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Episode 32:
The God of Death Meets Zero

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
To facilitate its reign over the world Romefeller promoted a new OZ, with its main power consisting of unmanned mobile dolls.

Certain changes within the Foundation came after Treize Khushrenada's retaliation.

Including his being stripped of all power.

The Foundation was rapidly expanding its area of rule thanks to the highly skilled mobile dolls.

The year is After Colony 195.

After the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation execution orders were given for the isolated Gundam pilots.

For them, the future keeps taking a backward course.

Armed units that shouldn't be found in a pacifist nation.

Does the Princess know about these units?

People consider fighting because they possess such weapons in order to cling onto peace that is as fragile as glass.


Miss Relena!

Come on! Hurry!

Let's get going or we'll miss the fight!


A Gundam!

The God of Death Meets Zero

Route Ritter, Route Ritter.

This is Cracker Escort...

Okay, I'm checking it.

We're entering the area.

Any readings?


But I'd hate to be in an accident way out here!

What's that?!

Is it a mine?!

I'll check.

Be careful.


It's the spacecraft from the accident.

The pieces are scattered all over.

It must've exploded.

Well? Find anything?


And they're powerful!


What's this?!



The front Leo was obliterated!

Prepare to attack!

The God of Death has just returned from hell!

Damn it all. It's O2!!

I can't contact Barge!

This suit is about 80% complete.

The remaining modifications shouldn't be too hard.

About time I made my get-away.

Operation Nova.

Built with the plentiful resources on the moon the Virgo mobile dolls would suppress rebels on Earth.

The plan appeared to be progressing smoothly.

But recently, disturbances had hindered output on the Virgo production line.

They've disappeared?

And the escort troops?

They've vanished along with the carrier fleet.

Last located at D-244 in...

You fool!!

This isn't an accident!

This is sabotage!.

Probably by a Gundam.

Lieutenant Trant has assembled a unit, and is headed there.

Ten Tauruses, fifty space mines, one support carrier...

What's this?!

Trant is the only soldier?!

Contact Trant!

He's on reconnaissance. We shouldn't contact him.

Just get him on the line!


Good, it's stable now.

Trant Clark logging in.

Following my examination of the new Gundam's cockpit system I am left with only one conclusion.

It exposes the vulnerabilities of soldiers in space.

The cockpit is equipped with a system that increases the combative abilities of the pilot.

It can fully match the reaction time of the mobile dolls.

But when the brain wave levels are enhanced during a combat a problem arises.

Here it comes!

My arms! I can't move!

Terminate combat simulation!

Why did I start to hallucinate?

Were they out of control because they were hallucinating too?

If I had data on actual battles rather than simulations I could figure out something.

The two Gundam pilots that escaped from the Lunar Base are still in outer space!

Lieutenant Trant, come in.

This is the Lunar Base.

Orders from Colonel Tubarov.

Lieutenant Trant, come in.

Either pilot will do.

I'll find one of them and get my data.

Once I've done that I'm sure I can persuade Colonel Tubarov.

Can't you find him yet?!

Where is Trant?!

Uh, well sir...

Forget it.

Get in touch with Barge.

Then we'll immediately dispatch some troops to locate Trant.

He's violating military procedures.

Yes, sir!

I hope I'm overreacting...

You need vernier fuel for mobile suits didn't you?!


Sorry to bother you.

Here's your payment.

Genuine OZ products.

It's in the trailer out front so help yourself.

Here, sign this form.

Just a second!

Don't you wanna check?

We'll never make ends meet if those guys take over.

Until then I'm counting on you to do what you can.

I'm trusting in you.

Let me know if you need bullets too.

Contact me anytime!

The old guy drove off without even taking my payment.


Is there anything I can help with?

No, it's all under control.

Wait for me at the trailer out front.

I'll be right there.

Sure thing.

I'll go to the area where many carriers have disappeared and search it thoroughly.

Gundam Wing


How'd it go?

No luck.

I couldn't get any info on their new transport plans.

OZ isn't that ignorant.

They're just being more cautious.

I'd love to destroy Barge right now.

But I'll have to put it off.

Are you gonna keep fighting alone Duo?

What choice do I have? I dunno where the others are.

So I'll have to go it alone.

Let me know if I can help.

I'll do anything.


I wouldn't mind having a juicy steak for dinner.

Come off it, I'm serious!

I know, I know.

You're doing more than enough already.

What is that?


It's a Gundam!!


Duo Maxwell.

I demand that you come with me.

Do it or you're dead.

Do what you have to!

But remember the power of that beam cannon.

You could demolish this colony.

I don't care.


I have no interest in what happens to this useless colony.

I'm not gonna remain an insignificant technical officer.

Once I figure out this Gundam's system Colonel Tubarov's mobile dolls will be a useless tool of the past.

What the new OZ needs is a completely new system.

I'll do whatever is required to make that happen.

Now come, Gundam pilot!

You're the only one I want.

