's Return to the Battlefield

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
By having Relena Peacecraft join the Foundation as their representative and a symbol of peace Romefeller gains the people's support and is justified in making the World Nation a reality.

In space, armed citizens opposing OZ's colonial rule rise in every colony and start an independence movement called ''White Fang''.

The year is After Colony 195.

Wars intensify, and hurl the era toward drastic changes.

I wish to make an announcement to the world.

As of this day, l, Relena Peacecraft have become Romefeller's chief representative.

I am not doing this for Romefeller's sake.

I regard this as the first step along a very positive road.

A road that we can walk together hand-in-hand.

Where wars will be eliminated and we can have peace.

I ask that you discard your weapons and stop fighting.

I'm sure that we're all hoping for the same future.

Let us together advance toward these objectives.

I'm announcing the elimination of all national borders which have caused wars around the world and declare the Earth as one nation; the World Nation.


Trowa's Return to the Battlefield

We'd better think of retiring once the World Nation becomes a reality.

That's not even funny.

We're gonna get a lot busier serving as Her Majesty the Queen's top army corps.

So our next battleground's already determined?

Looks that way.

You're a soldier too, right?

Don't you have to go with them?

For me, the war is over.

My own country's destroyed, so I have nothing to protect.

Once again I've lost any reason to fight.

I see your point.

I just hope this all leads to peace.


Is this how it should be?

No, peace shouldn't come so easily.

Excuse me.

You're Colonel Zechs aren't you?

Wrong guy.

Then Ambassador Milliardo?

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Quinze, with the White Fang revolutionaries fighting to free the people of the colonies.

Let me guess.

You're not satisfied with just the colonies so you want to start a revolution on Earth.

Very amusing.

Figures, coming from the Lightning Count.

I'm sorry, but I have nothing to say to you.

Leave me alone.

It's no surprise that you'd have problems trusting our group.

We merely adopted the beliefs of our leader, Heero Yuy.

It's my understanding that at one point you were sympathetic to the colonies' independence.

When you came as Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom.

What are you asking me to do?

We want you to come back to outer space.

And bring your Gundam with you.

My Gundam?


The Gundam is a symbol of rebellion.

So we need both you and your Gundam.

With Queen Relena's declaration of the World Nation the world is on its way to eliminating senseless wars.

This is a wonderful thing.

However, our responsibilities do not end here!

Rebels in space have forgotten the protection we've provided and are inclined to revolt!

We must do away with these rebels and proceed to bring peace to all of Earth!

I beg your pardon, Duke Dermail.

What is it, Marquis Weridge?

What gives you this authority within Romefeller?

I fail to understand what you mean.

Isn't our new representative and leader Queen Relena?

Duke Dermail.

I find it very disrespectful for you to stand there and tell us our plans.

I'm not alone in thinking you should voluntarily step down from Romefeller, much as Treize Khushrenada did.

But we won't force you, the way you forced Treize.

I propose taking the democratic route and voting on the issue.

Your arguments are valid.

But to avoid repeating the mistake that dictator made I will not step down from my position.

Of course I'd be prepared to do so should it become necessary.

I understand.

You're saying that this isn't the time.

That's correct.

Does that satisfy you, Marquis Weridge?

Yes, that's fine.


I just hope this leads to world peace.

Duke Dermail brought Queen Relena to the forefront to hold on to his own position.

But contrarily it makes his position unstable.

At present more than half the Romefeller Foundation supports Queen Relena.

We'll make Queen Relena the World Nation's sovereign both in name and reality.

Are you certain we're doing the right thing Miss Dorothy?


Because our era must be guided in the correct direction.

Is that right?

Wu Fei declined?

He's got his own priorities.

Nobody can force him to do anything.

Anyway, Trowa Barton.

I'm grateful you came on board.

Without any memory of the past I doubt I'll be of any help.

But I'm comfortable just being here with you people.


We'll head for the Winners' natural resources satellite and make our final space modifications to Sandrock.

