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Episode 14:
The Order To Destroy 01

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The attacks by the Gundams sent by the Space Colonies reflected the colonies' retaliatory intentions.

OZ has masked its identity in the Alliance Military and the Gundams' mission is to attack them.

The year is After Colony I 9 5.

OZ has finally taken center stage.

With an army of elite soldiers at his command Treize Khushrenada plans to destroy the Alliance Military.

The battle between OZ and the mobile suits sent to Earth causes serious repercussions on the Earth.

Don't you think your life's too valuable for that?!


What are you thinking?!

What would your parents think...

I said this before.

The way to live a good life is to act on your emotions.

The order to Destroy O1

Take better care.


of your body, I mean.


That's Sylvia Noventa.

She's in Marseilles.

Sure you wanna start there?


Looks like we'll make it.

What's the matter?

The display of Leos, huh.

They've been the main force of the Alliance and OZ.

Why was Romefeller so set on using mobile suits?

Because people tend to fear large machinery.

But at the same time they have a strong admiration for it.

Mobile suits walk upright, too.

The Foundation must've preferred a human looking battle rather than one played out with buttons and switches.

There's no difference when it comes to killing men.

If there were, it'd be as a game that toyed with people's lives.

In war, a frenzied death is the most honest way.

only a few know that the chaos caused by OZ is according to the Romefeller Foundation's plans.

An assembly of the Romefeller Foundation and invited guests was being held on the outskirts of Bremen.

The Romefeller Foundation was formed from European royalty.

With their enormous financial power and connections the aristocrats poured their energy into weapons development.

They provided mobile suits to the Alliance and became powerful enough to pull off the latest coup d'etat.

What's wrong?

You'll have to forgive me.

I can't blame you, considering what I did last time.

Beyond that door are people responsible for the death of your father and Sanc Kingdom.

But today you mustn't do anything...

I understand.

I promise to act appropriately for a sovereign of the peace-oriented Sanc Kingdom.

In the past, the United Earth Sphere Alliance requested considerable funds and assistance for world peace.

We didn't hesitate to cooperate with them for world peace.

But the Alliance started seeking peace through dialogue alone.

Earth has too many disputes that dialogue alone can't settle.

Isn't a system of control what humanity truly needs?

That's precisely how control will be exercised now.

This is how peace can be maintained.

The Alliance lacked the necessary talent.

Many responsibilities are required to rule.

But they attempted to run away from those responsibilities.

We have the traditions needed to rule an era.

The world was corrupted with imperfect ideas like equality and freedom.

The time's arrived where we must once again take control.

I can't believe OZ's using these methods to take over the world.

The Romefeller Foundation kept such ideas to itself while hiding its presence and agendas within the Alliance.

OZ took advantage of the situation saying they'd achieve world peace, if the Alliance couldn't.

So the war will continue, then?

OZ must keep winning in order to continue ruling.

The rewards of victory and OZ's success go hand in hand.

OZ's dissolution of former policies was a revolution against the system's misrule and poverty.

The nations in the Romefeller Foundation will want to take part only in wars they're certain to win.

So OZ needs the strongest mobile suit troops in order to exist.

But the Gundams can defeat OZ.

OZ sees the Gundams as a serious menace.

By threatening to directly attack the colonies OZ completely silenced the Gundams.

The Romefeller Foundation is trying to destroy the Gundams as soon as they're able.

They'll sacrifice lives in order to gain rule.

But Heero sacrificed his own life to save others.

They'd never understand.

I'd like to introduce you to the conqueror of the Alliance.

This gentleman is a brave knight fighting for us in his endless quest to attain world peace.

A member of Romefeller and OZ's chief commander!

Treize Khushrenada!

Some think OZ's military power and mobile suit forces may result in excess rule.

''Rule'' is commonly associated with oppression and arrogance.

I think it's a way to keep ambitions under control.

God let humanity run free.

So what humanity needs is a system over and above God's.

God couldn't have predicted this world with never-ending wars.

I'm sure God would understand the steps we're taking.

Let's leave.

There's no point staying.

These people see wars through rose-colored glasses.

Nothing we say will change that.

Relena? Relena?

You're all very mistaken.

And the Gundams will come to rectify your mistakes.

on behalf of those who're trampled by this whitewash!

Relena, stop this!

No, I'm not finished yet!

I'm begging you Relena.

Talking to them is useless!

Thank you, Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin.

My apologies, Your Excellency.

Excuse us.

Forgive me; she's the younger sister of a friend I invited.

