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Episode 34:
And Its Name Is Epyon

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
To facilitate its reign over the world Romefeller promoted a new OZ, with its main power consisting of unmanned mobile dolls.

Certain changes within the Foundation came after Treize Khushrenada's retaliation.

Including his being stripped of all power.

The Foundation was rapidly expanding its area of rule thanks to the highly skilled mobile dolls.

The year is After Colony 195.

After the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation execution orders were given for the isolated Gundam pilots.

For them, the future keeps taking a backward course.

Don't die.

Keep fighting and live through this!

You pilots mustn't die yet.

And Its Name is Epyon

Is this the end...?


Long live Treize Khushrenada!

You okay?

Protect Master Treize.

I beg you.

Duke Dermail.

What is it?

Was the Treize Faction's destruction confirmed?

No sir...not exactly.

Why not?!

How could they be withstanding our attack when we sent such a powerful military force?

A Gundam.

What's that?

Gundam O1 has joined them.

We've lost half the mobile dolls.

And it's turning into a mess.

At this rate, it's just a matter of time before Treize Khushrenada is freed.

What shall we do now, Duke?

Contact our ground troops stationed elsewhere.

Tell them to head for Luxembourg at once to wipe out the Gundam, and the Treize Faction.

Yes, sir.

Treize is merely an illusion which dazzles the soldiers of the Faction.

In the same way the Gundams symbolize the rebels.

We must do everything to prevent the two from joining forces.

Voice and fingerprint verification confirmation.

State your name.

Heero Yuy.

Identity confirmed.

Please enter.

Thanks for coming, Heero Yuy.

A heart-felt welcome, my dear messenger of peace.

You're Treize.

That should be obvious.

Now go ahead and shoot me.

End this battle.

What's the matter?

The war won't end as long as I'm alive.

Isn't that the reason you came here?

Tell me why you let me in.

A few months ago I programmed the computer to accept you.

I thought one day I could have a long talk with you and the other Gundam pilots.

I'm not interested.

Of course not.

You pilots should be thinking only about attaining peace.

Peace for the Earth.

Or rather peace for the entire universe.

Fighting is my only concern.

Peace is merely an outcome after the fighting has ended.

Then tell me.

Who's your enemy?

Is it me?

Or OZ?

Is it Romefeller?

Or is it your faraway home, the colonies that betrayed you?

Whoever stands before me and tries to kill me.

That is my enemy.

In that case, your battles will never end since your enemy is your destiny itself.

Maybe so.

But I'll continue to fight.

That's the only choice I have.

I am ready to die any time for that.

Aren't you ready to accept your destiny yet?

From that perspective Relena Peacecraft is a much stronger person than you.

I'm surprised that even you are exhausted from fighting.

It is sad but no one can change the course of time.

You should be able to.

You once had the power to change history.

You only had to do it again.

I have no such intention.

I see.

My greatest happiness in life was being able to talk with you.

And now I understand.

My own death must coincide with yours.

Now that we've met each other let's put ourselves in God's hands.

You're a poor loser.

It doesn't matter to me.

A soldier who's willing to die.

That's the most correct attitude a person can take to fight.

But unfortunately, you don't know who to fight against.

That makes you the same as me.

My battle has also come to an end.

Your battle hasn't ended.

Even as we speak countless soldiers are sacrificing their lives for you.

I know for certain that your battle hasn't ended!

If anything has ended...

Or rather, if anything should end then it's my own miserable and useless resistance.

Heero Yuy.

I implore you, please don't disappoint me any further.

You mustn't be in the same position as myself.

I have a guide that will show you how to live.

This is Scarecrow 5.

Wing Zero's presence confirmed.

We'll continue with our operation.

This much explosives should do.

It's enough to blow up three Leos.

Good, get back to your Leo.

So they are gonna blow it up.


Because to OZ, or for that matter to Romefeller any Gundam stands between them and their goal to conquer.

Let's show them how valuable it really is.

Okay, we'll proceed to blow up Wing Zero.

Object approaching at high speed!


It's the Tallgeese!

Lightning Count is here!

Damn it!

This is Scarecrow 5!

Barge, the Tallgeese is here!

Why escape from battle?

Have mobile dolls made the soldiers forget how to fight?

Or have my beliefs simply become outdated...?

Be on your guard Zechs.

A high-speed carrier full of mobile dolls is heading here.

With that formation, it seems they were expecting me.

Considering how much they rely on mobile dolls it's a fairly obvious battle plan.

Gundam Wing

Mobile doll reinforcements?

They're well prepared.

More troops?

I see.

Looks like they've overrated my abilities.

Units 7 to I 2,- spread out and surround the rest!

I'm not letting you escape Lightning Count!


I made it this far because of you.

I'm eternally grateful.

It's tough to part!

However my priority right now is to fight through this war!!

Farewell, Tallgeese!

Rest in peace, my admirable friend.

He self-detonated?!

Is he gonna surrender?

I won't stand for it!

I get it.

He wants to switch to Wing Zero.

You've finally lost it, Lightning Count.

I'm changing the mobile doll target.

