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Gundam Wing: Other Merchandise

Stickers and Stationery
If you own something that's not listed here, and you're interested in sharing your information on this website, please read the note here on how best to submit it to us. Thank you.


Sheet Stickers

"Sticker" Brand full-sheet color adhesive stickers

"Anime Sticker" Brand full-sheet color adhesive stickers

Gundam Wing Holographic Sheet Stickers

Five prismatic stickers on a single sheet.

Gundam Wing Schedule Seal (Stickers)

Multiple small stickers on single sheet for use on planning calendars.

Individual Stickers

Gundam Wing Character Color Adhesive Stickers

Holographic Character Outline Color Adhesive Stickers

These later reprints of the original character stickers use holographic prism background paper.

Sticker Trading Card Series

Series of 36 cards with full-face peel-off holographic prism stickers. (Samples and reverse of cards shown.)


Gundam Wing Floppy Disk Labels

Adhesive labels for computer disks.

Gundam Wing VHS Labels

Gundam Wing Book Covers
(13.5x 30 in)

Set of 4 self-adhesive vinyl book covers.

Transfer Decals

Gundam Wing Transfer Decals
(Various dimensions 13x6.5 to 25x18cm)

Decorative decals applied to paper by rubbing the reverse side to adhere the image to paper.


Writing Paper/Envelopes


Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Character Stationery

Gundam Wing Stationery Set
(Paper measures 18.5x13.5cm)

Gundam Wing Fold and Seal Letter Pad


Gundam Wing Chibi Pads

Gundam Wing Chibi Character Ring Pads

Gundam Wing Small Spiral Pad
Gundam Wing Character Spiral Pad

Gundam Wing Notebook with Paper

Gundam Wing Clear Holder (Expandable Notebook)


Gundam Wing Character Postcard

Gundam Wing Postcard Book

Gundam Wing Postcard Book

Folders and Cases

Gundam Wing Character File Folders

Gundam Wing Clear Index File with Tabs

Gundam Wing Plastic File Folder

Other Supplies


Gundam Wing Chibi Erasers

Gundam Wing Logo Eraser


Gundam Wing Clear Plastic Ruler


Gundam Wing Plastic Ruler


Gundam Wing Stationery Tags


Gundam Wing Plastic Case

Gundam Wing Plastic Card Case

Gundam Wing Metal Business Card Case


Gundam Wing Metal Clips/Bookmark Clips


Gundam Wing Logo Pencil Sharpener
Gundam Wing Stationery Value Pack

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