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Episode 29:
The Heroine of the Battlefield

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The Romefeller Foundation's enforced rule has caused disputes to spring up around the world.

Our country has declared itself a peaceful nation and we've been trying to avoid resistance.

We'd be guaranteed peace if we let them control us.

But you couldn't really call that true peace.

It'd be a method of oppression.

It'd lead to a new despotic rule and more disputes.

I certainly hope that we're making the right decisions.

Over the ages, the world has had many countries many races, and many ways of thinking.

Perhaps we should accept the fact that some disputes in the past were unavoidable.

Freedom is a right given to all people.

But we must realize that people can't be given complete freedom.

What we need in order to attain harmony is to be thoughtful to others.

A peaceful future doesn't lie in fighting.

It's our job to learn from our past and use that experience to build a new and correct future.

I was afraid that our nation alone couldn't act against the Romefeller Foundation.

So was l.

But Total Pacifism as advocated by the late King Peacecraft is well rooted here in the Sanc Kingdom.

Its presence is a strong support.

I'm aware that my speech and behavior seem impudent despite the fact that I'm following my father's teachings.

But it's my sincere hope that more countries and more people can one day attain true peace.

To that end I ask for your assistance.

Let us work together!

For true peace!

The meeting ended without a hitch.

It's not as if we're watching every move you people make.

It's just that your meeting ended so soon.

We're determined to get our way.

That's probably why the meeting didn't take long.

We'll be on our way, since we're not needed.

We're ruining the view.

We don't necessarily dislike the Romefeller Foundation.

We just want you to rectify your mistakes.

And do it before many people lose their lives.

Count Townsend!

We've found two space suits.

It appears that only the two landed here.


There's no reason for caution.

-You may return, -Yes, sir.

The Space Colonies and Romefeller have joined forces.

The Gundam pilots' missions are over.

Orders are out to execute the Gundam pilots.

Executing them would be easy.

Although our country is under Romefeller's rule I'd rather not get rid of them yet.

Not big on animals, Quatre?

I love them.

Then play with the dogs.

It seems they'd rather play with you anyway.

Animals have the natural ability to sense kindness in people.

Is kindness necessary in a war?


Not while you're fighting.

But kindness is probably needed the rest of the time.

This isn't the time to fight.

Thanks for the meal.

Sorry to trouble you.

Especially considering there are orders to execute us.

Fortunately headquarters contacted us and will be picking up you Gundam pilots.

I'm glad; it means I don't have to carry out the orders.

But I'll still have to hand you over to them when the time comes.

We can't trouble you any more than we already have.

It's your job to hand us over.

You're gonna surrender without a fight?

We won't know what we'll do till the time comes.

But we won't die aimlessly.

You guys are certainly strong.

We're involved in Romefeller's control policies but we have doubts.

Getting involved was our only choice to avoid futile battle.

You made the correct decision, to protect the people's lives.

I think that's the same decision our people in space made.

To the Romefeller Foundation we Gundam pilots are a mere obstruction.

Anyone who's after our lives is an enemy.

We have to fight to survive.

That's the one and only thing that we can and must carry out.

It's that simple.

If you don't wanna die, that is.

Attention, carrier!

Surrender at once!

We have orders to shoot you down!

I repeat.

Surrender at once.

The sea's gotta be cold at a latitude of 5O.

But still, I can't simply give the craft up to OZ!

There it is.

Get a move on!

Sally Po.

Just be thankful you got a fireplace.

The new OZ is a warm-hearted organization.

You're only treating me like a special guest until you confirm what's in the carrier, I suppose?

We were told to watch for rebels who would help the Gundam pilots once they took action.

But we didn't expect to get our hands on a Gundam!

So it's true that the Gundam pilots have returned to Earth.

I've gotta make sure I deliver it to them.


More and more nations are taking sides with Romefeller.

It's gonna be a rocky road.

The metal detector won't be able to pick up the Gundam.

But it'll pick up the carrier, so find it.

Yes, sir!

What's wrong?!


Who are you?

I want the truth.

Is that the real thing at the bottom of the sea?

I might tell a lie so that you'll free me.

I wanna retaliate against Romefeller so I need the Gundam.

You're fighting the same enemy.

So decide if you wanna negotiate.

My time's run out!

Let's go!

So it IS real then.

That's why the enemy built up so fast.

