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Episode 22:
The Fight For Independence

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
It's huge...

I wonder what kind of person this goodwill ambassador is.


That mobile suit was used against OZ on Earth.

We'll check it, for security.

The new system since OZ and the colonies became united has had a considerable influence on Earth.

On behalf of my nation I've come to find out about this situation.

Your nation...?

That's correct.

I've come here from the Sanc Kingdom.

I'm Milliardo Peacecraft.

Oh, His Excellency has had ties with the Sanc Kingdom since his youth.

I heard your nation was recovering from the wars.

I think I understand the implications of war.

So I thought I could give advice to the colonies desiring military power.

There are many ways to obtain peace for oneself.

Between us, we'll find the best direction to take.

Then will you allow me to act on my own accord while I'm here in space?

Of course.

You might be on the right track to peace Representative Lady Une.

Peacecraft, huh?!

He's none other than that OZ traitor, Zechs Merquise!!

Space Colony D I 2O.

Where the United Earth Sphere Alliance command station is located.

OZ wasn't controlling the colonies by force but recommending they join a nation of the colonies.

D I 2O continued in its function as Earth's voice in outer space not forgoing its position as a military institute from Earth.

Son of the Alliance Space Force Commander General Septem Gwinter was the colony's representative.

The former Alliance members associated with him had been troubled by the colonial independence policy backed by OZ.

What are you hesitating for?

OZ is trying to secure even more power for themselves.

We must stop them.

Technological strength will just become a threat to the Earth.

OZ thinks of space as merely a factory for military supplies!

Only we can stop them!

It's our mission!!

A battle will result in many casualties.

With our military strength, dialogue is still an option.

They're planning to use outer space to develop and manufacture mobile dolls.

These murder weapons will allow OZ to take over and dictate the colonies.

Does everybody feel the same?

Zechs Merquise has arrived in space.

The Lightning Count is alive?

It's Earth that fears increased arms in space the most.

Zechs knows OZ well and he wishes for peace on Earth.

We should take some time to hear what he has to say.

Zechs has nothing to do with OZ anymore.

What's he doing in space?

That man holds a great affection for his homeland.

He knew someone had to take action.

Even though it was risky.

This visit holds significance.

Very nicely done, Treize Khushrenada!

The people in space are close to accepting OZ.

So it seems.

And Colonel Une's achievements have been impressive.

She's forming friendly relations with one colony after another.

The sense of independence built by forming a nation will trigger a desire for productivity and defense.

This leads to the nation becoming militaristic.

Which means that every country on the Earth will jump into OZ's arms and beg to be governed by us.

It's beautiful, Treize.

You've made space a member of the Romefeller Foundation.

Excuse me, sir.

Oh, Mr. Tubarov; have you finished packing?


Tubarov is heading for outer space to oversee mobile doll production and strengthen our military force.

Lady Une has readily accepted the new addition.

Lady Une did?

Colonel Une seems to be very pleased with the mobile dolls!

Your Excellency, it's been a long time.

It's Lady Une.

Lady Une...?

I was sure you'd be coming with Chief Engineer Tubarov.

I want to talk about that.

How do you plan to utilize the mobile dolls?

I'll use them as your soldiers so you won't need to suffer.

My soldiers?

You're not being fair.

You're the one who must lead the world.

But you've simply left the world in a state of confusion.

I came here to be of some assistance to you.

And I've also laid out a new future for you.

Wars will never disappear from the world.

Therefore the strongest should rule the world.

People even take pleasure in being controlled by the strong.

It's merely natural for the world to continue fighting.

But that encourages meaningless bloodshed.

You're capable of loving all people.

You have a heart that can make you a god.

From outer space, you can create peace on Earth.


These are your ideals for the future.

It's what you wanted, Your Excellency.

My ideal is merely the fantasy of one individual.

History is an accumulation of daily events.

I have no interest in an individual's future.

Your future's already been determined.

Your future's destined to be in outer space.


I'm not that strong.

