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Episode 20:
The Lunar Base Infiltration

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
In the year After Colony 175 the leader of the colonies was assassinated.

Five Gundams were sent to Earth to take revenge.

However, since OZ's activities in space took the form of cooperation rather than control the colonies decided to accept OZ.

The year After Colony 195.

As OZ moves to take over both Earth and outer space Gundams are labeled rebels and are isolated from society.

With no place to return the Gundams and their pilots must fight for a reason to exist in the changing world.

It's an astro suit!

The astro suit has also been set as a target!

Cancel it! Hurry!!

I'll eliminate all obstacles.

The Lunar Base Infiltration

Did you say the lunar base?!

That's right.

A large amount of Gundanium alloy is being brought into the Lunar Base factory.

It's probably for making a new type of mobile suit.

So what are your plans?

Just stay here.

You'll get in the way.

What do you meaan?!

I'm gonna need time to recover, considering all that's happened.

But how about being a little kinder to me once in a while?

Why not go to school instead of me?

I've already got the admission taken care of, under your name.


You've gotta be kidding!

Sure, your name would stick out here, but still...!

Instead of complaining, just rest and get better.

Don't overdo it.

Like he's gonna listen.

Of course he'll overdo it.

I'll decide once I get to the moon whether to steal the new mobile suit or destroy it.

With only one sixth the gravity of Earth the moon wasn't suitable for human inhabitation.

Upon completion of the Space Colonies construction was started on lunar research facilities and major factories of various sorts.

The moon further developed into a popular tourist destination for Earthlings.

It prospered until its suppression by the Alliance.

After OZ dismantled the Alliance Military the moon was again allowed to be a tourist destination.

People saw it as a sign that peace was returning to space.

People are now free to travel between the colonies.

It seems that OZ has already seized much of outer space.

They've been handing out a lot of gifts these days to try and win people over.

Once people trust OZ, the rest is easy.

Resources and labor will soon all be controlled by OZ.

Let's build OZ a real rascal to keep them occupied.

The Mercurius defense system is looking pretty impressive.

And the Vayeate should start taking shape once the mainframe is built.

Just a matter of time before it's completed.

I don't intend to work under OZ forever!

Officially speaking, this is Lady Une's project.

But they'll be selecting mobile suit pilots from among the colony citizens.

This could all become quite interesting.

I doubt if things will work out that well.

Heero won't bother with the selection process.

It's more his style to go straight for their throats.

In any case we'll complete the powerful mobile suits that OZ wants so badly.

Then prove that OZ can be destroyed by its own weapons!

Is OZ really thinking to establish a nation in space?

Now that we're free from the Alliance's control civilians can communicate between the colonies and with the Earth.

We have OZ to thank for that.

But I don't see why they must try to control our future.

Perhaps, but given the present size of the Space Colonies it'd be strange for us not to consider becoming a nation.

That's right, but this is our problem here.

It says our main industries will be military technology and mobile suit production.


The colony delegates are having problems with that document.

That seems natural.

They've seen the Alliance's reckless use of arms.

To them, a mobile suit manufacturer is like a merchant of death.

The nations supporting OZ like space technology only because they can use it to improve military power.

I can't see the peace-minded colonies going along with it.

They can think of our plan for the arms as a deterrent.

Arrangements will be made to bring what space is lacking.

What space is lacking...?

Proper public order.

Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Have you had a chance to read through our document?

I believe one of the reasons the Space Colonies were considered a threat to Earth was that the colonies lacked an organizational structure.

I think forming a nation is a step in the right direction.

But you're having problems with the major industries...?


How can there be world peace based on this idea that arms are needed as a deterrent?

History's taught us otherwise.

We can establish a new public order different from Earth.

We're proud this technology will be the source of our capital but we shouldn't be considering military power!

In my heart, I feel this war has already come to an end.

OZ is a military organization.

We've made an effort to settle repeated disputes on Earth.

The goal of the United Earth Sphere Alliance was to achieve peace without relying on military power.

Just as you're suggesting.

But think what those strategies gave rise to.

There's no need for reckless battle.

But you can't discuss mankind's beauty without acknowledging the desire to fight.

Am I the only one who admires man's will to fight?

I hadn't expected OZ to restore it to this extent.

But I can't hand this Gundam over to OZ!

Who's there?

I was gonna ask you.

You've gotta be some kind of expert to sneak in here at night and set explosives.

Hand me that detonation switch.

