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Episode 30:
The Reunion With Relena

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
To facilitate its reign over the world Romefeller promoted a new OZ, with its main power consisting of unmanned mobile dolls.

Certain changes within the Foundation came after Treize Khushrenada's act of opposition.

Including his being stripped of all power.

The Foundation was rapidly expanding its area of rule thanks to the highly skilled mobile dolls.

The year is After Colony 195.

After the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation execution orders were given for the isolated Gundam pilots.

For them, the future was taking a backward course.

The Sanc Kingdom...

This is nuts but it's the only way!

I knew it was crazy!

But please call me Dorothy, Miss Relena.

And you can just call me Relena.

I couldn't.

You are the heroine of our times.

I myself feel a great admiration for you.

The Reunion with Relena

First Unit, proceed.

Second Unit, stand by.

No signs of movement.

The field has been secured.

We're surrounded!



This is absurd!

It's totally absurd, Heero!

This is a dispute within OZ.

Getting involved only makes you a target!

A target?

Fine with me.

Execution orders have been issued for us Gundam pilots.

This way I can let Romefeller know that I'm still alive.

It's my way of retaliating.

After the enemy!

Show them we're tough!

Is this really okay, Heero?

I finally got the picture.

There's something so wild about him.

Nice to meet you, Heero Yuy.

And Quatre Raberba Winner.

Welcome to Earth.

Welcome to a warrior's paradise.

What did you say?!

Say that again!

You're mistaken!

I haven't said anything.


You think the two OZ factions should crush each other!

Listen fellas; I just wanna live in peace.

Shut up!!

The Treize Faction is ready to attack this area!

All physically fit men are to join our backup forces!

Get your boss out here and round people up!

Total Pacifism?

That's right.

We in this area uphold peace and refuse to participate in military actions.

The Treize Faction here are former OZ members that defended your land in the past.

But now they're resisting us as rebels.

That dispute concerns the OZ organization.

It's not our problem!

A convenient notion of pacifism.

The army becomes a nuisance and you suddenly declare yourselves Total Pacifists.

The duty of the military is to protect the citizens.

But now the troops are unwanted.

I'm starting to feel sorry for the Treize Faction.

In either case, the battle will commence.

Let's continue our discussion after peace is attained.

It's absurd to even speak of pacifism in the midst of war!

You alright?

Sorry I couldn't help you.

Thank you.

It happens all the time.

Fighting back would only make things worse for me.

Are you a traveler?


You couldn't have come at a worse possible time.

This'd be a beautiful place if it weren't for this situation.

They're moving in.

And they're close!

I'll go check it out!

OZ's Aries suits.


Lure the enemies over this way!

Don't forget to disperse the debris!

That's right!

Do everything to defeat them!

Yes, sir!

Shouldn't we be advising the civilians to evacuate now?

Don't underestimate our abilities!

We'll defeat the Treize Faction rebels before they get to town.

Let's go over our plans.

We'll trick the enemy's advance guard with our main troops attacking first.

Our forces will come from the side enter the town and attack enemy headquarters.

Then the mobile forces will join our main troops expel the enemy troops, and take over the town.

Our mobile force leader will be Red one.

You're in charge.

Can you handle it?

Course I can.

I'm a Gundam pilot after all.


New forces?!


Their abilities outweigh our numerical strengths!

Send troops from our front-line!

Wipe them out!


Their firepower's decreased!

Smash through the enemy!

Wars are too self-serving.

The civilians that have nothing to do with it suffer most.

Heero, please stop.

Getting involved in this kind of battle will demoralize us.

We'll finish them off before their backup troops arrive.

Wasn't there an evacuation notice?

Red One!

What's your present situation?!

Have you destroyed headquarters?

Red One!

I'm altering the mission.

I'll defend here.


What are you saying?!

This is the Gundam pilot.

I will proceed to destroy enemy mobile troops!

