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Episode 35:
The Return of Wufei

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Zero System.

A cockpit system that quickly calculates battle data and feeds the large amounts of stats on estimated values directly back to the pilot.

But this system also drives a pilot to his limits.

To the extent that he won't even fear his own death.

Thus helping him gain absolute victory.

The year is After Colony 195.

As the world constantly evolves in the chaotic era two mobile suits can turn man into the ultimate weapon.

Wing Zero and Epyon.


The Return of Wu Fei



Is that you, Trowa?

It's me.


You didn't forget me, did you?



This is Bravo.

Proceeding to enter.


That's enough!

Wu Fei.

Master Long.

You've provided me with a place to train.

I'm grateful.

You've done well, improving as much as you have.

And I'm positive that Altron will happily welcome you.

The new Nataku is strong.

But I don't think I deserve his strength.

Strength is in the mind.

And the mind is a battle against oneself.

Unless you win against yourself, you'll never defeat your enemy.

For over 100 years, we have fought the evils of outer space.

But even this colony, which has protected us for all that time no longer has the strength to sustain lives.

It's leading us on a path to extinction.

Still, we'll follow our destiny and live for justice.

Do you understand, Wu Fei?


Believing in yourself.

Not lying to yourself...

And never betraying yourself.

Master Long!


Is there no mercy even for those being destroyed?

Master Long!

I must conquer and defeat my enemy!

The enemy I'm fighting is pure evil.

Then you don't need to hesitate.

It isn't that you're defeating the evil.

But the ones you defeat are evil.

You decide what's evil!

It's what we want.

And it's also what Altron wants.

Come on out, O5.

It's there!

The Gundam?

Bravo here!

We've lured him out.

Proceed to stage two!

Say your prayers, O5!


Guide me down the correct path!

We're in position to attack O2OO!

O5 is on its way!

Warning, Gundam pilot!

Surrender at once!

We're prepared to attack O2OO!

If you continue to retaliate you'll endanger the entire colony!

Good-bye, Wu Fei.

See the last of our clan depart.

Is everything set?

We're all ready.

Our clan will live with pride right until the end.

Wu Fei will succeed us.

Do it!



Master Long!!

Wu Fei.

Don't waver!

The moment you do, you'll initiate yet another battle.

Continue the fight!

Master Long!

Keep fighting, Wu Fei!

For your own justice!

It's up to me.

I'll define my own justice!!

It seems there was a significant battle in the L5 Colony.

Wu Fei might have something to do with it.

The pilot of O5?


Our force consists of this ship and the Wing Zero.

That's not nearly enough to confront Romefeller.

Couldn't we invite him to join us as our ally?

That'd be difficult.

Gundam pilots have the courage to fight on their own.

Who knows if he'll help you; you're fighting for a cause.

But we're fighting the same enemy.

I just want a chance to talk.

All right.

Alter course to the L5 Colony.

Thanks to the success of Operation Nova practically the entire world is under Romefeller's control.

We will therefore discontinue Operation Nova.

I want you to personally take charge of our next plan.

The next plan?!

We have a responsibility to maintain peace.

In order to do this we need overwhelming power.

The mobile dolls should more than suffice.

The mobile dolls are useful only in local battles.

We need something to give results on a much larger scale.

Chief Engineer Tubarov.

You'll head construction of a Peacemillion caliber space battleship.

A space battleship?!

I'll be on my way...


Sally Po's data is reliable.

We can trust it.


I needed to keep a low profile until now so I wouldn't cause my Maguanac comrades trouble.

But things are different now.

Romefeller has destroyed the Treize Faction's main forces.

So power has drastically shifted in Romefeller's favor.

The Sanc Kingdom is like a candle flickering in the wind.


That's why I have to get Sandrock back now and help protect this nation from evil.


You are entering a war zone.

Detour to point URW.

Obey orders or we'll open fire.

Open fire without even guiding me out?

We'll commence attack!

Wait for me, Sandrock.

I'll be there shortly.

Gundam Wing

True, we used to be part of the Romefeller Foundation.

But now the Romefeller Foundation does nothing but squeeze war funds from us.

We can't take this much longer.

All the Foundation does is satisfy its desire to rule.

They've ended up escalating battles.

They're no different from the former Alliance.

I understand what you're all saying.

