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Episode 26:
The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Carriers are in the atmosphere and approaching.

Their target is obviously this base!

Must be the new models.

Do you think they're all mobile dolls?


They're not sending many to crush this base.

But we're the Treize Faction.

We can't be defeated.

Operation Nova.

Upon completion of their mobile doll assembly line the Romefeller Foundation sends mobile dolls to Earth to eliminate the Treize Faction.

To gain complete control on Earth they attack areas with any chance of retaliation and force people to obey the Foundation.

Get as close as possible before they use their beam cannons!

That's our only way to win!

Enemy approaching!


Operation Nova!

Space has a bad habit of sending menaces to Earth.

The Romefeller Foundation produced the unmanned suits called mobile dolls to increase its power as it took over the world.

However, a voice within the Foundation denounced the use of mobile dolls.

The voice of OZ's leader, Treize Khushrenada.

Duke Dermail.

I can't support the Romefeller Foundation in its current path.


Tradition is a kind of history.

It's the history of sympathy, built on people's true feelings.

I think fighting in wars can indeed be beautiful.

I'd also like to express my regret over the lost souls by appealing to how priceless man's life is.

Treize objected to battles that employed mobile dolls and therefore made humans unnecessary.

So he thought to dissolve OZ.

However, with the desire to maintain their force the higher powers within Romefeller tried to resolve the situation by confining Treize.

This resulted in encouraging some OZ soldiers who also disagreed with the mobile dolls, to unite.

They called themselves the ''Treize Faction'' and rose against the Foundation's plan to rule.

Is that so?

I see it won't be easy dealing with the soldiers who respect Colonel Treize.

Damn Treize!

We've got more important things to do!


We'll have to increase production of mobile dolls for Earth.

Not to worry.

Things are going smoothly here in space.

We've managed to capture the new Gundams and their pilots.

I shall destroy them here at the Lunar Base.

It's possible that the Gundams are being used as a symbol for the rebels.

Tubarov, get rid of them.

Yes, sir.

Things can only get worse by confining Colonel Treize.

Our opposition must be eliminated.

That's the easiest and best way to deal with this.

Get out!



I'm the one who did this to you.

Forgive me, Trowa.

Damn you!

We have permission from Commander Tubarov to execute you Gundam pilots!

Try that again and you can kiss your butt good-bye!


So you'd prefer to die here?!

The Treize Faction?!

He's caught up with all the targets.

He's very rapid.

His reaction speed surpasses all expectations.

Keep testing.

I'm increasing the simulation level.

Lieutenant Trant.

Commander Tubarov is on the line.



This cockpit system penetrates the pilot's brain waves and increases his combat abilities.

Our test pilot is reacting as quick as the mobile dolls.

Then you haven't listened to my orders, Trant.

The orders I issued were to destroy that Gundam.

Because of Lady Une's revolt the five Gundam engineers are now hiding within the base.

I can't have you wasting your time!

But sir!

I'm convinced this system could be utilized with the OZ mobile suits!

We could use this Gundam's system!

Our purpose here is to eradicate the Gundams!

What's the point of depending on its system?!

Erase the Gundams from the universe!

Follow my orders!

Commander Tubarov is betting everything on the mobile dolls.

Our hands are tied.

What shall we do now, Lieutenant Trant?

Scrapping it will be simple.

But first I'd like to have one piece of data.

The data on the pilots that can fight as well as the mobile dolls.


His brain waves haven't been affected.

What does this test determine?

We're checking how the cockpit system of Wing Zero influences the pilot's brain waves.

No problem!

That system is flawless.

A decision was made by the Romefeller Foundation to confine Treize Khushrenada.

As a result, OZ's forces have split into two factions.

Lady Une has been shot.

We don't know whether she's dead or alive.

But Romefeller regards her as an offender.

The other two pilots, Duo Maxwell and Wu Fei Chang escaped during OZ's internal unrest.

But both of their Gundams are still only 80% complete.

