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Episode 18:
Tallgeese Destroyed

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
We've confirmed the engineers' identity.

All five of them?

Yes, ma 'am!

As suspected, they were all involved in OZ mobile suit development, in the past.

I see.

All five of them disappeared and have been missing since the Tallgeese development.

Or rather, since completing the Tallgeese blueprint.

The Tallgeese?

Isn't that the mobile suit Colonel Zechs is using?

Also called the Leo Prototype?

Yes, it was built twenty years ago.

But it's still regarded as the most powerful built on Earth.

Most powerful is hardly the appropriate term.

Ma 'am.

It wouldn't be the most powerful unless all soldiers agreed.

We'll have them make us a suit.

A mobile suit that's more powerful than the Tallgeese.

No, more powerful than the Gundams!

Captain, I've brought Colonel Zechs here to see you.

Thank you.

Please Excuse the small room.

Have a seat.

You don't need that for Colonel Zechs.

You're dismissed!


Sorry to make you uncomfortable, Zechs.

Don't concern yourself, Your Excellency.

I'm prepared to face a court martial.

As long as you continue to be a strong force for the Romefeller Foundation I foresee no problems with the court martial.

A strong force...?

The Romefeller Foundation is concerned about the Gundams.

They're the most powerful mobile suits on Earth.

Would you continue to fight as our knight to defeat the Gundams?

Your Excellency.

I'm sorry.

I don't believe I can follow Romefeller's ideas any longer.


I've been fighting the Gundams out of personal feelings.

And that's something which has no place in a war.

My battle with the Gundams is over.

I see...

In that case, Zechs, sacrifice your life for OZ.

A guilty verdict in court for your conduct would be a big blow to OZ.

But if you died an honorable death, soldiers would mourn and develop a stronger will to fight.

Naturally, the higher powers in Romefeller will be satisfied.

The name Lightning Count will live on as a legendary hero.

That'd be wonderful.

Your death would have that much value to it.

If you died, you'd be free.

Farewell, Zechs Merquise.

Once this ship has been evacuated fifty Aries and twenty Cancers will attack it.

They'll be manned by Alliance survivors trying to win the Foundation's attention.

I heard this mission is to allow you to escape unnoticed by the higher powers.

But given the enemy and the sheer numbers there's no room for escape.

That's right.

This is a test in order to survive as Treize's friend.

No matter what I do I can't escape from what he has planned for me.

Commence simulation!

So this is the mobile doll system.

We used an old model of the Leo.

So we program them by remote.

But no such problem exists with our Taurus space mobile doll.

Wonderful abilities.

These would reinforce our soldiers, wouldn't they Chief Engineer?

In fact, they'll replace soldiers as the main force in the near future.

What's that?!

Someone's attacking us!

They're not responding!

Perfect target for the mobile dolls.

Order to attack!

Enemy spy?! How foolish!

Transmission from the enemy Leo!

Colonel Treize!!


Discontinue attack! Stop firing!!

I thought I'd represent human soldiers and propose a battle against the mobile dolls.

Hoping to die, Colonel Treize?!

Mobile dolls don't show mercy like a human soldier would.

If mobile dolls are superior, then I don't belong here.

I think we could vie for superiority here and now.

Here goes!

He's insane!

Never mind; kill the Colonel!!


It's an order!

He's trying to kill us!

Get him!

No! I can't!

Then I will!

Stop it, Chief Engineer!


This is Treize Khushrenada.

Murder Tubarov!

Yes, sir!

What the hell?!

No, stop!!

I'm assassinating you, under the orders of Colonel Treize!

It's over.

Chief Engineer Tubarov.

Wars are about more than fighting with mobile suits.

We claim victory.

I retract my order.

Mobile dolls and soldiers both take their orders from humans.

I ask that you place more value on humans and learn to love them.

Hurry up and return, Zechs.

If you're not around to help OZ will allow worthless actions by worthless people.

It's coming!

The shuttle that avoided OZ's surveillance!

Just as I thought.

This course isn't frequented by OZ.

Then we can capture ourselves a Gundam sir?

More accurately, a Gundam pilot.

The shuttle coming isn't equipped for mobile suit transport.

Then what do you plan to achieve by restraining the pilot?

The Gundam pilot has returned to space so it can fight OZ.

We're after the same enemies.

So I'll negotiate with the pilot to join forces!