We've intercepted enemy transmission!

What's this?!

A Gundam?!

What's wrong?!

What is it?!

The Leo up ahead on the right!

It's got a Gundam pilot!

What are you doing, Red One?!

Respond, Red One! Red One!

Evacuation of civilians confirmed.

Red one calling Blue.

Blue here!

What's wrong?!

Why weren't you responding?!

Our mission here has failed.

My suit is ravaged.

We'll retreat for now.


What happened, Red One?!

What's wrong?!

What's going in there?!

Come in, Red One!

Red One! What happened?!

Gundam Wing

There's no need for armaments in Total Pacifism.

But unless the whole world embraces this ideology I'm sure the Sanc Kingdom will never be a safe country.

Under these circumstances I'm delighted to be attending classes with you who are poised to take on responsibilities for the future of your nations.

I hope that we can think of a way to eliminate wars from the world as soon as possible.



Any comments?

I think it's wonderful.

If everybody in this world were Miss Relena wars would be denounced as foolish and would disappear from the world.

But if everybody were Miss Relena nobody would realize just how wonderful you are.


I'm aware that my views may appear naive to some people.

But I wonder why people battle if everyone agrees that it's foolish.

I don't think we're far from the answer.

Miss Relena.

I think I understand why wars never end.

What do you mean by that?

People love to fight.

And fighting satisfies their instincts.

But many lives are lost as a result.

Miss Relena, I'm not interested in results.

You can leave things alone and still get results.

Beauty lies in taking action.

The action of fighting is the most fascinating human aspect.

Throughout history people have fought over and over again.

As if battles are the purpose of human existence.

That's why I started thinking this.

It's not that we shouldn't fight.

We must fight.

That's what it means to be human.

I don't share your opinion.

We're capable of avoiding past tragedies in the future.

Your wise opinions are also necessary in a war.

History changes radically when someone seeks the lives of such opinionated people.

Miss Relena, I truly believe that the Sanc Kingdom is going to become the center stage of these times.

Is she saying Miss Relena's life is in danger?

Watch me, Dorothy.

As long as I live I'll continue to promote Total Pacifism.

Even if I get killed I'm sure these policies will bear fruit.

That's good to hear, Miss Relena.

You mustn't fear death.

Because death is merely an end result given to you at your birth.

But don't be worried, Miss Relena.

Brave knights are about to arrive who will be very helpful for your future.

And they'll be able to protect you from now on.

So one of the enemy's a Gundam pilot.

He'll cause a lot of damage to the area.

The mayor upheld Total Pacifism to the very end.

So this nation is doomed, anyway.

Destroy it for our victory!

Yes, sir!


Oh, so you're okay.

I was getting worried.

What's this?

A war's gonna break out.

I'm getting ready to move out.

The new mobile dolls!

There are so many.

These guys love to fight.

But total peace suits us.


Our country took a courageous position.

We decided to follow the Sanc Kingdom.

The Sanc Kingdom...?

Miss Relena, are you all right?

What do you mean, Pagan?

In this age of wars the number of nations relying on the Sanc Kingdom's pacifism has increased.

And all of these nations are relying on the Sanc Kingdom to provide them with leadership.

There's a lot of pressure to meet these responsibilities.

Even you could get exhausted by all this pressure.

Thank you, Pagan.

But this is what I live for now.

I have to try my best.

Or I became leader of the Sanc Kingdom for nothing.

But there's also a certain classmate of yours that has me worried.

You can't let down your guard around her.

You mean Dorothy?

Pagan, you mustn't speak badly of her.

I wonder what sort of education she had at Romefeller?

Dorothy is a very intelligent friend.

She may be thinking about these war times even more seriously than I am.

I'm sure that some day she'll understand our views.

Miss Noin instructed me to keep this a secret from you...

What is it?

I believe you'd do better with as many allies as possible.

So I'll tell you.

What is it, Pagan?

