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Episode 23:
Duo, The God of Death Once Again

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
In the year After Colony 175 the leader of the colonies was assassinated.

Five Gundams were sent to Earth to take revenge.

However, since OZ's activities in space took the form of cooperation rather than control the colonies decided to accept OZ.

The year After Colony 195.

As OZ moves to take over both Earth and outer space Gundams are labeled rebels and are isolated from society.

With no place to return the Gundams and their pilots must fight for a reason to exist in the changing world.


They missed it!


Milliardo, there's one other person who understands me.

Her feelings toward me have given her split personalities.

The actions you took were justified.

And what I'm about to do is also justified!!

Duo, the God of Death once Again

We're adjusting the ballast.

Go slowly. Easy does it.


Get some light on those rocks!

There it is!

It's hardly damaged, considering the battle it's been through.


Vessels approaching.

This was just Heero's trick, abandoning his Gundam at sea while he goes to space alone.

It's a mobile suit submarine carrier!

No surprise that OZ would come here too.

It's a dangerous job...

Don't concern yourself about us mercenaries.

We have expertise as the former Alliance's Deep-Sea Unit!

Prepare to send out the Pisces!

Object at I o'clock.

Perhaps O1.

Right, send out the Cancers!

Yes, sir!

All units, open fire!!

Propeller sound confirmed!

Enemy mobile suits!



Come in! Cancer!

Discarding his Gundam like that...

What was he thinking...?


The foundation of our future will be built by these suits.

These are for mass-production.

But don't worry about cost performance.

Resources in space are unlimited!

He treats the Space Colonies like old world colonies to be plundered!

Let him be.

We'll give him something to remember.

I'm counting on you.


Where are you taking that?

It's the Gundam you took apart to try stealing our technology.

We're honored.

You're still interested even after it was trashed.

How dare you!

I don't need that!

Get rid of it!

As you wish, Chief Engineer!

Shall I start making a mobile suit superior to the Gundams?

Get to work!

Calm down!

Quit rushing me.

I've got a lot of things to take care of.

Sorry to keep you.

There's no point in just rebuilding them.

You didn't used to have any problems with your principles against war in space.

So why is there a need for armaments now?

A hundred years have passed since the colonies were experimental.

We feel there's no choice but to avoid battle by arming ourselves.

This is Sally Po, formerly a Major in the Alliance Military.

As a rebel organization member opposing OZ she's supported and led a number of their maneuvers.

There are also signs that she has the Gundams O1 and O4.

The Romefeller Foundation that controls OZ is the most powerful entity on Earth.

I'd say there are problems with that organization.

However, we wanted to protect the colonies.

And that's why we've accepted OZ.

We chose the option that would give us more safety.

Armed struggle will continue on Earth.

That's why we chose this method of protection.

OZ is keeping the Gundam engineers captive.

Those on Earth opposing OZ think that OZ alone is changing the world into a dangerous place to live.

We've heard that the engineers have already been executed.

We cannot maintain our dignity as a nation unless we augment our strength and eliminate the chance of more rebels.

Our decision won't change.

Ambassador Peacecraft.

Please try to understand our reasoning.

The engineers have been executed?

That's impossible.

It's this kind of fabricated rumor we must fear the most.

Also, natural resources and parts have been transported from the plant colonies as we begin mobile suits production on the Lunar Plant, together with support from OZ.

We no longer have to fear the possibility of an invasion.

With Commander-in-Chief Treize and Colonel Une's help this will mark the beginning of a new era for outer space.

What a bunch of crap.

They're the ones who planted the fear of war in everyone.

That's not true.

The colonies have suffered a history of humiliation.

We aren't afraid of battles that will allow colony independence.

Who are you?

My name is Hilde Schbeiker.

I've volunteered my services from this colony.

So you're an OZ soldier.

Anyone can be critical.

The work of the colony's students speaks for itself.

Our volunteer work at the Lunar Plant reflects our faith in OZ.

Huh...Is that so?

Then maybe I should apply, as well.

The next military exam is in one week.

Why don't you give it a try if you like?

Count on it; I'll be there.