They only need minor adjustments, though.

With a little time those two pilots can probably finish the Gundams themselves.

How about Trowa Barton?

He's been MlA since the Vayeate was destroyed.

Probably dead.

The possibility of his surviving is very low.

Our force will be diminished.

But that can't be helped.

And that's our current situation.

Did you get all that, Heero?

Got it.

Now I'll explain the Treize Faction on this base.

Wait a minute!

Please look into Trowa Barton's whereabouts!

I know he's alive!

There are lots of colonies in that area!

I know he'd be able to survive!

That's some personality...

A little questionable for a soldier.

That's why the Gundam Zero ended up in enemy hands even with that system installed.


The system amplifies and controls brain waves for fighting.

It also brings battle results greater than the pilot could normally ever achieve.

It would've been okay if the pilot saw OZ as the enemy.

But the mind-warping side effects caused a target error.

The pilot was incomplete as a soldier so he attacked his very own allies.

Extremely regrettable.

Especially since the Vayeate, Mercurius and new Gundam could've demolished the Lunar Base at once.

Because of your training your athletic abilities and tactical imagination are brought to perfection.

But as soldiers you're far from perfect, mentally.

This latest incident has made that flaw very clear.

You must become perfect soldiers!

Otherwise you won't survive the golden age of the mobile dolls.

Or if you'd rather, go insane!

That's what wars do to people!

Gundam Wing

What's your opinion of the Wing Zero system?

I have no idea.

I never knew that unit had been completed.

I was focusing on the large beam cannon and didn't pay attention to the cockpit system.

The beam cannon hasn't been retrieved yet.

The main weapons are the beam saber and wing vulcans on its shoulders.

Are you planning to fight Heero?

In either case we can't leave Gundam Zero in enemy hands.


I've been wondering who our allies are and who our enemies are in this war.

I get confused thinking about it.


The ones after your life and the targets you try to defeat are the enemy.

But what if you were mistaken?


We're not mistaken.

But it's possible that this period of war has gone nuts.

They've located the gates to Blocks A and B!

A large number of soldiers are headed this way!

Members of the Treize Faction.

We've surrounded your hideout.

I have reservations about fighting former comrades without talking things over first.

We can avoid futile bloodshed.

We're completely surrounded.

So they want to negotiate.

Firstly, I can't promise to release all of you.

However, I guarantee that you'll live.

As long as we can cooperate.

I didn't know you doctors were in there.

What are your demands?

We'd like you to hand over the Gundam pilots.

Because we want to record combat data on the Gundam.

Looks like they noticed.

The system is just as attractive to OZ.

There's no choice.

We'll surrender the pilots.

I'm afraid I can't promise to save your lives, doctors.

Headquarters was pretty adamant about their decision.

We've survived this long.

But our lucky streak's over.

I'm prepared for the worst.

First they want us as hostages.

Good way to treat us.

But the fact that we're hostages won't stop Heero.

Heero, is there a problem?!

Not really.

Tell them to start.


Make him fight the mobile doll data!


He's good.

He isn't a Gundam pilot for nothing.

He's better than mobile dolls?

He hasn't reached his limit yet.

Check his fastest reaction.

A system that can beat mobile dolls.

To say that humans are unnecessary in a battle...!


It's human beings that fight against each other.

But those humans now depend on machines for the strength to fight.

Heero, it's mistaken!

This Gundam is a mistake!

These combat abilities are extremely high.


My...my enemies...

My enemies are the people after my life!




Remember, we've got hostages!


Increase the number of mobile dolls.

That'll work!



No, you're not Heero!

My enemies are the people after my life.

And the ones that toy with my life.

They're all my enemies.

Hostages don't mean anything to those guys.

Because we created targets for Heero to fight.

It's OZ and ourselves that aren't needed in outer space.

That system disrupts the balance in the human mind.

The fact that we're using it to beat the mobile dolls proves that our minds have already been warped.

Well, shall we go?

To get killed?