It's still a fair distance.

Thanks for piloting us.

I should be thanking you two.

I appreciate it, both of you.

Peace and freedom...

What in the world's happened to everyone lately anyway?

Then again, I was like them up until a while ago.

Get lost!

I have nothing to discuss with you!

If you insist on being uncooperative we'll resort to other ways!

Is that so?

You think threatening me will change my mind?!

Come on, your time's up!

We felt we needed the Gundam as our group's symbol...

So it's a shame, Duo Maxwell.

Now the Gundam will be our enemy.

Don't get me angry, if you value your life.

Now get going!

Hi, Hilde!

Didn't see you there.

I'm surprised they found this place.

As they say, evil attracts evil.

Now I've got no choice but to leave here.

Do you have to go?


I've already been a huge pain to you and this town.

Well can't I go with you?

Guess not...


You could still join the White Fang though, right?

You are fighting for the colonies after all.

I could go back to the military and fight again.


Get real!

You've finally found your niche; why give it up now?

Listen, Hilde.

I don't trust those guys.

They remind me of how OZ was until recently.

But nobody's thanking you for what you're doing.

At least with the White Fang you'll be treated as a hero!

I'm not interested in that.

I'll just keep doing my thing as the God of Death.

That's a lonely battle.


That's the path that us Gundam pilots chose.

We can't get the colonies involved in war.

You're all just too kind.

That's how we survive!

Gundam Wing

World Nation, my foot!

Do they think they can fool us with something like that?!

But Colonel Sedici.

They say that Relena Peacecraft truly believes in peace.

The girl can't have that much influence.

We're talking about OZ and Romefeller here.

Never forget who's been oppressing us up till now!

No, sir!

Our colonies are one independent country.

So we must complete this battleship quickly in order to make the people on Earth realize it.

What's the status of the Lunar Base we took over?

We've been assembling the large supply of upgraded Virgo parts left at Tubarov's mobile doll factory.

They'll be added to the White Fang's military force.

This is what the colony got for arming itself.

It was probably used as an OZ station as well and was attacked by the White Fang.

Battles end like this nowadays; this isn't unusual.

It's been wiped out.

Is space headed in the wrong direction?

It was the former Alliance that first brought weapons to space.

Then the former OZ made weapons in space.

Romefeller oppressed and controlled the citizens.

If everything has sprung from the Earth's organizations including the White Fang's uprising then it's pathetic what man's intervention has led to.

Who would support any group with such flawed beginnings?

That's why Miss Relena surrendered to Romefeller.

And we must be the warriors that help to execute her plans.

Energy detected!

Our power supply's been hit!

They've attacked without confirming our IFF!


The White Fang's not going to get away this time.

They'll see what our Space Force is made of!

Mobile suits are being deployed from the enemy shuttle!

Attack with Formation V!

Have the left wing mobile dolls attack the shuttle!


Trowa, be realistic!

It's foolish to go alone!

I think I remember what to do.

I'm giving it a try.


A white Taurus?!

Who is it?!

He's so strong!

But how?!


This shuttle will self-detonate in a few minutes!

After you leave, head straight for the battle zone!


Here they are!

Come on, Sandrock!

You're not equipped for space.


What?! A Gundam?!

So the White Fang has a Gundam?!

Everyone spread out!

Spread out and surround them!



What do you think you're doing?!

That shuttle is going to explode!

Sandrock won't make it to Trowa on time with just its own verniers!

I'll have to take a chance!





Are you playing games with these brainless machines?

I'm such a nice guy.

I'm here to save the guy that destroyed you, Deathscythe.

Damn you, Gundams!

Who is that guy?

Come on!

Have you forgotten me already?!

I'm one of the best friends you've got!

I'm sorry.

Hey, I was only kidding!

Geez, can't you take a joke.


Will you really fight with us?!


Because if we fight then the citizens don't have to.

Duo Maxwell!

Thank you.

From my heart.

You shouldn't get your hopes up too high.

