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Episode 10:
Heero, Distracted By Defeat

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Bandai Subtitles Hong Kong Subtitles
The attacks by the Gundams sent by the Space Colonies reflected the colonies' retaliatory intentions.

OZ has masked its identity in the Alliance Military and the Gundams' missions is to attack them.

The year is After Colony 195.

OZ has finally taken center stage.

With an army of elite soldiers at his command Treize Khushrenada has begun to wipe out the Alliance Military.

The battle between OZ and the mobile suits sent to Earth causes serious repercussions on the Earth.

I've mastered many mobile suits in the past, so what gives?

Heero, Distracted by Defeat.

So that's the Tallgeese.

I can see that it's no ordinary machine.

And that only Zechs could be its pilot.

Giving Zechs too much special treatment might not be wise.

We're giving a superior suit to a superior pilot.

Any problem with that?

I'm concerned that it might give him an attitude.

Lady, there's no need for you to worry about that.

Focus only on the major issues.


We've awaited you, Your Excellency.

Sorry to cause you so much trouble.

Thanks for your concern.

And Lieutenant Noin.

I commend you on your front-line battles.

I'd like to thank you personally.

You're too kind, sir.

Why should Mr. Treize have to thank his own soldiers?

And some of them shamelessly accept his praise.

I've put Lady Une in charge of our latest plan.

Shall we get started?


I'll be giving an explanation of our strategy at I 6OO hours.

Almost time.

Then be on your way.

Yes, sir!

Colonel Zechs, Lieutenant Noin, you two shall attend.

Come with me!

Oh, there was something else I wanted to discuss with Zechs.

I'll send him soon.


Lieutenant Noin!

Move it!


I believe you have a better grasp of your feelings toward the Alliance by now.

Well, Lightning Baron?

Or may I call you Lightning Count?

Your Excellency, I was hoping to serve you for a little longer.

There's nothing that'd make me happier.

But you're sure?

As it is there's only one name I could give myself.

Killer of His own Men.

The Gundams?

Yes, sir.

In that case, do as you wish.

I'm very grateful.

By the way, won't you be taking your mask off?

You've carried out your revenge.

There's no need now to hide your face.

I still bring my personal hatred onto the battlefield.

Just think of this as my mark of distinction.

You're a very devoted soldier.

That's the reason I can trust you with anything Milliardo Peacecraft.

That name...please don't.

I'm looking forward to the day you remove that mask.

Yes, sir!

The latest plan involves transporting the Tauruses to the Siberian Base to install our new mobility system.

A new system?

I hadn't heard of it.

Our lack of confidence in the facilities and security at the Lake Victoria base has led to this transfer.

The Tauruses will be transported across the Arabian Peninsula under the heavy guard of our African branch.

We'll take over the transfer there.

So far there haven't been any real threats but we've considered everything.

We've already announced a false transport plan.

We won't let the enemies have it their way this time.


The Gundams...?

The Gundams have attacked practically all of OZ's operations.

This should be another attractive target for them.

But as long as I'm in charge, I'll prevent such interference!

If they're going to Siberia they can pass through OZ's protected areas.

So the Gundams won't be able to attack.

No, we want them to come.

I consider annihilating the Gundams a big part of this plan.

Our losses up until now were because cowardly soldiers were too slow compiling their data.

But this time OZ is serious.

I'd like to give an example of how to eradicate the Gundams.

It might not come to much use, but let me provide you with some background.

Dr. J!

We'll refer to the unit that fell over the Pacific ocean as Gundam O1 .

Most remarkable is its mobility as an aircraft.

We'll lure it to an Aries air zone and shoot it down.

Without its wings, we can overcome it in a long battle.

Next, the Gundam O2.

The Taurus is a problem.

It has the ability to learn from accumulated battle data.

I wanna trust OZ's control system, but it's possible the machine will ignore the pilot's commands and act alone.

If the command to kill overrides the pilot the consequences could be significant.

Destroy it, otherwise it'll be a menace to mankind.

Mission accepted.

Who's there?!

I've come to say good-bye!

I have a bad feeling about this.

OZ's transport plan is good.

They'll be taking two routes; by air and land.

Heero, could you take the air route?

I'll fight them on the ground.

We'll lose unless we have our own plan, this time.

O2's features allow it to remain unnoticed.

It specializes in close combat.

It is important to make O3 use up all of its firepower at an early stage.

This is true for all of them but not one mobile suit excels in organized battle.

There's no choice but to attack while they're transporting.

Even with such basic tactics if they can trick us our fighting power will be dispersed.

By air?

We'll take the land!

They might come by air.

If we hit their land transport early we can tell everyone which one's the decoy!

