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Episode 15:
To The Battleground, Antarctica

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The attacks by the Gundams sent by the Space Colonies reflected the colonies' retaliatory intentions.

OZ has masked its identity in the Alliance Military and the Gundams' mission is to attack them.

The year is After Colony 195.

OZ has finally taken center stage.

With an army of elite soldiers at his command Treize Khushrenada plans to destroy the Alliance Military.

The battle between OZ and the mobile suits sent to Earth causes serious repercussions on the Earth.

This is where it starts.

He goes to every family member, seeking their verdict.

Everything he does is thorough and well thought out.

You're such a coward!

You obviously just wanna take the easy way out of this!

It's the only way I can live.

To the Battleground, Antarctica

Last stop.


It's not that simple.

You can't forgive yourself for accidentally killing a pacifist.

And it happened because you were tricked by OZ.

I can sympathize.

But to put your life in the hands of your victim's family...

That's what I want.

Going from place to place I knew it'd only be a matter of time before someone found us.

I'll take care of it.


Shouldn't overdo it in your state.

I'll stop them.



Thanks; I owe you.

No problem.


If we're gonna transport this, we can't do it by land.

Then by sea...

I've got my eye on a shhip.

But now we know that we're being watched.

So it might be difficult.

You can use my carrier.

I didn't expect you to be alive.

It's the first time we've met face to face.

My name is Lucrezia Noin.

I serve under Colonel Zechs.


The pilot you fought against in Siberia.

Don't think we won't put up a fight.

Colonel Zechs wants to meet you.

He does?

To try pumping us for information or something?

Don't misunderstand me.

He's not speaking as an OZ soldier.

He wants to see you as a fellow mobile suit pilot.

He hopes for another chance to fight you boys.

He wants a final match?

Sounds like an admirable guy, this Zechs fellow.

It's up to you guys, whether or not you believe me.

Where is he?

You're gonna trust her?

He's not the kind of guy to plant a trap.


Then my mobile suit will come in handy.


I haven't confirmed if the pilot of the self-detonated Gundam at the Siberia Base is dead or alive.

I see.

I've been trying to reach Colonel Zechs the OZ pilot that fought the Gundam.

But it seems he's already moved from the Lake Victoria base and I can't reach him.

So we still don't know anything?

Actually, I've been able to find out one thing.

What's that?

Colonel Zechs did something highly peculiar.


After the battle in Siberia Colonel Zechs ordered a large amount of Gundanium shipped from outer space.

To reconstruct the Gundam from the remains they collected.

Even I know he was ordered to destroy the Gundam because the OZ found out.

Actually, there are signs that the Gundam which was destroyed might've been a fake.

A fake?

So much Gundanium alloy was shipped they'd easily be able to make two mobile suits out of it.

So they used a portion to build the fake.

Now they're using the rest to reconstruct the Gundam.

I believe so.

What makes that Gundam so special, anyway?

He wants one final match to decide things.

He's that kind of man.

Thirteen years ago, when he was about six I faced him in a fencing match.

He hates his opponent having a handicap.

You know Colonel Zechs?

He was a hero in the eyes of the Peacecrafts.

There are many stories of his bravery.


If I could get in touch with Colonel Zechs then I might find out what happened to Heero.

Looks like someone else is looking for Heero Yuy.

Who it is?

Mrs. Noventa.



Wife of Marshal Noventa, the Alliance's Chief Commander who was killed by your Gundam friend at New Edwards.

She's trying to keep her search a secret from OZ.

I'd like you to contact Mrs. Noventa right away.

Of course, right away.

I told you he'd be alive, didn't I Noin?


He's got a strong will to live.

Thanks for your assistance.

And sorry to drag you into this.

Don't forget that I'm a mobile suit pilot too.

I understand your feelings to a certain extent.

Thank you Noin.

Watch your step around that search party.

Given this situation I won't be able to help you out.

You'll have to somehow deceive them on your own.

I'll take care of it.

Over and out.

We must make the final modifications to O1 before they get here.

There are numerous rumors that the Gundam destroyed by Colonel Zechs was a fake.

Should we allow Colonel Zechs to continue acting on his own?

This Zechs issue is becoming quite a topic within Romefeller.



A search party from Lake Victoria is in pursuit.

But Zechs would never do anything to cause me trouble.

Everyone's worrying about this too much.

So it was one of OZ's carriers.


Then there's a good chance they're aboard the plane.

Think we should just leave them?

Be patient.

They're bound to show their true colors.

Just don't lose sight of them.


I won't let them have their way this time.

Will the left arm be automatically balanced for the extra weight?

No, I purposely avoided that.

Instead I've had it at my fingertips so I'll have a speed advantage during battle.

Makes sense.

