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Episode 17:
Betrayed By Home Country, Far Away

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
Nothing from the command tower!

We'd better leave!


Yes, sir!

Enemy approaching!


The United Earth Sphere Alliance had posted their own Space Forces to the colonies and strictly controlled the colony citizens' freedom.

After the collapse of the Alliance, the Space Forces had remained to control the colonies.

But the Forces were overpowered by the mobility of Taurus, OZ's space suits from Siberia and their powers were diminishing.

Soldiers of the Alliance, stop this futile resistance!

Our OZ organization has come to bring peace to outer space.

Now, let us welcome a new age together.

Taurus Mobile Doll troops all fine.

Or rather, everything's in perfect form.


Then return the unmanned Tauruses back to Barge.

What about security?

The colonists consider mobile suits their enemies.

I'll have a private meeting with them later on today.


Cancel orders for mobile dolls.

Return to Barge.

Mobile dolls are unmanned battle weapons, huh?

So OZ is starting a war for the sheer fun of it.

Today, in the year After Colony 195 the citizens of outer space deserve to live freely.

However, to date, the United Earth Sphere Alliance has oppressed you.

The days of the Alliance are now over.

A new order is being created on Earth.

And it shall be the same here in space.

You people are free.

OZ supports you all.

That concludes the message from the OZ Military.

Or rather the OZ peace-support organization.

I'd like to discuss this matter at our next scheduled meeting.

OZ says they're in no hurry for our response.

On that note, I hereby adjourn the Area D Colony Conference.

Thank you.

Oh, not at all.

I'm thanking you on my own.

But in the future, the whole colony will be thanking OZ.

You're very young for a leader.

Couldn't you interpret youth as potential?

We third generation colonists know OZ and the Alliance differ, unlike our elders.

But OZ was part of the Alliance at one point.

It'll take some time before the people can understand.

Troops of the former Alliance Military are still scattered throughout the colonies.

Excuse me, I must leave to liberate the next colony.

Pardon me, but I didn't catch your name...

Oh yes, that's right.

I'm responsible for OZ's outer space supervision.

Lady Une is my name.

Forces of the former Alliance Military unjustly stationed in the colonies have been forced to surrender.

With the new and powerful OZ mobile suits operations have commenced for removal of space mines.

This'll mean communication is reestablished between the colonies.

I thought OZ wanted to take over the colonies no matter what it took for them to do it.

They do.

And they're using the dirtiest method.

If OZ used force, the colonies would prepare to retaliate.

But they'd be accepted if they used the guise of assistance.

Most people in outer space are easy going.

I doubt if anyone will question OZ's plans.

I think it's time for us to return to space.

With our Gundams.

The Gundams were built for the people of the colonies.

Only we can save the people from OZ's evil plot.

You're right.

But how do we get into space?

It's important that we don't get noticed.

No, we WANT to get noticed!

If OZ is falsely promoting peace to get at the colonies then they can't threaten the colonies to get to us.

But what if OZ gives up their facade?

That'd mean revealing their identity to the colony people.

The present OZ wouldn't see that as wise.

So we can still fight them!

Let's return to space!

I'm very impressed with OZ.

All Alliance Military troops in this area have surrendered.

Are they trying to atone for Heero Yuy's assassination?

That remark's unfair.

Rumors that OZ was behind the assassination are unfounded.

That's what OZ would have us think!

Honorary Advisor!

Why are you here?!

I came because I heard you were ready to accept OZ's agreement!

These days OZ wants peace.

They're not to be trusted, neither in the past nor now.

At the very least we know Colonel Une is trustworthy!

She's executed many aggressive and bloody plans in the past.

Those are rumors!

She's been overlooking the situation and taking on the dangerous task of removing space mines!

It's because they want to conquer outer space, isn't it?

They're currently working for the well-being of the colonies!

In any case, OZ is reaching out to us in the name of Peace!

It's not in our interest to reject them!

Our policies focus on our friendship with Earth!