We've been able to locate the Gundam pilot, Heero Yuy.

Heero Yuy?!

Miss Noin's on her way to meet with him.

He's here?!

Heero's returned to Earth?!

He seems to be very exhausted as well.

Miss Noin wants to bring him here to the Sanc Kingdom.

Heero's coming...

The new models.

It'll be tough with this Leo.

The enemies are battling at the defense line!

Hasn't headquarters been evacuated?!

Get moving!

Only the soldiers are panicked.

Everyone else is relax ed.

We're just tired of war.

Tired of it?

Everybody is.

It's possible to avoid fighting and live in peace.

We made the natural choice.

Many people and countries are demanding pacifism.

Although their cumulative strength is still insignificant once the number of people who seek peace outweighs the soldiers, the world will change!

I heard that the Romefeller Foundation thinks of the Sanc Kingdom as a problem!

Because many countries have started supporting them.

Eventually Romefeller will be left without any supporters.

So Romefeller considers the Sanc Kingdom a threat because they're afraid of them!

I see a chance to achieve Total Pacifism on Earth!

What's wrong, young lad?

Thanks for everything, Mister!

I'm gonna go there!

To the Sanc Kingdom!

What're you...?!

I'll fight through this.

It's my way of retaliating.

I'll fight through this longer than anyone.

Longer than anyone on Earth.

Longer than Relena, of the Sanc Kingdom.


Heero, are you all right?!

Heero, we can't die yet!

We have to protect the Sanc Kingdom!

Protect the Sanc Kingdom...?

That's right!

That's the job we must do here on Earth!


That's the beam Cannon from Heero's Gundam!

You're Gundam pilots so you know how to use that.

I'll back you up while you escape.


So you told Relena about it?

I'm terribly sorry.

This increases the odds of her finding out about the Gundams.

We'll handle it if it comes up.

Pagan, don't worry.

I'm sure that smile of hers will obliterate the suffering we're about to experience.

To be continued

Next Episode

Heero and Quatre decide to stay in the Sanc Kingdom where Relena promotes Total Pacifism.

But the kingdom is anything but a place for rest.

The Romefeller Foundation angered by many nations declaring pacifism skillfully attacks the Sanc Kingdom.

Heero, Quatre, and Noin head to battle to protect Relena.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 31

The Glass Kingdom

In order to rule the Earth the Longfeller Foundation created a new OZ and its unmanned army, Mobile Dolls.

although there were changes within the organization, such as Treize Khushrenada opposing the Foundation's new ideas and being stripped of his powers and other internal rearrangements, the end Result was an increase in Mobile Dolls and expansion.

A.C.195 Because the Space Colonies accepted the Foundation, the Gundam pilots were isolated and execution orders were given out.

For them, the stream of history was running in the opposite direction.

Cinq... Kingdom...

It's impossible but we have to do it.

Tell me about it!

Please call me Dorothy, Miss Relena.

And please call me Relena.

I can't do that.

Miss Relena is the heroine of our time.

You are my aspiration.


Troop one, forward.

Troop two, standby.

No response from main unit.

Field positions complete.

Enemy from the sides!


A Z 1!

It's absurd.

This is reckless, Heero!

This is OZ's civil war.

Even if we fight among them we'll only become targets.

A target.


Execution orders are out to all Gundam related people, I'll show the Longfeller that Gundam is still alive.

This is my resistance.

Don't be intimidated.

Show 'em what we're made of!

Is this... is this really the right thing, Heero?

I've got you at last.

You're so wild.

How do you do Heero Yui and Quatre Raberba Winner.

Welcome to Earth, welcome to the soldier's paradise.

What did you say?!

You've got it wrong, I didn't say anything.

Shut up!

I bet you think OZ should be crushed like the rest!

I only want to live a quiet life.

Just shut up!

The Treize faction is getting close.

Get the men to join as soldiers Bring the man responsible, gather the people!

