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Episode 27:
The Locus of Victory and Defeat

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
That's right.

I still don't know where Heero has gone.

Please don't laugh, Father.

Because I can still hear Heero's voice even now.


I believe he'll come here to the Sanc Kingdom.

I wonder how much time has passed since we met.

It was during my shuttle flight with you on our way back to Earth.

Father, what is that?

That was when I first came across the shooting star Heero Yuy, who carried the colonies' hopes.

One more to go.

This is where everything started.

My code name: Heero Yuy.

I was given one mission.

To destroy OZ.

He's still just a young boy.

Did you see?

See what?

They're down there!


Hey, who are you?


My name is...

My name is Relena Darlian.

What's yours?

Until then, I enjoyed a world of happiness.

Ignorant of the world and giving nothing to society.

But meeting him greatly changed my destiny.

Hey, that's him!

I'm Heero Yuy. It's a pleasure.

I'm sure that's him.

Here you go.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

I hope you'll be able to make it to the party.


I'll kill you.

I wasn't the only Gundam pilot that landed on Earth as part of operation Meteor.

There was also Trowa Barton, pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms.

Quatre Raberba Winner, pilot of the Gundam Sandrock.

This isn't right.


You and I shouldn't be fighting!

Put your hands down.

I was the first one to surrender and come out, remember.

Stop! Stop or I'll shoot!

He's just a young kid!

A kid did all that damage to the base by himself?,.!

Hm? A woman...

Now it makes sense.

Wu Fei Chang, pilot of the Shenlong Gundam.

Where's this light coming from?!

It's the enemy!

And Duo Maxwell, pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe.

Heero, what are you doing?

Tell me!

Who are you anyway?

Those are torpedoes, right?

I can tell!

I want to know who you are.

Talk to me, Heero!



You're in too deep.

It's pretty obvious that you're the bad guy here.

Are you all right, lady?


Heero! Are you okay?!

Don't overdo it; remember, you're injured.

Stop it!

Why do you wanna shoot him?!

What in the world is that?

Don't look.

Lady, I'm sure you have your reasons for being here but you'd better just leave.

Do yourself a favor.

Haven't had enough?!

I don't consider the other Gundam pilots my comrades.

I never had any comrades from the start.

Just like Relena, this guy who calls himself Duo is merely an obstacle to my mission.

Finally, everything is finished.

Mission complete.

Father, that was when you strongly wished for peace between Earth and the colonies.

We've heard everything you have to say.

I'd like you to leave the room now, Vice Foreign Minister.

Isn't it about time you people realized that you're posing the greatest threat of all!

And Father, you flew with me to space once more.

That turned out to be your last gift of kindness.

To show me just how beautiful the Earth was.


What're you doing with my father?!



I'm not your biological father.

Your real name is Relena Peacecraft.

You're the daughter of the Peacecraft family who once advocated Total Pacifism.

That's not true!

Watch out for the OZ organization.

Father... Father!!


Delete files on Heero Yuy at the Saint Gabriel Institute.

Transfer procedures complete.

Are you off to fight again?!

Where's your next mission?

I'd come across too many of his secrets.

But the fact that Heero was a Gundam pilot sent from the colonies might have influenced my personal situation in regards to how I was going to live out my life.

Heero, I know too much.

You still gonna kill me?


Before, I didn't want to die without any answers.

But now it's different.

Now I know how you feel when you fight.

And I'm now fighting with you.

With me...?

What am I thinking?!

I'd be better off if she died!



Don't run away.

Please Heero.

Gundam Wing

Marshal Noventa Chief Commander of the United Earth Sphere Alliance pushed for peace with the colonies and planned a significant reduction in armaments.

But the Commander in Chief of OZ, Treize Khushrenada shrewdly released some information to lure the Gundams to the New Edwards Base.

And tricked them into killing the Alliance Military leaders.

Don't be rash now, young man!

The second act has just begun.

We'll be getting busy.

Operation Daybreak...

This scrupulously planned coup d'etat allowed OZ with soldiers assigned at Alliance Military Bases under the guise of Specials soldiers to overthrow the Alliance in just one day.

This is a revolution.

Just see for yourself.

The era of the Alliance has ended!

Our OZ organization must give rise to a true alliance!

In addition, Colonel Une proposed a plan to transfer Taurus space suits to the Siberia Base.

But this was also a deceptive operation to annihilate the Gundams.

You think the other Gundams will come?

We can't win by ourselves.

But I'm positive the others will come.

What speed!

We'll fight for recognition of superiority.

I'm sure that'll suit you!

You ARE a Gundam pilot.

Who would've guessed Gundams had this much power.

Get Space Fortress Barge on line!

Calling all Gundam pilots.

We're ready to stage an all-out missile attack on the colonies!

I demand all pilots to surrender at once and hand over your Gundams!

They've targeted the colonies!

Hand over our Gundams?!

Sounds like OZ's tricks.

You guys can't fight, can you?!

Attention OZ.

I never imagined you people could be so foolish.

