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Episode 11:
The Whereabouts of Happiness

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
(No opening narration)

We're ready to stage an all-out missile attack on the colonies!

You guys can't fight, can you?!

Mission accepted.

The Whereabouts of Happiness

There's really no way out, with all this security.

Besides, to swipe a carrier I'd have to cross the desert to get to an airport.

That guy...

We're in the same boat.

With all those planes looking for us you're stuck, too.

A large sandstorm is coming.

That's when we'll cross the desert.

Wanna join us?

Yeah, I do.

I could use some sympathy.

And I need time to think.

We've collected what we could.

But the important parts have all been destroyed.

I thought so.

That's why he self-detonated.

So even Gundams end up as mere scraps of metal.

Or rather, scraps of Gundanium.

This Gundam design was based on the Tallgeese.

So the basic technology utilized for the Tallgeese should apply.



Would you mind if I took this Gundam with me to the Lake Victoria Base?


Are you planning to fix it?


Why bother?

Perhaps I'm preoccupied with that pilot.

But the Gundam pilot died.

I get the feeling he's alive.

It's pretty well impossible after that explosion.

But I hope he's alive.

As a fellow mobile suit pilot, I was destined to battle him.

I'm terribly sorry!

Your Excellency...

I shouldn't have acted on my own to plan a direct attack on the colonies.

That's water under the bridge now.

Now we know that the Gundam attacks were planned by certain people, to retaliate against us.

Our target is still to destroy all of the Gundams.

But their supporters concern me.

In outer space.

I'd prefer to keep the enemy from becoming more powerful.

Can I rely on you, Lady Une?


I'll eliminate them at once.

Uh, Your Excellency...?

The peace-minded people of the colonies won't stand any militarism.

You can do away with some of your formalities.

Announce your trip to outer space when you're in Moscow.

Many noble people who understand OZ live in Moscow.

They should be able to assist you.


Nothing on the radar.

That doesn't mean a damn thing.

Spread out and watch for enemies.

Crap, I can't see a thing in this sandstorm!

What could be out here?

There's a middle east nations' military base unaffiliated with the United Earth Sphere Alliance or OZ, let's take refuge there.

A base?

No problems here.

Here either.

Or here.


An underground base?!

Let's go.


This base belongs to our Maguanac Corps' homeland.

It's your base?

Good of you to come, Quatre.

It's been a while, Commander Sadaul.

The missions have been tough since you got to Earth, huh.

I owe the Maguanac Corps for all their help.

How can I thank you?

It was their personal decision; they wanted to help you.

If we had more strength we could've done more damage to OZ.

That troublesome OZ!

A sensible person wouldn't use the colonies as a shield!

We're to blame, for not stopping them.

Yeah, we're totally to blame.

Oh, no, Quatre.

No one would blame you.

Here, come this way.

Master Quatre, we'll get started with the mobile suit repairs.

Yeah, thanks.

Oh, and Rashid...

Yes, I know.

We'll repair both Gundams.


Just fine by me.

I appreciate it.

I haven't introduced myself.

I'm Quatre Raberba Winner.


You're the Winner family's heir?

The influential and financial power of the Arabic Nations?

No wonder everyone looks up to you around this place.

Our family is all pacifists.

I disinherited myself to come out here.


It takes all types, I guess.

I'm Duo. Duo Maxwell.

I might run and hide, but I never tell a lie.

We were told that the colonies have sent mobile suits to Earth.

That's her!

It's true that a number of mobile suits were sent to Earth and tried to destroy certain targets.

However OZ is currently taking steps to expose the rebels so it can maintain world peace.

It's only a matter of time before we solve this issue.

That rose doesn't suit her one bit!

Thank you.

My pleasure.

My, isn't she cute!

Excuse me.

Do you have an invitation?


Forgive me, but this party is open only to invited guests.


Do you know any other guests?

Relena, you're early.

Oh, Marquis Weridge!

I'm terribly sorry; I had no idea she was your relation.

Not to worry.

Shall we go, Relena?

The party's about to begin.


Don't mention it.

This place is full of old folks.

Young people like yourself are a rarity.

My, Mr. Weridge.

What a pretty young date.

How do you do. I'm Relena.

May I have this dance miss?

I couldn't allow that.

The first dance is already taken.

If you wouldn't mind, could I have this dance?

Why should I mind; I'd be delighted.

It'd be my pleasure.

What's this?!

We've guarded the front entrance.

No problems at the rear gate or along the channel.

Radar picking up nothing in the sky.


Continue to post guard.

I can see the Peacecraft influence in you.

Do you know the Peacecrafts?

Of course I do.

Thank you.

