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Episode 28:
Passing Destinies


Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Gundams: the mobile suits made from Gundanium alloy and sent from the colonies.

The high-level pilots of these Gundams soon challenged me.

My name is Wu Fei!

I'm Treize Khushrenada.

The duel is mine.

Kill me!

That strength and bravery was exceptional.

I was moved by every action they took and could not remain still.

I'm sure it was the same for you, Zechs Merquise.

However, you should fight with a pure heart to achieve your goals.

Set the Sanc Kingdom free from the Alliance's grasp.

All mobile suits have left the carriers.

Then I'll leave too.

I'll be backing you up.

Concentrate only on achieving your mission, Lieutenant Zechs.

I'm totally focused.

The new type of mobile suit is approaching fast!

Direct all laser beams at that suit!

It took me I 3 years to return to these grounds.

Please forgive me, Father.

There's been much bloodshed along the way and I've only been able to live a lifestyle that counters your pacifist teachings.

My hands are too stained with blood.

I'm completely unfit to head the Peacecraft monarchy.

But I'm sure she would be able to head the country as you'd intended.

I'll fight to make that happen.

I've failed you.

Please forgive me.

By appearing on the center stage of history we directed the times in the right direction.

The remaining frontier is outer space.

Lady Une, I'm leaving outer space in your hands.

Explain our love to the people of the colonies.

I'm sure they'll be able to understand us if you greet them with your affection.

In the year After Colony 195 the United Earth Sphere Alliance collapsed.

However, the Alliance's forces remained in space.

In charge of outer space my mission was to subjugate these forces free the colonies, and allow them to become independent.

Once this was accomplished we should have achieved Treize's and our ideals for OZ.

If only Treize and Duke Dermail hadn't disagreed.

The Gundam pilots witnessed the changes in history.

Transmission from Earth, Colonel Une!

Gundams O2 and O4 are attacking the Singapore Space Port Base!

I'm returning to the command tower!

Hurry up, Quatre!

Don't worry about me.

I'll back you two up until you lift off!

Have you lost your mind?!

We all have to make it up to outer space!

I know, but that's why I have to back you up.

To make sure that at least you two make it!


You fool!!

And now, the last remaining choice is to self-detonate.

What's this?

You're telling me to get off...?


Thank you, my dear Sandrock!

But there was neither glory nor praise to greet them when they returned to outer space.

All they got was isolation and a cruel destiny fitting for such rebels.

We'll have to considerably restrict your activities.

For defeated men like myself restrictions become the foundation for new strength.

But in my case I feel much freer, not restricted.

Perhaps until now I didn't experience freedom.

Maybe my latest move has allowed me a chance to step back and re-evaluate myself.

Just like you overcame the ordeal I put you through and earned your freedom, Zechs.

Treize, stop following me around!

I can no longer be your friend!

Farewell, Treize!!

After you left with Chief Engineer Tubarov at the helm Romefeller completed those mobile dolls that are incapable of feeling a battle's beauty or sorrow.

Romefeller used them to try ruling the Earth from outer space.

As one who looks for meaning in human battles I couldn't accept the Foundation's way of thinking.

Zechs, without you OZ ends up allowing worthless actions by worthless people.

Very nicely done, Treize Khushrenada!

The people in space are close to accepting OZ.

So it seems.

And Colonel Une's achievements have been impressive.

She's forming friendly relations with one colony after another.

The sense of independence built by forming a nation will trigger a desire for productivity and defense.

This leads to the nation becoming militaristic.

Which means that every country on the Earth will jump into OZ's arms and beg to be governed by us.

It's beautiful Treize.

You've made space a member of the Romefeller Foundation.

The living environment of the colonies is bogus.

As is their pacifism.

They may only be a hotbed leading to countless battles.

Zechs...or rather Milliardo...

Had you already realized that?

The new system since OZ and the colonies became united has had a considerable influence on Earth.

On behalf of my nation I've come to find out about this situation.

Your nation...?

That's correct.

I've come here from the Sanc Kingdom.

I'm Milliardo Peacecraft.

Oh, His Excellency has had ties with the Sanc Kingdom since his youth.

I heard your nation was recovering from the wars.

