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Episode 19:
Assault On Barge

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
In the year After Colony 175 the leader of the colonies was assassinated.

Five Gundams were sent to Earth to take revenge.

However, since OZ's activities in space took the form of cooperation rather than control the colonies decided to accept OZ.

The year After Colony 195.

As OZ moves to take over both Earth and outer space Gundams are labeled rebels and are isolated from society.

With no place to return the Gundams and their pilots must fight for a reason to exist in the changing world.

Hurry up and return, Zechs.

If you're not around to help OZ will allow worthless actions by worthless people.


I can no longer be your friend.

Assault On Barge

I'm alive...


Howard, look at him!

Give me a minute!

You don't look bad.

Can you get up?

You were piloting that interesting machine.

I picked it up, as well.

I never would have guessed that anyone other than those kids could pilot the Tallgeese.

Who are you?

I'm one of the people who was involved in its design.

But that was long ago.

You mean you made the Tallgeese?

I was sailing through this area and I saw an intense battle.

I stuck around to watch.

You in pain?

Why did you bother to save me?

You've become OZ's enemy.

Zechs Merquise.

OZ's very own hero has broken away from them.

There's no harm in taking care of you.

Zechs Merquise is dead.

That's what they say.

The times are changing.

I'd love to see the new era while I'm still alive.

It's a fabulous piece of machinery.

No wonder it's the prototype for the Gundams.

Are those vernier rockets for atmospheric clearance?

To tell the truth, they were originally manufactured to get the Gundams back into outer space.

Oh, by the way...

Think you can make it to outer space?

Outer space?

It's about to undergo a drastic transformation.

There's a growing need for skilled people like you.

OZ started cracking down on the former United Earth Sphere Alliance Space Force stationed at La Grange Points.

OZ was steadily increasing its strength within the colonies.

The Space Fortress Barge was symbolic of this strength.

But OZ didn't reveal its aggressive side to the colony citizens.

Instead, it showed a completely different aspect of itself.

OZ's Colonel Une replaced the former Alliance as the Commander of the Space Force.

She formed relations with representatives of the colonies.

With a sense of liberation from the militaristic pressure of the Alliance the colonies were welcoming OZ in its new establishment.

In order to attain peace and to coexist in the colonies and within the whole Earth Sphere we must have your cooperation.

Unfortunately though, some people within the colonies are doubtful of OZ.

They point out mistakes that were made in the past.

However, I believe that the day will come when these people will understand OZ's efforts.

We feel they'll change their minds as well.

We're trying hard to convince each of the colonies.

On the other hand, we have no means to counter violence.

That's what OZ is here for.

As long as OZ is present I have no doubt that justice will be served.

If Colonel Une says so, then there's no need to worry.

Once peace spreads into space even those who still harbor doubts toward OZ will awaken to the truth.


Colonel Une!

We have the item in question.


Colonel, please return to Barge.

To Barge?

Orders from His Excellency Treize.

His Excellency Treize...

I'll return to Barge.

Are you certain?

No question.

It's the HLV carrier that left Earth carrying a Gundam.

The Gundams are evil and will harm the colonies.

They'd be valuable as our evil scapegoats.

Bring out the Tauruses! Capture it!

What about the pilot?

Depends on his looks.


If he's ugly, let him live.

If people could sympathize with him, then kill him.

We can't have anything interfere with changing public opinion.

Let him live if he's ugly...?

Just kidding.

We have confirmation.

It's an HL V from Singapore used to transport a Gundam.

No energy detected.

It's a miracle it flew this far without refueling.

It might be unmanned.

Regardless, orders are to capture it.

We'll tow it along to Colony C I O2.



What an honor, being greeted by the latest model.

But anyone carelessly approaching me will die!

Taurus mobile dolls, attack!

They're fast!


That didn't work either!

Zero output.

My Deathscythe's bought it and I don't have long myself.

But still, I'll die fighting!

Gundam, you're just lucky that I wasn't a mobile doll!

I don't want to copy Heero, but...

Tag along, on my journey into hell!!

Not my lucky day.

Can't even self-detonate.

Or maybe...I am lucky...

One of the Gundam mobile suits known for their destruction and threat to peace was shot down by OZ's Taurus unit.

The Gundam pilot has been arrested.

The background of this pilot has not been confirmed.

But OZ has said that the arrest will assist them as they attempt to eradicate rebels and their organizations.

The colony governments have announced their cooperation.

Hopefully with the cooperation of OZ and the colonies we will soon be able to return to total peace.

Are the people of the colonies so used to being controlled that nobody can figure out the Gundams are the only ally?