I was close to the Sanc Kingdom monarchy, the Peacecrafts.

Till 13 years ago, when the family was overthrown.

Why was the Peacecraft family overthrown?

It seems absurd, but while some people hope for peace others try to gain through disputes.

The former was the Peacecraft family and the latter was the United Earth Sphere Alliance.

Their talk of peace interfered with the Alliance's objectives?

Yes, and even the Romefeller Foundation which opposed the Alliance, started developing weapons.

Blasted OZ!


I invited Treize today to ask what he was trying to pull.

But he sent over some representative!

What's wrong?

Don't worry; I'm a guest too.

Show me to Marquis Weridge.

I must see him personally, on behalf of His Excellency.

Roses don't belong on military uniforms.

A rose is more suitable for someone kind like you, Relena.

Marquis Weridge.

I come on behalf of Treize Khushrenada.

My name is Lady Une.

I need to talk with you.

Before that, would you give me that rose?

I'd like to give it to my granddaughter.

Relena Darlian!

What're you doing here?!

Grandfather, roses don't look good on me either.

I'd look better soaked in the blood of OZ!

Here's for my dad!!


After her!!


Standing in your way is about the only thing I can do!

I can't match her courage!

How dare you!

We're all fans of that girl.

Take the main entrance!

Yes, ma'am!

We need her kind of courage in order to move forward.

There's so much for me to learn.

All clear?!



A festival!

Looks like a gas!

They're celebrating the return of us 40 Maguanac soldiers.


The nation opposes the Alliance Military and defends itself.

The Maguanac are the front-line troops.

They are?

Okay, I'll go!

Don't push!

You're more like heroes than front-line soldiers.

Everyone's completely united now.

That's why this nation's so positive.

This nation is unified and is gonna stick it out to the end.

What about us?

There's a lot I wanna talk to you about.

Okay, Quatre?

Of course.

I've got questions, myself.

Now we're all alone.

There's five, right?

That's right.

Just the five of us that met at New Edwards.

I came here from the colonies.

I did as well.

The five of us are very similar, don't you think?

Our mobile suits and our missions.

Not to mention our goal to destroy OZ.

OZ destroyed peace in the colonies.

This mission is revenge.

I've been fighting under those orders.

Me too.

That's when I was given the mobile suit.

Same here.

Don't worry about the colonies.

''Destroy them first.''

''That's your responsibility.''

Just the same.

Yeah word for word.

I've always fought believing I'd be better off dead than live under OZ's rule.

Me too.

But to kill yourself...

Heero ended up doing it.

He took his life.

The colonies have no intention of fighting.

The colonies can't be sacrificed.

Your friend was the perfect role model.

I never would've imagined that Heero was so stubborn.

The colonies were a clear target once the Gundams got going.

A battle where the nation isn't unified as one body.

There's nothing more difficult for a lonely soldier.


Come to headquarters!

OZ's mobile suit troops are coming.


Take a look at this, Rashid!

Looks like their reconnoiter troops!

What do you think, Rashid?

If we start fighting here, the civilians will get involved.

Then keep on guard but send the soldiers underground.


Is this some kind of festival?

Some nomadic friends stopped by at the village...

Something wrong?

Will you let our troops rest and share your food and water.

We'll do what we can.

Thanks a lot.

You're quite intimidating.

We hear middle east rebels are hiding out in this area.

We're here for precautionary purposes.

Damn them!

All right!

OZ has left.

Check those boxes!


We can't move it.

It's set so any movement will trigger it.

Rashid, what's the matter?

Master Quatre .

OZ played dumb.

Meanwhile they were setting twenty bombs across town!


If they're time bombs we just need to trash them all!

They're designed so we can't move them.

They've narrowed our troops' location down to this town.

Which means they're gonna force us to surface.

They've set the bombs to go off at 12 midnight.

They must be hoping for a nighttime battle.

So OZ is preparing to battle with us overnight.

Or they think we're gonna surrender before then.

Aren't the Gundams causing this problem?

That's right!

They must be after us.

Their attack is well planned.

They've probably been watching this town for awhile.

Everyone, listen up!

OZ has discovered this town and will be attacking.

I doubt if we'll be able to deceive them any further.

Therefore, we'll aim at one area of their besieging line.

And resist while helping the civilians escape!

One other honorable duty remains.

We must get the two Gundams out of here.

The Gundams are heroes that arrived on Earth to destroy OZ!

Because of OZ's scheming, the Gundams can't fight this battle.

But there will be a day when the Gundams will save us all!

Be thankful that you can return the favor in advance!

Do you understand?!


All units, to battle!

