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Episode 24:
The Gundam They Called Zero

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
In the year After Colony 175 the leader of the colonies was assassinated.

Five Gundams were sent to Earth to take revenge.

However, since OZ's activities in space took the form of cooperation rather than control the colonies decided to accept OZ.

The year After Colony 195.

As OZ moves to take over both Earth and outer space Gundams are labeled rebels and are isolated from society.

With no place to return the Gundams and their pilots must fight for a reason to exist in the changing world.


This one's for the peace of the colony!

I'm fighting for the peace of the colony as well.

Got him!

We're both fighting for the colonies!

Then why are we enemies?!

The Gundam They Called Zero

We're 90% finished attaching the satellite drive mechanism.

How much longer will it take?

Two days should be enough.

I see.

So that would mean a total of about ten days to move to OZ's power zone.

Contact Colonel Une so I can give her a progress report.


An unidentified shuttle is headed this way!

A shuttle?

Yes, but it's quite small for a shuttle.

Its lines?

They're open.

I've tried contacting them, but they still won't respond!

Get hold of security and have them guard our defense line.


This is OZ Unit I 7 I.

Approaching shuttle, consider this a warning!

Change your course at once!

If you come any closer, we'll open fire!

This is not a bluff, it's a warning!

Go ahead, open fire!

The flying object has been destroyed.

Mission com...


It's a mobile suit!!

It's transforming!

A Gundam!!!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Enemy mobile suit hit!

It's off balance!

You fool!

If it's really a Gundam...

Then it wouldn't fall this easily!!

So I'm too lenient am l, Chief Engineer?


I'm saying it's too risky to depend on those pilots.

Those associated with the Gundams are still valuable.

The pilot of O1 has already mastered the Mercurius.

Unfortunately, no OZ pilot has skills exceeding his.

But it's still too risky!

Don't worry.

With the colonies arming themselves, they're isolated.

They can't make any careless moves.

Preparations to mass-produce the Vayeate and Mercurius at the Lunar Base is under way, as arranged.

They're not needed any longer.

Mr. Tubarov, why do you dislike them?


That's not something to be proud of.


Why would I be jealous?


We've received an urgent message!

A natural resource satellite at point O 7 U I has disappeared!

What, an enemy?!

Yes, a new Gundam that we have no data on!

A Gundam?

The satellite and the troops and units on it have vanished!

How do you know a Gundam did it?!

We heard from someone we think is the enemy pilot.

He said he'd destroy the civilian colony at point O6E.

He sent us this secret blueprint.

Probably that of Gundam O4!

Is this a declaration of war?


Send the Vayeate and Mercurius to Colony O6E.

Lady Une.

Let's send out the Taurus mobile dolls.

We'll keep using them to guard the Lunar Base.

Send out the Vayeate and Mercurius!


The firepower of both the Vayeate and Mercurius surpasses that of the Tauruses.

-Send out the orders. -Uh, right.

They keep fighting.

The young men responsible for changing the times.

Something's going on.

They're sure panicking.

An unidentified Gundam has declared its plans to destroy a colony.


Yes, it's a new model.

What about its specs and weapons?

Don't you have any detailed information?

They know it's associated with the Gundam O4, Sandrock.

Is it Quatre?

Could be.

The other thing is that it has the power to wipe out a natural resource satellite.

I'll go confirm what they know.

The blueprint you left behind?

I don't know the size of the resource satellite but such destructive power points to that blueprint.

Five of us designed the original Gundam.

Someone has completed it.

I sense something dangerous.

Even a layman knows that much power's unnecessary.

But the fact that the pilot's using it proves he's either ignorant or reckless.

Then he's doing something even we hesitated to do.

A couple of colonies are gonna disappear.

Get out, No. I .

Why him again?

I'm a better pilot than No. I !

Let me in on the next battle!

Not in your shape.

Even a Gundam pilot might get himself killed this time.

Because you're up against a Gundam.


Apparently it's a new model.

He wiped out a whole OZ division with just one suit.

What are its specs and weapons?

No wonder you're a secret agent.

The engineers asked the same questions.

Okay, let's go.

With the red one, the Mercurius, this should be quite a fight.

You're coming; like it or not.

So you'll just stand back and watch as two Gundam pilots fight!

Hey, No. I !

Don't do it!

It's probably a suit performance test!

Don't help them out!

You guys keep quiet.

You'll get your turn eventually.

That was no act.

He might have betrayed us.

We don't need to worry about that.

We can trust him.

How do you know?

Because a traitor wouldn't bring us a gift like this.


Duo Maxwell and Wu Fei Chang.

Master O gave me this.

Use it to kill time.

What a guy.


