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Episode 38:
The Birth of Queen Relena

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Zero System.

A cockpit system that quickly calculates battle data and feeds the large amounts of stats on estimated values directly back to the pilot.

But this system also drives a pilot to his limits.

To the extent that he won't even fear his own death.

Thus helping him gain absolute victory.

The year is After Colony 195.

As the world constantly evolves in the chaotic era two mobile suits can turn man into the ultimate weapon.

Wing Zero and Epyon.

The Birth of Queen Relena

The chaotic situation on Earth brings chaos to the Space Colonies.

Citizens of the colonies retaliating against the Romefeller dictatorship form an armed group, calling themselves ''White Fang''.

They are determined to free the colonies.

Despite having lost Commander Tubarov OZ fights back with force and sends in its mobile dolls.

Consequently, battles start up in a number of locations.

Don't fly straight for the mobile dolls!

Lure them into the colony defenses' firing range!


Why are you guys bringing this meaningless war to space?!

A Gundam!

A Gundam seems to have entered the battle zone!

He's come.

We can't risk getting any closer in this shuttle!


This is close enough.

I'll go in alone from here.

Be careful.

It must be the Gundam O5 pilot.

He's fighting with a strong sense of justice.

The whole mobile doll unit's been defeated by a single suit!

I can't believe the Gundam's this strong!

Discard your weapons!

Throw down all your weapons!

When the weak are armed their minds get the better of them and they lose control!

The weak shouldn't fight!

You haven't changed a bit, Wu Fei Chang.

Remember me?

We met at the Lake Victoria Base.

You're that woman...

My name is Lucrezia Noin.

It's strange.

I don't have any hard feelings toward you anymore.

When you think how huge the universe is the humiliation I've felt seems so irrelevant.

I get the feeling you didn't come to fight.

I need your help.

Actually, I need the help of all the Gundam pilots!

I love outer space.

But I also love the Earth.

I don't want to harm either.

And that's why I need help in order to create peace.

I'm sure you Gundam pilots can understand how I feel.

Will you help me?

For the Sanc Kingdom?

But that country's already been demolished.

Why fight over it now?

The country was demolished.

But the honorable spirits of the Sanc Kingdom still live on.

That's what I want to protect.

Sounds like something a woman would say.

I'll keep on taking my own path.

I'm not taking any orders!



Oh, sorry.

I'm done filing my stuff.


Still thinking about that guy?

It's just depressing to think that could've happened to a fellow Gundam pilot.

And I've been wondering what'll happen to the colonies now.

It makes me wonder.

Why're you getting so down?

You're gonna live the life you believe in.

That's what you told me.

Yeah, that's right.

Well, maybe I should start by finding a decent job.

Here's a new job.

They need mobile suit workers at a natural resources satellite.


What is it, Hilde?

Look; this satellite belongs to the Winner family.

The Winner family?

I'd heard that operations had been suspended indefinitely since the owner was killed.

That must mean the son in the family's come home.

All right, I'll leave the rest...

Hi, Quatre.

Long time.


Your family's really something.

Nice building.

This is all yours now, right?

No, not yet.

My sisters are managing all the corporation assets.

Everyone else thinks I'm still missing.

Because you're a Gundam pilot?


Where were you?


I went with Heero to figure out what we should be doing.

So, did you come up with anything?

We've gotta fight.

That's why I came looking for you guys.

There are lots of kind people on Earth.

Same with the colonies.

I want to help build a world where people can live in peace.

Which means defending the total pacifism upheld by the Sanc Kingdom.

Total pacifism...

Do you really think such a world is possible?


I've been fighting for the colonies all along.

They should leave the fighting to me.

I should be the only one to suffer as much as I did.

But now the colonies have started a war.

Meaning a lot more people will end up dying.

Maybe I've lost faith in the future that we dreamed about.

Maybe in the end, peace is an impossible dream.

I made a grave mistake once.

I don't expect to be forgiven.