I don't care what happens.

You're not getting that Gundam!

No way...!

All those explosives and they didn't even make a dent!

That's disappointing, but the Gundam's sure impressive!

Damn! She's pretty aggressive!

OZ has found us!

Let's get outta here!

No way!

We've gotta be at least as brave as that lady!

We must recover Master Quatre's Gundam at all costs!

Leo troops, get a move on!

The enemy's in the hangar with the Gundam O4!

There it is!

We barely managed to sneak in and now look what's happening.

Abdul's plans never work out!

What was that?! Did you say something?!

I'm in a hurry, so get Master Quatre's Gundam here pronto!!

What's taking you, Auda?!

Don't fight so close to me!!

It wasn't easy swiping this carrier!

Don't blame me!

We were supposed to wait until OZ rebuilt the Gundam!

I didn't expect things would get moving this quickly!

Hurry up, Ahmad!!

I hear you!


We did it! Perfect!

Mission accomplished!

What's that?!

What's wrong?

Why'd you stop?

Damn it!!

Don't even think about fighting!

It's that bloody woman again!

Hey, that's Auda!

I don't think we're enemies!

I sensed that.

But the guy I know would try to destroy the Gundam.

The guy I know would be sad if it were destroyed.

We're hoping to restore it to make him happy.

Does she know a Gundam pilot as well?

We belong to the Maguanac Corps of the Middle East.

Please leave this Gundam in our hands!

Sounds like a great kid, this pilot of yours.

So does your pilot.

Now, I'd better go and pick up what the other great kid left behind.

Gundam Wing

The following footage is of an event held today that is very significant for the colonies ' defense.

These young volunteers are vying for a position to fight for the safety of the colonies.

Why is everyone going along with OZ's every word?

The youngsters fared well in a firing test designed to reflect a real battle.

In the next test, obstacles representing enemies will be placed along each mobile suit's path.

The bombs are imitations.

But they carry an impact.

Be careful!

Yes, sir!

Here they come!

Commence attack!

What a disaster.

But they're just amateurs.

I don't believe that guy!

What's with him?!

This is test pilot I.

I'm finished with the test.

Test pilot I, confirm your name!

I'm Trowa Barton.

Colonel, Trowa Barton is extraordinary!

Even though he's been through some simulations he couldn't make such maneuvers in his first battle!

What are you implying?

He must've had some previous training.

At an extremely high level, too!

But his background has been checked hasn't it?

Yes, and there were no problems.

Then it sounds like he's got some natural talents.

Talents that he never had the chance to use before.

But isn't it possible that he's been sent to destroy OZ?!

He might even be a Gundam pilot!

We'll find out soon enough.

Trowa Barton.

One more test.

Completely destroy the next target!

That's the...


What's the matter, Trowa Barton?

Fire at the target!!


He is a Gundam pilot, just as I figured!

I'll get rid of him!

Lend me that beam cannon.


It's made of Gundanium alloy.

A Leo rifle won't do the job.

A Gundam, responsible for the misunderstandings between Earth and the colonies and causing destruction will be destroyed by a colony citizen wishing for peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, stand by to witness this!

Hey, Deathscythe.

Don't give up too easily.

You'll be okay, right?

You'll come out fine, right...?

About to commence second test.



Trowa Barton's brain waves and pulse remain unchanged.

Then he's the perfect pilot.

But I still have some doubts about him.

That boy's clearly willing to cooperate with OZ.

People with talent are capable of understanding us.

What's this?

Those sparkles...

They're my tears.

The new type of mobile suits.

Many of the parts are still being designed.

I'll go destroy them.

Test pilot No. 1, Colonel Une wishes to speak with you.

Wait there!

I understand.

Colonel Une!

It's dangerous!

It's still possible that he's a Gundam pilot!

I think it'd be wiser to meet him by myself.


He's come to try and understand OZ.

It'd be rude not to meet with him.

I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.

As two individuals who love outer space.


Lieutenant Nichol, what are you so afraid of?

Afraid of...?

Let's put an end to the fighting, shall we?

My name is Lady Une.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

So this is Lady Une.

Chief Commander of OZ's Space operations.

So you've had experience with labor mobile suits in your job repairing the colony's outer walls.

Your outstanding test results today have the OZ soldiers completely baffled.

I've always felt I had what it'd take to be a soldier.

So then I'm hired?

Let's work together to bring peace to outer space.

