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Episode 21:
Grief-Stricken Quatre

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Hey! Look at that!

It's an Alliance mobile suit!

You're awake.

How are you feeling?

This is a satellite for mining natural resources.

What were you doing in that mobile suit, anyway?

You don't appear to be a soldier with the Alliance.

I'm not...!

Don't try to move, yet.

If you'd continued drifting in space, you would've died.


Why did you save my life?

I'm a doctor.

Nothing to do with OZ or the Alliance.

Besides, this is a neutral zone outside both group's control.

Forgive me.

I didn't even say thanks for saving my life.

Do you know where I could rent a shuttle?

You mustn't!

I can't let a patient in your condition out of my sight.

Forget about my condition!

Calm down.

I see you're in a hurry, but it's not good for your health!

What you really need to do is rest your body and mind.

I can make arrangements for the shuttle.

Promise you'll wait?


Sorry to ask you.

Not a problem.

But you have to get some rest.

Promise me.

It's no use.

The target is accelerating.

The Leos can't keep up with it.

The route is unchanged; still headed for the Bay Area.

The Leos are no match; just as I thought.

Reports suggest that it might even be the Tallgeese.

I don't care what it is!

We can't allow a mobile suit with weapons to get too close.

We can probably get rid of it with the mobile dolls.


The scientists have completed the new mobile suits and they're ready.

I'd like to test the abilities of the Vayeate and the Mercurius.

We can't test them in real battle, you fool!

Who do you recommend for the other pilot?

Allow me to pilot it, Colonel Une.

It's got be an excellent pilot to conduct a complete test.

Otherwise he'll get in the way.

What's that?!

I understand.


Trowa Barton.

You've got command to destroy the Tallgeese.


Come out!

What do you think?

How do you like the Vayeate and Mercurius?

They're excellent!

They certainly reflect your skills as Gundam designers.

You were right to leave things in our hands.

But this is dangerous!

Why are you letting that Gundam pilot take out the Mercurius?

Because HE IS a Gundam pilot.

OZ should know his piloting skills better than anyone.

Can the Mercurius' self-detonation device be activated from Trowa's Vayeate?

Yeah, just as you requested.

Trowa, you have the authority to blow up Mercurius if your pilot acts suspicious!

That shouldn't be necessary.

He fought against the Tallgeese before, in Siberia.

He'd think of this as finishing the battle.

Now the colonies won't be a shield to prevent him from finishing it.

How could you have found out about that?

It's not hard, seeing as I'm a soldier for OZ.

It's a good thing he self-detonated.

I was living in the colony at the time.

So I might not have survived.

I should be grateful myself.

I found an excellent subordinate like you.

How is it?

Not too bad.

The operations are practically identical to the Gundams'.

Not surprising.

Hey, Gundam pilot.

How would you fight a mobile doll?

First I'd sneak behind the enemy to make sure I was out of its target range.

Don't overdo it.

Or I'll have to blow you up.

The mobile dolls ' weak point is that they have the same abilities as the manned models.

They're identical down to their mobility and reaction times.

The rest depends on how well a human pilot can fight them.

Personally, I have a harder time with space mines.

We don't need the mobile dolls.

I'll handle that white suit on my own.

We've caught up.

We'll send the mobile dolls.

Why's he in outer space?

You got me.

Mobile dolls!

My reaction time's a little slower than theirs.

But I can make up for that in close-range combat...


There's two of them!

It reflected the beam!

Gotta move in on this one too!

They're destroying the mobile dolls at the same time they're fighting me.

Not many pilots could do that in outer space.

I haven't got time to play games with you.

Just haul me in.

Never would've guessed you'd sneak into OZ.

I'm officer Trowa Barton.

I don't believe we've met, Zechs Merquise.

I'll introduce myself.

I go by the name Milliardo Peacecraft.

I've come from Earth as a goodwill ambassador.

Gundam Wing

The majority of people living in space are either technicians or laborers.

Enduring an environment inferior to that of the stable Earth these people have the guts to improve their conditions.

This gives rise to a new power.

It's the Winner family who supports this spirit.

The Winner family master immigrated and became the central figure in negotiations with the United Earth Sphere Alliance to fight for the rights of the colony residents.

Even since the disintegration of the Alliance Military he confronts OZ on behalf of the colony but always acts as a pacifist.

Excuse me, Mr. Winner.


Quatre has come back home?!

How old were you in that photo?

I really appreciate your bringing me here.

It wasn't any trouble.

I needed to come anyway.

You've been very disobedient.

I still believe I'm right!

Simply living in outer space is difficult for people!

