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Episode 13:
Catherine's Tears

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The attacks by the Gundams sent by the Space Colonies reflected the colonies' retaliatory intentions.

OZ has masked its identity in the Alliance Military and the Gundams' mission is to attack them.

The year is After Colony 195.

OZ has finally taken center stage.

With an army of elite soldiers at his command Treize Khushrenada has begun to wipe out the Alliance Military.

The battle between OZ and the mobile suits sent to Earth causes serious repercussions on the Earth.

Yeah and I think it'll be a big hit with the soldiers.


Trowa's usually so quiet, so it must be a good idea.

There's nothing wrong with acting on your emotions.

Least that's what I was taught.

Yeah. It'll be my last grandstand show.

Catherine's Tears

Prepare to drop the Tallgeese.

Colonel Zechs.

There's turbulence in the area where we're making the drop.

Please be careful.

Tallgeese gauges in order. Ready for drop.

Exit in ten seconds.

Starting countdown, 5, 4, 3...

2, I Exit!

Colonel Zechs, you can be picked up on the radar now.

We can locate you.

Colonel Zechs?

Colonel Zechs, are you all right?!

Yes, I read you.

Commencing tests.

Colonel Zechs, anti-aircraft missiles are ready!

They're locked on the Tallgeese!

Roger! Fire them!

Are you sure?!

That's what this mobile suit is demanding!

The Tallgeese is speeding up!

All right!

Fire anti-aircraft missiles!


Colonel Zechs has conquered that Tallgeese monster!

You've mastered it.

The super vernier engine seems different from the blueprint.

If we went by the blueprint output its operations would be seriously affected.

Doesn't matter.

It's up to the pilot to overcome such operating difficulties.

Yes, sir.

Fire fighters! on the double!

Rescue the injured!

This is Red Cancer.

I've crossed the defense line.

Proceeding to front-line base.

Blue Angel here, Roger.

Watch your back, Alex!

I won't let my guard down!

Our advance guard's destroyed!

How many enemies?!

Model signal confirmed!

One OZ Cancer and one Aries!

You're kidding! only two?!

Our mobile troops are destroyed!

Enemy mobile suits are unharmed!

The motley troops we put together are no match for OZ's mobile suits.

We're disarming our front-line base as we speak.

We're preparing to surrender so take appropriate actions.


I think you misunderstand.

This is an execution!

No! Don't fire on us!

You poor relics from the past, let this new age baptize you!


You're not starting a war!

It's a massacre!

We told you.

It's an execution!

You're laughing too much, Mueller.

Lake Victoria.

This brings back memories.

I wonder how Instructor Noin's doing?

We'll always be children in her eyes.

The least we could do is show her our improved skills.

Lieutenant Alex!

We've got Victoria base on the line.


This is Alexof the No. 33 Independent Troops of the Northeast Africa Somalia front!

Isn't Lieutenant Noin there?

Lieutenant-Colonel Noin is on a mission in Moscow.


With Colonel Une?

No, the Lieutenant's trip is unrelated.


We'll still attack the former Alliance's Mogadishu Fortress.

We need to pick up supplies.

We're coming in to land.

You have no soldiers with combat experience?!

When did this base become a repair shop for old suits?

Lieutenant Noin approved it.

Are you sure?

Didn't Colonel Zechs twist her arm or something?

I heard her trip to Moscow concerns Colonel Zechs, too.

That's partly true.

But Lieutenant Noin planned this trip on her own.

Think she'd do anything for a killer of his own men?!

Everyone here would do what they could for Colonel Zechs.

You fool!

We only follow His Excellency, Treize Khushrenada!

Lieutenant Noin taught us to make only His ideals a reality.

That's enough, Meuller.

We can't change their minds.


We can still request soldiers.

I already explained.

We don't have experienced soldiers here.

You do have one...

An elite soldier by the name of Zechs Marquise.

We can determine the combat skills of the pilot by matching this data to the 01's capacities as we can judge from its remains.

What do the remains tell you?

It's completely destroyed.

01 's self-detonation device couldn't have worked better.

Could the pilot have survived?

Doubt it.

This can't be!

What is it?

It says this pilot wasn't human.

I must've input something incorrectly.

What do the results say?