But I'll risk everything to make up for it.

And I'll do that by fostering my hope for peace.

Because once a dream is lost, then everything is lost.

You may be right about that.

Although a dismal future might be perfect for the God of Death.


This place is a bit too high class for me.

I'll see you around.

If you're really looking for the Gundam pilots I guess you'll want to see him, too.

Duo; do you mean...!

Chin up, Relena.

The destiny of the world is resting on your shoulders.


He's here.

Okay, okay.

I'll get your food.



It's really you!

Who are you?


Do you know me?!

Trowa, don't you recognize me?!

Trowa, get back to the tent!

But Sis...


Get going!!

I'll feed the animals.

You go help the boss, okay?


Why'd you come here?

Are you gonna take him out to fight again?

Who are you?

Trowa's my brother!

He belongs here with us!

But he's...

I can't bear to see him suffer any more than he has.

He's lost his memories of the past.

Because they're too painful.

He doesn't want to remember!

It's my fault.

I'm sorry.

Trowa sacrificed himself to correct a mistake that I made.

I know apologizing won't fix things.

But I am sorry.

If that's really the way you feel, then leave him.

Trowa's a lot happier now, being here at the circus.

I'm sorry, Trowa.

Who was that...?!

l-I know him!

He seems familiar...

Gundam Wing

Hey, old buddy.

What'll we do?

Can you still fight?

Yeah, you've got a point.

This isn't like me at all.

Wonder if Quatre saw Trowa?



We've got a great crowd today.

Give it your best!

Count on it!

We'll give them a performance they'll never forget!

Right, Trowa?


What is it?

Master Quatre.

A battle between OZ and White Fang troops is spreading into the area.

The entire colony might get involved.


The people here just want to live in peace!

How dare OZ bring the colony into the line of fire!

Help get the audience out!

Some of you take care of the animals!



Are you okay, Trowa?

I'm cold...and I'm scared...

Something's coming...

There, there.

It's all right.

I'm by your side.




It's dangerous!

Hurry to shelter!

What's going on?!

It's a battle!

Mobile suits are exchanging fire near the colony.

But why?!

We're just trying to live here in peace!

How many people have to be sacrificed before this ends?!

I'm tired of losing people who're important to me.

I can't take it anymore!

Don't cry, Sis.

I promise to protect you.


I don't want to lose anyone else either.

You saved my soul, Trowa.

Now it's my turn to save people.

That's why the Gundams were built in the first place.

Hold your positions until reinforcements arrive!


More troops?!

It's a Gundam!

I won't let you harm the colony any more!


Trowa, where're you going?

He's calling me.

I don't hear anybody.

I can tell.

He's crying.

You can't!

You went through so much pain the last time!

Are you gonna fight again?

I vaguely recall somebody telling me a long time ago that the only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions.

You're definitely going, then.

You're so stubborn.

You haven't changed one bit.

You're crazy.

I'll come back alive, Sis.


You really are crazy.

We've gotta put an end to this kind of nonsense.



Come in.


Are you ready?


Then let's be on our way.

Today's the day you'll become the leader of the world!

Everyone will be surprised.

I'm so thrilled; as if it were happening to me.

Oh, Relena.

Don't look like that.

You must show them your graceful smile.

Because from this day on, you're queen of the world.

I wish to make an announcement to the world.

As of this day, l, Relena Peacecraft have become Romefeller's chief representative.

I am not doing this for Romefeller's sake.

I regard this as the first step along a very positive road.

A road that we can walk together hand-in-hand.

Where wars will be eliminated and we can have peace.

I ask that you discard your weapons and stop fighting.

I'm sure that we're all hoping for the same future.

Let us together advance toward these objectives.

I hereby announce the removal of national borders which have caused wars around the world and declare the Earth as one nation,- the World Nation.

The Foundation was clever.

She certainly has the charisma to attract people to Romefeller.

But I doubt that the Foundation realizes how big a risk this will be.