Zechs and the Gundam pilots are making an effort to construct a new future.

There's no need to hurry.

History will repeat itself.


Please come back to me.

The Lady Une that I was so fond of.


It's Zechs Merquise, for sure.

So Zechs is in space?

He's establishing relations with the Alliance's Military Colony.

Lieutenant Nichol.

Destroy the Alliance's Space Force.

There's no reason to leave them roaming about now that the mobile dolls have been completed.

Yes, sir!

I've also sent Colonel Une orders for the near future.

Tell her I want her comments.



We were enemies at one point.

But changes in wartime bring changes in relationships.

I care about the Earth, just as the Alliance does.

I heard you came from Earth to discuss the current arms issue of the Space Colonies.

If this simply involved a new military nation being formed then I wouldn't be worried.

However, if they're being tricked by OZ then I can't ignore it.

OZ is planning to use space as its military factory.

That would result in even more severe disputes on Earth and serious casualties.

How do you feel about the people in space, Mr. Peacecraft?

Teachings of the great leader, the late Heero Yuy, still exist.

Outer space once thrived as a world neither tainted by Earth's history nor in need of arms.

The colonies set an example for all Earth's peaceful nations.

They set an example.

If only the people in space had heard that sooner.

Perhaps they wouldn't have changed their minds.

Why not tell Mr. Peacecraft about the colonies' people?

And the reason we decided to remain in space!

The reason you stayed here...?


When the Alliance was defeated by OZ our first thought was to immediately surrender.

We thought surrendering would leave space in great turmoil.

The Space Colonies is a realm of precise calculations.

For instance, this management center always supported this colony's life zone.

The colony's rotation operations checking atmospheric conditions and weather management.

Natural phenomena that are taken for granted on Earth are generated by machinery controlled by people.

To live in this atmosphere people needed a new awareness.

There's insecurity...

Unless you can completely ignore insecurity you'll have difficulties living here.

And insecure people feel the need for weapons.

Because weapons give people a sense of security.

At what point can one lose that sense of insecurity?

Men in space will attack Earth, in their search for stable land.

It's an OZ mobile suit transport vessel.

Looks like they're finally going to attack us!

I'd like to be part of your counterattack.

A goodwill ambassador mustn't be involved in a battle!

I switch between two identities.

My experience in battle has taught me to be cunning.

Gundam Wing


I beg your pardon.

That's fine.

This is the Romefeller Foundation's plan to send space-manufactured mobile dolls to Earth.

To resolve all disputes on Earth at once?

Everybody comes to that conclusion.

I don't intend to send mobile dolls to Earth.

The Foundation's plan will mean more bloodshed on Earth.

The strong shall rule the Earth.

That's all we need to attain peace.

But now His Excellency has refused his mission to rule the world.

His Excellency...?

True public order will never be possible unless His Excellency comes to outer space.

There's no point in my staying here.

Not true, Colonel.

You still have your duty to serve as an OZ soldier.

As an OZ soldier?

You'd be doing him a favor by staying.

A soldier only needs to follow orders.

Colonel, you're a leader who stands above the soldiers.

But your superior abilities can be heightened as an OZ soldier.

I implore you to serve as an OZ soldier.

Not to guide His Excellency, but to support him.

As an OZ soldier to support Master Treize...

That's what His Excellency desires.

Master Treize desires that...?

The mobile dolls have started a battle in the A Area of the Alliance Military Base.

They'll be in range of Barge's beam cannon in 6OO seconds.

What damage can we do to the Alliance Colony?

If we can destroy their electrical power control and management facilities, one shot should wipe it out.


Many civilians live there, as well as military officers.

They're employees.

They'd know it's risky living in a military fortress.

Does Colonel Une know about this?

I'm acting on direct orders from Duke Dermail!

We're to crush them and that OZ traitor, Zechs Merquise.

I'll get the Mercurius and Vayeate ready.

Stop, Trowa Barton!

Don't go near the mobile suit gate.

