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Gundam Wing Series

Episode 36:
Sanc Kingdom's Collapse


Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Zero System.

A cockpit system that quickly calculates battle data and feeds the large amounts of stats on estimated values directly back to the pilot.

But this system also drives a pilot to his limits.

To the extent that he won't even fear his own death.

Thus helping him gain absolute victory.

The year is After Colony 195.

As the world constantly evolves in the chaotic era two mobile suits can turn man into the ultimate weapon.

Wing Zero and Epyon.

Sanc Kingdom's Collapse

Our enemy isn't OZ!

It's the Romefeller Foundation, the ruling class on Earth!

Is that any reason to team up with the Treize Faction?

Our first priority is to regain control of outer space.

We'll need to take in soldiers of the former Alliance.


We can't team up with them!

Unless all of us who consider Romefeller an enemy team up we won't be able to break their control.


What do you think, Duo?

It's true that Romefeller's an enemy to us to the Treize Faction, and to the former Alliance.


It's important to consider what to do after we defeat them.

Get in touch with me again once you've figured that out.

Hey, Duo!

Till then, I'll keep fighting alone to defeat Romefeller.

How'd it go?

The meeting was getting nowhere.

Hey, I wonder what true peace really means.


Uh, nothing!

Just delete that!

Was that out of character or what, huh?


Let's go somewhere fun!

Somewhere fun?

Yeah, let's go!

Hurry, let's go!

OZ's mobile doll troops have moved to the Sanc Kingdom's borders and forces are building up in the surrounding military bases.

It's unmistakable.

OZ is...

No, Romefeller is planning to crush the Sanc Kingdom.

It's just a matter of time before they attack.

Very well...

I'll speak with Duke Dermail.


Romefeller regards the Sanc Kingdom as an enemy.

We have no choice but to fight to save the Kingdom.

The Sanc Kingdom practices the idea of total pacifism.

We advocate disarmament and aim for a peaceful world void of battles.

Therefore we mustn't fight.


But the Sanc Kingdom's about to be annihilated!

Even so, I'll do my best to avoid a war.

I understand Relena's ideals.

However, we can't ignore that Romefeller's military is trying to invade the country.

Relena's too caught up in her ideals.

What's that mean?

With things the way they are around the world total pacifism is impossible.

So you're disputing Relena's ideals?


Total pacifism is what people are hoping for.

And people can't live without hope.


Do you have any hopes of your own?

I only wanna fight against those who try to conquer.

I wonder how Quatre's doing.

I hope he comes back as soon as possible.

That sound...!

Don't let up!

Show them what the Maguanac Corps is made of!

Damn it!

Not looking good...


Take the Third Unit and head to the left wing!


What's that?

Master Quatre?!

It's Master Quatre!

He's returned?!


You came back!

We have something for you, Master!

I know!

I came back for it!

Let's move in and destroy them at once!


The enemy's fighting back!

That white body is...?!

What happened?!

G-Gundam O4?!

Sandrock, let's do it!

I'm so glad you're safe and sound, Master.


All of you.

Sorry I've been such a pain.

And thank you.

What are you saying, Master?

We'd like to thank you for saving our lives.

So, Master Quatre.

Do you need the Gundam again?


Something's come up that I have to take care of.


See, isn't this fun?

You said it!

Now a young clown will perform with the king of beasts, the lion.

Watch out!


I could fall for that clown!



It's him!


Great show!

Was that good enough?

You bet!

The crowd sure loved you.

That's good...


It IS you, Trowa!


So you were here!

Where are the others?!

How's Heero?!

Isn't he with you?


Get out!

You must be an old friend from his past but Trowa's not going to be doing any more fighting!


What's gotten into you?!

Get out!

Just leave us!!


Meanwhile, Colonel Tubarov was executing his plans to construct a gigantic space battleship as ordered by the Romefeller Foundation.

This project which commandeered space's resources and manpower was becoming a real burden on the citizens of the colonies.

We're progressing at an aggressive pace.

But given the enormous size of the battleship it'll take some time yet.

I don't want Excuses.

We need this new symbol of our strength as soon as possible.

Symbol, sir?

OZ currently lacks an individual to fill Treize's place.

So it's crucial that OZ has a symbol of strength to bring the soldiers together.

And we must also eliminate any country that disrupts such unity.

You're talking about the Sanc Kingdom.

The Sanc Kingdom certainly had a role to play in proving OZ's support for peace policies.

But now they're nothing more than a hindrance to us.

So what you're saying is...

We can no longer afford to have any nations that don't obey the Romefeller Foundation.