Seeing them working hard...

They're not different from any other young pilots.

We could keep Colonel Zechs from getting into any danger by getting rid of them right now.

You still don't understand him.

Zechs would never forgive us if we did such a thing.

Has the shield been attached to the Gatling arm too?

Yeah, but it's heavy.


Normally we wouldn't let others touch our own mobile suits.

Then you'd better hurry up and get to know this thing.


But this time I'll defeat Zechs.

Gundam Wing

I contacted Mrs. Noventa, and she's forwarded this letter.

She said she'd like you to deliver the letter for her.

Mrs. Noventa?

Yes, it's made out to Mr. Heero Yuy.

To Heero?!

''Your sudden visit caught me off guard...''

...and I didn't feel that I was able to express the true feelings in my heart.

That's why I decided to write this letter.

You made a mistake when your plan went awry in battle.

But stop suffering over it.

My husband and Ventei died trying to build a world where genuine young men like yourselves could live happily.

I have no regrets.

That's what happens in war.

A wrong turn in the past can be painful for anyone.

But you people are still young!

I hope you'll think about building a new future!

Our family is honored to have met with you!

''I pray the day will arrive when all battles cease.''

''To my dear friend, Mr. Heero Yuy:''

So Heero's still alive.

I knew he'd be alive!

I'm leaving for Sicily.

I'll meet Mrs. Noventa and ask where Heero is!


I'll make flight arrangements.


Heero was alive after all!

I can't have our special guests catch a cold.

Put these on.

Where are we headed?

The South Pole.

A mobile suit battle on a continent covered in ice?

It's the only place to have a battle and go unnoticed.

Colonel Zechs.

All areas needed to determine ability have been restored.

Measuring abilities isn't enough.

I want this Gundam completely restored!

Why should we take it that far?

I wanna know more.

More about this mobile suit, and more about its pilot.

It's impossible to completely restore the right arm.

It needs power to handle the giant beam cannon and a system to precisely control the beam saber.

We'd need enough time to build a whole new mobile suit.

Then at least complete the beam saber system using parts from the left arm of Tallgeese.

Colonel Zechs, what are you trying to prove?

Please, just try to indulge me.

As you wish.

Everyone listen up!

New instructions for the restoration of O1 's right arm!

Problem, Lieutenant!

Our craft is being followed by a number of carriers.

They've found us.

We spotted them when we reached the continent.

They've calculated our flying range.

They must've realized we'd be headed for Colonel Zechs' base.

We'll throw them off by changing directions.


If we sacrifice two Aries, we could break free of them.

Then even if they know the base location we can attack.


Stop lying.

You wouldn't do anything to burden Zechs.

You're going on the Aries?

You'll be overpowered by their numbers.

My mission is to get you to the destination safely.

The method is up to me!

Two Aries suits have been dropped and are free-falling.

They haven't righted themselves yet!

Don't be tricked by their pranks!

We'll release our suits too!

Let's go!


Carrier One's going down!

Spread out!


One more shot and Carrier Two's down.

Get back in the clouds and be patient!

No, I'm going for it!



You all right?!

I'm sorry!

That was careless.


Backup troops?!

This time take me directly to Zechs and the Gundam.


I'll cover for you, Lieutenant Noin!

Get outta here while you can!

Don't be ridiculous!

Damn it!


We have to rescue Lieutenant Noin!

That's against orders.


I won't take that crap from you!

Turn us around!

You're too weak.

That's enough!

We surrender!


There's no point continuing!

We've thrown down our weapons! We surrender!

Stop attacking us!

Do you think the normal rules apply to someone who's betrayed Romefeller?

I might consider it, if you hand over the Gundam as proof of Zechs' betrayal.


Unfortunately that won't change Zechs destiny.

We'll finish him off here.

As my reward for defeating him my superior skills will be recognized.

I won't let you get near Zechs!

So Zechs is here after all!!

Damn you!!

Okay, we've got our info.

Get rid of them!

You came back?!

Emergency landing!

Let me off first!

I'll correct the mistakes your weakness caused.

A Gundam!

That's Gundam 03!

That Gundam's strong!

It's too much!

The Gundam will be used as an Excuse to get the colonies.

So I can't let anyone report that it was seen here.

Fighting Zechs 'soldiers off at Point I 03 of the South Pole

We've located a Gundam...!

''Those who've laid eyes on a Gundam shall not live.''

Those are my orders.

That's enough! Stop!


Damn it.

Why do I have to keep on fighting like this?

These young pilots are too pure.

Are you all right?

The name is Trowa.

I need you to reload the explosives for Heero.

Forget that...

Stop worrying about that right now!

Start thinking about your own welfare!

Next Episode

Zechs waits at the South Pole with the completed Wing Gundam.