Shouldn't we hand the pilot over to OZ in exchange for a guarantee of our safety?

Negotiations are meaningless with an organization that has a record of playing dirty.

Our one and only chance is to fight head on!

Objects approaching at high speed.

Probably OZ's Taurus mobile suits!

There's five!

We have twenty space Leos; we have the advantage!

I told you not to underestimate OZ!

OZ already knows that survivors from the Alliance Space Forces are hiding here!

They CAN defeat us, with just five Tauruses!!

We'll fight for the survival of the Alliance.

Don't let them get the Gundam pilot!!

Why were the Alliance suits deployed?!

Flying object approaching the retreating troops!


The Gundam?

Did these guys find one of the Gundams that had left Earth?

All enemy suits headed here are space battle Leos!


Provide the mobile dolls with all target information.

Take over here.

-I'm going after the shuttle! - Yes, sirr!

So, now they can utilize unmanned mobile suits.

They probably saw them as a valid weapon in space since the battleground has no obstacles.

Battling without getting your hands dirty is merely a game.

Foolish are those who start wars.

But the blood shed during battle is never a waste.

Foolish people see the bloodshed and learn to regret their actions.

But once war turns into a game it becomes mere entertainment.

I wish they'd just declare a winner to this game.

Then nobody would have to die.

Assuming the opponent has the technology.

We don't lack the technology!

But soldiers sense the responsibilities of combat if they don't use automated functions!

You've got the technology?

Then you could earn the right to live longer!

I can't do it.

I'd rather die than construct such a thing.

Youngsters always want to think things out rationally.

But war itself is anything but rational.

I was going to give you the chance to build a mobile suit superior to the Tallgeese and Gundams you built.

Kill us!

I have no intentions of lending a hand in a futile war drawn out on a game board.

Negotiations are over.


Chief officer Nichol is on the line.

What is it, Nichol?

Colonel Une.

I intercepted the Alliance's transmission.

They're gonna team up with a Gundam pilot!

Those imbeciles.

Wipe out all of them!!

Yes, ma 'am!

They're fast!

Five suits at once?!

The enemy suits 'speed has accelerated to 8G!

He's superhuman!

The main Alliance forces are demolished!

We'll seize the shuttle!


What's the point?

We don't need a Gundam pilot without his Gundam.

-Kill him! -Roger!


Hand me the communication set!


This is Quatre.

My good friends who have returned to outer space.

Let's do our very best to protect the colonies.

He's using Heero's frequency.

He's an outstanding soldier.

He has the ability to bring the five Gundam pilots together.

This is Quatre.

My good friends who have returned to outer space.

Let's do our very best to protect the colonies.

Stop them from firing at the shuttle!

Well, well.

So you can have pity for your men.

Then we have an understanding.

Who'd have thought we'd end up making a Gundam for OZ?

Not exactly.

I want you to make a mobile suit better than the Gundams.

Gundam Wing

He's just a kid!

This kid is a Gundam pilot?!

But he's so young!


All the Tauruses are headed this way!

That's fast.

Fight them as far away from the shuttle as possible!


I'm not going to let you die.

We've caught up with the shuttle!

Stop attacking the shuttle!

All Taurus units, move away from the shuttle's route!


Stop our attack?!

Orders are to leave the shuttle alone.

We're all free to roam in space.

But we must get rid of the junk we find along the way.


Blow it up!


Look after the space Leos and I'll head after the shuttle!

Still no word from the shuttle.

So I'll start to clean up the route!


The shuttle just fired at a Leo!

Life on the shuttle!

All suits, destroy the shuttle!


Our forces don't have the strength to retaliate against OZ.

But I'm sure that young pilot can do it.

I certainly hope my instincts prove to be right.

Let's do our very best to protect the colonies.

Your ride has arrived.

How did repairs on the Tallgeese go, sir?

Thanks to your people's help, everything's in order.

Thank you.


The radar's picking up objects from point O4 3O behind us!

They're here.

Just on time!

Which means they're gonna sink this ship.

I'm sorry.

Give it your best shot.

I don't know what to think, but, Colonel...

Win this battle!

Thank you!


Let's get going, Tallgeese!

Fifty Aries and twenty Cancers.

I'll prove they underestimated the value of my life!

How many more?!

Nice move!

But I'm not gonna die yet!!