Doesn't this prove my point that true peace can't be obtained through military force?

I believe so.

Princess Relena.

We need your guidance.

Lead us toward peace.

My influence is very limited.

But if each of you truly wishes for peace I believe the Romefeller Foundation could end its military activities.

The foreign delegates have left safely.

They all seemed quite satisfied.


Was I out of line, promising peace to the other nations considering what a hard time we're having just maintaining peace in the Sanc Kingdom?

Miss Relena.

The kind of peace promoted by Romefeller is an empty promise.

The total pacifism upheld by the Peacecrafts is true peace.

And it's what the other nations are relying on.

But the military force of Romefeller is so powerful.

Since Treize Khushrenada lost his organizational position Romefeller's had no unifying force.

The chief representative, Duke Dermail is unlikely to fulfill that role.

There's nothing to fear with the present Romefeller!

Have more confidence in yourself and make your ideal a reality.

Welcome back from your escort duties, Lieutenant Noin.

I'm no longer a Lieutenant.

I'm an Imperial Guard just like you.


It's hard to break habits from our days in OZ's Treize Faction.

Will you at least let us call you Captain Noin?

Okay, if it makes you feel better.

But we're not a military group bound by discipline.

Keep it in mind.


Captain Noin.

What is it?

An increase in this nation's military power will just attract Romefeller's attention.

Why did you take them in?

That issue, huh.

Follow me and I'll show you why.

The main forces of the Romefeller Foundation are currently gathering around the Sanc Kingdom.

After the Luxembourg plan to destroy the Treize Faction their remaining military force from that battle has been standing by to invade the Sanc Kingdom.

Which suggests that right from the beginning Romefeller had no intention of overlooking us.

At this rate we'll suffer the fate of the previous Sanc Kingdom.

It may not be a significant force yet.

But in order to confront the Romefeller Foundation we need to take in past members from the Treize Faction and the former Alliance.

Does this answer your question?

Aren't you a bit laid back?

This military power could start attacking us any day now.

But we have a Gundam on our side.

It's our symbol of hope.

Don't count on that too much.

Unlike Quatre, I don't see much sense in protecting this country.

But the Right Honorable Treize's Gundam you brought here has guided many soldiers to us!

It's a symbol of opposition against Romefeller.


What's the big idea, giving me this thing?

That's the drawback of getting dolls to fight!

Doesn't anyone want to fight me man-to-man?!

The Taurus mobile dolls are destroyed!

That leaves no choice.


People weaken when they use machines instead of risking their own lives.

This may be the perfect time to defeat OZ.

Gundam O5!

This is Zechs Marquise, from the Peacemillion.

Wing Zero!

I'd like to discuss an offer.

Hang on!

I'm not your enemy!

All evil that chooses to fight in outer space is my enemy!

I agree!

That's why we must fight against OZ and Romefeller!

You're a member of OZ!

In the past, I was!

But no longer!

I don't trust traitors!

How can I get you to listen?!

By defeating me!


Just the attitude proves you are still a Gundam pilot.

His Gundam has become considerably stronger!

I'll need to come out on top this time!


It's unharmed.



What in the world are these images?!

My enemy.


This boy isn't the enemy I should be fighting!

You can't fool me!

You're my enemy!!




Get a grip!

The Zero System is toying with you!

No mistake about it!

This man is my enemy!

This system displays numerous sets of data to eliminate a warrior's insecurities.

But such a system will only lead to tragedy.

There's nothing sadder than a human who's toyed with by a machine.

Telling Zechs to overcome this now may be too harsh.

Get a move on!

We're leaving here tomorrow!


You saw how happy we made the people of this colony!

Why make this the last show?

They say that a Gundam showed up not far from here.

A Gundam?!

Hey, Sis...

Wha-What's the matter Trowa?

Um...where am I supposed to put this...?

Oh, that?

Don't worry.

I'll put it away later.


You should do what your sister says, Trowa.


Sure, whatever.

As long as he's around we could get in trouble any time.

We have no choice but to move on.

You're right.

I pity him having amnesia.

But Trowa's better off this way.


What's that...?

I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before...

Not again...

I'm...so cold...


You're safe here.

I'll never let you get near a battlefield.

I'll protect you.

To be continued

Next Episode

In space, Duo finds Trowa.