It's the one OZ referred to as O1 .

You said you wanted the Gundam to save yourselves.

What country are you from?

I can't tell you yet.

I will say that it's resisting Romefeller.

So it could be attacked any time.

The ruler of the nation is indispensable for the future.

And is capable of bringing true peace to this world.

Do you expect to win against Romefeller with just the Gundams?

I'm confident in its pilot.

He'd defeat Romefeller's ambitions.

As acquaintances of the Gundam pilots you and I tend to overdo things.

It's risky to depend on them too much.

But at the moment I want their help.

Nobody wants to get involved in wars.

But those who have the ability to fight should fight.

At least that's what I think.

I'm reluctant to use the word ''righteous''.

But the word suits those kids.

Calling them righteous might really be a sad thing.

Since it forces them to act like modern heroes.

I want to follow them.

If I do, it's unlikely that I'll take a wrong path.

Gundam Wing

Plans to wipe out the Gundams are progressing in two places.

One is here.

Could the other be the Gundam you left behind?

I think that might be.

They're calling it ''O1 ''.

Heero, have you heard of the Sanc Kingdom?

It comes up in Romefeller's confidential data as a problematic nation.

The Sanc Kingdom...

They're covering their tracks.

But they're very interested in finding O1 .

And also its pilot.

Wouldn't you like to go?

I'm sure we could be of some help to them.

That's a good boy.

These two dogs are the only ones guarding us now.

They're telling us to leave.

This nation isn't looking for any battles.

But we're like time bombs and will bring trouble.

The commander here has a weak point, to boot.

It's his kindness.

Let's go, Quatre.

Sure thing.

Something's headed our way.

Any word from Count Townsend?


Check at once.



They're heading straight for Romefeller's forces?!

Why wouldn't they be escaping?

We have an urgent message from those forces demanding information on the approaching craft!

Count Townsend.

This was left behind.

By the Gundam piilots?

Count, what is it?

Please inform them at once that we've escaped.

We can't cause you any more trouble than we already have.

That is...

Thank you, Count.

We'd be wiser just to run away.

But we always end up fighting.

Wherever I go it's the same.

Because fighting is all I can do!

I feel sorry for them.

Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

It's being raised.

Let's go!


See ya later.

Enemy in sight!

Launching torpedoes!

What's this? An attack?!

This is nuts but it's the only way!

I knew it was crazy!

I want them, for the sake of the Sanc Kingdom!

Hands up!

No funny stuff!

Advise the other ships too.

I don't want to make things worse than they are.

Better do what my partner tells you.

Personally, I would have already opened fire.

Actually I just want you to leave us alone.

But I don't figure you can allow that.

Heero, where should we head to now?

There isn't any place I wanna go.

There are lots of kind people right here on the Earth.

But we'd be causing them a great deal of trouble by doing nothing more than meeting them.

We have no place to go, do we?


It's because you're trying to forget the battle.

As long as Earth's a war zone, I'm gonna fight.

You have no choice but to fight either.

Because we're Gundam pilots.

The battlefield is the only place we're allowed to live.

For us, I guess the meaning of life is to survive battles.

Sally here.

The surface is under control.

How're things?

It's like meeting a long lost friend.

Use it to protect your country.

I can't thank you enough.

My name is Lucrezia Noin.

The country I'm serving is...

Noin, it's okay.

You don't have to tell me.

I trust you.

I'm just honored to help a nation that's trying to oppose Romefeller.


I'm gonna go and look for another Gundam.

If you hear about one I'd welcome your help.

It'd be great to have two or three pilots.

You can count on my help.

It'll be a chance to earn your trust.

I give you my word, in the name of God and our nation.

The guards for the Peace Nations Assembly are leaving.

So I rushed here for nothing.

And I was positive they'd take this opportunity to invade the Sanc Kingdom, too.

Well, the mobile dolls just won't do the job.

Those dinky things don't have a chance against the knights protecting their precious Princess.

Miss Relena.

Are you all right with that new student arriving today?

Why do you ask, Pagan?

I heard she was a blood relative of Duke Dermail the central figure of the Romefeller Foundation.

I know I mustn't make assumptions.

But given that the Foundation doesn't think highly of the Sanc Kingdom's pacifism I can't help thinking it's a trick.