The surrounding mobile doll unit has started to advance from the country's mountain border.


Our main unit will proceed to attack from the shores.

Our goal is to besiege Sanc Kingdom's capital New Port City!


Our surveillance system at the border has detected an invasion of mobile doll troops.

Duke Dermail contacted me a little while ago.

He says OZ plans to attack us for our unrestricted acceptance of OZ deserters and armed guerrillas.

I didn't expect Romefeller to play so dirty.


The Sanc Kingdom stands as a hope for peace in the world.

Don't be too hard on those who fight to protect it.



Please get the institution's students evacuated.


No, don't do that!

Stop it, Epyon!

Gundam Wing

All units, commence attack!

There are too many of them!

All right units, release your Virgo troops!

All units retreat to the defense line at once!

Even more troops?!

I'm glad I'm not too late, Noin!


Thank god!

Even the Sanc Kingdom, with its total pacifism has finally gotten dragged into this storm of firepower.


Why didn't you follow Pagan's instructions?

Evacuate at once.

Who, me?

My stay at the Sanc Kingdom would be meaningless if I miss this highpoint.

What do you plan to do, Relena?

Keep resisting?

Or get military assistance from your allies?

That isn't an option for the Sanc Kingdom.

But what other methods are there?

If the Sanc Kingdom were to collapse now the ideal of total pacifism would vanish, like a dream.

That's not true at all.

The people are wishing for true peace!

Those same people are fighting so beautifully to protect peace.

Isn't it wonderful?!


You're straying too far off!

Don't leave the capital!

If I start to go out of control again no one will be able to stop me!

I don't have time to listen to your war fantasies right now.

That's not fair, Relena.

Not fair?

You assembled people with your sweet talk about peace but when an emergency arises you don't do a thing.

That's not true.

Oh right. You ''can't'' do anything.

Since total pacifism is impossible in the first place.

How can you say that?!

My teacher told me something once.

That man is made to fight.

And that the winner of a long battle should rule.

Isn't that the proper way to bring about order?

Order could never bring about peace!

That's simply domination!

But we can move forward to create order now.

What can one accomplish with total pacifism when battles are being fought as we speak?

What you believe is nothing but a dream!

This is our last line!

We can't let them get past here!

B-Backup troops?!

Don't let up; it's not over!!


They've already entered the city!


There's no place in the world for total pacifism; it's futile!

You'll only fall prey to those fighting animals.

This is the time to stand up and fight Relena!

Just because humans are made to fight doesn't make this right.

I still believe people can find a way to establish peace without needing to fight.

You're so beautiful when you start talking of your ideas!

If you asked for their assistance the Treize Faction and other soldiers who despise OZ would come to your assistance!

If the Sanc Kingdom and my own existence are causing a devastating war I'll start with what I can do.

A new first step toward total pacifism.


It's important to act now, Relena.

The city's under attack!!


Here, Relena.

As requested, you're now connected to outer space and all private lines of the Foundation executives.

But is there anyone within the Foundation now that can help you, Relena?

I'm the chief representative of the Sanc Kingdom Relena Peacecraft.


Our country is under attack after OZ declared war on us.

How shrewd!

Is she asking for help from other countries now?!

Armed combat counters the beliefs of the Sanc Kingdom and its pacifism.

But if we become a target for OZ to conduct battle I shall renounce the nation's sovereignty and dissolve this nation.

How could she?!

Gotta make it on time!

Total pacifism should not be the cause of battle under any circumstances.

I am therefore surrendering myself to OZ.


This is to further my ideal of peace.

Bold move.

Could we use that power as a unifying force for Romefeller?

Stop the fighting!

You no longer have a reason to fight this battle.

Well done!

How much better can you get, Princess Relena?

I'm no longer a princess.


I'm an even bigger fan now!

Now, Relena.

I'd be happy to escort you to the Romefeller Foundation.

My dear people, forgive me.

This is the only path for me to take.

Master Quatre, let's go after it!


That would spoil the move just taken by Relena.

Quatre, could you come with me?

Where to?

Outer space.

I'd be glad to.

I will personally guarantee your safety, Relena.

I don't know how the Foundation will treat you, though.

How in the world can I make my ideal a reality now?

We'll take in the Virgos then commence takeover with manned suits!


A mobile suit is still fighting in the mountains!



Where is my enemy?!

To be continued

Next Episode

The ideal of world peace was easily overrun by the overwhelming force.

The Romefeller Foundation hands a heartbroken Relena yet another cruel option.

