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Episode 16:
The Sorrowful Battle

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
''Those who've laid eyes on a Gundam shall not live.''

Those are my orders.


Are you all right?

I need you to reload the explosives for Heero.

Forget that...

Stop worrying about that right now!

Start thinking about what your next move will be!

The Sorrowful Battle

We're above the Filchner Ice Shelf of the Weddell Sea.

We should be at the Barclay Base in five minutes.

Any signs of enemies?

Nothing on the radar or heat sensors.

I see.

We'll expect Acht's search party to regroup before attacking rather than assume they've given up pursuing us.

That's a wise decision.

So OZ has one able officer.

Colonel Zechs.

I've brought Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton, as requested.

Thank you.

I'm Zechs Merquise.

Supposed to shake hands?


It's fine.

Heero Yuy, huh?

The same name as the leader who held the colonies together.

Is that your real name?

Are you using your real name?

Forgive me.

I suppose there's no point using names from now on.

We've prepared a friendly reception for you.

Try to make yourselves at home.

My mobile suit...!

Do you like it?

Colonel Zechs!

The repairs to 01 have been completed.

The only things left are the operational adjustments.

I'll introduce you.

This is Meiser, in charge of restoring your Gundam.


All that's left is adjusting the cockpit to suit yourself.

Meiser's young, but his skills are top class.

When can we start?

How about tomorrow morning?

That's fine.

Heero Yuy.

Don't you wanna say something to Colonel Zechs?

I'll thank him, but in my own way.

I'll kill Zechs.

That's how I'll show my gratitude.

That'd be fine.

To the soldiers fighting to protect the colonies this battle's merely an obstacle.

And I'm a mere stepping stone.

I've never shaken hands with anyone before.

I feel that I can't let either of them die.

Of course not Zechs; but not Heero either.

I've told you many times, we've destroyed Gundam 01.

There isn't a single stabilizer left here.

I'll wait until after I meet Colonel Zechs to decide if that's true.

The Colonel isn't here.

Then let me meet Lieutenant Noin, who was in charge.

She'll meet me if you tell her I'm Relena Peacecraft.

But as I said...

Forgive me a moment.


Good, well done!


Okay, that's fine.

Relena 's on her way here?!


Even the Peacecrafts have caught on.

I expect Romefeller's found out by now.

Please be very cautious.

Thank you, I will.

From now on, many people will probably try sucking up to the Romefeller Foundation.

Defeating Zechs, who's seen as a Gundam defender would prove one's loyalty to the Foundation.

The search party's manhunt could be intense.

But Zechs is practically OZ's hero.

Why would they be after him?

Is the path Zechs is about to take wrong?


Didn't mean to eavesdrop.

I might have at least a partial answer.

During my many years with OZ I developed an aesthetic sense in war.

I thought it's a spirit that fighters could acknowledge in each other, even between enemies.

But those Gundam pilots are desperate.

They'll battle even if it costs their lives.

They live the true lives of soldiers!

I'm much too weak!

They know they're fighting for the colonies!

Zechs, you have someone to protect too!

I don't have the right to protect anyone.

They'd say that the very thought itself makes me weak.

There's no need to bring any pride into battle.

If I'm only capable of that kind of battle I'll simply be defeated here by the Gundam.

This is war.

Some lessons can only be learned by risking one's life.



This battle will take awhile.

I hope we can fight without any interruptions.

Leave it to me.

I'll prevent the search party from interfering.

I'm more concerned about the dignitary of the Peacecraft.

My dear Imperial Guard.


The most important person to you is Relena.

You'll fight your best knowing you must protect that girl.

He doesn't trust me.

It's not that.

He just doesn't want anyone touching his mobile suit.

That's all.

But still...

The self-detonation device isn't connected.

Colonel Zechs says you won't be needing it.

So Zechs had regrets after their last showdown.

This time he really wants to fight it out.

Aren't you gonna fight in your own mobile suit?

I'm gonna use yours after all.

How come?

This generosity is blurring the focus on fighting.

That wouldn't be an issue with you.

No, I'm talking about him.

You're strong.

I see.

