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Episode 33:
The Lonely Battlefield

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
You'll die right now and the glory will be mine!

If you lost, it wouldn't be to me!

You'd be losing to the Wing Zero!

You still don't get it, do you?!

I can handle a system like this no problem...

The Lonely Battlefield

That's beautiful.

I didn't expect you to be a talented musician too.

I've been fond of music since I was young.

Playing instruments has always made me feel relax ed.

That song was very melancholy, though.

You mustn't keep on blaming yourself for what's happened.

Some things can't be helped during war.

Wars are paid with human lives.

It can't be brushed aside as inevitable.

If I'd been stronger then Trowa wouldn't have suffered such a fate.

Miss Noin.

Don't you have some news about OZ?


Treize's whereabouts is still unknown.

But OZ considers the Treize Faction as dissidents.

Their battles are intensifying around the world.

OZ still has the advantage, though.

The average pilot can't compete with the capabilities of the mobile dolls.

I think we'd stand a decent chance against the mobile dolls.

I'm not bragging.

We could only do it with superior suits like the Gundams.

But even if we destroyed the mobile dolls in battle the war wouldn't end.

If we've learned anything through our experiences there is a limit to what mere pilots can do.

Won't Miss Relena won't the Sanc Kingdom be able to comfort soldiers such as yourselves?

A person could settle down comfortably here.

Perhaps that's why people like us who're tainted with blood shouldn't be here.

I think Heero feels the same.

Operation Nova.

The plan to send mass-produced mobile dolls from outer space to strife-torn areas on Earth, was steadily producing results.

By displaying the threat of the mobile dolls to the people of the world OZ managed to increase its influence over the people.

It also meant the Romefeller Foundation was further establishing its position to rule the world.

We're ready to enter the atmosphere.


Looks like we won't have any interference this time.


I think we're safe now.

Detecting strong heat!

A mobile suit's rapidly approaching!


It's the Tallgeese!


Spaceships 2 and 3 are down!

We're the only ones left!

Send out the mobile dolls to counterattack!

The whole battalion is gone?!

A human pilot can't defeat a mobile doll...!

This is Peacemillion.

Mission accomplished.

We'll leave the area right after taking in the Tallgeese.

That was impressive, Lightning Count.

It was all I could do.

I can't thank you enough, Howard.

We're only helping each other out.

No need to thank me.

In that case, could I ask you to tune up the Tallgeese?


You didn't get any damage.

It seems to be responding a bit slow.

That's because your response is becoming too short.

I never expected your skills to surpass the Tallgeese's in such a short period of time.

I'll tune it up.

Forgive me, Relena.

I have to live as Zechs Marquise again.

It's in the best interests of the Sanc Kingdom, too.

Did you say Zechs Marquise?


He came guised as Ambassador Milliardo Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom and has been hiding out ever since.

The Sanc Kingdom, huh...

How aggravating.

Duke Dermail.

Many countries out there still support total pacifism as practiced by the Sanc Kingdom 's deceased king.

What's even worse is that many people within the Foundation are also leaning toward the idea.

How could that be?

Romefeller possesses the invincible mobile dolls.

Such ineffectual ideas are useless.

Invincible, you say?!

Isn't Zechs Marquise destroying the dolls?


Our next target point is the Luxembourg Base, correct?


We're all prepared.

This time Zechs won't get his way!

I'm counting on you.

I'll see what I can do on this end to crush his home base.

The Sanc Kingdom, huh.

This might be the right time to destroy it.

I wasn't expecting you to be there.


Mind if I sit beside you?

Do what you want.

This is your country.

Guess so...

Heero, why do you stay in my country?

In the past you would have just gone off to battle despite how hard I tried to stop you.

You were back home in space.

But your homeland didn't treat you kindly.

It must've been hard.

Yet despite that, you keep on fighting.

You've still got an intensity in your eyes that hasn't changed since I first met you.

I'm just...

Forgive me for interrupting you, Relena.


What is it?

This is an invitation from the Romefeller Foundation.

Thanks to OZ's undertakings we're close to resolving all disputes around the world.

As such, we'd like to learn more about the Sanc Kingdom's total pacifism to prepare us for the world peace that will likely follow the end of the war.

We are therefore requesting your presence at our conference to be held in Bremen.

I am obliged to escort you to the conference, Relena.

I can't tell you what a thrill it is to accompany you.

After you.

Thank you, Dorothy.


Allow me to accompany you.

No, there's no need for that.

Relena's our special guest.

Romefeller takes responsibility for her safety there.


Miss Noin.

Stay here and look after matters in my absence.


Make me a promise.

Don't leave here without telling me first.


Let's go.


Are you going to just let her go?

Romefeller considers this country's ideas dangerous.

If anything happens to her...