I wish they'd eventually be defeated by this age of war.

Contact Commander Tubarov for backup!

How can we tell him about our blunder, you fool?!

What's that, Lieutenant?!


What are you doing?!


You people don't want to die here, do you?

I'll stop him from attacking!


He can destroy this entire base!

Trowa said there's no sense having one pilot run amuck in a mobile suit.

This war won't end if people keep fighting on their own!


That cockpit increases your combat abilities.

But you lose control.

If I lost control because of that cockpit then I've lost something important because of some worthless machinery!

I don't want to lose anything else that's important to me.


I've got a very clear view of the enemy.

If you're going to be an enemy, then I'll have to kill you.

That Gundam is all on its own.

But we mustn't fight alone!

You lose sight of the target when you fight alone!

I can see my target!

I see my enemy!

There's still a self-detonation system left in this suit.

If you won't stop fighting I'll destroy these two mobile suits right now!

These mobile suits are the least needed things in outer space!

There's one thing outer space needs even less.

Outer space needs the Gundams.

And I'll fight to defend space!

We aren't...

We aren't needed in outer space!


We mustn't fight each other.

We mustn't fight each other.



Who are you?!

You're from Earth.

Am I right?


Let's go to the Earth.

The Earth was kind to us.

We ended up surviving again.

And so did this guy.

Is it necessary for the future?

We'll let the next pilot decide.

Those boys are not about to be defeated by this suit.

To be continued

Next Episode

The rise and fall of the victorious repeats itself.

People get tossed around by a history of disputes.

Caught within the flames of war the Gundam pilots wander without a destination.

What did they lose, and what did they gain?

And what words does Relena have after observing them?

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 27

The Locus of Victory and Defeat.


They're entering the atmosphere The carriers are coming.

Their target is definitely this base.

It must be the new model.

Are all of them mobile dolls?


It's not enough to destroy this base.

But we cannot be killed, as Pro-Treize.

Operation NOVA The Longfeller Foundation has Built a mobile doll production plant in Space.

The operation that calls for mobile dolls to head down to Earth is called Operation NOVA.

To gain control over the entire Earth, they attacked areas that could possibly be a threat.

And through force, bring them under the Foundation's control.

Try to get in close before they can use their beam cannons.

That's the only chance we've got.

Here they come.


Operation NOVA.

I guess Space just loves to drop things onto Earth.

The Longfeller Foundation has succeeded in developing the pilotless Mobile Suits called...

Mobile Dolls for the invasion of the universe.

But, there is a man inside the Foundation who is against using the Mobile Dolls.

It is the leader of OZ, Treize Khushrenada.

Dermyle I don't think I agree with the direction the Longfeller Foundation is heading in.


Your 'Great Traditions' are nothing but a false history that come from people's nostalgia for the past.

I believe that doing battle is beautiful and that human life should be respected.

I love and respect all those who have died in battle.

Treize has a different vision from that of the Foundation, in that he doesn't want to use the Mobile Dolls.

Because of their lack of anything resembling humanity, they shouldn't belong in OZ.

In a display of open opposition to the Longfeller Foundation...

Treize breaks away from them to go on his own.

However, the head of the Longfeller Foundation, who wishes to retain control of the army, had Treize confined to quarters.

There are however, soldiers who agree with Treize's philosophy.

They call themselves 'Pro-Treize.'

All of this brings us to the present situation with the Pro-Treize troops fighting against the Longfeller Foundation.

I see.

It's very difficult dealing with these individuals who support Treize.

Damn Treize.

He is making this harder than it should be.

Tsubarov, I believe we will be needing more Mobile Dolls.

Don't worry about it Nothing has changed in space.

We've captured the new Gundam and its pilot.

We will have it destroyed at the Moon Base.

The Gundams could be used as a symbol by the resistance.

Hurry up, Tsubarov.

Yes sir.

You understand that merely having Colonel Treize confined isn't helping matters.

We have to kill all who oppose us.