We're headed to the Lunar Base.

Are they using us as test pilots for the new models?

Maybe as target.

Even OZ admits that we're pretty psyched.

The objective of OZ and its mother organization, Romefeller was to destroy the United Earth Sphere Alliance and take control of Earth.

Why don't they take over the colonies?

Taking over the defenseless colonies would be like twisting a baby's arm.

Maybe Zechs would be able to understand.

Treize is getting hungry for mortal combat.

And the overconfident colonies will realize just how much stronger Treize is.

All soldiers prepare to board ship on the double!

All soldiers prepare to board ship on the double!

Here you go, sir.


Have a nice day.





You talking to me?

I told you, new volunteers are to apply next week.

Give me a look at that application!

Oh, this?

It's all filled out.

But it's a fake!!

You scum!

-He's taken the Leo! -After him!

Everybody stay calm!

I don't want to start firing inside the colony!

You won't get away!!

My goal is to destroy the Lunar Plant but it's too far away!


Her again...

If you retaliate, I'll have to kill you!!

Warning shots are meaningless against inexperienced fighters!

This one's for the peace of the colony!

I'm fighting for the peace of the colony as well.

Got him!

Moving in till it's in target range!

Okay, fire!



We're both fighting for the colonies!

Then why are we enemies?!

Are you pleading for your life?!

I'm telling you!

We aren't enemies!

I volunteered and pledged my loyalty.

I'm prepared to die any time!

You're so intense it makes me sick!

Hey, get outta here!

Gundam Wing

Duo Maxwell...

Who would've thought you were a Gundam pilot?

Why did you save me?

What are you talking about?

I'm prepared to sacrifice my life.

I don't need sympathy from my enemies.

Hilde, you say?

What ''enemies'' do you mean?

Since when is the colony an organization fighting a war?

When the Alliance came from Earth to attack the colonies smiles disappeared from people's faces.

I've been fighting to help give back those smiles.

Then I come back to the colony, and guess what?

People don't want their smiles back.

Tell me something.

When did the colonies get so twisted?

Outer space is affected by the war on Earth.

We can't just sit back and be taken over.

This is outer space's decision.

Your bravery's commendable.

So where are you taking me?

To the Lunar Base.

You'll be questioned on the Gundam, among other things.

Saves me a trip.

You know I'm planning to destroy the Lunar Base.

You don't stand a chance.

Why don't you see me as an enemy?

I won't let you destroy it.

Hate to say this, but you don't have the skills to be my enemy.

So it's foolish for you to risk your life against me.

But you remind me of how reckless I was when I went to Earth to fight all on my own.

Don't patronize me!

In fact, we're both foolish.

A soldier can get killed at any time.

We'll see many friends in the colony lose their lives.

Let's live our lives believing in the paths we've chosen.

You've got to be at least that foolish to make it as a soldier.

Did he tell you anything?


I see.


When we were fighting couldn't we have fired a warning shot?

We have orders to kill rebels when necessary.

That's what wars are about.

Even if it means sacrificing your own people?

Officer Hilde.

I feel bad about it.

But soldiers must always be prepared to die to fulfill their missions.

Unit Chief, we're about to arrive at the Lunar Base.


We'll take the shuttle to OZ's military establishment.

To deliver the prisoner.


What happened?!

The third engine's on fire!

Someone on board did it!


And now, the getaway.


Hey, that was quick.

You've got good instincts.

I'm blowing up the hatch.

Step back if you don't wanna get hurt.

You're gonna do what...?!

Stop it, Duo!


What was that explosion?!

What's wrong?! Report!

The mass balance device is busted!

I'll get seasick!

Mobile dolls!

Don't move!

I made it to the moon!

That's ironic!

Am I washed-up?

Not too bad a job, if I do say so myself.

Hurry up and finish me off!

I hate the thought of being killed by a machine!


You fool!

Give your code to prove you're an ally!

You'll get killed!

I can't do that.

There's no telling who my allies are anymore.


Hurry up and do what you want to accomplish!


I decided to live out my life, believing in my chosen path.

Sorry, Hilde.

