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Episode 37:
Zero vs. Epyon

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Zero System.

A cockpit system that quickly calculates battle data and feeds the large amounts of stats on estimated values directly back to the pilot.

But this system also drives a pilot to his limits.

To the extent that he won't even fear his own death.

Thus helping him gain absolute victory.

The year is After Colony 195.

As the world constantly evolves in the chaotic era two mobile suits can turn man into the ultimate weapon.

Wing Zero and Epyon.

Zero versus Epyon

I've gotta get to the Sanc Kingdom!

Hope I'm not late!

Where is he...?

Where's my enemy?

Loss of strategic advantage...

Maximum combat levels confirmed!

What's taking those backup troops so long?!


The enemy isn't letting up.

Many of our soldiers are leaving the battleground!

It might be wise to retreat.

You fool!

If we left now we'd be the aristocrats' laughing stock!

And the enemy's a Gundam!

That's precisely why we've got to defeat it!

The Foundation doesn't acknowledge the name ''Gundam''!

We'd be ridiculed, as the No. 42 mobile doll air division that was defeated by a single, nameless mobile suit.

The enemy mobile suit is approaching!


Tactics level surpassed.

Continuing on strategic level.

To what extent can I fight with the Wing Zero?

The problem lies more with myself than with the enemy.

That's Wing Zero.

Combat level.

Target confirmed.

Commencing to destroy!

It's a Gundam?!

A new model?

He's challenging me and Wing Zero!

Heero Yuy!


Why are you here?!


You made a mistake in choosing that suit.


Confirm the situation!

Are you an enemy?!

Ask your Zero.


What about the battle?

What's happened with the Sanc Kingdom?!

Has the Sanc Kingdom collapsed?!

I was too late...

Then what's the point of this battle?!

What meaning does it have?!

Kill those who've come to kill me?

That's what you're telling me, Zero?


As a true warrior I'll end our fateful battle, here and now!


We've lost communication with the No. 42 mobile doll air division.

I see.

Then increase the mobile doll ground troops!

Two enemy mobile suits have been confirmed!

We need to send in ten times the normal counter power.

I understand.


Milk and sugar with your tea?

Duke Dermail should be here shortly.

I see your thoughts are with your lost country Princess Relena.

This tea was hand picked from my garden.

It may not be to your liking but try it and see what you think.

Duke Dermail.

There's no need to treat me with this hospitality.

Don't forget.

I surrendered to the Romefeller Foundation.

Are you saying a prison would be more suitable?

Well, you're mistaken.

We're protecting, not imprisoning you.


You've continued to push for your ideals of peace.

That's why we've always supported you.

However, many OZ traitors and rebels from the colonies have started to gather around you disrespecting your efforts for a world of pacifism.

What're you saying?

That we at the Romefeller Foundation have saved you from danger, to protect your ideal.

That's how the public regards and has come to terms with the recent dispute in the Sanc Kingdom.


Your declaration of total pacifism to the world was dignified and beautiful and reached the hearts of many people.

Therefore, we fought to protect your objectives.

Nobody's going to believe that kind of trash!

No, I'm sure they will.

To prove it we're going to make you the new chief representative of the Foundation, Relena Peacecraft.

The chief representative?


That's right.

And by having you stand out front and center the Romefeller Foundation will win the world's support.

Our ideal of a Global Nation will become a reality.

Needless to say our Foundation and you would need to agree on this.

Can I assume you'll be our representative Princess Relena?

Oh, pardon me, you're no longer a princess.

You'll reign over the entire world.

So it'd be more appropriate to call you Queen Relena.

I'll decline!

I can't afford to betray those who risked their lives to fight for me.

Don't you understand you have the highest rank on Earth within your grasp?

I don't need it!

I couldn't trample on the masses suffering from oppression.

We're after the same goal as you; a world devoid of wars.

We're just using a different method to achieve it.


You'd better think it over thoroughly.

There's still time to change your mind.

But please remember this.

The longer it takes you to think this over the longer people who want peace must fight.

Meaning many more people will get killed.