I think I understand the implications of war.

So I thought I could give advice to the colonies desiring military power.

There are many ways to obtain peace for oneself.

Between us, we'll find the best direction to take.

You might be on the right track to peace Representative Lady Une.

My beloved Lady.

You were right all along...

Gundam Wing

As long as mankind exists in this world there will always be battles.

And denouncing battles will never lead to peace.

It's natural for this world to continue fighting.


Zechs and the Gundam pilots are making an effort to construct a new future.

Those that fight have a sense of fulfillment.

And those in actual combat are not seen as being tainted.

A human life is more precious than anything else.

It is because one faces an enemy and risks his own precious life that amid all the sorrow, a warrior's soul shines nobly.

Tag along, on my journey into hell!!

Pure and genuine Gundam pilots.

As I've repeatedly seen the way you fought I couldn't help but feel inspired.

You changed something inside me.

Even altered my destiny.


We have to become a lot stronger.

When the foolish Romefeller Foundation removed the human aspect from battles.

I might have suddenly found myself in a position where I must personally bury OZ.

But the times have entrusted the pilots with destiny itself.

Young warriors.

What do you see beyond this dark mass of confusion?

They continue to fight.

These youngsters who'll change the times.

Treize is hoping we'll put up a fight.

There's no choice left but to battle.

Without fighting, nothing can be created.



Zechs Merquise...

Or rather, my eternal friend, Milliardo Peacecraft.

OZ is changing, and I'm sorely lacking in power.

Romefeller's way, or rather the path that mankind is taking, is too selfish.

I'm shocked to see that their increased power made them abandon their compassion.

Milliardo, there's one other person who understands me.

Her feelings toward me have given her split personalities.

I implore you, Milliardo. Please save her.

I'm going to fight for Treize to help realize his ideal!


I've got no power.

In the confusion of all these battles I can only walk the path of a soldier.

Take me to Fortress Barge.

That's when I realized the purpose of battles isn't limited to making ideals into reality.

I know this was what Treize wanted me to understand.

Botched your mission?

You couldn't destroy the base and you didn't kill Dr. J and the others.

Don't rub it in.

I'm still glad I decided to come here.

Good news.

Your Gundam and mine are being rebuilt.

I can hardly wait!

Just watch.

I'll be the God of Death again!

I will.

Well good night...

Even if the Space Colonies have no reason to retaliate and the pilots are captured and stripped of their suits those Gundam pilots will continue to fight.


What's going on?


Outer space has gone mad so I'll destroy it all.

Tell the others for me.

Tell them to stay away.

I'm telling you not to get any closer!!

What strong will.

And what purity.

We must fight against each other.

But our desire to fight is the same.

Good-bye, Heero.

Trowa, escape!

The Vayeate's gonna explode!



We have to acknowledge the facts.

The five of us have become redundant soldiers.


Duke Dermail.

I can't support the Romefeller Foundation's current path.


I believe that what mankind needs is not absolute victory but his attitude toward fighting; his demeanor.

An era constructed by the soulless weapons known as mobile dolls will become an embarrassment to future generations.

The traditions you value so highly would be blurred alongside those five genuine warriors.


You're saying that you want Romefeller headquarters to take OZ out of your control?

I hereby confine you to Romefeller headquarters!

I have come to a decision.

I'll look over those young men who shine in battle.

And I'll love them.

I fail to understand what you're getting at.

That's exactly why you and I are enemies!

Wanna escape?!

After we pay them back.

Lady Une, my love.

Rest in peace.

Beyond those distant shining stars I see many destinies pass by each other.

Time goes by so fast and fleetingly from my memories of those olden days.

Operation Nova.

I can't imagine the Romefeller Foundation allowing the rebellions of the soldiers that support me.

And now they have sent mass-produced Virgo dolls to Earth in their quest for its complete control.

But right now, I have no right to express these opinions.

Am I right?


Let's go to the Earth.

There it is!

Discarding his Gundam like that...

What was he thinking...?


The foundation of our future will be built by these suits.

And now, casting for the actors is almost complete as we begin the third act.

All that's left is to wait for the curtain to rise.


Everything is proceeding just as you planned, Treize.

