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Episode 12:
Bewildered Warriors

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
(No opening narration)

Mission accepted!

Heero ended up doing it.

He took his life.

I promise!

One day my Gundam will definitely fight again.

Bewildered Warriors

After staging a coup de'tat to overthrow the United Earth Sphere Alliance OZ continues to create one disaster after another in its quest to demolish the Alliance.

Since the Alliance has a presence in every nation the number of casualties is expected to rise.


Hey, you've come to!

Wait, I'll go get Trowa!


You should take it easy!

Trowa, your friend's woken up!

Oh, you must be hungry!

I'll go make some soup.

Where am l?

With a traveling circus.

Where I hide myself.

Why'd you save me?

I was supposed to die.

You died a long time ago.

The forces retaliating against OZ have ignored our advice with regards to disarmament and are causing unnecessary carnage around the world.

One month has passed, and OZ hasn't touched the colonies.

They're just fighting militaristic nations on Earth.

A month has passed?!

In OZ's eyes, you're already dead.

You're no longer restrained to the colonies.

My case isn't that simple.

They found you?


But there hasn't been one mission since that day.

I see.

I'm not sure what to do.

What if OZ used the colonies as a shield again?

Or should I be following your example?

In that case, I've got one warning.

It hurts like hell.

Hey, I think that's probably the first time I've heard Trowa laugh out loud.

I've got a favor to ask; the first since I came to Earth.

What happened around the world while I was unconscious?

I'll tell you.

What a strong flap.

Hurry up, get on!

Hurry, Sally!

We're all out of there!

Sally here.

Explosions successful. We're retreating!

What's all the racket?!

The guerrillas, Colonel Bundt.

Go after them!

We'll crush them this time!


In former China, within an autonomous mountainous area a political leader proposing peace was assassinated.

He advocated demilitarization and raised objections to the present military.

The Alliance's army targeted him in a coup d'e'tat.

Colonel Bundt, the ringleader, opposed this push for peace and said the military must be strengthened in order for the nation to achieve independence.

Now that OZ was dismembering the Alliance civil wars were increasing in such independent nations.

Got them!

What's wrong, Sally?

Don't worry about it.

I'm sorry.

It's your first time home in a long time and we've put you in such danger.

Don't apologize.

It was my decision.

Hey you guys!

Are you all right?

Yeah, it was a huge success!


It's Leo, the land mobile suits!

Colonel Bundt has ordered that no one escape!

You fools!

Found them!

They're climbing the slope!

That weapon's useless against suits!

If I can destroy its main camera...!

I won't tell you to drop your weapons!

I'll have you die!!

I told you, it's no use!

Their back up?

It's a Gundam!!

A Gundam?



Fire! Fire!!

I don't intend to fight.

Hurry up and retreat.

We can beat this thing!

Don't underestimate Nataku!

Damn you!

It's a Gundam...

What's a Gundam doing here?

Weaklings like you shouldn't be fighting.

What's that?!

Why fight an enemy you don't stand a chance against?!

Because it's a fight we must take on!

Somebody ordered you?


We're acting on our own!

I don't understand.

You look pretty exhausted.

Come with us and rest.


No problem.

We know he's not an enemy.


It was a Gundam?!

Are you sure?!


I'll bring up the image!

That's a Gundam all right.

Even OZ is having trouble controlling those Gundams.

I'll return to the base!


Sleep well last night?


You didn't need to help out with getting the food.

I'm returning your favor.

It's us that owe you a favor!

It wasn't me that saved you.

It was Nataku.


Is that your Gundam's name?


Here's the last.

Better watch what you say.

I'm begging you, please stop!

Shut your trap!

I was just asking you to pay for what you ate!

You should be grateful to us that you could have this shop!


You want money from the soldiers who protect?!

What are you claiming to protect, anyway?


All you do is stick to Bundt and trample over the nation's peace efforts.

What did you say?

You swine!

This is for opposing us!

You asked for it!

Stop it! You're defeated.

Wh-What's gotten into you?!

Calm down...

Damn it!

We'll get you next time!

Thank you, Wu Fei.

You saved us again.

You're too weak to fight.


I don't have any right to fight.

Wu Fei...

I'm such a coward.

I can't understand how you could call yourself a coward.

Because I lost.

To a man stronger than me.

I'm a coward who can only fight those weaker than myself.