Meanwhile, two Gundam pilots, Heero and Zechs start a battle at the now demolished Sanc Kingdom.

But the battle is now unnecessary.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 37

Zero vs. Epyon

Zero System.

An alias for the cockpit system which gathers and instantly calculates the data during battle and directly feeds back to the pilot the many presumed positions of the enemy.

But this was a system for attaining complete victory by pushing the pilot to extreme circumstances even sacrificing their lives at times.

A.C.195. As the world changed in this time of chaos, there were Mobile Suits which transformed humans into the ultimate weapon.

They were Wing Zero and Epyon.


Our enemy is not OZ.

It is the Longfeller Foundation and Earth's governing classes.

That's why you want us to join hands with the ex-OZ Treize faction?

First of all we need to take back Space into our control.

To do that we may need to take in ex-Federation soldiers too.

No way!

We can't join forces with them.

But if we don't unify against them we won't have a chance to destroy them.

Yeah, but...

What do you think Duo?

Well, it is true that we, the Treize faction and ex- Federation are all fighting against the same enemy, the Longfeller.

But what's important is what you do after you defeat the Longfeller.

Give us a call when you've decided on that.

Hey Duo!

until then, I'll fight on my own to overthrow Longfeller.

How was it?

It was a load of rubbish.

You know, I wonder what real peace is...

Never mind!

Forget what I just said!

Sorry, that was out of character.

Hey Duo, you want to go and see something fun?



Hurry, hurry!

The OZ Mobile Doll units are being assembled at the military bases surrounding Cinq Kingdom and appear to be strengthening their defenses.

I'm certain of it.

OZ, no, Longfeller is preparing to invade us.

It's only a matter of time before they attack.

I understand.

I will speak with Count Delmare.

Miss Relena, Longfeller regard Cinq Kingdom as the enemy!

The only way to protect Cinq Kingdom is to fight.

Cinq Kingdom upholds the Complete Peace Principal.

We who aim a peaceful world with no war or conflict must not take up arms.

But at this rate we will lose Cinq Kingdom itself.

At any rate, I will use all my power to stop this war.

I understand her point.

But the reality is Longfeller are about to attack us.

Relena is blinded by her ideals.

What do you mean?

There's no way she can accomplish Complete Peace with the world in this state.

Are you denying Miss Relena's ideal?


The Complete Peace Principal is the peoples hope.

People cannot live without hope.


Do you have hope too?

The only thing I have is the will to fight oppression.

I wonder how Quatre is...

I'm hoping he will come back soon.

That noise...

March ahead!

Show them what the Maganac unit is made of!

Shit, if we continue...

Auda, take group 3 and go around from the left.


What's that?

Master Quatre!

Master Quatre, is it you?!

You guys...

We've been waiting for you.

We have something to give to you.


I know, I've come to get it.

Okay, march on ahead and fight them.


The enemy is on the offence now.

Oh, that white machine!

What is it?

G..Gundam 04...!

Let's go Sandrock!

Master Quatre, we're glad you're safe.

Rashid, all of you, I'm sorry for everything.

And thank you.

There's no need for that Master Quatre.

We're just glad you came to help us.

Are you in need of the Gundam again?


There's something I need to do now.

That is fantastic!

Isn't this fun?

Yeah it's great.

Next is the show of the King of the Beasts and a Pierrot.

Oh no!


That boy playing the Pierrot is cute.

Here we go...




Well done.

Was that okay?

Yes, the audience loved it.


Trowa, I thought it was you Trowa.


I didn't know you were here What about the others?

What about Heero?

Isn't he with you?


Could you leave!


You may be his old mate but Trowa has no intention to fight anymore.

Trowa, what the hell's going on?!

Leave, just leave!


Meanwhile, chief technician Tsubarov was working on the construction of a Space Mothership under the orders of the Longfeller Foundation.

This project was using a great deal of materials and man power which was a burden on the Colony citizens.

We are doing our best to speed things up but for a ship of this size we would need more time...

I don't want excuses.

We need this to be our new symbol.

A symbol, you say?

OZ does not have a leading figure at present.

From now on, OZ must bring the soldiers together with a symbol of strength.

And we have to eliminate the country that tries to corrupt our unity.

The country you mention is Cinq Kingdom?

Cinq Kingdom was only of use to us as a front to our peace plan.

Now they are only a nuisance.

You mean...

There must not be a nation that does not adhere to us.

Captain, Mobile Doll besieging troop have crossed the borderline from the forest area.


The main forces will head for invasion from the sea.

The target is Cinq Kingdom's capital New Port City.

Miss Relena.