To you, inhumane moves like colony assaults are justified if that's what it takes for you to come out victorious.

I have no choice but to surrender.

But I will not hand over the Gundams, I repeat.

I surrender, but I will not hand over the Gundams.

Mission accepted.

Off to fight again, Heero?

Well, I'm headed for my own battleground.

The Romefeller Foundation sought to maintain peace by dominating others.

That may be possible as long as they keep winning battles.

But as Relena Peacecraft, leader of Sanc Kingdom I can't allow them to reign at the cost of many lives.

I was defeated.

Because the colonies were being used as a shield.

But Zechs repaired my Gundam hoping to end our unfinished battle in Siberia.

The battle took place in Antarctica.

I refused to accept charity from Zechs and challenged him in Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms.

But this battle was meaningless.

Between a man looking for something to protect and a man who had lost all means to protect.

A mistaken past is difficult for anyone to swallow.

But we're still young.

We should be thinking of building the future.


I wanted to end this meaningless fight.

Has it begun?!

That's more like it!

This'll finish you off!


Stop this battle immediately!

See for yourself how dirty and foul battles really are!


If you're a true warrior and a Peacecraft knight you couldn't possibly use such foul play!

Relena, call from Lieutenant Noin.

Miss Noin!

I misunderstood you.

I thought you were sincere.


I deserve your contempt, but I can't help myself.

I believe in Colonel Zechs!

I'm not about to interrupt any of his plans.


Defeat Zechs!

Stop it! Relena!

But Relena, no matter what tricks of fate you have been through please don't wish for your brother's death!

Brother...he's my brother?

I learned then for the first time that Zechs was my brother.

Numerous carriers approaching from 3 o'clock!

They're here!

Do you read me, Heero and Zechs?

Thirty suits in flight.

A hundred if they unload all Aries suits.

I'll attract them away!

Glory to the colonies!!


We'll meet again!


Next time I fight him will he be Zechs Merquise or Milliardo Peacecraft?

In any case, I'll defeat him if he's in my way.

If he's an enemy, I'll kill him.

I haven't seen Heero or my brother since then.

Now, with OZ splitting into two factions and continuing their foolish battle the world is headed even further toward chaos.

But I have confidence.

You'll come back to me, Heero.

To end this war.


I'm waiting for you to hurry and return to me!

To be continued

Next Episode

As long as mankind exists in this world there will always be battles.

And denouncing battles will never lead to peace.

Treize Khushrenada has disappeared from the center stage of history.

But while destinies slip past one another Treize begins to proceed with new plans.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 28

Passing Destinies


Yes it's true.

I don't know where Heero's been.

Don't laugh, Father.

But I can still hear Heero's voice.

Father, I still believe that he will show up one day in the Cinq Kingdom.

Well, how much time has passed?

Since the day I met him...

At the time, I was in a shuttle with you, on its way to Earth.

What is it, Father?

I met Heero Yuy, the one who the colonies placed all of their dreams upon.

One left.

Everything began here.

My code name, Heero Yuy.

My duty consisted of one thing.

Destroy OZ.

He's just a kid.

Did you see it?



Hurry up!

You are...

I'm... I am Relena Darlian.

And you are...

Until then, I hadn't done anything to deserve the happiness I had.

But when I met him, my destiny was changed drastically.

He is...

Heero Yuy.

Nice to meet you.

It must be him.

This is for you.

It's my birthday, tomorrow.

Of course you are invited to come.

How cruel...

I will kill you.

I wasn't the only one who was ordered to come down to Earth in Operation Meteor.

Pilot of Gundam Heavy Arms, Trowa Barton.

Pilot of Gundam Sandrock, Quatre Raberba Winner.

It's wrong...


We shouldn't fight each other!

Not like this.

Let me be the first one to introduce myself.


Stop or I'll shoot!

A kid.

This boy...

This boy destroyed the base all by himself?

A woman...?

That's why you hesitate.

Pilot of Gundam Shen-Long, Chang Wufei.

What is this light?

It's the enemy!

And pilot of Gundam Deathscythe, Duo Maxwell.

Heero, what are you doing?

Please tell me.

And who are you?

It must be the torpedo.

I knew that.

I want to know you.

Talk to me, Heero!



You know too much already.

In that case, whoever you are you're the bad guy.

Is everything okay, lady?

Are you alright, Heero?

Don't move!

You're the one that's hurt.

Stop it!

What has he done to you?

What is that?

You shouldn't be seeing anything.

Well lady, you better get out of here.

You seem to mixed up in all of this, though.

This is for you.

Do you still want to fight me?

I don't think of the other Gundam pilots as friends.

Actually, I haven't had a friend from the very beginning.

This guy named Duo is just like Relena.

They're just annoyances keeping me from my mission.

This is it for me...

Mission, completed.

At the time father you strongly believed in peace for the Earth and the colonies.

I have received your report, Prime Minister Darlian.

I'm asking you to please step down.

You should know by now.

The ones who are truly dangerous are yourselves.

You've taken me to Space once again.

I guess father, that this was your last act of kindness.