I'm not especially devoted.

If she dies we can eliminate the World Nation and this false peace.


I'm gonna kill you.

To be continued

Next Episode

Heero plans to assassinate the Romefeller Foundation leader.

Relena, who continues to gain supporters is about to take her first step toward true peace.

But as the new leader of the White Fang Milliardo Peacecraft doesn't understand Earth's intentions and passes down orders for its destruction.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 40

A New Leader

By making Relena Peacecraft the Foundation's representative the Longfeller Foundation tried to gain public support to justify the World Nation.

At the same time armed Colony citizens rebelling against OZ's colonial rule calling themselves White Fang, appeared in the Colonies and started revolutionary activities.

A.C.195. The war torn world was gaining momentum towards an immense moment of change.

I address all the people in the world.

I, Relena Peacecraft, as of today have become the representative of the Longfeller Foundation.

But this is not for the Foundation's sake.

I believe this to be the first step to eliminate conflict a way to build peace with all of you.

Please lay down your weapons and stop fighting.

The future we hope for must be the same.

Let us walk together to that future.

By removing the boundaries of countries which is the cause of conflict to think of the Earth as one country...

I hereby declare the World Nation.



If this World Nation thing really happens, we'll be out of jobs.

That's a bad joke.

We'll be even busier by becoming the Queen's strongest soldiers.

So the next battlefield awaits us.

That's right.

Aren't you a soldier?

Don't you have to go with them?

The war has ended.

My country is destroyed.

I have nothing left to protect.

I've lost the reason to fight again.

Yeah, I hope this does mean there's peace.


Is this really how it should be?

No, there's no way we could have attained peace so easily.

Excuse me, Commander Zechs?

You've got the wrong man.

Then is it Ambassador Milliard?

Do excuse us, I am Khans of the White Fang.

A revolutionary group to free the Colonies.


Were the Colonies not enough for you...

So you've come to bring revolution to Earth?

Ha, that's a good joke.

I'm impressed, Lightning Count.

Unfortunately I have nothing to say to you.

Please leave.

It's natural that you don't trust us.

We have only followed in the footsteps of our leader Heero Yui.

Even you once understood, as the ambassador of Cinq Kingdom the importance of the Colony's independence.

What are you trying to make me do?

We want you to come up to Space again, with your Gundam.

With Gundam?


The Gundam is a symbol of revolt.

We need you and your Gundam.

Thanks to the speech Queen Relena made, conflicts are dying out.

It is truly a joyous thing.

But this is not the end of our responsibility.

In space there are traitors who have forgotten what we have once done for them.

We must eliminate them and bring peace to the whole world.

May I , Lord Delmare?

What is it Count Vellici?

What is your status in the Longfeller Foundation?

I don't understand your question.

Queen Relena is our new representative and leader.

Lord Delmare, I find, for you to stand there and deliver future policies as extremely disrespectful...

I trust that it is not only I who thinks you should retire from the Foundation like Treize Khushrenada did.

But we do not carry out matters arbitrarily like you.

I suggest we take a vote.

You indeed have a point.

But, in order to not make the same mistakes as our predecessors I have no intention to resigning as yet.

Of course, if it is necessary I will stand down any time.

I see, you say it is not yet time to do so...


Does that answer your question Count Vellici?

Very well.

If this... if this will bring peace to the world...

Lord Delmare has put forward Queen Relena in order to maintain his status.

But that means his position will become unstable.

At present more than half of the foundation personnel are Queen Relena supporters.

We must have Queen Relena truly become the leader of the World Nation.

Are you sure about this, Miss Dorothy?


History must flow in the correct direction.

I see.

Wufei wouldn't...

He has his own way of living.

No one can force him otherwise.

But Trowa Barton, I'm just grateful that you came.

I have no memory so I don't think I'm of much help...

But, even so, I feel serenity being with you.


We'll head for the Winner satellite to work on the final adjustments on Sandrock.

I know it's a long journey Thanks for coming along.

