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Episode 25:
Quatre vs. Heero

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The shield won't hold much longer.


Why are we fighting each other?

The colonies have teamed up with OZ.

The colonies are my enemies.

They're your enemies now too, Trowa and Heero.

People in space have lost all reason.

That's why I'm gonna destroy everything.

That's natural isn't it, Heero?

You'll die, Heero.

But I don't want to defeat my allies.

Please Heero, get away from here.

Are you listening to me?!


I'm not leaving.

Here's a colony that needs to be defended.


I can't stand that colony any longer.

We've lost communication with Trowa Barton's Vayeate and the Leo unit that's fighting the Gundam!

The whole unit, including the Mercurius, may be wiped out.

And the colony?


Is the colony still there?

Yes, so far it's been spared any significant damage.

That means the battle is still going on.

Righteous Gundam pilots would fight to protect the colonies.

Hopefully they'll be able to stop this new Gundam.

Images from the mother ship of Leo's unit.


Now send these to the Gundam engineers at the Lunar Base.

We should be able to find out something from them.

But Colonel.

We can't communicate with the Lunar Base right now.


Chief Engineer Tubarov!

We've just received orders from Fortress Barge to restore communication.

Never mind.

We must follow the orders from Duke Dermail to speed up mobile doll production.

There appears to be some unrest within Romefeller.

People cannot be trusted.

We're entering an age where mobile dolls will be our new warriors.

You old guys seem calm considering it won't be long before the air is gone and we start passing out.

We haven't even got our revenge against OZ yet.

What a lousy way to die.

I sure wish I could've seen that new Gundam, too.

We didn't finish upgrading the Deathscythe and Shenlong.

Such a shame.

My words, exactly.

I never would've guessed I'd be dying like this.

Hey, Wu Fei.

My Deathscythe is pretty cool, don't you think?

I'd demolish OZ with this in no time!

What's wrong?

Are you already dead?

Come on, Wu Fei.

Don't go deserting me.

Stick with me to the end.

He's totally stopped breathing.

He's in a state of suspended animation.

This guy's unbelievable.

He refuses to give up.

It makes perfect sense.

Who'd wanna die like this?

The Gundams...

The Gundams can't afford to lose at this point.

I'd ask you to get out of your mobile suit.

But you wouldn't.

So I'll just have to kill you.

Then get it over with.

I won't sit here and gab with an enemy.

Good-bye, Heero.


Why don't you realize what a big mistake you're making?


This battle is unnecessary.

Trowa, escape!

The Vayeate's gonna explode!


It's the end of the line.


No, Heero!

Save Trowa!



It doesn't matter how the colonies and OZ teamed up.

We have to keep in mind that it marks the end to a war.

It also means our missions have come to an end.

It's too bad that the colonies we've been fighting for have changed their perspectives.

But that's what happens in wars.

We've got to accept that.

The only question is what happens to the soldiers.

What happens within our hearts.

With us Gundam pilots we were trained to be too perfect as soldiers.

When you put everything into a battle you start to think you can change the times by yourself.

Quatre, you're not the only one who feels that way.

We all do.

But the kinder you are, the bigger the toll it takes on you.

We have to fight with ourselves, within our hearts.

And we have to be strict to come to the right conclusions.

Even if it means our battles to date are meaningless.

We have to acknowledge the facts.

The five of us have become redundant soldiers.

So Quatre, let's accept it.

Turn back into the kind guy you once were.

I just hope something triggers you to calm down.

Something triggers you...


Heero, let me go!

Trowa's gonna die!

And you killed him.


You've gone crazy.

I'll kill you.

Well hurry and kill me.

Then go and rescue Trowa!

Pretty halfhearted way to fight!

I guess Trowa's death was just a waste!


I'm...gonna kill you.



Don't be too hard on Quatre, Heero.

Gundam Wing

With the financial power of the Romefeller Foundation a revolution in technological skills in space is possible.

The system for mass-production of mobile dolls is almost ready.

As the ruling class to be, we will position mobile dolls in dispute-ridden regions in each country.

Thus gentlemen, we will show the entire world how powerful we are, and bring order to the world.

Is it not time for us to recreate an era with tradition and formality so we can govern the world properly?!

Treize, OZ is relying on you.

Duke Dermail.

I can't support the Romefeller Foundation's current path.


Tradition is a kind of history.

It's the history of sympathy, built on people's true feelings.

I think fighting in wars can indeed be beautiful.

I'd also like to express my regret over the lost souls by appealing to how priceless man's life is.

I believe what mankind needs is not absolute victory but a certain demeanor in fighting, an attitude towards it.