Treize, stop following me around!

Or else I'll just want to fulfill your radical hopes.

This friendship of the past will only last until the day my mask breaks!


I can no longer be your friend.

Farewell, Treize!!

The planet in the solar system that miraculously gave birth to life.

We call it Earth.

The year After Colony 195.

With the colonies' development, people live in new surroundings.

Thanks to plentiful natural resources and cultivated technological abilities.

However, this new world is nothing but an imitation of humankind's motherland, the Earth.

Why were the colonies created in the first place?

I hear the main purpose was technological development to enrich mankind's life on Earth.

Did man start asking too much from this fake world?

Its colony's self-sustained way of life is more stable than on Earth since it lacks the risk of natural disasters.

It appears that this unlimited growth was guaranteeing the eternal existence of mankind.

Perhaps there was an age when people dreamed they could start anew in outer space.

But it's unthinkable that the colonies or mankind will ever forget the Earth.

What did the colonies' technology bring to the Earth?

The kind of technology the Earth wants most; military power.

Destruction is in human nature and can never be eliminated.

And now, the colonies are developing a militaristic disposition.

The colonies cannot forget the Earth.

The Earth has great beauty.

Animals known as humans have acquired such strength that they want to control this planet for themselves.

From the point of view of an entire planet the life of a living thing lasts no more than an instant.

But in the end, mankind only thinks of itself.

Nothing changes.

The time spent by humans in outer space has been a waste.

In reality, the ideal is just a dream.

This false pacifism.

This false living space.

Outer space is a breeding ground for even more battles.

Wars claim many lives.

Mankind hasn't forgotten the sorrow caused by wars yet they haven't stopped fighting.

The blood and tears they shed are merely ceremonial.

One can't speak of history without referring to the wars in each era as important events.

I'm sure the pale pep talks of fighting for peace have been repeated numerous times in the past.

The colonies say they need armaments to maintain peace.

It's no different from on Earth.

The colonies think they've joined the big boys.

They believed the bloodshed would lead...

Okay, that's enough Duo Maxwell!

Let's avoid that subject.

It's making your classmates uncomfortable.

I don't feel it was appropriate for your greeting speech.

Now, Duo, please be seated at the back.

So why do people fight?

The meaning of existence could lie in their will to fight.

People feel accomplishment through battle.

And it's also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.

To be continued

Next episode

There's no glory or praise for the Gundam pilots returning to the colonies.

Only orders to destroy OZ.

Gundam Deathscythe battles the Tauruses in outer space.

But Duo is defeated and taken prisoner by OZ.

To keep confidentiality, Heero searches for Duo to kill him.

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Assault on Barge

Episode 18

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

Are you... are you telling me to get off?


Thank you my dear Sandrock.


We found out who those scientist are.

All five of them?

Yes, they were originally involved in the Mobile Suit development project.

I see.

While they were developing Tallgeese, actually it was after they finished creating the plans for Tallgeese they all disappeared without a trace.


The one Zechs uses?

The Mobile Suit prototype for the Leo?

It was designed 20 years ago but it is still the strongest Mobile Suit on the Earth.

The word strongest is not appropriate.

All soldiers should think of themselves as the strongest.

Let them make one stronger than Tallgeese.

No, stronger than the Mobile Suit Gundams.

Captain, I've brought Commander Zechs as requested.

Show him in..

Sorry it's so cramped in here Please come in.

That won't be necessary for Commander Zechs.

You can leave.

Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable, Zechs.

Don't worry, your Excellency Treize.

I knew this talk would have to happen one day.

Well, if you're still a good asset for Longfeller Foundation this talk is not going to be that difficult.

A good asset?

The Longfeller Foundation is concerned about the Mobile Suit Gundam.

Can you still fight as our knight and defeat the Gundam?

Your Excellency, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can obey the Longfeller's orders anymore.


The Gundams fight for personal reasons, which are useless during a time of war.

I don't think I need to fight with them.

I see.

Fine Zechs.

Then you can die for OZ.

If you're found guilty in court, It'll give people a negative image about OZ.

If you die honorably in the battle, Many more soldiers will fight in your name...

The people of the Longfeller Foundation will understand.

The Lightning Count will become a legendary hero.


Your death will be a worthy one.

You'll be free after death.

Goodbye, Zechs Merquise.