What are you trying to do?

A large number of mobile dolls are expected to arrive in Luxembourg.


The Treize Faction headquarters are in Luxembourg.

Romefeller's trying to crush them all at once.

They're gonna send this many mobile dolls to Earth?!

Even Luxembourg won't have a chance.

Once the battle's lost those mobile dolls will be dispersed across the world.

You're crazy!

Even you can't defeat that many mobile dolls by yourself!

If you insist on going then I'm going with you!


You stay here.


You can't afford to get killed at this stage.

Not until you find Trowa.

Quatre, what's going on?!

What's with Heero?!

Heero has made a decision.

To fight a battle with the least chance of survival.

Gundam Wing

That's an unbelievable number of suits, to destroy one base.

Which proves what a strategic point the Luxembourg base is.

I guess if they're fighting against the Lightning Count then they'd need that many.

I'm gonna fight them with everything I've got no matter what their plan.


I once fought to take it from the Alliance.

Now I'm fighting to defend it.

How ironic.

Zechs has arrived, just as we suspected!

All shuttles ignore the Tallgeese and head straight for the atmosphere.

We must conquer Luxembourg at all costs!

Welcome, Relena Peacecraft.

Thank you very much for your kind invitation.

The pleasure is mine to be able to meet with you.

Thanks for helping, Dorothy.

Delighted to be of assistance.

I'll see myself out.

The best of luck, Relena.

Now, Relena.

Show us what you're made of.

Don't disappoint me.

The Sanc Kingdom can only employ its peace initiatives because of Romefeller's assistance.

But its military wing, OZ, is initiating wars in the world.

How could the Romefeller power head in two completely different directions?

It's because decisions on how to use all this power are made by people.

If peace is your true objective then please use the Sanc Kingdom as your model.

We are prepared to assist in achieving your peace objectives.


You have very sound beliefs for a woman so young.

But I can't help point out the Sanc Kingdom's hypocrisies.

Such as?

Let me explain.

Recently, a certain individual has been attacking OZ troops and leaving us with considerable damage.

He's first approached the colonies as the Sanc Kingdom's Ambassador Milliardo Peacecraft.

But later he appeared as Zechs Marquise, the Tallgeese pilot.

He's currently considered an enemy of OZ.

It is responding too slowly!

Fighting against OZ means opposing Romefeller.

We would naturally assume that the Sanc Kingdom has some hostile intentions.

Does that pilot still call himself Milliardo Peacecraft?

Actually, no...

Then he's clearly not my elder brother, Milliardo!

The Peacecraft family wants nothing more than peace.

My brother could never pilot a mobile suit and fight.

Then you don't care what happens to him?

He has nothing to do with the Sanc Kingdom.

All right.

It appears that we've made some false assumptions.

Therefore, we'll take appropriate measures and deal with this Zechs traitor.

My apologies for having doubted the Sanc Kingdom.

Then if you'd Excuse me from this meeting.

The Sanc Kingdom.

How irritating.

That was quite the show, Relena.

I always knew there was something special about you.

I knew dolls can't fight a war.

Wars are meaningless unless people fight them.

You've still got a lot more to do, Relena.

So for the time being, you can count on my assistance.

Milliardo, you knew exactly what I would say.

That's why you chose to fight as Zechs Marquise.

The escort mobile dolls have been destroyed!

But we managed to send in enough shuttles.

Now, Luxembourg will fall!

That's my limit.

Luxembourg, don't be defeated.

That's gotta be one of those new mobile dolls.


Gundam O1 ?!

Why's it here?!

They've started fighting in Luxembourg.

Didn't you want to go?

Heero talked me out of going.

I'll stay here and protect Relena on Heero's behalf.

Maybe we're being overly cautious.

But if something were to happen to Relena I couldn't face Zechs again.

Captain Noin!

We just received an anonymous tip.

It says Relena's car will be attacked by mobile dolls conducting a fake test flight.




I apologize for picking you up without being asked to.

Don't worry about it, Pagan.

You don't seem pleased.

Didn't the conference go well?

What's that?!

Mobile dolls?!



Say something, Pagan!

Miss Noin!

I can make eloquent speeches but I can't do a thing... even save one person.

It's true!

I'm always the one who's being saved!

Is it really possible to achieve peace without using force?

Maybe ''total pacifism'' is nothing but nonsense spouted only by those unable to fight.

Please get hold of yourself.

What do you expect us to do if even you talk like that?!

You have to keep going on the path you believe in.

People like us didn't used to know any better than to fight.

Someday, you will give us a place to live in peace.

That's what Heero, Noin and I truly believe.

A place...to live in peace...

That's right.

One day you'll achieve total peace. 318 01:32:39,136 --> 01:32:41,696 And we are fighting for that.

We will achieve total peace one day.