On Earth, the Romefeller Foundation moves in to invade the Sanc Kingdom.

Reunited with the Maguanac Corps Quatre hurries back to the front with his Sandrock.

In the name of peace, Relena surrenders to the Foundation to put an end to what she considers a foolish battle.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 36

Sanc Kingdom's Collapse

Zero System.

An alias for the cockpit system which gathers and instantly calculates the data during battle and directly feeds back to the pilot the many presumed positions of the enemy.

But this was a system for attaining complete victory by pushing the pilot to extreme circumstances even sacrificing their lives at times.

A.C.195. As the world changed in this time of chaos, there were Mobile Suits which transformed humans into the ultimate weapon.

They were Wing Zero and Epyon.




Trowa... Trowa, is it you?

It's me, Catherine.

Don't tell me you've forgotten me.

Cathe... rine...

Tr... Trowa?

This is Brago.

We're going in.




Master Lon.

I am grateful to you for letting me study here again.

You have done well and made great progress.

Altron will be pleased to take you on board.

The completed Nataku is strong.

But I don't think I am worthy for him yet.

Strength is the soul.

The soul is the battle against yourself.

If you do not win against yourself, you will never defeat your enemy.

We have fought against the evil in Space for over 1 00 years.

But the Colony which protected us all these years does not have the strength to sustain life any longer, and is luring us to the path of ruin.

Even so, we will pursue justice to the end.

Do you understand, Wufei?


To believe in one self, never lie to one self, never betray one self.

Master Lon!



They have no mercy even for the dying.

Master Lon, I must defeat the enemy.

The enemy I fight is Evil!

Then you have nothing to doubt.

You are not going to defeat the enemy, whatever you defeat IS the enemy, namely, Evil.

You decide what is just.

That is our will and therefore is Altron's will.

C'mon 05!

He's here!


This is Brago.

I've lured him out.

Proceeding to the second stage!

I'll stop you here 05!

Nataku, guide me to the right path!

Commence attack on 0200.

He's here, it's 05.

This is a warning to the Gundam pilot.

Stop your attack.

We are prepared to attack 0200.

Your resistance means the Colony will be put in jeopardy.

Farewell Wufei.

Witness the end of our clan.

Is it ready?

Yes, and so are we.

Our people must never forget our pride.

Our will will be carried on by Wufei.

Do it.



Master Lon!

Do not hesitate Wufei.

Your doubt will only create more chaos.


Master Lon...


Justice is...

I will determine justice!!

Seems like there's been a large battle in the L5 Colony area.

Perhaps Wufei has started to take action.

He's the 05 pilot.

Our forces are this ship and Wing Zero.

It's too much of a disadvantage against the Longfeller.

Can we not ask him to join us?

That might be difficult.

The Gundam pilots will insist on fighting on their own.

I don't know if they'll lend a hand to someone fighting with a moral obligation We have the same enemy.

If only we had the chance to talk.


Change course to the L5 area.

With the success of Operation Nova, most of the world is under the Longfeller Foundations rule.

I want you, to continue with your work on a new plan.

A new plan?

We have a duty to maintain peace.

To do that we must have overwhelming power.

Are the Mobile Dolls not effective enough?

Mobile Dolls can only maximize their potential in local warfare.

We need something that has effect on a larger scale.

Chief technician Tsubarov, I command you to build a Space Mothership that will stand against Peacemillion.

A... A Space Mothership?

I'll be going.

Quatre, Sally Po's information is reliable.

You can trust her.


I didn't ask for the Maganac units help because I didn't want them to get into trouble, but I'm not in a position to say that any more.

The Longfeller have destroyed the main forces of the Treize faction.

The world's power structure is leaning towards the Longfeller because of this.

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Cinq Kingdom was hanging on a thread.


And to save this country from those evil hands I need to go and get Sandrock.

This is a warning.

This is a war zone.

Return to point URW.

If you do not comply we will shoot you down.

Are you saying you're going to attack without even guiding me out?

Commence attack.

You wait there, my Sandrock.

I'll come and get you.

a member of the Longfeller Foundation.

But at present, the Foundation is but a military funds collector.

We cannot follow in their path.

The Longfeller Foundation is only fulfilling it's greed to control by expanding it's rule.

This is no different to the former Federation.

I understand what you all are saying.