Gundam Wing

You're way too slow, Epyon!

Be faster than him!

Wing Zero!

Let's come out on top!

Victory is mine!!


What's this...?

Wh-What's going on...?

Production is up 20%.

It's almost complete.

The huge increase in manpower from the colonies was effective.

That's the beauty of an absolute monarchy.

There's no room for freedom or equality with this large a task.

I couldn't agree more.

I'm returning to the Lunar Base, Sedici.

You're in charge.

Yes, sir.

You can count on me.

How come they're still using those manned suits?

I thought I told you to send those people to work on the battleship!


Really sorry about that.

But we can't waste our strength.

Not if we're gonna revolt.

Please sit down, Colonel.

Who are you people?

We used to be known as the Treize Faction.

But now we're more like the colonies revolutionaries.


There's no need to worry.

We don't have any intention of killing you, Colonel.

The citizens of the colonies don't want any bloodshed.

Remorse for your oppression is enough.

This is Hot Dog.

The sheep's in the pen.

The Artemis Revolution can begin.


What was that explosion?!


We have this base under our control.

Don't think about retaliating.

Who are you people?!

We're colony revolutionaries, called ''White Fang''.

Fellow citizens of the colonies!

The time has come to fight back!

Tubarov, the man oppressing all of us is now being confined by our comrades!

We no longer need to take orders from anyone!

Earth has exhausted our manpower and resources.

But in the past, we weren't controlled by anyone.

And we were all treated equal!

Let us stand up for the colonies!

Together, let's establish peace in outer space!

They've sure done it now...

After hearing this the colonies will jump right into another frenzied war.

Bunch of fools.

Why don't you kill me?

You're worth more alive.

You'll contact the colonies' media to declare defeat.

We'll just sit back and wait until the citizens start demanding your execution.

Your methods are no different from those of OZ.

That's right.

We learned them from you people.


You almost sound like Treize himself!


Leave him!

He won't get away!

This base belongs to us!

Those brainless rebels.

Don't they think I can get out of this?

My mobile dolls will destroy whatever plans they have!

Doc I calling Leader.

No retaliation at the base.

Those are dolls!


Mobile dolls are engaged!

A battle's started at the North Gate!

It must be Tubarov...

It's no use.

This suit can't compete!

I'll eradicate anyone from this world anyone with evil intentions to battle in space!

No, wait!


Too late for that!!

I thought the Gundams were on the colonies' side!

My mobile dolls will never be defeated!

They cannot be defeated!

Only my mobile dolls and I will celebrate victory in the end!

Just watch!

My mobile dolls are invincible!

No one in the universe can compete with them!

I am invincible!

I'll be true to my own sense of justice.

Report from the Lunar Base commandeering unit.

Some mobile dolls retaliated, but they've been subdued.

A Gundam was engaged, too.

A Gundam?!


They say it was the rebuilt O5.

What about Tubarov?

It seems he got caught in the battle.

I see.

Oh well.

Won't this affect our plans?!

Don't worry.

The Artemis Revolution has only just started.

Once this is complete, the revolution will succeed!

We were both toyed with by our machines.

Epyon told me you're an obstruction in the path I've chosen.

I don't think Epyon is mistaken.

I see...

Looks like they've arrived.


Enemy suits on the shoreline at point B, north of here.

We'll send all our mobile dolls to destroy them.

ETA for the mobile dolls to reach shore is O4 5O hours.

Why are you giving me this?

I'm taking Wing Zero.

I'll take care of the enemies coming from sea.

What about Epyon?

Use it as you like.

Treize built that Gundam.

I don't know what he wanted to do with it.

I agree Treize would've trusted Epyon to me.


I thought I'd chosen a different path from you.

Allow me to use your Epyon, Treize!

Is something the matter?

No, it's nothing.

Tell this to Duke Dermail.

l, Relena Peacecraft consent to becoming the chief representative of Romefeller.

That's the only choice I have, isn't it...Relena Peacecraft?