Heero challenges Zechs to a duel with Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms.

Heero and Zechs commence their battle amidst the snowy winds.

Zechs tries to find something beyond the desperate battle.

As does Noin.

But then Relena arrives.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 16

The Sorrowful Battle

Episode 15 New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

The attacks by the five Gundams were a clear sign of the Space Colony's rebellious will.

The Gundams were Mobile Suits created to deal with a threat posed to the colony by OZ, Hiding under cover of the Federation, they carried out numerous attacks.

After Colony 195.

With the OZ on the verge of making history, Treize Khushrenada had begun the annihilation of the Federation using the finest army.

The battle between the five Gundam and OZ was yet to escalate to a serious conflict.

This is the beginning.

His life will depend upon their family's judgement.

What he does is always perfect.

You're a coward because you want to be free from your guilt by making me kill you.

All I can do is this.


This is the last one.

Are you satisfied?

It's not that easy.

although it was a mistake, you can't forgive yourself for killing a pacifist.

In addition, you were tricked by OZ.

I can understand your feelings.

But I can't believe you'll let your life depend on the family of a pacifist.

I just want to do it right.

I knew someone was going to find us if we kept searching like this.

I'll take care of them.


Don't do anything.

You're injured.

I'll stop them by myself.


Thank You.

Not at all.

By the way, it's impossible to transport this by land.

By ship?

That will also be difficult since they're already looking for you here.

You can use my airplane.

I am surprised that you are still alive.

This is the first time I've seen you like this.

I am Lucrezia Noin, a subordinate of Capt. Zechs.


He was the pilot fighting against you in Siberia.

I won't allow myself to be captured.

Capt. Zechs wants to meet you.

Meet us?

He thinks he can get information from us?

Don't misunderstand me.

Capt. Zechs wants to meet you not as a pilot of OZ, but as a Mobile Suit pilot.

He wants to fight with you again.

He wants a duel?

Heh, What a great man this Zechs is!

It's up to you to believe me or not.

Where is he?

You believe her?

He's not the kind of person who resorts to such tricks.

I see.

You can use my mobile suit.


We have yet to find the pilot of the Gundam who died at the Siberia base.

I see.

although I tried to contact the OZ pilot, ...

Capt. Zechs who fought the Gundam, he already moved to the Lake Victoria's base.

Then there is no information on him?

Yes, but there is one bit of information.

What is it?

There is something suspicious about what Capt. Zechs did.


After the battle in Siberia, he transported a lot of Gundam Alloy from space.

It's probably because those are to fix the Gundam.

Even I know that Gundam was destroyed since the act was witnessed by those against OZ.

There is a rumor that the destroyed Gundam might be a dummy.


The quantity of Gundam alloy seems to be enough to make two Gundams.

They might have used some Gundam Alloy for creating a fake one and the rest for fixing the real Gundam?


Why is he concerned with Gundam so much?

I guess he wants a fitting conclusion.

Capt. Zechs is that kind of person.

13 years ago, when he was 6 years old, I was fencing with him...

He didn't like when an opponent had a handicap.

Do you know Zechs?

He used to be a hero of the Peacecraft family.

There are many famous stories about him.

I see.

If we can contact Capt. Zechs, we can get information about Heero.

There is one other person who's looking for Heero Yuy.

Who is that?

Mrs. Noventa.



She's the wife of General Noventa who was killed by the Gundam at New Edwards Base.

Her search seems to be a secret from OZ.

Contact this Noventa person as soon as possible.


I will try.

They are alive, Noin?


Their abilities to survive are incredible.

I am sorry for making you run such personal errands.

That's okay.

I am also a mobile suit pilot.

I can understand you a little better as a pilot.

Thank you, Noin.

Please be very careful dealing with the investigative group.

I can't help you with them.

You have to throw them off the track by yourself.

Yes, I understand sir.

Unit 01 should be repaired by the time they arrive.

The rumor about the fake Gundam that Zechs destroyed is spreading.

Should I forgive this selfish action?

It's a problem even for the Longfeller Foundation.

My Baby!


The investigative group from the Lake Victoria base?

Zechs isn't the only person who is a nuisance to me.

Everybody worries too much.

It was an OZ cargo plane.

I see.

So they might be in there.

Aren't you going to do anything?

Don't rush.

I'm sure that they are going to show their true colors.

Keep watching until then.

Yes sir!

I am not going to let them escape.

Does the auto-balancer system work in keeping the weight balance off the left side?


I didn't use it for that purpose.

I learn from my body in case of close combat.

I see.

They are just like ordinary young pilots when they talk like that.

If we kill them right now, Capt. Zechs won't have to experience a dangerous battle.

You don't understand Capt. Zechs.