Better yet...

Why don't I give him a more appropriate death?

Once you meet your maker you should curse yourself for your optimistic judgment!

Scarecrow 5 reporting.

Mission accomplished.

We've destroyed Wing Zero and Tallgeese and have also executed Zechs Marquise.

Yet, unfortunately you've underrated Wing Zero.

What incredible response time!

And these combat capabilities!

A perfect warrior like yourself should be able to avoid being tricked by that detestable machine.

I pray the path you've chosen is the correct one, Zechs...


You're a Peacecraft the one to guide people to peace.

A new model?

Yes; and I've given it the name Epyon.

This suit has the ability to show the pilot the image of the enemy he's fighting and the pilot's own future.

Regretfully, there wasn't any future for me to choose from.

If you pilot this suit and end up being like me, let us both part with our lives.

Why did you make this thing?

I've always thought that humans sense their existence through continued battle.

However, I couldn't come to any conclusions.

My battle's now over.

But I have yet to find the reason to fight.

To find that reason I figured a Gundam would be the most appropriate.

In addition I'd like to give my blessings to both winners and losers.

This mobile suit allows me to do so.

Are you claiming you've built a god or something?

Maybe I did.

As long as the warrior has a genuine will to fight the Epyon will eliminate all distractions.

There's nothing more noble and beautiful than a warrior with no distractions.

One could say that he's the closest thing to God.

I don't believe in God.

Show me your abilities in your future in battles!

Heero Yuy.

I must warn you of one thing.

You mustn't be a winner when you pilot that suit.

The Gundam Epyon is not a weapon.

I hope you return as a loser.

I'm hoping for the same.

Heero, I won't let you die until you've killed me first.

I'm disarming the self- detonation device.


There's so many of them!


He's sent in additional troops!

Don't give up!

The outcome doesn't matter!

What's important is to keep fighting!

High-speed object approaching from 6 o'clock!

More troops?

What's that?!

A Gundam?!

It's unregistered! It's not in our data!

Hang on!

Is it our ally?

It's here!

Are they enemies?

No, they're just ordered to fight.


Then are they the enemies?


It's the same...

It's just like Wing Zero.

I'm getting rid of them all.

Anyone that fights is my enemy!


Make me a promise.

Protect Master Treize.

I beg you.

Regretfully, there wasn't any future for me to choose from.

My future...

My death...

Did you see your future?

I see...

Then let's get started.


I don't have the right to do it...

To be continued

Next Episode

To retaliate against the growing pressure from Romefeller Quatre sets out to get his Sandrock back.

Wishing to join forces with the Gundam pilots Zechs goes to meet Wu Fei, who's returned to his colony.

But Wu Fei again selected to pilot the completed Altron Gundam takes Zechs for an enemy and starts attacking.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 35

The Return of Wu Fei

In order to rule the Earth, the Longfeller Foundation created a new OZ and its unmanned army, Mobile Dolls.

Although there were changes within the organization such as Treize Khushrenada opposing the Foundation's new ideas and being stripped of his powers and other internal rearrangements, the end Result was an increase in Mobile Dolls and expansion.

A.C.195. Because the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation, the Gundam pilots were isolated and execution orders were given out.

For them, the stream of history was running in the opposite direction.

Don't die.

Fight and live through this.

You, all of you must not die yet.




Is this it?


Glory to His Excellency!


T.. take care of Commander Treize...

Count Delmare.

What is it?

Is it news that you've destroyed the Trieze faction?


Well, erm...


How can they still be standing after we've put all those troops up against them.

It's Gundam.


Gundam 01 has appeared.

We have lost half of the Mobile Doll unit and at present, the situation looks bad.

If things continue this way, it'll be a matter of time before Treize is rescued from confinement.

Your orders, Count.

Notify all remaining land units...

To head to Luxembourg and destroy the Treize faction and Gundam.

Yes sir.

Treize is but a mere image that fascinates the soldiers.

Just as Gundam is an icon to the rebel troops.

But no matter what, I must prevent the two joining forces.

Preparing for fingerprint and voice verification.

Please state your name.

Heero Yui.

Verification complete.

Please enter.

Welcome, Heero Yui.

My beloved messenger of peace.

I am grateful for your arrival.

Is it you, Treize?

Must you ask such a question?

Go ahead and shoot me...

To end this war.

What's wrong?

There will be no end to this fighting until I die.

That is the reason you came here, isn't it?

Tell me why I was able to enter this place?

I input the data into the computer before I was exiled.

I thought one day I may have the privilege to talk to you and the other Gundam pilots.

I have no interest in you.

Of course, all you should think about is peace.

Not only about peace on Earth but peace for the whole Universe.

I only think about fighting.

Peace is only the outcome of war.

Then let me ask, who is your enemy?

Is it me?


The Longfeller Foundation?

Or is it the Colony, your faraway home that betrayed all of you?

Whatever stands in front of me whatever tries to take my life, that is my enemy.

Your struggle will never end.

The enemy you describe is fate.


Nevertheless, I'll fight.

I have to keep on fighting.