To be continued

Next Episode

To retaliate against Romefeller and gain independence Quinze, the leader of the colonies movement asks Zechs to bring his Gundam, a symbol of rebellion to outer space.

Meanwhile, Quatre's shuttle is attacked in space.

Still suffering from amnesia Trowa heads out with a Taurus.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 39

Trowa's Return to the Battlefield

Zero system.

An alias for the cockpit system which gathers and instantly calculates the data during battle and directly feeds back to the pilot the many presumed positions of the enemy.

But this was a system for attaining complete victory by pushing the pilot to extreme circumstances, even sacrificing their lives at times.

A.C.195. As the world changed in this time of chaos there were Mobile Suits which transformed humans into the ultimate weapon.

They were Wing Zero and Epyon.

The Birth of Queen Relena

The confusion on Earth prompted the confusion in space.

The Colonists who were against the ruling of the Longfeller Foundation formed an armed organization, White Fang in order to make a stand for the freedom of the Colony.

To this, even after losing Commander Tsubarov, OZ was attempting to restrain them with power using Mobile Dolls.

War was spreading in every area.

Don't attack the Mobile Dolls head on.

Bring them into the range of the Colony beam cannon!


Why do you bring pointless fighting into space?!

G.. Gundam!

A Gundam has appeared on the battlefield.

He's here.

But we can't get any closer in this shuttle.

Thank you.

This is enough.

I'll go on my own from here.

Take care.

Gundam 05 pilot...

He too fights for his own justice.

He annihilated a whole Mobile Doll troop on his own...

Is this the power of Gundam?

Discard your weapons!

Discard all your weapons!

The weak will lose against their will and run wild with their weapons.

The weak ones should not fight!

You haven't changed, Chang Wufei.

Do you remember me?

I met you at the Lake Victoria base.

You're that woman.

I'm Lucrezia Noin.

It's odd, I don't feel a grudge against you any more.

Compared to this universe my humiliation is so trivial.

Seems like you haven't come to fight.

I need your help.

In fact, all of you Gundam pilots' help.

I love the universe, and I also love Earth.

I'm hoping that I don't have to hurt either of them.

That's why I need the strength to build peace.

I hope you Gundam pilots will understand my feelings.

Will you help?

Cinq Kingdom, eh...

But that country was destroyed.

Why do you still fight?

Yes, the country is destroyed...

But the valuable spirit of Cinq Kingdom still lives on.

I want to protect that.

Sounds like something a woman would come up with.

But I'm going my own way.

I'm not taking orders from anyone!


Oh sorry, I've finished over here.

Duo, you're thinking about that guy, aren't you?

Yeah, to see a Gundam pilot like me in such a state...

And about what's gonna happen to the Colony, and stuff like that.

What are you getting so down about?!

You're going to do what you believe in, right?!

That's what you said, Duo.

You're right.

Suppose I'd better do some work.

There's a new job.

Mobile Suit engineers wanted at a resource satellite.


What's wrong Hirde?

It's a Winner resource satellite.

You say Winner?

I heard they stopped production after their master was killed...

Seems like the young master is back.

OK, I'll leave it to you...


Yo, Quatre, long time no see.


Must be the Winner family's.

It's a nice property.

You inherited all this?

No, not yet.

My sisters are taking care of all the assets at the moment.

I'm supposed to be missing...

'Cause you're a Gundam pilot?

Quatre, where were you?


With Heero, to think about what I should really do.

So, did you get an answer?

I'll fight.

That's why I came to look for you.

There are many gentle people on Earth, and also in the Colonies.

I want to make a world where we can all live peacefully.

That's why I want to support the total peace principle of Cinq Kingdom.

Total peace...

I wonder if such a world is really possible...?


I've been fighting for the Colony.

I should be the only one fighting.

No one else should have to go through that.

But now the Colony's started war.

And now, more people are going to die.

Maybe it's that I can't believe in it any more.

The future we dreamed of...

That peace is just a dream that will never be reality...