What's this?

The carrier for the Vayeate and Mercurius.

We've got these two.

And Duo and Wu Fei's Gundams have been upgraded.

I'm sure the pilot of the new Gundam is Quatre.

The time may have come.

Once we join up with Quatre, we'll attack OZ!

How do you know he's our ally?

Assumptions lead to mistakes.

Besides, we're piloting OZ's mobile suits.

We may be forced to battle with him.

If he's a strong ally we might have the force needed to fight OZ.

But if his Gundam is lacking in power we'll end up destroying it!

It'd be more advantageous for you to keep hiding within OZ until you can defeat Treize.

You knew.

Either way, we'll know after this battle.

You're right.

Gundam Wing

We've evacuated the civilians.

The enemy could show up anywhere!

Be on the lookout!

Section I.- everything's under control!

Section 2.- under control!

The outside of the colony is equipped with beam cannons.

The colony can defend itself no matter what enemies approach.

Calling Colony O6E3.

I'm about to eliminate your colony.

No sense retaliating.

Leave the colony at once.

I repeat.

Leave the colony at once.

The Gundam is here!


Prepare to fire the outer beam cannons!


You're afraid of dying, aren't you?

Then you shouldn't be fighting in the first place!

That's funny.

I have tears in my eyes.

But I'm not sad at all.

You're awake.

Are we there?

That was quick.

Our destination just changed.

We were too late to save that colony.

Was it him?


He said he'd be destroying a colony in this area next.

This carrier sticks out.

We'll proceed in the mobile suits.

Our objective is to find out how powerful the Gundam is.

We'll fight only if necessary.

Got it?

It's Quatre we're up against.

So we don't need to worry.

Trowa, be cautious.

Something isn't right.

What's the matter?

Remember, he just destroyed a colony.

We'll lure the enemy in.

Mercurius, move in alone.

Attack the enemy on sight.


Officer Trowa.

Aren't you giving that former Gundam pilot too much freedom?

Don't worry about it.

I've got the switch to his self-detonation device.

Besides he's completely focused on the Gundam right now.

He sees it as an enemy.

This is pretty awesome.

I hear it'll be completed in one month.

Now that Quatre is back, we're going to be busy again.

I won't consider an unconfirmed Gundam an ally.

But the Gundam is defeating OZ's troops.

It's gotta be an ally.

I certainly hope so...

But I've got a bad feeling.

Good job.


Is this where the air supply for the cells is controlled?

Yes, it's controlled here.


Mr. Tubarov!

What are you doing?!

Just cutting off the air supply to the prisons.

I haven't received such orders!

Are these orders from Colonel Une?!

I'm giving out these orders.

Don't worry.

You're just doing as ordered, that's all.

That Lady Une's a little too soft for her own good.

Oh, I must be getting old.

My knees are feeling weak.

You fool, they've cut off our air.

Shucks, you already noticed.

Then my efforts were wasted.

I didn't want you old men worrying too much.

We've got thirty minutes at the most.

I regret that we couldn't complete our upgrade of the Deathscythe and Shenlong.

If you wanna die then hurry up and die.

You're wasting air.

You know they hate persistent old men.

But you've gotta be persistent to get anything out of life.


What a dinky way to kill us off!

I wish I could've gone to battle, instead of Heero.

What are you doing,, Wu Fei?

There's no sense studying that now.

Stay calm if you want to live a little bit longer.

We're out of luck unless something drastic happens.

I'm doing everything I can in case ''something drastic'' does happen.

Wu Fei!

Sorry, but I'm gonna throw in the towel.

Oh, this is such a lame way to die!

This is so ''not cool''!

The motion sensor detects nothing outside.

Do you really think he's here?

Couldn't he have already gone to a different area?


I'm sure the Gundam's here.

The colony doesn't need things like these.

It's here!

The Gundam!

It's in the colony!

What the colony really needs is a war!!

Three suits in the colony are down!

The Gundam 's coming out!

Quatre, go ahead.

Show me what that Gundam can do!

So this is the new Gundam.

Heero, there's no worry.

This Gundam is unparalleled!

Quatre, this is Trowa.

Do you read me, Quatre?

I read you, Trowa.

Don't come any closer, Trowa.

What did I just say?!

Don't get any closer!!


What's going on?


Outer space has gone mad so I'll destroy it all.

I must destroy all the weapons that have accumulated here.

The colonies are becoming armed, right?

That's why the colonies must also be destroyed!!

What's the matter, Quatre?

This isn't like you.

Tell the others for me.

Tell them to stay away.

Otherwise I'll kill them.

I'm telling you not to get any closer!!

Is that all you've got to say?!