Furthermore, I'm not afraid to die.

Don't you want to control to change fate?

In that respect, Relena Peacecraft is a stronger person than you.

I didn't think you were feeling the limits of fighting...

It's true, no one can change the course of the times.

You can change it.

You used to hold the power to change the course of history.

You can do it again.

I have no intention to do so.

I see.

Having been able to talk with you has been the most fulfilling moment of my life.

And now I understand.

My death must be with yours.

Let us both acknowledge this and join God.

You're a bad loser.

Not that I mind that.

A soldier that doesn't fear death.

I think that is the proper way to fight too.

But at present, you have lost your enemy.

That makes you the same as me.

My war is over.

The war isn't over.

Even now, soldiers are dying for you.

Your war has not ended.

If the war has ended, no...

The fighting that should end is the futile and miserable resistance that I'm pursuing.

Heero Yui.

Please, don't make me any more unhappy than I am now.

You must not be the same as me.

I have something here that could be a guide to your destiny.

This is Scarecrow 5 We've identified Wing Zero.

Proceeding to complete mission.

This should do the trick.

It's enough to blow up 3 Leos.

Okay, return to Leo.

So they're going to blow it up, eh?

Of course.

For OZ, or should I say Longfeller, anything that bears the name Gundam is a reminder of occupation.


We'll show them what Gundam is really worth.

Prepare for the explosion of Wing Zero.

Incoming object on radar!


It's Tallgeese!

The Lightning Count's arrived!


This is Scarecrow 5.

Balji, Tallgeese has appeared!

Why do you run from a fight?

Do Mobile Dolls make soldiers forget how to fight?

Or is it that my way of thinking is out of date?

Watch out Zechs, a Mobile Doll carrier is approaching at great speed.

This positioning suggests that they were expecting me.

Naturally that's what they'd come up with based on the fact that they are depending on Mobile Dolls.

Mobile Doll reinforcements.

So they are well prepared.


Well, well.

Seems like they overestimate me.

No. 7 to No. 12, regroup to the rear.

I won't let you get away Lightning Count.

Tallgeese, I've been able to fight all this way thanks to you.

I'm grateful for that.

It breaks my heart to have to part with you... but what is important now is to fight on!

Farewell Tallgeese, My beloved machine...

Rest in peace.

Self destructed?!

Is he going to surrender?

I'm not going to let him do that.

A-ha, he's planing to take Wing Zero.

That'll be the end of the Lightning Count.

Change the target on the Mobile Dolls.


We'll give him the sort of death he deserves.

You can regret in hell the shallowness of your judgement.

This is Scarecrow 5

Mission completed.

Wing Zero and Tallgeese are destroyed, Zechs Merquise is dea...

Seems like you underestimated Wing Zero.

It's brilliant.

This reaction speed...

This fighting ability!

Hopefully you won't be trifled by that abominable machine because you are a perfect soldier.

I pray the path you've chosen is the right one Zechs, no, Milliard.

You are a Peacecraft, a guide to peace.

A new model?

I've named it Epyon.

This machine will show you your enemy and your own future.

My future did not have a choice.

If it shows you the same future as me, let us both leave this world.

Why did you make this?

I believed that to fight on was the purpose for humans to live.

But I could not find the answer there.

My war is over but I still have to find the answer to the reason as to why we fight.

I came to the conclusion that Gundam was the most suitable Mobile Suit for the task.

I want to applaud the victor and the vanquished.

This machine makes that possible.

You think you've made God, don't you?

Perhaps I do.

As long as the warrior has a pure fighting spirit, Epyon has the ability to eliminate doubt.

The warrior is sublime and beautiful.

In a way, you could say he is the closest thing to God.

I don't believe in God.

Show me how you fight.

Show me your future.

Heero Yui.

I have one warning for you.

You must not become a victor on this.

The Gundam Epyon is not a weapon.

I pray that you return as a loser.

I wish that too.

Heero, I do not permit you to die until you have killed me.

Therefore I have disarmed the self destruct facility.


The enemy keep on coming.

Damn Delmare!

He keeps on sending reinforcements!

Don't give up!

The Result isn't important.

What's important is the will to fight on!

There's an object approaching with great speed at 6 o'clock.

Is it a new model?!

Is that... a Gundam?

We have no record of this type of model.

Hey, is it... an ally?

It's here!

My enemy...


They're only made to fight.

Now, go!!

Then, is it them?


It's the same, this is the same as Zero...

Eliminate everything.

Everything that fights is the enemy!!

Heero, promise me.

Take care of His Excellency....

My future did not have a choice.

My... my future...

My death...

Did you see your future?


Very well.

Then let us begin.


I have no right... to do that...

To be continued

Quatre goes to get Sandrock in order to fight against the ever oppressive Longfeller invasion.

Looking for a way to fight with the Gundam pilots, Zechs meets up with Wufei, who had returned to his home Colony.

But Wufei, who has been chosen to be the pilot of the newly Built Altron Gundam, saw Zechs as an enemy and challenged him to fight.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 35.

''Wufei, once again.''

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