I don't trust traitors, whether they're enemies or allies!

Lady Une isn't aware of this either?

The Colonel has left for the battle against the Alliance!

She left me in charge of operations!

Restrain this man at once!

I won't overstep my boundaries as an OZ soldier.

But I have doubts about your plan not to use the Vayeate and the Mercurius to support the Colonel's troops.

A soldier doesn't need to think so much!

Ideals about peace are for people in the top ranks.

All we need to do is pursue victory.

Get closer!

Make up for reaction time in close-range combat!

I did it!

All right!


We've lost 50% of our Leo troops!

We believe all the enemy Tauruses are mobile dolls!

20% of our defense line has been destroyed!

Have the remaining civilians in the colony been evacuated?


They left on our large shuttle and are headed for safety.

In any case, mobile dolls alone can't destroy this colony.

I expect that Barge will be making the final blow.

This colony is finished.

What do you mean, Grandfather?

This is the first time a colony has been destroyed in war since the colonies were built.

Mankind needs to be shown how tragic the destruction is.

Those of us who brought military power to space and the colonies who are considering it for themselves must remember this, so the wrong path won't be taken.

It hardly compensates for what we've done but I hope our deaths send the message.

I'm sorry to have dragged you into this, Grandfather.

My thoughts exactly.

I'm sorry, Gwinter.

Barge's beam cannon?!

Are they seriously going to wipe out the colony?

Treize is hoping we'll put up a fight.

Can't you create a new future, Treize?

There's no choice left but to battle.

It's the only way that remains.

Without fighting, nothing can be created.



Zechs Merquise...

Or rather, my eternal friend, Milliardo Peacecraft.

I'm delighted to hear you've shown up in outer space.

OZ is changing, and I'm sorely lacking in power.

Romefeller's way, or rather the path that mankind is taking, is too selfish.

I never expected their increased power would lead them to abandon their compassion.

I used to believe that OZ's duty wasn't to take part in war.

But to educate soldiers who had the heart to fight.

Soon battles will be fought without people.

I'm merely one soldier.

I chose of my own free will to resist that outcome.


I don't have the power to alter the path chosen by Romefeller.

I'm glad to speak with someone who understands me.

Milliardo, there's one other person who understands me.

Her feelings toward me have given her split personalities.

Lady Une...

I'm making the person closest to me feel insecure.

I've got no right to talk about the future.

I implore you, Milliardo.

Please save her.

I'm going to fight for Treize to help realize his ideal!

The Alliance Colony is entering firing range.

Fire the beam cannon!!

But Colonel Une is still on the battlegrounds!

That doesn't matter; just follow your orders!

The Colonel knows the dangers!


Lady Une would cancel any orders to attack the colony.

She's learned just how fragile the colonies are.

They missed it!

Was that intentional?

Take me there...

Take me to Fortress Barge.

Colonel, you're safe!



I was able to learn a great deal as a soldier today.

Very informative.

And as your superior, I can't overlook what you've done.


The actions you took were justified.

And what I'm about to do is also justified!!


I've got no power.

In the confusion of all these battles I can only walk the path of a soldier.

The Romefeller Foundation decides to build mobile doll manufacturing facilities on the moon.

The mass-produced mobile dolls will be used against Earth.

The strategy is to send them to Earth and quickly resolve the many disputes on Earth by wiping out the opponents.

With these ultimate weapons the world heads for an age where soldiers are redundant.

Unidentified object headed this way!


It's a Gundam!!

A Gundam has found us!!

Assassinate the mobile dolls' Chief Engineer?

That's an easy mission.

Troops from the Lunar Base are headed for the Gundam!

I have no bullets, no fuel and hardly any propulsive energy.

Okay, Chief Engineer.

My life's in your hands!!

Full retreat!


Take a look!

The Gundam doesn't have the power to retaliate.

Interesting machine.

I'd like to take it to the Lunar Base and check it out.

Calling Lunar Base.

Stop your attack and capture the Gundam.

Yes, sir!