I hope you realize that true peace cannot be attained by military force.

That is very true.

Princess Relena, please stand up for us and be our guide.

I , myself have little power.

But if everybody wishes for true peace...

I believe it is possible to stop the Longfeller from using military action.

The representatives have all left.

Everyone seemed pleased about the meeting.


Was it right for me to promise peace to other nations when I can't even protect my own country's peace?

Miss Relena, the peace that Longfeller have promised is an illusion.

The complete peace that Peacecraft uphold is the true peace.

The representatives of the nations are relying on you.

But the Longfeller forces are so strong.

After Treize Khushrenada lost his position, there is no individual in the Longfeller Foundation to stand as a leader and pull them forward.

Count Delmare who is the representative of the Foundation is not fit to fill that position.

In their present state we have nothing to fear.

Please, be confident and make your ideals come true.

We're happy to see you back safely Commander Noin.

I am not a Commander any longer.

I am a soldier just like you.

Erm, but we are just remnants and habits are hard to break.

Can we at least call you Captain Noin?

If that makes you happy.

But we are not a military unit that is tied down by regulations.

Don't forget that!


Captain Noin.

Yes what is it?

Longfeller won't keep quiet if this country acquires arms.

Why did you accept them in?

That matter...

If you want an answer come this way.

At present Longfeller is placing its forces around Cinq Kingdom.

That Treize faction annihilation strategy.

They have kept those forces on stand-by, probably to attack Cinq Kingdom.

That means they never had the intention to leave this country alone.

At this rate, it will be a repeat of what happened to this country before.

Our forces are small now but to fight against Longfeller's armies we have to take in soldiers from the Treize faction and former Federation remnants.

Have I convinced you?

You're taking things easy considering the fact that you may be attacked by such forces at any moment.

But we have the symbol of hope called Gundam.

You better not depend on it so much.

I'm not like Quatre who sees the significance of protecting this country.

The Gundam you received from Commander Treize has brought us victory.

It is a symbol to fight against Longfeller.


What do you want me to do with this thing?

This is the best a doll can do.

Is there no one who will fight me like a man?!

Mobile Doll Taurus unit is completely destroyed.

Can't be helped, retreat.

Depending on machines to deal with life will only degrade humans.

Now may be the time to defeat OZ.

Gundam 05.

This is Peacemillion, Zechs Merquise speaking.

Wing Zero!

I want to talk to you.

Wait, I am not your enemy!

My enemy is all that brings war and fighting to this Space!

That's right.

That is why we should fight against OZ together.

Are you not OZ too?!

I was... but not anymore.

I don't trust a guy who changes sides.

What can I do to make you listen to me?

Defeat me.

Very well.

That stance, you're definitely a Gundam pilot.

The enhanced Gundam is magnificent!

There will be no victory without it.


Are you all right?


What is this image?

What the hell is this?

My enemy?

N.. no...

The man I need to fight is not him.

I understand.

You are Evil!!



Zechs, get a grip!

You're being toyed with by the Zero system.

I'm sure of it.

This man will become an enemy.

A system whose predictions are based on the data collected and erases a soldiers doubts.

But that only creates tragedy.

There is nothing more sad than a soldier being disillusioned by a machine.

It may be cruel to ask Zechs to overcome this at the moment.

Hurry up!

We're leaving tomorrow.

Ring Master, the people of this colony love us.

Why are you making this the last performance?

A Gundam has appeared at a nearby Colony.

A Gundam?


Wh.. what is it Trowa?

Where do I put this away?

Oh that.

Don't worry I'll put it away later.


You should listen to what your sister says, Trowa.


As long as he's with us, there's a possibility that we'll get involved.

That's why we have to move on.

You're right.

I'm sorry he's lost his memory but it's better for him this way.


What is that...

It feels familiar but...

It's happening again.

I... I'm cold...

Trowa don't worry.

I won't let you go back to the battlefield.

I promise I'll protect you.

To be continued

Duo finds Trowa in Space.

On Earth, the Longfeller Foundation had started the invasion of Cinq Kingdom.

Quatre meets up with the Maganac unit and joins them in Sandrock to fight at the front line.

But in pursuing peace and to end the foolish act of war, Relena hands herself over to the Foundation.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 36

The Fall of Cinq Kingdom

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