This time I'm not bailing you out!

I told you, I'm already prepared to die!

Yeah, I remember.

But Hilde!

Just don't die in vain!

Same goes for you.

What are you doing, Hilde?

Drop your gun at once.

I've got a serious problem with your conduct!!


It's underground.

I'll get to the plant through this duct.

There he is!

Don't lose him!

We believe the enemy has entered Area B6!

We're in pursuit!



Call from a colony Unit Chief.

The enemy is attempting to destroy the mobile suit plant!


Get security underground and stop him from entering!

What the heck?

Who's there?!

The God of Death.

That's four of them.

Are you here to kill us, too?

Long time no see, Duo.

So it WAS you guys.

Then those are...!

That's right.

They're new models.

Duo, how would you like to operate one?

When's it finished?

In one month.

Make sure you live until it's finished.

Then you'll have your chance in the spotlight.

In here!


Duo, decide quickly.

We can't let them find this place!

I understand...

Okay, we'll do it your way!

Hurry up and get started!

Could you do the honors?

As much as I hate to...

It wouldn't hurt as much if you screamed out loud.


But I'm a real man.


Coming here and trying to kill us, after all we've done!

We won't let anyone interfere with our research.

Botched your mission?

You couldn't destroy the base and you didn't kill Dr. J and the others.

Don't rub it in.

I'm still glad I decided to come here.

Good news.

Your Gundam and mine are being rebuilt.

I can hardly wait!

Looks like OZ will be keeping us alive for the time.

It's a good chance, so don't die yet.

Don't worry about me!

I don't plan on dying that easily.

There's the colonies to fight for.

Just watch.

I'll be the God of Death again!

I will!

Well good night...

I've completed my mission to escort Ambassador Peacecraft on his return.

Thank you.

I'm sure the Ambassador realizes how resolved the people in space are.

How about from the eyes of Zechs Merquise?

He has opinions about this era as well.

We'll battle again.

We'll hear his decision then.

I don't think anyone can stop the future.

Not even Treize.

But I'll try to direct things toward Treize's ideal.

I can sacrifice my life for that purpose.

I'll fight and win.

For Treize's future.

And for my own future.

To be continued

Next Episode

Is destruction the only path for an outer space gone mad?

A mobile suit resembling a Gundam attacks the colonies that are arming themselves.

Trowa and Heero head out to face this powerful new suit.

They find that the pilot of this mobile suit is Quatre cold with anger and full of deep sorrow.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 24

The Gundam They Called Zero.

After Colony year 175.

The leader of the colonies was assassinated.

As a reprisal 5 Gundams were sent to Earth.

But because the stance OZ had taken in space was not of domination but co-operation, they have had to accept OZ.

After Colony year 195, as both Earth and space are being conquered, Gundam was being treated as a traitor and became isolated.

With nowhere to return, Gundam and it's pilots were fighting for the meaning of their existence in the changing times.

What is this?!

It missed?

On purpose?!

Milliard, there is one other person who understands me.

She has two hearts because of her feelings for me.

Your actions are right.

And my actions too, are right.

Duo returns as Death Check your balance Proceed slowly, slowly.

Wait, put the light on that rock...

That's it!

There's almost no damage considering the amount of combat it's had.


There's a vessel approaching this area.

Heero has taken a feint operation by deserting Gundam at sea and going up into space.

It's a Mobile Suit submarine carrier.

Naturally OZ will come.

It's a dangerous job.

You shouldn't mind us paid soldiers.

We'll show you what the ex Federation deep sea squad can do.

Pisces, prepare to sally.

There's something at 1 o'clock.

It could be 01 .

Get Cancer out!

All units attack.

Enemy on radar, they're Mobile Suits.


Cancer unit report!

Cancer unit!

Just leaving Gundam here...

What is he thinking.

Heero, this Mobile Suit is going to make our future.

Although it's for mass production, there's no need for cost performance.

There are unlimited resources in space.

Aa, how dare they reduce space colonies to their original purpose.

Never mind.

Wait till they see what's coming.

I'll leave the rest to you.



Where are you taking that?