The sensors on the borderline have detected the entry of OZ Mobile Doll troops.

I've just had a message from Count Delmare.

They are going to attack our country because we have taken in OZ deserters and armed guerrillas.

To think that Longfeller would be so unlawful.

Miss Relena, Cinq Kingdom is a ray of hope in this world.

Please understand the ones that chose to fight to protect it.

Miss Noin!

Pargan, please prepare the evacuation of the students.



NO, NO!!

Shut up Epyon!

All units, attack!

Damn, their forces are too great.

Carriers, release the Virgo units.

All units, retreat to the defense line.

What, more troops?!

Miss Noin.

I'm glad I made it.

Quatre, thank god.

Seems like Cinq Kingdom and its Peace Principal has been dragged into this war now.

Dorothy, didn't you leave as Pargan instructed?

You should evacuate now.

Oh no!

What would be the point if I left without seeing how this all turns out?

What are you going to do Miss Relena?

Are you going to continue fighting?

Or are you going to ask other nations for military support?

It is not possible for Cinq Kingdom to make such a choice.

But what other choice do you have?

If Cinq Kingdom is destroyed, the Complete Peace Principal will truly become a dream.

That isn't true.

The people's wish is for true peace.

They are all fighting with their lives to protect that peace.

How wonderful!


You're acting too much on your own.

Don't stray from the unit!

If I lose it now, no one will be able to stop me.

I have no time to waste on you or your liking for war.

You're not being fair, Miss Relena.

Not fair?

You lure everyone with sweet words like peace but when it comes to the crunch you don't do anything.

It's not that I don't do anything.

Yes I know, you CAN'T do anything.

There was no way complete peace would become a reality in the first place.

What are you saying?

My teacher told me that humans are fighting animals and that whoever wins should become the leader.

That is how law and order are enforced.

The law and order you describe does not bring about peace.

That is pure domination.

At least with this ideal we can act to bring law and order.

In this world of war, what can the peace principal that can't fight do?

It's all just a fabrication.

This is our last chance.

I can't let...

Are they reinforcements?!

Don't let them get the better of you!

Miss Noin!

H ... Have they started to attack the city...?

Miss Relena!

A Complete Peace Principal that can't do anything is of no use now.

You're only prey to fighting animals.

Now is the time to fight Miss Relena.

Yes, humans fight.

But that doesn't mean it's right.

I believe people can choose a path to peace without fighting.

You're fabulous when you preach your ideals!

If you say one word, I'm sure soldiers who are discontent with OZ will come running to your rescue.

If the presence of Cinq Kingdom and myself are the cause of more war, I will start with what I can do.

A new beginning for Complete Peace.

That's right, you have to take action first, Miss Relena.

The city was attacked?


Here we are Miss Relena.

You're connected to Space, Earth and even the private lines of the Foundation's executives as requested.

But I don't know of anybody in the Foundation that would come to your aid...

I am Relena Peacecraft, the representative of Cinq Kingdom.

Miss Relena...

At present our country is under attack from OZ.

How conceited.

Is she trying to get help from other nations.

Cinq Kingdom does not wish to take up arms and fight.

But if our country becomes a target and is the cause of war, Cinq Kingdom will yield its sovereignty and dissolve its existence.

It couldn't be!

May it not be too late!

Whatever the reason, the Complete Peace Principal must not be the origin of any fighting.

I too, will surrender to OZ.

Miss Relena...

That is my doctrine to peace.

How daringly bold.

If I could somehow use her power to centralize Longfeller...

Stop fighting.

There is no more reason to continue fighting.

It's wonderful!

You're so wonderful, Miss Relena!!

You don't have to use ''Miss'' any more.

Oh no, I'm a even greater fan of you now!

Miss Relena, I'll escort you to the Longfeller Foundation.

Forgive me everyone.

This is the only path I can take.

Master Quatre, Let me go after them.


We have to respect her decision.

Quatre, could you come with me?

Where to?


I'll follow you.

I'll guarantee your physical safety but I don't know what the Foundation is going to do with you.

I don't know...

How am I supposed to make my ideal come true...?

Withdraw the Leos.

Start reinforcing the occupation in Cinq Kingdom.

Captain, there's a Mobile Suit that's still resisting in the mountain area.


Where... where is my enemy?!!

To be continued

The ideal of peace crumbled in front of an overwhelming power.

But the Longfeller Foundation subjected an even tougher choice on Relena.

In the meanwhile, Heero and Zechs fight in the desolate Cinq Kingdom.

But that was a battle the world did not need.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 37

Zero vs. Epyon

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