What on earth was she trying to get at?

She must've sensed our anxiety toward the Gundams.

She's saying ''be confident''.

Speaking of the Gundams, I want a word about Zechs Merquise.

I know his skills, but you're giving him too much freedom.

Meaning exactly...?

I hear he's rebuilding the self-detonated Gundam in Lake Victoria.

It's insane to be fixing the mobile suit that we considered a menace!

That Gundam should be destroyed as a warning to the colonies!

I understand what you're saying.

If the Foundation decides to I'll tell Colonel Zechs to destroy the Gundam at once.

I'm surprised that rumors about the Gundams were so widespread.

It shows the significance of the damage they've rendered to OZ.

His Excellency didn't seem to agree, though...

Can't help it, if they're orders from above.

Will you follow orders and destroy the Gundam?

How's Relena?

She's a ball of energy.

It's hard to escort her.

How much does she know?

It seems that Mr. Darlian, her foster father told her a lot before he passed away.

I told her you're a respectable and trustworthy soldier who was brought up in Sanc Kingdom.

I also said you alone were there when Gundam O I self-detonated.

And that you're reconstructing the Gundam.

Which makes Relena believe that the Gundam pilot Heero Yuy, must've somehow lived.

Heero Yuy...so that's the pilot's name.

Relena has some connection with him, much like yourself.

I understand.

Thanks for the update, Noin.

Wouldn't you tell her about yourself?

Over and out.

How could I do that?!

I'm Zechs Merquise, from the organization responsible for this blood bath.

I could set fire to this castle and burn it down right now.

But God would never forgive me if I did such a thing.

Perhaps I'll be punished for my profanity toward God.

Then an appropriate punishment must be planned.

God's merely an imaginary figure created by humans.

Gundam Wing

Marshal Noventa of the United Earth Sphere Alliance objected to armament expansion, to deter rebels.

He passed a request for arms reduction and disarmament to the Earth's nations and the colonies.

But his untimely death put an end to it.

OZ chose that day as the dawn of a new era and tricked the Gundams into shooting down Noventa's shuttle.

But I won't let it obstruct our peace proposal.


Don't be rash now, young man!

As a result of this tragedy the road to peace may have been lost forever.


You must escape at once!

I appreciate your concern, Captain.

Many soldiers from the United Earth Sphere Alliance are still here in Marseilles.

OZ will probably carry out plans to attack us.

I thought the city could be protected because the Alliance has a base here.

But now the base poses the greatest threat toward the city.

It'll be a battleground.

Yes, I know.

But leaving my memories of life with my grandfather has taken longer than I thought.

Marshal Noventa was a fine person.

He always thought about how to help achieve world peace.

Grandfather's no longer here, but his heart still remains.

I'll live my life remembering that he's here in our hearts.


I'm sorry.

Captain, we're under attack!

Is it OZ?

Yes! Ten Aries suits!

They think they can capture this place with I O mobile suits?!


Don't worry, we won't give up that easily.

Get yourself to a safe place.

Keep the Aries from residential areas, and commence attack!

Leos, return fire!

It's like a guerrilla attack!

We'll destroy all those Leos!

After them!

What've I done?!


The Alliance's Leos are retreating to the underground channels!

Probably they're the main forces.

All Aries, assemble at once!

The underground channels.

Pretty obvious decision.

Don't worry about me.

I'd get in your way with this arm.

We can't let OZ find out we've got a Gundam in town.

There's just a few of us left!

Are we doomed?

Hurry to point 211 of the channels!

Yes, sir!

Sylvia Noventa!

Who're you?

Aries suits have entered the channels!

No choice but to surrender.


What's this?

It's a Gundam.

What's it doing here?

The Aries are only a block away!

We'll stop retreating and fire as they come!


Probably can't buy much time but we'll resist until the pilot returns.

We'll manage.

Are we protecting the Gundam?

Yeah; it'll be our backup!

Continue fire! Don't ease up!

He's here.

The rest is up to you, Gundam.

All Leos in the channels are destroyed!

We're heading out!

It's a Gundam!

Why's it here?!

I'll get rid of you before the others catch on.

I won't get involved in a battle between OZ and the Alliance.

But I can't afford to have anyone see the Gundam!

Five Aries suits destroyed!

Is this a miracle?

Who could this unidentified mobile suit be?

Whoever it is, I'm extremely grateful!


You said your name was Heero Yuy?

Heero Yuy, huh.

This is my grandfather's grave.

You wanted to talk to me...?

I was the one who killed Marshal Noventa.