I fear the era of the soulless weapons called mobile dolls in other words the era Romefeller is creating may be an embarrassment to the people of the future.

I used to think that the ideals of Space Colonies people such as their highly praised pacifism were pitiful complaints born of their ignorance of tradition.

Hey, Deathscythe.

Don't give up too easily.

You'll be okay, right?

About to commence second test.



What's this?

Those sparkles...

They're my tears.

But from those circumstances new warriors who surpassed even my ideals were born.

I'm referring to the Gundam pilots.



You're afraid of dying, aren't you.

Then you shouldn't be fighting in the first place!

Tradition appears blurred alongside their pure feelings.

From a historical point warriors who lost what they were protecting and who were betrayed, are losers.

But they don't recognize that.

Not only that but they retain a strong will to continue fighting.

I'm doing everything I can in case ''something drastic'' does happen.

If everything has gone mad then I'll just fight, believing in myself.

The emotions of those considered beautiful are always full of sorrow.

And honored tradition disappears in the cry of the weak.

Winners of a war will eventually decline in history to be losers only then can they cultivate a new energy.

Treize, what are you getting at?

I want to be a loser.

You're saying that you want Romefeller headquarters to take OZ out of your control?

We don't wish to see any blood.

Besides, we must take your services into account.

I hereby confine you to Romefeller headquarters!

With a fancy gun that has forgotten the meaning of war I'd feel no emotion even if I were to shoot an enemy through the heart.

It's not that a pure person has no direction.

It's that their mind is free.

The Lunar Base is entering the firing range of Barge's beam cannon.

A troop of Taurus mobile dolls dispatched by the Lunar Base is approaching.

They're ready to attack!

Communication with the Lunar Base restored!

Lady Une.

Transporting the Barge wasn't in today's plans, was it.

The mobile dolls were all prepared to attack you.

A merciless weapon.

Is that what the mobile doll is?


We've completed our mass production system here.

We've produced superb soldiers that will allow Romefeller to exercise order on Earth.

Now I understand why Treize dislikes the mobile dolls.


Treize fell in love with people.

And with the death of people.

Something about death intensely appeals to people's emotions.

The emotions that the dead give, denying or affirming battle.

High emotions lead to extreme choices.

The act of receiving death is a true soldier's demeanor.

Isn't that how the weak would think?

We created these immortal mobile dolls and will build a future of battle that disregards death and in which death isn't a factor.


Don't you realize?

It's not that mobile dolls transcend death.

They're merely replacing those who are afraid to die.

One cannot go into a war expecting to be defeated.

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose.

Emotions are honed by continuing to fight.

And a day comes when lost souls are rewarded.

I fail to understand what you're getting at.

That's exactly why you and I are enemies!

Order the mobile dolls to attack Fortress Barge.

They'll have the beam cannon targeting this base!

They won't realize Barge is a decoy.

I can't predict the damage Barge's beam cannon would cause the Lunar Base.

Make it through this, Barge.

It won't be long.

Ten Leos have crossed our defense line!

They're attacking the gates where most of the guards have gone to stop Barge!

They know where all our mobile dolls are situated.

That makes it interesting.

Take over the production factory of the mobile dolls!

Where are you going, Colonel?

I'm releasing the Gundam pilots!

Treize and I both want that.

The enemy isn't pursuing.

Then we'll defend this position.


What is it?

The new mobile suits are already operating!

I hope I'm not too late.

Even if you're not, we'll execute them anyway.

Then I ask that you execute me too.

In the past, failure meant certain death at OZ.

Shoot me, Tubarov.

To confirm your beliefs.

Lady Une.

You were far too lenient.

As a soldier, yes.

But as a civilian I lived a strict life.

It's only 70% complete.

We can't put up much of a fight!

It's amazing that we're even alive.

Can't complain.

Wanna escape?!

After we pay them back.

The charm of you pilots threw everything out of order.

Your pure hearts are suffering in a world where answers cannot be found.

Those that think tenderly about you in that situation realize just how powerless they themselves are.

They become hasty, and are crushed.

But please continue shining, brave warriors.

And let me continue loving you.

To be continued

Next Episode

Hearing of Treize's confinement OZ soldiers called the ''Treize Faction'' enter a battle with Romefeller.

The Virgo mobile dolls sent to Earth have tremendous assault capabilities.

The Foundation wants to destroy the Gundams and their allies seeing them as a symbol of opposition.

They order the Gundam pilots' execution.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 26

The Eternal Flame of the Shooting Star.

The shields can't take anymore.

Heero, why are we fighting?