I'm just hoping that my abilities will come in handy to defeat the Alliance's Space Forces.

I'd never thought about peace in outer space.

Then I thought of myself as the right type of person for OZ.

The right type of person?

I'm impressed how OZ is gradually taking over space while appearing to act out of friendship.

People may think of it as foul play, but it suits me.

Taking over?

What do you mean, ''foul play''?

OZ is a place where the crafty are acknowledged.

That's what it's about.



It's not true!


She needs to get some rest!

Please, Colonel.

Come this way.

What happened to her?

You might have tricked the Colonel, but not me.

Trowa Barton.

The Colonel has ordered you to come back in two hours to test OZ's new mobile suits.

But just now the Colonel...

Lady Une is a much stronger person in her uniform.

She might feel like killing someone as questionable as you.

So I'm Lady Une of OZ...?

Or do I work under Treize...?

Didn't take you long to find your pilots, did it?

These five have been selected from the colony citizens as prospective pilots.

And this is Trowa Barton.

He's outstanding.

He should be able to control any suit.

These mobile suits of ours won't be simple to control.

I hear they're better than the Gundams.

I can't wait.

How far have you gotten?

The Mercurius is 80% complete and the Vayeate is about 50% complete.

What's the reason for developing two models?

We designed these two suit models as opposing principles in battle that is, offense and defense in their extremes.

With the Vayeate, we added the largest possible beam cannon without affecting mobility.

And with the Mercurius we added a defense shield to withstand such a beam cannon attack.

Which would win if they were to fight each other?

Naturally, the one with the better pilot would win.

Who are you kidding?!

So the race to determine the superiority of mobile suits is meaningless, since their value is directly dependent on the abilities of the pilot?

You're sharp; I see why you were selected by OZ.

You're right!

Silence Trowa!

Leave him alone!

He'll be piloting one of those suits.

I'll allow his questions.

Uh, yes ma'am.

What tests will you be demonstrating for us today?


I'll show you the defense system of the Mercurius.

It's the latest system, which creates an electric field to allow it to reflect any beam fired by the enemy.

And the Vayeate?

The Vayeate still needs some work.

It isn't even charged with energy yet.

What's that?

The Vayeate's moving!

Activate the Mercurius shield!

Got it!


Are you gonna make it?


What'd I tell you?

My weapon, he's something, don't you think?

That's for sure.

He even came after us!

That's some weapon!

To be continued

Next Episode

A white mobile suit approaches a colony.

Once it's determined to be Zechs' Tallgeese Lady Une orders Trowa and Heero to attack it.

The injured Quatre returns to the Winner residence.

But, to his great sadness, there he finds his father being solely blamed and criticized by the people.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 21,

Grief-stricken Quatre.

Episode 20 New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING


The leader of Colonies was assassinated by OZ.

In revenge, five Gundams were sent to Earth.

But OZ resorted to the peaceful negotiation instead of using force to deal with the citizens of the Colonies.

Colonies started to accept and follow OZ peacefully.


While fighting for control of earth and space continues on, Gundams became the evil symbol to most people.

Gundam and their pilots lost support of their homeland.

Now they are struggling to search for the meaning of their existence.

That's an astro suit.

Astro suits are their NEW target!

Turn it off!


I'll remove any obstacles in my way.


That's right.

Huge amounts of Gundanium are being delivered to the factories in the Moon base.

Most likely, they are making a new type of Mobile Suit.

Then what are we going to do?

Don't come with me.

You'll be in my way.

What did you say?!

I know it's my fault that my body is weak.

But, can't you find a nicer way to say it?

You can go to school instead of me.

I used your name to enroll into a new school.


It's such a bad joke.

Your name would have caused just as much trouble as mine.

Don't complain.

Try to get well soon.

He wouldn't have listened to me if I had told him not to try too hard.

When I get to the moon I will decide if I'll keep it or destroy it.

The Moon has 1 \6 of Earth's gravity.

It's not suitable for humans to live there permanently.

By the time the Space Colonies were finished being Built.

Many laboratories and huge manufacturing plants producing the necessary parts for colonies are on the moon.

It has since been developed as the tourist attraction for the tourist from Earth, and it was prosperous until the suppression of the Federation.

When OZ defeated the Federation, the moon base was allowed to run as a tourist attraction again.

People in space saw this as an indication that peace had returned to space.

People can now travel between the colonies without any problem.

It seems like OZ got complete control over space.