What's with all this junk you've attached?

What do you want me to do?!

I want you to fight the mobile dolls with the Wing Zero.

With real firearms of course.

Fine with me.

But I might escape during your tests.

No you won't.

Wing Zero's functions are set so that I can take over control.


I've programmed the mobile dolls to switch their target to that colony in case you try something funny.

Right! Commence!

If I used the rifle from this position it'd harm the colony.

I'll use this instead!


That's the way to fight.

Show me exactly what you see before you!

What's this?!

What?! No way!

So you saw it too!

Then tell me!

What's the Wing Zero trying to show the pilot?!

How should I know?!

I see!

That's my enemy!

What now?!


What have I been doing?!

No way...

There's no way.

How could a human do this?

It's possible.

Believe me, it's possible.

Yes, we can do anything with this outstanding system.

It can even alter human consciousness to another level!

Anything is possible with this.

Lieutenant Trant, do you read?!

Hand over the Wing Zero and surrender yourself!

Orders of Colonel Tubarov!

I repeat!

Hand over the Wing Zero and surrender!

They're here.

I'll do it!

I'm gonna go for it!

You'd better leave that system alone.


It's the Wing Zero!

It's headed straight for us!

Colonel Tubarov, shall we capture him?

Destroy him.


That idiot, Trant!

Just a little more!

I can't see everything yet!

Come on!

Give me all you've got!

Don't do it, Duo!

You can't fight in your condition!

Don't worry; remember that I'm a Gundam pilot!

That system is more than a human can handle.

I've gotta stop him!

It's expanding!

My consciousness is expanding!

I can almost see everything!!

I'm almost there!!

I want more!

I haven't had enough!

I haven't had enough yet!!

Stop it!!

It's incredibly fast!

I can see!

I can clearly see every one of your moves!

I can even see you during your death!

In your dreams!!

He's more powerful than me!

You're dead!

You fool!

Haven't you realized that you don't have a chance against me?!

This'll do it!

You'll die right now and the glory will be mine!

You sure about that?


This might end up a draw!

Get away from me!

I won't lose!

And certainly not to a punk like you!

If you lost, it wouldn't be to me!

You'd be losing to the Wing Zero!

There's no way I can be defeated!

You still don't get it, do you?!

I won't lose!

I can't possibly lose!

I can handle a system like this with no problem...

It's just too much for a human being to handle.

If anyone were capable of it he'd be superior to the entire human race.

To be continued

Next Episode

Zechs Marquise once again dons his mask and proceeds to crush Romefeller's mobile dolls.

Dermail is resentful and summons Relena to ask whether or not Zechs is in fact Milliardo Peacecraft.

Realizing the Foundation will wipe out the Treize Faction Heero goes to the battlefield with the highest risk of death.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 33

The Lonely Battlefield

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

In order to rule the Earth, the Longfeller Foundation created a new OZ and its unmanned army, Mobile Dolls.

although there were changes within the organization such as Treize Khushrenada opposing the Foundation's new ideas and being stripped of his powers

and other internal rearrangements, the end Result was an increase in Mobile Dolls and expansion.

A.C.195 Because the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation, t he Gundam pilots were isolated and execution orders were given out.

For them, the stream of history was running in the opposite direction.

There are defense weapons that should not be here.

Does the princess know this?

People think about fighting because there is a power like this.

I want to hold on to peace, tranquil, like a glass structure.


Miss Relena.



The fighting is going to start!


It's Gundam!




Route retra, Route retra This is Cracker Escort, checking radar.

We're almost in the area.

Make sure your machine is working.

Yeah, no kidding.

Don't want any problems out here.

Huh, what's that?

Is it a mine?

It's getting closer, be alert.


It's part of the craft in the accident.

It's all twisted.

It must have blown up.

What's wrong?

Has something happened?

I have energy readings!



This is...


The Leo's been hit.

Prepare to fire!

Death has made it back from hell!

It's 02.

So this is where he was hiding.

That'll be about 80%.

Well, the rest won't be much trouble.

Suppose I'd better pull out.

Operation Nova.

Mobile Doll Virgo was produced from the abundant resources on the Moon and sent to Earth in order to control the rebels.

The plan appeared to run smoothly.

But recent sabotage movements had taken the toll on Virgo's production line.


What happened to the security escort?

They are missing with the transport ship.

The accident site is D-244...

You idiot!

This is no accident.

This is a sabotage.

Probably by Gundam.

At the moment Commander Trant is heading to the area with reinforcements.

10 Taurus, 50 space mines, 1 transport ship...


Trant is the only officer?

Argh, call Trant!

Erm, but it's a reconnaissance mission, we shouldn't contact...

Never mind, call him!

Yes, sir.

Right, it's stable.

Record under Trant Clark.

I have arrived at a unique conclusion regarding the cockpit system of the new Gundam model.

This cockpit reveals the weak point of Space.

