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Episode 31:
The Glass Kingdom

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
To facilitate its reign over the world Romefeller promoted a new OZ, with its main power consisting of unmanned mobile dolls.

Certain changes within the Foundation came after Treize Khushrenada's retaliation.

Including his being stripped of all power.

The Foundation was rapidly expanding its area of rule thanks to the highly skilled mobile dolls.

The year is After Colony 195.

After the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation execution orders were given for the isolated Gundam pilots.

For them, the future keeps taking a backward course.

I'll fight through this longer than anyone.

Longer than anyone on Earth.

Longer than Relena, of the Sanc Kingdom.

The Glass Kingdom

Let's go in.

Miss Relena is waiting in the Institution Director's room.

We'll find our way in alone from here.

I don't like lying, but it doesn't suit you either, Pagan.

I'm not gonna stay.

Once I get my Gundam I'm getting out of here.

Don't go, Heero!

This nation desperately needs the Gundam.

And we've got to make sure to keep that a secret.

Relena doesn't need any Gundam.

It's necessary to protect the Princess.

Please understand, Heero.

You're such a kind person.

Who are those people?

Some boys for a change.

I wonder which country they're from?

Isn't the one in front a servant?

He's young for a bodyguard.

On behalf of this Institution I welcome you both on your admission.


Haven't you received your school uniform yet?

I don't plan to stay long.

Once I'm done here I'm leaving.


Trowa Barton.

Former Gundam pilot and officer in OZ Space Forces.

He was last confirmed at o-X Point of the L2 Area.

Noin told me about him.

That he's an important person.

Many friends in the Sanc Kingdom could help.

I've taken on the search for him.


Couldn't you at least stay until the search is over?

Don't you think Gundam pilots would be a burden to the Sanc Kingdom?

I don't need to go out of my way to announce your arrival.

But hiding the facts won't solve anything either.

Besides, there's no battle in this country.

So if anyone asks, you're simply a student here.

Miss Relena.

I applaud your prompt decision for these fateful arrangements.

I'd like you all to meet your two new classmates.

Would you introduce yourselves?

Quatre Raberba Winner.

Operation Meteor is finally about to commence.

I'll contact you about targets and enemy data.


When advised, proceed with the mission.


We should decide on a code name for you.

I'd like to use the name of the peace-minded leader of outer space.



My name's Heero Yuy.

It's a pleasure.

They're all girls.

They don't think men can solve problems without fighting.

You can't make such a generalization.

Some women enjoy battles just as much as men.

Mind if I challenged you to a fight?

You introduced yourself to us.

But I haven't had the chance to do the same.

My name is Dorothy Catalonia.

I'm related to an officer of the Romefeller Foundation.

Despite that, Miss Relena welcomed me as a student.

I hope we'll get to know each other.

Which means I'll have to be strong.

Because I hear you hate weak women!

Once upon a time there were two people with the same name.

One of them risked his life to bring peace to outer space.

And he became a legend in space.

Many people were saddened by his death.

And they angrily swore to take revenge for him.

And now, the other person with the same name is also about to become a legend.

The other is a soldier with the best power and skills.

And he, too, will likely fight for peace.

But I wonder if he'll get killed and become a legend too?

That's no good.

A legendary knight doesn't lose on purpose.

Don't lose to a woman just to hide your identity.

You must first live a strong, noble, and passionate life.

Save dying for later.

You can make yourself into a much bigger legend.

Isn't that true, Heero Yuy?!

That's impressive.

But I'm not too bad myself am l, Heero.

I don't follow what you're saying.

There must be two guys named Heero Yuy besides me.

I knew you'd try to hide your identity.

And now we'll be together in the Sanc Kingdom for awhile.

Glad to meet you, Heero.

Did you call for me, Relena?

I just got a request from Romefeller for approval to battle in the Sanc Kingdom.

What's this all about?

A Treize Faction unit running from OZ has escaped into the southern forests.

I contacted them earlier and ordered them to move out immediately.

Can they escape if they were forced to leave?

Some are injured.

But they also have the option of surrendering.

It's not something that concerns this nation.

Some are injured?

Romefeller's assault troops are hunting them down.

I'll order the Treize Faction to leave the country at once.

No, wait!


Couldn't we treat them as temporary refugees?

Then we'd avoid attacks from Romefeller.


I know that the Romefeller Foundation feels contempt for the Sanc Kingdom.

But we can't simply ignore the injured.