I once made a mistake.

I don't expect to be forgiven...

But I'm willing to give everything to make up for it.

And that is to keep alive a hope called peace.

If you lose your dream, that's the end of it...

Maybe you're right.

Must say, a black future is more suited to Death though.



It's too posh for me here.

I'd better be on my way.

If you're looking for Gundam pilots, you'd probably want to see him too.


Do you mean...?!

Come on Relena.

The world's fate is on your shoulders.


Is it here...?


OK, here you go.


Oh Trowa...

It IS you Trowa.

Who are you?


Do you know me?

Trowa, don't you recognize me?


Go over there.

But sister...


Just go!

I'll feed them, you go and help the ring master, ok?


What did you come here for?

Are you going to take him to fight again?


He's my little brother, he's part of this circus family.

But he's...

I don't want him to suffer any more.

He doesn't remember anything.

It's because they're so painful he doesn't want to remember them!

It's... it's my fault.

I'm sorry.

He tried to correct my mistake and sacrificed himself for it.

I know apologizing won't change things, but I'm really sorry.

If you feel that way just leave him alone.

Trowa's happy being with us now.

Sorry, Trowa...

Who... is he?

I know him...

I feel for him...

Yo, mate.

What are y' gonna do?

Can you still fight?

Ahhhah, I know, this isn't like me.

I wonder if Quatre met Trowa...?

Catherine, Trowa, seems like we've got a good crowd.

Do your best as usual.

Don't worry, we'll make it the most memorable night of their lives.

Right, Trowa?


What's wrong?

Mr. Quatre, White Fang and OZ troops in battle are heading towards this area.

If it goes on, we may be attacked.


There are only people who want to live quietly here.

Damn OZ, they've got the colony behind them!

Everyone, lead the customers out.

Whoever's free is to take care of the animals!


Are you ok, Trowa?

I'm cold... scared...

Something's coming.

It's all right, it's all right.

I'm here.




It's dangerous here Quickly, to the shelter.

What's going on?

It's a battle.

Mobile Suits are fighting close to this Colony.


We only want to live quietly!

How many more casualties do they want?!

Please, no more...

I don't want to lose anyone else...

Don't cry sister.

I'll protect you.


I don't want to lose anyone else too.

You saved me, my soul.

That's why I'll protect everyone now.

That's why Gundam was made.

Keep it up until the other troops arrive.


Another one!

Ugh, it's a Gundam.

I won't let you hurt the Colony any more.


Trowa, where are you going?

He's calling.

No one's calling...

I know.

He's crying.


You've been through so much, why do you want to fight?

I remember someone saying before that it's the right thing as a human to live as you feel.

You are going...

Your stubbornness hasn't changed at all, you Fool.

I promise I'll come back alive, sister.


You really are a Fool...

We have to end this madness...


Come in.

Miss Relena, are you ready?


Then shall we go?

At last the day for you to reign over the world has come.

Everyone will be so surprised.

I'm happy as if it were for myself.

Oh, Miss Relena, don't make such a face.

You must smile more elegantly.

From today you are the queen of the world.

I address all the people in the world.

I , Relena Peacecraft, as of today have become the representative of the Longfeller Foundation.

But this is not for the Foundation's sake.

I believe this to be the first step to eliminate conflict a way to build peace with all of you.

Please lay down your weapons and stop fighting.

The future we hope for must be the same.

Let us walk together to that future.

By removing the boundaries of countries which is the cause of conflict to think of the Earth as one country, I hereby declare the World Nation.

So that's what the Foundation is up to.

They are right to think that she will win the favor of many people.

What they don't realize is how big the risk is to the Foundation.


To be continued

Khans, the leader of the independence movement against the Longfeller has contacted Zechs and demands that he comes to space with Gundam their symbol of rebellion.

At the same time the shuttle which Quatre is on is being attacked.

Trowa who has not regained his memory, also flies out on Taurus.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 39.

Trowa, return to the battle field.

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