This cockpit has a system which raises the pilot's fighting abilities.

It's a system that can compete with the Mobile Dolls reaction rate.

But amplifying brain waves during battle creates problems.

It's from here!

My arm... won't move!

It's failed, stop the test!

Why do I see such hallucinations?

Did they see this too and consequently ran wild?

I might know more if I had data from a real battle, not this simulation...

There are still two Gundam pilots who escaped from the Moon base in Space...

Commander Trant, please reply.

This is Moon Base, these orders come from Commander Tsubarov.

Answer this call, Commander Trant.

Hmph, I don't care which one, I'll find him and get the data.

Then I'll be able to convince Commander Tsubarov.

Can you still not find Trant?

Erm, no...

It can't be helped, send orders to Balji for a search unit.

Trant's actions are against military code.

Yes, sir.

I hope it's not what I think...

It's the fuel for Mobile Suit burners, right?


Thanks a lot.

Here's the goods for it.

All brand new OZ parts.

It's in the trailer outside, take it.

Here, sign this.

Hey, don't you want to check the goods?

If their domination is complete, I'll be out of business.

I want you to beat them... so I've decided to trust you.

If you need it, I'll get the ammo too.

Just give me a shout.

That old man, he forgot to take the goods.


Is there anything I can do to help?

No, you go and wait in the trailer outside.

I'll be there in a minute.


I'll look at every inch of space where transport ships have gone missing.


How is it going?

No Luck.

There're no new transport plans at the moment.

OZ aren't stupid either.

They know what's going on.

What I really want to do is hit Balji but that's gonna have to wait a bit longer.

Are you going to keep on fighting on your own?

I don't know what the others are up to.

I'll just do what I can.

Tell me if there's anything I can do.

I want to help.

Now let's see.

I wouldn't mind having steak for dinner tonight.

C'mon, I'm being serious.

I know, I know.

You're plenty of help, just that...

I wonder what...

Hey, that's...

G... Gundam!

Don't move.

Duo Maxwell, you'd better come with me quietly or else I'll have to kill you right here.

Sure, do as you like.

The beam rifle is pretty powerful, you could blow up this colony.

Fine by me.


It's none of my business what happens to a place like this.

I have no intention of ending my life as a mere technician.

If I can understand this Gundam's system, Commander Tsubarov's Mobile Dolls will be a thing of the past.

The new OZ needs a new system.

And I will do anything for it.

Now come, Gundam pilot!

You're the only one I have business with.

Damn, what have you stuck onto me?

What do you want from me?!

I want you fight Mobile Dolls with Wing Zero.

Of course with real bullets.

I don't mind.

I might run away in the middle of it though.

That won't happen.

I am able to shut Wing Zero down from here.

On top of that, I've set the Mobile Dolls to attack that colony if you make any wrong moves.



If I use the rifle in this position, it'll affect the Colony.

That means...!

That's good.

Keep on fighting.

Show me what your eyes see.

W... what's this?

This... can't be...

So you can see it too?

Then answer me, what is Wing Zero trying to show the pilot?

How should I know!

It's not true... my enemy is...

This is...

What have... what have I done...?

I ... It can't...

T... This can't... be done by a human...

It can.

It can be done.

To reform the human mind.


To alter humans to a new being, nothing is impossible with this system.

Commander Trant, can you hear me?

Hand over Wing Zero to us and surrender.

These are Commander Tsubarov's orders.

Hand over Wing Zero and surrender!


They've come.

I'll get them, I'll get them all!

Don't Trant... that system is...


It's Wing Zero It's heading straight for us.

Shall we capture it Commander Tsubarov?

Destroy it.

Yes, sir.

Damn Trant.

Not yet, I haven't seen everything yet.

Come on, come and get me!

Stop Duo.

You can't fight like that.

Don't worry, I'm a Gundam pilot...

That system is no match for humans.

I have to stop it.

It's spreading, my consciousness is spreading.

Just a bit more and I'll see everything.


No... it's not enough.

This isn't enough!

Stop it!!


He's so quick.

I can see every move you're going to make.

Even the way you're going to die!

Shut up!!

Damn, his power's greater too!

I've got you.

You idiot, can't you see you can't win with strength!

This is the end.

You will die here and I will have the glory.

We'll see about that.


We could go down together.

Get off!

I won't lose.

I'm not going to lose against you!

If you lose, it won't be against me.

You'll lose to Wing Zero!

There is no way I can lose!

Don't you get it!!

I won't lose...

I can't lose.

I can beat this system...

Humans can't do it.

If there is someone who can, they're something beyond human.

To be continued

Next episode preview

Zechs Merquise puts his mask on again to shatter Longfeller's Mobile Dolls.

Count Delmare displeased by this action, calls Relena and questions her if the culprit is Milliard Peacecraft.

In the midst of this, Heero discovers the Foundation's plan to destroy the Treize faction and heads alone, to a deadly battlefield.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 33.

Lonely Battlefield

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