I think we should welcome OZ!

This is truly most annoying.

Entering the space mine area.

I'm sending the mobile dolls ahead.

Approaching space mines.

This is Nichol.

We're finished with Area PO3 I 4.

Cleaning up outer space has become so much easier.

Colonel Une!

In I 3O87 of Colony D we've found a Gundam manufacturing factory and arrested an engineer!

Well done.

I'm returning to the command tower!

Is this the engineer?

So, I finally get to meet the commander.

He was trying to destroy an underground military equipment factory for manufacturing suits.

Destroying evidence?

Yes; unfortunately he'd destroyed it already.

Were you the one who built the Gundams?!

What a stupid way to ask a question!

Just answer my question!

I think you're heavily involved with those five Gundams!


Not with the other four.

What do you mean?

I designed the best Gundam I possibly could.

Why would I make four other variations of it?

Are you saying you only made one of those Gundams?


A masterpiece I called the ''Gundam Deathscythe''.

The others are a coincidence.

The Alliance prohibited travel and communication between the colonies.

I made only one Gundam.

So it was a coincidence?

A coincidence that the others were made at the same time?

Transmission from Earth, Colonel Une!

Gundams O2 and O4 are attacking the Singapore Space Port Base!


I figured they'd come home.

This new OZ base isn't like their others!!

I can't get any closer!

Let's go for the HLV ready for mobile suit delivery!


Don't overdo it, Quatre!

It's okay.

We have to fight so the other pilots will figure it out!

They'll see us battling like this and realize that they need to go to outer space.

That outer space is waiting for us!

To outer space! All of us, together!

Gundam Wing

So those are the Gundams.

They're attacking OZ's base on Earth.

The Alliance Military oppressed the colonies and OZ was once part of the Alliance.

I can understand a certain colony's feelings wanting to retaliate against Earth.

Yes, but even as we speak, our peaceful ways are changing opinions within the OZ organization.

We can't continue to run around with weapons.

Those Gundams are fighting because they truly believe they protect the colonies.


They're a nuisance to the colonies.

We must show OZ our intentions before the Gundams make them uneasy.

The Gundams love the colonies.

The Gundams have chosen to fight because they love the colonies.

Those Gundams are desperate.

They're facing their enemies with limited power.

So why can't we support the Gundams?

Let's see...


We made it into the news around the world!

What's this?!

We wish to publicly announce a decision made by Space Colony Area D.

Mobile suits known as Gundams are currently destroying OZ's facilities.

These Gundams have nothing to do with Colony Area D.

We declare that if the Gundams consider OZ an enemy then we'll consider the Gundams ours!

OZ has been fair to us.

OZ and we have worked out our misunderstandings.

We hope that the Gundams are defeated in this battle.

We further hope that other colonies will follow our example set with this declaration.

I expected this.

But even so, it's still hard to swallow!

It's all right, Duo.

We came down to Earth all alone.

It's okay if the colonies don't understand right away.

I'm just happy the others are fighting for the same cause.

That's enough.


Come on Sandrock, stand up!

It's too early to be defeated!

Damn it!

At this rate, we're not gonna make it.

I still think what we're doing is a good thing.

So why do we have to die in a place like this?!

Because we're doing the right thing!

We are right!

It's that guy...!

The ones who are right have to be strong!

If this is your limit, then so be it.

The rest of us will take over from here.

The rest of you will take over...?!

That's more like it!

You'd have a hard time explaining to your comrades if you were defeated now!

They figured out we need help!

They all understood our message.

My mission's to wipe out OZ.

If they're headed for outer space, then I'll follow.

It's gonna be a difficult battle.

But right now I sense peace in our 5 hearts.

Is that the colony where the fifth engineer's holding out?

The other four hardly put up a fight.

But there's a stubborn one who's trying to resist.


There's a factory in an outermost block of the colony but access has been completely shut off.

You've advised him to surrender?

He's ignored all communication.

Then there's only one answer.

Open fire on him!