You think the other Gundams will come?

We can't win by ourselves.

But I'm positive the others will come.

I'm no longer able to fight in my current state.

Denounce me, Nataku.

04 is also a close-range battle type but we believe its battle range is broader than 02.

Avoid direct combat with 05.

Barrage until it's destroyed.

Be extremely cautious of the firepower in its left arm.

That concludes my briefing.

Gather the troops of the respective bases along this route to standby.

Yes, ma'am!

Colonel Zechs, I was hoping you'd take on the task of fighting 01 with the Tallgeese, one on one.

What do you think?

You can't expect him to go alone!

I'll back him up.

But Noin...

There are still some Aries left in the Lake Victoria base.

I request orders to lead the Aries to battle.

I'm appointing you to the headquarters.

But why?

You'll be assisting me.

Any problems with that?


Colonel Zechs previously received a serious blow at the hands of O1 .

Now that he has the Tallgeese this would be the perfect opportunity to get his revenge.


If he loses it all becomes Zechs' fault.

Noin, it suits me fine.

I was hoping you'd be stationed at the headquarters.


When we fight we'll need quick, accurate information.

I'll need your support.


Count on me!

Commence operations!


Good morning.

Relena, something awful's happened!

Heero has changed schools, right?

You already knew about it?

We hadn't even become friends with Heero and Duo yet.

Off to fight again, Heero?

Well, I'm headed for my own battleground.

Mobile suit troop preparation for both the flight course and the railway course are complete!

Check the observation satellite for course irregularities.

Yes, ma'am!

It's only a matter of time.

Excuse me, Colonel Une.

Which carrier route will they be using?

Both are extremely important.

Gundam 04 located 9:0 kilometers from land route Point A.


Aries No: 4 squadron, attack!

There's our target, Master Quatre!

No mistaking this security!

It's this route!

You wish!

Hey, are you okay?!

I'm fine.

Glad you came.


But this route's the decoy.


Radar plane reporting!

A high speed carrier's headed our way.

Release mobile suits for counterattack!

The Taurus carriers have arrived at its fueling point.

Backup Defense Army, attack!

Flying object approaching from south-east at high speed.

Probably O1 .

It'll arrive at the supply base in T minus 300.


01 has just arrived!

It's headed for the air route supply point where we're fighting off 03!

That's fortunate.

He's headed for the air route.

It'll be close, but I'll take him out midway!

That an Aries?

No it's bigger...

Data checked.

No match to the latest OZ weapons?!

What speed!

That's enough, Gundam 01 .

We have no need for beam rifles or cannons between us.

We'll fight for recognition of superiority.

I'm sure that'll suit you!

You ARE a Gundam pilot.

There's the flight type.

Is that a new OZ model?

I believe I've won this battle!

I feel no fear whatsoever!

I can defeat you without taking Tallgeese to its full limit!

Prototype Leo!

So OZ has completed them!

It won't be easy, but I'll destroy it!

My mission's to destroy the Taurus.

I'm checking out!

Half the land route Leo troops have been defeated by 02 and 04.

01 is battling the Tallgeese.

But 03 is headed for the supply base.

Who would've guessed Gundams had this much power?

The Taurus carriers are on standby for emergency take off!

I'll give the ''okay''.

I didn't approve that!

My strategies never fail.

Get Space Fortress Barge on line!

A Space Fortress...?

Colonel Une.

Positioning is complete.


Calling all Gundam pilots.

We're ready to stage an all-out missile attack on the colonies!

We've seized all missile satellites from the Alliance.

Now we truly control the destiny of all colonies!

This isn't a bluff.

I demand all pilots to surrender at once and hand over your Gundams!

They've targeted the colonies!

Hand over our Gundams?!

Sounds like OZ's tricks.

Hell of a time for tasteless tactics!

You guys can't fight, can you?!

I can't fight either!


Get me Lady Une!

The Gundams have stopped, but they aren't surrendering.

Launch a missile!

I don't care where!


Get a grip on yourself!

I know exactly what I'm doing!

That isn't what His Excellency wants!

I'm merely fulfilling His Excellency's ideal!

You clearly don't understand His Excellency!

You're the one that doesn't understand him, Zechs!

No, it's you.

Colonel Une.

The objective is to eliminate the rebels.

His Excellency doesn't want battles that involve civilians.

The colonies can be flattened with the most minute of attacks.

They're insignificant worlds for the pathetic.

What about the rebels?!

I'll sweep them all away with this single command!

Launch missiles!!!

No, don't!!

What on earth...?

Who is this guy?

Attention OZ.

I never imagined you people could be so foolish.

