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Gundam Wing: Submissions
If you own something that's not listed on our website, and you're interested in sharing your information, please read the instructions below on how best to submit the information to us. Thank you.

We're looking for high-resolution scans or clear images of the object and/or a brief description of the object as well. Ideally, scans or images should be 300dpi in resolution. We can work with larger images and smaller images if that's a problem for you (feel free to write with questions). If you're scanning or taking a picture of your prize possession, try to place it against a neutral-colored background (plaid or zebra stripes just won't work well, and will drive our digital expert insane with retouching work).

Any information you have on the item that you can send along would be helpful, including but not limited to:
Overall dimensions in inches or centimeters,
Composition, (What is it made out of? Plastic Metal? Glass?)
And information on any related pieces. (Is the item part of a set or series?)

Pictures of the item in its original packaging can be very useful to us, as well as additional information on existing listings.

For books and printed materials, please include the same type of information we have listed on the book pages: ISBN number (usually found on the back cover or on the inside cover of the book), the date of publication and the publishing company. The title of the book if you know it (sometimes if it's in Japanese and this may be difficult to figure out). Also number of pages, and the general focus of the book (if it's mostly art pictures, models of the mobile suits, a collection of manga, or a combination of these items).


Note on Endorsed/Official Merchandise versus Bootleg Merchandise
Many licensed items carry a small foil product endorsement sticker on the packaging (see image below).

Books usually do not have stickers. Model kits will usually have a representation of the endorsement seal printed into the box design. With other products, you many have to rely on comparison with known legitimate products to determine if a product is licensed or not. On this website, unlicensed products are listed in green type, licensed (and presumed to be licensed) in blue or black. If you recognize an item that we have mis-labeled, please inform us.

Side by side comparison of a copy versus a licensed Gundam Wing character key fob. Copy is on the left; official release is on the right. Note the slightly smaller size of the bootleg copy, the smaller diameter of the ring, poor casting details, and less attention paid to the detailing and paint finish. (Another image of this keychain with its original packaging tag is included in the Keychains section.

Side by side comparison of a copy versus a licensed Gundam Wing character metal pin. Copy (Duo) is on the right; official release (Trowa) is on the left. Note the black edges of the official pin, the recessed enamel, the true color compared with the copy. The copy has a silver-toned finish and a smooth, raised surface. (Another image of this pin compared with the rest of the set is included in the Pins section, along with some more notable bootleg pins.

Questions or submissions can be forwarded to the webmaster (EPYON@ABOUTGUNDAMWING.COM).

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