Colonel! Heat detected from the colony!

Spread out front-line troops!!

Two manned suits are down!

The mobile dolls are unharmed because of their quick response!

Taurus mobile doll unit, prepare to fire special beam cannons!!

The beam cannons are too strong!

They'd crush the colony if they hit it directly!

Nichol, since when has OZ tiptoed its way through battles?

We're not trying to establish diplomatic relations.

We're trying to fight a war.

Damage to the colony wouldn't be our fault.

It'd be the fault of the rebel holding out against us!

I'm delighted to hear that OZ is still so mean spirited.

In that case, I'll happily surrender to you!

Good,- I accept your surrender.

Come out at once!

I'm certain that one day the colonies will recognize the dark side of OZ!

But I won't let the Gundams' battle go to waste!

Hurry up, Quatre!

A Gundam 's operating the mobile suit delivery HLV spacecraft!

Surround it!

Those suits will try to shoot us down when we start to lift off.

Hurry, Quatre!

Don't worry about me.

I'll back you two up until you lift off!

Have you lost your mind?!

We all have to make it to outer space!

I know, but that's why I have to back you up.

To make sure that at least you two make it!


I can't take this much longer!

I'm grateful.

The only way to show my appreciation is to make it safely into space.

You fool!!

And now, the last remaining choice is to self-detonate.

What's this?

You're telling me to get off...?


Thank you, my dear Sandrock!

Get in there!


What took you?

Why didn't you guys put up more of a fight?!

There were just too many other things to do.

Well, anyway...

It's been fifteen years.

I'm amazed that all five of us completed our Gundams.

Shall we have a public trial?

No, there are other ways we can use them.

After all, they're the engineers who built those Gundams.

Excuse me Colonel!

Five shuttles with Gundam pilots have launched for space!

Prepare to fire low-orbit satellite missiles!

Problems in the electric power generator.

We've got a system jam!

Communication's down, and the radar's malfunctioning!

What in the world could be causing all this?

Hey OZ.

You're gonna seriously regret that you kept us alive.

Not to mention the pilots.

To be continued

Next episode

The battle between the Tallgeese and Gundam concluded one chapter of the war.

However, a cruel destiny still awaited the pilots.

Mortally wounded, Quatre calls on the other pilots.

Zechs refuses to fight as a knight of Romefeller.

But Treize then demands that Zechs die a hero.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 18

Tallgeese Destroyed

Episode 17

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING


Defeat Zechs!

It's alright, KILL him!

Don't say that, Miss Relena!


He's my brother?

Glory for the colonies!


They're coming this way!

Get out of here, Hurry!

Yes, Sir.

The enemy is coming!


The World Federation of Earth sent soldiers to occupy colonies and control the citizens.

With the collapse of the Federation, the soldiers tried to maintain power in the colonies.

But they were no match against TAURUS, OZ's new Mobile Suit that can be autopiloted in battle.

Stop this meaningless resistance against our Soldiers of Unification.

We of OZ are here in space to bring peace, Let's enter this new era together.

The Taurus Mobile Doll System is working properly.

They're in good condition.

I see.

Set them to auto-pilot and return them to Balji.

What about your protection?

People in the colonies think Mobile Suit as the enemy.

I'll go alone today.

O.k then.

Begin flight mode for Mobile Dolls and return to the Balji.

Mobile Dolls... automated weapons?

OZ is really starting to play around with this war.


Citizens of Space should be free, but the Federation has been constantly oppressing you.

That is all over now.

A new system is about to start on Earth.

It is the same here.

Space is free once again.

OZ is here to help you.

That was the message from the armed forces of OZ.

No, it was the message from peace keeping forces of OZ.

I'd like to discuss this at our next session.

They are not in a hurry for an official statement from us.

Therefore, let's conclude our congressional meeting of the D-Area colony.

Thank you very much.

No, I thank you.

It's only me now, but eventually everyone will thank OZ.

You're such a young leader.

I like to think of youth as a great possibility.