The colony has aligned itself with OZ.

The colony has become our enemy.

For Trowa and Heero too this colony is your enemy.

Space has gone insane.

So, I have to destroy everything in it.

Right, Heero?

You will die, Heero.

But I don't want to kill my friend.

Please, get out of here, Heero.

Are you listening to me, Heero?!


I am not leaving.

There is a colony behind me.


Right now I have nothing but hatred for this colony.

There's been no contact from the squadron of Space Leos, and the Bi-eight with Trowa Barton has engaged the Gundam.

All of the units, Including the Mericruise may have been destroyed How about the colony?

Was the colony destroyed?


I don't see any damage to it at all.

That means that they're still fighting.

Those Gundam pilots must be fighting bravely for the protection of that colony.

That's the way it should be, but can they stop this new Gundam though?

The electronic SOS signals are coming from the mothership of the Leo.


Send the information to the Gundam scientists stationed at the moon base.

They might be able to give us some useful information.

Colonel, for some reason we can't open a channel to the moon base.


Chief Mechanic Tsubarov.

Balji is trying to open a channel with us again.

Ignore them.

I was told by Dermyle to speed up the completion of the plans to mass produce the Mobile Dolls.

There could be a dangerous power shift in the Longfeller Foundation.

I can't rely on people.

A new era where Mobile Dolls will be the new warriors is about to begin.

Older people are good at keeping calm.

The air appears to have been all used up and we will die from suffocation.

I haven't gotten a chance to repay OZ yet.

I can't die like this.

I just wish I could have seen the new Gundams.

We haven't finished upgrading Deathscythe and Shen-Long.

That's too bad.

That's right...

I never expected to die like this.

Hey, Wufei.

My Deathscythe looks really cool.

I can easily take on all of OZ with this.

Hey you!

You haven't died on me already have you?

Hey, Wufei.

Don't go leaving me alone here.

Come on, you gotta stay with me to the end.

Oh man, he's not breathing.

He's in some kind of trance.

What a guy...

He doesn't give up.


I can't die here.


I can't lose...

Get out of that Mobile Suit.

It looks like you're not going to listen though.

So I'll just have to kill you.

If that's what you want then do it.

I don't have time to chat with the enemy.

Goodbye, Heero.


I think you're making a grave mistake.


This fight isn't necessary.

Trowa, get out of here.

Bi-eight is about to explode.

That's right.

I think this is it.


Stop it, Heero.

Trowa is...



Whatever happens, the truth is the colonies have sided themselves with OZ.

And for all intents and purposes it means our war is over.

And that at this present time, our responsibilities have been terminated.

We're the ones who fought for the colonies...

So what they have chosen to do is really disappointing.

But this is war.

We have to accept it.

The outcome now depends on how the other freedom fighters feel about this.

It will depend on how we feel.

We have the potential to become the perfection of what warriors should be.

It's because we fight with all our hearts, and truly believe that we can change the world.

It's not just you, Quatre.

Its how all of us feel.

I know you're under a lot of pressure.

We give everything we have, and try and figure out what it all means.

Yet in the end, everything we had fought for came to nothing.

I have to accept this.

We are now unnecessary soldiers.

So, Quatre, accept this fact.

And please go back to being the kind-hearted Quatre we knew.

I wish you could calm your heart somehow, Quatre.

Somehow, Quatre...


Heero, let go of me.

Trowa will die!


You killed him.


You've gone mad I'm going to kill you.

Well then, kill me and save Trowa.

Is that the attitude you're fighting with?

Trowa's death was all a waste then.

Quatre, I'm going... to kill... you.



Try not to give Quatre too much trouble, Heero.

Now the time has finally come.

The technology of space will flourish with the financial support of the Longfeller Foundation.

The mobile dolls manufacturing facility has been completed by OZ.

We, of the political arms, will place mobile dolls in all the countries where war is occurring and will show the world our strength and give them a New World Order!

And then gentlemen, we shall instill the world with our great traditions, style, and control over all!

Treize, please take care of OZ.


I don't think I agree with the direction the Longfeller Foundation is heading in.


These 'Great Traditions' are nothing but a false history stemming from people's nostalgia of the past.

I believe that true beauty and nobility comes only in battle with others and human life should be given the utmost respect.

I truly love and respect every person who have died in battle.

I don't believe an absolute and crushing victory is what we humans need.

I believe that the fight itself and the attitude of warriors are what we need.

But, the Longfeller Foundation will be utilizing mobile dolls, which have no emotions for the jobs they perform.

This new era you have Built might as well be called the 'Civilization of Shame.