Response speed was unusual.

Physical strength and G-force endurance, too.

I heard that the pilot was still a boy.

These figures are unthinkable!

Not surprising.

He must've had special training courses in outer space.

But these results undermine any psychological advantages I had.

I thought our differences lay only in our suits' capabilities.

Perhaps that pilot can realize the Tallgeese's full capacity.

Impressive piece of work!

Didn't know you had a taste for antiques, Colonel.

You're not really expecting to use this in combat, are you?

In fact I've already used it.

I heard a nasty rumor that O1 self-detonated in Siberia.

It also attacked the Sanc Kingdom in Northern Europe.

I bet the pilot who died in it would've preferred something a little less antiquated.

What're you getting at?

We're attacking the Mogadishu Fortress of the former Alliance, tomorrow.

But our mobile suit troops alone aren't enough.

We wanted to get help from some soldiers at this base.


I'll go on the Tallgeese.

As your subordinate.

As our subordinate, Colonel?

What's your problem?

You head the front-line battles of Somalia, right?

Then here are your first orders, Colonel Zechs.

Prepare to leave at 0400 hours tomorrow on the Tallgeese.

This is Red Cancer, taking off!

Don't let them see us.

They'll fire the Noventa cannon the Alliance is so proud of.

Yes, sir!

Aries troops all prepared for take off.

Lieutenant Meuller.

What is it?!

Won't you need to use some debris against the radar?


But the enemy will detect us.

Don't worry.

They'll detect Zechs ' mobile suit long before they find us.

Are you using Colonel Zechs as a decoy?

The enemy will point their Noventa cannon inland.

That's the plan's objective.

I understand.

Now let's see the Lightning Count's true abilities.

We're at our drop-off point.

Roger; drop the Tallgeese.

Colonel Zechs.


Message from Red Cancer, "Good luck on your mission"

I won't need any luck.

Releasing the Tallgeese!

Enemy detected.

It's headed directly for us, from the inland.

OZ has come all the way out to these remote regions.

Use the Noventa cannon and don't let them get any closer.

Target detected!

Height and angle confirmed!

On standby to fire!

Fire the Noventa cannon!

High pressure explosives strike confirmed!


Energy mass approaching from 6 o'clock!

Headed for the Leo troops!

The enemy hasn't been shot down!

Let's try out the modified super vernier engine.

What's wrong?

Why aren't you firing the Noventa cannon?

The enemy's mobile suit is so fast we can't lock onto it!

More enemies!

They're attacking from the sea!

I never realized this fortress was so fragile!

Enemy mobile suit transmission!

I'll connect him!

I'm Colonel Zechs, from the No. 33 Independent Troops.

You've lost your defensive advantage.

Any further battle would be meaningless.

We demand that you disarm your weapons at once.

That's what the peace-minded Noventa would've wanted.

All our mobile suits have been defeated and the No. 5 block has been annihilated!

All right, we'll surrender.

Alex! Meuller! What are you doing?!

Stop your assault!

They've already surrendered!

Colonel Zechs.

You're overstepping your authority.

You can leave everything to us from now on.

Including the execution of these former Alliance members.


These fools continually opposed the changing era.

It's up to us to correct this stagnation.

So, it's an official punishment.


Damn you, OZ!

No one stands a chance against your cruel and immoral methods!

I've hit the command tower!

Going in for a second attack!

Stop this!

How dare you call yourselves OZ soldiers!

You should be ashamed.

Your conceit is appalling!

Even vulgar!

Lieutenant Meuller!

Colonel Zechs is telling me to stop the attack!

Die, OZ!


You killed a comrade!

It's your fault!

He died because of you!



Damn you!

Looks like you underestimated my suit.

My next shot will finish you off for certain!

Say your prayers!

Blast; where'd he go?!

Your skills are impressive.

But for one of Noin's students, you lack intelligence.

You scum!

Don't talk to me about her!

Has this era made him insane?

You're so darn perfect!

These men have no right to be given any power!


The vernier engine is working beautifully.

Thanks very much.

What's this?

A report regarding Alex and Meuller.

I'd like you to send it to Lieutenant Noin for me.

Lieutenant Noin?

Tell her to reflect on the error of teaching merely techniques.