No, I'm the one who has to thank you both.

Freedom and... peace...

Really, what is it with everyone?

I suppose I was like that just a while back.

Get out!

I've got nothing to say to you guys!

If you're not going to help us, we have a plan too.

Oh yeah.

You think I'm gonna fall for that trick!

Well, get out!


We needed the Gundam as our symbol.

It's a shame, Duo Maxwell, that Gundam has become an enemy.

If you want to stay alive Don't make me angry.

Just go.

Yo, Hirde.

You're back.

How did they find this place out?

It takes one to know one.

I'd better pull out of this place.

Are you going?

Yeah, I can't cause any more trouble to you or this town.

Can't I go... with you?


But You could join White Fang.

You're going to fight for the Colony anyway.

I could even go back to the forces and fight again.


Don't be stupid.

You've found a reason to live, don't turn back now.

Listen Hirde, you can't trust them.

They smelt the same as OZ did a little while back.

But you're not getting anywhere.

If you join White Fang you'll be treated as a hero.

I'm not interested in that.

I have to be Death to the end.

It's a lonely battle.

Yeah, that's the path we chose.

We can't drag the Colony into war.

You're too kind.

All of you.

That's why we can go on living.

World Nation my ass!

Did you think you could Fool us with that!

But Colonel Sevitch, Relena Peacecraft is said to be a true leader working for peace...


That brat doesn't have any power.

They are Longfeller and that means OZ.

Don't forget the fact that they have oppressed us for so long.


Our Colony is an independent state.

We must complete this ship as soon as possible to make Earth understand that.

How is the Moon base we took over doing?


Weapons and parts left in Tsubarov's Mobile Doll factory are being used to upgrade our White Fang troops.

This armed Colony must have been used as one of OZ's strategic bases and was attacked by the White Fang.

Lately, that isn't unusual.

Completely devastated...

Is Space going down the wrong path...?

The former United Federation brought arms into Space.

Former OZ tried to make the Colonies produce arms.

The Longfeller tyrannically ruled the citizens.

And this time the White Fang revolt...

If all of this was because of a seed Earth sowed...

An era that is toyed by its situation is too Pitiful.

Who is going to pull the weeds out?

Relena gave herself up to Longfeller to do just that.

We have to become her warriors.

Energy reading!

Our engine has been hit.

How dare they attack without confirming enemy status!


Showing your faces, eh, White Fang.

I'll show you what our troops can do.

Mobile Suits from the shuttle!

Attack in formation F-V!

Left wing attack the shuttle!


Trowa it's madness to go on your own!

I think my body remembers I'll give it a go.


White... a white Taurus...

Who is that?

H ..he's strong!


Quatre, this shuttle will explode in a few minutes.

Attack immediately after take off.


They're here.

You're too slow...


This is the best I can do for now...


Miss Noin!


A Gundam?!

Has White Fang gained a Gundam?

Ahh, disperse!

Disperse and surround them!



What are you doing?

That shuttle is going to explode!

Sandrock's booster won't make it to where Trowa is in time.

I'm going to give it a try.





Can't you guys get the better of those machines?

I'm such a nice guy.

Eh, Deathscythe Hell, saving the ones that destroyed you.

You Gundam!

Who is he?

Huh, oi!

Don't tell me you've forgotten your best mate.

I'm sorry...

Erm, I'm only kidding, just kidding.

Damn, can't even take the micky.

Duo, you're going to fight with us?

Yeah, we should be the only ones fighting.

Duo Maxwell.

I thank you...

From my heart.

Don't get your hopes too high.

I'm prone to having affairs.

If she dies, the World Nation and this false peace will disappear.

Relena, I'll kill you...

To be continued

Heero plans the assassination of the Longfeller representative.

At the same time Relena was on her way to peace, increasing her followers.

In Space, under the command of the White Fang...

Milliard Peacecraft not knowing Earth's intentions, declares the elimination of Earth.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 40.

New Leader.

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