Is that why you're giving up?

Weren't you fighting for the colonies?

To win back peace?

I have no right to fight with Nataku.

You saved my life yesterday!

Because you people are weak.

You're right.

We are weak.

But we won't give up!

People join our fight because we're weak!

The same way you did.

I have no right to fight with Nataku.

Wu Fei...

From this data, we've determined that this area is probably the guerrilla's headquarters.

I see.

We finally know where they're hiding.

But they have the Gundam.

The Gundams are incredibly powerful in battle.

If we fought it head on, it'd considerably damage our forces.

Given the situation, why don't we ask for OZ's assistance and stage a joint attack?

I disagree!

That'd give OZ an Excuse to establish themselves in our nation.

What about our self-government?

We've got to fight to alone to prove ourselves to the citizens.

Do you still favor this idea?

Major Nanaki.

I wouldn't want to risk losing even one of your elite soldiers.

I appreciate it, but we swore our lives to this nation when we declared independence.

That's right, Colonel!

We must protect our nation by ourselves!

That's what makes us an independent nation!


I understand your determination!

We'll wipe out the guerrillas using our own forces!

For our fatherland!

Yes, sir!

Hi Sally; how did it go?

Hey, I thought that kid went with you.

We had a little fight.

I see.

Well, he's probably not gonna leave that thing behind.

You're right.

It would sure be great if that kid would fight with us.

Nobody should be trying to force him into fighting right now.

Why not?

He's very confused now.

So much was expected of him during the war but he couldn't deliver.

So now he thinks he's a loser.

Well, if you say so.

You're the military doctor.



It's the government military! They're attacking!


Choppers have confirmed mobile suit combat missile launchers!

We'll fire the rocket guns then send in our mobile suit troops.


Okay, fire!

Ignore the backup firing and focus on the mobile suits that move in to gain control.

Helicopter unit; where's the Gundam?!

Locate it at once!

Hey, look!

Major Nanaki!

We found the Gundam!


The Gundam's not fighting back!

I'll transmit the image!

There's a camouflage net!

The pilot's not on it!

Colonel Bundt!

The Gundam isn't fighting back.

We can win this battle!

I see.

The main force will join you.

It appears that things are now in our favor.

Favorable for me, and for you people.

There it is!

Mobile suit troops, proceed to the Gundam to suppress it.

All backup firing units!

Aim at the Gundam and standby to fire.

- Take shelter! -What's wrong?

Backup firing unit here!

We're under attack!

Those are OZ's Aries!

Colonel Bundt!

OZ is staging an attack on our forces!

Our forces?

But Major Nanaki, OZ is part of our forces!

They sent support troops to assist us in protecting our nation from the Gundam menace.

But a number of soldiers were disgruntled over OZ's support and betrayed us to join the guerrillas.


What are you saying?!

Exactly what happened.

Once OZ takes over, peace will be restored to our nation.

I believe the citizens will feel the same way.

That's absurd!

There's no way the citizens would want OZ to rule!!

OZ says they'll recognize our nation's desire to self-govern.

And of course, they'll keep me on as the Head of State.

Thanks for all your help to date, Nanaki!

Colonel Bundt!

Can't you think of anything other than your own rank?


That traitor!

Bundt's sold off this nation to OZ!

It's happened again.

A repeat of senseless wars by senseless people!

All right!

One more shot will do it!


Hey! Hang in there!!

It's you.

I guess I got hit because I'm weak.

But you can get them...

Destroy OZ.

I'm begging you...

Wu Fei?

Oh no...!

Wu Fei, run for it.

It's hopeless now.

We can hold off the enemy for a bit, so hurry!!

What are you saying, Sally?!

Hey kid, why won't you fight and help us?!!

I don't have any power.

Don't give me that crap!

If I had even half the strength you have...


You're not hurt are you kid?

Help me.

End it for me.

Put an end to our misery....

Wars use people's lives as mere playthings...

That's why we need a strong sense of faith!

Sally, what're you doing?!

Wu Fei, you have everything it takes to help save the weak.

I hope you never lose sight of your kind heart.

Sally; have you lost your mind?!

I've realized that healing your heart is more important than my life.

I'm sure of that.

Run, Sally!

Wu Fei!!

Nataku, I've got no right to pilot you!

But for now I'm asking you to lend me your strength!

We're more or less finished.

We just need to secure that Gundam.