Don't die.

Don't give up.

You mustn't die yet.


Keep fighting and survive this battle!

You pilots mustn't die yet.

To be continued

Next Episode

Zechs gets his hands on the Wing Gundam Zero and demolishes the Space Taurus squadron.

About that time, Heero enters a castle in Luxembourg where Treize gives him a new Gundam.

But the new mobile suit is evil, much like Zero.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 34

And Its Name is Epyon


That's wonderful.

I didn't know you had musical talent too.

I have always liked music ever since I was a child.

I feel calm when I'm playing.

Though I must say, it sounds very melancholy.

You shouldn't blame yourself anymore.

There are some things that cannot be helped during war time.


This is life we're dealing with.

I can't just say ''it can't be helped''.

If only I was stronger, Trowa wouldn't have...

Miss Noin, have you had any information on OZ lately?

We still have no news on Commander Treize...

But the Treize faction is now classed as rebels and their attacks are occurring all over the world.

But OZ have an advantage over the situation.

Ordinary pilots just can't keep up with the speed of Mobile Dolls.

I think we can fight against them.

It's not that I'm being vain...

But if we have high quality machines like Gundam.

But destroying Mobile Dolls won't end the war.

I know from experience that there is a limit to what a mere pilot can do.

Will Miss Relena...

Can Cinq Kingdom be a place of hope and rest to soldiers?

Yes, this place is probably a safe haven.

We're stained with blood, perhaps it isn't right for us to stay.

I think Heero feels the same way.

Operation Nova, the plan to land mass produced Mobile Dolls into conflict areas, has been progressing steadily.

People of the world feared the Mobile Dolls and as OZ spread its area of occupation, this also meant that the Longfeller Foundation's domain of rule was being established.

All procedures completed to enter the atmosphere.

Captain, seems like we won't have trouble this time.

Yeah, I think we're safe.

Energy reading on the meter!

Mobile Suit approaching!

They've come!

It's Tallgeese.

I'm certain of it!

Ship no.

2 and 3 destroyed we are the only ones left.

Send out the Mobile Dolls to counter attack!


There's no way a human can beat Mobile Dolls!

This is Peacemillion.

Mission completed.

We'll depart this area as soon as we pick up Tallgeese.

Well... well done Lightning Count.

This is about all I can do.

I'm very grateful for your help, Howard.

Oh, anytime.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Then if I may be so bold, could you check over Tallgeese?

What's wrong?

You haven't had any damage.

No, I just feel the reaction velocity is slow.

That's because your reaction speed is too quick!

I didn't think you'd exceed the motive power of Tallgeese this soon.

Bring him in.

Forgive me, Relena.

I will live as Zechs Merquise.

It will be better this way for Cinq Kingdom.

What, Zechs Merquise?


He has gone to Space as Cinq Kingdom's ambassador, Milliard Peacecraft but seems to have remained there in hiding.

Cinq Kingdom...

They are a problem.

Count Delmare.

The Complete Peace Principal that the former King preached is still supported by many countries.

On top of that, the idea is starting to spread within the Foundation.

Why is this?

Longfeller has the invincible Mobile Doll.

There is no need for weak spirited ideas.


We've just been beaten by Zechs Merquise.

Erm, that was...

So... the next target is the Luxembourg base...

Yes sir.

We're preparing for that.

We won't let Zechs do as he pleases this time.

Well then, I look forward to your report.

I'll see what damage I can do from this end.

Cinq Kingdom...

It may be an idea to crush them when I can.

So there you are.


May I join you?

Go ahead, it's your country.

I suppose so.

Heero, why are you willing to stay in my country?

Before, you would leave for battle straight away, no matter how much I stopped you.

You went back to Space...

But your home was not kind to you.

It must have been hard...

Yet you never stopped fighting.

Those stern eyes haven't changed since I first met you.

I ...

I'm sorry to interrupt you Miss Relena.

Dorothy, is there something wrong?

It's an invitation from the Longfeller Foundation.

With the good work of OZ, the world's conflicts are almost at an end.

Therefore we would like to discuss with you and study the Complete Peace Principal that Cinq Kingdom upholds in order to maintain the peace that we will have achieved.

We would be very honored if you could attend the meeting in Bremen.

I have been nominated to be your guide if that is alright with you.

It is my honor to be able to join you, Miss Relena.


Thank you, Dorothy.

Miss Relena, I will go with you.

That won't be necessary.

Miss Relena is a guest.

Longfeller will take all responsibility in escorting her.


Miss Noin, take care of things while I'm gone.

Heero, promise me.

That you won't leave without saying a word.

Shall we, Miss Relena?


Are you sure you should have let her go?

This country's principal spells danger to Longfeller.

What if something were to happen to her...