Hover suits from the middle east troops are attacking!

Tragos troops, fire!!

The enemy's hover suits are too quick!

Tragos Hover suits, shift to the back!

Close combat's too dangerous!

Yes, sir!

Tragos ready to fire at enemy's underground exit!


Did you think that was our only exit?!

Got them!

By the North Gate!

There are all kinds of enemy carriers to choose from!

Good job.

Take them at once.

Yes sir!

Don't rush.

They haven't guarded the North Mountain Gate.

Don't get separated from your families!

Take this to the North Gate, where Abdul's waiting.

Thank you.

Sorry I can't do anything in return.

I'm so ashamed!


For me?

The Gundams are our heroes!

Never forget that.

I know we'll fight together again some day!

For the future!

Hey, Quatre!


I've got some flowers here for you!

I promise!

One day my Gundam will definitely fight again.

Decoy operations are complete and we're fleeing to the hills!

We can't have civilian casualties.

It'd blemish the Maguanac Corps name!

Secure a path for Master Quatre's carrier!

Maguanac Corps, gather up ahead!

Don't let the enemy through the barrage!



Could you circle the sky just once?

I can't help them now.

But I wanna do something.

Sure thing.

Hang in there!

Keep firing!!

Master Quatre...

Good! Mission complete!

All Maguanac Corps, retreat at once!

See you again, Maguanac Corps.

Next time we meet, the colonies' thoughts will be united.

Count on it!

There she is!

Silly girl! Keep still!

Let me go!!

Who are you?!

I'll be taking care of her from now on.

We have special orders from Colonel Une.

I can't take orders from you, Lieutenant.

These orders are from His Excellency, you know.

Are you satisfied?


Excuse our misunderstanding!

You're being reckless.

I wonder who your temperament takes after.

You're part of OZ right?

So who are you?

I have come for you.

Miss Relena Peacecraft.

To be continued

Next Episode

One must use weapons to win back peace.

In a battlefield filled with inconsistencies Wu Fei meets Sally Po.

Wu Fei states that the weaker should not be fighting.

But with those words...

Sally senses the complexity of a cornered warrior.

Lost in his emotions, Wu Fei returns to his Shenlong Gundam.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 12.

Bewildered Warriors.

We have control of the Federation's missiles, and are ready to attack all the colonies.

Why can't she fight honorably?!

Mission Acknowledged...


I can't do anything under such tight security.

And the nearest base where I can steal a cargo plane is on the other side of the desert.

It's him...

You're right.

With enemy scout planes flying over every 5 minutes, no one can do anything out here.

A heavy sandstorm is approaching.

We'll cross the desert when it hits.

Do you want to go with me?

I'll leave it up to you.

I'm too emotionally drained to think right now I need time to think everything over, too.


We've recovered as many pieces as possible, but it seems to have been irreparable damaged.

I'm sure it is.

It self-destructed.

Even the Gundam can eventually become just a piece of scrap metal.

Well, a piece of Gundanium alloy, actually.

This Mobile Suit is a derivative of Tallgeese.

In other words, the technologies used for Tallgeese are basically applicable to this machine too.


Noin, would you mind if I took this Gundam to Lake Victoria Base?

Are you going to try to fix it?



Perhaps that young pilot made me do it.

But the Gundam pilot died in the explosion, didn't he?

I don't feel it though.

I know no one could have survived that massive explosion.

But I wish he had survived it.

As another soldier who pilots Mobile Suits, I wish he had survived so he could come back for a rematch.

I'm truly sorry Your Excellency Treize.

I was completely out of line to single-handedly order the destruction of the colonies.

Well, everything's alright now.

At least we know now that those Gundams belong to only a handful of extremists.

Remember, at this point, our only enemies are the Gundams.

But those who have been supporting the Gundams are still unknown.

Certain colonies have...

I don't want them to become even more powerful.

Can you handle this matter, Lady Une?

Yes, Sir!

I will not disappoint you this time, Sir!


That majority of doves in the colonies really hate anything associated with a military presence.

You should loosen yourself up from now on.

Go to Moscow and announce that you'll be going into space.

Moscow is a city with strange inhabitants who are generally supportive of OZ.

They'll be your help.

Yes, Sir.

Is there any radar response?


That'd be the least reliable information.

Just stay alert.

What a sandstorm!

I can't see anything.

Is there anything out there?

There's a military base that belongs to a neutral country.

They should have no problem sheltering us for a while.

A military base?

The coast is clear.

Same here.

Same here, too.

Alright, then.

An underground base?

Let's go.

This is a military base of Maguanarc, our homeland.

Your homeland?

Welcome back, Quatre-kun.