If I do that, Capt. Zechs will hate me.

Could the shield be set with a gattling arm?

It's rather heavy then.

Usually, a pilot doesn't like someone else touching his Mobile Suit.

If you feel sorry for me, learn this Mobile Suit's characteristics.

Yes, I am going to win this time.

I contacted Mrs. Noventa and received this letter from her.

She wants you to read it by yourself, Miss Relena.

From Mrs. Noventa?

Yes, this one is for Heero Yuy.

For Heero?

I was very surprised by your sudden visit.

So I couldn't convey what I was thinking very well.

That's why I am writing this letter.

Don't suffer from regrets of your mistake in the battle.

Noventa and Venti died in order to create a world for innocent people like you to live in peace.

No regrets.

This is war.

Everybody regrets their own mistakes.

However, you are still young.

Think about a peaceful future.

We were very glad to see you.

I hope that a peaceful future will come soon.

My Dear Heero Yuy.

Heero is alive.

He's still alive.

I am going to leave for Sicily to see Mrs. Noventa and ask her where Heero is.

Yes, Lady.

I will have the airplane ready.


Heero is still alive.

I don't want our important visitors to be cold.

Please put these on.

Where are we going?

To the South Pole.

A battle of Mobile Suits on an Ice continent?

Otherwise, someone would notice us.

Capt. Zechs, we already checked every measurable ability.

I want you to fix it perfectly.

It has to be as good as it was during the last fight.


why would you want to do that?

I want to know all about this Mobile Suit and its pilot.

But it's impossible to make this right arm perfect.

If we fix the power of the huge Beam rifle, and the fast Beam Saber system perfectly, we'll need almost as much time as it takes to make a new Gundam.

Then, at least fix the unit 01 's Beam Saber system with the parts from Tallgeese's left arm.

Capt. Zechs, What do you hope to gain?

I am sorry.

Please forgive my selfishness.


Everybody, come here!

I am going to tell you how to fix the Unit 01 's right arm.

Lt. Noin!

An emergency!!!

We are being followed by several planes from the investigative group.

For how long?

We only detected them when we reached the continental border.

They probably followed just outside of detection range.

They guessed that we are going to rendezvous with Capt. Zechs.

I'm going to change direction and lose them.


We can escape by sending out two Aries.

Even if they find the location of the base we can attack them from there.

Don't lie.

You are not going to impose such a burden on Capt.


You are going to attack with the Aries?

You will be surrounded by a lot of enemies.

I'm just responsible for getting you to the base safely.

I will pursue things my way.

Two Aries are deployed and going down.

They are not in firing range.

Don't be tricked.

We'll also deploy our troops too.

Let's go.

I'm going to shoot the first one.


Second one will go down with one more pass.

Don't rush.

Hide in the clouds first.

No, I am going in.

I got you.


Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

That was my mistake.

Lt. Noin!!


Let me see when Zechs or the Gundams appear.


I'm going to fight by myself.

Please escape from here.

What are you saying?


We're going back to help Lt.


You are disobeying her direct order!


You don't have the right to order us.

We are turning around!

No discipline.

Okay, That's enough.

We are going to surrender.


This battle is hopeless.

We have thrown away our weapons.

We surrender.

Please stop your attack.

The Romafeller Foundation doesn't show mercy to traitors like you.

I will think about it if you give us the Gundam, the evidence of his betrayal.


But even if you do that, the destiny of Zechs will remain the same.

At the South Pole, we'll kill him.

If we kill him, our skills as pilots will be highly regarded.

I'm not going to tell you where Zechs is!

So you do know where Zechs is!!!


It doesn't matter.

We're going to kill you anyway.

Why did you return?

We can't do another pass!!!


Let me go out there.

I'll show you the consequences of disobeying a direct order.


Gundam unit 03 This is Gundam.

So strong!

Gundam will be their excuse for attacking the colonies.

I won't let them report the existence of a Gundam here.

At point 103 in the south pole, we are fighting with the soldiers of Zechs right now.

Gundam is...

Gundam is...

I can't let any enemies who see Gundam live.

That is my duty.

That's enough!!!

Stop it!!!

Gundam is here!!!!!


Why do I have to fight like this?

Those children are too naive.

Are you all right?

My name is Trowa Can I ask you to teach Heero how to use this Gundam instead of me?

Don't worry about him!

You should worry about your own future more!

To be continued


Zechs who finished repairs on the Wing Gundam is waiting at the South Pole.

Heero is going to fight by using Trowa's Heavy Arms Gundam.

Heero and Zechs are going to start a battle in the white winds.

Zechs and Noin are looking for something important in the battle.

But Relena appeared at the battlefield.

Next time on Gundam Wing Episode 16: SAD BATTLE

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