So he'll fight with 03 rather than 01.

What in the world could they be thinking of?

He sees our gift as some kind of charity.

But my feelings are unchanged.


Should we restore the left arm of the Tallgeese?

There's still time to take the supply parts off 01.

No, just leave it.

But sir...

This is a continuation of our last battle.

Tallgeese had its left arm damaged there, in Siberia.

So this is a valid handicap.

Chief Engineer.

I guess that's the difference between engineers and pilots.

I suppose so.

Backstage crew like us don't feel that kind of pride.

I'm just trying to rid myself of the weakness.

What time is it?

2:32 a.m.

I'll take over.

Appreciate it.

This weight will be tough for his left arm to handle.

Has it begun?!

Yeah, just now.

Is my radar out...?

He's below!

He's using snow clouds to mask the heat source.


We won't die in such a low-caliber fight.

Gundam Wing

Almost three hours since the battle started!

That's a long time for a meaningless battle.


What do you mean, meaningless?!

Am I wrong?

I dunno the details, but OZ is after you people.

What's the point of two sides with a mutual enemy fighting against each other?

Think it's the pilots' fate?

That's stupid.

You might have a point.

But they've been out to kill each other until now.

So naturally they feel it's some kind of fate.

This battle will go on until they realize it is meaningless.

Are people trying to stop time in order to find themselves?

Enemies are necessary.

That's the soldier's fate.


A soldier's rejuvenated when he finds someone to protect.

Sometimes that takes time.

Right now we've lost sight of how to protect the colonies.

We really can't afford to be wasting time here.

I'll prevent any interruptions, so they can get this over.

You mean the search party?

Trowa, how will you fight them?

I'll have Heero return my favor.

When you run out of bullets, click that switch.

It'll make the left arm lighter.

So you're right out of fire power!

A beam saber!

Trowa went out of his way for me.

That's more like it!

I have no regrets.

That's what happens in war.

A wrong turn in the past can be painful for anyone.

But you people are still young!

I hope you'll think about building a new future!

Our family is honored to have met with you!


Civilian aircraft, land at once!

This is a strategic air zone!

Hurry, Pagan!

We mustn't stop!

But they're surveillance suits from the search party chasing Zechs Merquise.

We don't know what they'll do!

They won't follow us to the Barclay Base.


I'll try my best!

The civilian aircraft is accelerating!

Shoot it down!

What the heck?

A mobile suit...

It's a Gundam!!


He's fighting just up ahead.

What are you doing?

I'm stopping his fight with Zechs.

This battle is meaningless.

I understand.

Then you'd better hurry.

The search party's becoming more aggressive.

His left arm's not working well.

He's noticed.

You gave yourself a handicap!

You're being way too kind!

I'd like to rid myself of such silly pride in this battle!

This'll finish you off!



Is that Relena?

Heero, I've got a letter to deliver to you!

You're in the way! Get lost!

No, I'm not going!

This letter explains how you should live your life!

You're obliged to read it!


Zechs Merquise!


Please leave at once!

I must take revenge for the death of my men!

I hereby order you under the Peacecraft family name.

Stop this battle immediately!

You've become strong, Relena.

Fitting, for a Peacecraft daughter.

See for yourself how dirty and foul battles really are!


If you're a true warrior and a Peacecraft knight you couldn't possibly use such foul play!

Relena, call from Lieutenant Noin.

Miss Noin!

I misunderstood you.

I thought you were sincere.

How can you just sit by and watch this?!

This is neither a duel nor a match.

They're just killing each other!


I deserve your contempt, but I can't help myself.

I believe in Colonel Zechs!

I'm not about to interrupt any of his plans.


Defeat Zechs!

Anyone associated with a foul group like OZ is an embarrassment to the Sanc Kingdom!

Go ahead!

Kill him!

Stop it! Relena!

Please stop.

It's a fact that he's associated with OZ.

And I don't deny that some mistakes were made.

I won't explain it away with his love for the Sanc Kingdom.

But Relena, no matter what fate has dealt you in the past please don't ever wish for your brother's death!

Brother...he's my brother?