The Romefeller Foundation said they wish to learn more about educational policies on building a peaceful nation.

That's why they wanted to send a student to our kingdom.

There's nothing to worry about.

I have problems believing everything the Foundation says.

Doubting people won't get you anywhere.

Besides there's nothing mistaken about what we're doing here.

I think this'd be a great chance to make them understand that.

I'm Relena Peacecraft, Director of this institution.

Welcome to the Sanc Kingdom.

I wasn't aware that the Princess of the Sanc Kingdom was also the Director of the institution.

Once again, my name is Dorothy Catalonia.

It's an honor to meet you.

I'm still powerless to do anything on my own.

I'm learning Total Pacifism that my father advocated.

Just as everyone else is.

As you're aware I've come here on behalf of the Romefeller Foundation.

The Foundation is surrounded with weapons in this war-torn world.

I have a great interest in the policies of the Sanc Kingdom.

Especially in what you'd do if the forces decided to invade.

This beautiful scenery would disappear in an instant.

And the hearts that cherish this beauty would also be lost.

Nobody in their right mind would want to hand over the Kingdom to such foolish barbarians.

So what would you do then?

I don't believe there are any foolish people in this world.

People reach an understanding by talking things over.

I believe such discussions will bring peace to all people.

Miss Relena.

I'm a foolish person myself.

I love wars.

I really do.

I guess I'd only be a nuisance by staying in this country.

Not at all.

The main objective of the Sanc Kingdom is to provide a place for these discussions.

I welcome more talks like this, Miss Dorothy.

But please call me Dorothy, Miss Relena.

And you can just call me Relena.

I couldn't.

You are the heroine of our times.

I myself feel a great admiration for you.

Dorothy Catalonia.

She's the same age as Miss Relena.

I expected her to be brainwashed by Romefeller's oppressive ideas.

But that doesn't seem to be the case.

But we must be cautious.

Keep an eye on her.

I even had this ready just in case.

But Dorothy seems tougher than I thought.

What do you mean?

Miss Dorothy truly gets enjoyment out of battles.

At this time, when Miss Relena is rejecting battles I'm worried that Dorothy could exhaust Miss Relena.

Relena 's thoughts are commendable.

She knows that her actions are highly risky now.

Our mission is to protect her in operation.

Even if that means getting some weapons?

That's right.

We can't afford to let Relena get killed like the assassinated King of this country.

We're confronted by a part of history that could easily be repeated, but must not.

I'll protect Relena, even if it means using foul play.

I'll live my life in the shadows of this kingdom.

Hurry up and start a war!!

To be continued

Next Episode

Romefeller's military power grows as they violently attack areas of dispute.

Heero recklessly participates in the battle as a mercenary of the Treize Faction's retaliating troops.

Quatre begins doubting the heroism of finding answers within battles.

He learns of a resisting nation promoting Total Pacifism.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 30

The Reunion with Relena


The Longfeller Foundation is dominating the world and conflicts are happening in many places.

We also adhere to the peace principle so our army has been held back...

We may achieve peace if we accept their rule but...

But that is not true peace.

It's giving into their oppression.

Oppression only leads to more conflict.

Will our efforts ever pay off...

Throughout our history, the world has had many countries, many cultures and different ways of thinking.

Perhaps it cannot be helped that there have been conflicts in the past.

All humans have the right to freedom.

But we must also understand that not all freedom is allowed.

What we need now is consideration for others so that we can coexist.

It is definitely not war.

Our job is to learn from the past and make a new, just future.

I did not think our resistance alone would be any use against the Longfeller Foundation.

That's right.

This Cinq Kingdom is where the peace principle was strongly established by King Peacecraft.

You are a great support to us.

I am only following in my father's footsteps, and perhaps my motives are not enough.

But I hope you will all help me to bring true peace to many more people and countries.

Let us work together for true peace.

I see everything went well.

Oh, it's not like I'm keeping an eye on you.

It's just that you finished rather quickly.

Our minds are made up.

That is probably why it didn't take long.

I'll be leaving.

I can see we're unwelcome.

It's not that we dislike you.

We just want you to realize your mistakes, before any more lives are lost.

Count, there are 2 astrosuits.

It seems like they are the only ones to have landed.


It's probably not worth worrying.

Prepare to retreat.

Yes sir.

The Space Colonies and Longfeller Foundation have joined hands.