Citizens in the colonies accept OZ because OZ provides ''Good Food'' to them.

Once colonies trust OZ, it's obvious what will come next.

OZ will drain all the colonies' resources and labor force.

Then we'll just make another bad boy to annoy OZ.

Mericruise's defense system looks fine.

When we put Bi-eight's main frame, you'll see the final shape.

He's going to be completed very soon.

When he does, I'm not going to obey OZ.

If Lady Une takes care of everything, I heard that they will pick pilots of those mobile suit from the citizens of the Colonies.

That sounds really interesting.

Well, interesting doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

Well, Heero would do things more directly.

He's a type of person who will get things done all at once.

I'll build a strong Mobile Suit like OZ wants us to...

And I'll prove that it can destroy them as well!

OZ is going to build a new nation?

Due to freedom from the Federation's domination, Communications between colonies and earth have started again.

In fact, that's OZ work.

However, we don't have to follow OZ's opinion about the colonies in the future.

But considering their influence on colonies, it'll be strange if they're not a nation.

Yes, but there is a problem.

They want us to help them build a new army of Mobile Suits with our resources.

Lady Une, representatives of the Colonies feel problematic about the domination.

Of course they do.

They have been through a domineering government that abused Armaments.

To them, producing Mobile Suits is like the act of a death merchant.

The only reason for a nation to support OZ would be to have a space army.

And what Colonies want is peace, so I don't think the Colonies will accept us.

Don't try to rush so much.

We'll eventually get the things we need.

Things we need?

The right order.

Everyone, I'm sorry I am late.

Did you take a look at the proposal in your hands yet?

Former Space Colony unification plans were looked upon with fear, because the Colony system was ambiguous.

But I believe constructing a nation is meaningful.

But forming a unification will be the source of a problem?

Exactly, in that case, we'll need armament, or else, there won't be any peace in the world.

That's what we've learned from past history.

The colonies have a possibility of creating a new order far from earth.

We're proud of our ability to produce manufactured goods, but not in armaments.

In my mind, war is already over here.

OZ is a peace-keeping system.

We've tried our best to stop wars on earth.

For awhile, the Federation tried to achieve peace without armaments like everybody here.

But what happened to them?

We don't need meaningless fights.

But without the will to fight, we cannot talk about the beauty of humans.

Isn't the man with such a philosophy, attractive?

Or is it only me?

I never thought OZ had recovered this much.

But this Gundam must NOT fall into their hands.

Who is it?

That's my question.

You are not just a civilian because you came at night and planted the bombs.

First, give us the detonator.

Even if you kill me, I won't give you the Gundam.


The explosion didn't even scratch it.

I should be happy Gundam survived, but they can't have this one.

Shit, she set off the alarms!

If OZ hears of this...

Go back!

If we run away, then she'll complete her mission.

We'll take back Quatre-sama's Gundam even if it costs us our lives.

B-4 troops, move out, the enemy is an intruder after the Gundam unit 04.

What the...?

This is what happens after we struggled to get in here?

Abdul's strategy is always no good.


Did you say something?

I don't have time!

Bring Quatre-sama's Gundam here quickly!

What is he doing?



Get some distance if you are fighting!

This is what we risked our lives to recover!

I can't help it!

OZ located the reconstructed Gundam much earlier than we expected!

I'll hold them off as long as possible!

Load it up quickly!


Hurry up!

I know!

How was that?!


We'll succeed in our escape.

What is it?

What's wrong?

Take off!


Get out now, before I fire.


That little girl.

Hey Auda?

I don't think we are enemies.

Seems like we're not.

But the person I know would want me to destroy that Gundam.

The person I know would be sad if we destroyed it.

We would like to repair it for him.

She also knows about Gundam?

We are soldiers from the middle-east country of Maganac.

I beg you.

Please let us take care of this Gundam.

It should be alright.

They also look like good boys.

Your friend should be one too.

Well then, I guess I'll have to look for the next lost thing!

This special presentation is to demonstrate what it takes to secure our colony's peace.

These select young trainees are going to have our Colony's safety on their shoulders.

Why are they acting the way OZ wants them to?!

Young men who achieved a good score on a simulation of a real battle...

From this point on, the obstacles will fire at us as we proceed.

Of course, they will not fire real bullets but you will feel a moderate shock if you get hit.

Be careful.

Yes, sir!

They're coming.

Start your attack.

They're still only amateurs.