Complete Peace Principle...

Yes, we adhere to the policy.

Therefore we refuse to lend a hand to the forces.

The Treize faction here now, used to be the OZ which protected this country in the past.

Now they are rebels resisting us.

That is a war within OZ.

It has nothing to do with us.

That's a convenient peace principle.

You convert to the Complete Peace Principle when the stationary forces gets in the way.

The mission of the soldier is to protect its native people.

In other words, a pest to you.

It makes me sympathize with the Treize faction!

Whichever way, the battle will start.

I wish to continue this discussion after we obtain peace.

Are you alright?

Sorry, all I can do is watch.

Thanks, it's okay.

Don't worry it's the usual thing.

Unnecessary conflict only creates more trouble.

Oh, are you a traveler?


Shame about your timing.

This is a good place when there's no fighting.

Here they come.

They're pretty close.

I'll go and look.

It's OZ's Aries.

OK, continue to lure the enemy!

Don't forget the plan.

That's right, beat the hell out of them.


Don't we have to evacuate the civilians?

Don't underestimate our forces.

I'll destroy the rebels before they come into the town.

I'll confirm the plan.

We'll use the main unit to Lure the enemy front line.

Mobile units will attack from the flank and enter the suburbs.

They are to destroy the enemy HQ.

Next, they are to join the main unit.

After we destroy the enemy we'll take the town.

Red One will take command of the mobile units.

Can you handle that?

Of course.

I'm a Gundam pilot.


More enemies?!

Yes, and their number is overwhelming we could be taken by them.

Call some men back from the front We have to destroy them.


The enemy's force has dropped.


War is so selfish.

It's always the people who have to suffer.

Wh... Heero, no.

If you fight like this we'll ruin ourselves.

We'd better take care of this before reinforcements come.

Haven't the civilians been evacuated?!

Red One, report your status.

Has the HQ fallen?

Red One!

Change of plan.

I'll contain the enemy.

What... what are you saying?

This is the Gundam pilot.

I will destroy the enemy unit.

I've intercepted the transmission.



What's going on?

What's happened?

To the front right I think it's a Gundam pilot.

What are you doing Red One?

Answer me, Red One!

Red One!

Evacuation of civilians complete.

From Red One to Blue.

This is Blue.

What's happened Red One?

Why didn't you answer?

The strategy failed.

I've sustained damage, will retreat for the time being.

What did you... Red One?

What happened tell me what happened.

Answer me Red One, Red One... what's happened?

In the teachings of Complete Peace, there is no need for arms.

Cinq Kingdom will probably be unsafe until this concept is accepted throughout the world.

But even in these times, I am pleased that many countries have made the effort and sacrifice to come and study and that it has happened so soon.

Let us think together and find a way to eliminate war from this world.

You're such a good girl.

Yes, Dorothy?

I think it's wonderful.

If all people were like you, they would soon find out what a foolish thing war is and there would be no more fighting in this world.

But if they were all like Miss Relena, your outstanding qualities would become faded.

Dorothy, I know a lot of what I say may sound like whitewash, but I feel as though we will find a Solution soon as to why we continue to fight such meaningless wars.

Miss Relena.

I think I understand why the fighting won't stop.

What do you mean Dorothy?

Humans like to fight.

And we fulfil our instincts by fighting.

As a Result many lives are lost.

Miss Relena, I'm not interested in the Result.

Results are there no matter what you do.

The beauty is in taking part.

Fighting is the most fascinating and attractive aspect the human has.

Humans have fought over and over throughout history.

As if fighting was the reason to live.

That's how I came to my conclusion.

Not that they shouldn't fight, but that they must fight.

That is what it means to be human.

I have a different idea.

We should be able to look at our past and learn not to repeat the tragic mistakes we have made.

Such wise thoughts are also necessary for war.

History moves in such dramatic ways because people like you become targets for assassinations.