To be continued

Next Episode

Outer space rushes aimlessly into a period of battles.

Heero and Quatre arrive on Earth and are targeted by Romefeller's plan to execute the Gundam pilots.

Without any time to rest Heero heads to gather data for his next battle when he hears of Sanc Kingdom, Relena's home country.

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The Heroine of the Battlefield.


From the colonies came the Mobile Suit Gundams, created from Gundanium.

The pilots who had challenged me were great fighters.

My name is Wufei.

My name is Treize Khushrenada.

I win.

Kill me.

That strength and pure will.

Their every move touched my heart and gave me a thrill that I've never felt before.

And as for you, Zechs Merquise...

You should fight purely for the purpose of enjoying battle.

Liberate the Cinq Kingdom from the Federation.

All the Mobile Suits are gone.

Good, I'm going too.

Don't worry about having the Federation on your back.

I'll take care of them while you choose your target.

I already have.

That new model Mobile suit is approaching quickly.

Have all the beam cannons fire on that one mobile suit.

It took me 13 years to get here.

Please forgive me father.

And for that, many people died.

My way of life goes against your ideal of perfect freedom.

My hands are soaked with blood.

I can no longer succeed as a Peacecraft.

But she might be able to.

She can succeed as a Peacecraft and carry on your ideals, father.

I will devote my life to this.

Please forgive me.

When we showed up before the face of history, this era was placed on the right track.

The only place where war still didn't exist was in space.

Lady Une, I am leaving space to you.

Please explain our love to the people of the colony.

They'll understand us if we talk to them with love.

After colony 1 95, the Earth Area United Federation was destroyed.

But a Federation military force was still present and we need to drive them out.

We are also here to liberate the colony from the Federation and grant independence to the colonies.

That is my duty.


Oz's Treize-sama and myself were supposed to be done with it all.

That was if Delmare didn't disagree with us.

And the Gundam Pilots became the witnesses of history.

Colonel Lady Une, We just received a message from Earth.

Gundam 02 and 05 are attacking the base at Singapore Space Port.

I'll head back to headquarters immediately.

Hurry up Quatre!

Don't worry about me.

I've decided to back up both of you.

You idiot!

What are you talking about?

We all have to go to space together.

That's why I need to back you up.

At least both of you will make it into space.



There's only one thing left for me to do and that is to self destruct.


Are you telling me that I have to get off?


Thank you, my dear Sandrock.

However, in space where they were heading, there was no praise waiting for them.

What was waiting was the loneliness, grudging resistance and a harsh destiny.

I don't believe you are permitted to move around freely.

This restriction you've created will become the foundation of power for the next fallen generation.

However, I feel somewhat free now.

The past has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on this freedom myself.

Zechs, it's as you overcame the challenge I threw at you and were set free.

Treize, don't follow in my foot steps.


We can no longer be friends.

Good bye Treize.

After you left, the Longfeller Foundation completed their Mobile Dolls, that don't feel beauty or sadness in battle.

They are the ones who will conquer Earth from the reaches of space.

I, looking for the purpose of battling with other people, cannot accept this plan.


OZ will allow the folly of the truly inept to continue to occur in your absence.

Treize Khushrenada, well done.

Space has finally accepted OZ.

That's true sir!

Lady Une's performance was excellent.

She started a friendly alliance with those colonies.

This independence through building a nation in space creates a sense of productivity and defense.

And after that, they will become a military nation.

Then all the countries on Earth will fear them and look for OZ to take care of them.

That's wonderful Treize.

You have made space a member of Longfeller.

The colony is only a fake community that could be the cause of this false pacifism and creates even more battles.

Zechs, no Milliard.

Do you know that?

This new power structure through the annexation of the space colonies by OZ has made a great impact on Earth.

As a representative of one of those countries, I came here to ask you about that.

From which country?

Pardon me, I am from the Cinq Kingdom.

My name is Milliard Peacecraft.

You are from the Cinq Kingdom, who has been a friend to Admiral Treize since childhood.

I know first hand what war can do to a country.

I figured I could be a help now that space colonies possess weapons.

There are many ways to seek peace.

Maybe we will find a better way if we learn together.