Yet, I cannot accept the ideals of the Space colonies, of a perfect peace.

That ideal ignores humanity as a whole.

I've always felt it was a plan made up by fools that come from a society that knows nothing of its history or traditions.

Hey, Deathscythe.

Don't go getting destroyed so easily.

You're okay, right?

I shall begin the second stage of training.

Damn it! GODDAMN IT!



However, the new warriors born in this environment are even more than I could ever expect.

It is those Gundam pilots that I speak of.


You're afraid of dying.

Then don't fight!

These traditions and history will fade away before the pure integrity of these warriors.

These soldiers have lost what they had sought to protect and were betrayed by the very ones they were supposed to be protecting.

These kinds of soldiers are the defeated ones of history.

But they don't think of themselves that way.

Actually, even when they are beaten they continue to fight.

I'm just preparing to do my best when something does happen.

Even if everything has gone insane, I will still fight on to believe in myself.

The people's feeling of nostalgia which was always thought of as being beautiful is in reality, very sad.

Your 'traditions' will fade away in the cries of the defeated.

The glory of those who have won in battles past will come to an end.

There is a new life breathing amongst the defeated.


What are you trying to say?

I wish to become one of those defeated.

Then, the headquarters of the Longfeller Foundation will have to relieve you of your position in OZ.

We can't kill you.

You've done a great many things for us.

I shall have you confined to the Longfeller Foundation quarters!

A gun that has forgotten how to fire but only looks impressive doesn't worry me, even if it's still able to blast me through the heart.

The one whose heart is pure will not act recklessly, but will instead be free of mind.

The moon base is in the range of Balji's beam cannon's line of fire.

I've found a pack of Taurus Mobile Dolls from the moon base ahead of us.

They're ready to attack.

Open a channel to the moon base.

Lady Une.

There are no scheduled maneuvers for Balji today.

The mobile dolls almost attacked you.

A merciless weapon, those mobile dolls.

That's right.

We've got the mass production system on-line.

The strongest weapon the Longfeller Foundation will have to bring order to Earth has just been Built.

I'm beginning to see why Treize hates mobile dolls.


Treize loves people.

He loves their deaths as well.

The person's death makes a great impact on you.

Your feelings over someone's death can greatly affect your fighting skills.

The emotions lead you to the ultimate conclusion.

The acceptance of death is what makes up the essence of a warrior.

Is that the philosophy of the defeated?

As a matter of fact, we have mobile dolls who don't die.

In war, we conquer death.

We are creating a new era in warfare.

Tsubarov, haven't you realized it yet?

Mobile dolls don't conquer death they're only puppets.

They're merely substitutes, to cover up for your own fear of dying.

It's impossible to take part in a war when you know you're going to lose.

I don't care about winning or losing.

By continuously fighting, you hone and mature your emotions.

One day, the lost spirit will be rewarded.

I don't understand this at all.

That's why we are enemies.

Give the command for the mobile dolls to fight away from the base.

They're going to use Balji's beam cannon.

They can't be taking Balji as an empty threat.

I can't even imagine what kind of damage the Balji's beam cannon will do to the moon base.

Hold on, Balji.

This won't take long.

10 Leos have penetrated the defensive line.

They're attacking the weakest point of the line.

That's interesting.

Maybe it's because they know everything about our position.

You, go to the mobile doll production factory.

What about you, Colonel?

I will release the Gundam pilots.

Treize wishes for this as well.

No one's following us.

Ok, we'll maintain our position here.

C.. Captain?!


The new one's have been activated?

Did I make it in time?

Even if you did, they will just be executed again later on.

Well then, when that time comes you'll have to kill me as well.

It'll be worth dying for after what I'll have done to OZ.

Tsubarov, come and shoot me if you've got the guts.

Lady Une, you are so immature.

As a soldier, yes.

But I've lived my life to the fullest as a human being.

We only have 70% capability You think we can make it?

Just surviving all of this is a miracle.

You won't hear me complaining.

Shall we escape?

After we deliver a little payback.

That's what's making everything go crazy.

The pure of heart suffer in such an unfamiliar world.

Those who think of it being beautiful are upset, irritated, and crushed by helplessness.

But those who are still brave will keep on shining.

And allow me to love them as well.

To be continued

Next episode preview

A faction of soldiers who called themselves 'pro-Treize' was formed.

After Treize's confinement they started fighting back against the Longfeller Foundation.

The Mobile Dolls Virgo go down to Earth to show off their power.

The Foundation has decided to execute Heero and everyone else, because they wish to eliminate everything related to Gundam.

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The Unfallen Shooting Star

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