Wars are heartless.

Wars truly are heartless indeed.

But I'm recreating a mobile suit from an enemy suit's remains.

So as a soldier, that makes me no better than them.

That carrier's transporting enough fuel for 20 shuttles.

So OZ has started to position their space army for conquest.

Allow me to present our new performance!

Introducing the rising star of our circus, Trowa Barton!

Hey, isn't that a Gundam?

A mobile suit!


That's a good looking suit!

For sure!

He's scaring me.

That Trowa...

What on earth has he got planned?

Wow! This is gonna be the best!

A show like this would bring the house down anywhere!

Now for my self-detonation show.


Run for it!

Next I'll destroy the storage tank.

This is my last battle.

No worry about running out of bullets.

Trowa, what's going on?!

What's gotten into you?!

You're planning to die!

This is the end.


What are you doing?!


Catherine, stay away.

I'm self-detonating with this mobile suit.

Say what?!

Come down here and talk!

Come on, hurry!


Stay away, Catherine.

I've got to self-detonate.



Don't you think your life's too valuable for that?!


What are you thinking?!

What would your parents think of such a selfish decision?!

Did you give a thought to the people you'd leave behind?

You're the most pathetic person I've ever met!

You didn't think about us... the people you'd leave behind...

We'd have to live in sorrow.

You're the one that brainwashed Trowa with your strange ideas!

You won't get off so easy next time!

Her tears stopped me.

If you were in my shoes you would've done it, right?

That's why I admire your strength.

I said this before.

The way to live a good life is to act on your emotions.

Let's get going.


Sorry to see him leave.

He really pretty good.

He could've been the best in the business.

What're you saying?

You've gotta let kids go if you want them to grow up.

We raised Trowa in this circus; he'll come back one day!

He'll come back for sure.

To be continued

Next Episode

Heero tries to make up for his mistake of killing Noventa, pacifist of the former Alliance.

Within the war zones created by OZ Heero confronts Sylvia, Noventa's granddaughter.

How can he compensate for his wrong-doing?

Zechs is handed an order from the Romefeller Foundation.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 14

The Order to Destroy 01.

Episode 13

New Mobile War Chronicle GUNDAM WING

The attacks by the five Gundams were a clear sign of the Space Colony's rebellious will.

The Gundams were mobile suits created to deal with a threat posed to the colony by OZ, Hiding under cover of the Federation they carried out numerous attacks.

After Colony 195 With the OZ on the verge of making history, Treize Khushrenada had begun the annihilation of the Federation using the finest army.

The battle between the five Gundam and OZ was yet to escalate to a serious conflict.

Ah, I'm certain there's something in becoming a soldier.

Wow, if Trowa says so, it'll be ok.

I have no problem acting on my emotion.

That is what I've learned.

Ah, this is my last big battle.


Tallgeese, ready for launch.

Capt. Zechs, your flight-path is turbulent.

Please proceed with caution.

No problems in the Tallgeese.

Ready for launch!

Deployment in 10 seconds.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .


Capt. Zechs, we now have you on the Surface-to-Air radar.

Ready to lock on.

Capt. Zechs?

Capt. Zechs?!

Are you O.K?

Ah, I hear you.

Beginning testing now.

Capt. Zechs, Surface-to-Air missiles are ready.

We've locked on to Tallgeese.

Alright then, fire!

Are you positive, sir?

This Mobile Suit was made to take them on!

Tallgeese is increasing its degree of descent.

Alright, launch the Surface-to-Air missiles.

Yes sir.

Capt. Zechs has finally mastered this monster.

It's pretty much complete, isn't it?

The response on the Super Vernian was different from specs.

But if we follow the design specifications, then flight operation won't perform well.

That doesn't matter.

A good pilot could get around that.

We're under attack!

Many people are injured.

This is Red Cancer.

Enemy defense has been compromised.

Now I am going to attack the advance guard.

This is Blue Angel.


Don't underestimate them, Alex.

You don't have to tell me that.

All advanced guards have been destroyed.

How many of them are there?

An OZ Cancer and Aries.

One of each!


Just two of them?

Defense team has been destroyed.

We don't stand a chance against the Mobile Suits.

Damn, a collective squadrons attack won't work on them.