It's been a long time Commander Sadaal.

I've been following your brilliant achievements all this time.

It's all thanks to the Maguanarc Fighters.

Thank you for all the help.

Everyone helped you voluntarily because we all support your honorable cause If we had been more helpful, we would've dealt more damage to OZ.

That damn OZ!

Taking the colonies as hostage?

Nothing else could be so cold blooded!

It was a flaw in our strategy We weren't careful enough.

He's right.

It's our fault. Don't say that, Quatre-kun No one can blame you.

Now, come over here.

Quatre-sama, we'll leave and let them maintain the Mobile Suits, Alright, then.

La Sheed, our guest's...

I'll make sure that both Gundam units will be well maintained.

Is that alright?

Of course.

Thanks a lot.

I haven't introduced myself My name is Quatre Raberba Winner.


I see!

So you must be the son of the Winners, the wealthiest and most influential family in the Arab nations!

No wonder you have such a connection to these guys.

The Winners are peace loving people.

It's more than likely that I'll be disowned by my father.

Everyone has his own story...

I'm Duo.

Duo Maxwell.

He runs, he hides, he does everything?

But he never lies.

Duo Maxwell.

So the rumors about the colonies having sent Mobile Suits to Earth...

That's her!

Indeed, a Handful of colony Mobile Suits have been engaging in a series of sabotage acts against us.

But OZ has already gained the upper hand over them.

It won't take us long to crack down on all the rebels.

A rose doesn't suit your nature.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

How charming!

Excuse me, Ma'am, but do you have an invitation?


I'm sorry, Ma'am, but tonight we are hosting a reception for specially invited guests only.


Then, do you know the host?


Glad you could make it!

Marquis Welitz-sama!

I'm terribly sorry.

I didn't know the lady was a guest of Marquis-sama.

That's alright.

Now, shall we go inside, Relena?

The party's about to start.


Don't be embarrassed.

This establishment is for elderly people like myself.

A young, beautiful lady like you naturally draws everyone's attention.

Marquis Welitz, what a charming date you have tonight.

My name is Relena.

May I have a dance with you?

No, no.

I'm first in line.

May I have the honor of tonight's first dance with you, if you don't mind?

If I don't mind...?

Please, I'd be honored.

I'd be glad to.

Wh-what the...?

Security guards, positioned in the front.

Positioning at all other entrances complete.

Air traffic has been cleared.


Stay alert!

You do possess a trace of the Peacecrafts.

Do you know the Peacecrafts?

Yes, I did.

Thank you.

The monarchs of the old Cinq Kingdom...

We were close family friends of the House of Peacecraft.

until the Kingdom was destroyed some 13 years ago.

What happened to the Peacecrafts?

It was an unfortunate tale.

There are always those who wish nothing but peace, and those who wish to gain everything from war.

The House of Peacecraft was the former, and the World Federation was the latter.

The dove was killed because it disagreed with the hawk...

These days, everyone tries to solve everything with arms.

And what is this OZ?!


I demanded Trieze show up tonight so I could confront him over what he's been doing.

But apparently he sent his representative here instead.

What's wrong?

Please continue.

I'm just another guest.

Marquis Welitz invited me.

I'm a representative of his Excellency Treize.

I'd like to say hello to the host.

Roses don't go with military suits.

It's the kind of flower for a sweet lady like you, Relena.

Marquis Welitz?

I'm here tonight representing Trieze Krusherenada.

My name is Lady Une.

May I chat with you for a while?

Before that, if you don't mind, I would like my granddaughter to wear that rose.

Relena Darlian?!

What are you doing here?

Grandfather, I wouldn't look good with a red rose, either.

What would really make me look good is the red of OZ's bloodshed.

This is for my father!

Damn you!

Get her!


Standing in your way is the only thing left I can do!

This is pale in comparison to that little girl's courage...

You people!

It looks like everyone supports her.

We'll go round the hall!

That courage...

That's what's needed in this time of chaos.

She taught me a good lesson tonight.

Is everything clear?

Yes, sir.

Looks like a festival is going on.

It's a welcome party for all of us, the Maguanarc Fighters.

This country has been standing against the Federation for all these years.

The Maguanarc Fighters are the guardians of its freedom.

The guardians...

Ok, I'll come with you.

Hey, don't push me!

Not guardians, rather heroes.

People are always together for a final victory.

That is the strength of this country.

The unity under a common goal shared by the whole nation so tightly...

How about us?

There's lots of things I want to talk about, Quatre...

Yes, I'd like that.


We'll have privacy here.

So, there are five.


The ones gathered at New Edwards base.

That was all of them.

I'm from a colony.