That's very kind of you, Chief Engineer.


We have to become a lot stronger.

I hear they have a factory.

Maybe they'll help us get stronger.

To be continued

Next Episode

People in outer space acquire weapons to defend the colonies.

They do so under the pretext of fearing an attack from Earth.

But it's OZ that manipulates their fears.

To prevent mass-production of mobile dolls Duo heads to the moon to destroy the Lunar Base.

During the battle with Hilde, the colony volunteer soldier Duo sees the chaotic future of the colonies.

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Duo, the God of Death Once Again.

Episode 22

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

Father run away!

Quatre, I am running away.

I am definitely not fighting.

There is no end to battle.

That's why I'm running away.

And I am to meet my death for that it cannot be helped.

I don't have any regrets here if I have to change my beliefs.


Father, FATHER!!

The battle surrounding independence It's huge.

I wonder what kind of man this ambassador of goodwill is.

Gentlemen, that Mobile Suit has been hostile to OZ on Earth so we will check it out first.

The amalgamation of space colonies and OZ has a large influence on Earth.

As a representative of a nation, I have come to ask of your intentions.

A nation?

Forgive me.

I am Milliard Peacecraft from Cinq Kingdom.

Oh, the Cinq Kingdom that His Excellency has acquaintance with since childhood?

I have heard that you have started to rebuild in the midst of this confused battle.

I know what war can bring about and thought I perhaps could give advice to the space colonies who are acquiring military forces.

There are many ways to strive for peace.

If we can learn from each other, we may be able to find a better path.

Then you approve of my actions in space.

Of course.

You may be following a good path, Lady Une delegate.


He's Zechs Merquise, a traitor to OZ.

Space colony D 1 20.

This is where the former United Earth Federation Space headquarters was based.

At the present time OZ was not controlling the military forces but advising the colony states on enlistment.

D 1 20 had not given up it's position as Earth's Military organization and stood firm as Earth's will in space.

Former Federation Space Force, General Septem's son, Ginter, was the representative of this colony and the people of the former federation thought that OZs colony independence policy was a grave issue.

Why are you doubting?

OZ is trying to gain even more power.

We must strike.

The technology of space will only become a menace to Earth.

OZ only thinks of space as a military factory.

We are the only ones that can strike, this is our mission!

War will bring many losses.

Considering our present armed forces we could bring them into a negotiation.

They are trying to use space to manufacture Mobile Dolls.

This killing machine will easily lead OZ into a dictatorship.

Are you all of the same opinion?

Zechs Merquise is in space.

Earth is the one which fears an armed space.

He knows OZ and wished peace on Earth, I suppose we could give him some time.

Leaving OZ, what business has he here?

He is a man who can love his country.

Someone must make this dangerous step.

He has made a significant move.

Well done Treize Khushrenada.

Space is accepting OZ.

That may be so.

Lady Une has done splendidly.

She has Built up a friendly relation with many of the colonies.

Productivity and defense is brought about by establishing an independent state.

And will rise as a military state.

Nations of the Earth will feel a threat and ask us of controlling OZ.

Splendid, Treize, to make space part of Longfeller.

Excuse me.

Oh, Tsubarov, is everything ready?


Tsubarov is to lead the production of Mobile Dolls for the reinforcement of our military in space.

Lady Une has accepted with open arms.

Lady Une has?

Lady Une has taken a shine to the Mobile Doll.

Your Excellency, it has been a long time.

This is Lady Une speaking.

Lady Une.

I thought you would have arrived with technician Tsubarov.

About that Lady Une.

What are you going to do with the Mobile Doll?

I will use them as your soldiers so that you may not need to break your heart.

My soldiers?

Your Excellency is not fair.

You are the one who should stand on top of the world.

But you are just leaving this world in confusion.

I have come up to space in order to help Your Excellency.

And I have prepared your future for you.

There will always be war in this world.

Then let the strong rule the world.

People even feel happiness being ruled by the strong.