Third generation colony citizens like myself aren't like the old timers who can't distinguish between OZ and the Federation.

OZ used to belong to the Federation too.

They cannot understand us so quickly.

Beside, there are ex-Federation soldiers still in the colonies.

Excuse me, I must leave for the next colony.

Pardon me, but I haven't gotten your name yet.

Oh, yes that's right.

I'm responsible for meeting with the leaders here in space.

My name is Lady Une.

The ex-Federation soldiers illegally occupying the colonies have been defeated.

The new OZ weapons have started removing the mines between the colonies.

Because of this, communication between the colonies have started again.

Does OZ want to control all the colonies by every means possible?


They're doing it in the worst way.

If they used an army, People would resist.

Instead, they claim that they only came to give ''benevolent guidance''...

The people of the colonies are careless.

That's why they don't realize what OZ is really planning.

We should return to the colonies.

With our Gundams.

Gundams were made for the colonies.

Only we can help them against OZ.

Yes, but how are we going to get up into space?

We can't attract OZ's attention.

We want to get their attention.

If OZ claims that they only want peace, then they can't use the threat of hurting the colonies against us.

If OZ were to show their true nature...

Then the people will know what OZ is really thinking.

OZ can't afford to lose their support.

We can still fight, then?

Let's go back to space!

OZ did a great job.

They defeated all the Federation troops in the area.

They most likely feel bad about the assassination of Heero Yuy.

Don't say things like that!

It's just a rumor that OZ was involved in that case.

That's what OZ claims.

Emeritus Counselor.

Why are you here?

I heard that you were thinking about accepting OZ's offer.

Oz is hoping for peace.

They cannot be easily trusted.

Not then and not now...

At least Lady Une is trustworthy.

She has been involved in many bloody encounters before!

That's just a rumor!

She, herself, is leading the team that has the dangerous job of clearing mines in the space.

Isn't that because they want to control space?

What is true, is that they are working for the colonies.

Whatever their past is, they're giving us a peaceful path to follow now.

We don't have to refuse it.

We all agreed that we want peace with Earth.

Please accept OZ.

This is so disappointing...

From this point on, we're entering the mine field of space.

Mobile Dolls, Start clearing them.

The mines are approaching.

This is Nikol.

Area P-031 4 is cleared.

It's becoming much easier to clear up space.

Miss Lady Une We have possibly found a factory used to make Gundams on Colony D-1 307.

We arrested one of the scientists.

Good job.

I am going back to the command room.

This old guy?

The commander finally appeared.

In the basement of the military industrial factory, there is an area for making Mobile Suits and he was destroying everything there.

Did you recover anything?

There wasn't any more data left.

Did you make the Gundams?

Is this how you question people?

Answer me!

You shouldn't have gotten involved with those five Gundams!

No, not with the other four.

What do you mean?

I made the best Gundam.

Why would I make four other variations?

So you're saying you made only one of them?

Yes, the Gundam called ''Deathscythe''.

The others were a coincidence.

Because of the Federation, we couldn't meet or communicate with each other between colonies.

I just made one.

Coincidence... is it just coincidence that there are five Gundams?

Miss Lady Une, a communication from Earth!

Singapore Space Port Base, Gundam 02 and 04 have reappeared and are attacking.


Ha Ha.

Just as I thought, they are coming back.

This is the nearest base controlled by OZ.

We can't go any farther.

We must load our Gundams onto the HLV and launch!


Quatre, don't try to do too much!

Don't worry about it.

I need to keep on fighting to get everyone's attention.

My friend, we need to get to space!

Space is waiting for us.

To space... with everyone!

Is this Gundam?

It's attacking the OZ base on Earth.

It's true that the Federation persecuted the colonies and OZ once belonged to the Federation.

It is understandable that some colonies would want to retaliate at Earth.

But OZ is having second thoughts about us because of our peaceful attitude.

We cannot resort to violence anymore.

They are fighting because they believe in self-government for the colonies.