Still, I have no choice left but to fight.

It's too far away from here.

But it's near the colony Heero went to.

He'll do something, for sure.

After Colony I 7 5.

No major incidents within the colonies...?

The assassination of the leader Heero Yuy has been deleted.

OZ's methods haven't changed one bit.

OZ has said that this will assist them as they attempt to eradicate rebels...

This wouldn't be the right time for battle.

All negative factors must be eliminated.

Gundam Wing

Flight O9O4, proceed to R2 8.

Proceed to R2 8...

What's this?

Following the capture of the mad scientists who were foes to the colonies and the people of Earth one of the Gundams and its pilot have now been caught.

Colony C I O2 authorities are calling OZ's actions a success.

They say they'll continue to promote cooperative efforts.

Hooray for OZ!

I wasn't expecting the Gundam pilot to be just a kid.

Well, Excuse me!

Have I wounded your pride?!

Not compared to how your pride has suffered.

You'll be executed.

The people's feelings toward the execution will unite the colonies.

I never expected to use the Gundam pilots this way.

Why you...!

Damn all of you!

Shit, they did me over.

This sucks.

What a surprise, Heero.

You really are superhuman.

Just in time.

They were about to use me and my Gundam for their plans.

If I'm gonna die, then this seems like the way to go.

Go ahead and shoot me.

Hey, you're seriously gonna shoot me, aren't you?

If that's what you want.

Your right hand's still okay?

So, where's your Gundam?

I left it on Earth.

It'd stick out, here in space.

Then I'd get caught like you.

Yeah, well pardon me.

How will you get us out of here?

I came to kill you.

I hadn't thought up an escape plan yet.

And if we don't make it?

It's as simple as silencing the two of us.

What's going on?!

What happened?!

It's always the quiet guys who're the flashiest.

Several small bombs have been set in the supplies block!

What about the Gundam?

Increase security around the Gundam pilot!

Surveillance here!

The Gundam pilot has escaped with an outsider's help!

Damn it!

What about the Gundam?!

There were explosions in the area.

But no sign of intruders.

Show me the explosion points.

Explosions are centered around the supplies storage and gate.

The mobile suit gate and area is untouched!

The enemy will escape from there!

Send out the dolls!

Wouldn't target settings be difficult within the colony?!

The dolls aren't a cheap system!

They're annihilation machines!

Deploy them at once!

Enemy attack in Colony C I O2!

Backup troops, head there at once!


I finally found you.

Now you can show me what you're made of!!

We're sending Tauruses to attack!


Colonel Une!

Look out!

A Gundam is right by the base!

She's going to a colony meeting in a new district.


This couldn't be all you've got.

You people are strong enough to control the colony citizens.

You're underhanded and much stronger!

Lieutenant Nichol!

Gundam O5 and the Leos in pursuit are in the firing range of Barge's Beam Cannon!

Okay, fire!!

But we'd fire on our Leos!

No matter!

Do it before the Colonel leaves!

Gundam O5 is within firing range!


Yes, sir!!

Sacrificing your own men?!

I've never seen the enemy as foul as they are now.

When deceitful guys like you are strong, I can fight you!

Please, stop this futile battle.

Let us greet a new age together.

Who's that?!

Let's do away with any desires to battle which were left over from the passing era.

Such destructive desires aren't needed in the future.

Who are you?!

Taurus troops, we're moving in on the Gundam!

Please end this futile battle.

Colonel Une, please give us orders to attack!

I can't do that.

Peace should prevail in outer space.


Never mind, attack O5!

Just you wait OZ; I'll come back to get you!

We're going after O5! -Sir!

No, wait!

Forget it!

Which Colonel am I supposed to follow?

So those new models are the mobile dolls.

No wonder their reaction time is quick!

Once they're locked onto a target, there's no escaping.

Then how will we get away?

I'm not thinking about escaping.



We could use this.


What's going on?!

Why are the mobile dolls attacking the Leos?!

I got it.

A Leo was scrambling to get off the premises.

So the mobile dolls set it as a target!

And it seems another target has been set.

It's an astro suit!

The astro suit has also been set as a target!

Cancel the auto command!

Cancel it! Hurry!!

I left my Gundam behind.

I've gotta destroy it!

The Gundams are worthless.


Dr. J and the other scientists who designed the Gundams have all been caught by OZ.

I'll kill them all.


I'll eliminate all obstacles.

This is going overboard, to get one person into space.

Outer space is rejecting humans.

And perhaps the Earth is telling us we're wrong by pulling us back down toward it.