Involving yourself in a war is a waste of time!

That's why we've been searching for solutions through discussions with the United Earth Sphere Alliance.

But you had to go to Earth in a mobile suit.

You even gave them an Excuse to attack the colonies.

But someone has to fight or the war won't end.


Has it ended?!

Did your battle end the war?!

What could you accomplish?

What could a child like you accomplish?!

The least you could do as an heir is listen to your father.

Use your head.

I think he'll grown up to be an excellent heir.

Irea, don't you start on me.


It's wrong to think of a child as being incapable.

My little brother will make an excellent heir!

Deep inside, Father understands.

That dialog with OZ won't lead to any solutions.

But he thinks things will come out all right if the whole colony works together as one.

Why didn't you tell me you were my sister?

I'd heard from Father that my little brother was a Gundam pilot.

But he gets so upset.

I couldn't decide whether to say anything.

I heard my sisters were stationed in different resource satellites.

We're all rooting for you.

And Father is no exception.

Right after you left it was Father who worried about you most.


It's true I gave refuge to Instructor H who was fleeing from the Alliance.

But from our family's perspective mobile suits aren't needed to attain peace.

Still, Quatre ignored me and cooperated with the instructor.

Aggressive solutions only lead to more problems.

But Quatre just can't see that.

This is where my Gundam was built.

But I had to destroy it on Earth because of my incompetence.

What are you going to do?

The instructor's not here.

I have to make another Gundam, to fight.


Can you really fight for the people of the colony?


Another Gundam pilot who fought like you was caught.

His Gundam was destroyed to set an example.

The people of the colonies were overjoyed.

No one in space considers Gundams their allies anymore.

Quatre, are you sure you can still fight?

I wasn't fighting to be recognized by the people.

But one day I believe they'll see the truth.

I'm probably feeling sentimental without Sandrock around.

I'm sorry.

I'm your sister, yet I'm always mean to you.


We all love you.

So don't be sad, my dearest Quatre.

Thank you, Irea.

Then how would you gentlemen define future development?

Why do you need arms for defense?

Mr. Winner.

I understand your point.

But we're already in a dangerous strategic position.

And the people want to be responsible for their safety.


This is safety?!

You saw these weapons, and armed yourselves.

How dare you use words like ''safety'' or ''peace''?!

Development of this colony wouldn't have been possible without your financial help.

However the current prosperity is a result of the citizens' efforts.

I question your continued dictatorship.

When did I act as a dictator?!

I've merely objected to OZ's intervention so we could maintain colony peace.

If anyone is guilty of trying to dictate the colony it's you men!

Mr. Winner.

At this point, we can't allow your exclusive control.

Let's decide on a fair offer for jurisdiction over this area.

The manufacture of arms and murder weapons.

Why should I cooperate?!

Hand over your rights, Winner family!!

The colony belongs to us laborers!!

Hooray for OZ!!

What are they yelling about?

Public opinion is getting stronger.

Saying we shouldn't monopolize natural resources.

That's absurd.

It's true that we own many natural resource satellites.

But we've never monopolized the resources.

We've practically given them away for people's prosperity in space.

But everybody knew that!

People's feelings have changed.

About you, and about Father.

But we're only...we're only doing the right thing.

The votes are unanimous.

From now on, this natural resource satellite is under OZ's jurisdiction.

You won't manufacture weapons on this satellite!

Are you serious?!

Father's disconnected the satellite?!


Yes, and it's accelerating!

This could disrupt functions in our entire colony!

That's what he's really like!

He's prepared to sacrifice the colony's future for his benefit.

And he won't stop at anything!

Should we allow this to happen?!

Since there are no objections we'll proceed at once to take any necessary steps to maintain peace in our colony.

Father, you've got to stop this!

This isn't going to resolve anything!

They'll be coming after you!

Are you telling me to sit back as OZ invades the colony?!

I'm not mistaken!



Promise you won't fight in those mobile suits anymore.

Aggression won't solve anything.

But Father...

You fools!

Get away from here!

That wicked beam cannon is aimed at this satellite!

Father, please escape!

Quatre, I am escaping.

I'm not putting up a fight.

There is no end to this fight, so I've opted to run away.

If I should die, then so be it.

I'm not so attached to space that I'll compromise myself!







Father fought very hard.

He wasn't running away.

He put up a brave fight, right?

Irea, try not to move.

You'll only make it worse.

You're a kind person, Quatre.

And Father was kind too.

But what did Father do to deserve to be killed?!

Kind people are shedding tears.

But nobody understands them.

And the colony is satisfied now.