The Gundam's started moving!


It moved!

It crushed five Aries with ease.

Colonel, that only leaves us with a couple more Aries!

Get them to cover our retreat!!

You won't get away.

Wu Fei.

Bundt is out of the picture but I'm sure OZ will come back to try to take over this nation.

Are you gonna keep on fighting?

Justice...it's become such a cheap word now.

The Alliance and OZ said peace and justice were their goals.

I have my own sense of justice.

Everybody has their own sense of justice.

Even you do.

You have it.

Those who are righteous must also have strength.

The weak have no right to take advantage of Nataku's strength.

You were different this time.

You had the strength of your heart.

What good is strength if it's not from the heart?

Wu Fei, when you're able to fight with Nataku please help me again.

Even though you're so weak you're still gonna fight?

The most important thing is that my heart is strong.


Everyone gather around!

Our next performance is confirmed!

Hold onto your hats!

We got a request from an OZ base!

From OZ?

And to celebrate I wanna try something new.

Something special and exciting the OZ soldiers might enjoy.

Could you leave this new performance up to me?

Have you got some ideas?

Yeah and I think it'll be a big hit with the soldiers.


Trowa's usually so quiet, so it must be a good idea.


You handle this, Trowa!

I'll leave food and the car keys.

Stay here and concentrate on getting better.

What'll you do?

Not everyone in my colony agreed to fight using the Gundams.

The Gundam attack was started by a small group who felt strongly about it.

I was one of those people.

There's nothing wrong with acting on your emotions.

Least that's what I was taught.

I mustn't give OZ an Excuse to invade the colonies.

It wasn't rational.

So I did what you did.

I followed my emotions.

Is this what you'll be using in the performance?

I promise it'll be a real blast; like nothing you've seen.

That's the spirit young man!

Make it the show of your life.

Yeah. It'll be my last grandstand show.

To be continued

Next Episode

Many of OZ's leading officers are young and relentless.

Is there no one there who can calmly interpret the war?

Their excessive military power flies wildly out of control resulting in one unnecessary massacre after another.

OZ begins its advancement toward outer space.

In order to save the colonies, Trowa heads to his final battle.

But Catherine stands before the young man who hastens his death.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 13

Catherine's Tears

Mission Acknowledged.

And Heero died.

Just like that.

I swear on those flowers.

I will come back and fight for you.


After having inflicted devastating damage, OZ keeps sweeping away the remaining forces of the World Federation.

More battles are expected around the globe since the Federation Armed Forces are entrenched in numerous nations.


Oh, you're awake!

Wait here.

I'll go get Trowa right now.



You can't get out of bed yet.


Your friend woke up.

Hey, are you hungry?

I'll get you some soup, ok?

Where am I?

A circus group on tour.

I've been with them a while now.

Why did you save my life?

I had to die there.

You are already dead.

Despite our patient attempts for a peaceful solution, the rebels refuse to listen to us.

They keep committing acts of sabotage all over the world.

No matter what the discussion...

It's been a month since then.

All OZ has been doing so far is putting the remaining opposing nations on Earth under its control.

I've been unconscious for a month?!

You're already history as far as OZ is concerned.

So you are no longer bound to duty for the colonies.

I wish I were, too.

Are you under pressure?


I've received no orders since then, as a matter of fact.

I see...

I couldn't possibly be as decisive as you were.

If OZ challenged us again using the colonies as hostage, I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Should I follow in your footsteps?

Let me tell you one thing.

It hurts to die.

Trowa is laughing out loud.

I've never seen him like that.

This is the first time I've ever asked anyone for a favor.

Please tell me everything that happened while I was unconscious.

Of course.

What a lively creature you are...


Get in!



Let's go, everyone!

This is Sally.

Mission accomplished.

Returning home!

What the hell is going on?!

It's a gorilla attack, Col. Bund!

Don't let them get away!

We'll get rid of them all once and for all!

In a mountain area of Central Asia, within the borders of what used to be called China...

a peace-orientated leader of a small country was assassinated.

He had advocated the demilitarization of the region, and stood up to challenge the military rule.

It was a coup d'etat orchestrated by the Federation.

After the assassination, Col. Bund, the main conspirator in the coup, renounced unarmed neutrality and pushed a massive arms build up to secure independence.

As OZ started dismembering the Federation, many independent countries faced civil wars like this.