Miss Relena, I just know Cinq Kingdom will be the main stage.

What do you mean by that...?

Oh dear....

Dorothy, watch me.

I will carry forward my belief as long as I live.

Even if I am killed, I trust that this ideal will bear its fruit.

That is wonderful Miss Relena.

Don't fear death.

Death is only a Result that is already planned out.

But don't worry Miss Relena, your knight in shining armor will arrive soon to help you out.

I think they'll be able to protect you through anything.

Seems like the enemy has a Gundam pilot.

They say he's caused quite some damage.

They've sustained the Complete Peace Principles.

In that case, we'll eventually have to crush them.

Continue to prepare for battle!

Excuse me.

Oh, there you are I was worried about you.

What's this?

There's going to be fighting here, so we're getting ready to pull out.

That's a new Mobile Doll model.

One after the other...

How they like to fight.

Complete Peace is more my style.

It's a courageous stance this country's taken.

We've learnt it from Cinq Kingdom.

Cinq Kingdom...?

Miss Relena, are you alright?

Why do you ask, Pargan?

In this war torn time, many countries have joined Cinq Kingdom's peace ideal.

All the countries are depending on us to lead them.

The responsibility you have must be overwhelming.

Even you must be feeling the pressure.

Thank you Pargan.

But this is my life.

If I don't push on, there won't be any meaning as why I became Cinq Kingdom's leader.

Even so, the friends you have aren't helping either.

You're not getting any rest.

You mean Dorothy?

Pargan, you shouldn't say such things about her.

It concerns me what kind of education she had at Longfeller.

Dorothy is a clever person.

She may be thinking about these times as seriously as I am.

I believe she will understand one day.

Noin has told me not to tell you but...

What is it?

I say this because I believe you need all the friends you can have.

What is it, Pargan?

We have information of the location of the Gundam pilot of Heero Yuy.


Noin is on her way to see them.

He is...

Heero is back on Earth?!

To me, he also seems like he needs a rest.

I think Noin plans to bring them here.

Heero is... coming here...

A new model ...

it'll be tough on a Leo.

Enemy in combat at the final line.

Have the reinforcements arrived from main command?!

It's only the soldiers who are panicking.

Every one else is calm.

We're just tired of all this fighting.


Yes, all of us.

And there is a way to gain peace without fighting.

We've chosen the most natural thing.

Many countries and people have chosen the Complete Peace Principle.

They are still weak but if enough people who truly wish for peace join and if we outnumber the soldiers, I think this world will change.

I've heard that Longfeller have a problem with Cinq Kingdom.

It's because many other countries are supporting them.

Sooner or later no one will support the Longfeller.

The reason Longfeller are against Cinq Kingdom is because they fear them.

It's because there's a possibility that the Complete Peace Principle is going to happen on Earth.

What's wrong, boy?

Thank you for everything.

I think I'll go... to Cinq Kingdom.

What are you doing?!

I'll fight to the end...

That's my resistance.

I'll fight more than anyone, anyone on Earth...

More than Relena of Cinq Kingdom...


Heero, are you okay?

Heero, we can't die yet.

We have to protect Cinq Kingdom.


Cinq Kingdom...?

That's right.

That's our mission on Earth.


This is the beam rifle on Heero's Gundam.

If you're a Gundam pilot, you should know how to use it.

I'll cover while you escape.


I see.

You've told Miss Relena.

I'm terribly sorry.

Now we have a possibility that she will suspect Gundam's existence.

If she finds out, she finds out.

Don't worry, Pargan.

Our troubles are nothing, her smile is everything.

To be continued

Heero and Quatre hide in Cinq Kingdom where Relena preaches Complete Peace.

But that was not a safe haven.

Disliking the spread of Complete Peace, the Longfeller Foundation launched a tactful campaign towards them.

Heero, Quatre and Noin stand up in order to protect Relena.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 31 .

Cinq Kingdom of Glass

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