After everyone gets off, this ship will be attacked by 50 Aries and 20 Cancers.

The enemy are the surviving soldiers of the Federation, who are trying to reach the Foundation.

Zechs sir.

My job is to help you escape from Foundation.

I don't think we can fight back considering the number of people.

Exactly, I am a test as a friend of Treize, to survive this task or not.

Whatever I do, I cannot get out from under Treize's control.

Begin the test.

So this is the Mobile Doll System.

We used an older model of the Leo to develop this system so that we can control it externally, but it won't cause any problems for the Mobile Doll Taurus in space.

Wonderful Job!

The Mobile Dolls will save us a lot of resources in space, Mr. Tsubarov.

No, it'll be a great help in taking the risk of battle away from our soldiers.

What the...?

Someone is attacking us!

No response!

Alright then, have the Mobile Dolls fight back!

Just one?

It might be a spy.

Your Excellency Treize?!


It's your Excellency Treize!

Stop attacking.

I was going to try attacking the Mobile Dolls as a real soldier.

Do you want to die, Admiral Treize?

The Mobile Dolls won't restrain themselves when they attack, unlike humans!

If the Mobile Dolls are so great, then I'm not needed on the battlefield anymore.

I want to be clear on which is stronger, therefore...

Are you crazy?!

Fine then, fire, KILL him!


That's an order!

He's trying to kill us!


Kill him.

No I can't.

Fine, I'll do it then.

Please stop it!

Shut up!

This is Treize Khushrenada.

Kill Tsubarov.

Yes, sir.


you can't...


No you can't.

I'll kill you under the orders from your Excellency Treize.

You're finished...

Mr. Tsubarov, fighting with Mobile Suits is not the only way to win a war.

I've proved my point.

I'll cancel the order for your death.

Soldiers are needed to control the Mobile Dolls and soldiers are human.

You should learn to recognize the importance of humans and appreciate us Zechs

Come back soon.

There will be only unworthy people left, if you are not here.

It's coming!

The shuttle is coming through OZ's space.

It's just as I thought.

This route is not often used by OZ.

Then we can get the Gundam, can't we?

Correct, it's a Gundam pilot, but the shuttle is too small to carry a Mobile Suit.

Then what are we going to do with it?

The Gundam pilot could be returning to space to fight OZ.

We have the same enemy, we should be on the same side.

If we capture the pilot and hand him over to OZ, won't they open negotiations with us?

It doesn't matter if we tried to negotiate with them.

OZ always commits betrayal.

We have to fight them.

Unknown objects are approaching quickly.

It looks like OZ Mobile Suits, Taurus.

Are you serious?

We have 20 Space Fighter planes.

We'll win.

I told you not to misjudge OZ!

They know there are Federation troops left in this area.

We can defeat five Taurus at most.

Don't let them have the pilot of the Gundam.

The Federation Mobile Suits have separated!


They appear to be trying to intercept the shuttle.


The Gundam.

They located the Gundam pilot from Earth.

All the Mobile Suits are normal type Leos modified for space combat.

Okay, I am counting on you to command the Mobile Dolls to attack!

I will retrieve the shuttle.

They aren't using anyone to control the Mobile Suit.

In space, they think it's a useful weapon because there are no obstacles.

It's like a game, since they don't have to dirty their hands any longer.

People who commit war are stupid.

The blood they spill is meaningless.

Stupid humans can learn from blood, but this game-like war is just an entertainment.

It'll be good if they only played as a game.

Nobody would have to die then.

If they had the proper tools.

It's not about tools.

You don't have a responsible weapon system because you don't want to have any responsibilities in war.

Can you give us responsible weapon systems?

Then maybe you can live a bit longer.

We cannot.

We'd rather die than help you.

The young want to think rationally.

Then decide ''let's make war'' It's irrational.

I was going to let you create better machines than the Tallgeese and the Gundams.

Kill us.

We are not going to help you in this game-like war.

Negotiations have failed then.

Lady Une, Lieutenant Nikol is trying to contact you.

What happened, Nikol?

Lady Une, I've intercepted Federation radio communications.

They're trying to join forces with the Gundam pilots.

Such a foolish move!

Destroy everything!

Yes ma'am.

So fast!

Five were destroyed in an instant?

Enemy Mobile Suits are pulling eight G's maneuvers.

Who's controlling them?