It is only natural for the world to keep on fighting.

For that there has been too much wasted blood.

Your Excellency is able to love all men, someone who has the heart of a God, someone who can bring peace on Earth from the skies.

Lady... you are looking at the future through your ideals.

It is what Your Excellency has wished.

My ideals are but a mere man's fantasy.

History is made from countless days.

I have no interest in one man's future.

Your future is already set.

Your future lies in these skies.

Lady, I am not that strong.

Zechs and the Gundam pilots are trying to make the future now.

There is no need to rush.

Time is to be repeated.

Lady, please come back.

The Lady Une that I adored.

Yes, I'm sure it's Zechs Merquise.

So Zechs is in space.

He's made contact with the former Federation military colony.

Officer Nicole, attack the military colony.

Now that we have the Mobile Doll, there is no need for them to roam freely.


I have also sent Lady Une future orders.

Tell her that I would like her to contact me.


Welcome, we have been enemies once but war time also brings people together.

The Federation and I stand on the same ground.

I heard that you came regarding the armament of the space colony.

I do not feel there is a problem, this was just another military state coming to rise.

But if they are being tricked by OZ I cannot over look it.

OZ is trying to use space as a military factory.

Because of that, disputes on Earth will intensify and much will be sacrificed.

What do you think of the people of space Mr. Peacecraft?

The teachings of your former leader Heero Yui have not been forgotten.

Space does not need weapons, it has flourished as a place unpolluted of Earth's history.

I think it will be an example of a cultural state for the pacifist nations of Earth.

An example...

If the people of space could have heard those words earlier they may have thought twice.

Please tell Mr. Peacecraft about people in space and also why we have remained here.

Remained here?

Yes, we were going to surrender when OZ defeated the Federation.

But in doing so, it would leave a great problem.

The space colony is made of finite calculations, this control center is constantly maintaining the living sector.

The revolving of the colony checking the atmosphere, controlling the weather.

All the natural things on Earth must be recreated in this man made structure.

To live in this environment it was necessary to reform the conscious of the human race.

Anxiety, yes if you cannot forget fear you cannot live here.

The ones who are insecure take up the weapons.

Weapons can eliminate that fear.

How far do we have to go to eliminate that fear?

Space will attack Earth in order to gain a secure land.

It's an OZ Mobile Suit carrier ship.

They've finally started an attack on us.

Let me join you in your counter attack.

But the good will ambassador cannot join in battle.

I have two masks and have learnt in battle to use them appropriately.

Commander, oh excuse me.

It's all right.

This is Longfeller foundations landing plan for the Mobile Dolls produced in space.

It's a plan to clear all the disputes on Earth.

You all think of it that way.

I have no intention of landing the Mobile Dolls on Earth.

Longfeller's ideas will only shed more blood on Earth.

The one with the power will rule the Earth.

That alone will bring peace to Earth.

But His Excellency has refused to do so.

Admiral Treize has refused?

As long as His Excellency does not come to space there will be no order in this world.

My job is finished.

No Commander.

You still have your mission as a soldier of OZ.

As a soldier of OZ?

That will be serving His Excellency.

Soldiers only have to follow their orders.

You have become more than a soldier but your talent as a soldier is greater.

Work not as a guide, but as a soldier for His Excellency.

As a soldier to support Treize...

His Excellency must surely wish that.

Admiral Treize wishes it...

Federation base, Mobile Doll attacks have commenced in A area.

600 seconds before they enter the effective area of Balgi's beam cannon.

Damage expected on the Fed colony by the beam cannon?

If we can destroy the power source and the control center, one blast will do the job.


I hear there are also many civilians on that colony.

They're Fed employees.

If they stay in the fort they should know they're going to be targeted.

Does Lady Une know about this?

These are orders from the Marquis of Delmare.

We'll destroy the traitor Zechs along with them.

I'll get Mericruse and Bieight ready.


Trowa Barton, I forbid you to even go near the Mobile Suit gates.

I don't trust traitors, enemy or not.