So am I .

Everyone is so much alike, the five of us.

The Mobile Suits the operation and the objective...

OZ is the one who destroyed the peaceful life in the colonies.

My mission is to get even with OZ.

Same here.

And I was given that Mobile Suit.

I, too.

Don't look back towards the colonies.

Just destroy them, before you are destroyed.

The same order, huh?


It'd be much better to die in a battle than to be dominated by OZ.

Only by believing that, have I been fighting all these days.

But I couldn't die.

And Heero did.

Just like that.

The colonies do not want war; therefore, the colonies must not be sacrificed.

Your friend was too noble.

Too noble?

I thought he was a bit smarter than that!

When Gundam moves the colonies will be in danger.

I don't know what I'll do then...

A lonely war without support from his people...

What a sad story.


Come back to headquarters immediately!

OZ Mobile Suits are approaching!


La Sheed, look at this!

It looks like a scout.

What should we do, La Sheed?

If we start a battle right here there will be enormous civilian casualties.


Stay alert, make sure all Mobile Suits are ready to be dispatched.

Yes, Sir!

Is this some kind of festival?

A nomadic caravan stopped by so we're having a little party.

And what can I do for you?

We need to rest.

May we request for some food water and a temporary stay?

I'll see what I can do.

I'd appreciate that.

But, what heavy security!

We have information suggesting that the rebels may be hiding in this area.

It's just a precaution.

Those people...?!

Ok, they're gone now Check those boxes.

How is it?

This is extremely dangerous.

Any tremor could activate the fuse.

La Sheed, what's happened?


Those damned OZ soldiers!

They left behind 20 boxes of high explosives!


If they are ordinary time-bombs we can remove them in time...

I don't think we can move them at all.

This probably means...

They're provoking us the Maguanarc Fighters.

They're all set to go off at midnight.

I guess they want a night battle with us.

So are they preparing for a battle after all?

Unless we surrender by midnight.

It's the Gundams that are causing all this.

That's right.

They're after us!

This is very well planned.

They must have been suspicious about this town for a long time.

Everyone, listen to me!

OZ has found out about this place and are ready to make an attack on us.

We can no longer hide in this town.

Therefore, we're going to take the initiative and attack the enemy in the desert tonight, while evacuating the civilians.

And, there is another honorably task: we will help the two Gundams escape safely.

The Gundams are the true heroes from the colonies who are committed to destroying OZ.

They can't join tonight's battle, but one day, they will return and liberate us all!

Be proud of your participation in this glorious battle.

Understand, everyone?!

Everyone, take your places!

Enemy troops appearing!

Open fire!

They're coming in too fast!

I can't lock on!

We're not good at close combat!

Withdraw a little!

They're coming from the ground aim for the ground exit!

What the...?!

There isn't just one exit!

I've found them.

They're at the North side of the desert!

All kinds of cargo planes!


Occupy the area immediately!

Yes, Sir.

Don't panic!

The mountain area is clear of enemy soldiers.

Be sure to stay together!

You can go straight to the North side with this.

I'm sorry.

You did all this for me and I can do nothing to help you.

I wish I could do something...

For me?

The Gundams are always our heroes.

Please don't forget that.

I'm sure we'll work together again, in the future.

Hey, Quatre!

I've got yours, too!

I swear on those flowers, I will come back and fight for you.

Our work is over!

The coast is almost clear!

We'll head towards the mountain area.

Protect the civilians!

We don't want to disgrace the name of the honorable Maguanarc Fighters!

Clear the runway for Quatre-sama!

Maguanarc Fighters will stay at the front line!

Keep firing at the enemy!


Could you circle over the area just once?

I know we can't do much, but we have to do something, you know.



Keep firing!



The operation is over!

Maguanarc Fighters, withdraw!

So long, Maguanarc...

Next time, we see you, we'll be united as solidly as you are.

Without fail...

There she is!

Give up!

You little brat!

Let go of me!

Who is it?

I'll take custody of her.

This is a direct order from Lady Une.

I can't accept your offer, Lieutenant If orders are so important to you, then this is a direct order from his Excellency, Trieze!

Anymore questions?!

No, Ma'am!

I apologize!

Don't be so reckless.

You're just like someone else I know.

You're an OZ officer, too.


I'm here to escort you, Relena Peacecraft-sama.

To be continued To win peace, to have to take up arms...

On the heartless battleground, Wufei meets Sally Po.

Weaklings should not fight said Wufei.

In the words of Wufei, Sally finds naive hesitancy in the lonely soldier.

With many doubts, Wufei goes to war with his Shenlong Gundam again.

Next time on Gundam Wing


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