I did it!

What's wrong, Sally?



You return to your homeland after being gone for so many years, only to get involved in such a mess...

Don't be.

I was the one who decided to come home.

Is everyone alright?


It was a success!


Leo, the land type Mobile Suit?!

It's a direct order from Col.


Don't let anyone get away!


There they are!

They're climbing the slope!

That thing's no use against Mobile Suits!

Maybe I can at least destroy its main camera!

We won't ask you to surrender!

Just die!

Leave them alone!

W-what is that?!

That's a...



Wh-what the...?!

Open fire!

Keep firing!

I have no intention of fighting.

Go away!

We can do it!

Move in!

Do not underestimate Nataku!



Why is a Gundam here?

Weaklings should not fight!


Why do you have to fight an enemy that you know that you can't beat?

Because someone has to do it!

Did someone order you to fight?


We are all fighting by our own free will.

I don't understand.

You look very tired.

Why don't you come with us and relax for a while?


That's ok.

At least we know he's not our enemy.



A Gundam?!

Are you sure?


I'll send you the images now, Sir.

This is definitely a Gundam.

This is what's overwhelming OZ, huh?

We're heading back.

Did you sleep well last night?

You didn't have to come with me.

I'm just getting food for the troop.

I owe you.

It's we that owe you.

It wasn't I who saved you.

It was Nataku.


Is that the name of the Gundam?

I see.

This is all of it.

Watch your mouth, old man!

Please stop it!

Shut up!

All I asked was for you to pay us every once in a while...

Who the hell do you think lets you conduct your business here, in the first place, huh?

We're risking our lives protecting you, and you demand we pay you?

What did you say you guys were protecting?


All you guys do is mess up this country with that damned Bund guy, isn't it?

What the hell...?!

This bitch!

I'll teach you to pay for that!

Damn you!


That's enough.

W-what the hell are you doing?!


I'll get you back!

Thank you, Wufei.

You saved me again.

Why do you fight knowing you can't win?

I have no right to say such things.


I'm a coward.

I don't know why you are telling me that.

I was defeated.

By a man who was stronger than I was.

And I realized that I was a coward who could only beat those who were weaker than myself.

That doesn't make you a quitter.

Didn't you keep fighting for the colonies to bring back peace to them?

I have no right to pilot Nataku.

But you saved us with it yesterday.

Because you guys were weak.

That's right.

We are weak.

But we are not quitters at the same time.

Being weak only brings us more support.

And to you, too.

I have no right to fight with Nataku.


After analyzing all the data we have, it's safe to say that this is the area where the guerrillas are hiding out.

I see.

We know where they are, but there's still the Gundam.

Its destructive power is beyond our imagination.

If we fight against it straight, we might as well ruin the whole country.

Why don't we just ask OZ for help?

Form a military pact, for instance...

I oppose it!

It'll give OZ a great opportunity to enter the internal affairs of our country.

Our independence will be jeopardized!

Unless we fight by ourselves, the world will regard us as an incompetent nation!

Is that what you want, Sir?

Major Nagaki, I just don't want to lose our outstanding officers like you.

Thank you, Sir!

But we are here to fight risking our lives, and we are all pledged to our declaration of independence to do so.

That's right, Colonel!

We have to defend our homeland by ourselves!

That's what independence is all about!


I'm glad to know of your rock solid commitment!

We will fight against them using all we've got!

For our nation!

Sally, thanks a lot.


What happened to that boy?

You know...

I see...

Well, I'm sure he won't leave us without taking that huge thing.

That's right.

I wonder if he's willing to fight with us.

No one should insist he fight for anything right now.

Why is that?

He's suffering from his past.

Apparently, people expected too much of him, and he wasn't able to meet their expectations.

So he thinks he's a failure.

If you think so.

After all, you're the Federation Army surgeon.

Ex-army surgeon.


The government forces!

The government forces are attacking us!

Everyone, get ready!

Scout chopper is reporting in.

The guerrillas are equipped with several anti-Mobile Suit missiles!

After a massive attack with missiles, advance the Mobile Suit troops.




Don't be scared by the missile attack!

Concentrate on the Mobile Suits!

Scout ships!

Where's the Gundam?

Confirm its location!

He-hey, look!

Major Nagaki!

We found the Gundam!


The Gundam is not responding!

I'll send you the image!

That's a camouflage net.