To be continued

Next Episode

Armed colony citizens calling themselves White Fang take over one strategic OZ base after another.

Quatre and Noin search space for the other Gundam pilots.

The Romefeller Foundation, with the world in its clutches puts forth Relena as its representative for her unifying appeals.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 38

The Birth of Queen Relena

Zero system.

An alias for the cockpit system which gathers and instantly calculates the data during battle and directly feeds back to the pilot the many presumed positions of the enemy.

But this was a system for attaining complete victory by pushing the pilot to extreme circumstances, even sacrificing their lives at times.

A.C.195. As the world changed in this time of chaos there were Mobile Suits which transformed humans into the ultimate weapon.

They were Wing Zero and Epyon.


I'm heading straight for Cinq Kingdom!

I hope it's not too late!!

The enemy...

Where is my enemy...?

Annihilation strategy, combat level, maximum, confirmed.

What's wrong?!

Where are the reinforcements?!


Enemy forces are not declining.

Seems like he's getting stronger.

Is it not better to retreat?

You idiot!

If we retreat now we'll be the laughing stock of those nobility.

But we're up against Gundam.

Even more reason why we must defeat it.

The Foundation will not acknowledge the term Gundam.

Our Mobile Doll 4-2 airborne troop would have lost against a single Mobile Suit with no name.

Enemy Mobile Suit, heading this way!


Combat level, clear.

Advance into strategy level.

How far can this Wing Zero go?

The point is not the enemy but myself.

Wing Zero, huh....

Combat level, target confirmed.

Initiate elimination.


A new type?

Is he challenging this Wing Zero to a fight?

Heero Yui!


Why are you here?!

Zechs, it's your mistake to have chosen that machine.

Heero, confirm your status.

Are you an enemy?

Ask Zero.

The battle...

What happened to Cinq Kingdom?

Are you saying it has fallen...?

Cinq Kingdom ...

I was too late...

Then, what is the reason for this fight...?

What reason is there?!!

Is that what you're saying Zero...

Very well, as a soldier I'll settle this destined battle with you!

Commander, we still cannot contact the Mobile Doll 4-2 airborne troop.

I see.

Increase the Mobile Dolls.

We have identified 2 enemy Mobile Suits.

We must increase our forces ten fold against them.


Miss Relena, would you like milk and sugar?

Lord Delmare will be here shortly.

Your heart must be overwhelmed by the loss of your country Princess Relena.

This tea was grown in my garden.

It may not satisfy your taste but please do try it.

Lord Delmare, there is no need for your hospitable treatment towards me.

I... I have surrendered to you.

So you think a prison would be more suitable for you?

But that is not so.

We have harbored you.

Harbored me?

All you wished for is peace.

That is why we have supported you.

But former OZ traitors and Colony reactionaries gathered around you and destroyed your ideals.

What are you saying?

The Longfeller Foundation has saved you in order to protect your ideals.

That is how the public sees this Cinq Kingdom conflict.


The speech you presented to the world of your hope for complete peace was noble and beautiful and gained sympathy among many people.

And we have fought to protect that hope.

No one will believe such a thing.

Of course they will.

To prove that the Longfeller Foundation will appoint Relena Peacecraft as the Foundation's representative.

The Foundations representative?



And by putting you forward the Longfeller Foundation will gain trust from the world.

Our Earth World concept will become a reality.

Of course it will be necessary for you and I to agree.

You WILL be the Foundation's representative, Princess Relena?

Oh no, you will no longer be a Princess.

One who stands on top of the world should be called, let's see, Queen Relena.

I decline.

I will not betray the people who have fought for me.

The highest position on the Earth is right in front of your eyes.

I do not want it.

I will not stand over the sadness of oppressed people.

It is only our means that are different.

The end Result is the same.

You too, wish for peace, not war.

That's not true!

Think it over, you still have time...

But don't forget this.

Many people who believe in peace will fight and die while you take your time.

You're slow, you're too slow Epyon.

Beat his reaction speed!

Wing Zero, show me victory!

This is it!


Th..this is....

What the...?

Our production is up by 20%.