To be continued

Next Episode

The five scientists start developing OZ's new suits Mercurius and Vayeate.

In an attempt to stop them Heero sneaks on the Lunar Base to assassinate them.

But he's stopped in his tracks by none other than Trowa.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 20

The Lunar Base Infiltration

Episode 19

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

A.C.175. OZ gained control of colonies.

Through skillful manipulation, OZ drove Gundams to either self-destruct or to hide from the people...

As OZ approached colonies with peaceful negotiation instead of using force, people in the colonies started to believe in OZ.

A.C.195. The battle for control over earth and space goes on, Gundams were isolated after becoming a symbol of a traitor.

Confused by this situation were the Gundams and their pilots Who lost support of their home country and the purpose of fighting...

Zechs... come back soon.

There will be only unworthy people in OZ if you are not here.


I can no longer be your best friend.


Am I?

Old man, take a look at this!

Hold on!

You look better now.

Can you get up?

You rode an interesting thing so I picked it up along too.

I didn't think anybody would be able to control that Tallgeese other than those kids.

You are...?

I joined the movement.

It's a long time ago though.



When I was passing by here, I saw a big fight.

I was surprised to watch it.

Does it hurt?

Why did you help me?

You are an enemy of OZ.

A hero, Zechs Merquise, who abandoned OZ.

I should treat you well.

Zechs Merquise is dead.

I heard that.

It's a turning point between eras.

I want to see a new era while I'm still alive.

It's a good one.

It's the prototype of Gundam.

It's equipped with an escape velocity burner?

I was going to install it for when Gundam went back to space.

By the way, would you like to go up to space?

To space?

Soon, space will be changing a lot.

We need great people to be there.

At the Lagrange Point, just like how they exerted control over the old Federation of Earth, OZ steadily increased their influence over the colonies there...

The Space Fortress Balji symbolizes OZ's immense power.

However, OZ didn't show their power to the citizens of the Colonies but rather showed another more benevolent face to those in space.

Lady Une, senior social liaison of OZ became a respected leader after she started friendly relationship with representatives of the colonies.

Free from the pressure of the Old Federation, the colonies accepted the new attitude of OZ.

For peace in not only the Colonies, but also all areas of Earth.

We need everyone's cooperation now.

But some people in colony still don't trust us because of what OZ did to colonies before.

However, I believe everyone will understand OZ and our efforts, and will join us in our efforts to achieve universal peace and harmony.

We believe in the same thing.

We are trying our best to persuade each colony...

But we have no means for self-defense.

OZ is here for that.

Your sincerity will be understood as long as we are with you.

Lady Une, if you say so, we'll feel relieved.

When space is peaceful, people who don't understand OZ will realize what the truth is.

Lady Une.

It's started.

Commander, please return to Balji.

To Balji?

It's a direct order from his Excellency, Treize.

His Excellency Treize.

I'll return to Balji.

Are you sure?

Yes I am sure.

This is the HLV from earth that brought the Gundam in.

Gundam is an evil that endangers the Colonies.

We can use it as a scapegoat.

Send out the Taurus.

What about the pilot?

It depends on his looks.

If he's ugly, bring him back alive.

If he looks Pitiful, kill him.

We don't need anyone whose looks will bring out the sympathy from civilians.

If he's ugly, then bring him back alive?

Just kidding.

It's clear.

It's a H LV carrying the Gundam.

No energy responses.

It's already a miracle that he flew all the way to this area without life support.

There couldn't be anybody in it.

That's okay, our duty is to bring the HLV back.

We're going to tow it to colony C-1 02.

Yes sir!

I am glad to fight a new type of Mobile Suit.

But if you get close to me, YOU'LL DIE!

Taurus Mobile Dolls, ATTACK!

They're quick.


It's not working?

Shit, Power level is zero.

Deathscythe is dead too.

I'm not going to live long.

But I won't die for nothing.

Gundam, you'll be happy to know that I'm not a Mobile Doll.

It's time to finish this.

Let's go to HELL TOGETHER.

No luck left for me...

The self-destruct switch is broken too...

Or is this good Luck?

The Mobile Suit Gundam that has caused great disaster and agony to our people, has been disabled by OZ's Taurus squad and the pilot was arrested by soldiers of OZ.

They are searching for info on who this pilot is now, but OZ made a comment that they are going to do their best to exterminate all rebel elements.

The self-governing body of the Colonies also offered to cooperate with OZ.

We hope peace will come as soon as possible with this cooperation.

None of them realize that Gundam is their only ally.

People in the Colonies have gotten so used to being controlled.

I have to fight on anyway.

It's too far from here.