The Federation's main forces have been destroyed.

We'll take over the shuttle, now.

Take it over?

Don't be stupid.

We don't need the pilot if he's without his Gundam.

Yes ma'am.


Let me use your communication system.

Very well.

This is Quatre...

My friends who are back in space...

Now let's save the colonies together.

He's using Heero's coded frequency.

He's smart.

He has the ability to organize those five soldiers.

This is Quatre...

My friends who are in space.

Now, let's save the colonies together.

Stop your attack on the shuttle!

Ohh... you have pity for your subordinates?

This makes things easier.

Do we have to make Gundams for OZ?

Not exactly.

I want you to make a better Mobile Suit than Gundam.

It's a kid.

He's the pilot of a Gundam.

He's so young.

Captain, there are enemies approaching.

Can you draw them away from the shuttle?

Yes, sir.

I'm not going to let you die.

Go after the shuttle!

Stop your attack on the shuttle.

All Taurus leave it alone.


Stop attacking it?

The shuttle must be left alone.

It's ok if they are floating around in space, but we have to clean it up.

Nikol board it!

Yes, ma'am.

Take care of the enemy's Space Leo.

I'll take care of the shuttle.

The shuttle remains inactive.

I'll board it now!


The shuttle's active?!

Everyone follow the shuttle!

Disable it!!


We're not strong enough to fight back against OZ.

But that pilot can do it.

I hope my efforts will pay off.

Let's save the space together, everybody.

A helicopter to pick me up?

How was the work on your Tallgeese?

Because of your workers we did a great job.

Thank you.

Captain, we've got a radar response from sector 1 430.

They're approaching right on time.

We have to sink this ship now.

I'm sorry.

Do your best, please.

I'm torn between sadness and happiness, but please win.

Thank you.


Let's do it, Tallgeese.

50 Aries and 20 Cancer.

I have to prove to them that they underestimated my life.

How many more?!

Did you come prepared?!

I won't die yet!

Treize, don't hound me so much.

I want to respond so much to your expectations.

We used to act together.

I'll fight until this mask is broken.

Treize, I can no longer be your friend.

Farewell, Treize.

The planet that allowed living things to form in this solar system is Earth.

A.C.195. Humans have created a new land for themselves using the rich resources of Earth and technology for colony development.

However, It's only a false replica of mother Earth.

What was the meaning for making the colonies?

I hear to live affluently on Earth is the main purpose of our technical development.

Did humans have an impossible desire to live in this false replicated place?

To live up there on their own with no fear from nature and with more stability than what the Earth gives...

That unlimited development seems to hold a promise of everlasting existence for humans.

There was an era that we thought we could start over again from scratch.

But the colonies, no, humans can't forget the Earth so I highly doubt it.

What did the technical development of colonies bring to the Earth?

The achievement Earth desires most is the military power.

Destruction is the one aspect of politics that humans can never throw away.

The colonies, now, are beginning to show a militaristic side.

They cannot forget the Earth.

They cannot forget the past.

When the animals called ''humans'' start to have power, they come to think of controlling the planet.

The scale of our planet shows how fleeting living things are.

What people think do not change.

The years people have spent out in space is wasteful.

It's just a dream covering up reality.

False living, space, fake pacifists, space is only a prize for those who wish to start more wars.

Wars take many lives away.

Humans never forget the grief, but they also never stop the fighting.

Streams of blood and tears are only ornaments for their destructive ritual.

Each era has a history where only war can speak.

Fight for peace is the great phrase people have been chanting throughout the ages.

The colonies will start forming a military in place of peace.

It is the same on Earth.

They feel they are now apart of those people.

By having their blood flow they will be...

Okay, that's enough, Duo Maxwell.

Let's not talk about that theme again because you cannot scare them into thinking your way forcibly.

That's not the kind of introduction you choose as a greeting to your classmates when you are coming to a new school.

Take a seat in the back, Duo-kun.

Then, why do people fight?

Maybe there is a meaning in existence by fighting.

There is a satisfaction that soldiers have and they don't look dirty either.

To be continued

Next episode preview

Gundam pilots landing on the colonies receive no praise and admiration.

They just have the task of destroying OZ.

Gundam Deathscythe fights against the Taurus in space.

However, Duo is defeated by OZ and becomes a prisoner.

Heero tries to kill Duo to keep their secrets safe.

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