NO, It's not good for us.

We have to show OZ our trust before they suspect us.

They are fighting for us!

The Gundams love the colonies.

They love us so much that they took on the burden of fighting for us from all oppressions.

They are doing their best for us.

Why don't you support them?

It's finally over.

Now, they know about us all over the world.

What's this?

We are here to announce our decision for the D-Area space colony.

The Mobile Suits called Gundam are trying to destroy OZ.

We of D-Area do not condone the Gundams' action at all.

We officially declare that if Gundams are the enemy of OZ, we will be the enemy of the Gundams.

All misunderstanding between OZ and us will soon be gone.

We are all hoping that the Gundams will be defeated at this battle.

We hope that all other colonies will follow our example.

They don't understand They still don't understand!

That's okay Duo.

We came down to Earth by ourselves.

The colonies don't have to understand us right now.

I feel good enough just to have a companion who fights with the same heart.


Get up Sandrock!

I can't be beaten here.


We're going to be beaten here!

I thought we were doing something good here.

Why do we have to die here?


We are... absolutely RIGHT.


The right should be strong!

If you can't fight any more, let the rest of us take care of this.

Let ''the rest of us'' take care of this?

You can leave, If you're disappointed now, you'll feel sorry for those who agree with you.

They did realize!

Everybody did understand us.

My duty is to destroy the organization of OZ.

If they go to space, I'll beat them there too!

It's going to be a tough battle.

But I feel relieved to know that five of our minds are together.

Is this the part of the Colony where the fifth scientist is in?

The other four were very easily arrested.

But this one is resisting a lot.

Lady Une, there is a factory inside, but the entrance is completely sealed off.

Did you offer him the chance to surrender?

He refused!

Then commence your attack Destroy them all!

Lady Une!

There's a high thermal reading coming from the colony!

Get down below the flash!

Two machines are destroyed!

Due to their reaction speed the Mobile Dolls are fine.

Taurus Mobile Doll troops nexclusive beam, ready!

Lady Une!

That beam is too strong.

There'll be extensive damage if it hits the colony.

Ohh.. since when did OZ's fighting become decent?

Nikol, what I am doing is not for diplomacy, it's for war.

It's true the colony might be destroyed from our attack, but they will still have pieces left to rebuild from.

All subversives must be reduced to particles.

I'm glad to hear that OZ still resorts to dirty tactics.

I'll happily surrender then.

Alright, I accept your surrender.

Come out from there!

People will know the dark side of OZ eventually.

I am not going to waste their fight!

Hurry up Quatre!

A Gundam controls the Mobile Suit HIV launch vehicles.

Hurry up and surround it!

They're going to shoot all of us.


Don't worry about me.

I've made up my mind to cover you two until launch.


What are you saying?

All of us must go to space.

Yes, that's why I'll cover you from here.

At least, two of us will make it into space.


Please hurry, we don't have much time left!

I'm sorry that getting into space will have a high price for you.

I will think of some way to honor you.


There is only one way to finish this... self destruction.

What is this?

Are you... are you telling me to get out.


Thank you, my dear Sandrock.

Get in there!


You're late.

You guys should have resisted more.

There is still much to do.

Well then... welcome back.

It's been fifteen years.

But I didn't expect all of us would succeed in making Gundams.

Are you going to have an open court for the trial?


There's something else we can use them for.

After all, they made the Gundams.

Lady Une.

The shuttles the Gundam pilots stole, have launched into space.

Lock onto them with the satellite missile system, prepare to...

What the...?

Something strange has happened in the generator room.

Electronic jamming, all around us!

Communications links data links are down.

What is going on here?

OZ, it's not good for you to have left us alive.

Or them too.

To be continued Next episode preview The fight between Tallgeese and Gundam signals one way of ending the era of war.

But a hard destiny is waiting for those pilots.

From a state of near death, Quatre sends out a call to his father's company.

Trieze demands Zechs's death for refusing to work as a knight of Longfeller.

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