It's close to the colony that Heero is in.

He must be planning something.


There wasn't any big reaction at this colony.

They erased all the records on Heero Yuy's assassination.

OZ hasn't been changed.

Comment that they are going to do their best to exterminate all rebel elements...

We are in a disadvantageous position.

I have to get rid of any negative factors.

Q 1 04, R28, unloading cargo, unloading cargo.

What's this?

Following the arrest of the fanatical scientists who acted against the colonies and Earth, We've finally captured a Gundam and its pilot.

It was the C-1 02 Colony authorities and OZ's joint effort that made capture of such a dangerous individual possible.

OZ, Hurray!

I didn't expect Gundam's pilot to be a little kid.

Sorry, was your pride injured to be so frightened by a kid?

Don't even compare it with your already lost pride.

You'll be punished.

People in the Colonies will join together for this incident.

I never thought of using Gundam for such a thing.




I did all I could.

Oh well, I can't do anything.

I'm surprised, Heero.

You always show up unexpectedly.

I guess it's OK.

Gundam and I would be used by them anyway.

I am destined to be killed by you.

Go ahead.

Kill me now.

You are going to do it, right?

Only if you wish.

You can use your right hand, right?

How's your Gundam?

I left it on Earth.

It's burdensome in space.

I could've been caught like you.

I see, then how are we going to get out of here?

My purpose here was to kill you.

I didn't plan on escaping.

If we fail?

Two mouths will be silenced.

What is it?

What happened?

People who don't speak a lot usually act lavishly.

This is Bush cargo block!

Many small bombs are going off all over the place!

What about the Gundam?

Get more people out to guard the Gundam and the pilot!

This is the control Booth!

The Gundam pilot has escaped.

He definitely had outside help.


What about the Gundam?

There was an explosion nearby but no intruders entered!

Show me the exact locations of the explosions.

Material stockrooms and those gates were the ones heavily damaged.

The Mobile Suit gate was not harmed?

They must be running away from there!

Launch the Mobile Dolls.

Inside the Colony, instructions for targets are unstable.

The Mobile Doll isn't a cheap system.

It's a perfect killing machine.

Dispatch them!

Enemy attack on C-1 02 Colony!

Send troops to help them now!

What the...?

I found you.

Now, show me your power!

I'm going to fight in a Taurus.


Lady Une it's dangerous!

Gundam is at Balji!

The Commander has an appointment with the Colony.


Your power's not this weak!

Your power is strong enough to even control people's mind.

You must be dirty and strong.

Lieutenant Nikol, Gundam unit 05 and the Leo are entering the area of our Balji beam.

Alright then, fire!

But.. the Leos will also be a target.

I know that.

Kill them before Lady Une comes out.

Gundam unit 05, in the area Fire!


Yes, sir.

You're sacrificing your own men too?

I've never seen an enemy this dirty and big before.

I can fight as much as I can if strong people like you are that dirty.

Please stop this worthless fight.

Let's start a new age together.

Who is that?

Abandon your belligerent emotion and enter into a new era.

We're not going to need it in the future.

Who are you?

Taurus troops, get that Gundam!

Move in!

Please stop this meaningless fight!

Give me the order to attack him, Lady Une.

NO, space is meant to be peaceful.


Never mind, attack unit 05!

Wait for me!

I'll definitely come back again.

Follow unit 05.

No... wait.

It's okay.

Commander, which one of you should I follow?

That new type is a Mobile Doll.

No wonder its response is so fast.

Once you are targeted, you cannot escape from it.

Then how are we going to escape?

I haven't thought of that yet.


We can use this.


What's going on?

Why is that Leo being attacked by the Mobile Dolls?

Now, I understand.

The Mobile Doll detected the Leos trying to get out for the scramble alert, so they are targeting it as a new enemy.

One more thing, a new target was recorded.

This is... an astro suit, the target is now an astro suit!

Turn it off!

Right now!

Turn it off!


I left my Gundam back there I have to get it back.

There is no place for Gundam to go back to.


All the Gundam scientists Including Dr.

J have already been caught by OZ.

I have to kill those five also.


I must get rid of any obstacles.

We have to do a lot to launch just one person.

When space refuses humans... and Earth appears to be telling us this is wrong... it seems as if she is trying to pull us back down again.

To be continued Next episode preview The latest type of OZ's Mobile Suit Mericruise and Bi-eight's development, has been started by the five captive scientists.

To prevent this, Heero goes to the Lunar base alone and tries to kill them.

But the person who showed up to stop him was Trowa.

Next time on Gundam Wing Episode 20,

Smuggling, Moon Base.

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