It is by far the easiest and best way of dealing with things.


I did this to you.

I'm sorry, Trowa.

You son of a bitch.

We've just received orders from Commander Tsubarov that all Gundam pilots be eliminated.

Now we get to kill you.


Is here a good place for you to die?

Pro-Treize troops?

I've already got a target lock.

That was fast.

The response time is faster than I expected.

Keep at it.

I've raised the level of the simulation.

Special envoy Tranto, open a channel to Commander Tsubarov Commander.

The system that controls the brain wave activity in the cockpit seems to be able to increase the pilot's fighting ability.

The test pilot shows a response time as fast as the Mobile Dolls.

Tranto, didn't you listen to my orders?

I said, ''Destroy the Gundams.''

Because of Lady Une's rebellion, we now have Gundam pilots in this base, which we don't have time to deal with.


I really believe that this system would be useful for OZ's own Mobile Suits.

We can make use of the Gundam's system.

We're trying to eliminate the word ''Gundam'' from everyone's vocabulary.

We don't need to rely on its technology.

Erase the word ''Gundam'' and anything else to do with it from everyone's mind.

That's an order.

Commander Tsubarov has the final word on anything to do with Mobile Doll development.

What can I do?

What do we do, Special Envoy Tranto?

Before we do anything, I want to do one last data check.

I want to review the data of the pilot's last fight with the Mobile Dolls.

Nothing wrong with his brain wave activity.

What kind of medical exam is this?

I'm checking to see what kind of influence the cockpit system of Wing Zero had on your brain waves.

No problem.

This system is perfect.

Treize Khushrenada has been confined to quarters by Longfeller Foundation's High Command.

And now OZ's army has been split into two groups.

Lady Une has been shot.

We don't know whether she's dead or alive.

The Longfeller Foundation, however has branded her as a traitor.

Duo Maxwell and Wufei Chang have succeeded in escaping by using the internal conflict to their advantage.

However, both their Gundams are only at 80% capability.

The remaining 20% will only take a few adjustments.

It'll be easy enough for them to take care of it themselves with time.

And Trowa Barton?

Since Bi-eight was destroyed he's been reported missing.

I suspect he's dead.

We shouldn't expect him to still be alive.

It's too bad that our fighting force has been diminished, but that's that.

That's what we know of the present situation.

Did you understand all of it, Heero?


Let me brief you on the condition of the Pro-Treize on this base.

Wait a minute.

Please, why don't you search for Trowa...

Trowa Barton?

He is still alive.

There are a lot of colonies around that area.

He... he has survived.

I'm sure of it.

This guy...

As a soldier, yes, this is a problem.

That's why the Gundam was taken by them, although it still has that cockpit system.

The cockpit contains a device which augments the brain patterns during battle to produce greater ability in the pilot.

It would be better if it was a warrior's spirit that went against OZ.

This time, the pilot's target was all wrong.

As soldiers, both of you were immature, and therefore fought each other.

It really is too bad.

There was enough firepower in Bi-eight, Mericruise, and that Gundam to destroy the moon base.

Your reflexes and imagination in putting together fighting strategies have been developing wonderfully.

However, I believe that your ability to focus as a soldier hasn't really developed well.

That's what this whole system and the incident that followed was all about.

You have to become the perfect warrior.

Or else you won't be able to survive in this age where Mobile Dolls play a major part.

It's okay to go crazy.

That's what war is all about.

Did you know about the system in Wing Zero?

I didn't know.

I didn't know that the unit was altered.

I was concentrating on the heavy beam cannon.

So I overlooked the cockpit system.

The beam cannon hasn't even been hooked up yet.

The main weapons are Beam Saber and the Vulcan cannons on the shoulders.

Are you fighting, Heero?

I can't just let them have it.

Heero, who are the friends and who are the enemies in this war?

That's what I don't understand.


The enemy is the one who tries to kill you and beat you down.

Well then, what if we're making a mistake?