You people are satisfied!

I'll never forget this.

And I'll make sure the people don't forget this day, either.

Outer space...

It's so quiet...

To be continued

Next Episode

The era plummets into the depths of confusion.

The colonies head down a path leading toward armaments.

Zechs has left Earth and confirms the existence of a Lady Une who promotes peace.

In her goal to achieve Treize's ideal Lady Une acts on her own against the orders of the Romefeller Foundation.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 22

The Fight for Independence.



Hey look!

It's a Federation Mobile Suit.

You've come around How do you feel?

This is a resource mining satellite.

Why were you on that Mobile Suit?

You don't look like a Federation soldier.


You shouldn't move.

You would have died if that kept on drifting.

W.. why did you save me?

I'm a doctor, OZ or the Federation mean nothing to me.

although I must say this place is a neutral zone.

I'm sorry, I haven't even thanked you for saving me.

Do you know of a place I could get a shuttle?


I'm not going to let a patient in this state go anywhere.

It doesn't matter about me!

Calm down.

Seems like you're in a rush but that's not going to do you any good.

What you need is to rest your body and soul.

I can get the shuttle, can you wait?

Yes, sorry for the trouble.

No problem.

But in return, you take it easy.

Promise me.

It's no good.

Target still accelerating.

Leo unit is going to be shaken off.

Course still set for the Bay area.

Seems like Space Leos' were of no use.

From what we've gathered it may be a Tallgeese.

Whatever it is!

I will not permit an approach by an armed Mobile Suit.

Mobile Dolls would do the job.

But, we have notice from those technicians that the new Mobile Suits are done.

Bi-eight and Mericruse, I'd like to test their performance.

You Fool!

We can't just put them in actual battle!

What about the other pilot?

Please let me go Commander Lady Une.

It would have to be quite a pilot to record complete data, or else he would be a hindrance.




Trowa Barton.

I give you command of the destruction of Tallgeese.



Well, what's your impression of Bieight and Mericruse?


As may be expected from one who planned Gundam.

Ho ho, for us this is no sweat.

But it's dangerous.

Of all people, letting that Gundam pilot onto Mericruse.

That's precisely why.

OZ knows very well his skills as a pilot.

Is the self destruction of Mericruse controllable on Trowa's Bieight?

Yes as you ordered.

Trowa, if he makes any false move you may destroy Mericruse.

That won't be necessary.

He's fought with Tallgeese in Siberia.

The only thing on his mind is to settle it.

This time they won't be interrupted by having a Colony used as a shield.

How do you know about that?

An OZ soldier can find out such things easily.

I'm glad he blew himself up, or else I would have died with the rest of that colony.

I am grateful too.

I have gained a good soldier called Trowa.

How is it?

Not bad.

There's hardly any difference with the controls of Gundam.


Hey, Gundam pilot, how would you fight with the Mobile Doll?

First I'll infiltrate into the enemy and eliminate myself from the Mobile Doll's target.

Don't push it.

I'll have to blow you up.

The weak point of the Mobile Doll is that the machine has the same basic capacity as the manual type.

Mobility, perception of reaction speed is exactly the same.

It's up to the human to respond to it.

Space mines give me more of a hard time than a Mobile Doll.

Mobile Dolls are unnecessary.

I'll get that white one!

I've got the target, precede with the Mobile Dolls.

What business does he have in space?

Who knows.

They're Mobile Dolls.

My response is slightly slower.

I'll manage it if I get into close combat.



He's taken it?

This one's close combat too!

They're putting down the Mobile Dolls using the fight with me.

There aren't many pilots in space who can do such a thing.

I don't have time to play with you.

Take me to your superior...

I didn't think you'd infiltrated into OZ.

I am Officer Trowa Barton.

Zechs Merquise, this would be our first encounter.

Forgive me, I am Milliard Peacecraft.

I have come here as a ambassador of goodwill from Earth.

The majority of the people living in space are technicians and laborers.

Rather than the stable Earth, they endured the course environment and the spirit to progress has given them new strength.

A foundation that supports this is the Winner family.

The present head of the Winner family himself has moved to the colony and is bearing the brunt of the negotiations between the United Earth Federation in order to secure the rights of the colony inhabitants.

Even after the destruction of the Federation, he stands as the representative of the nearby colonies confronting OZ strictly on the principle of peace.

Mr. Winner, may I...

What, Quatre has returned!

I wonder how old you were then.

Thank you for bringing me all the way here.

Don't worry, I also have some business here.

You undutiful son!

I still think I'm right.

People can just about live in space.

What do you mean war!