Their job is finished.

The Gundam pilots have been ordered for execution.

Executing them is easy.

Our country too has come under the Longfeller rule, but I would like to hold back on that decision just yet.

Quatre, do you like animals?

Yes, I love animals.

Then play with them.

I think they like you more than me.

Animals can sense that you're a kind person.

Do you think kindness is necessary in war?

No, not when you're fighting.

But you probably need it at other times.

Now isn't the time to fight.

That was delicious.

Thank you for everything.

There's probably an execution warrant out for us yet you've done so much...

We've had word from headquarters that Longfeller's soldiers are coming to take you.

I'm just glad I'm not the one to carry out the orders.

Of course I still have to hand you over when they come.

We don't want to trouble you any further.

Please do whatever is necessary.

Are you planning to go without resistance?

I don't know until that time comes.

But I don't intend to die a dog's death.

You're strong.

My country accepted the Longfeller rule although we have doubts about them.

We had to take this path to avoid useless fighting.

It was the right choice to save many lives.

I think Space made the same choice.

Our existence as Gundam pilots is only an annoyance to the Longfeller Foundation.

Anyone who comes for our lives is the enemy.

If we don't want to die, we'll fight.

That's the only thing we will do, it's the only thing we can do.

If you don't want to die.

Message to the carrier Surrender immediately.

We have orders to attack.

Surrender immediately!

North Latitude 50 degrees that's pretty cold.

But I'm not going to give this to OZ that easily.

That must be it.

C'mon, walk along.

Sally Po.

Be grateful for the fire.

The new OZ is a kind organization.

I'm only a guest until you can determine what's in the cargo, right?

I thought the resistance would take some action if the Gundam pilots made a move But I didn't think we'd obtain Gundam itself.

So the Gundam pilot has come back to Earth.

I must get it to him.


There's such an increase in the number of countries joining Longfeller.

It's not going to be easy from now.

If it's a Gundam, it won't show on the metal detector.

But the carrier should appear.

Look for that.


What's wrong?

Is it the enemy?

Who are you?

I want to hear the truth.

Is it the real thing in the sea?

I might lie so that you get me out of here.

I want the Gundam to fight the Longfeller Foundation.

We share the same enemy.

You decide if it's a deal worth making.

I haven't got the time to decide.

Then, come on!

So it is a Gundam.

That's why the enemy came so quickly.

It's the one OZ called ''01 ''.

So, which country do you want Gundam to protect?

I can't say.

I can only say that we could be under attack at any moment because of our resistance to the Longfeller.

A person of great importance to the future is ruling that country now.

That person can bring true peace into this world.

Do you think you can win over Longfeller with Gundam alone?

I'm sure that pilot can crush Longfeller's ambition.

Seems like we both know the pilot and end up taking too many risks.

I know we shouldn't depend on them but we need their help.

No one wants to fight a war.

But the people who have the power to fight should fight.

That's what I think.

I feel a bit embarrassed to use the word ''justice'' but I really think the word suits them.

The truth is, it's a sad thing They're being forced to take the role of a hero, but I want to be there with them.

By doing so, I think I'm taking the right path.

There are two active Gundam extermination plans.

One of them is us.

Is the other one the Gundam you left behind?

I think so, it's being called 01 .

Heero, do you know anything about Cinq Kingdom?

It appears quite often in Longfeller's secret files as a country which has constant conflict with Longfeller.



Though they're hiding it, they seem to be interested in 01 and its pilot.

Let's go.

We should go and help them.

Good boy.

It's only these two who are guarding us.

They're giving us a chance to leave.

This country doesn't want to fight.

We're the cause of all the trouble.

The commander here has a weakness too.

It's kindness.

Let's go, Quatre.

There's an aircraft approaching.

Have you heard from Count Townsend?

No, sir.

identify it immediately.


They're heading for the Longfeller troops?!

Why don't they run away?

We have a message from OZ to report about the approaching aircraft.

Count Townsend, this was found.

Must be from the Gundam pilots.

Count, what does it say?

To notify Longfeller immediately of their escape.

That they don't want us to be caused any more trouble because of them.

Thank you, Count.

I suppose we should run away but we have to fight.

It's the same wherever we go.

Fighting is the only thing I can do.

I pity them.

Enemy attack!

Enemy attack!

They're coming up, let's go!