Since the Peacecraft monarchy fell to the Alliance he's had his heart set on revenge.

Assembling power in the ruined Sanc Kingdom was hard.

He chose to join OZ, to get closer to the Alliance.

He waited, donning a disguise he called Zechs Merquise.

My hands have been stained with too much blood.

Relena is the appropriate person to revive the Sanc Kingdom!

Once OZ brought a new wave of chaos to the world Zechs must've lost a sense of purpose in his life.

He can find the soldier in himself only when he fights the Gundams.

That's what this is about.

Heero lives by his own rules.

And Zechs wants to battle him on a level playing field.

To embrace the Sanc Kingdom and the Peacecraft name!

He's even prepared to lose his life for this!

I'll keep believing in him.

I want to stay by his side.

No matter what he does or searches for.

You're fond of my brother.

Yes. I love him.

Please watch over my brother forever.

I don't know if I can.

Colonel Zechs can be reckless.

It's in the Peacecraft blood.

Numerous carriers approaching from 3 o'clock!

Probably from the search party!

How many?

Over thirty, but that's only a portion of their fleet.

Get all the mobile suits ready!

We'll attack the search party!

They're here!

Do you read me, Heero and Zechs?

Thirty suits in flight.

A hundred if they unload all Aries suits.

Each of us should be able to handle thirty easily.

No, wait!

I'll attract them away!

Glory to the colonies!!



We'll meet again, to continue our battle!

He'll be one tough guy to fight from now on.


Colonel Zechs.

Aries troops are ready to be deployed.

Then take Relena with you and make your escape.


Once I know you've gotten away safely, I'll surrender.

Then I'm gonna fight too!


I'll protect the promising leader of the Sanc Kingdom!

Allow me to protect her!

I understand.

Take care, Zechs...

I don't care how it happened.

I'm just glad that battle's finally over.

To be continued

Next Episode

The war zone expands into outer space.

OZ moves to finally finish off the Alliance Military.

It also plans to reconcile the colonies.

Quatre and Duo head for outer space to warn the colonies of OZ's conspiracy.

But the colonies that had been their home declare the Gundams to be their enemies.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 17

Betrayed by Home, Far Away

Episode 16 New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

I can't let any enemies who see Gundam live.

That's my duty.

Gundam is here!!!

Are you O.K?

Can I ask you to teach Heero how to use this Gundam instead of me?

Don't worry about him.

You should worry about your own future more!!!


We are flying over Wettel sea and Hilfina mountain ranges.

We are going to arrive at Berkeley base within 5 minutes.

Are there any readings on the radar around here?

Radar is active, But there are no readings.

I see.

We shouldn't assume that Agato's investigative group gave up.

We better consider that they will reorganize and attack us more fiercely.

That's a logical assessment.

There's more than just one good pilot in OZ.

Capt. Zechs, I brought Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton here.


I am Zechs Marquis.

You want to shake hands?

No, that's O.K.

Heero Yuy!

That's the same name as a leader who once unified the colonies.

Is that your real name?

Is that also your real name?

Forgive me.

Names are worthless to people like us.

We are ready to accommodate you as much as we can.

Please relax if you like.

My Mobile Suit?

Are you satisfied with it?

Capt. Zechs, We have finished repairing Unit 01 completely.

Though we had to adjust some parts a little bit.

I'd like to introduce him to you.

He's the engineer responsible for your Unit 01 .

His name is Maser.

Nice to meet you...

All I have to do now is to adjust the cockpit to your height.

Although Maser is young he is very talented.

When do you want to start?

How about tomorrow morning?

All right.

Heero Yuy.

Don't you want to show your appreciation to Capt. Zechs?

I'll show you my appreciation in my own way.

I will kill Zechs in the battle.

That's my way of showing appreciation to him.

This is good.

For these soldiers out to save their colonies, this battle is just a nuisance.

I am just one passage in their long history.

I've never done this before...


I feel that not only Zechs, but also Heero shouldn't die in this battle.

As I said many times before, we destroyed Gundam Unit 01 .

There isn't even a stabilizer left in that unit.