I made a mistake.

I accidentally shot down Marshal Noventa's shuttle.

Killing him and other people who'd advocated peace.

How could you?!


This is the only thing I can do for you right now.

Sylvia Noventa...

I can't undo my mistake.

I hope the anger felt by the Marshal's loved ones and the regrets of the Marshal's soul can be somewhat eased if you pull that trigger.

You're such a coward!

You obviously just wanna take the easy way out of this!

This is the only answer I can offer you now.

You coward!

You coward!

Understand that I didn't come here to make you suffer.

I'm going to pay a visit to your grandmother.

I heard she's in Sicily.


This is where it starts.

He goes to every family member, seeking their verdict.

Everything he does is thorough and well thought out.

Everything Heero Yuy does.

Wars are nothing but repulsive killings!

How can you be so clear-cut about it all?!

It's the only way I can live.

Do it!

Gundam O1 has been destroyed as per orders, Inspector Acht.

I saw the explosion.

But would you object if I collected the remains?

You're not satisfied with the documents we submitted?

I'd rather confirm the remains with my own two eyes.

Since I need to prepare a document of my own to satisfy the hard-liners of the Romefeller Foundation.

As you wish.

I don't imagine I'll find anything out of the ordinary.

Zechs Merquise isn't likely to be careless with details.

There weren't any Gundam parts left at the Lake Victoria base.

Zechs is fond of mobile suits.

I can't see him changing his ways for a request from us.

What will he gain by opposing the Romefeller Foundation?

I dunno what he's thinking.

But Romefeller's taking over this era.

To move into the top ranks we just need to prove Zechs betrayed his official orders.

The Inspector is just trying to find faults with you so he can score some points with the Romefeller Foundation.

He won't find anything different from the documents.

Sorry I had to involve you in my little performance.

I figured it'd be a real waste to destroy the Gundam O1 at this point in the game.

But we've destroyed most of the Tallgeese's spare parts.

In that case I'll just have to be more careful with it.

No pilot can harm the Tallgeese and Colonel Zechs.

Not true: there is at least one man.

To be continued

Next Episode

A war is supposed to be heartless.

But Heero places his own destiny in the hands of Mrs. Noventa.

Zechs longs for a decisive battle as a warrior.

Noin invites Heero to Antarctica where Zechs awaits.

Inspector Acht pursues them with his own forces.

The Gundam revival is about to ignite its own new blaze.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 15

To the Battleground, Antarctica

Episode 14 New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

The five Gundams actions were a direct reflection of the will of all the colonies.

The Gundams were Mobile Suits created to deal with the threat posed to the colonies by OZ, a secret organization hidden inside the Federation armed forces.

After Colony: year 195 OZ finally emerged as the leading force in history.

OZ's leader Treize Khushrenda carried out massive operations to devastate and take over the Federation armed forces.

Having been tricked into the confrontation, bloody battles between OZ and the colony's five Mobile Suits began...

What do you think about your life?

Self destruct?

Don't joke around!

You just follow your own selfish wishes!

I told you before!

It's alright for humans to be honest to their feelings.


Treat it carefully.

Take care of yourself too.

Is this it?

Sylvia Noventa.

She's in Marseilles.

Are you going to start there?


We will be arriving shortly.

What's bothering you?

Those are the Leos for exhibition.

They compose the main force of both Oz and the World Federation.

Why does the Longfeller Foundation still make Mobile Suits?

People usually are afraid of huge machines, but at the same time they admire them as well.

People like to see wars fought by real men.

They don't want it fought with buttons and computers.

Instead, they want war machine to have two legs.

That's not a reason for killing people.

If there was such a reason, it would be just a joke in order to enjoy killing.

Massacre in war is the honest nature of humans.

Few people knew that the war brought about by OZ was actually orchestrated by Longfeller Foundation.

The Longfeller Foundation hosted a meeting, inviting many of the most influential members of society.

The Longfeller Foundation was originally a group of noble families from all over Europe.

They used their financial power and influence to promote development of War weapons.

They supplied mobile suits to the World Federation to extend their power After building OZ into a large power base, they succeed in carrying out a Coup d' etat.

What are you doing?

Forgive me.

It's all right.

I realize that I have a criminal record now.

People who destroyed Mr. Darlian and your kingdom are behind these doors.

But Miss Relena, please don't do anything today.

I understand.

I will behave formally as the pacifist head of the Cinq Kingdom.

In the past, the World Federation asked for our financial help and to provide for the defense of Earth.