It's the Gundam you dismantled in order to study our technical knowledge.

I'm flattered, it attracts your attention even when it's a scrap.


I don't have any use for that.

Go and dump it.

Yes yes, governor.

Right then, suppose we should make a Mobile Suit that's superior to Gundam.

Get on with it.

All right!

Don't rush me, I've got too much to do.

Sorry I'm late.

Needs a bit more than just putting the pieces together.

Space has had a strong trend against war.

Why must you take up weapons now?

It's been over 1 00 years from the time the colonies were just an experimental sight.

We've come to the decision that we need to arm ourselves in order to avoid war.

Sally Po.

Ex Federation Lieutenant-Commander.

At present she is an anti-OZ rebel supporting and leading various underground activities.

We also have information she is in possession of 01 and 04.

The Longfeller foundation which controls OZ is one of the most powerful organizations on Earth.

There may be problems with this organization, but we want to protect our colony.

That's why we have accepted OZ.

We have chosen the highest probability of safety.

Armed struggles continue on Earth, we have chosen this path in order to protect ourselves from those forces.

The anti-OZ groups on Earth think that OZ, who are keeping the Gundam technicians, are the ones who are making this world a most dangerous place.

We've had a report saying the technicians have been executed.

In order to maintain our dignity we must never allow traitors to emerge again.

Our decision will not change.

Ambassador Peacecraft please understand.

Killed the technicians?


That false information is precisely what must be feared the most.

Materials and parts have already been brought from various colonies and with the help of OZ, we are ready for the mass production of new Mobile Suits on the moon.

We have no need to worry about being conquered anymore.

With the aid of Admiral Treize and Commander Lady Une we are able to welcome a new era.

Yeah sure.

It's those two who put the fear in you lot in the first place.

That's not true.

The colonies have been humiliated all these years.

We're not afraid to fight for the colony.

Who are you?

I'm Hirde Schweiker.

I volunteered from this colony.

So, an OZ soldier.

Any body can criticize.

Most of the students on this colony will apply to work at the moon plant.

Remember that actions are the manifestations of faith.

Is that so?

Well then, suppose I'd better try it out.

00:56:43:05 --> 00:56:45:21 The next military service sign-up is in a week.

Well, come along if you feel up to it.

Yeah, I'd sure like to join you.

Taking us to the moon base, do they want us as test pilots for the new machine?

No, probably the target.

OZ knows how lively we are.

OZ and its originator, Longfeller, it's aim was to destroy the United Earth Federation and gain power to rule the Earth.

Why don't they just conquer the colonies?

The unarmed colonies are like squeezing a baby's hand...

He may be able to understand it...

Treize wants a duel.

The conceited colonies will learn a lesson from Treize and his powers.

Prepare to board!

Prepare to board!

Here's the papers.

Thanks a lot.


Wait a minute, you're...


You talking to me?

I told you the sign-up was in a weeks time.

Show me those papers.


It's perfect.

A perfect fake!

Here we go!

A Leo's been taken!

Follow him!

Calm down!

I don't want to fire inside the colony!

I'll get you!

My mission's to destroy the moon plant but it's so damn faraway.


You again.

If you resist we won't make any allowances.

Even warning shots don't work for guys with no battle experience.

For the peace of the colony!

Yeah, I'm fighting for the colony too!


Target's in our range of fire.



Oi, we're both fighting for the colony, right?

Then why are we fighting each other?!

Are you begging for mercy?!

I'm telling you we're not enemies!

I've pledged my loyalty to the colony.

I'm prepared to die anytime.

Damn, you're so single minded it amazes me.

Hey, run!

Duo Maxwell, didn't think you were a Gundam pilot.

Why did you save me?


Don't know what you're talking about.

I said I was prepared to die.

I don't want an enemy pitying me.

Hirde, was it?

So who is this enemy?

Since when did the colony become a war organization?

Long ago when the Federation attacked, the smile disappeared from the people of the colony.

I was fighting to get back those smiling faces.

And what do I see when I come back?

You're throwing away your smile yourselves.

Tell me...

When did the colony loose it?