Roger, see you.

Enemy, lock on.

Fire torpedo!


The enemy!

It's impossible but we have to do it.

Tell me about it!

I want them... for the sake of Cinq Kingdom.

Put your hands up and please don't resist.

Could you contact the other ships?

I don't want the damage to spread.

You better do as he says.

I would have blown your head off.

All I want is for us to be left alone.

But I suppose that won't be possible.

Heero, where will we go now?

I don't have a place I want to go.

There are many kind people on Earth.

But if we go there... we might cause them trouble.

We don't have anywhere we can go.

Quatre, that's because you're trying to forget to fight.

As long as Earth is a battlefield, I'll fight.

And the only thing you can do is fight too.

We are Gundam pilots.

We're only allowed to live on the battlefield.

To survive the battle...

That is what ''living'' means to us.

This is Sally, I have the surface under Control.

How about you?

Let's just say it's ''reunion time''.

Use it to help your country.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

My name is Lucrezia Noin.

The country I serve is...

Noin, it's alright.

I don't have to hear the name of your country.

I trust you anyway.

I'm glad I could help a country fighting against Longfeller.


I'll go and look for another Gundam.

You can come and help me out if you hear about any rumors.

It would be great if you had a couple of pilots the next time.

I'll come.

I won't let you down for trusting me.

I swear to God and my country.

The supervisor of the peace meeting is about to go back...

I feel silly rushing myself.

I thought they were going to use this chance to frame Cinq Kingdom.

But Mobile Dolls won't do.

Dolls like that won't be able to beat the knight protecting the queen.

Miss Relena, the transfer student arriving today concerns me.

Why is that, Pargan?

I hear she is a relative of Count Delmare of the Longfeller Foundation.

I don't want to be judgmental, but the Foundation is highly against our country's peace principle.

I think they may have a hidden agenda.

The Longfeller Foundation has said that they wanted to learn about our nation's peace policies.

That is why we are accepting this transfer.

You don't have to worry.

I cannot trust all of what the Foundation says.

If we don't trust people we can't progress.

And anyway, we have nothing to hide.

I think it will be a good chance for them to understand us more.

I am Relena Peacecraft, the principal of this school.

Welcome to Cinq Kingdom.

I didn't know the Princess of Cinq Kingdom was also the school's principal.

I am Dorothy Catalonia.

I have great respect for you.

I alone cannot do all of this.

I too am still studying the Complete Peace that my father followed.

As you already know, I have come from the Longfeller Foundation.

In these war torn times the Foundation is overwhelmed with weapons.

I am very interested in Cinq Kingdom's policy.

What are you going to do if you are attacked?

This beautiful scenery will disappear in an instant.

It will even take away the leeway the heart had to think of such things.

No one would want to give their country up to such tyrants.

What will you do then?

I don't believe there are foolish people in this world.

I believe that by talking we can understand each other and gain peace for the people.

Miss Relena, I am foolish.

I like war, I love war.

Will I be a misfit if I stay here?

Not at all.

One of our aims is to create a chance for people to discuss such matters.

I would like very much for us to talk again, Miss Dorothy.

Please call me Dorothy, Miss Relena.

And please call me Relena.

I can't do that.

Miss Relena is the heroine of our time.

You are my aspiration.

Dorothy Catalonia.

Same age as Miss Relena.

I thought she would be completely immersed in the philosophies of Longfeller but it did not appear so.

But we must not let our guard down.

Keep an eye on her.

To tell you the truth I had this ready but Miss Dorothy is more formidable.

What do you mean?

It seems she likes war and fighting very much.

Miss Relena is trying hard to avoid war.

Her existence will exhaust Miss Relena.

Relena's ideal is a wonderful thing.

She has so much going against her yet she pushes forward.

It is our mission to protect her.

Even if it means to take arms.

That's right.

We cannot let Relena die like the King who was assassinated.

We are standing against history that must not be repeated.

I'll protect Relena, whatever it takes.

I will become the shadow of this country.


I wish a war would start!

To be continued

The Longfeller Foundation was on a rampage and conquered many areas.

Heero becomes a soldier in the Treize faction and fights with no goal.

Quatre has doubts about finding the answer to everything through fighting.

He discovers the existence of a nation, which in the name of complete peace, resists fighting.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Episode 30.

Reunion with Relena

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