Quatre, we're not the ones making the mistake.

This entire war is crazy in and of itself.

The gates for Block A and B have been discovered.

That huge armored division is coming towards us.

Soldiers of the Pro-Treize faction, we have you surrounded.

We were all on the same side before.

None of us want to lose our lives needlessly.

They have us completely sealed off.

Now they'll negotiate...

I can't promise that all your lives will be spared.

But I can guarantee that some of you will live.

Of course, it all depends on how much co-operation you give us.

This is for you scientists too.

What are your demands?

I want you to hand over the Gundam pilots.

I want to check the battle data of the Gundam.

I believe they've discovered it.

OZ has taken interest in the cockpit system.

I guess I've got to comply with their demands.

I will release the pilots.

I don't think there's anything I can do about how your lives will turn out.

It's a miracle that we've survived as long as we have until now.

But I guess this is it.

I'm ready for whatever happens.

They first want us to release the hostages.

I guess so.

But none of this will make any difference to Heero.

Heero, is there a problem?

Not at all.

Tell them to begin now.


Let him fight with the mobile doll simulation program.

He's highly skilled.

This must be why he's a Gundam pilot.

Are his levels running greater than that of the Mobile Doll?

He still has more room for growth.

Retrieve the data.

This system is capable of defeating the Mobile Dolls.

War won't even require humans anymore.

Heero, it's people who fight in war.

These people rely on machines to increase their ability to fight.

Heero, this is a mistake.

This Gundam is a mistake.

His combat ability is amazing.

My enemy... my enemy is...


My enemy is the one who tries to kill me...




Do you realize who we're holding hostage?


Use the mobile dolls.

They can take care of him.



This isn't like Heero.

My enemy is the one who tries to kill me.

And those who seek to play with my life.

Everyone here has become my enemy.

Having hostages no longer matters to them anymore.

I gave Heero a target to fight.

In space, the ones who have become unnecessary are OZ and ourselves.

Using that system can drive a man insane.

We, who tried to defeat the Mobile Dolls using this system, are truly the insane ones.

Let's get out of here.

Do you want to get yourself killed?

I wouldn't mind if they lose.

Especially in this age of war.

Special Envoy Tranto.

Please contact Commander Tsubarov for back-up.

You Fool!

How can I possibly report this in?!

Special Envoy!

That is...

Hey you, where do you think you're going?!

Stop or I'll shoot.

You don't want to die here, do you?

I'll try to stop him from attacking.


With the power at his disposal he can destroy everything in this base.

Trowa warned me of this.

It's not good if the pilot goes out fighting recklessly.

Fighting alone won't bring an end to this war.


That cockpit system increases your battle skills.

However, you lose something in return.

When I went crazy, I lost the most important thing about myself because of that damned system.

I don't want you to lose the same thing.


I can see clearly who my enemies are.

If you're my enemy, then I shall kill you.

That Gundam is alone.

You shouldn't go out and fight alone.

You won't be able to see every target if you go it alone.

I can see everything clearly I can see who my enemy is.

There's still the self-destruct device left in these two Mobile Suits.

If you don't stop fighting, I'll destroy the Suits right here.

This Mobile Suit isn't the most important thing in space, but there are things less important.

Space needs the Gundams.

To protect Space.

I will fight!


We're no longer necessary for Space!


We shouldn't fight any longer.

We shouldn't fight any longer.



Who is it?

You must be the one on Earth.



Let's go to Earth.

Earth was kind to us before.

We just couldn't go and die again.

However, this thing has survived again as well.

I don't know whether this is necessary for the future or not.

Well, it all depends on the pilot.

They won't lose using such a Mobile Suit.

To be continued

Next episode preview

The history of the victorious has been repeated.

It is humbled in the history of war.

It is within the flames of battle that Heero and the others roam.

What will they lose and what will they gain?

And now, how will Relena act towards them?

Next time on Gundam Wing Episode 27,

The Miracle of Victory and Defeat.

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