I'm going to make sure if it's true or not when I see Capt. Zechs.

Captain Zechs is not here.

Then let me see Lt. Noin who is in charge of this place.

My name is Relena Peacecraft.

She's going to see me.

But that's...

Excuse me.


Oh, You've done very well.


I see...

I understand.


Miss Relena is coming?


If the Peacecraft family can get this information, we can assume that Romafeller Foundation knows everything too.

Please be very careful.

I see...

In these times, there will be a lot of people who are impressed with the Romafeller Foundation.

To kill Zechs will be a sign of loyalty to them since Zechs saved the Gundam.

But why should Zechs be targeted?

Zechs is the hero of OZ.

I wonder if Zechs's way is wrong.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop.

But I have an answer for myself.

Since I spent such a long time with OZ, I placed a value on the war.

We can't understand each other, since even enemies can share a war spirit.

But they are different from me because they devoted their lives to this war.

They are true soldiers fighting for a cause.

I am still a weak soldier compared to them.

They have a goal of fighting for their colonies.

You also have something to save, Zechs.

I don't have the right to have something to save.

But, in their opinions, to think like this is too soft.

A soldier with something to value is not needed in war.

If I can't achieve that state of mind, I'll just be killed by Gundam.

This is war.

There's something to learn even if you lose your life.


Noin, this is going to be a long battle.

If possible, I don't want anybody to interfere.

You can trust me.

I'll stop the investigative group.

No, what I'm worried about is being bothered by an important person of the Peacecraft family.

No, Miss Relena is the most important person to you.

By protecting her, you can become a true soldier.

You don't trust me, do you?

That's not it.

He doesn't like somebody else to touch his Mobile Suit.

That's the reason.


The circuit for the Self Destruct system is not connected.

Captain Zechs said that isn't necessary.

He thinks he regrets making us use it in the last battle.

That's why?

Maybe this time, he wants to finish the fight.

Aren't you going to use your Mobile Suit?

I am going to use yours.


Mine works too well.

It makes me feel overindulged.

That's not going to happen to you.

No, it's not for me.

You are strong.

I see...

He's not going to use unit 01 but unit 03.

What are they thinking?

They think what we did to unit 01 was too much.

But, my feeling about the battle is the same.

Captain, Do you want me to take Tallgeese's parts back from the left arm of unit 01?

It's possible to recover the replacement parts from unit 01 .

That's all right.

Just leave it like this.


This battle is going to be the final one.

The left arm of Tallgeese was damaged in the battle at Siberia.

You can consider it a fair handicap.

Chief, is this the difference between an engineer and a pilot?

It must be.

It's a pilot's pride that we don't know because we haven't experienced real battle.

No, it is different because of my selfishness.

What time is it?

It's 2:32 AM You should rest now.

You are right.

This is too heavy for his injured left arm.

They have begun?

Yes, just now.

Radar reading lost?

Under me?

He hides himself from me with snow.


We shouldn't die like this.

They have been fighting for over 3 hours now.

Although this battle is in vain, it's kind of long.

In vain?

It's not in vain!

Isn't it true?

I don't know the details.

But you guys at this base are also being hunted by OZ.

We have the same enemy.

So why are we fighting each other in this remote place?

True piloting?

It means nothing.

You might be right.

But they were fighting each other just a short while ago.

It's natural for them to still have hostile feeling.

This is just a battle that you feel worthless because it's not your battle.

Is he looking for himself in this war because he wants to be a true soldier?

Is this why he needs an enemy?

No, if a soldier finds somebody to save he will be revived.

It'll take a long time to do that.

We don't know how to save the colonies.

We can't spend time here like this.

In order to let this battle finish soon, I am going to prepare for any interruption.

Are you talking about the investigative group?

Trowa, how are you going to fight?

Heero can do something for me now.

If you run out of bullets flip that switch.

Your left arm will be lighter.

This is how we should finish it...

Hand to Hand!

A Beam Saber?

I guess Trowa thought of almost everything.

So this is finally it.

I don't have any regrets.

This is war.

Everyone suffers for their mistakes.

But you are still young.

