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Gundam Wing: Other Merchandise

Bags, Boxes, and Tins
If you own an item that's not listed here, and you're interested in sharing your information on this website, please read the note here on how best to submit it to us. Thank you.


Wallets and Small Cases

Passport Purse-Style Wallet
(12x8cm when closed)

Clear Vinyl Circus Chibi Characters Wallet
Heero and Wing Zero Custom Wallet
Heero and Wing Zero Wallet
SankKingdom School Bus Wallet

Chibi Gundam Wing characters ride in a yellow vinyl school bus with riveted on wheels.

Gundam Wing Photo Wallet
(10.5x7cm when closed)

Gundam Wing Zippered Vinyl Pencil Case
Gundam Wing Zippered Cloth Pencil Case

Bags and Backpacks

Circus Chibi Characters Tote Bag
Gundam Wing Lunch Tote Bag

Boxes and Tins
Gundam Wing Metal Character Box

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Metal Bank Box

Gundam Wing Metal Pencil Box (with printed interior)
(2001 Rix Products)

Gundam Wing Metal Lunch Box
(2001 Rix Products)

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