Who is that?

This is Plane-1 .

I'm completed my training task.

Pilot of Plane-1 , tell me your name.

My name is Trowa Barton.

Lady Une, Trowa Barton is abnormal.

No matter how much they practice in simulations, normal people never do that well in their first battle.

What are you saying?

He must have been trained.

Extensively so.

What about his background?

You checked it completely, didn't you?

Yes, but there were no problems.

Then he must have a secret talent.

That was never shown before.

But he was breaking every OZ record.

He could be a Gundam pilot.

We'll know soon enough if he is.

Trowa Barton, you've been assigned additional practice.

Destroy the next target.

That is?

What is that?

What's wrong Trowa Barton?

Shoot the target!

Commander, he is definitely a Gundam pilot.

I'll kill him here.

Give me your beam weapon.


That's Gundanium alloy.

My Leo's rifle cannot beat it.

A Gundam that caused misunderstandings and battles between Earth and the Colonies is about to be destroyed right now.

Everyone please watch this.

Hey, Deathscythe, don't be destroyed easily.

You'll be okay, right?

Okay right?

Second training exercise, begin.


Trowa Barton, no change in his brain wave and heart beat.

He is a perfect pilot.

But there is a little doubt though.

He has the attitude to understand OZ.

Talented people understand us.

What is this?



A new type of Mobile Suit?

There are many newly designed parts too.

I'll have to destroy them all.

Plane-1 trainee, Lady Une is calling for you.

Wait there.

Yes, sir.

Lady Une, it's too dangerous!

He could still be a Gundam pilot.

I'd better see him by myself.

He came here to understand OZ.

I have to meet him in person.

It'll be a chat between two people who love space.


Lieutenant Nikol, why are you scared?


Let's end this fight now.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Lady Une.

She's Lady Une?

OZ's top commander and space liaison.

You worked at repairing the outside walls of colonies and constructing Mobile Suits.

Your performance in the first training exercise surprised the other soldiers in OZ.

I think I am a talented soldier.

Am I accepted?

Together, let's make the space safer and peaceful.

I just want to use my skill to defeat the Federation.

I didn't think of peace in space much before.

That why I thought I was useful for OZ.

useful for OZ?

I like the attitude of OZ which seems friendly but actually tries to Control space.

People call it dirty but that is suitable for me.



The place where a sly person can be useful...

It's OZ.





Commander, remain calm.

Madam, this way.

What happened to her?

You can't fool me even if you were able to fool her.

Trowa Barton, the Commander wants you to test a new type of Mobile Suit in two hours.

But where is the Commander now?

She is strong when she wears a army uniform.

She might even kill you if you look suspicious.

I am Lady Une...


for OZ?

Or for Sir Treize-sama?

It's already set?

So soon, huh.

These are candidates for pilots, selected from the Colony's citizens, and Trowa Barton, he can handle any kind of Mobile Suit.

These Mobile Suits are not easy to master.

Better than Gundam?

I'm looking forward to it.

So how's the progress?

Mericruise is 80% done Bi-eight is 50% done.

Why did you need to develop two different kinds?

These two were designed from the basic concepts of battle: offence and defense.

Bi-eight has been given a beam weapon that projects energy almost without limitation.

Mericruise has a shield that absorbs the beam.

Then what if these two fight against each other?

The one that has the better pilot wins.

Be serious!

Mobile Suits are not competitive in their functions.

It's up to the ones who pilot them.


You are smart.

OZ found a good candidate.


Ensign Trowa, remain quiet.

It's all right.

He's going to pilot it.

Questions are allowed.

Yes, Ma'am So what tests are you going to show us?

Yeah, the procedure to protect Mericruise.

It creates an electromagnetic shield and absorbs any energy beam.

That's the latest system.

And the Bi-eight?

Bi-eight is not completed yet.

We haven't tried to charge the energy batteries yet.


The Bi-eight is moving!

Activate Mericruise's shield.

I know.


Hey, Get up.

Hey, my weapon is pretty clever right?

That's true.

He came to kill us.


To be continued

Next episode preview

There is a white Mobile Suit approaching the colony.

When she realized that it was a Tallgeese piloted by Zechs, Lady Une gets Trowa and Heero to attack it.

Quatre was hurt and went back home to the Winner family.

But there his father is being called a pacifist and accused of being weak.

Next Time on Gundam Wing episode 21, The Sorrow of Quatre.

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