If everything has gone mad then I'll just fight, believing in myself.

Quatre, I'm gonna kill you.

To be continued

Next Episode

The mobile doll project is another step toward the Romefeller Foundation's conquest.

Treize opposes this and steps down from his position as OZ leader.

The Gundam pilots cause a blood bath in space as they continue their mortal battle.

During the battle, Trowa is thrown out of his suit and drifts into the silent depths of space.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 25

Quatre vs. Heero

After Colony year 175.

The leader of the colonies was assassinated.

As a reprisal 5 Gundams were sent to Earth.

But because the stance OZ had taken in space was not of domination but of co-operation, they have had to accept OZ.

After Colony year 1 95, as both Earth and space are being conquered, Gundam was being treated as a traitor and became isolated.

With nowhere to return, Gundam and its pilots were fighting for the meaning of their existence in the changing times.


For the peace of the colony!

Yeah, I'm fighting for the colony too!


Oi, we're both fighting for the colony, right?

Then why are we fighting each other?!

The Gundam called Zero The propulsive apparatus for the satellite is 90% complete.

How much longer will it take?

I think another two days.

If that's the case it'll take about 1 0 days till we reach the OZ territory.

Send a report to Lady Une stating our situation.


An unidentified shuttle is heading this way.

A shuttle?

Actually, it's too small for a shuttle.


They're open but it's not responding to our calls.

Order the security unit to be on guard at the defense line.

Yes This is OZ unit 171.

This is a warning, change your course immediately.

If you come any closer we will attack.

This is not a threat, it is a warning!

All units attack.

We have destroyed the approaching spacecraft.

Mission comple...

What's that?

M..Mobile Suit... transformed...

A Gundam?!

Fire, fire, fire!

Enemy Mobile Suit gunned down, it's loosing position.

You Fool!

If it's... if it's a Gundam, we can't win like this.

Are you saying that I'm soft chief technician?


I'm just saying it's dangerous to rely on them any longer.

Those involved with Gundam still have their use.

The 01 pilot is riding Mericruse perfectly.

Unfortunately there is no pilot in OZ who has more skill than him.

But it's too risky.

Don't worry.

The armament of the colonies has made them isolated.

They can't afford to make any moves now.

The mass production of Bieight and Mericruse at the moon base is proceeding as scheduled.

We have no need of them any more.

Tsubarov, why do you hate them?

Are you jealous?

It's not an emotion to be praised.


Why should I be?

Commander, we've just had news.

The resource satellite at point 0 7-U 1 has disappeared.


By an enemy?

Yes, It's a new type of Gundam we have no record of.

A Gundam?

Gundam has terminated the satellite along with the dispatched troop.

Then how do you know it was a Gundam?

We've received a message from the pilot, thought to be the enemy.

He says that he will destroy the civilian colony at point 06-E and he's sent the plans for Gundam 04 which were unattainable Does he think he's declared war on us.

Send Bieight and Mericruse to the 06-E colony.

Lady Une, let us send the Taurus Mobile Doll.

I'm not dismissing the Mobile Dolls from guarding the moon base.

Send Bieight and Mericruse.

But... Bieight and Mericruse have much more power than Taurus.

Give out the orders.


The youths that will change the times are fighting.

Seems like something's happened.

They're in a bit of a panic.

An unidentified Gundam has declared to destroy a colony.


Yes, it's a new model.

It's features?


Don't you have any information on it?


I think it has something to do with Sandrock.



The only other information is that it has the power to completely destroy a resource satellite.

I'm being sent to confirm it.

Is it the plans you left?

It depends on the size of the satellite but the estimated destructive power is that of my plan.

He's made the original Gundam that we 5 thought of.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Anyone can see that sort of power is unnecessary.

And it is equipped with it.

Ignorance, or has it gone wild.

It's doing what even we hesitated.

One or two colonies are really going to sink.


1 step out.

Hey, No.

1 again?


2's better than No.

1 .

Let me have a go this time.

Not with the state you're in.

This time even a Gundam pilot might die, as the enemy is a Gundam.


Seems like it's a new model.

It's destroyed an OZ troop on it's own.

It's features?


Such an activist, you ask the same questions as the technicians.

OK let's go.

It'll probably be a good fight with that red one called Mericruse.

You have to come like it or not.

So you're gonna sit and watch while Gundam pilots fight each other.

Oi No.

1 , don't do it.

They're only testing out the Mobile Suits.

Don't give them any help!

You guys keep quiet in here.

You'll get your chance.

He plays his part well.

There may be a possibility he's changed sides.

Don't think you need to worry.

We can trust him.

How do you know?

Hey, hey.

I don't think a traitor's gonna give us something nice like this.