I won't sacrifice my compassion just to avoid chaos.

Please understand, Noin.

I follow you.

I'll tell the Treize Faction members.


Why did we have to escape into the Sanc Kingdom?!

The attacks by the new OZ were staged to lead us into this area.

We've been used like puppets.

We've given the Romefeller Foundation an Excuse to attack the Sanc Kingdom!

There's no time to sit around like this.

We've caused this country enough trouble.

Let's go!


You can't expect to cross the border in your condition!


We must leave as soon as possible so we don't tarnish the Treize Faction's name!

The Sanc Kingdom is on the line.

With instructions from Princess Relena.

This is Lucrezia Noin of the Sanc Kingdom Imperial Guards.

Our nation will temporarily accept you into the country.

Princess Relena 's instructions are to discard your weapons and be refugees.

We believe this is the best solution.

We've got a lot of injured men here.

Normally we'd be glad to accept your kind offer.

It was their plan to lead us here.

I can't see OZ leaving us alone.

A trap?

As soon as we retreated here, they stopped attacking.

They could've easily defeated the troops in our current state.

Yet they're calling for reinforcements.

At this rate the Sanc Kingdom could get involved in battle.

The only way to avoid that is for us to leave this country!


The children of many pacifist leaders are here.

Romefeller wants to start a battle here and stir up the pacifist nations.

Which would lead to their anxiety and disunity.

I understand.

But by staying we'd be putting the Sanc Kingdom in jeopardy.

We're grateful for the Princess' support.

What do you plan on doing?

Any further contact would be an added burden on you.

I'll terminate communication.

Just leave the rest to us, Over.

Very well.

I wish you the best.

Over and out.

I can't do anything to save their lives.

Forgive us.

For the country. No, for the future.

Found it.

That's Noin's mobile suit.

That's handy.

Gundam Wing

The Sanc Kingdom is contacting us again.

What shall I do?

Connect them!


This is Relena Peacecraft.

We have decided to accept the Treize Faction as refugees.

Any further infringements on their rights and we'll act against the Foundation.

I believe you're misinformed.

The Treize Faction intends to take over the central Sanc Kingdom and remain besieged there.

We'd be cooperating as peace keepers by attacking them before they enter the city.

The Treize Faction has no intention of attacking!

They've told me so themselves!

Those are their words?

Clearly we can't trust them!

I'm ending transmission.

The enemy could be listening in.

Wait a minute!

Take a moment to confirm this!

What shall we do?

Chase the Treize Faction into the city.

The greater the damage to the city the stronger the message on pacifism's shortcomings!

They just do as they wish.

Pagan, take me to them!

And let's hurry!

That's dangerous!

You must stay here, Relena.

I'm gonna go and stop them myself.

It's the only way!

Once the battle starts this area will be in turmoil.

A perfect place for the new OZ to cover up their crimes.

There's no telling what they plan to achieve.

So you're saying they may target me.

But no matter what happens, it's important that I stop them.

Miss Relena!


Miss Relena!

Come on! Hurry!

Let's get going or we'll miss the fight!


Armed units that shouldn't be found in a pacifist nation.

They're space mobile suits re-equipped for land battles.

Does the Princess know about these units?

People consider fighting because they possess such weapons in order to cling onto peace that is as fragile as glass.

Those would be her words.

But now we must fight back!

Heero's already headed out.

His actions will be in the Sanc Kingdom's best interest!

Let's follow him with these Tauruses!


I'll get them ready!

Setup is complete.

Good job.

If we're unable to retreat from this country then we'll have to disappear.

The mobile dolls that landed are taking steps to push us further into the Sanc Kingdom.

Then get a move on!

Blow up every last trace of our unit!

Who are you?!

A kid...?

It's a kid?!

Self-detonation, huh.

Not a bad idea.

But if you're intending to die for this country there's a better way to make use of your lives.

What're you talking about?

Would you consider protecting this defenseless country?

Our unit doesn't have much military power left.

If you wanna thwart Romefeller's plans then follow me.

If things go well you might even survive.

Who do you think you are?!

I owe this country a favor.

It's that simple.

Two or three of you come with me.

Captain, you really trust him?!

Not many have the confidence to defeat a mobile doll.

He's the one that Romefeller fears so much.

You mean that kid is a Gundam pilot?!

Pretty sure.

They're hardly putting up a fight.

After we've wiped them out in the forests we'll presume the others are headed for the city.

We'll pursue the enemy.