I think we can do some great things together, Lady Une.

My dear Lady, you were right.

War will continue as long as humans still exist.

To keep from doing battle is not the path toward peace.

Fighting is only a part of nature in our world.


Zechs and the Gundam pilots are building the future now.

Those who fight will be truly happy.

It's also true that those who fight cannot be seen as impure.

This life is highly respected and nothing else will be able to substitute for it.

The spirits of those soldiers will continue to shine brightly because they fight against all odds, risking their lives.

Let's all go to hell.

Pure and innocent Gundam pilots.

From witnessing the courage and strength of will you showed in the battle...

You created a profound change in me, and provided me insight to a new vision.

Nataku, We have to be strong if we are going to succeed in our mission.

When those fools from Longfeller stripped away the humanity from this war, I was placed into a position where I had to destroy OZ myself.

However, history would rely on them to forge this era.

What is it these young ones see beyond the confusing darkness?

Young ones who fight, and will change the world...

Treize-sama wishes for the fight to go on.

There is nothing left but to fight.

If we don't fight, we'll achieve nothing.



Zechs Merquise... no my friend, Milliard Peacecraft.

OZ is changing.

My power is no longer influential.

The way of Longfeller... no the will of the people is changing.

I would've never have thought that their power would have the people left behind.

Milliard, I'm glad to be able to talk to someone who really understands me.

There is one other person who understands me as well.

Please save her.

To achieve this ideal, I shall fight for Treize-sama.


I don't have any strength left either.

I can only be a toy soldier in this chaotic war.

Take me to Balji, immediately.

At the time, I was witnessing the truth that achieving Treize-sama's ideal was not just fighting.

I believe Treize-sama wanted to tell me this.

You failed your duty.

We couldn't destroy the base or kill the scientists either.

Don't say that.

All of these were worth finding.


Both yours and mine are being upgraded right now.

I want to see it now.

I shall become the Death once again.

Well then, good night.

although they've lost their reason to fight for the colony and lost the support of the people, those Gundam pilots will continue fighting.

Q...Quatre, what's going on?


I will destroy everything that's gone insane in space with this Gundam.

I want you to tell everyone.

Don't let anyone come after me.

I said, don't come any closer!

What strength of will!

What purity of spirit!

We are enemies, but what we're looking for in this war is the same thing.

Good-bye Heero.

Trowa, get out of there.

The Bi-eight is going to explode.

Trowa... Trowa!

I have to accept it.

We are not needed anymore.


Delmare, I don't think I can agree with the direction that Longfeller Foundation is heading in right now.


I don't believe that an absolute victory is what the human race needs.

I think fighting and the attitude that comes from it are what we need.

The Longfeller Foundation will be using Mobile Dolls, that don't have any emotion about what'll happen to them.

This era should be called the Civilization of Shame.

This tradition you hold so dear will fade before the soldiers who are pure in spirit.


That means Longfeller Foundation should take absolute Control of OZ from your hands.

I'll have you confined in the Longfeller Head Quarters.

Then I've made up my mind.

To continue to watch them in the battlefield and to love them.

I don't understand it.

That's why we are enemies.

You and I .

Shall we escape?

After we get some payback.

My dearest Lady Une, who I love.

Rest in peace.

Among the stars, so many fates cross and pass each other.

My own thoughts and ideas will be left behind in the continuance of time.

Operation Nova.

The Longfeller Foundation will not tolerate soldiers who rebel and follow me.

And to conquer Earth, they've mass produced the Mobile Doll Virgo!

However, I don't have the right to say anything about this move.

I understand.


Let's go to Earth.

What was he thinking, leaving his Gundam like this?

Heero, this Mobile Suit will usher in a new era in Mobile Suit Technology.

Before I can start the third chapter, the actors have yet to be chosen.

And now, we can only wait for the curtain to open.


Everything is for Treize-sama.

To be continued

Space enters the age of war.

Heero and Quatre who go down to Earth, become the target for assassins from Longfeller Foundation.

although they haven't healed completely, Heero goes to his next battle.

While he's collecting information, he hears something about Relena's homeland.

Next time on Mobile suit Gundam wing --

Episode 29,

Heroine of the Battlefield.

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