We are laying down our arms.

We're prepared to surrender to the OZ.

I want to ask you to stop your attack.


Don't be mistaken.

This is an EXECUTION.

Stop it!

What are you doing?

Pitiful forces of the past, wake up and taste reality!

Dammit, stop it!

What you're doing isn't war, it's massacre!

Like we already said, This is an EXECUTION!

You laugh too much, Mueller.

Lake Victoria, how nostalgic.

I wonder if Lt. Noin is doing well.

We'll always be considered immature.

She'll see how much we've improved.

Sp. Cmd. Alex, We've established communications with Victoria base.

OK, this is Northeast Africa Corp Sumeria battle group, 33rd independent army, Sp.

Cmd. Alex What?

Lt. Noin isn't there?

Lt. Noin is currently away in Moscow.


So she's forced to be with Lady Une?

No, this was the Lieutenant's choice.

Alright then.

We're going to attack the Mogadishu installation of the Federation Government.

So we need to re-supply.

Getting permission to land.

Where the hell are the actual troops?

Since when did this installation become a Mobile Suit factory?

Lt. Noin gave the order to do so.

Is that so?

Or was it because Capt. Zechs ordered her to?

Who knows, maybe her recent actions were in order to get 'closer' to Zechs.

That's true.

But Lt. Noin's trip is still her private business.

Is that ally-killing Son of Bitch Zechs 'that' appreciative?

We, too, are subordinate to Capt. Zechs's will.

You idiot!

We are subordinate ONLY to our Excellency, Treize's will.

Lt. Noin taught us to fight to establish his ideals.

That's enough, Mueller.

You can tell them all you want, but it's useless.


Though, I expect you'll let us recruit your men.

Like I mentioned before, there is no trained army personnel here.

You have one...

A brilliant soldier by the name of Zechs Marquis.

If we compare this data with the salvaged unit 01 's performance record, we can determine the pilot's tactical ability.

What's the status of the wreckage?

Just a pile of scrap.

It looks like the Unit 01 self-destructed.

So, the pilot couldn't have survived.

Most likely.


What's this?

What's wrong?

The pilot isn't human.

There must be a mistake in the data.

What were the results?

Sensor speed, muscle power, stamina and resistance to G-Force are beyond human capacity.

I heard the pilot was a young boy.

These are unbelievable figures.

No, that sounds about right.

No doubt, he's been undergoing rigorous training in outer space.

But now my mental superiority has been torn...

Until now, I've always believed it was all in the ability of the Mobile Suit.

That boy could bring out the true power of the Tallgeese.

That's an impressive machine!

I didn't think that the Captain had such an interest in antiques.

You don't really think that you can use that in combat, do you?

I already have.

I heard GW Unit 01 self-destructed in the Siberia operation.

If I recall, you made the sortie on the Cinq Kingdom in Northern Europe.

I'm sure the pilot in Northern Europe couldn't do a thing in that rust bucket!

Just what are you trying to say?

We're going to attack the Federation installation in Mogadishu tomorrow.

Our Mobile Suits won't be enough, so we're hoping we could borrow the soldiers here.

Very well.

I will attack using the Tallgeese as your subordinate.


The Captain?

Our subordinate?

No problem.

The Somalia Operation is your responsibility.

Am I wrong?

Alright, then.

Capt. Zechs you are hereby ordered to attack at 0400 hours in the Tallgeese!

Red Cancer, Commencing mission!

Don't let us be seen, or else the Federation will fire the Noventa Gun!

Yes sir!

Aries fleet, preparations to commence attack complete.

Lt. Mueller.

What is it?

Shouldn't we make use of the radar?

No need.

But we'll be detected by the enemy!

They'll detect Zechs's Mobile Suit long before they can even see us.

So you're using Capt.

Zechs as a puppet?

It's a necessary tactic to drive the Noventa fleet to the south.

I understand.

Show us this fine skill, Capt.

Zechs, the so-called Lightning Count.

We've reached the target location.

Release the Tallgeese.

Capt. Zechs.

What is it?

There's a telegraph from the Red Cancer saying that we should pray for a good fight.

It'll be a good fight even without a prayer.

Deploying Tallgeese now!

The enemy's closing in.

They're headed straight for us!