Unidentified crafts speeding straight for us!


We'll face them in the air.

We've got the advantage!

Miss Relena.

Have you ever seen a real battle in person?

It's something I've gone out of my way to avoid.

I suppose that's natural, since people end up dying.

Nobody actually wants to die.

That's why soldiers are so desperate.

I think that's what I find so attractive about battles.

I get so excited!

I should be thankful that I'm living in this era.

What's with that white suit?

Which country owns it?!


There's a mobile suit carrier headed right for us!


Give orders to the mobile dolls!

Good, we've shot it down.

Stupid trick!


A Gundam!

Look out!

Dorothy stop the car!


Are you okay, Dorothy?!

You'd probably say these things are unnecessary in the Sanc Kingdom, Relena.

But Romefeller is getting more and more aggressive.

I know this is contrary to your beliefs Relena.

But I've come to the conclusion that we'll be destroyed without our own defense force.

I take full responsibility.

I'm prepared to accept any punishment.

You shouldn't feel remorseful.

This level of military power would be far from enough to directly take on the Romefeller Foundation.

We can't sit here and let them destroy us.

As the former leader did.


Is my idea just a dream?

Or even a mistake?

Romefeller eliminates anything they find inconvenient.

Like the Space Colonies, and the Gundams.

And now Relena, you have become their target.

I'm a soldier.

I'll crush them in battle.

But the Foundation's current stance is against fighting.

The times have taken a sudden turn.

This battle is because of their impatience with the change.

You propose total pacifism.

The whole world is headed in that direction.

You have to understand what Noin is saying.

Right now defense is needed.

To make time for discussions too.

Heero, where are you going?

I've done you a favor so you'll look for Trowa.

I'll do what I think necessary.

There's no place for pacifism in my mind.

The Gundams exist for battles.

If you were me how would you lead the Sanc Kingdom?

The same way as Noin.

First build a defense unit.

That'd be the best way to confront Romefeller now.

Heero and Noin, I approve.

I give you my permission to do as you see fit.


How can I expect to come up with a position the world agrees to if I can't even agree with the people closest to me?

Someday I'll find out what it is that gives everyone the urge to fight.

Impressive, Miss Relena.

You're not giving the Gundam pilot the upper hand.

That's what is so charming about you.

To be continued

Next Episode

Aside from Heero and Quatre, who had descended to Earth the other Gundam pilots remain in space.

OZ closes in on Duo, who retaliates from the shadows.

The Wing Zero challenges Duo's incomplete Deathscythe to a battle.

During the battle, Duo starts having certain doubts about the Wing Zero's abilities.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 32

The God of Death Meets Zero

Episode 31

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

In order to rule the Earth the Longfeller Foundation created a new OZ and its unmanned army, Mobile Dolls.

although there were changes within the organization such as Treize Khushrenada opposing the Foundation's new ideas and being stripped of his powers and other internal rearrangements, the end Result was an increase in Mobile Dolls and expansion.

A.C.195 Because the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation, the Gundam pilots were isolated and execution orders were given out.

For them, the stream of history was running in the opposite direction.

I'll fight more than anyone, anyone on Earth...

More than Relena of Cinq Kingdom...


Please follow me, Miss Relena is waiting in the board room.

We'll go ourselves.

We don't like to lie but even more we don't want you to be made to lie for us.

I'm not putting up with this.

I'm just going to get Gundam back and leave this place.

You can't do that Heero.

This country needs Gundam.

And we have to keep this whole thing a secret.

Relena is not in need of Gundam.

But we need it to protect a princess.

Please understand, Heero.

He is so kind.

Look every one, those people.

How rare it is to see boys here.

I wonder which country those two came from?

Is it not a servant who is walking in front of him?

He's a very young body guard.

As the principal of this school, I welcome you both.

Heero, did you not receive the school uniform?

I don't intend to stay here long.

I'll be gone as soon as I finish my business here.


Trowa Barton.

He is an ex-Gundam pilot and was in OZ as a special envoy.

Last seen in L2, E-area point O X.

I have heard from Noin, that he too is an important person to you.

Cinq Kingdom has many friends too.

We are searching for him too.

Heero, you could stay here until then, couldn't you?

Having a Gundam pilot here could cause you trouble.

We don't have to announce your presence here.

Running away won't solve the problem.

Anyway, there's no fighting going on in this country.

Here you are a student like everyone else.

Miss Relena, I applaud you from the bottom of my heart for bringing about this fateful meeting.