We did our best to cooperate with them to achieve peace.

But The world came to a peaceful place as the result of our advice.

However, this planet Earth has many problems which can't be solved by our advice alone.

What we need is a system of control.

Control is achieved by ruling.

Ruling will keep a peaceful society.

But World Federation didn't try to rule.

When you rule a society, you are required to bear much responsibility for it.

However, World Federation tried to remain free of this responsibility.

That's why we have returned to the traditional way of ruling society.

The obscure ideas of equality and freedom collapsed in their society.

It is time for us to begin to rule society once again in our way.

I can't believe that OZ is trying to conquer the world in such a way.

When OZ was hiding within the World Federation, the Longfeller Foundation didn't announce their intention to the public.

OZ said that if the Federation can't make a peaceful world, they will make it for them.

This way, OZ announced their true intention.

They will keep fighting.

Won't they?

If they don't keep conquering, this system will collapse upon itself.

Reward for winning is the only thing that can keep this system going.

In the past, ridiculous politics caused poverty and the collapse of this system.

The countries that will cooperate with the Longfeller foundation will continue to benefit from war.

For this reason, OZ needs the strongest Mobile Suit corps to win.

I am sure Gundam can beat OZ.

OZ considers the power of Gundam to be extraordinary.

For that reason, they'll attack the colonies directly.

In other word, OZ is going to force out the other Gundams from hiding.

Longfeller Foundation will try to get rid of the Gundams as soon as possible.

OZ tried to rule over many miserable victims.

Those people can't understand Heero who tries to save others at the risk of his life.

I will now introduce to you the leader of OZ.

He wishes to put down the Federation and fight bravely to make a peaceful world for us.

He's the member of Longfeller Foundation in addition to the commander of OZ.

Treize Khushrenada.

You may think we will reign over the world with OZ's Mobile Suits.

To rule is to control.

It might seem arrogant.

However, I think we need a government to control our human greed.

God left humanity to itself.

Humanity needs a man's system beyond God.

Even God can't predict that we can ever stop having a war amongst each other.

So it will be understood by God that our actions are right.

Let's leave now...

This meeting is not for us.

We don't have anything to say to people who think war is beautiful.

It's a waste of time.

Miss Relena?

Miss Relena?

You are committing a terrible mistake.

Gundam will appear again in order to correct your mistakes.

I am protesting as a messenger of those who can't defend themselves from such complications.

Miss Relena, Please stop this.

No, I have to tell them.

Miss Relena, Please stop it.

We can't solve any problem here, today.

Good Job!

Lnt. Lucrezia Noin.

I am sorry, your excellency Treize.

Excuse me.

She's the sister of a friend whom I invited.

What did she want to talk about?

She knows that we are afraid of Gundam.

So she wanted to say ''be more proud''.


I think you depend too much on that pilot, Zechs Marquis.

What are you talking about?

I heard that he is rebuilding Gundam that was destroyed during the threat of the colonies at Lake Victoria base.

Is he really rebuilding Gundam?

Is he insane?

We should completely destroy the Gundam as a warning to the colonies.

I understand your concerns.

If it is the foundation's wish, I will have the Gundam destroyed.

So, the people in high positions know about the Gundam?

This only tells us that OZ was severely hurt by the Gundam in the last battle.

But his Excellency Treize seemed against the idea.

But even he can't refuse the decision of his superiors.

Will the destruction of Gundam be carried out?

How is Relena doing?

She's very reckless.

It's really hard to protect her.

How much does she know about herself?

Her stepfather, Mr. Darlian told her a little bit.

I told her about you.

I said, ''He's a loyal soldier from Cinq Kingdom'' I also told her, ''He's the only person who saw the pilot of Gundam unit 01 kill himself''.

Since you are rebuilding Gundam, she wonders if Heero Yuy is still alive.

Heero Yuy?

Is that the pilot's name?

Miss Relena is also connected to him in the same way as you.


Thank you for your report, Noin.

Are you going to hide the truth from Miss Relena?

I can't tell the truth to her because I am now the Zechs Marquis of OZ with a bloody history.

I might be punished by God as a heretic.

No, God is just an imaginary creation of humans.

General Noventa of the World Federation had objected to the buildup of armaments.

He was the one who decided to decrease armaments and demilitarize both Earth and Colonies.

However, a new era began when OZ tricked Heero to destroy General Noventa's shuttle.

I won't let this be an obstacle to a peaceful future.



Don't regret it, young man.

This incident might have closed the way to peace forever.

Miss Sylvia, please escape from this town.