Please think about a peaceful future.

We were very glad to see you.

Miss Relena!

Private airplane, leave this area now.

This area is a battlefield.

Pargan, please hurry.

Don't stop.

But they are the investigative group who are chasing Zechs Marquis.

They might do something to us.

They are not going to do anything to us until Berkeley base.

Just continue on!

I trust your judgement.

The private airplane is accelerating.

Shoot it down.

What is that?

A Mobile Suit?

It's Gundam!!!!


He's fighting near here.

What are you doing here?

I came to speak to Zechs....

I'm going to make him stop this worthless battle.

I see.

You have to hurry because the investigative group might reach them soon.

Something is wrong with his left arm.

Did he notice my arm?

You left your handicap on purpose.

You think about fairness too much.

I want to destroy distracting things like that within me during the battle.

This is over!



Is that Relena?

Heero, I have a letter for you!

Get out of here!

Leave at once.

No, This letter says how to live for yourself.

You have a responsibility to read this letter.


You are Zechs Marquis, right?

Princess, please leave here.

I have to get revenge for my soldiers.

I order you in the name of Peacecraft to stop fighting right now!

You've become strong Relena.

You are truly a daughter of the House of Peacecraft.

You have to see war is dirty and cruel.

How cruel!

If he was a soldier and knight of Peacecraft, he wouldn't do this.

Miss Relena, a call from Lt. Noin.

Lt. Noin, I must have misunderstood you.

I thought you were sincere.

How can you accept this battle?

This is not a battle or a game.

They are just killing each other.

That's right.

You might look down on me.

But I just want to trust Zechs.

I can't do anything about what Captain Zechs does.

Heero, Just kill Zechs!

This person belongs to that cruel organization OZ.

He's a dirty stain of Cinq Kingdom.

Just kill him!

Don't say that, Miss Relena!

Don't wish for that...

It's true that he was once associated with OZ.

He joined them not because he believed their ideals, But in a way to find those responsible for the attack on the Cinq Kingdom.

But Miss Relena, Please don't wish for your brother's death under any situation.


My brother?

When the Peacecraft family was attacked by the Federation army, he decided to get revenge on them.

But it was difficult to organize the scattered Cinq Kingdom.

So, he joined OZ under the mask of Zechs Marquis to get within the Federation.

My hands are stained with blood so much...

Relena is the best person to become leader of Cinq Kingdom.

When OZ started creating the same problems, Zechs lost his reason to exist.

He saw himself as a soldier again, against Gundam.

He's trying to attain the same spirit as Heero who can live apart from his feelings.

This battle is for that.

In order to love the name of Cinq Kingdom and Peacecraft, he decided to give up his life.

I will follow him.

I want to follow him to whatever path Zechs leads me down.

You love my brother.

Don't you?

Yes, I love him.

Please take care of my brother forever.

I will try.

But I don't know if I can deal with Zechs because he does everything excessively.

This is the blood of Peacecraft.

multiple airplanes incoming from three separate directions.

They are most likely the investigative group.

How many?

We've detected at least thirty airplanes so far.

Launch attacks with all Mobile Suits we have available.

Attack the investigative group.

They are coming.

Can you hear me Heero?

You too Zechs?

There are 30 planes.

Even including Aries they are just 100.

If we attack about 30 each, we'll finish them easily.

No, wait.

I am going to attack them by myself.

Go save your colonies!


Heero, We'll meet again to continue our fight.

He is a hard one to fight.


Captain Zechs, Aries corps are ready to fight.

Escape with Relena from there.


When all of you have escaped I am going to attack them.

I am going to stay and fight.

Noin, I am going to save the only important person in the Cinq Kingdom who has a future.

Please let me protect her.

I will do as you ask.

Zechs, be careful.

I am glad that the battle was over because of the third party.

To be continued


The battle is expanding into space.

In outer space, Oz attacks the rest of the Federation Army and starts threatening the colonies.

Quatre Raberba decides to go into space and warn them.

But the Gundam is declared an enemy of the colony even though it is Gundam's Birthplace.

Next on Gundam Wing - Episode 17:


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