It's impossible and useless!

That's why we've been trying to reach a Solution by negotiating with the Federation.

And you not only land on Earth in a Mobile Suit, but made an excuse for them to attack the Colony.

But if someone doesn't fight, this war won't end.

And, has it ended?

Has the war ended by you fighting?

What can you do?

What can a child like you do?!

An heir should listen to his parent.

Think about what you're doing.

Oh I think he's a fine heir.

Iria, what are you saying.

Father, just because he's a child doesn't mean he can't do anything.

My precious little brother is a reliable heir.

Father does understand you know, that we won't come to a Solution through negotiation with OZ.

He still believes we can do something if all the colonies unite.

Why didn't you tell me you were my sister?

I'd heard from father that my brother was a Gundam pilot.

But you saw how angry he was.

I just didn't know what to do.

I heard my sisters were at various resource satellites.

We're all on your side.

Even father.

When you ran out on your own, father was the one who was most worried.

It's true that I sheltered Professor H from the pursuit of the Federation.

But in the eyes of the Winner family, Mobile Suits are unnecessary for peace.

He ignored that and helped the Professor.

Problem solving with military force will only create more problems.

He doesn't understand that.

My Gundam was made here.

But due to my carelessness, I destroyed it on Earth.

What are you going to do?

Professor's no longer here.

I'm going to make a Gundam so I can fight again.


Can you really still fight for the people of the colony?

A Gundam pilot who fought just like you was captured and that Gundam was destroyed as an example.

The colony people were happy to watch it.

No one in space thinks of Gundam as an ally.

Quatre, can you still go on fighting?

I didn't fight to gain recognition from people.

But I believe that someday they will understand.

I think I'm a bit sentimental because Sandrock isn't here.

I'm sorry.

I'm your sister and I'm being so mean to you.


We all love you.

So don't be sad, our Quatre.

Thank you, Iria.

Then what is this future development that you speak of?

Why the necessity for defense armaments?

Mr. Winner, we understand your point but we live in a dangerous strategic position.

And the people want to ensure their safety with their own hands.



How do words like safety and peace come to your mind when you look at the weapons you've armed yourselves with.

The development of this colony would not have been possible without the funds from Mr. Winner.

But the prosperity of this day has been brought about by the hard work of the people.

I doubt if this dictatorship should go on...

When have I been dictatorial?!

I have just been opposing the intervention of OZ for the peace of the colony.

If there really was someone who wanted to rule this place, that is you lot!

Mr. Winner, this issue can no longer be of a personal matter.

Let us vote on the offer of the jurisdiction.

Why must I help them make weapons make tools to kill people.

What are they saying?

They're getting extremely critical.

Saying that he's monopolizing all the resources.

How could they.

It's true that the Winner family have many resource satellites.

But we've never monopolized.

He's given up everything for the prosperity of the people.

They should all know that.

The people feel differently now.

The people around you, the people around father.

The right thing, we're only doing the right thing.

By unanimous vote, we hand over the jurisdiction of this resource satellite to OZ.

I definitely will not permit weapons to be made on this satellite.


Father's detached the satellite?

Yes, and he's accelerating.

At this rate, it may have effect on the colony's functions.

This is his true intentions.

Only for his own profit.

He is destroying the colony's future and hence these actions.

Can we allow this?!


Since there are no oppositions, we will take immediate action in order to protect the peace and order of the colony.

Father please stop.

This won't do any good.

They'll send reinforcements.

Are you telling me to sit and watch OZ invade us!

I am NOT in the wrong.


Quatre, don't fight with the Mobile Suit.

Nothing is Solved with violence.


You idiot!

Don't come!

That damned beam cannon is aiming!

Father run away!

Quatre, I am running away.

I am definitely not fighting.

There is no end to a battle.

That's why I'm running away.

And if I am to meet my death for that it cannot be helped.

I don't have any regrets here if I have to change my beliefs.

Father! Father, FATHER!!




Father was fighting.

He wasn't running away.

He fought courageously.

Iria, keep still.

It'll affect your wound.

You're so kind Quatre.

Father was kind too.

But then why must he be killed?

No one understands the tears of gentle people.

So the colony is satisfied.

So you are all satisfied!

I'll never forget this.

And I'll never let you forget this day...!

Space, so quiet...

To be continued

Next episode preview

The times are stalling into a bewildering darkness.

The colonies are heading for the road to armament.

Zechs who has come from Earth to find out their intentions meets Lady Une who wishes peace.

Trying to find the future for Treize Lady Une takes individual actions behind the orders of the Longfeller foundation.

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