The Space Colonies have no intention of fighting OZ.

This is MY personal battle I'm staging against you!

Who's he?

Dr. J...

So the rebel's finally showing his face!

Transmission is on a regular line from outer space.

Transmission origin is Colony C-1013.

Who's this guy?

The person who's been sending orders!

To one of us five Gundams!

To you, inhumane moves like colony assaults are justified if that's what it takes for you to come out victorious.

I have no choice but to surrender.

Very well!

Your surrender's accepted.

Abandon your Gundams immediately!

A kid.

The pilot of a Gundam is a little boy?!

I surrender.

But I will not hand over the Gundams, I repeat.

I surrender, but I will not hand over the Gundam.

Mission accepted.

O1 just self-detonated...

That pilot sacrificed his life...!

He self-detonated in exchange for the colonies?

He sacrificed his life without a second thought.

The pain!...

My body!...

My soul!...

Can you hear me?

We must leave here at once!


That you, Trowa?!

Without resolution we cannot fight.

He's accepted all orders.

Because they bluffed with the colonies.

We can't fight any longer.

Hurry and move out!

I won't attack you in a position like this!

All Gundams are retreating from their battle points!

Don't expect this to be the end, Gundams.

Or you, Lieutenant Noin!

Colonel, I have a call in from His Excellency.



He says for you to be more graceful.

About everything.

More graceful... LADY Une.

To be continued

Next Episode

The Gundams have been defeated.

With the colonies used as hostages, the warriors don't have a chance.

They face a time of humiliation when they are unable to fight.

Also, no one can confirm whether Heero's dead or alive.

About that time, Relena heads to Moscow alone having been informed that Lady Une is there.

She aims her gun straight at her father's killer, Lady Une.

Next, on Gundam Wing, episode 11

The Whereabouts of Happiness.

The five Gundam's actions were a direct reflection of the will of all the colonies.

The Gundams were Mobile Suits created to deal with the threat posed to the colonies by OZ...

A secret organization hidden inside the Federation Armed Forces.

After Colony, Year 195.

OZ finally emerged as the leading force in history.

OZ's leader Treize Kushrenada carried out massive operations to devastate and take over the Federation Armed Forces.

Having been tricked into the confrontation, bloody battles between OZ and the colonies' five Mobile Suits began...

I've piloted so many Mobile Suits!

Why is it?!

Why am I afraid?!



My hands are stained with blood...

There's no way I can ascend to the throne and restore the House of Peacecraft...


So that's the Tallgeese...

It looks extraordinary, indeed.

Now I understand why Zechs is the only one who can pilot that machine.

Sir, if I may say, you always make Col. Zechs out to be exceptional.

Treating an outstanding officer accordingly, is there a problem with that?

I'm just concerned that any favoritism will lead.

Zechs to inappropriate behavior.

Lady, this is not the kind of thing you should worry about.

I'd rather you worry about more important issues.

Yes, sir.

Welcome, Your Excellency, Treize.

Thank you for a great job.

Thank you, sir.

And I'd like to thank you, too, Lt. Noin.

Excellent command, as always.

Thank you, sir.

I am overwhelmed.

Why does Treize-sama thank his staff so humbly...?

These two should thank His Excellency for visiting them.

I have left everything with regard to this operation to Lady Une.

Do you want to start now?

Yes, sir.

I would like to start the briefing at 1 600 hours.

Very well.

Do as you planned.

Yes, sir.


Lt. Noin!

You two, come with me.

Oh, I'd like to have a little chat with Zechs.

I'll have him join you later.

Yes, sir.

Then, Lt. Noin.

You come with me now.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, assuming that you have finally taken your revenge on the Federation What is in your future now, Lightning Baron?

Or should I call you Lightning Count now?

I'd like to work for you for a little longer, Your Excellency.

That's good news for me But, are you sure about that?

If I leave OZ right now I know what people will call me...

'The Subordinate Killer, Zechs'

The Gundams, huh?

Well, then do as you like.

Thank you, sir.

By the way, you can take off the mask now, can't you?

You have successfully taken your revenge.

There's no need to keep wearing that thing.

I'm still trying to achieve my personal revenge.

Please try to understand that I must continue to wear this mask until then.

You really are a very dedicated man.

That's why I always trust you.

Milliard Peacecraft.

Your Excellency...


I just hope that one day you will be able to take off that mask and be yourself.

Yes, sir.

The objective of this operation is to transport the Taurus and these space-type Mobile Suits to the Siberia base for major upgrading with the new maneuvering system.

The new maneuvering system?

I didn't know anything about this!

This operation is due to the fact that the Lake Victoria Base's security is no longer dependable.