The state of war on Earth influences us in space.

We are no longer going to be sitting ducks.

This is the will of space.

How heroic of you.

Where am I being taken to?

The moon base.

We're going to question you about Gundam.

That's great!

My mission's to destroy the moon base.

That's impossible.

Why don't you regard me as your enemy?

I won't let you do such a thing.

Don't want to say this but with your skills, you're not my enemy.

You're stupid to risk your life when you haven't got a chance.

But you know, you reminded me of myself, waging a war on Earth all on my own.

Don't mock me.

I think we're both idiots.

Soldiers could die any time.

There's gonna be lots of colonists who'll die.

Let's live it to the full on the path we believe in.

If we weren't idiots we wouldn't be soldiers.

Did he say anything?


I see.

Officer, in a situation like that, would it not have been enough with warning shots?

Our orders are to kill rebels.

This is war.

Even if the ally is caught up in the action.

Officer Hirde, I am sorry.

But a soldier must always be prepared to die, for his mission.

Officer, we're approaching the moon base.

OK, our shuttle will head for the OZ military base to hand over the prisoner.


W..what was that?!

Fire alert in engine 3.

Seems like it's exploded from within.


Let's see...


You're here already You've got good intuition.

I'm gonna blow out the hatch.

Get back if you don't want to get hurt.


Wait Duo, Duo!

What was that explosion?

Well, report the situation!

The mass balancer isn't working I'll get sea-sick.

M..Mobile Dolls!...


Well well, I'm here.

Sometimes thing just work out.

So this is it.

Well, not bad for me...

Come on, just get it done with.

Though I'm a bit peeved to loose against a machine...


You idiot!

Give out the ally signal!

You'll get hit!

I can't.

I don't know who's the ally anymore.

Duo, hurry.

Do what you have to.

Hirde, you...

I'm just going to do what I believe.

Sorry but I'm not gonna be able to help you.

I told you, I'm prepared to die.

Yeah right...

But Hirde, don't die a dogs death!

You too...


Hirde, what are you doing!

Drop your weapon, your actions have severe consequences.

I see, the basement.

If I use the air duct, it'll go straight to the plant.

Hey he's here!

He's here, get him!

Enemy has entered the B-6 area, troops pursuing.



Report form the ship officer, the enemy is a rebel with the intent to destroy the mobile suit plant.


Send the guards to the basement.

Stop him from entering!

What the...!

Who is it?!

It's Death.

So the fourth's arrived.

Is your mission to kill us?

It's been a long time Duo.

It's you guys, and that?

That's right, a new model.

Duo, do you want to ride that?

When is it ready?

In a month.

You must survive until then.

Then you too will have a chance.

Over here, hurry.

Duo, make your mind up.

We can't let them find this place.


OK damn it.

Let's get this done with.

Can we ask you to do the honors?

I hate to do this...

It'll be less painful if you let it out.


Boys don't cry...

After all we've done for him, he's come to kill us.

We won't let anyone interfere with our research.

Failed your mission.

Couldn't destroy the base and couldn't even kill the doctors.

Don't say that.

But it was worth coming.

Hey listen, yours and mine are getting reformed.

I'm so looking forward to it.

It seems like OZ is keeping us a little longer.

Since they're letting us live don't die yet.

Yeah no problem, I won't die that easily.

For the colony...

Watch me...

I'm gonna become Death again, well, good night...

Mission to accompany Ambassador Peacecraft on his return fight has been completed.

Well done.

I believe the Ambassador has understood how determined the will of space is.

How about as Zechs Merquise?

He also is a man who has his opinion of the times.

We may meet him in battle again.

We will get that answer then.

Seems like no one can change the course of history, even Admiral Treize.

But all I need to do is to guide history toward his ideals.

For that, I will give up my life.

I shall fight to gain it...

Admiral Treize and my future...

To be continued Is destruction the only Solution to this crazed space.

A Mobile Suit just like Gundam attacks colonies which have armed themselves.

Trowa and Heero face this powerful new Mobile Suit but the pilot on it was Quatre filled with a cold anger and a deep sorrow.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 24.


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