We are very close to completion.

The introduction of Colony citizens was effective.

This is the greatness of a monarchial system rule.

Freedom and equality is unnecessary when dealing with such a great cause.

That is Absolutely true.

Sevich, I will return to the Moon base.

I will leave the rest to you.

Yes sir, I'll take command.

Huh, are you still using those manned crafts?

I've ordered those to be used on the production lines.


We apologize.

But we cannot waste our forces...

We need to have them for our revolt.

Please sit down Commander.

Who are you...?

We used to be called the Treize faction...

But from now we'll call ourselves the Colony revolution fighters.


Don't worry.

We're not going to take your life.

The Colony citizens do not want a massacre.

We just want you to feel shame of the tyranny you have caused.

This is Hot Dog.

The sheep is in the pen.

Initiate ''Artemis revolution''.


What was that explosion?!


We have occupied this base.

Do not resist.

Who are you?!

We are the Colony revolution fighters, White Fang.

Fellow Colony men, now is the time to stand.

At present our comrades have Tsubarov, the tyrant, in confinement.

We do not need to obey orders.

Earth has deprived us of resources and labor.

But originally we were not supposed to be their equals.

Let us stand, fellow Colony men.

Let us build peace in space!

So they've done it.

Now they've thrown the Colonies right in the middle of this mess-of-a-war...

They're such idiots...

Why don't you kill me?

You are still of use.

We need you to make a statement of defeat to each Colony.

We thought we'd wait until the citizens truly wanted your execution.

Your methods are no different to OZ.


This is what we learned from you lot.


I suppose that's what Treize's dog would say.


Leave him.

He won't be able to get far.

This base is ours.

Those rebels!

Did they not think that I had a plan.

My Mobile Dolls will crush your schemes!

Dock 1 to leader.

All calm around the base.

Huh, what's that?!

Leader, the Mobile Dolls are active.

They're in combat at the north gates.

It's Tsubarov...

It's no use with these weapons.

Those who wish war in the universe...

Those with evil wills...

I'll destroy them all!


W..wait, we're...!

Save your excuses!

Is.. isn't Gundam on the side of the Colony!

My Mobile Dolls will not be defeated.

They will never lose.

In the end the victor will be me and my Mobile Dolls.

See for yourselves.

My Mobile Dolls are invincible.

We have no enemies in this universe.

I am invincible!

I will carry out my own justice.

A report from the advance party at the Moon base.

There was resistance from the Mobile Dolls but that has been quelled.

The report also says that a Gundam appeared.


Yes, it says that it's an improved model of 05.

What happened to Tsubarov?

Seems like he's been killed in the battle.

I see.

It can't be helped.

But, what will happen to our plans?

Never mind, the ''Artemis revolution'' has just begun.

If this is complete, the revolution will be a success.

Seems like we both were made fun of by the machines.

Epyon said that you would be an obstacle in the path I choose.

And I don't think it's wrong.

I see...

They've arrived.


Enemy Mobile Suit is at northern point B along the coast line.

Will exterminate them with Mobile Dolls.

Approximate landing time of Mobile Dolls, 0450.

What are you doing?

I'm going on Wing Zero.

I'll get the enemy over the sea.

What are you going to do with that Gundam?

Do as you please.

It's what Treize made.

I don't understand his ideals.

No doubt, if it were Treize, he would have entrusted me with Epyon...

Treize, I thought I chose a different path from yours...

But, I'll borrow Epyon for a while.

Is something the matter?

No, nothing.

Please tell Lord Delmare, that I, Relena Peacecraft...

Accept the position of the Foundation's representative.

This is what you wanted isn't it...

Relena Peacecraft.

To be continued

The armed Colony citizens called themselves White Fang...

Capturing many of the strategic bases that OZ was stationed in.

And in that vortex, Quatre and Noin search for the Gundam pilots.

On the other hand, the Longfeller Foundation, which has completely seized Earth, puts forward Relena who exerts peaceful centripetal forces, as their representative.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 38

The Birth of Queen Relena.

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