Thank you for your concern, Captain.

In Marseilles, there are many soldiers of the World Federation on leave.

For that reason, OZ might attack here.

I thought this place was safe because a World Federation base is located here, But that same base also makes this place dangerous.

This place is going to be a battlefield.

I know...

But it'll take a time for me to leave the sweet memories of my grandfather.

General Noventa was a great person.

He always thought about achieving a peaceful future.

Although grandpa died, his soul will live on forever.

I will always cherish my grandpa's memory.

Miss Sylvia...

I am sorry.

Captain, the enemy is here!

Is it OZ?

We detected ten Aries.

Just Aries?

They think just ten Aries can destroy this base?


Don't worry about it Miss Sylvia.

We have our ways of dealing with them.

Escape from here now.


Don't let them reach this base.

Prepare to fire.

Leos, return fire!

Ha, This is like a guerrilla warfare.

I am going to shoot down all enemy Mobile Suit.

keep attacking!

Shit!, I screwed up.

What the...?

Leos of the World Federation are heading toward the underpass.

The main force is concentrated in there.

All Aries, attack there!

Using the underpass is an obvious tactic.

Don't worry about me.

I'll just be a burden.

You don't want OZ to know about my Gundam.

My unit is almost destroyed.

Is this the end?

Take the point, main force 2-2-1 is there.

Hurry up.

Sylvia Noventa?

Who are you?

The enemy Aries have entered the underpass.

We can't avoid surrendering.


What is that?


Why is it in here?

Aries are one block away.

Okay, Stop retreating through the underpass.

We are going to counter attack.


We need to hold off the enemy until the pilot of this Gundam returns.

Can you do it?

Are we going to protect Gundam?

Yeah, it's our only hope now!

Keep shooting.

Don't be afraid.

He's here.

Please end this war, Gundam.

We destroyed all the Leos.

Secure the area.


Why is it here?

I have to destroy all of you.

This war is between the World Federation and OZ, so I was not going to interfere.

But I can't allow you to tell anyone about my Gundam.

Five Aries have been destroyed.

Is it a miracle?

What is this mobile suit?

It doesn't really matter but I appreciate it.


You are Heero Yuy?

Heero Yuy...

This is my grandfather's grave.

What do you want to tell me?

The one who killed General Noventa... it was me.

It was a mistake.

I killed General Noventa and many great people who wished for peace.



Only thing that I can do is this Sylvia Noventa.

I can't atone for my sins.

I hope this gun calms the souls of those I killed and the anger of their families.

You are a coward!

You are making me kill you, so you can be free from your guilt.

This is only thing I can do.



I want you to understand that I don't want to cause any more pain.

I will ask your grandmother.

I heard that she lives in Sicily.

This is the beginning.

His life will depend on their family's decision.

What he does is always perfect.

Heero Yuy.

War is just killing people.


Why do you think that war is a beautiful thing?

I can't change my way of living.


I've destroyed Gundam Unit 01 , Investigator Agato.

I acknowledge that it was destroyed.

Now, may I take some of the wreckage?

Do you have a complaint about our report?

I want to make sure, since I have to deal with all the superiors at the Longfeller Foundation.

As you wish.

Maybe there is no doubt about him.

He will not make a mistake so easily, that Zechs Marquis.

There were no parts of Gundam retrieved from Lake Victoria.

He loves mobile suits.

He won't give up his plans so easily.

If Zechs opposes the Longfeller Foundation, won't he be in danger?

I don't know about Zechs.

Right now, he's still the Foundation's hero.

This world is run by the Longfeller Foundation.

In order to win their favor, I have to find a fault in Zechs.

In order to win a favor of Longfeller Foundation, he has to prove your fault.

But he won't find any discrepancies with the data in the report.

I am sorry that you had to lie.

I didn't even want to destroy the fake Gundam.

Also, I had to use some of the parts from Tallgeese in the real one.

I see.

I can't let myself be injured then.


Zechs, there aren't any pilots who could injure you when you are in Tallgeese.

No, there is at least one.

To be continued


A war should be cruel for everybody.

However, Heero lets his life depend upon a decision from Mrs. Noventa.

Zechs is going to fight Heero in order to become a real soldier.

Heero is taken to the South Pole by Noin, where the decisive battle is to be held.

The soldiers of the investigator Agato chase them to the South Pole.

Rebuilding Gundam is the motivation to create a new battle.

Next time on Gundam wing Episode 15: TO A BATTLEFIELD AT THE SOUTH POLE

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