This is...


Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei.

This is from Master O.

Use this to kill time.

That guy...



It's the carrier for Bieight and Mericruse.

These two, and also Duo's and Wufei's Gundam have been powered up.

And the new Gundam is most definitely Quatre.

This might be the time.

When we meet with Quatre we'll attack OZ.

How can you infer he's an ally.

Assumption will lead to mistakes.

Anyway we're in OZ Mobile Suits.

Depending on the situation we could be in battle.

If he's a strong ally, it's possible to attack OZ as you said.

But if that Gundam is not what we expect, we may have to destroy it.

It's better you keep under cover until you get a chance to kill Treize.

So you knew.

Either way, we'll find out when we fight.

You're right.

Evacuation of civilians have been completed.

We have no idea where the enemy will come from.

Stay alert!

Area 1 , all clear.

Area 2, all clear.

This colony is fitted with beam canons.

No matter who the enemy, we can defend ourselves.

Colony 06-E3, I will now destroy your colony.

Stop any resistance and leave immediately.

I repeat, leave immediately.

Gundam has appeared.

Attack it.

Beam cannon aim, fire!

You're scared of dying.

Then you shouldn't fight!

That's odd, I'm crying.

When I'm not even sad at all.

You awake?

Are we there?

That was quick.

Our destination has changed.

We were too late for that colony.

Is it him?


He says he's going to destroy a colony in this area.

We're too obvious in this carrier.

We'll move in the Mobile Suits from here.

Our goal is to find out the strength of this Gundam.

Depending on that we may strike it.

Is that OK?

But this is Quatre, there's no need to worry.

Trowa, be careful, there's something wrong.

What is it?

He's... destroyed a colony.

We'll attract the enemy.

Mericruse will move on it's own and attack when he appears.


Officer Trowa, aren't you giving the Gundam pilot too much freedom?

Don't worry, I've got his self destruct switch here.

Any way the only thing on his mind now is Gundam.

He sees it as a definite enemy.

Not bad.

They said it was a month till completion.

Quatre's in action, we'll be busy again soon.

I have no intention to think of an unidentified Mobile Suit as an ally.

But that Gundam is fighting OZ.

Don't see a problem with that.

I hope so...

I have a bad feeling.

All okay?

Is this the air supply system for the confinement rooms?

Yes, that would be here.

I see...

Technician Tsubarov what are you doing?!

I only switched off the air to the prison.

I haven't received any orders.

Do you have permission from Lady Une?

I will give the orders.

Relax, all you have done is obey my orders.

Lady Une is too soft.

I must have got old.

My legs are going.

You Fool.

It's lack of oxygen.

Oh you realized.

I shouldn't have wasted my worries.

I was just trying to make the elderly feel better.

I'd say we can last another 30 minutes.

My only regret is the unfinished work on Deathscythe and Shenlong.

If you want to die, get on with it.

It's a waste of air.

Stubborn old men are always disliked.

If you're not stubborn you can't get far in life.


A charming way to kill us.

I knew I should have gone out instead of Heero.

What are you doing Wufei?

That's of no use now.

If you want to live keep quiet.

But we're not going to be saved unless something happens.

I'm doing what I can do now just in case something does happen.


Sorry but I'm gonna have to retire.

Ah, this is such a dull way to die I feel like a div.

No conductivity reaction on the outside.

Do you really think he's here?

Maybe he's moved to another area.


I know Gundam is here.

The colony doesn't need this stuff.

I've got the Gundam.

He's in the colony.

What the colony needs... is war!

The 3 in the colony are down!

Enemy Gundam is coming out.

Quatre, show me what your new Gundam can do.

This is the new Gundam.

Heero, there was no need to worry.

This Gundam is superb.

Quatre, this is Trowa.

Can you hear me Quatre?

I hear you Trowa.

Don't come any closer Trowa.

I said no!

Don't come any closer!

Quatre, what is the meaning of this?

Trowa, I'm going to destroy everything in this crazy space with this Gundam.

Destroying all the weapons in space is what I have to do.

Colonies are arming themselves, that's why I'm destroying the colonies too.

What's wrong Quatre?

This is not like you.

I want you to tell the rest of them.

Don't show yourselves to me, or else I'll have to kill you all...

I told you not to come near me!

Is that all you have to say?

If every thing has gone mad, I'll believe in myself and fight.

Quatre, I'll kill you.

To be continued The Mobile Doll plan was the Longfeller foundations strategy for further conquest.

Treize, opposing to this, has given up his seat as OZ Admiral.

The Gundam pilots dye the empty space with blood in a never ending fight.

Trying to stop them, Trowa's body disappears into the silent darkness.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 25.


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