I've brought two new friends with me today.

Please introduce yourselves.

I'm Quatre Raberba Winner.

This is it, Operation Meteor.

Your target and enemy information will be sent to you in due course.


That's it, engage your orders immediately.


You'll need a code name though.

We've given you the name of the peace leader, understood?


I'm Heero Yui.

They're all girls.

I suppose men don't think the matter can be Solved by negotiation alone.

It's not the difference of the sexes.

There are some women who like fighting too.

Would you care to have a match with me?

You may have introduced yourselves but I haven't had the pleasure yet.

My name is Dorothy Catalonia and I am a relative of the Longfeller Foundation's party executive.

But Miss Relena has accepted me as a fellow student.

I want to be friends with you.

But for that I must become strong.

You don't like weak girls, do you?

Once upon a time, there were two people with the same name.

One of them risked his life for peace in Space and became a legend.

Many people mourned his death and swore for revenge.

And the other person with the same name is becoming a legend too.

He is a warrior with great ability and strength.

He too will probably fight for peace.

Will he too become a legend by losing his life?

But no, the legendary knight must never be defeated.

He can't lose against a girl just because he's in hiding.

To live strongly..passionately...nobly...

You can die after all that.

You can make an even grander legend.

Isn't that right, Heero Yui?

Very impressive.

But I'm not bad either, don't you think so, Heero?

I don't understand what you're talking about.

Seems like there're two guys called Heero Yui other than me.

I thought you'd hide your identity.

Now we'll be together in Cinq Kingdom.

Let's be friends, Heero.

You called, Miss Relena?

I've received a request to fight in our Kingdom from the Longfeller.

What is the meaning of this?

A Treize faction troop running from OZ have hidden themselves in the south forest.

I have sent them a message to leave immediately.

Will they be able to get away?

Seems like they have some wounded so they may surrender themselves to the enemy.

It is not a problem that we have to worry about.

They have wounded soldiers?

The Longfeller are approaching.

I will send another message to the Treize faction to leave this area.

Please wait.

Pargan, is there any way we can take them in as refugees?

If that's the case Longfeller will not attack.

Miss Relena.

I know Longfeller and Cinq Kingdom are not on good terms but we cannot hand over the wounded.

I can't do something immoral in order to avoid confusion in this country.

Please understand, Noin.

Very well.

I'll inform the Treize faction of your decision.


Now we've been driven into Cinq Kingdom.

Fine work the reformed OZ have done.

We've been trapped into this.

We're a bunch of fools.

We're being used by Longfeller so that they can attack Cinq Kingdom.

We can't stay long, it'll cause this country trouble.

Come on.


You can't cross the border like this.

Shut up!

We must leave here immediately to save the name of the Treize faction.


We're receiving a message from Cinq Kingdom.

It's an order from Princess Relena.

This is Lucrezia Noin of Cinq Kingdom.

Our country is prepared to accept you temporarily as refugees.

Disarm yourselves and become refugees as Princess Relena suggested.

We believe that this is the best Solution.

Many from our troop are wounded.

Normally, we would accept your offer gratefully, but our troop is being driven into a trap here.

I don't think OZ is going to stay quiet.

A trap?!

They haven't attacked us since the first attempt.

Even though we should be like sitting ducks to them now...

They're calling for more troops.

Cinq Kingdom could be dragged into this war.

We have to leave this place.


There are many children here from peace seeking countries.

Their aim is to bring war here and harbor insecurity in peace principal nations in order to break the unity I...I understand..

I cannot let us become Cinq Kingdom's weak point, but thank the Princess for her consideration.

What will you do?

You will be in greater trouble if we give you any more information.

I will end this transmission.

Leave the rest to us.

That's all.


God Speed.

Over and out.

To think we have to watch them die.

Forgive me.

It's for this country, no, for the future.

Here it is...

Noin's Mobile Suit.

That's handy.

It's another transmission from Cinq Kingdom.

What should we do?

All right, open channel.

This is Relena Peacecraft.

We've decided to take the Treize faction as refugees.

If you proceed any further I will have to protest directly to Longfeller.

The information we received is slightly different.

They are planning to take the central area of Cinq Kingdom in order to avoid a pursuit.

Our attack on them to prevent this is our co-operation towards maintaining peace.

They do not have any intention to fight.

They have declared that to us.

Declared it, have they?

That makes me distrust them even more.

I'm terminating the transmission.

There's a possibility the enemy may hear us.