The Taurus and the Mobile Suits will be moved to Arabian Peninsula with an escort by the African Division Troops.

From there, we will take over.

Although we've no evidence that the enemy is aware of the operation...

We've implemented every precaution to make this operation successful.

We have also leaked fake information on dummy transportation planes.

This time round, I do not intend to let the enemy interfere with our operation.

The enemy?

The Gundams have attacked every single operation OZ has carried out.

I do not expect this operation to be an exception.

But by placing myself as Commander of this operation, I'm going to prevent such an embarrassment from happening again.

Hopping OZ's bases one after another all the way to Siberia Base...

This way, the Gundams should not be able to interfere with us so easily.

Actually, I'd rather have them interfering with us.

I have already included a plan to get rid of the Gundams once and for all.

All the failures we've experienced so far, were the results of poor intelligence management by incompetent staff members.

This time, OZ is using its best intelligence capabilities.

And you'll see what we're really capable of.

I doubt this will help much at this point...

But I'd like to review the data on the Gundams.

Dr. J...

From now on, we'll call the one that fell into the Pacific 'Gundam 01 '.

It's most notable characteristic is the maneuverability in its fighter shape.

Therefore, the best strategy against it should be: as soon as you find the 01, lure it into the Aries defense zone and shoot it down.

Next: 02...

Taurus is a killer monster.

It has a self-learning capability on top of an excellent auto combat-analysis system.

So, ironically we just hope that OZ's control system's dependable enough.

Otherwise, it'd easily override the pilot's commands and start acting on its own.

The machine was supposed to be an inferior model.

A reckless, uncontrollable machine.

Destroy it.

It could become a threat to everyone.

Mission acknowledged.

Who's there?!

I came to say goodbye.

'Cause I have a bad feeling about this.

The OZ transportation plan seems perfect.

We've discovered 2 different plans -- on the ground and in the air.

Heero, can you go after the air route?

I'll check out the ground route.

And we'd better be very careful This time, they're well prepared.

The 02 is the one that always quietly sneaks up behind you to carry out its attack.

As for the 03, the key is to make it use up all the ammo it has as quickly as possible.

Incidentally, none of the Gundams are good at coordinated teamwork.

They know we must attack them while the transport operation is underway.

Even such a visible and vulnerable operation becomes tricky...

when information's carefully controlled that we've to divide ourselves into 2 groups.

Will it be the air route?

We are going after the ground route.

The real one may be the air route.

So we must destroy the ground transports quickly to I et the others know which one is the dummy.

I wonder if the other Gundams will come.

I'm sure they will...

Because this doesn't look like the kind of operation we can handle alone.

I... I can't do this yet...

Call me a coward...

The 04's characteristics are very similar to that of the 03, but its versatility is much more advanced.

As for the 05, avoid any engagement with it; and patiently wait for a chance to destroy it with superior forces And watch out for the cannon on the left arm.

That's all then.

Everyone, take an active part in your assigned area.

Do your best and good luck!

Now, Col. Zechs.

I was hoping that you could be in charge of shooting down the 01 with your Tallgeese alone.

What do you think?


That's suicidal!

I'll cover him!

But, Noin...

There are a few Aries left at Lake Victoria Base.

Let me lead them and stay close to Lt. Zechs.

I order you to stay at Command Headquarters.


You'll be my adjunct.

Do you have any problem with that?

No, ma'am.

Col. Zechs has been disgraced by the 01 quite a few times.

Now, with Tallgeese in his hands, this will be an excellent opportunity for him to avenge himself.

So he's expected to win no matter what.

If we lose, she'll put all the blame on Zechs...

Noin, it's airtight.

Actually, I'd rather you stayed at Headquarters.


When encountering enemies in unspecified area, what's most important is the accurate and quick delivery of information.

I'll be counting on your support.

Yes, sir!

I understand.

Then, everyone.

Get ready!


Good morning, everyone.

Relena-san, did you hear it?

Did you hear it?

Did Heero leave our school?

Relena-san, you know?

Heero-kun and Duo-kun ...

We didn't even become friends yet...

You're on a mission again, Heero...

Alright then, I'll head for my own battle ground, too.

Mobile Suit troops are stationed along both the air and the ground routes.

Check with the reconnaissance satellite to see if there are any changes to the courses.

Yes, Ma'am!

It's almost time.

So, Lady Une, which transport operation is the real one?

They're both the real ones.

On the ground route 5 miles to point A.

Gundam 05 has emerged!


Dispatch the 4th Aries scramble unit!

I've found them, Quatre-sama!

Look at that heavy security!

This must be the real one!

Hey, are you airtight?