Those damn OZ, coming all the way out here!

Use the Noventa gunner!

Don't let them get any closer!

Target acquired.

Encircling light shield established!

Ready to fire.

Fire the Noventa gun!

Confirmed: The HP explosives have successfully put up a barrage!


The enemy's closing in from 6:00!

Backup team, the enemy hasn't fallen yet!

Is this because of the Super Vernian?

Show me your true power!

What's wrong?!

Why don't you fire the Noventa gun?

The enemy Mobile Suit is too fast!

We can't lock onto it!

There are reinforcements coming up along the waterfront!

I can't believe that this fortress would.

There's a message from the enemy Mobile Suit!

I'm bringing it up now!

I am Capt. Zechs of the 33rd Independent Forces.

Your defense force has been greatly compromised.

Any further resistance is meaningless.

I demand that you surrender this base.

This is what the peace-seeking Naki Noventa would want, isn't it?

Our Mobile Suit team has been wiped out.

Number five block has also been compromised.

I understand.

We surrender.

What are you two doing?



Cease fire at once!

They've already surrendered to us!

Capt. Zechs, there's a limit to one's authority.

From here on out, I'd like you to leave everything to us.

That includes the execution of these Federation men.


These pitiful men are living in the past.

It's our job to 'take care' of them.

You could call this a liquidation.

Purge them!

Purge them!

Damn you OZ bastards!

Always resorting to your dirty tactics.

I'm going to strike the command tower a second time.

Knock it off!

And you call yourselves officers of OZ?

You should be ashamed of your lust for victory.

Captain Mueller, Capt.

Zechs is ordering us to cease fire.

Die, all you damn OZ!


How could you?

Especially to your own men!

It's your fault!

It's your fault that he died!



Damn you!

You underestimated my strength.

Now I'll send you to where you've longed to be!


Damn, it's undamaged.

Your skills are quite impressive, but for a student of Noin, you're far too stupid!

Dammit, how dare you speak about Lt. Noin that way?

So this generation has suffered, you say?

Shut up!

You're just a damn show off!

No, you have no right to such power!

You idiot!!

The Vernian performed well.

Thank you very much.

What's this?

My report on Alex and Mueller.

Send it to Noin...

To the chief?

Make her admit it was a mistake to teach them only technique.


War is an irrational thing.

War is an irrational thing.

Yet, I am building my enemy's Mobile Suit.

Just like Alex and Mueller I am a failed soldier.

They're loading up enough fuel for 20 shuttles.

So the OZ have begun their plans to build a military in space.

Now, for the first time, I bring you this circus' new star, Trowa Barton!

Isn't that a Gundam?

A Mobile Suit?


Damn, that thing's well built!

Don't surprise us.

That Trowa...

What the hell has he brought out?

This is great!

We can take this anywhere in the world and it'll be a big hit!

Might as well start...

My plan.


Lastly, I'll destroy the storage tank.

This is the final battle.

There's no need to worry about running out of bullets.


What... what are you?

You're going to die, aren't you?

It's over.

Trowa, what are you doing?


Catherine, stand back.

I have to destroy this Mobile Suit.

What are you talking about?

Come down here.

Hurry up!


Stand back Catherine!

I have to destroy this Mobile Suit.



What do you think your life is?

Self-destruct you say?

Don't joke around!

What would your parents think if you did something like that?

Have you ever thought about how the people you leave behind would feel?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Those who get left behind ...

those who get left behind, can only live on mourning.

So you're the one who instilled these bad habits into my Trowa.

If you don't stop doing this I won't ever forgive you!

I made a woman cry.

If it were you, you would have still chosen death.

For that, I admire your strength.

Like I said before, humans live by their emotions.

Shall we go?


Look what he got himself into He had such potential.

Given the chance, he would have become someone in the circus.

What are you talking about?

They say that you ''should let a cute boy walk the world''.

Trowa is a child of the circus.

I'm sure he'll come back to us...


To be continued


Heero is trying to atone for killing General Noventa, a great pacifist of Federation.

In the war against OZ, the granddaughter of Noventa, Sylvia, appeared before Heero.

How is he going to be forgiven for his mistakes?

At this time, Zechs accepts a job from the Longfeller Foundation.

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