Please wait.

We have to confirm what is...

Your orders, sir.

Drive the enemy into the suburbs The more damage we do, the more we'll expose how vulnerable the Peace Principal is.

They all do as they please Pargan, I'm going to the site.

Prepare the car.

It's dangerous.

Please think again, Miss Relena.

I'll go and stop them myself.

There is no other Solution.

There will be confusion everywhere.

OZ could take your action any way they want.

It could give them even more reason to fight.

You're saying I might be targeted.

Whatever the consequences, the most important thing is to try to stop them.

Miss Relena!


Miss Relena!



The fighting's going to start!

This is...

They are defense weapons that shouldn't be here.

We've remodeled the Space Mobile Suit for terrain warfare.

Does the Princess know about this?

People think about fighting because there is a power like this.

I want to hold on to peace, tranquil, like a glass structure.

I suppose that is what she would say.

But now is the time to fight.

Heero has made a move.

Heero's actions are for the good of Cinq Kingdom.

Let's follow him... on this Taurus.

Okay, I'll prepare them.

Mission complete, sir.

Well done.

If it is impossible to leave this country, then all we have to do is disappear.

The Mobile Dolls that have descended are trying to direct us into the cities.



Destroy this troop immediately.

Who are you?!

A child...

A child?

Self destruction... that's one way.

But if you're going to die for this country, there's a better way to use your life.

A way to use our lives?

How about protecting this defenseless country?

We don't have much ammunition left.

If you want to give Longfeller one to remember, follow me.

If you're lucky, you may even survive.

Who are you?

I owe this country, that's all.


You two, follow me.

Commander, are you going to trust him?

There aren't many guys who think they can defeat Mobile Dolls.

It's him... the one Longfeller fears.

Then that boy is a Gundam pilot?

Most probably.

It was easier than I thought.

We've destroyed part of the troop and we speculate that the rest have headed towards the suburbs.

Command unit to pursue.

Unidentified craft approaching us!


Aerial attack!

We are at an advantage at the moment!

Miss Relena.

Have you ever seen a real battlefield?

I'm hoping that I don't have to.

Of course.

People die you know, and no one wants to die.

The people fighting are desperate.

I think that's what I find most appealing.

It excites me.

I'm so glad I was born in this day and age.

What is that white machine?

What country does it belong to?

Mobile Suit transporter, heading this way!


Send out orders to the Mobile Dolls!


It's hit.

Resistance is futile!


It's Gundam...!

Watch out!

Dorothy, stop!


Are you all right Dorothy?

Miss Relena, you may think that Cinq Kingdom has no need for something like this...

But Longefeller's actions are pressuring us more each day.

I know this is against your principals.

But I have come to the conclusion that unless we have a defense force, we will be destroyed.

This is all my doing.

I will accept any punishment.

You don't have to apologize.

This isn't half as enough power to fight against the Longfeller Foundation.

You can't just sit and do nothing like the leaders of the past.

Heero, is my ideal a dream?

Or is it a mistake?

The Longfeller Foundation will destroy anything that comes in their way.

Space Colonies, Gundam... and Relena, now you are their obstruction.

I'm a soldier.

I destroy them by fighting.

But now the Foundation's tactics is to avoid battle.

The times are changing rapidly.

This battle was Longfeller's impatience.

Complete Peace Principal... the world is turning towards it.

You should consider Noin's way of thinking too.

At the moment defense is necessary, so we can't waste time talking.

Where are you going Heero?

I've paid back what I owe for Trowa's whereabouts.

I do as my instinct tells me to.

The Peace Principal has no place in my mind.

Gundam exists to fight.

What would you do with Cinq Kingdom?

Same as Noin.

I'd build a defense force.

That is probably the best action to take against the Longfeller now.

Heero, Noin, I give you my permission.

Please do what you think is necessary.

Miss Relena.

If I can't agree with the people most close to me, how will I ever bring unity around the world.

And one day, I will find the answer.

The answer to why people fight.

Miss Relena, you're just as I expected.

Just as strong as the Gundam pilot.

That's why I like you so much, Miss Relena.

To be continued

Next episode preview Heero and Quatre descended on Earth, while the other Gundam pilots remained in Space.

The OZ are approaching Duo, who was hiding his identity and fighting them.

Deathscythe, still undergoing repairs, is attacked by Wing Zero.

And in that fight, Duo has doubts of Wing Zero's power.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Episode 32

Confrontation between Death and Zero

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