You've shown me how beautiful the Earth truly is.


What are you doing to my father?



I am not your real father.

Your real name is Relena Peacecraft.

You are the daughter of the Peacecrafts who have been the symbol of absolute pacifism.

That's a lie.


Be careful of OZ.




This will erase all the data about Heero Yuy from St. Gabriel's computer banks.

The transfer is complete.

Are you going out to fight again?

Where is your next tour of duty?

I've kept so many secrets.

But the fact that you're one of the Gundam pilots from one of the colonies is the most surprising for me.

I think that has influenced me a lot.

Heero, I guess I know too much.

Is this why I am going to be killed?


I didn't want to die without knowing anything.

But it's different now.

I understand why you fight.

Now, I'm fighting alongside Heero.

With me?

What am I doing?

It'd be better for me if she were to die.



Don't run away.

Please, Heero!

High Commander of the Earth Area United Federation, General Noventa, had started negotiations for peace with the colonies He also considered the possibility of arms reduction.

However, the leader of OZ, Treize Khushrenada, was able to twist information being transmitted to the pilots and gathered Heero and the others together at New Edwards Base.

And through trickery, had the Federation Army exterminated by the hands of the Gundams.

Don't do it, young man.

The hopes for peace have ended.

I'm going to be busy.

Operation Day Break.

With specially trained OZ troops called SPECIAL in most Federation bases, the carefully planned Coup d'tat occurred in one day.

Experience the revolution with your own eyes.

The time of the Federation is over.

True unification must be carried out by OZ alone.

Moreover, one of OZ's officers, Lady Une, has suggested sending Space Mobile Suit Taurus' to patrol the white Siberia Base.

But, it was only a ploy for destroying all the Gundams.

Are the other Gundams coming?

There's nothing we can do.

But I'm sure that the others will come.

He is fast.

I see that you're my strongest rival in a fight.

I shouldn't refuse the offer.

As a pilot of a Gundam.

I didn't expect a Gundam to have this much power.

Contact Space fortress Balji.

Attention Gundam pilots.

We will attack the colony with a missile barrage.

The pilots will surrender now.

And hand over the Gundams to us.

The colony is being targeted.

Hand over the Gundams?

It must be OZ.

You can't fight now!

Listen up OZ.

I never thought that you were such a bunch of fools.

You don't care about attacking the colony.

For you, it's just one more victory, and that I understand.

However, I will not relinquish the Gundams to you.

Repeat, we will surrender, but I will not hand over the Gundams to you.


You're fighting your fight, Heero.

I'm heading to my own battlefield.

The Longfeller Foundation thinks that they can maintain peace by controlling everything.

It would be possible under a state of martial law.

But to become the leader of the world after killing so many people, I will not allow it.

Especially as the leader of the Cinq Kingdom, Relena Peacecraft.

I've failed the mission.

I couldn't do anything because they took the colony as hostage.

But Zechs rebuilt my Gundam and wanted to fight me in Siberia.

We ended up fighting in the Antarctic.

I didn't take Zechs up on his offer.

I used Trowa's Gundam, Heavy Arms.

But what is this fight for, anyway?

A battle between a man looking for something to protect, and a man who had forgotten how to protect didn't make any sense at all.

The mistakes you made in the past were harsh on everyone.

But we're still young.

We should focus on the future.

Heero, I've been thinking that I want to end this foolish war.

It's begun.

That's what I was waiting for.

This is the final strike!



Stop this fight right now!

You have to see with your own eyes how dirty battle really is!

It's too horrible.

You can't do this if you truly are a soldier and a Knight of Peacecraft.

Miss Relena.

This is from Special Envoy Noin.

Miss Noin.

I think I've misunderstood you.

I've always believed you to be so faithful.

That's right.

I know there's nothing I can say to you to make up for what has happened.

But when Zechs gives orders to have something done, there can be no argument made to challenge his wishes.


Kill Zechs!


Miss Relena!

No matter what path destiny places you, please don't wish for the death of your own brother.


My brother?

It was at this time that I discovered Zechs was my brother.

There are many carriers coming in at 3 o'clock.


Can you hear me, Heero and Zechs?

There are about 30 suits incoming, Including the Aries there's almost 1 00 of them.

I'll get them all myself.

Glory to the colony!

See you again Heero!


Which one will I fight next, Zechs Merquise or Milliard Peacecraft?

Whoever it is, if they get in the way of my duty, I'll just kill them.

If you are my enemy, I will kill you.

After that, my brother and Heero haven't seen each other since.

The world has become even more confused and now OZ has split into 2, and have kept up this stupid fight with each other.

But I know one thing.

You would come before me again to finish this war.


Hurry back from wherever you are and come back to me soon!

To be continued Next episode preview While there are people left alive, the fight will never be over.

To ignore this war is not the way to achieve peace.

Treize Khushrenada disappears from the surface of history.

But Treize is humbled by the fates.

And now he is about to move to the next life...

Next time on Gundam Wing...

Episode 28

The Fates Passing Each Other

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