Heero, what do you plan to do?

A large number of Mobile Dolls are going to land on Luxembourg base.

The Treize faction's headquarters is in Luxembourg.

Longfeller probably intend to crush them.

All those descending on Earth at one time...

Even Luxembourg can't take that.

If their mission is complete, the Mobile Dolls will spread all over the world from there.

It's impossible!

Even you couldn't fight that number by yourself!

If you're going I'm going too.


You have to stay here.


You can't die just yet, not until you've found Trowa.

Quatre, what is the meaning of this?

Where's Heero going?

Heero's made a choice.

He's chosen the battlefield with the highest possibility of death.

They've gone a bit over the top just to destroy one base.

Luxembourg is an important position to them.

Well, I suppose it's about right since they'll be up against the Lightning Count.

Whatever they do, I will just fight my best.


To think I'm fighting to protect a land that we once took away from the Federation...

How ironic.


He's arrived just as we predicted.

All shuttles are to ignore Tallgeese and enter the atmosphere.

We must seize Luxembourg.

Welcome, Miss Relena Peacecraft.

Thank you for inviting me today.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for your trouble, Dorothy.

It was my pleasure.

Excuse me.

Miss Relena, go for it.

Miss Relena, now is the time to show your strength.

Don't disappoint me.

It is true that Cinq Kingdom is able to operate in peace because of the help they received from the Longfeller Foundation.

But on the other hand your OZ is creating a war.

Why are Longfeller's powers so conflicting?

That is because the power used depends on the person reinforcing it.

If you wish for true peace, please, see us as a guide.

I am prepared to make the effort for this to work.


You are so young and yet you have such firm ideals.

But it seems like Cinq Kingdom has its own contradictions.

And what might that be?

Let me explain.

Recently, there has been an individual who has been attacking OZ and has been causing great damage to us.

He has contacted Colonies as Cinq Kingdom's ambassador, Milliard Peacecraft, but now boards Tallgeese as Zechs Merquise.

At present, he and OZ are on hostile terms.

To be an enemy to OZ means that they are an enemy to the Longfeller.

Could it be that Cinq Kingdom has secret ambitions...

Is the pilot still claiming to be Milliard Peacecraft?

No, he is not.

Then, he is not my brother, Milliard.

The Peacecraft family wishes for peace more than anything else.

Being part of that family, there is no way my brother would board a Mobile Suit and fight.

Then, you do not care what happens to him...?

It has nothing to do with Cinq Kingdom.

Seems like it was our misunderstanding.

We will punish the traitor Zechs as we see fit.

I apologize for doubting Cinq Kingdom.

Then, if you will excuse me...

Cinq Kingdom...

They are an obstruction...

You were magnificent, Miss Relena.

You're everything I expected you to be.

War has to be fought by humans, not dolls.

Miss Relena, you have to work much harder in order to make that happen.

That's why I'll help you out from now on.

Brother, you must have made the choice to fight, knowing I would take this decision.

The choice to be Zechs Merquise...

The Mobile Doll convoy has been destroyed.

The target number of shuttles have descended, we should be able to seize Luxembourg.

I've done my bit.

Don't fall, Luxembourg.

Is... is that the new Mobile Doll model?


Gundam 01!

Why is it here?!

The fighting's started in Luxembourg.

Do you not want to go?

He's told me not to.

That's why I'm going to protect Relena in place of him.

I hope I'm just overreacting.

If something happens to Miss Relena, I wouldn't be able to face Zechs.

Commander Noin.

We've just had an anonymous call stating that the car Miss Relena is on is going to be attacked by Mobile Dolls assuming test flights.


Miss Relena...

Forgive me for acting on my own accord and escorting you back.

Not to worry, Pargan.

You look discouraged.

Did something at the meeting troubled you?

Th.. that's a Mobile Doll!

Oh, Pargan.

Are you alright Pargan?!


No matter what I say, I can't even save a single person.

Is that not so?

I'm always being helped by someone else.

Is it possible to have peace without arms?

Is complete peace a dream that weak people who can't fight wish for?

Please be strong!

What are we supposed to do if you break down?

You must follow the path you believe in.

You can make a place where people can live peacefully, for people like us who know nothing but fighting.

Heero and all of us believe in you.

A place where people can live peacefully...

That's right.

Complete peace will be achieved one day.

We fight because we believe it will come true.

Complete peace will come true...

Don't die.

You must not give up.

You must not die yet.


Fight and live through this.

You, all of you must not die yet.

To be continued

Next episode preview Zechs acquires Wing Gundam Zero in Space and destroys the OZ Taurus unit.

At the same time, Heero enters a castle in Luxembourg and is given a new Gundam from Treize.

But that Mobile Suit was as dangerous as Zero.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 34.

The Name is Epyon

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