Lady Une doesn't know about this either.

The commander has set out for the battle with the Federation, leaving me in command.

Restrain him!

I have no intention to step out of line, but I do find it odd not to use Bieight and Mericruse to escort the Commander's troop.

Soldiers don't need to think.

The high-ranking officials can think about peace.

All we strive for is victory.

Close combat!

Make up for the reaction speed in close combat.

I got it, got it!

Leo unit 50% down.

The enemy appear to be all Taurus Mobile Dolls.

Final defense line, 20% destroyed.

Have the last of the civilians evacuated?

Yes, they've reached the safety zone in the large shuttle.

But mere Mobile Dolls will not defeat this colony.

Balji will give the final blow.

The colony will sink.

What do you mean grandfather?

Since we've started building colonies, this will be the first destruction by war.

The people need to know how tragic this is.

We have to make them realize that it is a mistake to bring arms into space.

It isn't much of a compensation but I hope our blood will do some good.

I'm sorry to have involved you in this.

No, those are my words.

Sorry about this Ginter.

Balji's beam cannon...

They really mean to sink the colony!

Admiral Treize wishes this battle...

Cannot even Admiral Treize make the future?

The only thing left to do is fight.

To fight is the only path...

Without fighting nothing can be created.



Zechs Merquise, or rather my eternal friend Milliard Peacecraft.

It gives me great joy to hear you are in space.

OZ is changing.

I didn't have enough strength.

Longfeller is, no the human race is taking a wayward path.

I didn't think that swelling power would leave a man's soul this far behind.

I used to think that OZ was there to bring up soldiers with hearts to fight, not to make war.

But even battles do not need humans anymore.

I am a soldier but I have chosen to go against the flow.

Milliard, at the moment I do not have the strength to change the course of the Longfeller.

I am happy to have been able to speak with one so understanding.

Milliard, there is one other person who understands me.

She has two hearts because of her feelings for me.

Lady Une.

I entrap my closest ones into fear, I have no right to talk of the future.

Please Milliard, save her.

Fight for the ideal, fight for Admiral Treize...

Federation colony within range.

Fire beam cannon!

But Commander Lady Une is still in the front line.

Never mind!

Soldiers should obey orders.

Commander understands that as well.

What is it?

Lady Une would have prevented the attack on the colony.

She's learning how fragile the colony is It missed?

On purpose?!

Take me...

Take me back to Balji.

Commander, you're back.


Nicole, I have had a good lesson as a soldier.

This is my achievement.

As a commanding officer I cannot dismiss you.


Your actions are right.

And my actions too, are right.

Treize, I am the one who has no strength.

In this confusion I can only walk the path of a soldier.

The Longfeller foundation decided to build the Mobile Doll factory on the moon base.

These mass produced Mobile Dolls are weapons against Earth, to descend directly on Earth to contain the many disputes and annihilate the enemy.

Having the most powerful weapon, the world was heading to an era that did not need the power of the soldier Unidentified object approaching rapidly.

What is it?

It's a Gundam.

We've been found by Gundam.

Assassination of the Mobile Doll chief technician, it's a small target for me.

The unit that's detected the Gundam has arrived from the base.

No bullets, no fuel, don't even have much of a sounding mechanism left.

Well, Mr. chief technician my life's in your hands.

Swift reverse.

Wait, look.

That Gundam has no power to retaliate.

Interesting machine, I'd like to check it out at the base.

Shuttle to base, stop the attack and bring the Gundam in.


Thank you ''Mr. kind technician''.

Natak, we have to become strong.

Seems like there's a factory, I wonder if they'll make us strong there.

To be continued

Next episode preview

Space takes in hand weapons in defense of the colony.

They say it's a decision in fear of attack from Earth but behind this OZ makes secret maneuvers.

To prevent the mass production of Mobile Suits, Duo embarks to destroy the moon base.

In a battle with a volunteer soldier, Hirde, Duo sees the bewildered colonies future.

New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 23:


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