Thank you.

I knew you'd come!

Yeah, but we're after the wrong one!

This is the airborne radar!

2 heavy-loading cargo jets are approaching!

We'll dispatch our fighters at once and down them!

The airborne fleet approaching the refueling base.

Auxiliary defense forces start attacking!

There's a high-speed fighter approaching from the Southeast!

It looks like the 01!

It'll reach the refueling base in 5 minutes!

Zechs, the 01 has appeared.

It's about to join the 03 which is already attacking the refueling base.

How fortunate!

It's coming this way!

I can catch it before it reaches the base.


No, it's bigger!

Checking data...

Nothing matches its features...?

It's fast!

Stop, Gundam 01 ...

We have no need for such things as beam rifles or cannons.

This is my challenge to a duel.

And you must accept my challenge.

Because you're a Gundam pilot!

What is that?

Is it an OZ new type?

I think I'll win this fight.

I feel no fear at all, now.

I can beat you without using the maximum power Tallgeese has.

A prototype for Leo?!

I didn't know OZ had such a thing...

It may be a tough one, but it shouldn't be a problem!

I'm sorry, but I have to accomplish my mission.

I'll go first!

The ground route forces, casualties caused by the 02 and the 04 are now reaching 50o/o!

The 01 and Tallgeese are engaged in a battle.

But the 03 is reaching the refueling base!

I had no idea how destructive the Gundams were...

All the Mobile Suit cargo jets' refueling are completed Ready to take off!

Who gave them permission to take off?

I have my plan and it is proceeding perfectly.

Call up the Space Fortress BG-M!

The Space Fortress?

Lady Une, everything is set.


To all the Gundam pilots, listen!

We are ready to attack all the colonies with ballistic missiles.

All the space missile sites formally belonging to the Federation, are now under our control.

The destiny of all the colonies is now in our hands!

This is not a bluff!

All the pilots must surrender and hand over the Gundams to us immediately!

The colonies are in danger!

Hand over the Gundams?!

What a cowardly act...

What kind of dirty trick is this?!

Can't she fight honorably?!

This way, I can't do anything either!


Get me Lady Une!

All the Gundams have stopped.

But they don't appear to have surrendered yet.

Destroy one of the colonies!

Launch the missiles!


Have you gone insane?!

What do you mean by insane?

His Excellency, Treize, would never approve of what you're doing!

I'm just trying to materialize His Excellency, Treize's ideal world.

You don't understand His Excellency's ideals!

It is you, Zechs, who doesn't understand his ideals.

No, it's you.

Lady Une, the objective of the whole operation is to wipe out the rebels, not civilians.

His Excellency would never want that.

It takes so little to get rid of all those colonies.

It's that simple.

They are small unimportant people.



Well, they're all the same to me.

Launch the missiles!

W-what the...?!

Who the hell is he?


I had no idea OZ was such a bunch of idiots.

For the last time: the colonies never wanted a war with you.

It is only I , who is challenging you guys.

Who is he?

Dr. J...

This is the head of the rebels!

It's an open radio channel.

The origin is Colony C-1013.

Who is this guy?!

He must be the one who's been giving orders to one of us.

Attacking innocent colonies?

What an inhumane strategy that is.

You guys will indeed do anything to achieve your goal...

I have no choice.

I hereby declare that we surrender.


I accept your surrender.

Have the Gundams disarm and surrender to us immediately.

A boy...

This little boy is the Gundam's pilot?!

We surrender.

But we will not hand over the Gundams.

I repeat.

We surrender.

But we will not hand over the Gundams.

Mission acknowledged.

The 01...

Blew itself up!

That boy was capable of doing this?

Destroying the Gundam in exchange for the colonies...?

Killing himself so easily without hesitation...

It hurts!

My Body...

My heart...!

Can you hear me?

We've got to get out of here for now.


Trowa, is that you?

It's time for us to make a choice.

He made it clear for us.

But the colonies are in danger.

We can't keep fighting any further.

Hurry, get away!

How could I possibly fight you now?!

All the remaining Gundams are leaving the battlegrounds.

Don't think that I'll let you get away like this, Gundams!

And you, too, Lt. Noin!

Colonel, it's His Excellency Treize.

Give it to me.

Colonel, he said do everything more elegantly.

Be more elegant, Lady.

To be continued The Gundams have been defeated.

Under the threat upon the colonies the pilots could do nothing.

The disgraced heroes are now on the defensive.

But is Heero really dead?

Meanwhile, Relena flies to Moscow going after Lady Une.

Relena's gun aimed at Lady Une, her father's murderer.

Next time on Gundam Wing

Episode Eleven


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