So the pilot isn't in it yet, huh?

Col. Bund, the Gundam is not responding!

I'm not sure for how long but this is a great chance for us!

I see.

I'll dispatch the main forces!

It looks like everything is going well.

For us and for you...

Is that the one?

The Mobile Suit forces are going to secure the Gundam.

Missile troop, take precaution and set your sights on the Gundam and be ready to fire at any moment.

The enemy!

What's happened?!

This is the missile troop!

An enemy attack!

They're OZ's Aries!

Col. Bund!

OZ is attacking our troops!

Our troops?!

Nagaki-kun, those OZ forces are on our side.

To help us defend our nation from the threat of Gundam, OZ sent us support troops.

But some of our officers went over to the enemy side in protest.


What are you saying...?!

That is the scenario.

I'm sure that OZ will bring peace to this country.

The people will also support it.


The people will never accept OZ's rule!

OZ says that it'll let us self-govern the nation.

Of course, I will remain as the head of state.

Thanks for all the work, Nagaki-kun.

Col. Bund!

How dare you betray our motherland for your own gain!


That damned Bund!

He sold out our country to OZ!

Repeating stupidity!

The same stupid war by the same stupid people!

I did it!

One more shot and it will be over!

Hey, are you alright?

It's you...

They got me... because I was weak...

But you're strong...

Please beat... OZ...


What a mess!

Wufei, run!

This place is no longer safe.

We can hold them here for a little while.


What are you saying, Sally?!

Hey, kid!

Why can't you fight with us?!

I'm... not capable.

Don't be ridiculous!

If I had a machine like that...

I would...


Are you alright...


Please... please end... this chaos...

War does nothing but bring people misery.

That's why you always have to have a solid purpose.

Sally, what are you doing?


You are capable of helping weak people.

I want you to remember that You're a man with a warm heart.


Stop such a ridiculous thing!

I'm doing this because I know this is the only thing I can do for you...

To make you wake up.

And my heart knows it's worth it.

Run, Sally!



I'm not worthy to operate you.

But right now, lend me your strength!

It looks like everything is almost over.

All we need to do now is secure the Gundam...


The Gundam is moving!


I-it's moving!

5 Aries in a matter of seconds...

Colonel, we have only one Aries left!

Have it protect our transport!

I won't let you go!


Bund is gone, but I'm sure OZ will continue to seek control over this country.

Why do you keep on fighting?


It sounds corny, doesn't it?

For justice, freedom and peace Everyone says the same thing.

But I believe in my own justice, just as everyone else does the same.

What about you?

What is your justice?

Whoever is right must be strong...

A weak person like myself has no right to pilot Nataku.

Your heart isn't weak.

You have a strong heart.

And what is a man without a strong heart good for?


Please come help us again when you are ready to fight with Nataku.

So you'll keep on fighting even if you're still weak?

Well, I believe I have a strong heart, too.

Hey, attention please!

Guess where we're going next?

We're invited to an OZ base!


So I'd like to come up with something special for this honorable occasion.

Can you think of something dazzling and smashing?

Something that the soldiers would love?

Boss, leave it to me.

You've got an idea?


No doubt the soldiers will love this.

Listen to that!

Trowa the Quiet, is assuring us, so it must be really good!

Ok, fine.

I'll leave this to you, Trowa!

I'll leave the food and the car-keys.

You have to stay here and recuperate first.

What are you going to do?

This idea of waging war with the Gundam was not based on the unanimous will of my colony.

The operation was planned by only a Handful of extremists who held a grudge against the Federation.

I don't disagree with being driven according to one's emotion.

That's at least how I was told.

But we can't give OZ another reason to justify an attack on the colonies.

And this is my own decision.

Besides, I'm just the same as you.

A man driven by emotion...

So this is what you were telling me about?


Look forward to it.

I guarantee it's the biggest surprise you'll ever experience.


I'm counting on you, kid.

This is going to be the biggest show for us yet, you know?

And my last, best performance as far as I'm concerned...

To be continued

Are there any decent officers in OZ's staff, the majority of which is comprised of young officers?

Now with its unparalleled military dominance, they keep carrying out unnecessary massacres of innocent people.

And OZ finally starts invading the colonies.

To defend the colonies, Trowa goes on his last battle.

In front of the young man who is ready to die, Catherine stands up.

Next time on Gundam Wing


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